Author Topic: Teacher Says Shooter Wore SWAT Team Equipment  (Read 46 times)

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Teacher Says Shooter Wore SWAT Team Equipment
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:28:47 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight alright let's
talk about the sheriff here
also breaking late on Friday was four of
Sheriff Scott Israel's deputies waited
outside the high school during the
shooting and the Coral Springs Police
Department set 130 officers to the scene
they put their lives on the line reports
new hedge while the Broward County
officers simply waited for backup at the
scene as it unfolded and what some Coral
Springs officials perceived to be a
dereliction of duty but not the sheriff
the sheriff who is responsible for the
people that he hires the people that he
trains you know the buck really does
stop with him but he says no he says if
the deputy didn't have the heart to go
in that's not my responsibility said I
gave him a gun I gave him a badge I gave
him the training if you didn't have the
heart to go in that's not my
responsibility well you know what
there's a lot of us that don't see it
that way a lot of us believe that maybe
we could get a sheriff who takes
responsibility for the actions of his
people they call them Broward's cowards
in the National Review said he refuses
to go quietly so he should be shown the
door by people that he professes to
serve it is an elected office by the way
23 sheriff's calls involving the
Parkland shooter 18 sheriff's calls
involving the shooters behavior directly
they did nothing throughout all of that
so this is a pattern of behavior that
calls into question some other things
stay with us when we come back in the
next hour we're going to have an
individual it was trying to get the
government to actually do Studies on
these SSRIs because whether the guy was
a patsy
or whether he was a lone shooter SSRIs
are a part of that issue as a sheriff I
need to be here to hire more deputies
we're gonna put deputies all over the
schools you know like those deputies
that stayed outside and did absolutely
nothing four of them four of them it was
bad enough when it was just one but it
was four then everybody that was
associated with the Sheriff's Department
there was underneath this sheriff Israel
nothing it was a police department that
showed up a massive force that did
something that went in the other people
just waiting for backup
and we're gonna do anything and his
response is we need more people like my
deputies well whether you do or not he
should not be the one who is hiring them
and quite frankly if we're gonna turn
our schools into a fortress of uniformed
individuals that's not something that we
can afford to do one of the reasons that
so many schools have allowed teachers
who otherwise are trained to carry guns
and their schools I care in Texas and
we're gonna get to that one of the
reasons that they did that here and in
Arkansas in other places because they
didn't have the money well they're
talking about some of these schools that
they've held up as examples and say look
at this school is a fortress and it is
absolutely terror proof yeah right and
they spend a half a million two million
dollars in addition to the cost of the
school to do that are you gonna do that
when we have to be the world's orphanage
here where we have to educate all the
children in the world who wish to come
here no matter where they're coming from
or in what numbers and we have
absolutely no say about that but then
we're gonna turn all these schools into
a fortress we can't do that it's a
stupid it's not a practical solution to
this problem a more practical more
cost-effective solution but also a
solution that would actually work is to
have teachers like the teacher who gave
His life even though he was unarmed he
took the bullets if he had a gun and he
could have done something about that but
no we have because of people like Joe
Biden and George HW Bush we have a
imaginary gun free zone yeah had that
gun free zone work out it's a
defenseless school zone it's what they
have created here let's listen to what
the Broward County Sheriff said when he
was asked whether or not he would resign
now of course I won't resign it was a
shameful letter it was politically
motivated I never met that man he
doesn't know anything about me and the
letter was full of missa misinformation
I wrote a letter back to the governor
I talked about all the mistakes that
havior made in his letter it was a
shameful politically motivated letter
that had no facts and of course I won't
resign of course he won't resign he
doesn't know me he never met me you know
what I haven't met him either but I know
that if he's presiding over a police
department that has more than two dozen
times been notified of how dangerous
this individual is and doesn't do
anything and then even as the shooting
is happening they're standing outside
not doing anything then that's all I
really need to know about this guy and
it's not just Hager it's not just the
governor we've also got the Florida
speaker Richard Cochran says suspend the
Broward County Sheriff
for incompetence for dereliction of an
of duty absolutely
he's presiding over a totally
incompetent Sheriff's Department here
now the governor has called for a probe
but not for the sheriff to be suspended
meanwhile we have other survivors this
is a student Kyle cashew cashew I think
his way pronounce the name one of the
students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas
High School said I absolutely outrages
me that CNN Town Hall we had the sheriff
who was virtue signaling against the NRA
and against guns when he didn't even act
properly he didn't do his job properly
and then he turns it around and says
guns are the issue when he failed to act
properly that's exactly what is
happening here if you're not going to
accept responsibility then step down
because you're not capable of doing the
job we'll be right back stay with us I'm
David Knight welcome back in the next
segment we're gonna have a
constitutional attorney who is calling
for a federal investigation into the
link between psychotic drugs and school
shootings and it's about time because
whether or not this kid was a lone
shooter or whether or not he was a patsy
the drugs are at the center of this I
said this from day one that's why I
focused on the drugs of drugs kill quite
a few people
they are not even using guns a lot of
people commit suicide or kill other
people and they don't use guns so
therefore we shouldn't worry about that
right just like we shouldn't worry about
ms-13 killing people
hacking them to pieces slowly we had a
story over the weekend of a deranged
individual who went into a library
attacked a 20 year old girl just
repeatedly started stabbing her
apparently didn't know her from what we
see here she's just sitting there
reading a book but even if he did know
her he's using a knife 10-inch knife I I
think a 77 year old man tried to
intervene he got hacked up pretty bad
but he didn't die the young girl did 20
year old girl did is it uh is that okay
should we not worry about that because
that's not guns you know that really
wasn't picked up by the national media
because it didn't involve a gun if it
had involved a gun you can bet that it
would have if he had gone in there shot
her to death and then shot the man who
tried to stop him who then survived it
would have been a national story but it
wasn't a national story because a knife
was involved as I pointed out four or
five years ago in China you had a group
of guys go in with knives killed 33
people injured more severely injured
more than a hundred but we don't have to
worry about that because it's not a gun
right it's okay if somebody hacks you to
death frankly I would rather be shot
than be stabbed repeatedly but let's
talk about what's going on with the
sheriff and with the Broward cowards
I played the clip for you where the
sheriff said of course I'm not going to
resign there's absolutely no reason I
should resign it's people in the state
government who are calling for my
resignation my investigation they don't
know me they don't know anything about
me yes we do we know you presided over a
police department that did absolutely
nothing before and during the shooting
but you want to build your little Empire
because that's the first thing you did
you said oh we're gonna hire a lot more
deputies to stand guard oh they were
standing guard all right they were
standing guard outside and then we have
an individual who is a high school
student and who deserves to be heard as
CNN would say so why doesn't CNN listen
to this high school student here's what
he had to say should be in it
absolutely outrages me
CNN Town Hall we had the sheriff who was
virtuous virtue signaling against the
NRA and against guns when he didn't even
act properly the the armed officer at
school waited outside and then him the
sheriff and his men for four minutes let
my classmates die while he sat outside
and waited he didn't even do his job
properly and then he comes around and
turns around saying guns are the issue
when he failed to act properly there is
at least reporting that he knew during
that Town Hall and we're talking about
sheriff Israel that he knew that his
deputy had waited outside and didn't
disclose that as you put not just one
found out after this he says he's not
gonna resign he says that he's had
amazing leadership at his department you
agree with that where where does the
Bucks now know I think he absolutely
needs to resign after what happened here
he failed tacked on so many different
levels and him himself he's responsible
for this massive failure this could have
been easily stopped both by the FBI and
the Sheriff's Department had they acted
yeah he knew all of that he knew that it
wasn't he knew not only that there was
one deputy he knew there were four
deputies out there because immediately
after that the police department said
the truth is gonna come out about this
that there was another apartment that
did absolutely nothing but of course you
just heard a high school student there
Kyle cash casue I think as we pronounce
the last name but David Hogg defends the
coward officers the story this up on
Infowars who wants to go down the barrel
of an ar-15 in other words I don't blame
him he's a good person at heart he just
couldn't go up against an ar-15 so don't
blame these guys who put on a uniform
who did the training who were standing
there with a gun to do exactly what he
didn't do don't blame him he's a good
person he has a good heart it's the gun
it's the ar-15 according to david hog
see this is why when CNN is out there
saying coaching david hog and we showed
the video and then they said oh we're
gonna get youtube that put a strike
against info worse for showing that view
video a lot of people have showed that
video a lot of people have shown the
video and commented on it but of course
only Infowars gets a hit for that and
it's an issue if you look at this that
CNN is obviously obviously coaching him
whether they wrote the stuff for him to
say or not as besides the issue they're
telling him go ahead you can try it
again go ahead try it again now no
that's alright we got time go ahead do
another take do another tape they're not
a real news organization folks and the
is saying that the Broward County
Sheriff you were the one who didn't
protect these children the NR say NRA
said no sheriff Israel you were the one
who didn't protect these children that
is your job you run lissa this the
largest fully accredited sheriff's
office in the United States Oh
so obviously the issue is that we need
more deputies like this no way maybe the
answer is less quantity better quality
and that might start with getting rid of
that sheriff so yet your office failed
this community the largest accredited
sheriff's office in the United States
and of course it had many tip lines to
them to the FBI telling them and now
they've released the transcript it's
been reviewed by The Wall Street Journal
many people have now reported on it one
caller they redacted the name but they
referred to her as she so we know it was
a female who knew him said you know it's
just so much I know he's going to
explode clear conscience if he takes off
and just starts shooting places up
because I've now warned you about this
but of course they didn't do anything
about it nothing at all was done about
it also mentioned that he dressed up as
a ninja or as an Isis fighter as part of
that caller transcript said he's been
thrown out of all these schools because
he would pick up a chair and throw it at
somebody a teacher or student because he
didn't like the way they were talking to
him all right now it's time for a news
flash folks something you may or may not
have known and that is that as much as
we criticize these Broward cowards the
Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly ruled
repeatedly that the police have
absolutely no duty to protect the
general public in spite of the fact that
it says to serve and protect on the side
of the car they don't have a duty to do
that they don't have a duty
how many people are asking the question
what can the government do to protect
the people ask the Tribune is calm
however did you know that the government
specifically law enforcement does not
have any duty to protect the general
public you might assume that this is
some new decision from the Supreme Court
it's not the most recent time they
upheld this idea was back in 2005 but it
goes back to the early 80s 1981 was the
first time they did this that I've seen
in in the review it's long been the
court stance that essentially the
American people are responsible for
taking care of their own personal safety
now we go back to 2005 as ruling from
the Supreme Court the government doesn't
have a duty to protect you even if
you've obtained a court issued
restraining order and it was the New
York Times that covered that ruling in
2005 they said the Supreme Court ruled
on money that police did not have a
constitutional duty to protect a person
from harm even a woman who had obtained
a court issued protective order against
a violent husband making arrests
mandatory for a violation the decision
overturned a ruling by a federal appeals
court in Colorado the appeals court had
permitted a lawsuit to proceed against a
Colorado town for the failure of the
police to respond to a woman's pleas for
help after her estranged husband
violated a protective order by
kidnapping her three young daughters
whom he eventually killed see when we
take guns away it's gonna be the older
people it's gonna be the women who are
going to feel the imbalance of power the
most because she was relying on the
police to protect her she had a court
order she thought the police would
enforce that she thought the police
would protect her didn't happen
1989 another case found the same thing
the decision was to Shanee versus
Winnebago County held but the failure by
County social service workers to protect
a young boy from a beating by his father
did not breach any substitutional duty
going back to 1981 Warren versus the
District of Columbia two separate cases
the District of Columbia and the
Metropolitan Police Department were
found negligent failure to provide
adequate police services but they said
no because these individuals like you
don't fit within a class of person to
whom they have a special duty you
understand they're gonna look out for
the powerful people not you all right I
was just talking about how the Supreme
Court has ruled multiple times that the
police have no duty to protect even when
there are protection orders out so yeah
we knew that we were called we didn't do
anything you think it's bad here at this
school shooting yes it is but it is a
pattern of behavior for which the
Supreme Court has over many decades 1981
1989 2005 as always said that they have
no duty to protect no legal
responsibility to protect and so as this
article at the Tribuna sup why is it
then that the same government that says
that they have absolutely no duty to
protect the general public why is it
that they work so hard to take away your
right to defend yourself good question
they're going to leave you absolutely
defenseless against criminals rapists
murderers mass murderers terrorists
because you don't and here's the court
decision you don't fit within the class
of persons to whom a special duty was
owed that's what the court said
so they owe a special duty to some
people but not you not you you're not in
that special class you can't violate
national security rules like some of the
people in the special classes can like
Hillary Clinton and you're not gonna be
protected like some of the people in the
special classes can and then of course
there's all the billionaires pushing gun
control who have their own private
security their own walled compounds and
so forth they like gun control because
it takes it away from anybody that they
think might eventually be a threat to
them but of course there was that clip
that came out with a weekend I just read
you one of the Supreme Court cases here
where they said that the court that the
police did not have any duty to protect
the woman her three children who were
kidnapped and killed by her estranged
husband we had the liquor store clerks
who had the ability to defend themselves
a couple of women attacked by a man with
a shotgun in a liquor store they
defended themselves
you can see the story in video on info
wars.com at dawn salazar has the story
up there they said I'm not even sure how
he got away with his life at this point
says a police officer and they said we
are not going to be victims that's what
the women said none of us are going to
voluntarily be victims we're gonna fight
this but as we look at this and as we
look at the stand down it goes a little
bit perhaps beyond the idea that the
police have no special duty to protect
people the Gateway pundit asked this
question were the three Broward County
deputies outside the school shooting
given a stand down order where they told
deliberately to stand down when the
Coral Springs police officers arrived
they were could not believe what they
saw many officers were surprised to find
not only that Broward County sheriff's
deputy Scott Peterson the armed school
resource officer had not entered the
building but that three other Broward
County sheriff's deputies were also
outside the school and had not entered
Coral Springs Police Department told CNN
the deputies had their pistols drawn
they were behind their vehicles the
sources said not one of them had gone
into the school building and so Gateway
punted asked the question
how likely is it that there were four
cowardly deputies all standing outside
the school during the madman's rampage
how is it that the neighboring Police
Department officers were the first ones
to enter the building neighboring police
from Coral Springs released an
interesting statement the day after the
shooting they said the truth is
eventually going to come out they said I
understand another agency has given the
impression that it had provided the
majority of the rescue efforts and that
the tremendous work of the Coral Springs
police and fire departments has not been
recognized please know this issue will
be addressed and the truth will come out
in time well the truth did come out it
came out on a Friday evening which is
where you go to bury information in the
news cycle and they finish up and say
every police officer I know would not
hesitate to assist a child in danger
where the Broward County deputies
therefore given a stand-down order
that's a good question it's a question
that needs to be asked whether or not
CNN and YouTube want to shut us down
that's a question that needs to be asked
and here's a video from a teacher who
was there
who helped to shelter kids so she's a
hero teacher and this is what she had to
say she said the shooter was dressed
like a cop and full SWAT tactical gear
here's that clip I was about two feet
away from my door all of a sudden I
heard gunshots in the stairwell which is
about 20 feet away from my room and then
kids were screaming and then running
back towards me and towards the end of
the hallway so I just went in this very
strange autopilot mode where I pivoted
on my feet I unlocked my door and the
kids just start pouring in my room I
don't know how many kids were in there
but I was pulling them and getting them
in and shouting at them to get in the
room and then I suddenly saw the shooter
about 20 feet from me standing at the
end of the hallway actively shooting
down the hallway just a barrage of
bullets and I'm staring at him thinking
why is the police here this is strange
because he's in full metal garb helmet
facemask bulletproof armor this rifle
that I've never seen before I don't know
when I decided it was the right time to
close the door I grabbed the handle with
both hands and that's when I got nicked
notice that the ABC reporter didn't ask
any follow-up questions when she said
that we would think she'd question I'm
closing my door I'm shouting at my
next-door neighbor mr. Scott beagle to
close this door and he's the kind of man
that would just keep that door open a
little longer you know he's all about
the kids you know and but he couldn't
see the shooter I had a good visual of
him which is why I yelled at him to shut
his door now and of course she goes on
to say in that interview that he did not
shut his door he couldn't see the
shooter and he was killed along with
several people in his classroom a couple
of individual she shot her classroom the
the window was shut out but she said the
gunman was dressed in full Swat gear
firing down the hall and you know
dressing helmets so forth and yet that
ABC reporter never mentioned that and
you look at the lower thirds and says
she was here Oh Florida teacher speaks
out was grazed by bullet while shielding
students from the shooter doesn't say
anything about that amazing statement
that she had to make that was noticed by
true pundit and that is an amazing
statement an amazing statement that
needs to be addressed but
let's not pay any attention to that
because we've got a narrative to sell
here ABC the legacy media CNN very
aggressively pushing a narrative that we
are not allowed to question we're not
even allowed to question a sheriff all
of whose deputies did nothing before and
during the shooting did nothing and so
the question is why why didn't they do
anything certainly they'll say well we
don't have any any responsibility to do
that the Supreme Court has said that
three times but maybe something else is
involved here are we allowed to ask that
question you should be asking that
question you should be educating
yourself not only about this but about
the dangerous SSRI drugs that are pushed
along with this fake narrative that we
get from these people all the time that
is something that affects millions of
people and you should be asking
questions about that stay with us we'll
be right back I'm David Knight
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