Author Topic: Insanity & Idiocracy: Square Root Of The Problem  (Read 49 times)

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Insanity & Idiocracy: Square Root Of The Problem
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:30:53 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight no we just
finished with the Olympics and I wonder
why we have separate categories for men
and women competing in the Olympics
aren't women equal to men in all
respects you know we take a look at this
transgender boy and let's unpack this
this is a woman a female who is taking
testosterone so she can transition to
being a male and continues to win the
state wrestling championship and this is
here in Texas this is in Texas I guess
we're gonna have a new logo slogan here
Texas where the men are men and the
women are too because they take
testosterone but of course this is not
something that's allowed in the Olympics
if you take enhancement drugs for your
performance then you're disqualified but
they don't disqualify that here because
we have to promote transgender and
sanity and Bristol because in England
they have primary schools where they're
bringing in drag queens and fighting
drag queen story time DQ St to read
books promoting alternative lifestyles
to their elementary school children so
you have somebody mentally ill dressed
up like a woman reading storybooks to
your children to tell them how wonderful
this is you want to be like me don't you
we used to have role models come in but
this is all being done in the name of
tolerance and if you have a problem with
any of that in your intolerant well I'm
intolerant I'm intolerant of that I can
tolerate a lot of things but I don't
tolerate people messing with the minds
of young children why do we have laws of
consent why do we say that you cannot
there's absolutely no way legally for a
minor somebody that is well let's say in
the grades K through 12 right because
usually the the law the age of consent
is 18 we just had a big debate about
this all these people that were so upset
about the accusations unproven
accusations against Roy Moore saying
that it was I think a 16 year old girl
14 year old girl that acute said I was
14 at the time and all these people who
would get so upset about Roy Moore would
invite transgender individuals into the
schools to mess with people this folks
if you don't understand where this is
headed this is basically the NAMBLA
agenda the North American man-boy love
Association whatever they want to have
the ability to have sex with children
and not be punished for it and they want
to say that children can consent to this
because if a kindergarten kid can decide
that they are a different gender that
agenda than they were agenda yet is an
agenda if they are a different gender
than they were born then they can
consent to anything can't they that says
that they're mature enough to understand
what they're really talking about and
they're not we've always had these age
of consent rules because we don't always
understood the kids even up to 17 or 18
years old are not mature enough to make
that decision so why is it that the same
government is now promoting them to
change their gender it is because there
is an agenda and you better understand
what this is this is a paedophile agenda
it's nothing short of that we actually
have our governments pushing a
paedophile agenda and if you don't
believe that take a look at the laws we
have statutory limitations on coming
after people who commit pedophile crimes
who don't have that type of limitation
on murder anything else I mean look at
the fact that going after Natalie Wood's
former husband whatever his name is
can't remember the actor now but that
was decades ago there is no statute of
limitation on murder it's gonna be
pretty hard to prove anything
after decades and that's the whole issue
but murder isn't a crime that usually
takes a very long time to look at and
yet there's no statute of limitations
Robert Wagner what's his name yeah
Robert Wagner is his name he's still
alive but usually murder shows up right
away and it doesn't take a long time but
with pedophilia that crime takes decades
typically to come to the surface because
it's a difficult thing for children
process and we have typically a two-year
statute of limitations on it why is that
well because we have a political
establishment both Republican and
Democrat the Republicans groomed Dennis
Hastert to be Speaker of the House it
was common knowledge just like it was
common knowledge what was going on with
Harvey Weinstein who this guy was but
they groomed Dennis Hastert and he
remains Speaker of the House longer than
anybody else there's some culpability
there talk about me to talk about
investigating and you know isn't it
interesting that all of this talk about
how the Congress was sweeping under the
carpet sexual harassment of people in
power against adults how that was swept
under the carpet how they spent a great
deal of your money to cover that up for
the politicians and nobody has talked
about in a sastric I want to know what
happened with Dennis Hastert I want to
know what the rest of those people knew
about Dennis Hastert why aren't they
talking about that
why aren't they pushing and of course
this is not this is a criminal law so
it's not the jurisdiction of the federal
government but why don't they push and
why don't we push because they're not
Canada we know that's a rhetorical
question as to why the people and power
don't push it
it's because there's a large number of
them that are pedophiles so why don't we
push removing the statute of limitations
on this crime they did that in Australia
that's why the guy who's the number two
or three in the Vatican had to go back
to Australia to answer crimes because
they got rid of the statute of
limitations which there was very short
there should be no statute of
limitations on it but that's the the
school environment that we live in and
that's why when we look at this
shooting that's just the tip of the
iceberg that is just a symptom of a very
sick system and here's another as I
point out the top of the hour in
Louisiana a high school in a high school
they don't know what a square root
symbol is because that's not where
they're being caught they're being
taught all about transitioning from one
gender to another they're being taught
about gender fluidity they're being
taught Marxism they don't know what a
square root is so they thought that it
was a gun but it was a gun several other
students made similar comments so they
said the word gun and because that's the
agenda somebody said gun somebody said
call the police interview them they're
just profoundly ignorant because of what
we do there now let me give you the
other side of this this is a article
that's been sitting on my desk for
several days here that haven't gotten to
the fact that they worked very hard to
try to outlaw homeschooling in Hawaii
heavily controlled by Democrats this was
reported last week that overshadowed by
all the shooting news that's why I want
to take a little bit of time here talk
about where our society is where our
schools are people say why is this
happening now when it didn't happen
thirty years ago forty years ago
whatever but at thirty years ago they
were still carrying guns to school kids
were using guns at school responsibly on
shooting ranges but here's a bill in
Hawaii and it was stopped by massive
opposition because home schoolers will
stand up for their children home
schoolers will stand up for their rights
we have seen this over and over again
multiple times government has tried to
take away our right to raise our
children and we say no a tsunami reports
the new American a tsunami of opposition
was able to derail an extreme bill and
Hawaii that would have treated
homeschool families as guilty until
proven innocent it would have required
background checks just like you know you
got a gun oh you're guilty got you
homeschool your kids you're guilty too
we need to look into that and it would
also required child welfare
investigations of all home school
parents to determine whether or not
they're suitable to raise their own
maybe we should have those same
investigations about the people who
create the curriculum for our schools
and invite and drag queens to read
stories to our kids and kindergarten it
would also have required state approval
before family could homeschool the
author of the bill vowed to submit a new
one next legislative session because the
price of Liberty is eternal vigilance
the tyrants will never stop and if you
stop they win we got to make sure they
can't do that they've got a Democrat
senators saying parents are by nature
suspicious especially if they want to be
responsible for their children's
education otherwise yeah don't worry
about that square root it looks like a
gun okay we'll be right back I'm David
Knight we're gonna take a look at the
Broward cowards that's right you got to
live with these people you get a live
with the people who think that a square
root sign is a gun maybe this is the
square root of the problem here that
we're getting to yeah you had students
at a Louisiana high schools Oberlin high
school a student was actually completing
a problem that used a square root symbol
and another student thought it looked
like a gun
so this idiot student contacts the idiot
police who then searched the students
home where they found no guns or any
evidence that he had any access to guns
well what if his family had had guns
what if they were responsible gun owners
would they have all gone to jail been
arrested this is the insanity that we're
seeing in our society here you know what
what if this kid was doing calculus or
just even algebra and his parents were
gun owners is that sufficient to go to
jail perhaps and this society it is and
we saw this bill being introduced by a
Democrat state senator and Hawaii
suggesting that parents were by nature
suspicious especially if they wouldn't
be in charge of their children's
education the senator described the
public schools as quote a layer of
protection can you believe that
what's this discussion we've been having
all this last week how can we make these
schools where they protect people know
they're the layer of protection against
against what and we need more police to
do what stand by their car protecting
themselves yeah they said he called it a
layer of protection apparently with a
straight face he described home
education as a loophole that allows
people to escape government
indoctrination where they come after
your kindergarten kids with gender
fluidity gender confusion because
they're pushing a pedophile agenda
that's the basis for this there is no
room for tolerance for a pedophile
agenda I will not tolerate that I don't
care what people think I you know I will
oppose this in every respect this is
child abuse
institutionalized child abuse as they
point out in the new American and the
real world government schools are
destroying children physically killing
them not protecting them physically
mentally with the drugs that they give
them spiritually because there is no
spiritual basis in the education there's
nothing there you can put a sign up at
the entrance to the school and God We
Trust that's not giving them a spiritual
basis you know what's wrong with America
now what's wrong with America now that
we didn't have 30 40 50 years ago George
HW Bush said it was a kinder gentler
America what was it a kinder gentler
America well because it embraced the
principles and the morals of
Christianity because people didn't turn
to drugs to cope with the world
they had other coping measures you
notice in the past we've had a lot of
people who are not Christians but they
would support Christianity they would
support it being taught in school
because it was a stabilizing influence
on society because it gave people a
moral code and because it gave them a
coping mechanism so if you don't believe
in God maybe you should believe in
something that's going to give us a
kinder gentler America but they're not
protected physically mentally
spiritually not to mention academically
that square root problem on an
industrial scale great choice of words
there by Alex Newman new American on an
industrial scale because know what we
with the schools it is a mass production
they're producing widgets and if you
want to see what those widgets look like
look at the anti-fog products coming out
of this night that's what it's designed
for it so one size fits all factory
system it's an industrial system more
than half of California children cannot
even read at a proficient level based on
the state's own data
the government's data on a federal
government shows 2/3 of the adults are
functionally illiterate I guess that
would include the police who'd go to
somebody's house because they believe
the report that a square root sign looks
like a gun this is the state of American
society the idiocracy that we've turned
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