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Author Topic: The Cure for Liberalism!  (Read 34 times)

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The Cure for Liberalism!
« on: February 17, 2018, 04:33:43 am »
Ok, I have figured it out.  Let me put you in the realm of Liberal shoes for a couple of minutes.

This is an EXTREME ANALOGY, so that you can see why this is happening.

From a child you are taught by your brother that hot water is Cold and cold water is in fact Hot.  He is the best person you could have next to you.  He teaches you things that only a brother would teach you not to do, but just that one fact that cold and hot are reversed.  An extremely cruel trick to pull if you don't break the spell.

So one day, your brother dies.  Everyone around him is praising him for how good a person he was, he never lied, always told the truth and I will miss him so dearly my heart will be broken for the rest of my life.  You feel the same way too, but you must go on with your life.

You enter college and now you are being ridiculed for your brothers trick.  You defend it and may even get angry at people for it.  You have the whole family rooting behind him and you don't want to believe anything else.  It can turn into a Rage, can blow tires, fire guns, kill people, do stupid FUCKING SHIT.  Yes this forum can express any way they want as long as it is not directed towards anyone.

After this has been going on for years.  The guy is brilliant, got a high IQ but believes that Cold is Hot and Hot is Cold. Everyone around him, Oh that is Johnny, you know Johnny.

Now since that is the most extreme and ridiculous belief, everyone knows Cold water is Cold and Hot water is Hot.  Please no Trolling, read on.

Let us dumb this down a bit and make it actually believable, you find others that believe this, and more people jump on because why, No one really wants to help, they just want the benefits of the wagon train.  This is Human Nature, we all want the Best.  ADMIT IT!!!  So is this a SIN.  Hmmm, Thin line there, lets go on.

Lets go back to just before college and be more curious as to why people are saying the opposite.  Research a little, go back to the trusted family members and say, "Hey my brother told me all my life that Cold Water is Hot and Hot Water is Cold, is this True?  Unless your family hates you to begin with, then walk up to strangers and see what they think.  You may have been tricked into believing something that was never true.

IN ONLINE ATMOSPHERES such as chat rooms, emails, or any thing that is not face to face.  The below is what is applied to the Former statement.  Eye to Eye contact talk is a complete other volume of millions of pages of rambling.


It will always turn out better that way!

TRUTH BOMB!!!  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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