Author Topic: CONVICTED: Doc Bribed $188,000 To Push Opioids  (Read 49 times)

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CONVICTED: Doc Bribed $188,000 To Push Opioids
« on: March 14, 2018, 01:03:39 AM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight no one's just
talking about arnold schwarzenegger and
a law firm that is standing to make
billions of dollars in contingency fees
suing all companies claiming that they
are killing people that they caused
global warming and so forth we've got
the Canadian climate Minister a climate
minute Canada has a climate Minister but
she says that we're not paying enough
attention to the gendered impacts of
climate change see the insanity never
ends peace people on the Left absolutely
amazing 47 year-old Trudeau appointee
from Canada's Liberal Party called on
followers to quote consider the gendered
impacts of climate change on women girls
and children see global warming women
and minorities hurt hardest this is
typical of the the narrative of the left
always messin with people's gender and
creating this fantasy of climate change
that really isn't real but let me tell
you the real crisis and where it's
coming from we've got an opioid crisis
that's really real folks it is driving
up emergency room visits for example in
Illinois by 66 percent but in other
areas it's far more than that opioid
related emergency room visits rose an
average of 35 percent across 16 states
between July 2016 and September 2017
this is from a CDC report that came out
in Chicago dealers have taken to cutting
heroin with fentanyl remember I showed
you that graphic that showed a fatal
dose of heroin and a fatal dose of
fentanyl and it was pretty small the
amount of heroin that you needed to take
to have a fatal dose but when you put
these two things I showed the the amount
of powder and a couple of vials and on
the fentanyl vial you only needed a
couple of grains of that powder a couple
of grains of that
to have a fatal dose so now they've got
the drug dealers again this is uh this
is the war on drugs except that when you
look at opioid crisis it's not so much
being driven by these unethical
uncontrolled street dealers as it's
being driven by these unethical
uncontrolled big pharmaceutical
companies all these people who say the
nra is bought the Republican Party they
bought Trump and so well who has bought
the that's the picture right there that
was talking about who has bought the
government and the media in terms of the
opioid crisis and so many other drugs
that they push on us on a regular basis
that is the basis that's basically the
business model for CNN for Fox News
these cable companies that broadcast can
be playing these pharmaceutical ads
around the clock constantly and as we
look at where this is going we've got a
66% increase in emergency room visits in
Illinois from opioids in Indiana 35%
increase 28% increase in Ohio 21%
increase in Missouri Wisconsin saw a
hundred and nine percent increase in
emergency room visits from opioid
they said the opioid overdose rates rose
seventy percent across the Midwest but
on the East Coast opioid overdoses rose
by a hundred and five percent these are
just the people who were overdosing and
have to be taken to the emergency room
this is not people who were so addicted
to it that they can't function in their
life and again remember when Chris
Christie was running for office and he
decided to talk about the drug problem
he talked about a lawyer friend of his
who was at the top of the class had a
very successful law career and had a
family and then he hurt his back and the
doctors gave him up realize they became
addicted he lost his job he lost his
family and eventually he committed
suicide but of course he would not be
included and the statistics because he
didn't overdose except when he committed
suicide this is how bad this opioid
epidemic is I'm gonna have more on this
on the other side stay with us
we have more news breaks we also got
Hillary Clinton doing her worldwide trip
and it was a trip we'll see her next
fall stay with us we'll be right back
welcome back I want to go through some
news and we're gonna talk about taxes
the Democrats versus Republicans
President Trump is talking about a round
two of tax cuts but Chuck Schumer is
fighting you for the crumbs on your
kitchen table pretty clear difference
between the two parties we're also going
to talk about the no collusion
announcement primarily how the media did
not react to this one of the main legacy
media outlets did not even report it the
other two gave it a total of less than a
minute combined combined we'll also talk
about what's going on with gun control
but before we do I was talking at the
top of the hour about the opioid crisis
how it has soared in terms of the number
of emergency room visits of people who
had an overdose of it and again this is
not even a measure of people who have
lost their ability to function in
society because of their addiction to
opioids where is this coming from
well it's coming from our pharmaceutical
companies we've got a 66% increase in
emergency room visits and Illinois as I
said before we got Wisconsin up 109
percent across the Midwest opioid
overdoses have risen by 70 percent on
the East Coast on average they've risen
by 105 percent Pennsylvania up
eighty-one percent Delaware up 105
percent so where is this coming from
well you can get an idea of this if we
look at a trial in Providence Rhode
Island we have a Rhode Island pain
management doctor who admitted that he
accepted financial kickbacks for
prescribing opioids spray and he was
sentenced to 51 months in federal prison
on Friday that doctor's name is Gerald
he said I'm truly sorry for what I've
done however he said he was just trying
to help his patients but prosecutors
said that he bullied them we haven't
seen that with doctors and let's say
vaccines have we they don't bully
anybody to take vaccines I thanks
they had my wife and I we took our our
sons and for a medical check-up but we
tend to stay away from the doctor as
much as possible if we're not sick we
don't go and we didn't take our kids
unless they were sick generally we took
them in for a checkup once and that was
enough for us to learn the lesson
started bullying us about vaccines I
started bullying us even about fluoride
tablets and I said well I grew up on
well water I didn't have a fluoride and
I know the effects of fluoride on the
brain thank you very much
go ahead and give me that prescription
we we didn't oppose him on it because he
was just adamant about it he was very
angry at us lecturing us condescending
so I just took his prescription and we
just threw it in the trashcan as we
walked out but that's what these guys do
so what did this doctor do when he is
bullying his a patients getting them to
take a fentanyl spray call subsys he
told one of them stop crying you're
acting like a child
yeah they treat everybody as children if
you don't take their prescription and he
was getting a hundred and eighty eight
thousand dollars in kickbacks and so the
question is who was paying him a hundred
and eighty eight thousand dollars to
push highly addictive opioids on people
those are the people who need to be
going to jail they need to be going to
jail for big time there is an indication
that they are under prosecution as well
you know who else are they paying I'm
sure that this is something that's not
just limited to one organization
typically what they do is they send reps
around to talk to the doctors and they
give them one side of the story and the
doctors in many cases don't really know
what they're doing and of course they're
everybody with these big pharmaceuticals
on CNN on Fox News and all the cable and
legacy media that's what finances the
legacy media that's why they will not
report this story they want to say well
the NRA oh they're uh they're there
they've got all the Republicans in their
pocket well the NRA is doing what the
NRA is mmm
bers millions of them want them to do
and that is to fight against any
infringement of the people's rights but
what big pharmaceutical companies are
doing is they're buying doctors in some
cases bribing them if they can't get
them to do it enough but at the very
least they're keeping them in the dark
and they're working with the government
agencies who for the most part of being
captured regulatory capture that means
there's a revolving door between the FDA
between the Food and Drug Administration
and Health and Human Services even with
the CDC I mean the CDC pushes all these
vaccines and they have a vested interest
profit and selling these vaccines and
there's a revolving door between
government and industry and certain big
companies always escape the light being
shone on them they don't do any studies
to show anything different than the
studies that these companies do the
paints our product in a positive light
so said at least two patients survived
overdoses after receiving the opioid
antidote narcan an earlier court
documents one patient said she fell nine
to ten times and suffered numerous
injuries including breaking bones from
her thumb to her wrist she said I was
killing myself
I was so high the case is one of several
that have been brought nationally
against people associated with the
arizona-based insists therapeutics and
subsys prescriptions as an under the
tongue spray that was approved by the
FDA the Food and Drug Administration
back in 2012 they approved this stuff
and they approved it for cancer patients
who had severe pain and were already
tolerant of opioid therapy now here's
the deal
if you got a terminally ill patient I
would not be for the government
withholding pain medication from them
but you let them know what the real
story is here in terms of addiction and
so forth if you got a terminally ill
person addiction is not necessarily
their concern
but they're not using it just on
terminally ill cancer patients anymore
because it was approved by the FDA that
means it's totally safe right it's a
binary world it's either completely safe
or completely dangerous depending on
what the FDA says they don't tell you
that in the real world you have a
sliding scale of risk and so it's like
playing Russian roulette
the only question is is there one bullet
and a barrel that holds six rounds and
so you'd have one in six chance or is it
one bullet and a chamber that holds 100
rounds or a thousand rounds and they
don't tell you what that is you know
somebody tells you well okay this is a
gun you're gonna hold it to your head
and pull the trigger there is one bullet
you got a one in six chance or this is a
gun that holds 100 bullets and there's
one bullet in here you want to take the
chance that this thing is going to help
you or not and in many cases you listen
to the commercials and they tell you
that it's gonna exacerbate the problem
that you're trying to take this drug for
plus give you things like heart attack
stroke and other issues like that
they say the drug was reimbursed at
least in part by Medicare so the
government is paying for your opioid
addiction they don't even pay for the
cocaine and heroin that you buy on the
street but they'll pay for the big
pharmaceutical drugs that they give you
and it can cost anywhere from two
thousand to more than 16 thousand
dollars for a 30-day supply that may be
more than the street price of most of
these addictive drugs do you think the
big pharmaceutical companies are making
more than the than the illegal drug
dealers the drug cartels on these things
maybe in terms of of these individual
dosages maybe they are on a per dosage
basis if they can get $16,000 for a
30-day supply and they're only giving
this doctor a hundred and eighty eight
thousand dollars in kickbacks maybe they
don't need to go after the doctor maybe
they don't even need to go after this
company subsys maybe they need to go
after the people who are actually
manufacturing the opioids who've been
given a pass by our government
they say company executives are also
being prosecuted in the case Rosen Berg
admitted that he conspired with insists
officials between 2012 and 2015 to
receive the kickbacks and the four
of speaking fees oh the Clinton tactic
right that's how you get your kickbacks
they looked at Clinton and they looked
at Obama they looked at the bushes and I
said yeah you know we can we can give
them the kickbacks in terms of speaking
fees we just wanted to hear you talk but
then they come after the NRA I'll talk
about that when we come back you won't
believe the tactic that they're using to
come after the NRA now it's very similar
to tactic they're using to attack
Infowars we'll be right back I'm David
Knight take no mistake we've made some
major gains against the globalist but
they're striking back all over the world
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emergency supplies across the board
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