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Full Show—It’s NOT Bullying If CNN Does It
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:31:59 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight well there's a
lot of things crazy about our schools
everybody is focused on why this guy
wasn't taken care of by the FBI by the
sheriff we found out on Friday late
Friday that there were four sheriff
deputies now more information has come
out about that and have that for you
accusations by the police department is
saying nobody in the Sheriff's
Department none of the deputies are
doing anything they were the ones who
did something when they got there they
knew what was happening but all the
deputies were standing by which brings
up a question why was this so widespread
is it indicative that there was maybe
something else going on we're gonna talk
about that well let's just understand
how sick
our schools are it's not just the drugs
and we will be talking to a man who is
pushing for the government actually runs
Studies on these psychiatric drugs
especially the ones that are being given
in massive doses to our children will
the government run any studies on this
no of course not
not unless we force them to because
there are heavy vested interests in this
of course the drugs count companies have
a tremendous profit incentive but so do
the media companies that won't talk
about this problem they're largely
funded by the profits from these drug
companies that push opioids and
psychiatric drugs on our population and
it is an absolute crime it is a very
different situation when we look at the
opioid epidemic then the recreational
use of drugs you're all going is going
to have a certain percentage of the
population that is going to try to
escape reality and use drugs
recreationally but when you look at the
opioid epidemic we look at the epidemic
of SSRIs and psychiatric drugs and it is
an epidemic it manifests itself
differently than the opioid epidemic it
has very severe cut or number of people
but it is still a very dangerous drug
and when those people have their
consequences sometimes their
consequences spill over into other
people around them but when we look at
this the thing that's different about
both of these is that they are
prescribed for the population by people
that the population trusts by authority
figures by medical figures it's approved
by the government yeah we got regulatory
capture in the government we have vested
interest and pushing this forward by the
media not talking about the problem
pushing sweeping it under the carpet so
that they can make profits and of course
it's all driven by profits but what
happens to in the schools here when we
look at the insanity here we've got
police called in after students at a
Louisiana high school mistook the square
root symbol for a gun drawing have we
reached peak idiocracy yet every time we
think that we've gotten to peak
idiocracy we go a little bit further
couple more steps into stupidity how did
we get to a situation where our students
are so profoundly ignorant they don't
understand what a square root symbol is
don't understand what it is think it's a
gun man that that is amazing that is
amazing what are they teaching your kids
in school do you know well they're
teaching them to be good little anti far
warriors they're teaching them racism
sexism homophobia si when they get out
they can't construct an argument they
don't know why they believe what they
believe if they even believe anything
there's simply parroting things that's
why I had the Freudian slip the other
day I called them you know you typically
talk about people like this they're
being used for an agenda as Lenin called
them useful idiots I call them youthful
idiots and it really does apply but they
are being used and abused in various
ways you've got the parents and with a
parental backlash against cross-dressing
men who are sent into primary schools
elementary schools to promote tolerance
so I got men and drag coming to lecture
your kids here in Texas we have to
pretend that a transgender girl who is
taking testosterone in large levels to
- a boy can compete even though she's
being he or whatever is pink doped up
with a drug to give them an advantage I
mean this is the insanity that is being
protected in the name of protocol clerk
political correctness and a social
agenda we'll be right back I'm David
Knight you know we just finished with
the Olympics and I wonder why we have
separate categories for men and women
competing in the Olympics aren't women
equal to men in all respects you know we
take a look at this transgender boy and
let's unpack this this is a woman a
female who is taking testosterone so she
can transition to being a male and
continues to win the state wrestling
championship and this is here in Texas
this is in Texas I guess we're gonna
have a new logo slogan here Texas where
the men are men and the women are too
because they take testosterone but of
course this is not something that's
allowed in the Olympics if you take
enhancement drugs for your performance
then you're disqualified but they don't
disqualify that here because we have to
promote transgender and sanity and
Bristol because in England they have
primary schools where they're bringing
in drag queens and fighting drag queens
story time DQ St to read books promoting
alternative lifestyles to their
elementary school children so you have
somebody mentally ill dressed up like a
woman reading storybooks to your
children to tell them how wonderful this
is you want to be like me don't you we
used to have role models come in but
this is all being done in the name of
tolerance and if you have a problem with
any of that in your intolerant well I'm
intolerant I'm intolerant of that I can
tolerate a lot of things but I don't
tolerate people messing with the minds
of young children why do we have laws of
why do
we say that you cannot there's
absolutely no way legally for a minor
somebody that is well let's say in the
grades K through 12 right because
usually the the law the age of consent
is 18 we just had a big debate about
this all these people that were so upset
about the accusations unproven
accusations against Roy Moore saying
that it was I think a 16 year old girl
14 year old girl that acute said I was
14 at the time and all these people who
would get so upset about Roy Moore would
invite transgender individuals into the
schools to mess with people this folks
if you don't understand where this is
headed this is basically the NAMBLA
agenda the North American man-boy love
Association whatever they want to have
the ability to have sex with children
and not be punished for it and they want
to say that children can consent to this
because if a kindergarten kid can decide
that they are a different gender agenda
than they were agenda yet is an agenda
if they are a different gender than they
were born then they can consent to
anything can't they that says that
they're mature enough to understand what
they're really talking about and they're
not we've always had these age of
consent rules because we I don't always
understood the kids even up to 17 or 18
years old are not mature enough to make
that decision so why is it that the same
government is now promoting them to
change their gender it is because there
is an agenda and you better understand
what this is this is a paedophile agenda
it's nothing short of that we actually
have our governments pushing a
paedophile agenda and if you don't
believe that take a look at the laws we
have statutory limitations on coming
after people who commit pedophile crimes
who don't have that type of limitation
on murder anything else I mean look at
the fact that going after Natalie Wood's
former husband whatever his name is
can't remember the actor now but that
was decades ago there is no statute of
limitation on murder
gonna be pretty hard to prove anything
after decades and that's the whole issue
but murder isn't a crime that usually
takes a very long time to look at and
yet there's no statute of limitations
Robert Wagner was his name yeah Robert
Wagner is his name he's still alive but
usually murder shows up right away and
it doesn't take a long time but with
pedophilia that crime takes decades
typically to come to the surface because
it's a difficult thing for children to
process and we have typically a two-year
statute of limitations on it why is that
well because we have a political
establishment both Republican and
Democrat the Republicans groomed Dennis
Hastert to be Speaker of the House it
was common knowledge just like it was
common knowledge what was going on with
Harvey Weinstein who this guy was but
they groomed Dennis Hastert and he
remains Speaker of the House longer than
anybody else there's some culpability
there talk about me to talk about
investigating and you know isn't it
interesting that all of this talk about
how the Congress was sweeping under the
carpet sexual harassment of people in
power against adults how that was swept
under the carpet how they spent a great
deal of your money to cover that up for
the politicians and nobody has talked
about in a sastric I want to know what
happened with Dennis Hastert I want to
know what the rest of those people knew
about Dennis Hastert why aren't they
talking about that
why aren't they pushing and of course
this is not this is a criminal law so
it's not the jurisdiction of the federal
government but why don't they push why
don't we push because they're not gonna
do we know that's a rhetorical question
as to why the people in power don't push
it it's because there's a large number
of them that are pedophiles so why don't
we push removing the statute of
limitations on this crime they did that
in Australia that's why the guy who's
the number two or three in the Vatican
had to go back to Australia to answer
crimes because they got rid of the
statute of limitations which there was
very short
there should be no statute of
limitations on
but that's the school environment that
we live in and that's why when we look
at this shooting that's just the tip of
the iceberg
that is just a symptom of a very sick
system and here's another as I point out
the top of the hour in Louisiana a high
school in a high school they don't know
what a square root symbol is because
that's not where they're being caught
they're being taught all about
transitioning from one gender to another
they're being taught about gender
fluidity they're being taught Marxism
they don't know what a square root is so
they thought that it was a gun but it
was a gun several other students made
similar comments so they said the word
gun and because that's the agenda
somebody said gun somebody said call the
police interview them they're just
profoundly ignorant because of what we
do there now let me give you the other
side of this this is a article that's
been sitting on my desk for several days
here that haven't gotten to the fact
that they worked very hard to try to
outlaw home schooling in Hawaii
heavily controlled by Democrats this was
reported last week got overshadowed by
all the shooting news that's why I want
to take a little bit of time here talk
about where our society is who our
schools are people say why is this
happening now when it didn't happen
thirty years ago forty years ago
whatever but at thirty years ago they
were still carrying guns to school kids
were using guns at school responsibly on
shooting ranges but here's a bill in
Hawaii and it was stopped by massive
opposition because home schoolers will
stand up for their children home
schoolers will stand up for their rights
we have seen this over and over again
multiple times government has tried to
take away our right to raise our
children and we say no a tsunami reports
the new American a tsunami of opposition
was able to derail an extreme bill in
Hawaii that would have treated
homeschool families as guilty until
proven innocent
it would have required background checks
just like you know you got a gun oh
you're guilty got you homeschool your
kids you're guilty too we need to look
into that and it would also required
child welfare investigations of all home
school parents to determine whether or
they're suitable to raise their own
children maybe we should have those same
investigations about the people who
create the curriculum for our schools
and invite and drag queens to read
stories to our kids and kindergarten it
would also have required state approval
before family could homeschool the
author of the bill vowed to submit a new
one next legislative session because the
price of Liberty is eternal vigilance
the tyrants will never stop and if you
stop they win we got to make sure they
can't do that it got a Democrat senators
saying parents are by nature suspicious
especially if they want to be
responsible for their children's
education otherwise yeah don't worry
about that
square-root it looks like a gun okay
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
we're gonna take a look at the Broward
cowards that's right you're gonna live
with these people you get a live with
the people who think that a square root
sign is a gun maybe this is the square
root of a problem here that we're
getting to you know you had students at
Louisiana High School's Oberlin High
School a student was actually completing
a problem that used a square root symbol
and another student thought it looked
like a gun so this idiot student
contacts the idiot police who then
searched the students home where they
found no guns or any evidence that he
had any access to guns well what if his
family had had guns what if they were
responsible gun owners would they have
all gone to jail been arrested this is
the insanity that we're seeing in our
society here you know what what if this
kid was doing calculus or just even
algebra and his parents were gun owners
is that sufficient to go to jail perhaps
and this society it is and we saw this
bill being introduced by a Democrat
state senator in Hawaii
suggesting that parents were by nature
suspicious especially if they wouldn't
be in charge of their children's
the senator described the public schools
as quote a layer of protection can you
believe that
what's this discussion we've been having
all this last week how can we make these
schools where they protect people No
they're the layer of protection against
what against what and we need more
police to do what stand by their car
protecting themselves yeah they said he
called it a layer protection apparently
with a straight face you described home
education as a loophole that allows
people to escape government
indoctrination where they come after
your kindergarten kids with gender
fluidity gender confusion because
they're pushing a pedophile agenda
that's the basis for this there is no
room for tolerance for a pedophile
agenda I will not tolerate that I don't
care what people think I you know I will
oppose this in every respect this is
child abuse
institutionalized child abuse as I point
out in the new American and the real
world government schools are destroying
children physically killing them not
protecting them physically mentally with
the drugs that they give them
spiritually because there is no
spiritual basis in the education there's
nothing there
you can put a sign up at the entrance to
the school and god we trust' that's not
giving them a spiritual basis you know
what's wrong with America now what's
wrong with America now that we didn't
have 30 40 50 years ago
George HW Bush said it was a kinder
gentler America what was it a kinder
gentler America well because it embraced
the principles and the morals of
Christianity because people didn't turn
to drugs to cope with the world
they had other coping measures notice in
the past we've had a lot of people who
are not Christians but they would
support Christianity they would support
it being taught in school because it was
a stabilizing influence on society
because it gave people a moral code and
because it gave them a coping mechanism
so if you don't believe in God maybe you
should believe in something that's going
to give us a kinder gentler America but
they're not protected physically
mentally spiritually not to mention
academically that square root problem on
an industrial scale great choice of
words there
by alex neumann new american on an
industrial scale because know what we
have with the schools it is a mass
production they're producing widgets and
if you want to see what those widgets
look like look at the anti-fog products
coming out of this night that's what
it's designed for so one size fits all
factory system it's an industrial system
more than half of California children
cannot even read at a proficient level
based on the state's own data
the government's data on a federal
government chose two-thirds of the
adults are functionally illiterate I
guess that would include the police
who'd go to somebody's house because
they believe the report that a square
root sign looks like a gun this is the
state of American society the idiocracy
that we've turned into and what we're
looking at this let's take a look at CNN
pushing back very hard against a victim
I thought that we weren't supposed to
say anything negative about victims sit
at the heart of what CNN is trying to do
in terms of shutting down info wars from
YouTube pushing very hard for this doing
that last Friday at the center of all
that as they call up YouTube as they
report us to YouTube as and they call
YouTube up and say have you done
anything yet get with it come on we got
congressmen that are on this agenda CNN
wants us shut down I understand why they
want to shut down we've exposed a lot of
CNN but now they go back after one of
the survivors not only a survivor but a
survivor who helped others to survive
Colton hob and they back and forth are
they are attacking him saying we didn't
script anything well I guess that
depends on what the meaning of scripting
is if you limit somebody's contents if
you have and he's not the only one who
was pushing back and saying a CNN gave
very strong indications of exactly the
types of people they were looking for in
order to push their agenda CNN spokesman
said it's unfortunate that an effort to
discredit CNN and the town who would
think that CNN's talent halls would be
discredited by any of this stuff I mean
they have run stellar a
town halls in the past never had any
questions of people sending debate
questions for example like Donna Brazile
did to Hillary Clinton Thank You
WikiLeaks for showing that but there's
other issues with CNN as well but said
they're trying to take attention away
from the purpose of the event
oh you mean kind of like the DNC did
with the Russia narrative trying to take
away the discontent within the DNC as
Hillary Clinton bought that organization
and then ran herself through President
Trump on Thursday night had seized on
the claim that CNN rewrote his questions
calling the network fake news again just
like so much of CNN fake news said
President Trump that's why their ratings
are so bad MSNBC maybe even worse yeah
probably but he's not the only one
saying it colton hobb isn't the only one
remember I reported last week Arianna
Klein a junior there said she was upset
that they would do this to him but also
her father had said and I read this last
week her father who admitted hey I'm a
Republican and a gun owner but he said
he was approached by CNN producer on
Thursday the day after the school
shooting and felt that they were quote
looking for people who were willing to
espouse a certain narrative you think I
mean every time they have any kind of a
panel discussion they will have a token
conservative and then they will have two
three four people plus the moderator who
are all on the other side of the issue
who gang up on that individual and shame
them and that's what they were doing at
CNN Town Hall only it was far more
skewed with the people that were allowed
in the people who were allowed to speak
even though the extent when they asked a
tough question of the Democrats senator
oh oh no that question is for for
somebody else on the on the other side I
forget whether it was for Marco that the
Jake Tapper said that's for Marco Rubio
or said it was for Dana lash anyway he
said I'm a Republican I'm a gun owner I
am a responsible gun owner we talk about
gun control it's not about taking away
guns from people like me but keeping
them out of the hands of people who
should not have them who are responsible
or threat to society said unfortunately
I think a lot of
people talking about gun control don't
understand what they're talking about
but then after CNN it's coming after us
for attacking david hog showing him
being coached by CNN then they come
after one of the survivors because I
thought that was bullying
why isn't CNN being taken down for
we'll be right back I'm David Knight so
if somebody is engaged in political
activism pushing an agenda if they're
engaging in public debate is it bullying
to oppose them to question them
evidently it is because that's what CNN
is pushing and yet CNN is doing that
against somebody who's on the other side
of the issue to CNN CNN has been pushing
for fo Wars to be taken off of YouTube
because we questioned the motivations of
CNN and David hog and so they want us
silenced I understand why they wouldn't
want to silence frankly I think it's
fair game if somebody is doing that I
don't think they're traumatized and if
somebody is going to enter into the
debate that says well the grieving is
over the trauma is over there now in the
public sphere they're in the arena and
they better be ready to take a couple of
punches and not cry for the yeah so I'm
fair take them out of the ring I don't
want these other people in here no you
better be able to defend yourself defend
your your opinions defend your agenda
CNN but of course they can't all they
can say is over CNN just like Jake
Tapper who blocked me because I was
laughing at the fact that CNN had gone
with the Sam Hyde narrative after the
Texas shooting and Jake Tapper comes
back and says well we were told that by
a congressman I said well you don't ever
check your sources you never check what
he's having to say you just go with it
because it's the argument of authority
and yes they do that's what seeing it
always does and that's the way they get
away with so much stuff they say well
we're seeing in we're the people that
the world goes to for news
maybe that's part of the problem with
the world right now they've been going
to CNN too much for their news so
they've come back real hard against
Colton haben is and his father he was
the one who is a junior rotc a guy who
had the Kevlar curtains who kept his
head who shielded people who hid them
and even put Kevlar curtains in front of
him said I brought those curtains out
because I knew exactly what they were
made out of and then he also had the
audacity to say that the coach who
shielded people with his body and lost
his life doing that Colton had the
audacity to say if this coach had had
his gun with him he could have possibly
stopped the shooting instead what we
wound up with were uniformed
professionals who stood outside at least
four of them with their firearms drawn
to protect their lives and doing nothing
about the shooting going on on the
inside now what he had to say was he
said CNN had originally asked me to
write a speech and questions and it
ended up all being scripted and so the
question is what does it mean to be
scripted does that mean that they
actually wrote down something for him
because that's what CNN is now pushing
back I think that's a prevarication I
think the essence whether the details of
this retreat you can decide CNN came out
and they push back against that they
said well that's a lie this is the this
is the original email and here's how it
differed it differed by one phrase that
was there whether or not he had
presented this to them on the phone that
was their whole thing when you look at
the email did he send that to them on
the phone that's just a couple of like
two or three words as you said on the
phone nevertheless he and his father
both felt like they were being
controlled being silenced that's what I
would call being scripted and so that's
the essence of that CNN said we did not
provide or script questions for anyone
in last night's Town Hall nor have we
ever nor have we ever nor have we ever
let's take a look at CNS CNN's a history
of Democrat Town Hall plants
let's go back first of all this is a an
article from the New York Post and this
is going back to 2016 January of 2016 a
flashback and at that time in 2017
sorry 2007 nine years earlier now it's
some 11 years earlier muriel gallo
kastenov then a student at Iowa's
Grinnell College admitted asking a
question planted by Hillary Clinton's
presidential campaign and they were
saying this because we were still in the
middle of the campaign's early in the
campaigns January 2016 New York Post put
this out and said on Thursday CNN will
host a town hall with President Obama as
part of his final year pushed to make
gun control part of his legacy Oh
it was even about gun control as well in
addition is sitting down with liberal
anchor Anderson Cooper of CNN the
network says that Obama will take
questions from the audience and then the
New York Post pointed out CNN has a long
history of allowing political plants to
flourish in its public forms and this is
before WikiLeaks exposed Donna Brazile
handing questions while she was working
at CNN handing questions to Hillary
Clinton about what was gonna be coming
up in some of these town halls because
you had to present them written
questions they had to approve those
written questions is that scripting is
that scripting I would say that it is
even if you write these questions and
they tell you you got to stick to that
question you can't deviate from that
question one way or the other and if we
like your question we'll put it in if we
don't we won't put it in if you say that
they're not scripting this their defense
of the way that Jake Tapper deflected
that difficult question that was asked
to the Democrats senator from Florida
reflected away and said oh that
questions for somebody else you don't
have to answer that that put him in a
hot spot Jake got him off of it and his
excuse was well we had specific
questions that were set up for
particular individuals is that scripted
you're just arguing semantics CNN but
they go through with this article
this is January of 2016 here's some of
the examples that we knew at that time
more have surfaced since then at a CNN
YouTube GOP debate interesting CNN and
YouTube hosting the debate together the
same two that are trying to push
Infowars off of YouTube now to silences
two weeks earlier they had the everyday
undecided voters and here's some of the
undecided voters that they brought in a
member of the lesbian gay bisexual
transsexual Americans for Hillary
Clinton's steering committee another one
a young woman named journey CNN failed
to identify her as an outspoken John
Edwards supporter another one they
supposed blog cabin Republican who had
declared his support for Obama during
the 2008 campaign they supposedly
unaffiliated concerned mother who was
actually a prominent Pittsburgh union
activist for us steel steel workers and
had endorsed Edwards for president an
undecided voter hood urged Ron Paul to
run as an independent but already
publicly declared his support for former
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson 's
Democrat presidential bit or a staffer
for senator dick durbin mr. gun control
there okay mister open borders a former
intern who was also a former intern for
care the Council on american-islamic
relations so these are the people who
are undecided voters according to CNN in
YouTube at the Town Hall that they set
here's another Town Hall that they set
up during the push for Obamacare so that
one was during the push for gun control
and now we've got another one here the
push for Obamacare it was a citizen's
town hall in 2009 included in that was
an operative for a Washington dc-based
to help care for America now
K Street a lobbying group that was
pushing for single care health care
single-payer health care an unemployed
cancer patient who is actually working
for the DNC's organizing for America a
Democrat National Committee member and a
community blogger at organizing for
America these are the people who don't
have an agenda just random questioners
the CNN had at a town hall for health
one more an eleven-year-old daughter of
anah coordinator of Massachusetts women
for Obama who had donated thousands of
dollars to the campaign and now was
pushing for government control of health
care this is CNN's history but remember
they said we have never never provided
script questions for anyone except for
you know Hillary Clinton from Donna
Brazile nor have we ever done that these
are the facts
hashtag facts first well I got one more
fact to tell you about CNN when we come
back and this is an indisputable fact it
was caught on video even called out by
the BBC that's right CNN staging a
protest by Muslim women because
everybody was saying wait a minute why
aren't the Muslims concerned when
there's terrorist attacks oh let's get a
group together we'll film it
I guess maybe they wrote a script for it
- we'll be right back I'm David Knight
welcome back we're gonna take a look at
the Broward cowards that's what National
Review is call them I think that's
pretty good label we're gonna take a
look at what happened with the Sheriff's
Department and how it was seems to be
limited to the Sheriff's Department when
the police department showed up they did
something they were absolutely amazed
and they called out Sheriff's Department
on this and it's one of the reasons that
this information came out but it was
interesting that they held it the Mia
culpa from the sheriff he held it until
late on a Friday afternoon hoping that
people would move on because you know
it's another three days we've got a very
limited attention span and the news
cycle maybe there'd be something that
would happen over the weekend take your
attention away from it we're not gonna
let that happen we're going to take a
look at this in depth before we do real
quickly there's an article that came out
a Daily Mail talking about how heavy
snores can age faster that's kind of
interesting it's not the lack of sleep
but it's the snoring that causes a lack
of sleep or a lack of sound sleep and
what is the mechanism here the mechanism
is damage to your DNA remember we've
talked about the telomeres in the past
it's kind of like if you imagine your
DNA as a shoelace as a cap on the
the shoelace right why do you have that
cap on the end of the shoelace to keep
the shoelace from coming unraveled and
so if you think of your flat shoelace
just twist it well you get the DNA helix
shape there that's that's basically
what's going on here and you can pretty
much predict somebody's life expectancy
by looking at the length of the
telomeres it's a very good predictor of
that because what happens is when it on
when it starts when they disappear the
DNA starts to unravel starts to fray and
then certain things start to happen
you get a much higher risk for cancer
and many other diseases that happen when
your DNA starts to fray starts to
unravel and they point out in the study
they had to pooled data from eight
previous studies involving twenty six
hundred and forty patients so they do
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appreciate your support let's get back
to as we talk about your support let's
talk about the attacks on
and fours from CNN because you know when
we look at the situation with David Hogg
you're not allowed to look at that
yeah CNN can come after a guy who is not
hiding in his closet
who is actually helping people to take
shelter and they can come after him and
tell him you're gonna say exactly what
we allow you to say or you're not gonna
be on at all
and he said well under those constraints
I'm not gonna go on and then he and his
dad push back against that and said they
don't want the other side told they
don't want any other story they're
carefully controlling the narrative they
called it scripting and now they come
back and attack the father attack this
young man after they had said any
questioning of what anyone said
especially David Hawk should and will
get you a strike against our co
mainstream media partner YouTube and
that's precisely what they did do
against Infowars and CNN out there
pushing goes only one or two more
strikes for Infowars and they're out
pushing that and continually calling him
and asking you - have you done anything
about this yet why haven't you done
anything about this yet and so we had
situations that came out with David Hogg
first there was the lifeguard scuffle
and I looked at that and I didn't think
that that was anything I mean he was
supposedly on vacation he had a lot of
information that showed that he was on
vacation but when YouTube shuts that
down because it's the number one
trending video instead of allowing
people to come back and say yeah let's
take a look at this let's debate this
and the public no no no debate we're
gonna censor that then what that does is
it convinces people that there's a
cover-up and so what they do is they
have just the opposite effect and maybe
we need to rename the Streisand effect
the YouTube effect or the CNN effect we
censor your opposition and then say and
then the people that they have out you
don't you dare question them
don't you dare question them and so then
there was also the one that involved
Alexa Meade Nick I think is what you
pronounce her name the one that was
filmed by NBC
I think it was an NBC affiliate it was
KHOU 11 reporter who happened to be in
the area at the time put that video out
they censored that as much as they could
they should strikes over that and she
was saying there's obviously definitely
another shooter involved that was her
opinion but she's not allowed to voice
her opinion wait a minute I thought she
was a survivor and a student there I
thought we were supposed to not push
back against what any survivors or
students had to say there but of course
YouTube did that and as Zero Hedge
points out while Occam's razor suggests
that mr. Hogg is nothing more than an
enthusiastic young man and transitory
pursuit of the media limelight I would
call him a media hog okay we still ought
to be able to question this stuff and if
we got a video that shows multiple takes
of CNN you just don't do that in news
you don't coach people you don't give
them multiple takes to tell their story
and then edit the best one that you've
got there that makes him look like he
had absolutely no trouble at all
recalling that but of course CNN has
done this in the past remember when
there was a shooting a terrorist event
in the UK everybody was saying where are
the Muslims why don't the Muslims ever
come out and organize against this and
CNN understood that people were doing
that so CNN
took him up on that and CNN organized a
video shoot let's roll some footage of
that to remind people what this looked
like and so what you see here is all of
the all the world is a stage for CNN and
they have all their cameras out there
they've got the area marked off then
they are pulling out their people who
were dressed appropriately as women
Muslim women for a staged protest and it
was caught by people on the scene showed
that showed what CNN was doing they were
actually manufacturing the news even the
BBC called them out on that
that's CNN's history and I just read to
you what their history is with the town
halls and how they rigged those all the
people who are supposedly not involved
all in the issue they're totally
undecided and they're just there to ask
some questions and to learn a little bit
about the process and yet we find out
that they're heavily embedded
professional politicians people who are
involved with institutions and heavily
involved in the DNC and so forth that's
the way that CNN rolls it an example
after example the phony bombings are
they staged at their headquarters back
in Atlanta decades ago when they were at
the outbreak of one of the Iraq Wars had
Anderson Cooper with a disappearing nose
supposedly at the Sandy Hook shooting I
mean this is CNN fake news all right
let's talk about the sheriff here also
breaking late on Friday was four of
Sheriff Scott Israel's deputies waited
outside the high school during the
shooting and the Coral Springs Police
Department set 130 officers to the scene
they put their lives on the line reports
near ahead while the Broward County
officers simply waited for backup at the
scene as it unfolded and what some Coral
Springs officials perceived to be a
dereliction of duty but not the sheriff
the sheriff who is responsible for the
people that he hires the people that he
trains you know the buck really does
stop with him but he says no he says if
the deputy didn't have the heart to go
in that's not my responsibility said I
gave him a gun I gave him a badge I gave
him the training if he didn't have the
heart to go in that's not my
responsibility well you know what
there's a lot of us that don't see it
that way a lot of us believe that maybe
we could get a sheriff who takes
responsibility for the actions of his
people they call them Broward's cowards
in the National Review said he refuses
to go quietly so he should be shown the
door by people that he professes to
serve it is an elected office by the way
23 sheriff's calls involving the
Parkland shooter 18 sheriff's calls
involving the shooters behavior directly
they did nothing throughout all of that
so this is a pattern of behavior that
calls into question some other things
and stay with us when we come back in
the next hour
we're going to have an individual who's
trying to get the government to actually
do Studies on these SSRIs because
whether the guy was a patsy or whether
he was a lone shooter SSRIs are a part
of that issue as the sheriff I need to
be here to hire more deputies we're
gonna put deputies all over the schools
you know like those deputies that stayed
outside and did absolutely nothing four
of them four of them it was bad enough
when it was just one but it was four
then everybody that was associated with
the Sheriff's Department
there was underneath this sheriff Israel
did nothing it was a police department
that showed up a massive force that did
something that went in the other people
just waiting for backup and we're gonna
do anything and his response is we need
more people like my deputies well
whether you do or not he should not be
the one who is hiring them and quite
frankly if we're gonna turn our schools
into a fortress of uniformed individuals
that's not something that we can afford
to do one of the reasons that so many
schools have allowed teachers who
otherwise are trained to carry guns in
their schools I care in Texas and we're
gonna get to that one of the reasons
that they did that here and in Arkansas
in other places because they didn't have
the money well they're talking about
some of these schools that they've held
up as examples and say look at this
school is a fortress and it is
absolutely terror proof yeah right and
they spend a half a million two million
dollars in addition to the cost of the
school to do that are you gonna do that
when we have to be the world's orphanage
here where we have to educate all the
children in the world who wish to come
here no matter where they're coming from
or in what numbers and we have
absolutely no say about that but then
we're gonna turn all these schools into
a fortress we can't do that
it's a stupid it's not a practical
solution to this problem a more
practical more cost-effective solution
but also a solution that would actually
work is to have teachers like the
teacher who gave his life even though he
was unarmed he took the bullets if he
had a gun and he could have done
something about that but no we have
because of people like job
and George HW Bush we have a imaginary
gun-free zone yeah had that gun free
zone workout it's a defenseless school
zone is what they have created here
let's listen to what the Broward County
Sheriff said when he was asked whether
or not he would resign now of course I
won't resign it was a shameful letter it
was politically motivated I never met
that man he doesn't know anything about
me and the letter was full of missa
misinformation I wrote a letter back to
the governor I talked about all the
mistakes that havior made in his letter
it was a shameful politically motivated
letter that had no facts and of course I
won't resign of course he won't resign
he doesn't know me he never met me you
know what I haven't met him either but I
know that if he's presiding over a
police department that has more than two
dozen times been notified of how
dangerous this individual is and doesn't
do anything and then even as the
shooting is happening they're standing
outside not doing anything then that's
all I really need to know about this guy
and it's not just Hagar it's not just
the governor we've also got the Florida
speaker Richard Cochran says suspend the
Broward County Sheriff
for incompetence for dereliction of an
of duty absolutely he's presiding over a
totally incompetent Sheriff's Department
here now the governor has called for a
probe but not for the sheriff to be
suspended meanwhile we have other
survivors this is a student Kyle cashew
cashew I think is the way pronounce the
name one of the students at Marjory
Stoneman Douglas High School said I
absolutely outrages me that CNN Town
Hall we had the sheriff who was virtue
signaling against the NRA and against
guns when he didn't even act properly he
didn't do his job properly and then he
turns it around and says guns are the
issue when he failed to act properly
that's exactly what is happening here if
you're not going to accept
responsibility the
and step down because you're not capable
of doing the job we'll be right back
stay with us I'm David Knight welcome
back in the next segment we're gonna
have a constitutional attorney who is
calling for a federal investigation into
the link between psychotic drugs and
school shootings and it's about time
because whether or not this kid was a
lone shooter or whether or not he was a
the drugs are at the center of this I
said this from day one that's why I
focused on the drugs drugs kill quite a
few people that are not even using guns
a lot of people commit suicide or kill
other people and they don't use guns so
therefore we shouldn't worry about that
right just like we shouldn't worry about
ms-13 killing people hacking them to
pieces slowly we had a story over the
weekend of a deranged individual who
went into a library attacked a 20 year
old girl just repeatedly started
stabbing her apparently didn't know her
from what we see here she's just sitting
there reading a book but even if he
didn't know her okay he's using a knife
10-inch knife I I think a 77 year old
man tried to intervene he got hacked up
pretty bad but he didn't die the young
girl did the 20 year old girl did is it
is that okay
should we not worry about that because
that's not guns you know that really
wasn't picked up by the national media
because it didn't involve a gun if it
had involved a gun you can bet that it
would have if he had gone in there shot
her to death and then shot the man who
tried to stop him
who then survived it would have been a
national story but it wasn't a national
story because a knife was involved as I
pointed out four or five years ago in
China you had a group of guys go in with
killed 33 people injured more severely
injured more than a hundred but we don't
have to worry about that because it's
not a gun right it's okay if somebody
hacks you to death frankly I would
rather be shot than be stabbed
repeatedly but let's talk about what's
going on with the sheriff and with the
Broward cowards I played the clip for
you where the sheriff said of course I'm
not going to resign there's absolutely
no reason I should resign these people
in the state government who are calling
for my resignation my investor
they don't know me they don't know
anything about me yes we do
we know you presided over a police
department that did absolutely nothing
before and during the shooting but you
want to build your little Empire because
that's the first thing you did you said
oh we're gonna hire a lot more deputies
to stand guard oh they were standing
guard all right they were standing guard
outside and then we have an individual
who is a high school student and who
deserves to be heard as CNN would say so
why doesn't CNN listen to this high
school student here's what he had to say
should be in the CNN Town Hall we had
the sheriff who was virtuous virtue
signaling against the NRA and against
guns when he didn't even act properly
the the armed officer at school waited
outside and then him the sheriff and his
men for four minutes let my classmates
die while he sat outside and waited he
didn't even do his job properly and then
he comes around and turns around saying
guns are the issue when he failed to act
properly yeah there is at least
reporting that he knew during that town
hall and we're talking about sheriff
Israel that he knew that his deputy had
waited outside and didn't disclose that
not just one found out after this he
says he's not gonna resign he says that
he's had amazing leadership at his
department you agree with that where
where does the Bucks now know I think he
absolutely needs to resign after what
happened here he failed to act on so
many different levels and him himself
he's responsible for this massive
failure this could have been easily
stopped both by the FBI and the
Sheriff's Department had they acted yeah
he knew all of that he knew that it
wasn't he knew not only that there was
one deputy he knew there were four
deputies out there because immediately
after that the police department said
the truth is going to come out about
this that there was another apartment
that did absolutely nothing but of
course you just heard a high school
student there Kyle cash casue I think as
we pronounce the last name but David hog
defends the coward officers the story
this up on Infowars ax who wants to go
down the barrel of an ar-15 in other
words I don't blame him he's a good
person at heart he just couldn't go
up against an ar-15 so don't blame these
guys who put on a uniform who did the
training who were standing there with
the gun to do exactly what he didn't do
don't blame him he's a good person he
has a good heart it's the gun it's the
ar-15 according to david hog see this is
why when CNN is out there saying
coaching david hog and we showed the
video and then they said oh we're gonna
get youtube that put a strike against
Infowars for showing that view video a
lot of people have showed that video a
lot of people have shown the video and
commented on it but of course only
Infowars gets a hit for that and it's an
issue if you look at this that CNN is
obviously obviously coaching him whether
they wrote the stuff for him to say or
not as besides the issue they're telling
him go ahead you can try it again go
ahead try it again no no that's alright
we got time go ahead do another tape do
another tape they're not a real news
organization folks and the NRA is saying
that the Broward County Sheriff
you were the one who didn't protect
these children you know I say NRA said
no sheriff Israel you were the one who
didn't protect these children that is
your job you run
lissa this the largest fully accredited
sheriff's office in the United States Oh
so obviously the issue is that we need
more deputies like this no way maybe the
answer is less quantity better quality
and that might start with getting rid of
that Sheriff so yet your office failed
this community the largest accredited
sheriff's office in the United States
and of course it had many tip lines to
them to the FBI telling them and now
they've released the transcript it's
been reviewed by The Wall Street Journal
many people have now reported on it one
caller they redacted the name but they
referred to her as she so we know it was
a female who knew him said you know it's
just so much I know he's going to
explode clear conscience if he takes off
and just starts shooting places up
because I've now warned you about this
but of course they didn't do anything
about it nothing at all was done about
it also mentioned that he dressed up as
a ninja or as an Isis fighter and as
part of that caller Tran
script said he's been thrown out of all
these schools because he would pick up a
chair and threw it at somebody a teacher
or student because he didn't like the
way they were talking to him all right
now it's time for a news flash folks
something you may or may not have known
and that is that as much as we criticize
these broward cowards the Supreme Court
has ruled repeatedly ruled repeatedly
that the police have absolutely no duty
to protect the general public in spite
of the fact that it says to serve and
protect on the side of the car they
don't have a duty to do that they don't
have a duty how many people are asking
the question what can the government do
to protect the people ask the Tribune is
calm however did you know that the
government specifically law enforcement
does not have any duty to protect the
general public you might assume that
this is some new decision from the
Supreme Court it's not the most recent
time they upheld this idea was back in
2005 but it goes back to the early 80s
1981 was the first time they did this
that I've seen in in the review it's
long been the court stance that
essentially the American people are
responsible for taking care of their own
personal safety now we go back to 2005
as ruling from the Supreme Court the
government doesn't have a duty to
protect you even if you've obtained a
court issued restraining order and it
was the New York Times that covered that
ruling in 2005 they said the Supreme
Court ruled on money that police did not
have a constitutional duty to protect a
person from harm even a woman who had
obtained a court issued protective order
against a violent husband making arrests
mandatory for a violation the decision
overturned a ruling by a federal appeals
court in Colorado the appeals court had
permitted a lawsuit to proceed against a
Colorado town for the failure of the
police to respond to a woman's pleas for
help after her estranged husband
violated a protective order by
kidnapping her three young daughters
whom he eventually killed see when we
take guns away it's gonna be the older
people it's gonna be the women who are
going to feel the imbalance of power the
most because she was relying on the
police to protect her she had a court
she thought the police would enforce
she thought the police would protect her
didn't happen 1989 another case found
the same thing the decision was to SHANY
versus Winnebago County held the failure
by County social service workers to
protect a young boy from a beating by
his father did not breach any
substitutional duty going back to 1981
Warren versus the District of Columbia
two separate cases the District of
Columbia and the Metropolitan Police
Department were found negligent failure
to provide adequate police services but
they said no because these individuals
like you don't fit within a class of
person to whom they have a special duty
you understand they're gonna look out
for the powerful people not you welcome
back joining us now is Johnathan amour
and he is a constitutional
administrative attorney he as a federal
litigator has defeated the Food and Drug
Administration eight times in federal
court more than any other attorney in
American history he was also an attorney
in the Reagan administration's FCC the
Federal Communications Commission and
why are we talking to mystery more and
of course you can find him also a team
or dot-com as e/m RDECOM we're talking
to him because he's calling for a
federal investigation into the link
between psych drugs and school shootings
is about time we did that you know we
had an Blake Tracy on and she was
talking about a lot of different stories
as a matter of fact they've curated a
lot of these stories they call it SSRI
stories net where you can go there and
you can look at the many many times that
SSRIs have been involved and of course
that's just one category of drug but
that's one of the key categories within
the psyche drugs there but you can take
a look at the anecdotal evidence but we
need to have a study and I absolutely
agree with Jonathan e morgue and so
joining us now is Jonathan emore thank
you for joining us sir you're welcome
so tell us a little bit about this why
do you see a problem here explain to the
public why this needs to be done we've
talked about this before on the show but
they need to hear it from you because
you've been looking at this far more
than I have about two decades ago an FDA
medical reviewer named Robert Moss
Holder discovered that there was a link
psychotic medications and increased risk
of suicide and violent behavior and he
was ostracized for that the agency his
information refused to publish his
she used to allow him to appear at
peer-reviewed sessions to discuss his
findings and for about a decade that
suppression continued while other
countries of the world most notably
Great Britain banned these substances
for use and children is rather profound
and it was discovered in post marketing
review by moss holders so he actually
obtained the information from adverse
events in the market so this is let me
ask you a question real quickly here he
said that the UK has banned it
are there other countries that have been
s sre type drugs UK is the one that
comes to mind I think Canada as well may
have either restricted or banned it the
United States after a considerable
pressure from the scientific community
the FDA finally put a black box warning
on these drugs saying that they could
increase the risk of violent behavior
and suicide but as you know Ritalin
paxil number antipsychotic medications
are routinely prescribed to children in
the United States of all ages and in
reality and there really is no evidence
that parents are advised routinely of
these adverse risks or that kids who are
put on these drugs are monitored closely
to see whether or not they develop
violent behavior patterns and when we
look at these warnings yeah it's kind of
like all the different pharmaceutical
drugs that are sold now on legacy media
and they will go through and they'll
tell you about the drug and then you'll
see slow-motion pictures of people
running through fields as they rapidly
read off all these different side
effects to to cover themselves legally
but I think that most people as
don't read the inserts they don't read
the inserts for anything that they take
they trust that because it's been
cleared by the FDA that it's safe
because they think of everything is
either fully safe or totally dangerous
and they don't realize that there's a
sliding scale risk there it's not a
binary world that we live in it's it's
one that is analog and there's different
levels of risk and they don't look at
this - and they don't really think that
any of these things are going to happen
to them I think that's the the key
problem with all of this well they are
in somewhat of a desperate situation
they have a problem child they take them
in to a psychiatrist oftentimes at the
recommendation of the school and they
are told immediately that they should be
taking these drugs and the unfortunate
thing is what they don't know is that
the relationship between the FDA and the
psychiatric community and the drug
industry is such that as former or
actually still there FDA associate
director the office of drug safety David
Graham said the American people are
really virtually defenseless because
unsafe drugs are approved by the FDA and
they the agency is really a captive of
the drug industry that's right we've
talked about that a lot of different
ways we've seen regulatory capture where
the big companies will come in and the
people atop just as you're talking about
the one individual who is at the FDA he
did his work he was basically shut down
ostracized shoved off to the side
because the people at the top have a
very nice relationship usually it's a
revolving relationship between these
regulatory agencies and the businesses
that they regulate so Big Pharma's got a
big profit motive the FDA is captive to
them as well as the media that's why the
media won't talk about it because the
media is getting massive amounts of
revenue from these same companies that
are making so much money that's very
and the real unfortunate aspect about
this is of course that unwitting people
are giving their kids these things and
cooperating in the delivery of these
drugs to kids and it's just inevitable
that there will be violent behavior
because you know it's known side effect
when you're giving literally millions
children these drugs you can certainly
count on at least dozens of them having
these experiences and Anna's point as
the adverse event reports to the FDA
make clear it really is much larger
universe of kids having adverse
reactions to these drugs than that and
it's not all uncommon for parents who
have their kids on these drugs to
realize two things that the FDA denies
one is that they're addictive and the
other one is that the frequency of these
violent behavior patterns is low when in
point of fact it appears from the
adverse event reports that it is a
significant statistically significant
problem and that's why Britain for
example banned these drugs with it in
kids it's a tragedy
yeah absolutely and it's a betrayal of
just like the opioid epidemic you have a
situation in both of these where people
are not looking for something to escape
reality they're trusting in their
physician they're trusting in the FDA to
vet this stuff and yet those people are
betraying that trust and saying look
you're in pain let me give you opt and
yeah there's some side effects but don't
worry about it it rarely happens and
then people get addicted to this and
we're looking at the SSRIs when I had an
Blake Tracy on she was talking about how
addictive it was and how just a slight
variation of that medication you know
the longer you're on it the the slower
you have to change stuff a lot of times
people find that there's adverse
physical or mental issues because of
these drugs that things have gotten
worse so they want to get their kids off
you pull them right off of those drugs
and that's when things really get that
is definitely true that these drugs are
addictive you know the FDA denies that
they're addictive and has actually gone
into court on behalf of the drug
industry to argue against them having
addictive characteristics against
parties that were suing based on the
fact that they were addictive and that
that was not on the label or and
labeling so well we got it we got to
take a quick break when we come back
you've done a short documentary video I
want to plug that and tell people how
they can find it one quote that
out of that is that the psychiatric
industry is endlessly engaged in
identifying new disorders which can then
be treated with psychiatric drugs yeah
that's the way that we handle everything
in this country let's just give somebody
a pill don't worry about it don't worry
about the consequences
we'll be right back there's a bigger
issue involved in this shooting a bigger
issue than guns and that's the issue of
psychiatric drugs and schools and
children we've had Harvard Medical
School back in October 2011 so there's
been an astounding increase in the use
of antidepressants by Americans I'm
going from memory here but there was an
article I read last week about how there
was over a million children under the
age of six on psychiatric drugs and 275
thousand of those under the age of two
that's right we're giving them to babies
now what does that tell you that tells
you that we're not at all concerned
about even trying to correct the
behavior or discipline children instead
the preferred solution is to just give
them a pill and what Jonathan amor our
guest right now is trying to do is to
try to get people to understand the
danger of this to understand that the
government is not there to protect you
you know we can call for a federal
investigation we can have federal
studies or whatever we're trying to
encourage you to do your own study do
your own study this is your life this is
your children's life so study this issue
and this is a it's a very important
issue to understand how dangerous this
is not only for adults but for teenagers
and especially even children and babies
that are being given drugs like this
this is a real symptom a sixth symptom
of our society isn't mr. immortan it is
we drug our kids more than any other
Society on earth we ought to be you know
we have this response to the opioid
epidemic which has been politically
extreme although substantively the drug
industry that is making the opioids
continues on really with how much
restriction at all but when it comes to
these drugs you know they should be
banned for kids they shouldn't allow
these drugs that be the
effectiveness of these drugs is an issue
as well because the effectiveness is
really not better than placebo in most
instances so banning is not eliminating
some cure these things are not known to
be curative but in addition it would be
responsible to ban them in light of the
extent of violent behavior among youth
and the instances of these school
shootings you aren't going to ban it at
a minimum every child that is put on
these drugs should be closely followed
and those who are responsible for
monitoring their behavior in school
should be aware that they're on these
drugs and the potential for violent
behavior because they are distinguished
by that characteristic as the FDA itself
admits I'll be I agree you know I agree
I think the most important thing we can
do is to educate people you know it
ain't drug bands you know we've had the
war on drugs now for forty eight years
and forty seven years and it hasn't
stopped you know our schools are not
drug-free zones as we'd like to think
they're not gun free zones either but I
think there's a case to be made for
education because we saw that happen
with tobacco for example we never banned
tobacco but we undertook a massive
education initiative to tell people
about the effects of it we stopped the
tobacco companies from pushing it on
people so if we could stop the
pharmaceutical industry and the medical
industry from pushing these drugs on
people and then if we couldn't on the
other hand educate them about the
harmful effects of this I think that
would be the best thing because if we
don't do that
there will be a black market for this
stuff that will continue to supply this
stuff unless we take down the demand for
that's going to really require education
I think as you're pointing out somewhere
around one in five people in the United
States is on these drugs that's a very
thing and when you consider the instance
of kids taking and that almost every one
of these shooters almost everyone has
been on these drugs that have these
effects we really need an investigation
to determine the causality and to
determine what specific steps should be
undertaken to reduce the risk to society
from this aberrant behavior that the
drugs tend to promote I'm not saying
that the kids there be no school
shootings if we eliminated these drugs
but I do think that these drugs help
with a tipping point and many people who
are on them causing them to think
violent thoughts to think of suicide and
to be more predisposed to engaging in
these things and I do believe that it is
a catalyst so absolutely absolutely I
mean we don't want people walking around
in a state of hallucination walking
around sleepwalking any more than we
want people drunk driving I mean this is
actually a more dangerous scenario than
drunk driving we've taken that limit
down over the years and this is actually
something more serious and Blake Tracy
was saying that this was the case that
these drugs were involved in every
school shooting except for two but its
involved in things that are not
typically reported there was a case that
she was talking about a guy a young high
school student who got a gun took a
rifle to school and he was holding his
classroom hostage there's a lot of
hostage situations some of them result
in the death of the person taking the
class hostage some like this one did not
he was alternately pointing the gun
underneath his chin and then at the
class back and forth he had absolutely
no recollection of any of the incident
it was like he was sleepwalking it ended
peacefully and they were able to talk to
him about that we had no recollection of
that issue whatsoever
well these drugs also can result in
hallucinations years after the kids are
taken off of them it's a strange
situation where these drugs are capable
of altering mental processes and yet
despite that fact we don't pay
particular attention to the kids who are
on them in the schools and we don't
prepare ourselves for this potential I
would certainly think that the teachers
should be armed there is insufficient
time when a kid snaps to protect the
innocent from an attack the police are
ordinarily there minutes later and it
only takes a couple minutes as you see
in the Florida shooting three minutes to
kill all those kids
so we have to take bread seriously and
we should both reduce the instance of
these drugs in our society or ban them
from bu and we should also prepare our
teachers and our faculty to be able to
respond at a moment's notice to protect
the lives of the innocent so that we
minimize the deaths associated with
these instances which are likely and
we've had people who have committed
suicide who have murdered their children
that sometimes they drowned them in a
car sometimes they commit suicide with a
rope sometimes they attack people with a
knife it isn't simply the gun we have to
understand the cause of this violence if
we're really going to get to the root
cause of it I quite agree and and one of
the things that you're trying to get the
government to actually give people more
honest information about this you tried
for your request to try to get
information about Adam Lanza at the
Sandy Hook shooting and they shut that
down I mean this is something where
people should have been able to see the
effects of this as they're telling
people he was on medication
what kind of medication was he on didn't
they change the dosage before any of
this happened but they completely shut
that down didn't they that's right you
know the assistant state's attorney in
Vermont argued to the administrative law
judge that if people were became aware
of the association of these drugs with
increased violent behavior and suicide
they might not prescribe them that was
his justification for denying was that
in Vermont or Connecticut you mean
actually behind me and again yeah
Connecticut yeah he said if people were
aware of it and he if they had a for
requests granted for Adam Lanza that
might scare people from taking any meds
what you would argue that as a basis for
suppressing the information but he did
and the information was suppressed
entirely they wouldn't give us any
access to the drugs he was taking we
were not even given any access to any
medical information except for the most
rudimentary information that they
released to the press and the real
reason behind this is that they are
indeed protecting substantial financial
interests in protecting the availability
of these drugs the
strux you know there's a prolific
industry that is combined psychiatric
and drug that comes up with new
conditions all the time and new drugs to
treat those conditions and these this is
a very popular area of growth for
profits and for that's right that's
follow the money all the money and it
wasn't the only thing the Connecticut
people shut down about that
investigation nothing was allowed to
come out but we certainly wish you luck
thank you for focusing on this issue it
is a very important issue if you want to
get more information you can go to e
more dot combats e/m ORD Jonathan amore
thank you so much for joining us sir
thank you all right we'll be right back
stay with us police have no duty to
protect the general public
let's pick back up on that where he left
off before we went to the interview with
Jonathan anymore about SSRIs before we
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appreciate your support especially at a
time like this we've got the CNN openly
trying to shut us down and bragging
about it that's the amazing thing not
doing it behind closed doors you know
the surveillance state is not trying to
hide the fact that they're trying to
take president Trump out of office and
we've got legacy media not hiding the
fact that they want everybody else shut
down just a matter of time before CNN
and Fox News News Corp does that if they
get their way we're going to have to
have a way to push back against this but
we really do appreciate your support all
right I was just talking about how the
Supreme Court has ruled multiple times
that the police have no duty to protect
even when there are protection orders
out I say yeah we knew that we were
called we didn't do anything you think
it's bad here at this school shooting
yes it is but it is a pattern of
behavior for which the Supreme Court has
over many decades 1981 1989 2005 as
always said that they have no duty to
protect no legal responsibility to
protect and so as this article at the
Tribuna stop why is it then that the
same government that says that they have
absolutely no duty to protect the
general public why is it that they work
so hard to take away your right to
defend yourself good question they're
going to leave you absolutely
defenseless against criminals rapists
murderers mass murderers terrorists
because you don't and here's the court
decision you don't fit within the
class of persons to whom a special duty
was owed that's what the court said
so they owe a special duty to some
people but not you not you you're not in
that special class
you can't violate national security
rules like some of the people in the
special classes can like Hillary Clinton
and you're not gonna be protected like
some of the people in the special
classes can and then of course there's
all the billionaires pushing gun control
who have their own private security
their own walled compounds and so forth
they like gun control because it takes
it away from anybody that they think
might eventually be a threat to them but
of course there was that clip that came
out with a weekend I just read you one
of the Supreme Court cases here where
they said that the court that the police
did not have any duty to protect the
woman her three children who were
kidnapped and killed by her estranged
husband we had the liquor store clerks
who had the ability to defend themselves
a couple of women attacked by a man with
a shotgun in a liquor store they
defended themselves you can see the
story in video on infowars.com and Don
as the story up there they said I'm not
even sure how he got away with his life
at this point says a police officer and
they said we are not going to be victims
that's what the women said none of us
are going to voluntarily be victims
we're gonna fight this but as we look at
this and as we look at the stand down it
goes a little bit perhaps beyond the
idea that the police have no special
duty to protect people the gateway
pundit asked this question were the
three Broward County deputies outside
the school shooting given a stand down
order where they told deliberately to
stand down when the Coral Springs police
officers arrived they were could not
believe what they saw many officers were
surprised to find not only that Broward
County sheriff's deputy Scott Peterson
the armed school resource officer had
not entered the building but that three
other Broward County sheriff's deputies
were also outside the school and had not
entered Coral Springs Police Department
told CNN the deputies had their pistols
drawn they were behind their vehicles
the sources said not one of
had gone into the school building and so
Gateway pundit asks a question how
likely is it that there were four
cowardly deputies all standing outside
the school during the madman's rampage
how is it that the neighboring Police
Department officers were the first ones
to enter the building neighboring police
from Coral Springs released an
interesting statement the day after the
shooting they said the truth is
eventually going to come out they said I
understand another agency has given the
impression that it had provided the
majority of the rescue efforts and that
the tremendous work of the Coral Springs
police and fire departments has not been
recognized please know this issue will
be addressed and the truth will come out
in time well the truth did come out it
came out on a Friday evening which is
where you go to bury information in the
news cycle and they finish up and say
every police officer I know would not
hesitate to assist a child in danger
where the Broward County deputies
therefore given a stand-down order
that's a good question
it's a question that needs to be asked
whether or not CNN and YouTube want to
shut us down that's a question that
needs to be asked and here's a video
from a teacher who was there who helped
to shelter kids so she's a hero teacher
and this is what she had to say she said
the shooter was dressed like a cop and
full SWAT tactical gear here's that clip
I was about two feet away from my door
all of a sudden I heard gunshots in the
stairwell which is about 20 feet away
from my room and then kids were
screaming and then running back towards
me and towards the end of the hallway so
I just went in this very strange
autopilot mode where I pivoted on my
feet I unlocked my door and then kids
just start pouring in my room I don't
know how many kids were in there but I
was pulling them and getting them in and
shouting at them to get in the room and
then I suddenly saw the shooter about 20
feet from me standing at the end of the
hallway actively shooting down the
hallway just a barrage of bullets and
I'm staring at him thinking why is the
police here
this is strange because he's in full
metal garb helmet facemask bulletproof
armor this rifle that I've never seen
before I don't know when I decided it
was the right time to close the door I
grabbed the handle with both hands
and that's when I got nicked notice that
the ABC reporter didn't ask any
follow-up questions when he said that
they should question closing my door I'm
shouting at my next-door neighbor mr.
Scott beagle to close this door and he's
the kind of man that would just keep
that door open a little longer you know
he's all about the kids you know and but
he couldn't see the shooter I had a good
visual of him which is why I yelled at
him to shut his door now and of course
she goes on to say in that interview
that he did not shut his door he
couldn't see the shooter and he was
killed along with several people in his
classroom a couple of individuals she
shot her classroom the the window was
shut out but she said the gunman was
dressed in full Swat gear firing down
the hall and you know dressing helmets
so forth and yet that ABC reporter never
mentioned that and you look at the lower
thirds and says she was here Oh Florida
teacher speaks out was grazed by a
bullet while shielding students from the
shooter doesn't say anything about that
amazing statement that she had to make
that was noticed by true pundit and that
is an amazing statement an amazing
statement that needs to be addressed but
let's not paying attention to that
because we've got a narrative to sell
here ABC the legacy media CNN very
aggressively pushing a narrative that we
are not allowed to question we're not
even allowed to question a sheriff all
of whose deputies did nothing before and
during the shooting did nothing and so
the question is why why didn't they do
anything certainly they'll say well we
don't have any any responsibility to do
that the Supreme Court has said that
three times but maybe something else is
involved here are we allowed to ask that
question you should be asking that
question you should be educating
yourself not only about this but about
the dangerous SSRI drugs that are pushed
along with this fake narrative that we
get from these people all the time that
is something that affects millions of
people and you should be asking
questions about that state once we'll be
right back I'm David Knight you know
just last week we had the Chinese
government lecturing us about gun
control telling us that we needed to
have gun control
because they had it we know that Mao
said that power comes out of the barrel
of a gun you don't have to fire the gun
in order to have that power now he
caused the death of a lot of people many
estimates go up to 78 million people
that died under Mao some of them were
starved to death he didn't have to shoot
them he could force them into the fields
and have them starve to death just under
the threat because he did have the power
even if he didn't actually pull the
trigger for those people he'd pull the
trigger on enough people that he could
get away with that and now we have
Chinese officials proposed to take off
any controls of the president they did
have a two-term limit in their
constitution of course you know even
communist countries have constitutions
they just don't pay any attention to
them well kind of like our government as
well it isn't enough to have a
Constitution if you look at the
Constitution of China Russia and other
countries like that letter authoritarian
they look pretty good on paper on paper
but if you don't enforce the
Constitution you wind up with a country
where you have a few people in power
like you do in China view communists in
power she has made it clear that he is
going to stay in power forever to the
extent that the Chinese people are
looking at this and actually embracing
this they have actually started buying
stocks that have the name emperor in the
title have Emperor in the title now if
you think that that's crazy and it is
crazy there's no reason to believe that
just because a stock has something in
the name that it will do well but of
course we've seen that here in the
United States as well with a corporation
putting crypto in the name so people
would buy the stock but that is still
based on some idea that it's going to
offer some product or service that's
going to do better in China they're
doing it simply because it has a title
of Emperor somewhere in the title and
they point out that right after the
election November 2016
they had a company whose chinese name
sounded like trump's big win trump's big
win that jumped a huge amount right
after the presidential election had
nothing that company had nothing to do
with Donald
for any as policies it wasn't going to
benefit Familia policies there was no
rational basis for it except the name
and so you've got these stocks that have
anything that sounds like emperor in the
name because they know that this guy has
now become an emperor likewise going
back to the election they had another
stock whose Chinese name sounded similar
to aunt Hillary I never thought a
Hillary is a man that's kind of scary
but you know she's that may be an evil
grandmother or something evil witch but
aunt Hilary everybody sold that stock
and they bought the stock that sounded
like Trump's big win this is the
mentality of the people but it's also a
country that has no respect to the power
of the individual and again they're very
specific it's not bullets coming out of
the barrel of a gun but power coming out
of the barrel of a gun I gave a personal
story about that last week I talked
about my grandfather his brother-in-law
had been murdered and his body had been
stuffed in his trunk because he was
going around collecting rent by cash my
grandfather was doing the same thing he
was armed he saw a guy hiding behind his
seat ready to do the same thing to him
he didn't have a bullet come out of his
gun he had power come out of his gun
when he pointed it to the guy and said
if I ever see you do this again I'm not
gonna give you a chance I'll shoot first
not gonna ask questions that's power
coming out of the barrel of a gun power
exercised by an individual that was
never reported as a beneficial crime
statistic that was never reported as a
gun saving somebody's life but its power
coming out of the barrel of a gun when
we have people say you're not going to
be able to have an effective check on
power against the federal government
just with small arms that's not true
either it's very much like mutual
assured destruction the policy that
governed our nuclear weapons between the
United States and Russia for a very long
time nobody wanted to do it it was mad
it would be mad to unleash those things
because the other side had that power
that is restraint that is the power that
comes out of our guns we don't have to
like them at the government we merely
have to have them and they know that
we'll be right back I'm David Knight we
have Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of
America joining us coming up in the next
segment and I've got a couple of things
to say about the importance of Liberty
in terms of solving our problems here
but before we get back to the big debate
that is running through this country and
it's starting to heat up because we now
have Congress coming back after a 10-day
recess and so now we're gonna see the
political aspects of this but before we
do I just have to talk about this this
story here about the guy who is a
suspected drug dealer and they want to
examine his his poo as they put it here
and he's gone now for 38 days because he
swallowed the evidence and he has been
able to not have a bowel movement for 38
days now that's willpower but I look at
this and I just I've been holding this
story not quite as long as he's been
holding but he says he would rather die
than to take a poo well he may he may
but I would suggest that maybe in the
interest of saving this guy's life maybe
these guys ought to call us up and get
some oxy powder you slip this to him and
believe me he isn't gonna have the
willpower to longer with this stuff as
that there's one crazy story what could
possibly be worse he's got Class A drugs
he must have them in a pretty thick
container that he swallowed pretty thick
balloon or something to be able to do
that for that long
alright let's get back to the stories
about shootings and killings and drug
wars and so forth we have two people
killed in a shooting at a university and
nobody's covering this why is that oh
it's a Mexican University that's right
we don't we're the only people that have
those kinds of problems right it only
happens in America that's the that's
part of the narrative that you're being
sold by CNN MSNBC and the rest of the
legacy mean media they're telling you no
no no this is strictly an American
no it's not - killed in a shooting at a
Mexican University two people found with
gunshot wounds following a brawl outside
the National Autonomous University one
the top five universities in Latin
America according to a press statement
that was published on Friday took me
this long to find it because they don't
want to talk about it
and you notice who put this up it was
Artie not any American media wants you
to know that the city prosecutor's
office said the men involved in the
incident were aged twenty twenty-nine
later died in the hospital according to
this and and that brings us to what's
going on in Mexico you know we talked
about the fact that we've got these mass
shootings here and as our guest earlier
jonathan eboard was pointing out and
we've had other experts on psychiatric
drugs when we look at these mass
shootings ninety-eight percent of them
involved psychiatric drugs of the person
involved in that and we've had many
other incidents that didn't result in
mass shootings
maybe they resulted in murder a woman
drowning her children in a car or
somebody chopping up their family and
then committing suicide with a knife or
hanging themselves maybe committing
suicide or maybe taking a class or
individuals hostage sometimes surviving
sometimes being shot by the police those
are typically not reported we hear the
mass shootings but you know what else is
not being reported and that is the drug
war death toll in Mexico this is
something that we talk about here from
time to time but other people don't
really talk about this the staggering
death toll of Mexico's drug war the
Mexican government released figures
between 2007 and 2014 seven year period
a hundred and sixty-four thousand people
were victims of homicide because of the
war on drugs there nearly twenty
thousand died in 2014 and that was down
from 2011 where they had 27,000 died and
here's the key thing some of these
counts have blame the drug war for as
much as fifty five percent devolver
homicides there so we got a situation
with the drug war which is a major major
factor in the gun-free zones that we
look at like Chicago Baltimore other
liberal cities where they come in with
ever increasing restrictions
prohibitions on guns but it's the
prohibition on drugs that's driving the
violence in those cities and driving the
violence in Mexico and Central America
that people are fleeing it almost sounds
like Syria doesn't it where we go in and
we create a conflict and we have people
start killing each other and they say
come on you can come into the United
States and we'll be your mommy and daddy
for you and we'll put you on welfare and
you vote the way that we tell you to
vote and you be our cheap labor as well
and so we have as many as 55% of all the
homicides in Mexico they blame on
homicides and yet somebody that is
killed they only count people that are
killed by high-caliber or automatic
firearm would be a bit counted as a
victim of organized crime but if they're
strangled if they're stabbed to death if
they have their head cut off as is
typically the case in these Mexican drug
wars frequently these drug cartels are
stabbing people to death mutilating them
we've seen that with ms-13 it's not a
problem if ms-13 saw your daughter's
head off but if they shoot her in school
and that's a national crisis and we're
not looking at the root cause the root
cause is the United Nations war on drugs
and the profits of big pharmaceutical
companies that buy time and by the
Silence of the mainstream legacy me
legacy media that's the real root cause
of all this the media won't do any
reports about any this stuff about the
opioid crisis they won't talk about the
SSRI crisis they won't talk about
Ritalin or any of this stuff because
they are being bought off their silence
is being bought by the big
pharmaceutical companies just like they
buy off the FDA and then we have the war
on drugs that creates this type of
violence where you've got since 2007
Afghanistan 21,000 people killed Iraq 81
thousand people killed Mexico a hundred
and sixty four thousand killed and guess
what this doesn't involve any massive
ordnance being dropped from the sky
there's the graph right
it doesn't involve planes bombing
massive population it's all done retail
it's all done with small arms fire
because this is the drug war that we've
created that we sustain as Newsweek's
pointed out Mexico has been turned into
the world's deadliest conflict zone only
in Syria are more people dying and why
is this because of drug prohibition now
what do the Liberals want to do they
want to add gun prohibition as well so
it hoped that the Liberals would learn
from this and I hope that the
Conservatives would learn from this as
they are staring down the barrel of gun
prohibition and say you know what that
drug war that drug prohibition hasn't
really worked too well for us it's
turned Mexico and Central America into a
killing zone twenty-three thousand
people died in the fight against drug
cartels in 2016 and smaller Central
American companies countries like El
Salvador Honduras Guatemala have another
sixteen thousand to add to the total and
it's more people than are dying in
Afghanistan Somalia Iraq more surprising
considering that the conflict deaths are
nearly all attributable to small arms
and then we look at this case that just
came out today I'm gonna shoot all y'all
it rhymes with riches a Dhaka illegal
alien has been arrested for threatening
to shoot up a school oh but these are
the best people that they send to us
right a Dhaka dreamer is dreaming of
shooting up the school so you're not
gonna see that reported by the
mainstream media you'll see it reported
by Breitbart by Daily Caller by Infowars
but you're not gonna see them report it
and then we had the 22 year old woman
stabbed to death a man 77 injured by
suspect 223 brandishing a 10 inch
hunting knife inside a Massachusetts
library because you don't have to have a
gun to kill people you just need to have
somebody who's mentally deranged but no
no as David Hogg says I don't blame
those cops I don't blame the four
sheriff's deputies for standing there
doing nothing with a guns drawn to
protect themselves but not anybody else
no is that gun it's the ar-15 I mean you
can't possibly do anything with ar-15
wrong wrong it's just one of the other
lies that they tell us when they say no
yeah we've had 18 school shootings in
2018 not at all not at all tell us that
we are the worst country for mass
shootings no that's a lie we actually
finished number 11 if you adjust it for
population they have a lot of different
ways that they can lie about firearms
but we come back we are going to have
Larry Pratt executive director of Gun
Owners of America he's going to tell you
the truth about your right to defend
yourself we'll be right back with Larry
Pratt stay with us welcome back we're
gonna be talking to Larry Pratt
executive director of Gun Owners of
America in just a moment before we do
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really do appreciate your support thank
you so much alright while we're waiting
to establish contact with Larry Pratt
Gun Owners of America there was a poll
that was just taken by of all people The
Young Turks are I guess our liberal
counterpart here I don't know their
counterpart or not but they're
definitely liberal ultra liberal ultra
socialist Young Turks they put out a
poll said do you support a federal ban
on assault weapons well maybe they
should have defined what an assault
weapon is because the gun grabbing
communists haven't been able to come up
with a clear definition yet but
nevertheless nearly 70% of people said
no surprise them 69% of the people said
no 31% of people said yes and that's off
of a Young Turks poll maybe that's just
their gonna explain that away by saying
that's Russian BOTS who want to be armed
but here's a newsflash as we discuss
what we should really do about this and
I've been leading up to this throughout
the program talking about the fact that
over and over again we've had the
Supreme Court say that there is no duty
to protect by the government's police
forces and we've seen that they actually
didn't do that either before or during
the shooting you had the Sheriff's
Department and he says how dare you I'm
I'm an excellent Sheriff even though
over a couple they had more than a
couple dozen complaints talking about
this specific individual the FBI also
didn't do anything and they didn't do
anything as the shooting was going on
well here's the deal you know as we talk
about different approaches we can either
turn our schools into heavily armed
fortress police states and we're gonna
pay a dear price in that in terms of
individual liberty in terms of not only
freedom but dignity and we're gonna pay
a big price in that in terms of an
additional half million two million
dollars per school just for starters
to make everything bulletproof and you
know create all these physical
structures that have to be there can we
really afford that or should we just go
with teachers who are trained as I
talked about it the teachers posse or
you could call it the teachers militia
or if you want to appeal to their
pedantic instincts call it the posse
academia get them to look up the word
maybe so these teachers need to do a
history class here that's why I
suggested that title but as Zero Hedge
points out it's an article from
foundation for economic education fee
they point out news flash the teachers
are already armed just stop taking their
guns away
just stop disarming them and they point
out they say Americans have somehow
arrived at the point where they cannot
conceive of any human action that is not
either prohibited mandated or at least
centrally planned isn't that true isn't
that true and I would it's such a sad
state to see how America has devolved
into this slave mentality we think that
everything that has to happen in our
country has to be either mandated or
prohibited and it has to be done by
government and it has to be done by
government at the highest level in
Washington DC and they have to plan our
lives for all sitting here waiting
breathlessly what is President Trump
going to do to protect our schools and
the answer should be nothing he's not
gonna do anything that's what he should
do because there's a second Amendment
and he shouldn't be infringing on the
right of teachers to keep in bear arms
to protect themselves and protect other
people you got teachers who stood there
took bullets don't tell me they wouldn't
protect themselves if they had the means
to do so and they're students of course
they would but the federal government
should have no role in this No
whatsoever as they point out the first
problem is the goal it's absurdly
unrealistic --xsv to think that any set
of rules regardless of whom who makes
these rules whether it's made by
President Trump or whether it's made by
GOP congressmen or where there's made by
Dianne Feinstein or by the governor of
Florida or by the local police
department in Florida no set of rules is
ever going to quote keep this from ever
happening again
unquote never gonna do that that's the
naive idea of a utopia then they always
want to sell to us when they want to
take away what we have whether it's our
property or Liberty they're gonna say
yeah we're gonna give you this utopia to
say this is never gonna happen again if
we do these rules that's stupid
incredibly naive I wouldn't expect
anybody but a 16 year old to believe
that and we got a lot of 16 year olds
who believe that because they've been
told that by their teachers who haven't
grown up either they banned drugs you
know arts our gun-free zones are also
drug-free zones isn't that nice don't
you feel better now we should not have
any drug problems or any gun problems in
our schools except we do you aren't
allowed to process or sell drugs under
any circumstances you don't have any
background checks even to stop that
right not with a doctor's prescription
not at all so it works and yet we have
the opioid epidemic why because we have
misplaced our trust the very reason we
have an opioid epidemic is misplaced
trust we think it's safe because a
doctor has prescribed it we don't need
to look it up and second-guess that
because we've got a government that
would intervene if there's any unsafe
drugs then it's not possible for us to
have an opioid epidemic right and where
is our government if they think that
drug prohibition works then why haven't
they prohibited opioids come on wake up
guys do your job prohibit this stuff
yeah it's not a matter of arming the
teachers but to not disarm them there
are tens of thousands of teachers as
they point out that are able
willing to do this what makes a militia
of militia as a members not being part
of a Regular Army or a police force the
well-regulated part of this means that
they are trained that they trained
rigorously that's what well-regulated
militia means but we have a militia
nevertheless stay with us we'll be right
you know those in power will make two
mistakes rather than admit to one one
key mistake that we're seeing now here
in the schools is the 1990 gun-free
school act it was the brainchild of Joe
Biden it was signed into law by George
HW Bush and now we are seeing more
mistakes paint proposed in addition to
that rather than getting back to the
core solution joining us now is Larry
Pratt he's the executive director of Gun
Owners of America he has been for over
thirty years
I like gun owners of America because
they have always always been
uncompromising and protecting the rights
of the American people never compromised
on that and you know we go back to 1990
when they put this gun free fantasy act
through Larry Pratt in that same year
wrote a book called armed people
victorious five years later he wrote
safeguarding Liberty the Constitution
and militias I'm sure will have
something to say about that that was in
1995 and you can find him at gun owners
dot org gun owners org thank you for
joining us Larry we've got the Congress
coming back and now everybody's talking
about what they're going to do and so
the question is I want to ask you as
somebody who follows the political
situation there what do you think they
will and will not do as they come back
to Washington DC what problems are
likely to do to make what are they
likely to make the problems even worse
than they are now well we know that
almost all the Democrats are going to be
supporting more gun control the problem
that we're going to have is that too
many of the Republicans are going wobbly
on that and we could end up probably the
best case would be if nothing happens
yep no man's life liberty or property is
while the legislature is in session but
now they're coming back so watch out
well yeah watch out indeed what we're
trying to do with the Congress and we're
asking our members to double down on the
email and phone calls and make sure
these folks know that a key part of
their political base does not want more
gun control and what we do want is to
get rid of that 1990 act that you've
referred to that was one of Joe Biden's
many many brilliant moose and there's a
lot of dead people piled up in these
schools thanks to Joe Biden there's a
lot of blood on his hands and all of
those who voted for this bill Republican
and Democrat alike and the first George
Bush has signed it into law shame on
them that's right and and as you pointed
out and it's very very important and you
tell your members that it's very
important to speak up because we know
that the Democrats are going to
monolithically vote for any kind of gun
control that they can get so the
question is we've got these as worn out
wobbly Republicans these swing
Republicans you don't know what they're
going to do because they don't have any
rudder they don't have any anchor they
don't have any principle but they do
have a Republican base and if
Republicans will speak up about this I
mean I was talking about this earlier in
the program and Hawaii they wanted to
shut down home schooling they said no
we're gonna have background checks
you're gonna have permission from the
government before you do this and we're
gonna be constantly monitoring you know
all these different things that the
homeschooler said no and even in Hawaii
they were able to push this back because
they came together as a group that's
what makes gun owners and home schoolers
so formidable is the fact that people
will stand up and talk to these elected
representatives and hold their feet to
the fire and it's really essential that
we do it at this point in time isn't it
and one of the reasons that many parents
have chosen to home-school obviously
they've got objection to the curriculum
that's the main one but I think a
contributing factor is if you put your
kid in a government school the
government school doesn't believe in
self-defense actually think that is if
somehow said something salacious
you're talking about having an armed
teacher I remember the first time this
came up after Columbine we put out a
news release saying the problem at
Columbine was there weren't enough guns
we want to explain is there weren't
enough guns in the hands of responsible
people those that work at the school
even a somebody from the public that
might have been there a mom visiting to
see something about her kids studies
whatever no the dirtbags have known for
a long time and it's so amazing that
year after year after year the same
atrocities are perpetrated and there's
no corrective response from the
legislature they're holding our children
hostage to their agenda of gun control
as a matter of fact I was last week I
was playing a report they were
interviewing a sheriff and I don't
recall if that was CNN or MSNBC but he
talked about how they went through and
they vetted very carefully the people
they entered they knew them the
principal would only suggest people that
he knew and then the sheriff would vet
these people knew you talked to them
interview them then they would do an
extensive background check then they
would give them very very extensive
training and so forth and it was
followed up by the interviewer saying
yeah but are they going to be allowed to
carry ar-15s it's like these these are
people that essentially have been
totally vetted by the government they
don't even want deputies as they were
talking to some of these people you're
gonna have deputies in there but but are
they going to be carrying an ar-15 we
can't have any of that unless let's just
lay it out for discussion okay it's
gonna be a little clunky if teachers are
walking around with an ar-15 strapped on
their back but you know I wouldn't mind
having a bunch of teachers with a
nine-millimeter or a 45 hidden somewhere
on their person nobody knows for sure
which teacher is actually packing that
means the dirtbag doesn't know either
the central part that fact that you
don't have somebody in a uniform you
don't have somebody carrying a rifle you
got somebody carrying a concealed pistol
that is a very essential part of what
some of these jurisdictions have done
they said nobody knows who the teachers
that we
that had a drained are in Utah for I
have to check out is about 15 years
they've they figured out how to get out
from under this horrible dreadful
federal gun-free zone act for schools
and they haven't had any of these
episodes they've got nut jobs in Utah
but they haven't had anything like this
happen you've got some counties in Ohio
and Texas that have also made it clear
in fact I think it's in Texas
the school has a sign up saying a
warning the teachers in this school are
armed 2006 you know there are loopholes
in that gun-free school zone act that
Biden and Bush put through but the
there's loopholes in that to say well
except for people who are
representatives of the government so
they can come in and they can deputize
these people or whatever they could get
around that way but I think the rightful
remedy is just to say we're gonna
nullify this because we got a second
amendment you had no right to put these
restrictions on people and in the same
way that you've got states all over the
country nullifying the federal
government on the war on drugs the
marijuana aspect of it it's very
important to come in and say and call
them on it when they overstep their
jurisdiction and their powers and they
have in this particular case arrest some
teacher they have figured out is packing
heat in that school to protect the kids
that would be a really great message to
send I I don't think that deep state is
willing to do that at least under this
administration yeah so just they have to
stand up for the rights but again
getting back to the strategy you were
talking about the immediate thing and
again this problem is gonna be solved at
the local level and I think it's gonna
be solved by sheriff's taking the you
know you can elect the sheriff get a
sheriff in your area that is going to
work with teachers create a teachers
posse it teachers militia you can call
it the posse academia I called it you
know Christmas a day maybe that we can
appeal to these teachers and get them to
kind of think through the militia and I
want to talk to you about that as well
but the solution is going to come at the
local level but meanwhile we have to
fight a defensive battle with our phones
and calling our elected representatives
well one thing that PS that's exactly
correct and I would say go for those
state legislators that have enacted yet
there are a few but one of the things
that might be done is to call governor
Scott in Florida apparently he's got
built the legal authority to dump a
sheriff he can just tell that guy you're
and he needs to hear those two words you
know they actually already did that we
had a sheriff constitutional sheriffs
organization sheriff Mac stood up for a
sheriff that was removed from office
because he refused to I believe if I
remember correctly it was a gun charge
that was really nothing at all and he
refused to persecute the guy for that
and on the basis of that they removed
that sheriff he eventually got put back
into office but yeah they do have the
ability to take them out and they should
we'll be right back with Larry Pratt Gun
Owners of America let's talk about
militias we've got larry pratt executive
director of Gun Owners of America he
wrote a book back in 1995 safeguarding
Liberty the Constitution and militias
and of course Larry we had a teacher as
they're pushing this back we've heard
this from a lot of different teachers
you know not only do they not want a
uniformed police officer with an ar-15
for example because the ar-fifteens are
evil they don't want any armed teachers
with concealed carry they don't trust
that one of the teacher said I didn't
sign up for this I don't want to have a
gun well that's fine nobody's telling
you nobody has proposed arming people
against their will but she said I have a
right to be safe and and you know you
would agree I think that there is no
right to be safe and there is no right
to have Liberty either we have to defend
our safety we have to defend our liberty
and so the question is how do we
effectively do it I just had some of the
staff say what about Tasers you know I I
have a problem with tasers because I
have seen them used cavalierly because
people believe that they are non-lethal
weapons we had a case in a school right
here outside of Austin in Bastrop there
was a fight that was going on and a
school officer comes up tasers the wrong
person by the way and the kid falls down
and he's still in a coma after damaging
his brain falls down on the concrete so
it can lead to the overuse of these
quote unquote non-lethal weapons which
in fact are lethal in many case
but what is your opinion about that and
about the militia that's a very good
example of why somebody who's not on
this scene is not necessarily going to
make the right judgment about who the
bad guys are the good guys this cop made
a mistake and he can't be sued nor can
his department be sued so the kid and
his family are without any recourse now
ideally the city fathers would meet and
counsel and defund him just fire him
but that's you know yeah you're laughing
already of course yeah unlikely yeah
yeah so in my dreams but that's what
people might be calling for by the way
even the fact that a bunch of people
might call the bass-drum City Council or
whatever it's called and demand that
this guy be fired that he'd be defunded
however it could be done even if it
never gets done he's gonna hear The Wiz
of that political bullet going right by
his ear and that might be in the future
good good training to have him remember
that I almost lost it and yeah maybe
he'll be a little bit more thoughtful
the next time but you put your finger on
her anybody can make that mistake you
weren't there at the time the crime was
initiated it's only the victims and the
people in the immediate vicinity that
that are likely to know who the who the
bad guy is
and that's why arming teachers makes all
the sense now I've seen estimates that
maybe if there were 10 or 20 percent
that might be a number sufficient to put
the fear of God or at least the fear of
Smith & Wesson into these bad guys and
that would be perhaps somewhat
comparable to concealed carry
percentages in the states generally that
when you get really a relatively small
number of people known to be not
individually known but as a group it's
known that in this state the teachers
are packing the people are packing
you don't have these problems that's
right violent crime goes down Utah has
had this law for arming teachers if they
got a permit and they get the training
they can come into the school with their
guns they haven't had any of these
episodes and they don't occur in those
other counties around the country where
this is the case even in Virginia there
are some universities one I know for
sure because they advertise it on their
website you are welcome to bring your
concealed carry firearm if you've got a
permit you can bring it to Liberty
University and there are others that
aren't quite as upfront about it but
there's some community colleges here and
there around the state that also allow
it so it it can be done it's a lot of
effort involved to get it done but we're
only talking about piling up dead bodies
under the present way of doing business
we're holding real security hostage to
an agenda of gun control that's what
we're talking about here and let's talk
about the real solution to this because
you know we can look at the gun-free
zones not just the schools from places
like Chicago or Baltimore where they
have a lot of Washington DC a lot of
laws there but we have a lot more
killings there now a lot of that is due
to the drug wars and so forth
nevertheless we have the drug war across
the country and we don't have these
types of shootings other places that say
well you can go get a gun in Indiana and
take it into Illinois well why isn't
Indiana having the same kind of problems
Liz if you can get it there legally
right but let's talk about the militia
because I think that's the key thing is
people are talking about arming citizens
or allowing them to retain their arms
allowing them to use their arms let's
talk about the militia because you wrote
a book on this how are armed teachers an
embodiment of the militia or if you will
more like the posse that we used to have
where the sheriff would have a group of
people that he knew he could call on and
that was the old-fashioned posse
comitatus the posse of the Wild West as
we would say and it wasn't as wild as
our streets are today well the the posse
existed in a legal framework so that the
could issue a human cry and as I
understand it I think some citizens
could as well help I'm in danger I need
my arm neighbors to come right away and
it was actually at one time a punishable
offense if you didn't respond so hey you
had to have a gun and B you had to
respond at a time in a time of need that
was a something that I think we should
be looking at again the the elected
officials have let this fall into disuse
they're not interested in having an
armed people because the armed people
then are manifestly the sovereign right
now they don't want us armed they don't
want us being in control of the
political system they want to hire their
own heat their own cops and that mooie
they can argue that they're the
sovereign and indeed that's the notion
that even comes into my head when I hear
somebody talk about a sovereign power I
think of the King of England and his
army or the President of France and his
army and I don't think of the people of
Virginia where I live as being the
sovereign of the Commonwealth because
we're not organized to function that way
we used to be well it is a an effective
counter restraint on what the government
does just to know that the people have
arms in the same way as I drew the
analogy earlier in the program to the
old policy of mutual assured destruction
that the US and Russia had during the
Cold War we both have nuclear weapons we
don't want to use these things that also
let's not have that kind of war at all
and if the people are armed it is a kind
of mutually assured destruction that
restrains the government from doing
certain things and that's a good thing
you don't have to have a bullet come out
of the barrel of a gun in order to have
power come out of the barrel of a gun
the Second Amendment really had that as
its purpose there are collateral
benefits because you and I can pop a
perp we can have recreational uses of
our firearms but the
the notion in that bill of rights was
these are the things that government
absolutely may not do and one of them
was to grab the people's guns the right
of the people to keep and bear arms
shall not be infringed because we want
to have a a well-ordered state for the
security of a free State is the way that
amendment puts it and that's not talking
about big free Virginia versus King
George or something is talking about the
people of Virginia remaining free and
therefore as sovereigns they retain
their firearms that's a big deal and
it's the fundamental notion of how a
Republican smaller government ought to
be operating the people should be in
charge of its working properly
yeah absolutely and the same way that we
saw the local posses under the control
of a sheriff who was elected it was a
couple of professional deputies we also
had a core of the military that was you
know a small Corps but they didn't have
a permanent standing army they would
have a permanent Navy they would have
soldiers on those ships but not boots on
the ground and so you know that's
another thing that we've lost now as
we're starting to create an army of
government officers in uniform and
calling them law enforcement that's a so
I see this whole thing this debate that
is now developing as to whether or not
we should have armed teachers I see this
as an opportunity for us to go back and
have this whole debate about the balance
of power and where that needs to belong
in our society and you've probably
already touched on it earlier in the
show or some other time but this dirtbag
of a sheriff in Broward County Scott
Israel he was on CNN and toning against
the very thing you were talking about
unarmed people at the time he was
concealing the fact that four of his
little sissy boys daddy
deputies stood by and didn't go in to
the Crescent got amazed look the local
police departments Coral Springs agate
was yeah they went rushing in and
apparently they look back at these
deputies think what are you doing
we're out of time Larry but you nailed
it I mean that says it all right there
larry pratt gun owners org go there and
find out what you can do to stop the bad
regulations that may be coming down the
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