Author Topic: SXS-Left Elon Musk’s Suicide Mission For Fanboys  (Read 47 times)

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SXS-Left Elon Musk’s Suicide Mission For Fanboys
« on: March 14, 2018, 01:06:10 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight
yeah itself by South left that's what I
call South by Southwest air and Austin
all the lefties all the billionaires
come out to pontificate we've got Elon
we've got Arnold Schwarzenegger we got
the London Mayor Khan coming here
telling us crazy stuff folks you will
not believe saw this of course there's a
few days ago that we had Elon Musk talk
about space and made the announcement
that real soon now he's gonna start
sending spaceships to Mars you know kind
of like that firecracker with the cherry
Tesla on top that was gonna go into a
Mars orbit but he kind of missed the
planet it's now headed out to the
asteroid belt so if you want to get on
that plane flight with Elon Musk I don't
know I don't know I kind of like he said
it'll be difficult dangerous good chance
you'll die you know look at this
dangerous good chance you'll die that's
kind of like his Tesla autopilot he
finds it difficult to get that to work
and it is pretty dangerous and a good
chance she'll die as a matter of fact
even the people who like his cars Steve
Wozniak said oh I love the Tesla but
just stay away from the autopilot that
thing's trying to kill you and maybe
Elon Musk is trying to kill you if he
wants to send you to Mars I don't know
he hasn't figured out exactly where the
planet is right now even though it's red
you can't find it up there in the press
I wouldn't go with him on that trip and
you look at the difficult part what he's
really having difficulty with is
manufacturing his popular model 3 he
sold the prototype which is gonna be
like 30 some $1000 but if you really
want it's gonna cost you like $60,000
because they've only been able to make a
handful of these because he can't get
his as a manufacturing line to work
remember all the PR stuff where he was
showing the manufacturing line that he
had for model 3 had about 400 500
thousand pre books for that and he said
it's gonna be like some kind of an alien
dreadnought look at this it's got robots
all over the place this thing is well
you know that was then and he hasn't
been able to manufacture very many of
these things
so a lot of people are really concerned
about that so he keeps coming up with
these very sensational moves to keep
people distracted from his inability to
manufacture in quantity which you have
to do if you're gonna be an automaker
he's got a lot of different lot of
different schemes as I said before he's
kind of like a con man of the 21st
century PT Barnum of the 21st century
really is what he is but he's there with
somebody from a science fiction film
co-creator Jonathan Nolan in a Q&A;
because you know Elon is really kind of
a sci-fi writer he does he's sci-fi
stunts he's kind of like I said a sci-fi
version of PT Barnum and he said well my
deadline may be a little optimistic he
added elbow sometimes my timelines are a
little you know yeah we noticed that we
noticed that we noticed that you shot
that rocket off on the day that your
financial reports hit and they weren't
looking too good but you know it's not
so much Elon Musk that I'm worried about
the guy is the king of crony capitalism
that's one thing he does well as as part
of his con man thing he can get he's
just a few years ago and it's I don't
know what the total is now but the LA
Times is pointing out that he'd gotten
four billion dollars and government
subsidies for his various projects he is
the king of crony capitalism and that's
why I don't like it you know if you want
to go buy his cars if you want to play
around with autopilot I don't think you
should be able to do that on the roads
with other people have us participate in
human experimentations and trials on
public roads I think the department
transportation ought to shut that down
but of course if you're a crony
capitalist that can get four billion
dollars you can get them to do whatever
they want to in terms of standing down
any kind of safety regulations for
automobiles and that's what's really
behind this but I object to that and I
object to the the funds that he gets
from me so the people who can afford I
can't afford 150 thousand dollar car or
more but the people who can afford that
get it subsidized by the government I
have a problem with that if you want to
drive an Eevee if you want to
wait four hours to recharge your car for
the amount of time that takes me 45
seconds to fill up my car you can set
there for 12 hours 60 hours actually 60
hours if you want to do it on a 110 if
you want to charge your car in 110 for
the range of miles that I get with my
gasoline car I can fill that up in 50
seconds what it'll take you 60 hours to
do but you know if you want to do that
that's your business I'm not gonna tell
you can do I'm just gonna tell you I
don't want you taking my money to do
those kinds of things you know when I
look at that I think about all these
people who are out there worshipping
Tesla typically techie Greeks who just
love this stuff they eat this stuff up
and I wonder if you were to tell them
that if you were to take their internet
and that they've got maybe gigabit
internet and if you were to tell them
we're gonna send you back to dial-up
speed watch those guys throw a temper
tantrum but if you do the same thing on
the actual highway not the information
highway and you have them take 60 hours
to fill their car up instead of 50
seconds oh they're fine with that that's
really cool really cool but we look at
space it also had an announcement from
Jeff Bezos talking about how he had won
the Amazon lottery you know because he
can't really take credit for what he did
because he's talking to a lot of
liberals so if you succeed you won the
lottery that's the terminology but I
think Jeff Bezos is far more likely to
succeed in the billionaire space race
and I talked about this a couple years
ago about the fact that even though you
got Elon Musk selling everybody on these
fantastical schemes of his I'm gonna go
to Mars I'm gonna go to Mars Jeff Bezos
is really serious about what he's going
to do he wants to get into the
Lagrangian Librarian points which are
some neutral areas you can put stuff in
those areas and they will stay there
forever they're not going to fall out of
orbit like a Chinese satellite that
everybody's worried gonna hit Michigan
in the next week or so you put stuff in
the Lagrange Libran points
so gravitationally neutral areas between
the US and between us between the world
and between Earth and Mars and there was
a lot of talk about this back in the
1970s a book called high frontier how
people could mine things on Mars
minerals use them as raw materials they
could use maglev accelerators to shoot
the stuff up to these orbiting space
stations and in those areas all they
would have to do to have something get
extremely hot extremely cold in space is
you just paint it white or black and
that's a great way to get a big power
differential within a change of a heat
so you could do a lot of essentially
free manufacturing the solar power and
no atmosphere in the way in those
Lagrange vibration points and then
basically you could just drop ship it to
earth which I'm sure Amazon would love
to do so they could do a lot of
manufacturing and drop at Earth but it
also it has implications in terms of
Hugo de garis talking about the artilect
Wars were these elitist billionaires
with all of their technology and weapons
and wealth would go into kind of an
Elysium orbit set up their societies
away from Earth
and do whatever they wanted if we tried
to stop them they could unleash
gigadeath with us that's really what is
behind all this now when we come back
I'm gonna talk about the Mayor of London
attacking free speech we have Arnold
Schwarzenegger attacking energy says he
wants to put big oil on trial for
first-degree murder yeah sounds like one
of his movies untrue lies okay we'll be
right back I'm David Knight I want to go
back to South by Southwest or as I call
it South by South left and as we were
talking about the posturing of Elon Musk
and how Jeff Bezos isn't content just to
be the king of Earth he wants to be the
king of the universe he wants to
his cities and his businesses to the
Lagrange librarian points so forth they
could stay there set up cities in space
that's really his dream based on the
popular concept of the high frontier
that circulated when he was young when I
was young
I mean most of people who were studying
engineering that really captured our
imagination great idea
as long as it's not under the control of
one guy I have a problem with that type
of thing but we look at the way these
technology announcements are being made
remember flippy the burger-flipping
robot well that was last week
everybody's forgotten about that now
right except that after the news cycle
has moved on we see a report that the
robot has had a minor setback at the
Pasadena burger joint and they're now
taking it off line this is a report from
Zero Hedge a few days ago the robotic
arms of flippies kitchen are still on
static display at Kelly burger the stage
where patrons would normally line up for
a peek was dark when USA Today visited
last Thursday and there was little sign
that flippy would be coming back but
just when was to be announced they said
he would be back TBA the restaurant was
operating without the robots using as
regular human run kitchen I said the
helpers are also getting some extra
training to help the robot keep up with
demand so he's not taking her job but
they have to help him as well in other
words the kids looking forward to that
$15 an hour minimum wage and 2022 are
learning how to dig their own graves
more efficiently and as that is
happening and believe me they're going
to get this one way or the other we've
got DARPA the Defense Advanced Research
Projects DARPA is pushing an autonomous
cleaning robot and they're gonna be
using that in Walmart to take away
cleaning jobs this is truly the future
where they're headed they're gonna make
it work one way or the other they're
gonna get rid of the people but they
hire in there at
minimum wage you're not gonna get your
$15 an hour that's just going to
accelerate their push to replace you
with machines
even though flippy is not working but I
just found this story to be interesting
not because they're not going to succeed
I found the story to be interesting
because just as we see with Elon Musk
after everybody moves along even if you
got problems with your technology just
make another new announcement hey look
we got this other thing over here
and also find it interesting that DARPA
is financing a robot to take away your
jobs I mean they wouldn't be declaring
war on American citizens DARPA wouldn't
be declaring war on our jobs would they
I mean they're creating disruptive
technology that will bring us to a war
when they take away all of our jobs when
they and it's not just gonna be the jobs
at the bottom they're going to be taking
away the self-driving with the
self-driving technology they're gonna be
taking away a lot of jobs in
transportation that's a massive part of
our economy and are we gonna go quietly
onto a allowance from the government
universal basic income to keep us quiet
and unallowable they kill us
there knows they're talking about
disease X putting that out there
something that they haven't identified
yet you know it's one of these Rumsfeld
things well there's things that we know
and they're sayings that we know we
don't know and then there's things that
we don't know we don't know so this is
the we don't know that we don't know
disease disease X but they also dropped
in a few little clues they're talking
about its proximity to animals proximity
to man and we could have something that
would make the leap from animals to men
especially when they are working with
CRISPR and these other gene editors to
make chimera you know you think that the
Chimera are just things that you see in
terms of large animals that they're
mixing together that they can't get to
breed together but they can edit them
together to create these weird freakish
things now they can do it at the microbe
level as well and they can create some
really hellacious pandemics so maybe
they're just doing a little revelation
of method may
they're giving us a little preview here
moving the Overton Window so that we're
ready to accept the 12 monkeys scenario
so we look at this he look at DARPA
understand that as DARPA spending this
cleaning robot at Walmart DARPA first
competition was for self-driving cars
about 28 25 years ago and that is going
to be a massive disruption in our
society but let's get back to South by
Southwest up we're out of time we'll do
it in the next one the mayor of London
talks about racist tweets that had been
made about him on Facebook and Twitter
and he uses that to push for more
censorship what a surprise what a
surprise that he'd push for censorship
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
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