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imagine being in these epic times the
second American Revolution the third
great awakening worldwide
the battle between real news and fake
news the battle between nationalism and
globalism the battle between good and
bad the battle between life and death
imagine being in that time in history
where we're at right now and being
obsessed with a porn star no I'm not
talking about Kim Kardashian though that
would be a fair assumption I'm talking
about stormy Daniels now I gotta give
stormy Daniel some credit she's smarter
than every other individual in the fake
news media combined because you see what
stormy Daniels has done a porn star a
stripper I really don't even know what
she does she does the make America horny
again to her and she has a couple
midgets literally I'm not gonna go any
further and this is what they want to
talk about on CBS News everybody wants
to get the exclusive stormy Daniels
interview we're gonna get it we're gonna
make this look bad on Trump and they
still don't get it this is not gonna
hurt Trump this isn't even gonna put a
dent in Trump's armor nobody on Trump's
base cares but they think that you care
they have this weird twisted fetish with
like disgust and fake news and and lust
that they really think they can force
this point this porn star out there to I
don't even know if she's really talking
trash I don't even think she really
talks trash on Trump I think she's just
insisting that they had you know a
sexual encounter but again nobody's
gonna care about this it shows you how
obsessed fake news is
with fake news where a pornstar can
outsmart everyone including CBS and all
of them just to get attention and market
her tour and they totally buy it
in fact it's so genius of stormy Daniels
she's like a business model no pun
she's like a business model where all
you have to do is start a tour have some
play on words that that talks you know
indicates it's about Trump and then make
it all about bashing Trump and then all
of a sudden you have a tour and you're
gonna get promoted on CBS you're gonna
get promoted on ABC you're gonna get
promoted on CNN you're gonna get
promoted on MSNBC they're all gonna want
to do interviews with you you'll be on
The Colbert Report you'll be on the
night I mean you'll get it all just just
make up a tour that's anti Trump and all
the fake news will put you on stormy
Daniels is actually a business model
genius I have to give her credit so this
is going to be the next thing they run
with I think while the Democrats are
figuring out how to respond to the
Republican House intelligence saying
there was no Russian collusion I think
that this will be kind of what they
distract people with is stormy Daniels
you know and then when the Democrats are
ready to put their counter fake news out
they're saying there's Russian collusion
with no evidence that will be when when
the stormy Daniels thing kind of goes
back to the side before they bring it
back up because this is what they do
it's kind of like a Rolodex for the
Democrats and the fake news media you
know it's just
okay Russian collusion okay nope okay
Trump's are racist okay nope okay me too
stormy Daniels okay nope all right
Russia inclusion again nope and so it's
just a Rolodex they just keep bringing
out the Same Same Same Same Same and
then it never works so i couldn't care
less about this I actually think it's
funny and I actually tipped my hat to
stormy Daniels for being a capitalist
and clearly using fake news outlets to
to give yourself a platform and and
market your tour so she's actually now
she must have learned a lot from Trump
she must have really learned a lot from
Trump about how to make money because or
get attention at least because she's
certainly doing that and she must be
making money too because she's offering
hundreds of thousands of dollars to
apparently break whatever non-disclosure
she had but that'll be the next fake
news that they try to attack Trump with
let's just stick to this news right now
you've got the University of Minnesota
hosting a professor to lecture on the
violence of whiteness hey you know what
hey Alan let's try to get Tony era cos
and then on Ericsson and Erick Erickson
in I'm not even sure how to say that
this girl does such great coverage of
all of the nonsense that goes on on
liberal campuses I just want to get on I
mean literally she puts a story out
almost every day that's just like this I
mean listen to this the University of
Minnesota has invited a professor
dedicated to dismantling whiteness to
speak next week on how whiteness is an
existential threat to the United States
just I mean you just think about that
notion think about how insane you have
to be to even believe that notion that
someone's skin color is a threat to
society I mean that is such an insane
notion like if you wanted to say look at
all these white people running around
killing everyone the white people have
gone mad and then you actually had video
of like gangs of white people robbing
and looting and burning things oh wait I
guess you do in Berkeley California and
oh I forgot about that but that's not
even what they talked about
I mean look seriously if you actually if
you actually gave me that angle if you
said I'm gonna host a lecture talking
about the danger of white people and
then you showed white liberals that
destroy their own cities attack police
praise abortion and killing babies then
that would make sense then I would
actually go to that lecture and say wow
this individual makes sense yes white
rules are probably the biggest threat to
society right now I would actually agree
with that but that's not the point they
make it's all about anybody it's all
about white skin colors the problem
white people are the problem it's all
white people and it always ends up back
on the alt-right is what they should Oh
Roy all right a term they made up a term
Hillary Clinton made up I'm not all
right I'm right I'm just right and I'm
not even talk about a direction Lisa
Anderson levy believes that teaching is
a political act oh boy oh boy and see
now you see the problem and we'll
discuss ways to D Center whiteness at
academic institutions the entire story
is on campus reform calm the elephant in
the room
presented by Lisa Anderson levy a
grown-up conversation about whiteness
but but this is the issue right here
Lisa Anderson levy believes that
teaching is a political act no it's not
no it's not that's their mental illness
that's their hubris that's their
arrogance that's their high ground
mentality right there that is the social
justice warrior that thinks everything
they do has to be a political act you
know did I mean this is literally
everything that's wrong with the liberal
education system right here they believe
it's a political act and as soon as you
politicize education you're not
educating anyone you're indoctrinating
them and that's what these institutions
of higher education have become
indoctrination centers for babies and
professors are essentially babysitters I
mean I can't even tell you it's like I
could do it I could do a three hours I
could do a whole show where all I talk
about is my experience at going to
college the liberal indoctrination and
just the insanity because I actually had
professors that were like center I had
professors that were conservative that
just were Center when they taught you
and then you had the left wing professor
that were just full-on left-wing and
just wanted to indoctrinate you and they
always had their they put their little
anti-white message in their anti-us a
message in there and they pepper it in
they're probably trained propagandists
maybe by China because you know China
and Russia have both tried to infiltrate
our education systems to promote promote
communism oh and then all these kids
come out of college and all of a sudden
they're communists Wow I wonder who the
Russian agents are I wonder who the
Chinese communist agents are it's you
liberals that come out of college
indoctrinated by your professors who say
they believe teaching is a political act
no I got news for you teaching is not a
political act teaching is not where you
get to indoctrinate students on your
political beliefs teaching is presenting
students with facts and information and
history and then having an open platform
for conversation that's no longer what
higher education is in America it's
professors like Lisa Anderson levy who
believe teaching is a political act that
are destroying higher education in this
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