Author Topic: Joy Behar Forced To Apologize For Anti-Christian Comments  (Read 42 times)

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Joy Behar Forced To Apologize For Anti-Christian Comments
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:52:28 AM »

Republicans on the House Intelligence
Committee said today there was no
collusion or coordination between the
Trump campaign and Russia during the
2016 election they also say that while
Russia tried to interfere with the
election they do not agree with US
intelligence that the Russians were
trying to help Donald Trump those are
the findings of the Republicans draft
report today Democrats on the house
panel are expected to put out their own
report with different findings a Senate
Intelligence Committee is also
investigating Russian meddling as is the
Special Counsel Robert Muller Don I
mentioned a moment ago there's late word
coming in from the House Intelligence
Committee that they are now moving up to
wrap up their Russia investigation
Republicans on the committee saying they
have found no evidence of collusion
these are the Republicans that control
that committee the finding is hardly
surprising and given how partisan that
committee is it's not completely
surprising no kidding Russia and it
certainly won't stop the investigations
that continue David in the Senate and of
course Robert Mahler oh so you just
heard the entire coverage from CBS and
ABC of the house intelligence committees
findings of no collusion between Trump
and Russia a combined 58 seconds ah good
job guys
you spent fifty eight hours on Trump
Russia collusion and then you spent 58
seconds telling people that it was fake
news isn't that our fake news works and
then you hear the ABC report well the
Republicans or Republicans and then the
CBS got Republicans Republicans he says
they the United States intelligence says
that Russia clearly was meddling and
influenced the election that's actually
not even true in fact you can look at
all the documents then they all say
coming from the Intel community that no
it actually had no impact on the
election but Roger we already do this
okay so yes there is no surprise that
there's no collusion found of course
there's no collusion found you know go
find me Bigfoot
you're not gonna find Bigfoot Bigfoot
doesn't exist but what they're saying
here is what I think we're all expecting
and this won't get your take on what is
the Democrat response to this gonna be
what are they gonna do are they gonna
release some new document are they gonna
make up some new fake news we know they
have to do something to continue this
fake news narrative about Russian Trump
collusion so what do you think the
Democrats move is next well first of all
I am someone who had personal experience
with the House Intelligence Committee
testifying for four-and-a-half hours
behind closed doors now some Democrats
say that my testimony was less than
truthful that's false my testimony was
100% truthful and the documents I turned
over to the committee in response to
their document request prove that I had
no advance notice of the WikiLeaks
disclosures that that I had never been
given a copy of alleged hacked emails
and I had no collaboration with
WikiLeaks the Republicans on that
committee asked questions that were
every bit as tough and aggressive as the
Democrats perhaps a little better form
in the case of trey Gowdy and Tom Rooney
and some of the veteran former
prosecutors on that committee there was
no wink and nod here the Republicans did
their job I expect them Adam Schiff and
his buddies how swallow and Himes and
others to issue a Minority Report that
will claim that they were not allowed to
subpoena enough people they weren't
allowed to badger people long enough I
wouldn't be surprised if they attacked
me and try to re-inflate this false
notion that I was less than truthful
before the committee or that I was
trafficking with WikiLeaks we see that
narrative being advanced now two people
have told the special counsels office
that I told them I met with Assange one
of them is identified as sam nunn Berg
couldn't tell you who the other one is
but I have my suspicions or that I knew
in advance about the hacking of
Podesta's email some focus on donna
Brazile just
he knows to me and the Clinton
Foundation which was barely mentioned in
the WikiLeaks disclosures this is fake
news Assange himself denies that they
had any traffic with me whatsoever
communications gave me anything they're
beating a incredibly dead horse here on
the other hand one of the most important
committees has found no Russian
collusion when the Senate Intelligence
Committee and the Senate Judiciary
Committee will follow suit I don't know
but the American people will grow very
tired of this false narrative a scandal
without evidence well I think the two
sources I think one of them was
obviously Sam Nunn Berg and then the
other one was probably none Samberg but
that's just my guest and it's funny
because it's kind of like Assange is now
trolling the media and he's mentioning
Roger stone on Twitter he's sharing
links about Roger stone he's kind of
playing games with the fake news media
now well I think you've been kind of
amused at the way I punked the Democrats
all I did here is very clear I very very
carefully followed the WikiLeaks Twitter
feed Assange is Twitter feed at least
the one that I think was him although
there are Manning and he is unverified
but I also said a Google Alert to read
every interview that he gave then I
married mirrored those results in my own
opposed things and writings Assange has
said it I have said it no advance notice
is necessary but it did evidently drive
the Democrats completely insane no
collusion no advance notice no documents
this is a big fat loser well I just
can't believe that we're living in these
modern times I mean everything is so
crazy right now it's like literally
everything is so crazy but you look at
this one story if you just look at this
Russian collusion story and let's say
you come into it from a neutral
perspective you don't know anything
about politics or anything that's going
on and you look at the Russian collusion
story and you say how can you have one
party the Republicans saying X and then
the other party the Democrats saying why
they both put out
and then they have completely
conflicting reports I mean isn't there's
something that we can do in this country
can we not bring these people like to a
table and have them sit down and provide
their evidence I mean it's ridiculous
that we have these two completely
opposing narratives battling it out
right now and we're not actually doing
something about I mean this is going on
for two years Roger someone's lying I
think we all know who it is
well let's do something about it well
even more disturbing we don't have one
standard it's very clear that the
Christopher Steele a foreign national
worked with Russians to create a phony
dossier that was then used by the Obama
administration as the rationale for
wholesale spying on Donald Trump the
Republican candidate for president what
about those Russians and their
interference in our election why haven't
they been indicted why hasn't mr. steel
been indicted why haven't the FBI agents
involved in this politicized exercise
been indicted this all comes back to our
friend Jeff Sessions and whether or not
he is committed to the rule of law or
whether he is so die during now that he
just lets Mr Rosenstein run the apart
the department we know that Ron roses
Dean is among those who approved the use
of the phony dossier smearing President
Trump as a rationale for this
surveillance so he's a should be in the
crosshairs instead they're laughing at
the president while Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama and their cronies who have
committed actual crimes go stop
scot-free and now you've got the left at
least the minions in the street the
minions in the media screaming about
Russian collusion because of Mueller 16
indictments I think it was 12 Russians
and four russian entities or 13 Russians
and three Russian entities
well what's come of that oh nothing just
like we told you nothing would come of
that because Russia is not gonna
extradite these people
I don't know Roger I think it's all
madness and it's just like I feel like I
mean patience is gonna run out with
Americans and maybe that's what Trump's
angle is here maybe he's just letting
this thing carry on so long that it's
the entire populations patience is worn
out on it and they're just like man move
on to something real well you're
absolutely right oh and I think people
are fed up with it and I think people
are beginning to focus on the effort to
censor us here to strangle what we are
doing it in fours and the news we bring
you let's talk about that on the other
side all right we'll be right back talk
about the censorship in the attack on
Infowars with Roger stone on the other
side this is the war room I'm your host
Owen Troyer Roger stone riding along
with us we'll be right back make no
mistake we've made some major games
against the globalist but they're
striking back all over the world now
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