Author Topic: Australian Gov't Pays For Pedophile's Legal Fees  (Read 33 times)

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Australian Gov't Pays For Pedophile's Legal Fees
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:57:25 AM »

welcome back to the war room
I'm your host Owen shroyer and I just
want to I forgot to tell this story cuz
yesterday was so crazy but I but I
wanted to tell this story because
usually when I go out in public I maybe
get recognized like I mean maybe a
little bit but it's it's it's usually
pretty rare but after after hosting for
Alex last week when I went out this
weekend I got recognized at least 20
times one night I mean it was literally
non-stop people trying to you know take
care of my tab and everything but the
reason why I'm telling you this is
because it's like the nicest people ever
I mean it's the most they're out with
their families and they want to say
thanks they want to shake your hair
that's a yeah you know it's just like
man I mean you know we're all in this
together and it's just crazy because
like I said at the beginning of the show
the the the contrast between I mean you
can you can slice it and dice it however
you want we'll just say that's let's
contrast Trump supporters and Trump
haters I mean it's just incredible again
these people come up to me they want to
shake my hand they want to hug me they
say they love me they say they pray for
me they want to pay for my tab and
everything and and then I go out and if
I have a I mean I won't even tell I mean
I've had to deal with I'll tell you I
dealt with a bartender one time that
obviously knew who I was and hated me
and hated Trump I go I mean this is one
of the craziest things I've ever seen I
go to the bar to order a drink and I
order the drink and then I pay for it I
got two drinks and I paid for it I
tipped him like a hundred percent and
then she makes some big fuss this man
didn't pay he didn't pay for his bit and
like points at me and like has me kicked
out of the bar and I had the receipt and
I'm like I am the receipt with the tip
on it
what you mean I didn't pay it was like
one of the strangest things is like okay
one group of people Trump supporters
that like enforce loving nice caring
supportive happy and then you have the
Trump haters that hate Infowars
steeped liars disgusting losers it's
just sad man anyway is when I just I
just think that our audience is amazing
it's just because I don't I don't when I
was doing the Trump rallies I used to
get out more often and meet a lot more
of you and I don't do it as much anymore
unless I'm out covering a protest or
something just you guys are honestly the
nicest people thank you so much for your
support your prayers your supporting us
at infowar store calm it's just really
incredible you guys are really the heart
and soul here we're just the words just
the the loud mouths but let's uh let's
finish up some news before we get dr.
Shiva ayyadurai rayon in the next
segment he's uh he's got a developing
story right now that he started over a
year ago that's now finally starting to
hit the ground but this is what we're
dealing with again this is what we
talked about these are the anti-trump
errs these are the Liberals these are
the haters North Carolina Fraternal
Order of Police Lodge vandalized with
black lives matter okay so that's black
lives matter protesters committing a
crime and vandalizing property okay okay
so where do you see Trump supporters
doing that again oh yeah you know okay
this is just nuts now this has been
ongoing for two years I've actually been
following this story and I was a little
heartbroken when I heard this nun in
legal dispute with singer Katy Perry /
convent collapsing it collapses and dies
in court now sister Katherine rose
Halsman has been a hero in this battle
and she was 89 years old when she passed
in the courtroom they've been fighting
Katy Perry since 2000 I think it was
since 2000 15 or 16 Katy Perry's been
trying to buy up this this historical
Covenant in California and of course the
these sisters that live there part of
the Immaculate Heart of Mary retreat
didn't want it to go to Katy Perry
because well I mean let's be perfectly
honest she'd see she's given her soul to
the devil
she's even admitted it she sold her soul
to the devil she's a Satan worshiper and
so they were like we don't want our holy
ground here we don't want this holy
Covenant that we've lived in that's
that's been a place of God to be invaded
by some Satan worshiper who will
probably have you know whatever types of
let's say spirit cooking's at this place
and bring the devil into the home so
they didn't want that to happen but of
course whose side to the vatican have
not not the nuns that's right the good
loving vatican didn't even have the nuns
back the sick creeps at the vatican
wouldn't even back up these nuns and
save their house from going to katy
perry so then they tried to sell it to
hollister to bring in kind of some like
i don't like a boutique type of a
situation and they even got a million
more dollars from from from the boutique
to come in then katy perry
you know the vatican said nope you can't
bring them in nope no polish dirt no
they're out I think was Hollister
I mean how sick is that so what is the
Vatican doing why is the Vatican trying
to get the Satanist Katy Perry into that
that covenant that the nuns have lived
in for so long a beautiful area and it's
just sad that sister Katherine Rose
Halsman was not able to see this battle
through so she dies fighting that battle
may she rest in peace now this is crazy
Peter skully is an accused pedophile who
got his legal bills paid for by the
Australian taxpayers
so there's your faux Leon leftist
Australia right there half a million
dollars to Peter Scully as a program
from a program called the serious crime
matters scheme which provides legal
funding to Australians facing serious
crimes overseas so a charged and accused
excuse me a man accused of raping and
murdering a twelve-year-old girl in the
Philippines received half a million
dollars in Australian taxpayer money to
fight the charges how sick is that and
then you actually can go find interviews
with this guy he talks about what he
does and he mean he admits it getting
the young girls and that's nice that the
loving government of Australia gave him
half a million dollars to fight his
legal battle a pedophile that raped and
ended up murdering a twelve-year-old
mmm-hmm just makes your heart break well
I don't have much time left here before
I get dr. Shiva on I'll just point this
out to you this is actually a pretty
good story in The Washington Post I
don't agree with the entire angles that
they choose but the overall notion of
the story is actually very accurate the
reason why the u.s. spends twice as much
on health care as other wealthy
countries so it's basically calling out
our health care system you know Big
Pharma overcharging Medicare fraud
Medicaid fraud it doesn't really get
into the actual health problems we have
in America that's the other angle of
this story that they don't cover and you
know they kind of inject some of their
typical Washington Post rhetoric that
you would expect in here but see this is
the real issue with the edge excuse me
with with the health care system in
America are the things they highlight in
this article giving it over to the
government only makes it worse
all of these things that they find wrong
in the health care system why we pay so
much is because of government
regulations because of Big Pharma moving
in and taking it over so those are the
issues here Obamacare was not the answer
it made it worse it made it worse easier
to commit fraud so that's just what you
got there now I owe I was gonna get into
this one this comes from diversity in
the classroom a UCLA diversity and
faculty development study recognizing
microaggressions and messages they send
to pages and and this got filtered
throughout all all different
universities to pages I won't get into
it now I need to do a whole like hour on
this things that you can't say that
might offend it it might offend people
it's just it's literally mental illness
this is a document telling you to be a
sissy to be a total wuss why are we
making America a bunch of wussies man
let's bring back American grit dr. Shiva
is about American grit he joins me on
the other side don't go anywhere
if you are take no mistake we've made
some major games against the globalist
but they're striking back all over the
world now more than ever is the time to
get prepared with the highest quality
emergency supplies across the board
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great sponsors that we have as well
that's at

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