Author Topic: WaPo & CBS: Christians Are Slimy Immoral Sycophants For Trump  (Read 50 times)

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well they're acting like you know slimy
political operatives not moral leaders
it essentially saying in order to get
benefits for themselves in a certain way
they talk about really just liberty and
other issues but to get benefits for
themselves they're willing to wink at
stormy Daniels and wink at misogyny and
and wink at nativism and that I think is
deeply discredited abysm just in a
political sense but actually in a moral
and religious sense
you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight take a look at
some more of the hatred we've got the
Washington Post's Michael Gerson saying
that evangelicals who support president
Trump are slimy political operatives and
not moral leaders so he's talking about
I don't necessarily identify myself as
the angelical identify myself as a
Christian this is a term that is
malleable that means different things to
different people and certainly when you
got somebody at the Washington Post
starting to put theological labels on
people you can take that with a grain of
salt but what he's talking about broadly
are Christians and he's saying that any
Christian who supports President Trump
you are slimy political operative if you
support President Trump you're not a
moral leader here's the clip I want to
ask you you just wrote an in-depth piece
about sort of the the struggle within or
as you see it the search for the soul of
the evangelical movement in in many ways
you say they've lost their interest in
decency what do you think the
evangelicals who support president Trump
make of this the Democrats ever have an
interest in decency it's the height of
hypocrisy and we saw it with Roy Moore
as well hold right there hold it right
there hold it right there Roy Moore okay
so they're gonna pull Roy Moore up there
and I can tell you that no Christian
that I know would support somebody if
they believed those charges but it was a
Washington Post that put out a lot of
charges most of them were inflated some
of them were proven false and yet they
continued to say oh he's got nine people
accusing him of sexual molestation again
nobody found those charges to be
critical credible because they're coming
from the Washington Post because they
came out at the very last minute and as
I've said I think that it's not just the
Washington Post I think it was more like
the Republican establishment desperate
to keep growing more from going to
Washington so those are politically
motivated charges but they want to get
on their high horse and he's going to
start talking about stormy Daniels
and so forth these are the people
remember before the election these were
the people that we saw supporting
Planned Parenthood and we saw thanks to
the project Veritas videos I know wasn't
them it was the Center for medical
progress those videos the same type of
thing that Project Veritas does but it
was a Center for medical progress and
these Planned Parenthood people that are
supported categorically by the Democrats
today they're having an election in
Pennsylvania what's one of the big
differences between the two candidates
abortion a blank check for Planned
Parenthood versus trying to put controls
on this but we saw them selling off body
parts and talking about how they could
procure body parts and how they would do
the abortions at certain time so they
could get the baby body parts don't
lecture me about being slimy Michael
Gerson don't lecture me about being
slimy when you support an organization
that kills babies and harvests their
body parts that is slimy that is slimy
we'll talk about the rest of his clip
when we come back stay with us so if
you're a Christian and you voted for
President Trump the Washington Post's
Michael Gerson says you are slimy
political operative and you're in wall
these are the people as I said who
support not only abortion the murder of
tens of millions of children and this is
on the ballot today in Pennsylvania
folks you've got a Democrat candidate
versus a Republican candidate the
Democrat loves Obamacare all of its
controls and taxes hates the tax cuts of
President Trump that have created jobs
and he also loves abortion he says why I
don't like to see abortion yeah I hate
to see that happen but we have to
maintain the right to kill people that
kill people I don't have to be free to
kill your children the Supreme Court
said so and Supreme Court said so then
it's now right and we have to uphold
that right and as we're looking at these
pictures here Danny
just put up a couple of pictures he said
this guy Dan Gerson looks like he's got
Sally Jessy Raphael and glasses
I guess they go the same optometrist but
he's got some really strong criticism of
Christians and let's hear the rest of
what he has to say about how you
Christian Trump supporter are slimy and
immoral here's what he has to say guilty
of of what is alleged in these cases
evangelicals would be you know off the
reservation this is a case where their
morality seems to be determined by their
politics and there seems to be moral
leaders in that sense you know it's it's
a puzzle there ii do you think that
there is situational morality with the
democrats who have never never for
decades there just now some of them are
starting to criticize bill clinton very
mild but they can't criticize Hillary
Clinton even though the victims of Bill
Clinton said that what Hillary Clinton
did to them was far worse even than Bill
Clinton because she crucified them in
public he raped them and private he
sexually assaulted them in private then
she attacked them in public but they
don't have a problem with Bill Clinton
as a matter of fact as I've mentioned
before when Clarence Thomas was going
for his confirmation hearings we had the
Anita Hill accusations very mild stuff
saying that he'd made some off-color
comments to her jokes and the office and
later when Bill Clinton and these women
who were saying that he had sexually
assaulted them and raped them we had
Anita Hill as well as Gloria Steinem the
leaders of the feminists left who are
all they're all about women they
supported Bill Clinton against the women
that he had raped so Washington Post
Michael Gerson wants to lecture you
about situational ethics and as he goes
through this whole thing about stormy
Daniels and everything and look that is
a tragedy it's a tragedy for Melania
it's a tragedy for Baron and Trump's
it's an embarrassment to President Trump
even if he has shade I mean this is ten
years ago I don't know if he's the same
man some of the Christian leaders who
have talked to him says he has changed I
don't know I don't know the man but
whether he's changed or not this is
something that is very embarrassing for
him but compare this again to what their
hero that most of them still can't bring
themselves to criticize for this to what
their hero did Ken Starr covered up the
real crimes of Bill Clinton all the
corruption and bribery charges things
that had happened in there in Arkansas
all the racketeering and corruption that
was all covered up Ken started and
talked about that he also covered up the
rape and sexual assault charges he went
with a consensual affair with the intern
Monica Lewinsky and yet we look at this
me to movement what do we have with that
we've got women saying if you have a
situation where a guy in power is using
that power to get sexual favors even if
it's a consensual thing even if he's
pressuring the woman even if she wants
to get a job so forth of someone that's
and it is what did Bill Clinton do
arguably the most powerful man in the
world used his position as president
against an intern to get what he wanted
from her and this is something that they
all admit something that most of them
will say when I over the years I talked
to people who defended Bill Clinton many
many times believe me I've talked a lot
of people who defended Bill Clinton
tried to tell them know there's a lot of
other crimes that Ken Starr gave him a
pass on by the way Ken Starr you know
was the lawyer who defended Jeffrey
Epstein who was running the plane
service to his pleasure island and Bill
Clinton was one of the frequent
passengers on there the Lolita Express
underage girls and so forth and so on
when they caught up to that pedophile
Jeffrey Epstein who defended him oh that
would be Ken Starr Ken Starr who had
really not been the special prosecutor
Bill Clinton but the defender of Bill
Clinton hiding up all the serious crimes
covering them up with this Monica
Lewinsky affair and then they got Bill
Clinton for committing perjury
and so I tell people they'd say yeah
they tried to impeach him for having an
affair I said no they impeached him for
committing perjury about the affair oh
well it's just it's really about the
fair and I don't have any problem with
that but now these same people who
didn't have an affair with her didn't
have a problem with the president using
his power to get what he wanted from an
intern they now have it has struck them
morally that if somebody were to buy sex
from a porn star who is not only a
prostitute but a prostitute who wants to
make her prostitution the basis of her
celebrity and she's still doing it again
I mean that's what a porn star is it's a
celebrity prostitute and now they want
to lecture us on morality so I don't
know maybe there's situational ethics
here but it certainly is on the Democrat
side and there are other issues so when
we look at a lot of different issues
it's not necessary to agree with
President Trump on every other on every
issue when I look at something like this
as I said I think it is a personal
tragedy to him it makes me concerned
about whether or not he's going to be
loyal to his voters loyal to the
Constitution when he betrays his family
when he betrays his marriage vows that
gives me concern I was very concerned we
said well let's take the guns first and
do due process later it's like hold on
there hold on hold on
maybe I need to get a trial separation
I'm concerned about integrity is
important with somebody there
but when you look at a lot of these
other issues and you say well on the one
side we got Hillary Clinton who not only
was okay with her husband's sexual
assaults and rapes but was his enabler
his defender and became the point of the
attack against his victims so she's on
the one side then on the other side
we've got somebody who makes some locker
room comments about women but I don't
like but how does that compare to the
Clintons sexual crimes just their sexual
let's forget about all the racketeering
and corruption that's going on the
Clintons let's forget about their
position on other issues let's forget
about for the moment their embrace of
the murder of millions of babies and
defending the practice of using their
body parts let's forget about all of
that for a moment and the moral ledger
here that we got because we don't have
perfect people you know talk about this
whenever we talk about statues being
removed the Democrats want to pretend
that there's such a thing as perfect
people no there aren't so yeah you can
find something bad in the policies of
life of all these people that we erect
statues to and you can tear everybody
down but you can certainly tear down the
Democrats so when you look at these
different issues you know is there a a
big difference on the issues and where
they differ I think there's even a big
difference on these issues but let's go
back to the hate that Michael Gerson has
for Christians Clinton and and the
president and I understand that but they
have been the most sick of antic element
of the Republican coalition which was
and Christians have not provided that
moral judgment that that I think Levin's
our politics should live in our politics
and so you know I've done this piece in
the Atlantic as essentially arguing that
they've they're betraying a great
tradition evangelicalism really has had
a good tradition and now they always
loved Christians before this hang on we
come back we got the money quote from
this guy stay with us all right we're
gonna play the money quote from the
Washington Post's Michael Gerson he says
that Christians who support President
Trump are slimy and immoral let's go
straight to this because I've been
talking about it for the last segment I
want to get to where he actually says
that let's continue with the clip but in
that judgment you're saying the
transactional part of this relationship
isn't worth the trade-off well they're
acting like you know slimy political
operatives not moral leaders it
essentially saying in order to get
benefits for themselves
in a certain way they talk about really
just Liberty
other issues but to get benefits for
themselves they're willing to wink at
stormy Daniels and wink at misogyny and
and wink at nativism and that I think is
deeply discredit nativism just in a
political sense but actually in a moral
and religious sense so this guy wants to
talk about morality and religion let me
tell you what a religion is to him his
religion is globalism his religion is
secular humanism he doesn't even have
any idea of what Christians values are
you don't talk about religious liberty
uh it would be his people who are trying
to take away our religious liberty our
freedom of expression our ability to
freely exercise our religion they want
to side with the radical LGBTQ activists
we want to lecture our children in
kindergarten about gender confusion who
want to take over bathrooms and endanger
women and children and bathrooms this is
what this is really about they don't
care about anybody's safety and they
don't care about your free expression of
religion they won't allow small bakers
or photographers to decide whether or
not they want to do a homosexual wedding
but they will allow YouTube and Facebook
and Twitter as a matter of fact they
will require them to enact censorship
even though they have a monopoly a
national monopoly there's not a monopoly
on wedding cakes and photography in
these communities these people were
targeted by LGBTQ activists to put them
out of business to make an example of
them that's what the Democrat Party
stands for so yeah it's about religious
it's about life it's about you people as
I've said many times supporting abortion
supporting the vivisection of the babies
that you kill so you can solve their
spare parts don't lecture us on morality
you slimy Washington Post reporter make
me want to throw up make me want to
throw up alright let's talk about the
specials that we've got here and I want
to get to Hillary Clinton somebody else
wants to make me throw up she's on a
trip and we'll show you her trip in just
a moment but she's making some
there that are just as amazing and
head-spinning as what you just heard
from the guy who supports her Michael
Gerson not the people who are supporting
her issue was trippin but the people who
support her politically before we go
back to that as I said they're trying to
censor anybody that disagrees with them
they'll put you out of business they'll
put you in jail in many countries for
hate speech the Southern Poverty Law
Center same people trying to censor us
censor any conservatives any Trump
supporters these are the people who have
been pushing these hate crimes that have
sent people to jail and Canada and other
places because they support traditional
marriage between one man and one woman
and they want to do that here in America
as well as Southern Poverty Law Center
said the Family Research Council in
Washington was a hate group and they
encouraged a guy with their writings to
go in and try to shoot the place up
fortunately they stopped him no penalty
for the Southern Poverty Law Center for
doing that no no no they are the ones
who are conducting the witch-hunt
they're the ones that YouTube and
Twitter and Facebook and the FBI and
these other go to them and say you know
show us who the hate people are oh these
people over here these Christians
they're hateful people so we need to do
something to them we need to censor
their speech maybe we need to put them
in jail maybe we need to find them maybe
we need to shut down their university B
this is the tactics of the left we
understand what you're about don't
lecture us about situational ethics when
you justify the murder of children
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