Author Topic: Elizabeth Warren Has Been Refusing DNA Test For A Year  (Read 39 times)

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Elizabeth Warren Has Been Refusing DNA Test For A Year
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:58:37 AM »

well it's always a good time when I'm
joined by dr. Shiva ayyadurai a now he
is running against Elizabeth Warren for
her Senate seat in the upcoming midterm
elections here but you probably have
seen Elizabeth Warren the fake Indian in
her Pocahontas outfit on the Drudge
Report lately and that's because a story
has become mainstream news as of late
Warren refuses DNA tests to prove Native
American heritage that was published I
think by the New York Post two days ago
yesterday you had the story
Warren's Native American problem is only
going to get worse but this is actually
an old story that we've covered with
doctor dr. Shiva Aida ray before because
I've got the timeline right here
actually on June 22nd 2017 on her 69th
birthday that's Elizabeth Warren dr.
Shiva ID ray sent her a DNA test kit and
he provided all of this information on
his Twitter account which she returned
she returned now that was back in June
of last year
then in December 12th December 12th of
this year dr. I adere with just his huge
guys the guy's heart is so big I don't
know how his chest holds it he invited
Elizabeth Warren to his DNA dance party
and offered her again a free DNA test
kit hundreds showed up in the Indian
restaurant within blocks of her house
she could have walked there but she
didn't make it then on February 14th of
this year for Valentine's Day again dr.
Aida Ray's heart I mean this guy Oh just
he's so warm with his lovingness to his
opponent Elizabeth Warren again in the
spirit of Valentine's Day and love he
sent her another DNA test kit so three
different times three different times
dr. Shiva ayyadurai has offered
elizabeth warren a DNA test kit they
there's the official DNA test kit
featuring dr. Shiva ID ray the real you
DNA test kit hashtag take the test well
doctor I adere I think that the third
time would have been the charm but she
didn't take the test and now all the
third time ends up being the charm now
the media is actually covering it so now
she's on the Drudge Report she's in all
of these different news publications now
even though you offered this test about
a year ago now they're picking it up do
you think she's feeling the heat do you
think she'll take that test well look
when she's not gonna take the test and I
like you said three is supposed to be a
charm unfortunately it isn't but it's
become a disaster for her she had the
you know Valentine's Day is a great day
right like you said it's a day of love
and truth and heart and I gave her the
opportunity to do that and she didn't
now she's in a very unfortunate
situation because one of the liberal
newspapers of Berkshire Eagle and the
globe by the way none of them want to
give me credit for it because oh my god
if they give me credit it's gonna let
everyone know that the real Indian is
here so yeah they can't even they can't
even let people know you exist
even though this is a hundred percent
your story it's completely my story
we're the ones who created by the way
Infowars is the one who carried the
story first no I remember you contacted
me and I was so thrilled that you wanted
to give us this exclusive you were like
oh and we're gonna challenge Elizabeth
Warren to have a DNA test and you're
like I'm gonna send her the kitten
everything and I was all pumped I was
like yes and then of course nobody
wanted to cover until now yeah you guys
covered it we put it out there then Fox
News came then Stuart Varney then Jesse
Watters and now the liberal media but
that's how innovation is you know
innovators pioneers always have a bunch
of arrows in their back oh and I know
this from the whole email in inventing
emails and inventing this new technology
that models the human cell and the
computer you know we did a lot of stuff
in AI for the White House so innovators
always lead and then the followers
follow now what's interesting is even
some of the quote-unquote establishment
media which started recovering this
always leads with the other fake Trump
furs the fake establishment rhinos now
they're making commentary on in fact
dirty deal who didn't want to say
anything now is starting to use the word
fake Indian so it's amazing
so we feel like we're the ones who are
leading it they're very very afraid of
us and the fact that they don't want to
cover and give us credit even gives more
fuel to our campaign so it's very very
exciting but we're the ones who did this
and now you see nearly every paper not
only nationally but internationally but
the DNA test was brought to you by
Schubert / Senate and first put out
there by Infowars which always tells the
truth and so I'm really really proud to
always work with you guys cuz you guys
tell the truth I'm really proud of what
we did and we were consistent in
hammering this unrelentless in hammering
this and I think it's a very very
important part because Elizabeth Warren
claimed if you remember she tweeted out
that she believes in science when it
comes to climate change I don't remember
that well you don't believe in science
science is something that exists
independent of belief that's why they
call it science it's not based on some
religious belief and what's fascinating
here is we have technology now they can
easily go through someone's genome
understand the alleles and determine
someone's heritage and she's unwilling
to take it in spite of me sending it
gift-wrapped the first time calling her
to the party as you said and also then
doing it on Valentine's Day the other
part here is elizabeth warren and the
establishment believes in fake science
that's what's interesting Owen you know
they support Monsanto right which
clearly has destroyed the soil of this
country they don't want to talk about
Harvard academics and academics and
universities who actually make up data
so that's what I find fascinating they
use science like religion as they need
to and that's why I think we need more
people who are engineers scientists in
Congress in the Senate because people
deserve the truth you and I deserve and
every working person really deserves a
life that they need and that can only
come through rational people not looking
at it from the left or the right but
looking at it as a as things as they are
yeah more people with the yeah more
people with the doctor in front of their
name would be nice as well and in fact
most of the doctors that are in Congress
are on the Republican side that's just a
fact but that you know it's just amazing
to me because you know I mean this is
this is why we're here I mean this is
why you came to Infowars because you
know that I would promote this story you
knew that I would want to get this out
there and make this a news story but
that's our role we know that
we're waiting we really know with them
hey guys I think that fever might be
having a connection problem here so uh
Shiva let me know if you can hear me
again because I think you guys are
having a connection problem but that is
what we do here Infowars
doesn't just tip our toe in the water to
see what the temperature is we don't
wait for everyone else to jump in to see
what the temperature is no we go to the
high dive and we yell cannonball and
then we we we make the biggest splash
and enter the water and then everyone
else kind of ignores it like oh that
didn't happen oh they didn't they
weren't right about Hillary's health oh
they didn't report on the the fake
Indian DNA test no no no no oh they
didn't tell you that Trump was gonna win
before anyone else no no no wait so so
but that's that's what we do and that's
why we need your support an info or
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we've we've reconnected with dr. IOT ray
here but we're running out of time in
this segment so we're gonna go to break
but on the other side it's just amazing
because Shiva is on the front lines and
he's got all of these creative ideas
that he's done for his campaign and if
people would just pay attention to what
he's doing they could use those same
tactics in their campaigns and it might
take of course it took a year for the
media to realize that it was a great
idea to get Elizabeth Warren to take the
DNA test she even thought of that a year
ago all right what to look for tonight
the special election in Pennsylvania
Rick Ciccone who was endorsed by Trump
they're all saying that he's gonna lose
of course the fake news is telling you
the Republicans are struggling
everywhere we'll see if that ends up
being fake news but the polls close in
just over an hour so we'll be paying
attention to that tonight again
Tillerson out another assistant to trump
out Pompeyo moves to Secretary of State
and then the first woman ever moved to
the director of the CIA just some of the
news today but we are joined by dr.
Shiva ayyadurai a who is running against
Elizabeth Warren and if you've seen the
recent stories about Elizabeth Warren
refusing a DNA test well those are old
stories because Shiva challenged
Elizabeth Warren to that test last June
last June and then again in December and
then again on Valentine's Day and then
she's refused it three times and then
now they pick it up there's the dance
party that they planned there so it's
just amazing to me that the party of
identity politics I mean right I mean
they take it so seriously your identity
right I mean if you're a Native American
or if you're from India you know you're
in that special group of people that
they put into that group and it's
classified there and that's where you'll
stay and these are our identity politics
and we put everybody in a little box and
then Elizabeth
oran lies about her identity and then
it's just okay I mean she totally ruins
the sanctity of their identity politics
and they just don't care
yeah what's interesting on by the way
here's the DNA test good and I'm diggin
see it here this is what we sent her was
that the one sheet was that the one she
returned yeah that's the one that she
hey you know what maybe there's some DNA
on that box that's a good point it went
back to Amazon so we have to oh and a
couple things you know we have this
Patriots on Patriots Day I sent this to
you guys it's a very interesting thing a
group of young people is organizing a
big rally on Patriots Day and I'll be
the featured speaker so if anyone is
around they should come to it it's sort
of a follow up to the free speech rally
where we attempted to actually expose
the Democrats as some of the biggest
races to actually stop free speech and
so this is gonna be a follow-up to
that's gonna be done in a very very
amazing place which is where the first
shot was fired as many people know in
lexingto Battle of Concord that's
brilliant to do it on the bridge there
yeah so that's we're gonna be doing it
I'll be speaking there so everyone
should come but I think the fundamental
point that I really want to emphasize
here Owen is that ultimately it's truth
that matters and that's what our
campaign is about you know we've been
hitting very hard on only a real Indian
can defeat the fake Indian and that
message is broadly hitting across in
fact across Massachusetts now people
have opened up their homes and we're
doing what's called a real Indian Tea
Party or the real Indian Charlie party
we're bringing together people of all
different backgrounds and in intimate
settings we're openly discussing
politics you don't agree with me come on
let's have some tea or try as we say in
India try as you know as a mixture of
all different herbs and spices so we're
encouraging everyone to come together so
I'm like doing it in some you know bogus
town hall meeting that Elizabeth Warren
does we're doing it in people's homes
and you're gonna see that being
videotaped we're in a carry it live
twice a month I went in my own home
I'm gonna invite people you know
Elizabeth Warren if you read a lot of
the pressures very afraid of people
coming into her home I'm completely open
we're gonna do fireside chats open shots
at my home you know I hope anyone
listening you'll see that we get what
a limited setting but if you apply you
can come on in but that's the kind of
stuff we're gonna do and we're gonna
have discussions with people bring up
real issues you know what is Monsanto
doing how do you create real jobs we
need more BOE tech schools we're gonna
talk about the need for term limits
we're gonna talk about voter IDs and any
other issues people want to talk about
openly you know people want to talk
about the invention of email we'll talk
about it
people want to talk about anything that
I've done or they'd like me to do we're
gonna do it and that's what
representative democracy is supposed to
be so you're gonna see a lot of those
very very interesting type of opening up
literally of my home and other people's
home take across in Massachusetts so our
campaign is really building a lot of
momentum we're getting more and more
young people joining in people of all
different ages so I'm very very excited
by it our campaigns going deeper on the
ground also and so obviously you're
you're going up in a in a very blue area
it's always gone blue elizabeth warren
has her strong foothold there so I mean
you're essentially David versus Goliath
here and you're doing the necessary
measures I wonder if other people are
paying attention to what you're doing
because I mean you're again you're a
David versus Goliath story here and
we're obviously pulling for you but you
know I'll tell you one of the strangest
things to me because I watched the
Capitol Hill I watched c-span I pay
attention to these guys and I just can't
even I mean I can't even imagine a
doctor I adere out there on the hill
actually talking and addressing issues
and and and battling in a in an
intellectual way against their policies
it's almost like it's almost like I
can't even see it because the people
that we have in Congress so many of them
are so dumb I mean they're honestly so
dumb it's just like I can't imagine like
here you are like well-spoken smart
accomplished like you can bring science
and all these arguments it's like how
does someone like Nancy Pelosi even
respond to someone it's like Elizabeth
Warren versus dr. Shiva III do ray I
mean that's a joke it's like this she
don't even have a chance that's right
why she doesn't want to debate you my
guess is they're not even gonna have any
debates well yeah I think what's gonna
happen is they're teeing it up both the
left and the quote-unquote right media
so they can try to exclude me but
they're gonna have a difficult problem
with that because
I think that people are gonna get very
very upset but you know you hit on a
good point a lot of these people frankly
pretty stupid people they're not smart
people you know I mean just pull up a
picture of Eric's wall well just pull up
a picture go ahead doctor yeah the point
is a lot of these people are not the
brightest people Owen you're talking
about people who did study who didn't
work hard you know I have a lot of
friends where electricians and plumbers
would trade skills just look at the guy
come on tell us a lot you know but I'm
sorry I'm being too mean today I'm sorry
I I apologize I'm sorry by the way I
like Rand Paul there's a guy called Tom
Massey you know pretty smart guys
engineering background medical
background we need more plumbers and
electricians people actually have skills
people when they say they're gonna fix
things have a history of fixing things
these people who actually have put their
blood blood and sweat into the economy
into raising a family you know into
their life you know it's that sweat
equity that these politicians like
Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi have no
idea about yeah and I think that's what
Americans are getting ready for the
Trump movement was basically an
anti-establishment movement and everyone
needs to recognize that Donald Trump did
a historic service by running and
winning whether you like him or not
that's irrelevant the issue is that his
win was a win for those people who are
tired of the establishment that has
created a huge gateway for people like
me to go through now that's the only
reason I'm running if it wasn't for
Trump winning you know it wouldn't have
been an inspiring opportunity Owen so we
all owe a historic debt to Donald Trump
for doing that so now you got a guy like
me who's willing to put his
multibillion-dollar biotech company you
know run that and come here and spend
you know another 150 percent of my time
on this and I think there's a lot of
people like me working people want to do
that and are beating Warren will be an
inspiration I think almost like a second
American Revolution across this country
because people can say you know Trump
sort of did the first shot and now
there's this huge wave of everyday
people coming and so I'm extraordinarily
moved by this and I think we have a
historic opportunity here again you know
matters you know Elizabeth Warren should
take the test we're the one as you
remember we're the one made the hashtag
take the test of reality we're the ones
who put out the real India so everyone
looking out there please come to our
real Indian tribe parties or tea parties
it is the real-time Tea Party you know
it's tea party 2.0 and that's the key to
what you just said it's it's the
everyday Americans that actually work
have the sweat equity in America that
realized they need to go into government
to actually fix things instead of the
same candidates the same career
politicians just muddying the waters and
making government worse and worse for
all of us dr. Shiva I hear a always a
Shiva for senate.com Shiva for
senate.com looking forward to your
Patriot day rally we'll have you on
again to talk about that dr. C value
dear a Godspeed will speak to you again
all right ladies and gentlemen just love
when dr. Shiva comes on he's so creative
he's really not he's so beyond politics
it would just be an honor to even have
him in Congress to be honest with you
but we got 90 seconds left here I did a
meme challenge the conman Sadiq Khan
telling Americans how to run their
internet how to run their society while
he destroys the City of London yeah I
don't think so conman so we did the
conman challenge at war room memes there
you go see exactly exactly this is why
we do the meme wars right here because
sometimes a picture tells the story
better than anyone else can no burka no
Lauren southern ban yes she ought Lauren
southern ought to go back with a burka
no no no no Lauren southern and Britney
Pettibone need to they need to become
Muslim they needed to clear their
Muslims put on a burka or a heat a hijab
and then go back to London I bet he'd
let him in these are the war room memes
so there you go pig heads in front of a
Mormon or a Muslim temple I suppose that
is and he's outraged but a Muslim runs
people over on a bridge and kills them
he's okay with that rebuild the Middle
East right here in London
that is the Mayor of London the conman
Sadiq Khan loved the memes you sent us
at war room memes thank you guys all the
time and as always stay classy info
warriors make no mistake we've made some
major games against the globalist but
they're striking back all over the world
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prepared with the highest quality
emergency supplies across the board
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