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Welcome to AlexJones.Site
« on: February 06, 2018, 06:06:05 AM »
What is AlexJones.Site all about?


Hello, my name is Tony and I have been running web servers for a very long time.  I run a private open network that has been fighting spam, trolls, and the various hackers/scum that wants to ruin everything they touch.  Currently this web server bans over 100 million IP's from around the world, and every day that number climbs.

All that aside, I am the most generous person you will ever meet.  I have been banned and thrown to the curb for my kind nature, but that is what most christian people have to endure.  If you don't let it get to you, it can be a fun journey watching people spout their words of wisdom at the top of their lungs.  Spitting their tune of joy and happiness.

What am I doing this website for?

As the Left tries to close down the avenue for truth, I have devised a way around the crap that they want to do and offer a lot more coverage and information sharing without all the bots, spammers, and people who couldn't hold an intelligent conversation if it was for their Life!

Yes we get heated in debates, but we can hold our anger and discuss with open mindedness about the problems that need to be talked about.  These are serious issues and These are SERIOUS times.  We don't need any bull crap infesting what matters the most.  We want the Truth.

The Fan Site of Alex Jones will provide us with that avenue to post links to videos, prove a case if something is wrong, and show the Elite that we will not be herded into the corner of the world while you benefit from it.

We, as the people of the world, are tired of the corruption and down right evil that these people are doing and we are going to provide the evidence and the Truth to their corruption.  Then we can take measures to correct what is wrong and provide not only for us, but for the whole world.  A better existence filled with the right things, the life that we dream of, and keeping Truth and Justice forefront so that we don't ever fall into this situation again.

Thanks For Reading.  I hope you have a Great Day, a Better Tomorrow, and that each Day just gets Better and Better.


Love everyone, just hate the actions of Some.

Tony Packman
Liquid Memory
@Liquid_Memory Twitter







Anthony Packman (Owner) and Alex Jones (Owner) have no liability claims towards one another except those that are in error.  And will be subject to Prosecution if exposed errors are not corrected immediately, or within reasonable time due to unforseen circumstances.


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