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Hypothetically Speaking / Twitter may have just gone Too Far!
« Last post by Administrator on March 21, 2018, 06:40:38 am »

This happened to me while trying to help someone online.
NOW YES, THIS COULD OF BEEN A BOT.  And thanks if it truly was.

But this may have been a Troll which is different and may be looking for actual help.



If this person blocked me purposely, then so be it,
but I want proof of that because you may have just
killed someone that was truly looking for help.



Thanks all who have checked this out.
I am looking for council to handle this,
and possibly a class action if others have
had similar occurrences.



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Hello, how are you doing

 Rose Olajuyitan
 And thanks for following me back

1h 1 hour ago
You are welcome :)  How are you doing today?

 Rose Olajuyitan
 Am doing good thanks babe

34m 34 minutes ago
 Liquid Memory
 People call me paranoid, but I have every major corporate HQ visiting my fan site.

 Rose Olajuyitan
 Where are you from

34m 34 minutes ago
 Liquid Memory
 Daytona Beach Florida, you want my FB address?

 Rose Olajuyitan
 I don't have fb

33m 33 minutes ago
I am trying to become a public figure, it is so hard when you know everyone :)

 Liquid Memory
 Little old me has the Big 6 on the ropes.

Am new on twitter

 Rose Olajuyitan
 Am not on social media

32m 32 minutes ago
I have threatened every single MSM out there except a few.

 Liquid Memory
 Thas kewl, so what do you do?

Am not working here yet but I have two years nursing experience

Am from Dallas TX but presently in Nigeria to claim my late parents inheritance

 Rose Olajuyitan
 How old are you and what do you do for a living

31m 31 minutes ago
 Liquid Memory
 I am 53 and run my own business.

Oh okay

 Rose Olajuyitan
 Are you married and do you have kids

31m 31 minutes ago
Almost 54, and been running a Not-For-Profit entity for 23 years now.

Can't find a woman who will take the last name of PacMan :(

 Liquid Memory
 Could you imagine the Media Blur if Mr. & Mrs. Pacman finally get Married.  Would be nutz

 Rose Olajuyitan
 What are you talking about

29m 29 minutes ago
 Liquid Memory
 My last name is Packman

 Rose Olajuyitan
 What kind of business do you run

29m 29 minutes ago
 Liquid Memory
 I run free hosts and services for thousands of people, well have served that many for 23 years now.



Can I see a picture please

 Rose Olajuyitan
 How come you are still single at your age and you don't even have kids

28m 28 minutes ago
 Liquid Memory
 I pay my bills and I am happy, I don't ask for anything for helping people.  I absolutely love doing it, and most of it is free in the doing.

 Rose Olajuyitan
 Okay good

27m 27 minutes ago
Seriously, I have met 1000's of women,
no joke, and of all the ones I have asked out,
the most response is that I am too perfect :(  No joking.

 Liquid Memory
 Took care of my Mom for 17 years until see died.

 Rose Olajuyitan
 Oh sorry about your loss

26m 26 minutes ago
Don't be sorry, In all reality, Life is the leading to Death, we must face it with pride and move on, it is sad, but shouldn't be thought about much.  Well just my feelings :)

I do talk a lot and if it is too much tell me to shut up.

I have been typing for 44 years now LOL

Most of my work involves waiting for a search engine posting, while I chat online across the internet, it is really fun and I learn a lot and can help people a lot as well.

 Liquid Memory
 MR. PERFECT ----- >>>>

 Rose Olajuyitan
 Okay Mr perfect

22m 22 minutes ago
 Liquid Memory
 Those I help though must go through a friendship
process where trust is not an issue, you just entered my family. :)

How can you help me too

 Rose Olajuyitan
 And how do you help others

21m 21 minutes ago
People think I am absolutely Nuts, my blood Family has disowned me and every person I know and help calls me Family, You go Figure  ---- >

 Liquid Memory
 Mr. Perfect ------>>>


Help me then baby

I really need your help

I know God sent you to me

 Rose Olajuyitan
 My Mr perfect

20m 20 minutes ago
What do you do in nursing, I have a shattered back and really need someone who is as good at massage as I am.

 Liquid Memory
 Mr. Perfect ------>

Am already loving you

 Rose Olajuyitan
 Help me please

20m 20 minutes ago
Lol I don't say that in Jest, everyone calls me that,

 Liquid Memory
 What do you need?

Okay baby

 Rose Olajuyitan
 I need money

19m 19 minutes ago
Everyone says that and the worst let down was,  "Fucking you would be like Fucking My Dad!!"

How much Money?

 Liquid Memory
 And Money for what?

 Liquid Memory

I want to get a documents for my lawyer and am really broke now

 Rose Olajuyitan
 And the documents cost me 200$

18m 18 minutes ago
Helped a Swedish woman get her bachelors here in America :)

I live in Daytona Beach, what county you live in? and state?

 Liquid Memory
 I don't need city

Am from Dallas TX but presently in Nigeria to claim my late parents inheritance

 Rose Olajuyitan

16m 16 minutes ago
 Liquid Memory
 Oh yeah, sorry been up for a couple days, give me a second, I think I know where you can get that.

 Rose Olajuyitan

15m 15 minutes ago

Here ya go, TONS OF FREE HELP.


 Liquid Memory
 Rose Olajuyitan
 Get me an iTunes card

15m 15 minutes ago
I can't do that, you have to work to make money to buy something you need.

 Liquid Memory
 Hold on with the link Google is being a pain :(

 Rose Olajuyitan
 I don't have work

14m 14 minutes ago
[url=]GOOGLE SEARCH Legal Aid Dallas Texas[/url]

There are a TON of places that will help or where you can find help.

 Liquid Memory
 Mothers with Kids in Florida can get free housing for up to 3 months then start paying a mortgage and they find the jobs here for them.


Live: Press Conference Update On Texas Serial Bomber

Posted by Alex Jones on Tuesday, March 20, 2018
3 or or or 888-253-3139
4 or or or 888-253-3139
The Alex Jones Show Archives / The Killing Of Uncle Sam, MUST SEE!
« Last post by Administrator on March 19, 2018, 07:38:57 pm »

but the fact is that there's an army of
people that their God is actually
raising up not just in America but all
around the world and I want to say this
to Facebook and Twitter and all these
things there's a new system coming I
already know there's a new system coming
their Facebook and Twitter will go the
way of MySpace
because you cannot listen people are
innovative people have come up with
plans already I already know it but
Blaine listen I can't say too much right
now but there's a brand new system
coming out that's gonna bypass all of
this structure so while they try and
over here there's another the Bible says
when the enemy comes and like a flood
the Spirit of God will raise up a
standard against them and so here's what
the globalists have not taken into
consideration they think that the Holy
Spirit is not here the Holy Spirit is
the third person in the Godhead he's
omnipresent he's omnipotent and he's
omniscient there means he knows
he's everywhere and he's all-powerful
and he is moving around the earth today
and he's touching people whether being
China Russia or Southern Africa or in
America people or not there's those that
are asleep but there's people that are
wait and there's people that are on fire
and these people that that are on the
cutting edge which I believe will create
the new systems that will set the
globalist agenda back
man that is a good-looking buck I can't
wait to read it the killing of Uncle Sam
and we're gonna be talking about it with
the author pastor rodney howard-browne
telling Uncle Sam book calm and I'm kind
of hysterical here just because it's all
happening world government digital
system that tracks everything you do to
buy and sell to use it for total control
massive censorship bombs going off what
I live just craziness but also as he was
saying with the break a lot of good
things are happening
there's a huge Awakening and evil
doesn't go on forever so I can play the
new South African president saying we're
going to take the lights land I can play
the defense ministers saying we're gonna
kill all the lights the leader of the
Communist saying the same thing it's
just so sad to see this that it's
another subject that's what I mean
there's so much the pastor start
wherever you'd like I just making the
point that we are in a momentous time
and thank God praise God prophecies
being fulfilled so we do know that this
that that evil doesn't get away with
this forever no and there's an army that
that's God is raising up and I you know
I've traveled 59 countries so you know
there are people that have totally
dumbed down the in the system but
there's a group of people that are
rising up Alex that's why what you're
doing is important and let me just say
this about the book I'm gonna work a
plan and send you a bunch and you can
you can sell it I don't want any money
for it I'm gonna show that to you I'm
gonna bless you with that pointing sir
for the Infowars yeah and because I
don't even get a royalty from this it
does to our school of government but we
got to wake people up to what's going on
here but the fact is that there's an
army of people that their God is
actually raising up not just in America
but all around the world and I want to
say this to Facebook and Twitter and all
these things there's a new system coming
I already know there's a new system
coming their Facebook and Twitter will
go the way of MySpace
because you cannot listen people are
innovative people have come up with
plans already already know it but Blaine
listen I can't
too much fun now but there's a brand new
system coming out it's gonna bypass all
of this structure so while they trying
over here there's another the Bible says
when the enemy comes and like a flood
the Spirit of God will raise up a
standard against them and so here's what
the globalists have not taken into
consideration they think that the Holy
Spirit is not here the Holy Spirit is
the third person in the Godhead he's
omnipresent he's omnipotent and he's
ominously omniscient that means he knows
everything he's everywhere and he's
all-powerful and he is moving around the
earth today and he's touching people
whether it be in China Russia or
southern Africa or in America people are
not there's those that are asleep but
there's people that are wait and these
people that are on fire and these people
did that are on the cutting edge which I
believe will create the new systems that
will set the globalist agenda back
already Alex they should have been at a
certain point by the year 2000 you know
for a fact so they're 18 years behind
their plans that's why they're so
frantic that's why they're running
around like a chicken when they hit up
though that's why they're trying to get
us to go to war with China in North
Korea Iran Syria Russia they want war
the dogs want war and they and people
have no clue that's why they're trying
to make Russia to be the big enemy of
everything right now no the enemy is not
what people think the enemy is this
system that's actually manipulating the
nations of the earth trying to take
South Africa the way of being as Wella
right now and actually fact they want
America to be like Venezuela that's why
you see these bombs going off in Austin
Texas I mean as it is to this day we
still have not found out I know
personally and I won't say on their what
went on with Las Vegas but people it's
all obfuscation it's all lies it's all
manipulation and it's all to Creighton
Aki and terror and so that people would
just say you know hey take take our
freedoms from us we'll give over our
guns like these idiots turning in their
guns to the police departments as though
that that's gonna stop the problem you
know if we get rid of the Second
Amendment then nobody will shoot each
other well it's the same thing
his jihad ease and truck sir or people
with bombs it's evil the problems evil
and mental illness and craziness just as
good as increasing evil is increasing
right now we see those two forces rising
correct and I mean you look at London
two stabbings are through the roof now
people are not safe basically anyway in
the city of London so look but on the on
the plus side with the church must pray
and everyone must ask God what do you
want me to do and I don't say this to
every listener every viewer if you ask
God say what do you want me to do just
one thing give me one thing you want me
to do with my life not just earn a
living not just live nicely with your
family and go do you drink coffee and
watch a movie in it no what are you
gonna do to impact other people around
about you for the better because here is
the fact that it's a hundred years from
today when we are on the other side in
eternity and we look you're not look at
each other we want to look at each other
and say we did everything that we could
we did everything that we could and we
left nothing on the table you know I
often tell to church this in the story
of Stephen if you know Stephen yes there
was a deacon and the book of Acts the
Bible talks about him how he was stoned
and basically I mean his whole life was
really short-lived and he's the one that
said I see Jesus standing at the
Father's right hand and I told the
church we don't want to get to heaven
and then we tap Stephen on the shoulder
bless a to Stephen you know you were our
hero because you were prepared to die
for him and we wouldn't even live for
him and I'd rather tap him on the
shoulder say hey Stephen
listen you could never love Jesus more
than me we loved him equally we loved
him equally because we were prepared to
do whatever and and what you're saying
about China and the censorship and
everything I've got I've got friends in
India right now they said India's
changed the whole way of operating every
Indian has one number one number and
everything comes through that number
they can buy a cell phone without that
number they can't sell land without that
number they can't fly anywhere tickets
whatever it's already happening across
so they're using China and they're using
India as the test pattern to roll out
this globalist agenda for the control of
mankind but
again they think the Holy Spirit's
sleeping number one they think that the
church is all sleeping they are not
there are many people that God is
raising up in this hour and people with
the holy boldness that will stand and
speak even in the face of death because
we've already counted the cost Alex in
the light of the 56 signers of the
declaration independence people that
signed the declaration that lost
everything that they had we cannot call
ourselves Americans and then just sit
back here let them oh yeah come in take
whatever e in their dreams they must
think that we smoking some of the bad
legalized weed that we do gonna step out
of the way and roll over and played it
as they think like we're like them and
only care about temporal current power
we we we already know the forces here we
just don't want to be with that evil
force we love God not that we're perfect
and you're right as the evil rises my
discernment the energy the Holy Ghost
all of it I feel it all the time now I
mean so strong I'd feel like this like
you know maybe one minute a year when I
was ten years old or something now it's
so strong I don't know how I'm supposed
to container to control it actually you
know that's why when we get to heaven
we'll get a glorified body because
really it's this physical body can't
take too much of the presence of God but
God anoints these people to do something
and there's no doubt Alex that God
raised you up as a voice in this hour
there's no doubt and you I know you have
critics like I have critics and you know
I care nothing about the critics because
I only care about what God says and we
have to just stand up and speak the
truth people gonna make up lies about
everybody and they're gonna say whatever
they want to say and that's fine but I'm
gonna stand up in the face of tyranny
we're gonna draw a line and we've drawn
lines in the sand and we're gonna say
absolutely you come this far but you
come in no that's right I want to talk
about the book specifically when we come
back stay with us pastor rodney
howard-browne is our guest you know i've
seen him on television to know about his
ministry will make over a decade ago and
of course he's gonna trump prayer
meetings i want to get into his book
we're gonna carry by the ways i've read
the reviews it's actually i haven't read
it yet i've read the reviews but but
let's just get it out in the open
Trump never ran as mr. goody-two-shoes
he ran on I'm going to bring back
sovereignty bring back the job stand up
to globalism get the IRS off the
church's back so you have your religious
freedom and yeah I'm a man and I've had
some wives and all this other stuff and
most of us turned out to be edited or
made up or whatever but he didn't run as
somebody like a Pharisee saying I'm
perfect and then he's you know
devil-worshiping behind the scenes the
enemy hates him because he's a real deal
now King David was a man after God's own
heart and because he really repented
when he did bad things he had his best
friend sent off the impossible suicide
mission because he was lusting after his
wife now I'm not here to defend Trump on
every front fina said he was mr. goody
two-shoes and then the stuff came down I
would have issues and you know I'm not
involved you know some time out that
wild I'm the point is in a lot of it's
not true but the fake church that
doesn't care about Connie's China
killing Christians for their organs and
doesn't care about the pedophile rings
don't care about the devil worship
doesn't care about radical Islam
grooming thousands of girls per major
town in England and allowed to do it
those silent cowards that sit there
while the Communists run around and you
know do all the stuff they're doing they
then know we have morals it's like the
devil they come as an accuser and they
go you're president they said this they
said that hey Trump has those issues to
deal with between himself whether it's
true or not and God and his wife and all
the rest of it but the way the enemy
with all the corruption all their evil
and Weinstein reportedly raping women
all this and then trumping something
consensual decades ago or his wife you
know in a in a nude spread 20 years ago
for she was his wife that becomes the
issue of these would these really evil
people that are consciously evil so I'm
not running from from when these type of
things that CNN brings out with all
their lies and all their deception I'm
just pointing out that the enemy hides
Trump he's telling the truth on his
policies he's doing what he said he
would do when he's had decades of the
opposite and the enemy hates him and my
gut says support him pray for him I
don't worship Him as a god I don't put
him up on a pedestal but I can see when
the enemy is trying to quote scripture
at me and tell me to abandon the
president for Hillary Clinton and an
Epstein and the lalita Express and all
the crap there and
than in pedophilia and Aleister Crowley
stuff and all of it that's documented so
the media will cover Aleister Crowley
and in John Podesta and spirit cooking
and all the confirmed stuff they'll tell
me all day about Trump some woman in a
hotel room 12 15 years ago from a lying
deceiving media my whole point is how
does a Christian than juxtapose all this
pastors I mean God uses ordinary people
I mean you just have to read the Bible
right through from Genesis through God
uses ordinary people and that's where a
lot of the people in the church world
religious sanctimonious individuals they
thought they wanted a Sunday school
teacher in the White House we actually
didn't need one we needed a total
wrecking ball which we got by the way
and he's doing an outstanding job and I
pray for him three times a day every
time I sit down for a meal I pray for
the president we pray for the president
every opportunity we can number one and
then we actually just did a 30-city to a
One Nights all across America from
Seattle San Diego I mean Los Angeles I
mean all across my from Miami up to New
York Connecticut Massachusetts and one
nights 30 cities that the president has
more people supporting him now than when
he ran and that's what they afraid about
the American people are not stupid they
don't they're many I say to people in
every meeting how many watch NBC how
many watch ABC how many once seen him
people boo they don't watch any of this
stuff and then I mentioned the president
for even Connecticut I was talking about
the Second Amendment Connecticut I got a
standing ovation no no I agree they're
losing control I just wanted to get that
out in the open because you have Bill
Maher and all his evil shit there you
know he's always blaspheming God and all
this saying oh look at these Christian
hypocrites you know Trump likes women
whatever decades ago he never denied any
of that the point is he's been true on
delivering the policies he said that's
that that that shows that he's a good
man totally well look I understand he's
71 now anyway I mean people have a past
I deal with people of the church they
come out of prison people come out of
mental institutions you know and then
God changes their God for
the thief right there at Calgary correct
sir I don't we not we don't hold
anything against people and I I believe
the president is not he's doesn't live
like that today he's not partaking in
any of that and you know I backed him
before he even was president when he was
still running when he took out them one
by one you know with a crooked crooked
lying Ted and you know little martyr and
all of this stuff the way that he does
I'm actually getting a big bag of
popcorn getting ready for 2020 because
if a flake tries to run or any of these
people they finished they finished the
president's gonna demolish anybody in
2020 and that's what they called him he
really is a powerful specimen with your
discernment just looking at from it what
he doesn't know him I know him as well
but what type of man is that I mean he
really is standing up to the bullies I
mean he is our champion totally a man's
man you know they try to make up that he
would run but I mean that article in New
York when he jumped out of his limo to
go save that person who had been
attacked you know that's the president
and you know he's putting himself in
harm's way put his whole family at risk
basically to face the globalist agenda
the lies that are out there so you know
you can't support the prison then back
off on the prison and here's the thing
so somebody said Oh buddy he changes his
rhetoric I said no he plays with the
media like a cat plays at the mouse and
what he does is he comes out over here
totally up on left field and then he
watches what they do now they let the
whole thing on they never even lies
about it though he doesn't he says oh
I'll hear what they have to say even if
it's this than that he didn't say that
he said I'll hear them say that yeah
he's just playing he playing with the
media so the media think oh he changed
his - he didn't change anything he's
totally focused on what he's doing he
knows what he's doing he's not stupid
not an idiot and we have to pray support
the prison and then like I said earlier
everybody watching or listening needs to
say what do I do and then instead of
people ranting and going on about stuff
do something everybody can do something
but there's a whole new wave coming Alex
I think it's going to hit here in the
next month or two or three with the
whole new system that's coming out
that's going to set the
exactly just take the old system we have
never gotten a hundred affiliates in
just a couple months UHF VHF cable radio
big stations big cities Houston San
Antonio the Manhattan all their
censorship was like suddenly the green
light where all these big stations put
us on and so exactly for every attack
there another door opens
totally totally there's such a hunger
out there people want to know the truth
and because they're not hearing it from
many circles the moment you stand up
they know in their gut there's a problem
and so when a person stands up and tells
them they go ah and they connect all the
dots we're about to go to break that is
a good-looking book tell me about tell
about the new book all right so the book
is is that my co-author dr. Paul
Williams a former FBI and he said it was
an investigator for the FBI I first met
him in 2014 and he actually had given up
on America and when he heard me speak he
said I've never heard a preacher talk
like you so we sat down I said let's do
this he said well let me help you
because he's the scribe I said listen
let's do this book and expose the whole
system with the money because you know
he knew about different things but I
said we're gonna start with the money
Kevin ship former CIA officer any
terrorism expert says this book is
without question the most accurate
description of the deep state shattered
government that I've ever read
so we we start off with Cecil John
Rhodes in Africa we talk about how they
he was the father by the way it did
start there you didn't you started their
concern from South Africa if you know it
that's where it started it all began
there into taking the Diamonds of the
gold working for the Rothschilds then we
talked about how if he was committed
freemason we talked about how they was
Satan they were they worship Lucifer
then we taught the lure of the occult we
go through all of that in the book we
even name the names from Thomas Edison
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle all these people
they were all into into Satanism we talk
about the blue war we go through that we
talk about the rise of the foundations
corny fought how they use these
you're on fire on this I want to hear
about the book I want to carry the bug
we're gonna be carrying it but folks and
get their book right now I'm killing
Uncle Sam book calm we're back with
pastor rodney howard-browne
don't forget it enforced or calm as well
we've got a lot of amazing products
there that fund her operation without
you they will shut us down well I can't
wait to read the killing of Uncle Sam
and the pastor's graciously says in the
send us 500 copies freeze I'm making
money off of it so we can sell it to you
but you should just get them right now
at killing Uncle Sam and I know
the folks he's co-written with really
informed people I should get them on as
well so you got cut off by the break
start over is why this book is so
important documenting where we are
pastor all right so basically what we
did we started just with the money
because basically the whole premise is
follow the money so when you start with
sister John roads you see he was the
father the modern globalist a movement
and how they really wanted to end Lesage
the world and this is all about England
getting America back and the way they
did was when they jumped the pond they
converted kanui converted the
foundations took over the education
system dumbed down the American people
this was all done by design and we're
talking about around about the World War
one they started rewriting history back
so everything's documented there's over
a thousand footnotes in the book so it
goes right through about what took place
the American Roundtable the new American
pilgrims the duck hunters the foundation
of the Federal Reserve Jekyll Island
Georgia did we talk about the plan for
the control of the world how they they
rigged elections how they faked the news
back then and then we were in a World
War one which was the war to end all
wars talk about that how America was not
going to go into the war and of course
then they sink the Lusitania they get us
in through false flag we talk about all
that how they prolonged the war and how
they were we're making money off of war
whether we go through a whole chapter on
peace and punishment the shadow
government the foundation of the Council
on Foreign Relations we talk about that
X of fact at the end of the book we list
all the members of the council form
relays that was set up by British
intelligence publicly and again not that
the British are bad they were just
setting up and using the British people
as their engine for their world
government and the British Empire as
their model and then to try to take the
u.s. over to create the new British
buyer who should be the model of this
whole world government totally totally
and so we go right through that we talk
about a design depression how they
collapsed Wall Street on purpose
how how the whole thing was done how
America was actually put into a police
state at that time we talked about the
occult economy we actually talked about
how that the the bailout of the world
using a the Treaty of his sign mother
boxes actually have pictures of the Box
it boxes in the book and then when each
box were supposed to represent three
trillion and of course they didn't have
enough gold to back it was supposed to
be back by 4,800 metric tons adult so
that's when if they are then confiscated
all the gold you know hey just let's
take all the gold we talked about the
birth of the the Central Bank
International Bank of settlements out of
bottles within let me guess now we go
into the world government the castle
society the whole thing everything it
comes right through and then we talk
about how a Second World War
what took place there what went wrong in
the Second World War
how things were manipulated again how
they produced the plague the Haley will
plan because remember the CIA started
right at the end and they were funding
themselves through the running of drugs
and they brought what they called China
white they called it ghetto gold how
they worked with the Mafia out of Cuba
and they started targeting all of the
jazz musicians in the clubs in New York
we've got everything Don to be clear a
lot again this like the left was the KKK
and all of this they're the prime group
they are racist they are targeting black
people in minorities but it's the
Democratic Party the Republicans are
partially involved with the Democrats I
mean they are the head honchos of this
if you look at the US alone it's
incredible what they've done correct and
also if you look at this story that even
under Reagan what was taking place in
that movie with Tom Cruise American made
you know which is based on the true
stories it's very moving
yeah they were running this he is been
running a drug cartel for a long time
and the Vatican Bank is the
money-laundering Bank for all the drug
cars let me briefly before get back in
the book look I don't want to get in
fights with people I know a lot of
Catholics that are good people they have
good souls I'm not up you a judge they
love God but this
help saying communism is great open your
borders he's got walls the Jesuit black
pub stuff he is he he sounds like most
leftist Hollywood person he says he
doesn't like hearing about Europe's
Christian roots we know they use black
male with pedophilia to get him in
charge and I know you were telling some
of this in the book what most the
Catholics are but no are the biggest
group upset about this Pope what who is
he well he should actually be arrested
for war crimes and was involved in
Operation Gladio and Operation Condor in
central South America and the reason
they chose a Spanish Pope was because
Catholicism in central South America is
losing a foothold because Christianity
is exploding the Gospels exploding
Church is exploding so they had to try
to stop the bleeding and that's why they
chose the Spanish Pope but it's still no
that's the good news of it I mean real
Bible is exploding in Latin America
these are no question no question about
it people people had done they've done
with the historical lies of the
manipulation of the control by whereas
some demagogues sitting up in some you
know throne somewhere
speaking as God people are finding God
for them for themselves so we talk about
you know the the evil systems the World
Bank the IMF how all of this stuff is
done through the money system everything
is controlled through the money system
we come on down we talk about I mean I
don't want to read the whole book cheese
yeah but we talk about how the heli will
plant you know to fund the CIA basically
by the continuation of drugs we talk
about what's taking place behind the
scenes with with the money system how
they manipulate Wall Street they
manipulate basically because of the
international bankers settlements which
is the bank of central banks out of
Basel Switzerland which has been going
it actually started as a bank reparation
Bank for Germany for World War of World
War one and then it became the central
bank of central banks but what you see
with your advisors is so central because
the Exim Bank and all this the Marshall
Plan but also Versailles these emergency
reorganization systems are the takeover
of nation-states at the original
you so what you're writing about that's
why I know the book for I've read it
it'll should read it cuz it's the truth
that's just it's amazing that's how they
did this just like they want to bankrupt
us to bring us to our knees totally
that's how they reorganize China in 1913
using the same compensation thing you
mentioned South Africa the president
saying take the whites land the deputy
president saying kill the whites and I
love those black folks but the communist
takeover immediately he goes right back
to this as the country applause totally
and that was the plan from day one and
they thought Mandela was gonna do it and
he actually didn't but we jumped we
talked about America the quota system
how America had a quota system on
immigration how they removed that in 65
we talked about it all all on the
purpose of destroying America by
diffusing what America really was made
up of you know people coming everyone
don't know what what is America as I
know there were Rosicrucians and I know
there were Masons and I know there were
agnostic sand I know there were
alchemists and all that but there was a
core was Christians what happened with
Francis Bacon all that I mean how does
it all the mystery of that tie together
and why are they so scared of it
well because America you came together
13 colonies came together really because
of the first Great Awakening that took
place under Jonathan Edwards and and he
actually would be like an unofficial
basically founding father of the United
States because that's it was the
preaching of the gospel that basically
unified the thirteen colonies these were
tert totally thirteen rebel colonies
there was nothing called the black
brigades was backed in the Protestant
and Catholics were that and as you know
at first the British tried to target
towards your assassin a pastors but they
didn't back off sure which I think
people back off today but let's so we
but we show the whole thing of money how
it's come down to the prison day day the
globalization of poverty how they took
all the kind of the companies we
actually list all the companies that
went to China and went to foreign fields
on purpose to destroy America that
there's a start of the World Trade
Organization the NAFTA nightmare and
then making a nation of takers basically
destroying the african-american families
by offering single mother bata
and now domesticating everybody totally
and then getting all the men on drugs or
sending them away to war so you the
african-american family used to be like
80% were married and had children now
they diffuse all that but broke them all
broke it all up so didn't get everybody
on food stamps dumping a government
support and just make them a nation a
group of takers and you see that taking
place you see what's happening and then
we talk about the road to 911 and then
we actually talk about all the false
flags that took place leading now let's
be clear when they say we're saying
false flag we mean criminal elements
working with radical Islam stood down
the media misrepresents what we're
saying saying the firemen blow the
buildings up now globalists
internationally in our government stood
down worked with it a lot of to happen
haven't you read the book but because
this pastor so educated so informed I'm
just hearing it it's all Veritas I can't
wait to carry the book I can't wait to
read the book people get it right now
killing old Sam book calm yes so so but
but even that likes to say that saw that
Saddam was a baby killer and how they
say they're gonna break for two minutes
come back with five minutes here the
babies the incubators exactly wow this
is amazing book I got to read this we
got to get this out because just because
you're awake folks doesn't mean other
people are we're gonna do the fourth
hour here Joslin is coming up a finish
up with the pastor who just really
touches me he said Willie smart
everything he's just he says we're
synched up see haven't read his book I'm
hearing it on you know obviously I cover
all this so I know it but this is this
is critical to get to read together the
library to give your church please
support us we've got great products
supplements books t-shirts t-shirt of
the month you name it and without you we
can't operate info or store calm and but
most importantly please pray for my
family please pray for my children my
wife please pray for us as we are we are
under demonic attack the book the
killing of Uncle Sam the killing of Sam
book calm pastor rodney howard-browne
sour gas he was finishing up with the
book but just to the closing here the
globalists even if somebody's not a
Christian they hate Christianity the UN
admits persecution of Christians has
double the last decade the left
everywhere would deny they were
attacking Christmas or Easter now they
admit they are and the minion
of this don't even get any power off of
it it's a spiritual thing
where they'll go out of their way so it
makes my faith not that it wasn't strong
but I just want to make sure you all
sees through rose-colored glasses that
I'm getting it right but world
government AI systems B systems they
image the Beast seen everywhere at one
time by people that's television all of
this I mean this is heavy stuff and and
I just what folks to like kind of stop
and go listen it's not Dancing with the
Stars or whatever that's really
important that won't fulfill you this
really will and I'm trying to fulfill
people not because I'm even that good of
a guy I just as my soul and the Global's
think I'm an idiot that I know the
knowledge I don't try to decided to use
it against people that just I don't even
understand why they work against their
fellow humans in the dark bastard you
know basically this many people feel
well the problem is so big we can do
nothing about it but there is everybody
can do something just like you're doing
just like I'm doing something and even
in the last chapter we talked about some
of the solutions I'll run through them
quickly ordered the Fed produce real
money end endless wars terminate the CIA
absolve national debt because it's not
stop university funding investigated the
foundation down sir downsize the
government imposed tariffs drain the
swamp overthrow judicial tyranny uphold
states rights halter immigration till we
father who's coming here and anyone who
comes here with an agenda to destroy
America should be sent away that's it
period and we talked about this solution
being another great spiritual awakening
like what happened in the 1700s and the
eighteen hundreds and I believe I
believe Alex we sitting right on the
brink of that oh that's what are they so
scared of as I know they're scared of me
and I'm not that important I've not done
something yet I'm supposed to do I can
tell in my spirit what are they afraid
of they afraid that the gospel is going
to turn everything around they're afraid
that people because if we see a an
awakening break up that hits the primary
schools the high schools just like when
you saw all the kids marching you know
anti guns but what if they marching for
Jesus they don't want there to happen
then it hits the universities then it
hits places of government this happened
in America in the 1700s it happened in
the eighteen hundreds and I'm telling
you it's gonna happen again because
people are desperate and all it takes is
a spark one spot that's gonna get the
fire going and if they just knew
everything they're waiting for is their
full fulfillment empowerment discernment
knowledge they just evil has even people
that service they have no idea what's
waiting for them if they just choose
Christ it's all there all the answers
all the it's all there everything they
desire in his presence there's fullness
of joy and it's right hand they're
places forevermore so when when Jesus
comes into our hearts he changes
everything he changes our way of
thinking he changes our way of looking
at things and and just everything the
way our families are conducted the way
we conduct and it's not that people you
know a perfect people still make
mistakes but they make lists of them and
they become overcomers and they they get
victory they wake up in the morning with
the salute well that's what they really
has the spirit of victory
totally totally but I'm feeling it I'm
feeling it's so strong Alex it's about
to break it's like a tsunami that's
gonna hit across America and we can feel
it that's why they're scared yeah and
but there's nothing he can do about it
you can't stop this one because this is
God that's moving it's not about a man
moving it's about the wind of heaven
that's blowing in the final hour to
bring them the great harvest of souls
and Jesus is coming let me tell you
something if I was there I'd be afraid
cuz I love God but let me tell you I
don't fear the devil but I fear I can
feel God I would be afraid if I was in
you know someone very profoundly once
said many years ago that if fascism ever
comes to America to come in the name of
comes to mind
oh it's Joe Alex John Alex Jones this is
a lot of controversy around this network
about Alex Jill is being accused of
hiding negative stories about Hillary
and her campaign like huger gets
algorithm the berry stories like the
Clinton body-count story that's
according to website Infowars this
coverage is confirmed what the Martin
Luther King has been shot to death in
Memphis Tennessee
and the front almost a bitch killer plan
in a podium hit judge apparently took
the baby without him in tonight
I think this international
we have clear things that we do not
understand how they work operating in
areas that we can't control
UFOs is this global governance at last
is it one world the central bank is in
charge Israel claims the attack was
accidental but some former US naval
officers say it was on purpose
they described the day's action as part
of a continuing coverage Russian
intelligence compiled a dossier on mr.
Trump during visits to Moscow Russia
stopped denied everything he called it
all fake news
gives a kill truck as the mood
to cause a massive settled
Wizards have been a high level
Russia are you aware that mr. stone also
stated publicly that he was in direct
communication with Julian Assange and
WikiLeaks the White House the president
of citing info wars they could shut us
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The War Room Archives / Trump Scores By Adding DiGenova To His Team ***
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9 or or or 888-253-3139
The War Room Archives / Crazed Lunatic With A Gun Invades Infowars Studios
« Last post by Administrator on March 19, 2018, 07:24:29 pm »

if you are receiving this transmission
you are resistance
if something happened if I decided to
attack you it would take the cops three
to five minutes to come here probably
ten in the traffix bed
it's literally running now
oh my gosh calm I was caught off guard
with that one folks
Darren McBrain just put together another
wonderful intro for us just to give you
some context to the video play it again
so you've got a parent I'm assuming a
father shows up there at the scene of a
PTA meeting and they're talking about
school security this is actually an
amazing concept so they're talking about
school security he pulls out his knife
it looks like it was a flip knife that
people are saying was a switchblade
didn't really look like a switchblade to
me it looked like a general flip knife
like a like a buck or something anyway
so he brings his hunting knife out and
he's just holding it in the air he
doesn't even take the blade out or
anything he's just like yeah he's like
you want to know how serious school
security is I just came in with this
knife now what are you gonna do because
see what he does is he puts you in a a
situation and it's actually brilliant
this parent and then of course Darren
Rick green pipes in the other videos of
the people running just to show you the
freak out from the knife and then of
course the famous video from Mars
Attacks they're classic stuff from
Darren but but it's actually genius
because look at this
he puts the audience that he has at a
PTA meeting in a situation where they
feel threatened and you can hear it in
fact you know what let's roll this again
roll this X I want to roll this again
let's roll this again listen to the guy
he pulls out his blade but he doesn't
pull the blade out he just pulls the
knife out and holds it up he's like look
what are you gonna do about this listen
to how the crowd reacts five minutes to
come here probably in the traffic
all right fine I'll pull it down so he's
like look takes the cops about I think
you talk about the cops there he's like
takes the cops about three minutes to
arrive if there's a security issue pulls
out his knife says what are you gonna do
now now obviously the point he's making
is let's say I'm a crazed lunatic and I
came here to stab you and unfortunately
this is how he had to make his case and
you hope that I'll just leave it there
but he puts them in a situation now all
of a sudden they feel threatened they
feel like their personal security is at
risk so what happens whoo-hah and a
little murmurer comes over obviously
probably all the Liberals in the crowd
but they don't even understand he just
made the point that proves gun control
is not the answer he pulls out the knife
what are you gonna do shriek and horror
good luck and then of course the people
in the crowd in the audience that
actually understood the message started
cheering like wow what a great
exhibition you just made here to show
why gun control is not the answer let's
say radical knife man shows up at the
PTA meeting and starts stabbing people
what are you gonna do what are you gonna
do and now the sudden everyone in the
audience was faced with that thought
what are you gonna do go gonna call the
police go ahead and call the police
guess what I got three minutes at least
till they arrived to stab you don't you
wish you had a gun let's go to that
audio one more time listen to the crowd
freaked out at the site
not even a blade but a hunting knife if
I decided to attack you it would take
the cops three to five minutes
probably ten in the traffix bed
doesn't show the blade just to prove a
point and now watch what happens this
person literally runs away they all
freak out and this is and they want
gun-control nourish a probiotic friendly
environment in your gut with prebiotic
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