Author Topic: Trump Addresses Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Live In San Diego  (Read 43 times)

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Trump Addresses Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Live In San Diego
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:54:11 AM »

welcome back to the info wars.com war
room we are about to be joined by Roger
stone there is new news new fictitious
news breaking about Roger stone and
certain activity so he'll be breaking
that down and covering that but right
now President Trump is speaking live in
San Diego California addressing the
Marines let's go live to President Trump
talk about you I want to thank all of
the incredible soldiers sailors airmen
and Coast Guardsmen who traveled here
today from the stations all across the
San Diego region I have a message for
you straight from the heart of the
American people and you know what that
is we support you we thank you we love
you and we will always have your back
like you have ours thank you
can you imagine how many communists or
protesting Trump being in California
most important to all of the military
spouses and family members here today we
know that you really serve too many
cases you're the real boss in the family
right we know that so thank you oh my
god he's such a misogynist your
incredible sacrifice and the tireless
support that you give so thank you all
and finally to the thousands of Marines
here today from Miramar
and Camp Pendleton I want you to know
how proud we are of everything you do
and you know we have general Kelly here
four-star and he's doing a great job in
I think he likes what you do better than
what he does but he's doing a great job
he misses you your devotion fills our
allies and our families with confidence
your courage fills our enemies with
dread and your example inspires
countless young Americans who dream of
being the best to someday wear the
uniform of the United States Marines all
of you know the truth of the famous
saying once a marine always a marine now
I have to say the Army Air Force Navy
Coast Guard you're great too you know we
have a couple of them scatter but I'm
with you all the time today we're with
those Marines I'd say I gave a speech
recently at the Coast Guard Academy was
so great and between Annapolis and West
Point Air Force Academy we've done them
all oh we're doing them so we'll see you
guys very soon but today I hate to say
it congratulations
I'm proud to say that we have several
really tough marine serving in our
administration so not only John Kelly
but defense secretary now did anyone
ever hear of Mad Dog Madison Oh
he's doing a great job chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff General fighting
Joe Dunford you know fighting Joe and
our new director of the Secret Service
and veteran of the third Marine Aircraft
wing general Tex you know general you
know Tex a I call them big general Tex a
right we know him so Tex thank you our
administration is stacked with marines
because marines are the kind of people
you want at your side and trust me you
don't ever want to be on the other side
of a fighting marine it's trouble it's
painful so president Trump is visiting
California guys go ahead and pull him
down you know what guys let's let that
roll for a little bit go ahead and pause
that we'll play a little more of that in
the next segment to just just wargaming
things on air here folks
so Trump addressing Marines and other
members of the military in San Diego at
Miramar Air Station again he's visiting
California San Diego to view border wall
prototypes now we're gonna go to Roger
stone here but but real quick I just
want to report this news as we are
hearing from President Trump down in
California to view the border wall
prototypes you had an illegal immigrant
March an illegal undocumented and daca
recipient March the undock you through
Trump March that was today in San Diego
organized by the seed project guys see
what you know about the seed project
let's see if that's a Soros organized or
funded group probably is so how do they
just not all get arrested if you're not
a doctor recipient okay if you're a
doctor recipient you're obviously you
know you got the deferred action but if
you're an undocumented immigrant if
you're here illegally how are you able
to just break the wall in March in the
streets then you've got this latest
report that cutting welfare to illegal
aliens would pay for Trump's wall the
original report comes out from the New
York Post Fox News picked it up and a
bunch of other outlets picked it up
and it turns out that basically all of
the money we spend on sheltering and
caring for illegal immigrants not to
mention how much it costs us for the
legal process of detaining some of these
criminals that cross the border we would
actually be saving money and building a
wall if we could cut down on illegal
immigration so so that really tells the
story and it really makes you wonder why
the Democrats don't want to do it and
they don't want to protect America's
borders or voting security while they
claim that that's what they wanted to I
mean it's again it's just doublethink
that blows your mind but now they're all
saying they're gonna they're gonna climb
the wall anyway so they they are mocking
Trump saying build the wall doesn't
matter we're gonna climb it anyway so
again we're telling you this is what
they want to do they want to cross the
border illegally criminals do it to
escape justice in Mexico and then they
come here and then they get away with
murder and it's all thanks to the
Democrats and liberal judges and so
Trump is addressing the crowd in San
Diego before looking at the prototypes
we'll hear a little bit more from Trump
another side I want to bring in Roger
stone now though Roger you're back in
the news cycle today they've they
brought up some new claims about you and
it's the same old nonsense yeah you know
oh and we'll get to that in the next
segment I do want to point out that once
again you get tomorrow's news today at
the end of last year I predicted that
Secretary of State Tillison would be
fired by the end of the year at the end
of the year we reported that he had a
dinner with general mattis general Kelly
and the president and his departure
would be delayed for three months bingo
today the president fired him you get
the news first here and Infowars
in the meantime what is going on is
precisely what I've been through
unprecedent number of phony bogus
lawsuits against Alex Jones and Infowars
with the purpose of shutting us down of
strangling our free speech rights it's
exactly what I've been through Donald
Trump and I are being sued in the
District of Columbia by a leftist Obama
group claiming that yes we worked with
the Russians to hack the DNC's email and
gave that in from
to WikiLeaks its demonstrably false
it's a canard now the same kind of phony
lawsuits being used against Alex Jones
claiming for example that we've misspoke
about the events in Charlottesville this
is a phony excuse a rationale designed
to shut us down and end our access to
the airwaves and to the Internet you can
help us right now fight this
extraordinarily expensive battle because
you see they seek to bankrupt us it in
force that's what this is really about
these lawsuits can cost hundreds of
thousands of dollars go to the Infowars
store now right in the middle there is a
button you can find to donate directly
so if you're not in the market for super
blue toothpaste or any of the other
great Infowars products right now but
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go right there to the donation page and
and send us your maximum possible
contribution we don't have anybody
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globalist said the deep state and those
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depend on your purchasing the great
products that Infowars or giving us a
direct donation today to help gird us
for this extraordinary fight when I come
back Owen and I will break down the
latest on the attempts to re-inflate the
phony Russian collusion delusion
all right president Trump is still
speaking at Miramar Air Station in San
Diego California he is addressing the
Middle East right now talking about Isis
and the Iran deal but moments ago he was
addressing the status of sanctuary
cities in California while in San Diego
here's that clip work we had people
trying to scale we've done them every
way you know I'm a builder what I do
best is built okay
you know other people that build a wall
and then say you know it doesn't work
well wait a minute we just built a
thousand miles of wall well we made a
mistake it doesn't work we should have
done it a different way we're doing it
before we build better idea right you
think a little better we're gonna have a
great wall it's going to be very
effective it's gonna stop people from
you're not gonna see them climbing over
this wall too easily that I can tell you
I've also called in Congress to close
dangerous loopholes that are exploited
by traffickers smugglers and cartels
human trafficking in this modern age is
worse throughout the world than it's
ever been who would think that in this
modern human trafficking is worse than
it's ever been
each of you has sworn an oath to support
and defend the Constitution of the
United States our task in government is
to ensure that we preserve what we have
gained through our credible sacrifice of
you and many people before you
that is why my administration is
confronting sanctuary city policies that
nullify federal law violate our
Constitution and threaten the safety and
security of our nation they shield
criminals we can't do that and that is
why we are asking Congress to ensure
that no federal funds subsidize this
dangerous and unlawful behavior we want
to protect you and we want to protect
all of our families we want to protect
our nation and so one has to ask why is
there a political party in America the
Democrats that don't want border
security and don't want safe cities I
mean it's really just absurd that we're
even having this debate I really just
can't even believe it but you heard
President Trump and I think that that's
what you have to do with hold federal
funding from these cities until they end
their sanctuary city status and quit
harboring illegal immigrants and
criminals with that let's go back to
stone again in the last segment talking
about Tillerson x' rousting from the
white house now Roger they're reporting
that this was done over a tweet
Tillerson is acting like he was
blindsided by this but as you reported
months ago and just in the last segment
this was something that was already in
the works well and we've traded one
globalist for another I don't really
know what to make of Mike Pompeo when he
was in the Congress he was a member of
the freedom caucus he praised Julian
Assange and WikiLeaks for their role in
exposing the corruption of the Clintons
today he says Assange is a Russian asset
that he's up acting on behalf of a
hostile nation state there's no evidence
of that and he supports the notion that
a sign should be extradited tried and
although the crime is unclear if you're
convicting Assange for publishing
classified information well then you
would have to also convict the New York
Times The Washington Post and virtually
every major news outlet in the country
that is one of course journalists do get
information from whistleblowers and
publish it we have a whole new spate of
fake news today Sam Nunn Berg who is a
deeply troubled young man not a bad
fellow really but dealing with his
demons claims that I told him that I had
flown to London to meet with Julian
Assange in 2016
well of course Oh in my passport airline
records the security cameras at the
Ecuadorian Embassy would it showed that
that's demonstrable a false when Friday
night when I was exhausted after Sam's
40th called to me that day I got him off
the phone when he said to me do a plans
for the weekend I said yeah I think I'll
fly to London and have dinner with
Julian Assange it was a joke a throwaway
line stick only sam nunn Berg she'll get
seriously but he clearly went out and
repeated it to a number of people Sam's
kind of a gossip that way but it's
probably false just to clear this up
because I don't want to dwell on it
I had no advance notice of the source
the timing or the content of WikiLeaks
disclosures I receive no documents from
WikiLeaks or Julian Assange including
any allegedly hacked emails I passed
nothing to the Trump campaign and I
never discussed this matter with Donald
Trump as George Bush would say finis
west of mobile and we have a new CIA
director Gina hassel who is a veteran
officer of the CIA there it is this is a
fake news report this is this headline
is specifically untrue but Rebecca some
rensky of the hill never bothered to
call me or my is that a Russian hold on
a second Putin is that one of your
agents so Vronsky it does get silenced
from Russia on this issue Roger
it does seem vaguely Russian well
generally speaking I miss journalists
call you for a comment
Washington posted ABC did there's a
great ABC story up that I think puts
this into perspective it's an attempt to
re-inflate the failed and now
discredited Russian collusion delusion
people are sentiment our viewers are
sick of it the American people are sick
of it it's all the globalists have in
their relentless drive to remove this
president in the meantime we have a new
CIA director who's a veteran of the
agency won accolades from George W Bush
was clearly involved in torture which
some people including myself find
problematic on the other hand isn't it
great to have a president who respects
our military isn't it great to have a
president who understands the sacrifices
made by the men and women who served
this country in uniform who aren't
denigrated the way the Clintons and the
Obamas denigrated our our armed services
and our military personnel I am so proud
of this president
you go to San Diego again because he's
going to build the wall that's why oh my
god how refreshing a political figure
actually does what he says he's going to
do after the election whether it's
cutting taxes whether it is building the
wall when it is renegotiating these
massive trade deals Donald Trump is well
on his way not only to making America
great again but you getting reelected
well and you know I'm kind of looking at
the new CIA director Gina Haspel here a
name obviously brought up in the past by
Edward Snowden as you mentioned part of
these torture deals in Thailand I think
was the big one that got the whistle
blown on it but my I mean look I'm
looking at this at least from a neutral
perspective right now let's see how it
goes with her because if this is someone
that's that much of a hardliner
and maybe she's actually gonna try to
rid the CIA of the deep state rid the
CIA of the collaborators and the anti
Americans inside of there that are
working for the globalist and the deep
state then then I'm fully for and I hope
that that is what her role there will be
but but I guess only time will tell on
the other side though I want to get more
into this notion that the Democrats have
that even though no Russian collusion
has been found the House Intelligence
Committee just released that yesterday
what are the Democrats going to do next
because that you know they can't accept
if you are receiving this translation
you are resistance
make no mistake we've made some major
games against the globalist but they're
striking back all over the world now
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prepared with the highest quality
emergency supplies across the board
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