Author Topic: SHOCK: Judge Tortures Defendant In Court With Electroshock  (Read 56 times)

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SHOCK: Judge Tortures Defendant In Court With Electroshock
« on: March 14, 2018, 01:05:05 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host J midnight yeah we got a story
here about a sex offender pedophile who
had his conviction overturned because
you had the judge shocking the monkey he
had him he wouldn't answer the questions
of the judge the judge had the bailiff
put a shock vest on him and shock him
repeatedly I want to talk about that
because this is in the broader
perspective of population control that
we're talking about it's one example
just happened here in Texas they just
overturned that trial and I tell you the
details of that but we were just talking
about and and this is also related
president Trump halting Broadcom taking
over Qualcomm these are two
communication companies Broadcom has
Chinese control they're worried because
the center of this is 5g technology the
technology that is going to be the
enabling technology of smart cities that
I was just talking about the control
structure as the military always says
you control the way people move the way
they communicate and the way they shoot
you control the people and this is a
part of it
it's abroad the smart cities agenda is a
broad agenda to control the population
completely and so what they said was a
shift to Chinese dominance by the way
this was Cepheus the same organization
that looks at the the Committee on
foreign investment in the United States
this the same committee that was at the
center of the uranium one scandal
they're supposed to look at proposed
mergers and buyouts and look at them in
terms of anti competitiveness and
national security of course they failed
to do that famously in the uranium one
scandal they approve that even though it
was known that the individuals who are
buying 20 percent at least is actually
twenty percent of the known reserved
there they said have more reserves there
as well
but the individuals who are proposing to
own that were known racketeering and
criminals Hillary Clinton and the rest
of them approved that anyway and there
were some special favors that were given
to Hillary Clinton before and after that
going through so the same organization
cepheus now under Trump says we're not
going to allow this Chinese company to
take over this American company because
5g is there and that is going to be an
issue of national security you can bet
it's going to be a national security
you don't realize fully yet I think
mostly American people don't realize how
powerful 5g technology is gonna be
forget the health effects right now
there's some real issues about health
effects with 5g let's just talk about
the Liberty and surveillance features of
5g they don't want the Chinese to be
able to see all this but you can bet
that the national security state in
Washington is going to use this to watch
you I'm glad that the Chinese aren't
going to be doing it but I'm not happy
that the American government is going to
be having these kinds of surveillance
powers here it's gonna be very very
powerful it's all a part of this total
agenda to control us that we've been
talking about the limiting our
transportation watching our
communications and monitoring everything
that we do and when I say monitoring
everything we do again they're they Mock
the idea that's and we're just looking
at the metadata we're not recording or
your texts and we're not listening to
your phone conversations of course they
aren't they're doing things that they
can where they can monitor you
algorithmically that's why the metadata
is what is most valuable to them they
will listen to your phone conversations
of what if you're an interesting person
is Michael Hayden said we're not
interested in bad people are interested
in interesting people and they're very
interested in interesting people if
you're well-known if you're an opinion
maker they will examine you to the
eighth degree but if you're the general
public they want to know what the
general public what the hive mind thinks
they're going to construct narratives
they're going to put them out there in
the public space and they want to see
how you react to those narratives and
they will use that feedback as a control
mechanism as a control loop to fine-tune
message their narrative to control you
that's the way that control is going to
work that's why they're interested and
having 5g and other things and there's
also health issues and involved with
that but it's all part of the UN smart
cities agenda part of the 2030 agenda
for sustainable 'ti to limit your access
to energy to mobility to liberty that is
what this is all part of and we've got
one of the guys who is involved in
setting up the world wide web
The Guardian talks about Tim berners-lee
they call him the inventor of the world
wide web well you know the Internet is
really a DARPA invention it is a
weaponized tool that got out of their
hands somewhat DARPA was JCR Licklider
who was a psychologist and he coined it
the intergalactic computer network they
shortened it to Internet but then on top
of that they imposed the World Wide Web
and we've had many people like Infowars
for example used that infrastructure
just like we use YouTube as long as
though allow us to use it they're
shutting that they're constricting what
people can say they've shut down so many
different channels pretty much everybody
I talk to you now anymore has had their
channel removed had Mike Adams had his
channel remove Lee Stranahan had his
channel removed from YouTube they
threatened to shut ours down haven't
done it just yet they shut down jerome
corsi then they put it back we don't
know whether standards are they won't
tell anybody they just do whatever they
wish their monopoly but nobody will
control them as monopolies and they're
using their monopoly powers to take back
control of this what was originally a
DARPA weapon and Tim berners-lee
who began the world wide web on top of
the DARPA net on top of the internet so
the Facebook Google and Twitter control
ideas and opinions that are seen and
shared he said what was once a rich
selection of blogs and websites has been
compressed under the powerful weight of
a few dominant platforms
he said these online gatekeepers can
lock in their power by acquiring smaller
rivals by buying up new innovations and
by higher
the industry's top talent I mean look at
the DARPA competition for robots
what did Google do they were part of the
competition they didn't have a
particularly good robot to compete with
instead what they did was they bought up
everybody that was promising they now
own Boston Dynamics the people who
create those really creepy robots and he
said Google as he pointed out rather at
the Guardian pointed out Google now
accounts for more than 87 percent of
online searches worldwide Facebook has
more than 2.2 billion monthly active
users together the two companies
including their subsidiaries Instagram
and YouTube get more than 60 percent of
digital advertising spent worldwide they
are de facto monopolies and when we look
at this merger decision abroad calm and
Qualcomm people are going to talk about
it as a competition between US and China
yes that's the superficial aspect of it
but the deeper aspect of it that you
should look at is why does your
government want to surveil and control
everything that you do you don't think
that they would do that you think
they're good people right well let's
take a look at I already talked about
what the EPA did oh we're not don't have
time well what we're gonna talk about
the shock the monkey aspect when we come
back it's a Texas judge using
electroshock on a defendant in the
courtroom to control him in the
courtroom and he wasn't violent at all
just refused to answer the judge what is
that about well I'll tell you when we
come back stay with us we're gonna talk
about human experimentation and torture
you may not realize it but you are part
of a lot of experiments that are
happening right now you're gonna be a
part of a lot more experiments as they
come down the pike we're just talking
about this in terms of the Broadcom
Qualcomm merger buyout whatever there
was just shut down at the heart of it is
5g you are part of a human experiment in
terms of controlling your every movement
what you can say what knowing what you
think and so forth and of course
controlling your ability to defend
yourself against something like that by
taking away your guns that's all part of
the agenda yeah I know it sounds
paranoid except it's really happening
it's not paranoid if it's really
happening you know we look at all of
this stuff and we talked at the
beginning of the hour how the EPA was
conducting human experimentation it's
not a theory our government is perfectly
willing to do it they have no moral
qualms about that just look at what goes
on at the CIA torturing people at Gitmo
and when you look at the CIA and look at
the Saudis it's really kind of hard to
tell where one ends and the other one
begins yeah there was the article about
the people in Saudi Arabia that were
rounded up taken to the ritz-carlton and
tortured and I was something was really
strange I mean only in a filthy rich to
pellet Aryan regime like Saudi Arabia
and would you have the people who are
subject to torture take him to the
ritz-carlton and then tortured and just
the way my mind works it always triggers
a song usually in something in kind of a
black comedy but it I thought back to a
Young Frankenstein that tap dancing
scene with them Gene Wilder and the
monster right there that tap dancing to
putting on the Ritz and the monster has
I don't know maybe that's a but that
that's what came to my mind when I
looked at that but you know when I look
at torture I am always constrained to
put myself in the position why would
somebody even do that on orders to
yeah I've talked to John Kiriakou he
went to jail because he blew whistle on
CIA torture and he said he would do it
again but you know he stands out and
this he's not like the rest of the
people of CIA the rest of the people are
perfectly fine doing that and covering
it up he's the only one who would blow
the whistle on that he's the only one
who complained about it he's the only
one who went to jail not the people who
tortured people he's the one who went to
jail the guy who blew the whistle on the
torture John Kiriakou they sent him to
jail and when we look at the mindset of
the people in government you really
don't think they're going to take away
everything you've got if you don't fight
these people for your freedom
that's not being paranoid folks that is
being realistic and I want to give you
an insight into the mindset of people
who are drunk with power whether they're
Saudi billionaires Saudi princes Saudi
whether there's somebody that works the
CIA or whether they're a judge because
you know judges can they got their own
little kingdom there and you don't do
what they say you don't jump as high as
they tell you to jump they feel entitled
to do anything they want to to you well
here's one judge out of Tarrant County
in Texas State District Judge George
Gallagher of Tarrant County told a
bailiff on three occasions to punish an
uncooperative defendant with electric
shocks and now the sex offenders
conviction has been overturned see
that's the bottom line this they buy
this this guy the sex offender belongs
in jail he's gonna get out of jail he's
gonna have another trial they're not
gonna just let him go free but he might
go free who knows because of the
misconduct of this judge that's the
other part of this I said stun belts can
be strapped around the legs of some
defendants if the people are getting
violent or they're trying to escape that
was not the case in this particular case
they said in the case of Terry Lee
Morris who was convicted in 2014 of
charges of soliciting sexual performance
from a 15 year old girl an appeals court
found that the judge used electric
shocks as punishment after the defendant
failed to answer the judges questions
properly he declined to comment in other
words taking the fifth you want to take
the fifth
bring out the electric shock bailiff and
put him on it after enduring 50,000
volts shocks Morris was apparently too
scared to return to the courtroom
actually did not attend the remainder of
his own trial he appealed his conviction
alleging that the judge violated his
constitutional rights by repeatedly
shocking him for failing to answer
questions while showing no signs of
becoming violent or being a risk of
flight and the Lord's not trying to get
and when we look at what's going on with
us this is very much like the Milgram
experiment isn't it remember them half
the Milgram experiment where the
psychologist had a guy who's running an
experiment he had the suppose a test
subject to a strapped into an electric
shocking apparatus but he was actually
in on the gag and the real test subject
was the guy that was going to be
administering the shock when the wrong
answer was given and the authority
figure would tell him to administer a
shock when they got the wrong answer and
continually told him to up the ante
until these people just on the basis of
authority would administer lethal shocks
to people they thought were gonna be
lethal shocks but it was a controlled
experiment and the guy who's being
shocked really wasn't being shocked he
was pretending he's being shocked and
then the French did a game show in a
documentary they called it the game of
death where they enacted the Milgram
experiment but they threw in something
else there they threw in another
experiment from a guy named ash who had
done a an experiment about groupthink
where they would have an entire group
and they would show them obvious answers
and say which line is longer than the
other answer was obvious but they would
have everybody in the group give the
wrong answer trying to get the one test
subject to agree with the group not
knowing that he was being tested and in
most cases that would work as well so
when the French did this they had an
audience a TV audience it was egging on
the person that was administering the
shocks so it wasn't just authority
figure pushing them there but it was
also groupthink that was pushing them
towards that and when you put those two
things together with just the Milgram
experiment where it was just the
authority figure saying administer the
electric shock they got over 62 percent
the people worldwide would administer
those shocks now and the French game
show where they did this and they had an
audience in addition to an authority
figure they got it up to a full 80
percent see that's why it is so
important that they have the 5g
technology so they
conform public opinion because you'll do
a lot just because the authorities tell
you to do it won't you but if you've got
the group telling you to do it as well
they could pretty much get it all the
80 plus percent and going back to the
Milgram experiment he said I set up a
simple experiment at Yale University to
test how much pain an ordinary citizen
would inflict on another person simply
because he was ordered to by an
experimental scientist an authority
figure start Authority he said was
pitted against the subjects participants
or the participants strongest moral
imperatives against hurting other people
and with these subjects or the
participants ears ringing with the
screams of the victims authority one
more often than not in other words 62%
of times what the results was the
extreme willingness of adults to go
almost any links on the command of
authority constitutes the chief findings
of the study in the fact that most
urgently demands explanation that was
the Milgram experiment so how did this
work out in this courtroom well on the
first day of the trial the judge asked
the defendant for his plea guilty or not
guilty if he used to answer so the judge
instructed the bailiff to get the stun
belts and put him around his legs again
remember the stun belts can be used if
somebody is violent in the courtroom
obviously that makes sense
or if they're trying to escape trying to
flee but this was just because he
wouldn't answer the judge which really
is under his Fifth Amendment ability so
the judge asked to defend it two more
times if he'd follow the rules when the
defendant did not provide a plea the
judge said the bailiff hit him
the bailiff pressed the button sent the
electric shock through his body 50,000
volts by the way 50,000 volts and the
defendant said I've got a history of
mental illness
he said hit him again kept doing this
kept doing this and they said you know
delivering 50,000 volts that can
mentally impaired somebody even if they
don't have a problem so now as this
court said when they gave their opinion
watch I'll tell you on the other side of
the break what the Texas appeals court
said because it's very interesting
the way they looked at this we'll be
right back
you know the idea that power corrupts is
not a new idea it's something our
founders understood that's why they
divided the federal government into
three pieces and then divided the power
between the federal government that was
subdivided into three pieces between the
federal government and the people and
the states but of course that has
changed now if you want an example as
how power corrupts just take a look at
this case you know this is something
that was announced they overturned this
judge who was using electroshock and the
court they overturned that conviction
back on February 28 that took about
another week for anybody to report it
and then it took me another week to
notice it because I saw the headline on
the daily bail Judge uses electroshock
in court on suspect like a live Milgram
experiment that got my attention a live
Milgram experiment and that's exactly
what it was now that's what the bailiff
was doing and it's what the CIA does I
just point out everybody except John
Kuryakin oh yeah yeah well you want us
to torture we'll do it or the Saudis at
the Ritz Hotel
yeah well torture um put them on the
routes I mean it's just the people will
do whatever an authority figure tells
them to do but then look at the judge
he's the one who was corrupted by power
the bailiff is the one who was
intimidated by power and this now the
the conviction has been overturned this
guy will get another trouble what they
gonna do the judge what are they going
to do to the bailiff who obeyed the
judge that's the question I have as well
probably nothing to either one of them
cuz they never did anything to the CIA
tortures even after John Kiriakou
exposed it here's what the judges in the
appeal said their appeal decision we do
not believe that trial judges can use
stun belts to enforce decorum
that's putting it pretty modelling is
that a stun belt is a device meant to
ensure physical safety it is not an
operant conditioning collar meant to
punish a defendant until he obeys a
judge's whim this Court cannot sit idly
by and say nothing when a judge turns a
court of law into a skinner box a
skinner box they referenced BF Skinner
in their Court decision they did it
inappropriately I'll tell you
in just a moment electrocuting a
defendant until he provides a judge with
behavior that he likes again the shock
that can administer 50,000 volts can
mentally deranged somebody to the extent
they can't answer your questions is only
to be used on people who get violent or
trying to escape and flee this is being
used because the judge demanded an
answer from him and he refused to answer
so I'm gonna shock you into compliance
now the reference the Skinner box and
let me tell you this is not a Skinner
BF Skinner and his Skinner box was set
there to reward animals who are part of
his experiment to reward them when they
engage in a certain behavior they would
learn that if they could push a lever
they could get a treat and that was the
basic idea
no BF Skinner did that was so powerful
was he didn't do negative conditioning
see this is negative conditioned you do
what I say or I'm gonna shock you and so
it wasn't a Skinner box what this judge
was doing was negative conditioning BF
Skinner found that it was far more
effective to give positive conditioning
to people and he was able to get people
using his clicker training procedure and
so forth have been able to train all
kinds of animals to do all kinds of
things that they could never get animals
to do if you say you're a bad dog don't
do that again
now instead you reward them with the
appropriate behavior we've used it on my
border collie effectively today's a very
effective way to manipulate animals and
human beings as well and so it wasn't a
Skinner box but let me tell you what is
a Skinner box the TSA and we got an
article about the TSA here on the
Guardian questions for the TSA after
reports of laptop and phone searches on
domestic flights they say there's a
growing number of reports but the TSA is
searching the electronic devices of
passengers on domestic flights in the US
and there's a lawsuit that was just
filed by the ACLU they did it yesterday
demanding that the government disclose
its policies for searching the computers
and cell phones of domestic travelers
you know maybe you should have a read
and for searching us that's what the
Fourth Amendment says but of course
we've thrown out the Constitution
completely and we are allowing everyone
in government to act like this little
petty tyrant judge who shocked the
defendant because he wouldn't give an
answer this is a very dangerous type of
behavior that we are allowing from the
people that we have given authority over
us this is why the founders are so
concerned about Authority so we have to
have certain rules that they're going to
respect if we're going to let them take
authority they have to swear allegiance
to the Bill of Rights to take their oath
of office but we have to enforce it when
they disobey that oath that's the
important thing
they said we received reports of
passengers on purely domestic flights
having their phones laptops searched and
the takeaway is that the TSA has been
taking these items from people without
providing any reason why the search of
an electronic device has a potential to
be highly invasive and covers the most
personal details about a person well
that's true
that is the least really of what the TSA
is doing and when I said the TSA
operates on you like a Skinner box it is
positive operant conditioning you let me
do whatever I wish to you and I won't
make it too painful I'll put you through
a scanner or I'll frisk you and touch
your body but you let me do that and you
can get on the plane no they don't if
you decide that you don't want to do
that and you don't want to fly they
don't come around and say we're gonna do
that not yet not yet anyway but that's
the power of positive operant
conditioning and after a while
everybody's just fine with it I don't
see anybody when I fly I don't see
anybody even opting out I do the most
that when I have to fly because of
business when I have to fly I want to
gum up the works as much as I can and no
matter what they do with the pat-down
procedure I'm going to take their
personnel I'm gonna waste their time I'm
gonna make the line longer if I can I'm
gonna do everything that I can to resist
then not fly I wish I could not fly but
sometimes I have to it's part of the job
but you know at some point we've got to
try to get our power back with these
and when you look at this judge and the
way they're able to get away with things
and the bailiff they will absolutely not
see any cut in their power they won't be
removed from office they won't pay any
fines the public will have to pay for
another trial for this guy he may get
off who knows I don't know but it's it's
sad to see this but if you think that
the searching of your laptops and your
phones yes it is very private and it has
the essence of who you are and guess
what the government is free to search
that at any time they want they don't
have to have the TSA goons do a physical
handling of this they can do it with
their where we started at the beginning
of the hour
the fact that James clapper says oh no
we're not we're not spying on the
American people and we just had the five
year anniversary of that and now he's
passed the statute of limitations we
can't send him to jail he got away with
it got away with that lie and they're
still getting away with that lie they're
still getting away with violating the
Constitution they're still monitoring
you and that takes us back to where I
was talking about the 5g that's coming
wait until they get that in the stays
and they confine you into the cities
they're going to be looking at
everything inside your phone your laptop
following all your patterns of movement
who do you talk to what do you do who
are you what are your political beliefs
what are your religious beliefs
it's called geospatial intelligence
activity based intelligence human domain
analytics look it up find out how bad
this is gonna be its pre-crime folks
it's Minority Report stuff that they're
coming along with let's take a look at
the daka situation because we have
president Trump traveling to the wall
prototypes in California is gonna take a
look at the different prototypes there
and I'm sure that everybody be focused
on the back-and-forth conflicts of
protests and so forth but let's take a
look at daca because we had an
interesting court finding the EPA broke
the law by delaying
smog rule says the court said EPA
administers Scott Pruett was supposed to
announce by October the first which
areas of the country were in compliance
with the 2015 Obama administration rule
this is a rule not a law not the border
okay this is a rule that he decided that
he released the information about the
areas that did comply but he did not
release the information about the areas
that did not comply so what does this
have to do with daca you had the EPA
official delay performing his
administrative duty what is daca it is
delayed action on childhood arrivals
it's the Obama administration saying
they're not going to enforce not just a
rule but a law they're not going to
enforce the border they're not going to
enforce immigration law they said we're
going to delay it that is now in the
opinion of a lot of these judges oh by
the way there was a third federal judge
that ruled on this daca issue and
Trump's ability to ignore the delaying
of the enforcement but you haven't heard
about that judge on mainstream media
have you he said Trump is perfectly
within his rights to do that you only
heard about the California and the New
York judge who said Trump can't do that
no he has to continue delaying the
enforcement of law when they just said
the EPA has to enforce the law they
can't delay enforcement of it do you see
the double standard that's going on here
that's the real issue with daca of
course there's a bigger issue with that
as well but we don't have time for that
thank you for joining us that's the end
of our program today
make no mistake we've made some major
gains against the globalists but they're
striking back all over the world now
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prepared with the highest quality
emergency supplies across the board
medical supplies emergency supplies
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