Author Topic: Bullets Not Required: POWER Comes Out Of Gun Barrel  (Read 42 times)

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Bullets Not Required: POWER Comes Out Of Gun Barrel
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:30:07 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight you know just
last week we had the Chinese government
lecturing us about gun control telling
us that we needed to have gun control
because they had it
we know that Mao said that power comes
out of the barrel of a gun you don't
have to fire the gun in order to have
that power now he caused the death of a
lot of people many estimates go up to 78
million people that died under Mao some
of them were starved to death he didn't
have to shoot them he could force them
into the fields and have them starved to
death just under the threat because he
did have the power even if he didn't
actually pull the trigger for those
people he'd pull the trigger on enough
people that he could get away with that
and now we have Chinese officials
proposed to take off any controls of the
president they did have a two-term limit
in their constitution of course you know
even communist countries have
constitutions they just don't pay any
attention to them well kind of like our
government as well it isn't enough to
have a constitution if you look at the
Constitution of China Russia and other
countries like that that are
authoritarian they look pretty good on
paper on paper but if you don't enforce
the Constitution you wind up with a
country where you have a few people in
power like you do in China view
communists in power she has made it
clear that he is going to stay in power
forever to the extent that the Chinese
people are looking at this and actually
embracing this they have actually
started buying stocks that have the name
Emperor in the title have Emperor in the
title now if you think that that's crazy
and it is crazy there's no reason to
believe that just because a stock has
something in the name that it will do
well but of course we've seen that here
in the United States as well with a
corporation putting crypto in the name
so people would buy the stock but that
is still based on some idea that it's
going to offer some product or service
that's going to do better in China
they're doing it simply because it has a
title of Emperor somewhere in the title
and they point out that right after the
election November 2016
they had a company who's Chinese names
like Trump's big win Trump's big win
that jumped a huge amount right after
the presidential election had nothing
that company had nothing to do with
Donald Trump or any his policies it
wasn't going to benefit from any
policies there was no rational basis for
it except the name and so you've got
these stocks that have anything that
sounds like emperor in the name because
they know that this guy has now become
an emperor
likewise going back to the election they
had another stock who's Chinese name
sounded similar to aunt Hillary I never
thought of Hillary as a man that's kind
of scary but you know she's that may be
an evil grandmother or something evil
witch but aunt Hillary everybody sold
that stock and they bought the stock
that sounded like Trump's big win this
is the mentality the people but it's
also a country that has no respect to
the power of the individual and again
they're very specific it's not bullets
coming out of the barrel of a gun but
power coming out of the barrel of a gun
I gave a personal story about that last
week I talked about my grandfather his
brother-in-law had been murdered and his
body had been stuffed in his trunk
because he was going around collecting
rent by cash my grandfather was doing
the same thing he was armed he saw a guy
hiding behind his seat ready to do the
same thing to him he didn't have a
bullet come out of his gun he had power
come out of his gun when he pointed it
to the guy and said if I ever see you do
this again I'm not gonna give you a
chance I'll shoot first not gonna ask
questions that's power coming out of the
barrel of a gun power exercised by an
individual that was never reported as a
beneficial crime statistic that was
never reported as a gun saving
somebody's life but its power coming out
of the barrel of a gun when we have
people say you're not going to be able
to have an effective check on power
against the federal government just with
small arms that's not true either it's
very much like mutual assured
destruction the policy that governed our
nuclear weapons between the United
States and Russia
for a very long time nobody wanted to do
it it was mad it would be mad to unleash
those things because the other side had
that power that is restraint that is the
power that comes out of our guns we
don't have to point them at the
government we merely have to have them
and they know that we'll be right back
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