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top science has just met in Geneva
Switzerland with the United Nations and
said that they are worried about disease
X and say the conditions are the most
ripe in human history for a superbug
either viral or bacterial to be released
that could wipe out all of humanity now
the reason this is so important is they
mentioned humans and animals living in
closer proximity they mentioned the
seven and a half billion people on the
earth and things like that and
drug-resistant bacteria and viruses they
don't mention when you actually go to
the real report they do talk about it
human animal genetic engineering
zoological splicing that allows diseases
that have never been able to hurt humans
to jump across the species China is way
ahead of us in open-air genetic testing
we're way ahead of them in secret
testing but they admit human-animal
hybrids 20 years ago they admit for over
a decade for babies milk they have whole
herds of part human part cow creatures
that produce a human type milk for
babies they grow up human organs and
what they call harvesting packages
humanoids inside cow uteruses because
they're bigger with the sometimes
multiple livers per package this is all
very very old technology
I'm telling you about open-source
information here but there's a paradox
the media is saying I'm a liar I'm
insane there are no human animal cross
species island of dr. Moreau while they
come out in headlines and admit it's
happening but say it's no big deal
go along with it but they never show you
these they've been bringing these to
term when I first read about this back
in the mid 90s it was in medical
literature and things how they were
creating human animal chimeras embryos
so they could be implanted in cows so
they could grow up larger so they could
have more to harvest more blood more
marrow more organs but now they've been
growing these creatures part human part
Pig you name it up to a larger size I
mean China for at least 15 years you can
buy human milk
it's produced in cows udders for your
i human-animal c'mere Azhar gestating on
us research farms a radical new approach
oh it's radical its new I saw they felt
like it's cool we're only having army
gun confiscation drills in your town
you're very special that's a tactic they
is a radical new approach to generate
human organs is to grow inside pigs or
sheep and is it normal to take the dead
babies harvest their organs while
they're still alive implant them in
other animals to grow them up larger
genetically engineered cows that are
part human so that they don't reject the
babies I forgot that part or just
growing babies up in test tubes and
implanting them in cows and pigs and
dogs and sheep and rats and growing them
up the biggest threat is governments
corporations rogue groups you name it
creating a twelfth monkey scenario and
then when you study the globalist being
obsessed with depopulation and reducing
population and saying the earth will be
better once they've gotten rid of ninety
percent of the public you can see how
they're preparing and they've said
they're planning in the future to
release these bio weapons call the
population down to manageable numbers
but they say they'll only release these
weapons once they have the treatment or
the cure for themselves to mitigate it
but here's the big secret their argument
to release the bio weapon up front and
go ahead and wipe out 90% of people
isn't the Earth's overpopulated and
humans are hurting the planet and the
global is selfishly obviously wanted for
themselves and all the technology that's
been developed there breakaway
civilization but an argument you could
say what's right is if they wait till
third world countries develop this and
other dictators develop this and other
people that who will end up releasing it
or rogue terror groups or other
environmental groups that break in and
get the technology for themselves a lot
of folks are studying how to beat these
superbugs but in studying them you
produce them you see and so you see that
12th monkey scenario from fiction coming
true this is what the elite are obsessed
with and they're thinking about
releasing it up front to preemptively
detonate and wipe out most of the
populations because they believe we're
allowed to keep growing like this and
don't bring in a world government to
suppress everybody and as suppress
technology that the Atlantean moment
will occur we will destroy ourselves
there's a lot of controversy around this
network about Alex to be accused of
hiding negative stories about Hillary
and her campaign by catching its
algorithm the berry stories like the
Clinton in body count story that's
according to website Infowars this
coverage is confirmed the region
dr. Martin Luther King has been shot to
death in Memphis Tennessee and the plan
in motion
hit just did the beep
we have clear things that we do not
understand how they were operated
that we can't control
governance at last is it one world
in charge Ezreal claims the attack was
accidental but some former US naval
officers say it was on purpose
they described the day's action as part
of a continuing coverage Russian
intelligence compiled a dossier on mr.
Trump during visits to Moscow stop
denies everything he called it all fake
news and he accused si
if they kill Trump
a massive civil
users have been a high level
are you aware that mr. stone also stated
publicly that he was in direct
communication with Julian Assange and
the White House the president are citing
simple words when I say my body my
choice for a vaccine I'm the crazy
person in force calm forward-slash
in the house thanks book employees
showed up at the Trump in DuBois and
Twitter employees they were embedded in
your campaign I mean think they were
there multiple days a week three four
days a week two days a week what are you
doing inside helping teach us how to use
their platform help I asked each one of
them by email I want to know every
single secret button click technology
you have I won't know everything you
would tell Hillary's campaign plus
something and I want your people here to
teach me how to use this is history book
stuff I keep saying that Milo yeah no it
is and this is an example of one of
those moments in time where regime
change if you like happens quietly and
slowly and almost while nobody is
noticing the incremental erosion of
rights in America has started to
accelerate in the last five or ten years
you know the assaults on the first
amendment assaults on the Second
Amendment the voices who are calling
attention to those assaults being
snuffed out on social media and it's
right I don't think it I think it's
relatively unprecedented in a large free
democratic nation for all of the
institutions in that country the Academy
journalism the media the entertained
industry politics everywhere that's what
it is the season all involved in
criminal activity in lies it's like it
hurts you not for you it's the sense of
guys like Jesus my country's this
overrun I thought I knew how bad it was
a few controllers YouTube should fire
Southern Poverty immediately from all
YouTube monitoring because it's an
outrage I mean to have the possibility
of an anti conservative hitting delete
for partisan reasons or on any content
that's relevant patriotic Americans and
I think Google really needs to be and
YouTube be transparent I mean
moving forward to monitor content and
have a noted policy related to anyone
that has any political affiliation or
any reputation for being part partisan
and I think also there really needs to
be an apology to patriotic Americans
that use YouTube for this gross
oversight and unfair processes that's
really done not with any kind of
disclosure in the choice of using
Southern Poverty for the monitoring of
content it's just it just doesn't make
sense and frankly it opens up a bunch of
things I mean when they're doing this as
a service what else are they doing it to
not just enforce but thousands and
thousands of Christian pro-gun
pro-military shooting clubs do you name
it in the last three weeks and that
actually met with Google Facebook and
Twitter going back again about a half
weeks ago and bragged but they were
gonna work with the left to come in and
shut down censorship well now there's a
headline up on infowars.com
directly linking to his tweet rad par
scale who was really one of the people
in the Trump campaign had their internet
operations now the head up from 2020
which really had impromptu outreach to
the public for the next three years as
we go into 2022 the administration fires
first shot across Big Tex Bao warns them
from 2020 campaign manager Brad parse
kale horns big tags we are watching
President Donald Trump was in
Pennsylvania at a rally to support
Republican Rick ciccone for the March
13th 2018 18th congressional district
special election the president
surrounded by ecstatic steel and
aluminum backed communities laid the
groundwork for the upcoming battle over
immigration in California Pennsylvania
is the state that gave us American
independence American freedom and what
else American steel who we used to be a
nation of tariffs when other countries
would come to the United States they had
to pay for the privilege of taking our
product of taking our jobs they had to
pay they wanted to come in and sell
their product they had a pain today in
China they sell a car to us they pay two
and a half percent we sell a car in
China which by the way is almost
impossible to do despite the tax it's 25
percent so why is that 25 and we're 2
and a half we want to build our ships we
want to build our planes we want to
build our military equipment with steel
with aluminum from our country and now
we're finally taking action to correct
this long overdue problem it's a
today I'm defending America's national
security by placing tariffs on foreign
imports of steel and aluminum we will
have a 25% tariff on foreign steel and a
10 percent tariff on foreign aluminum
when the product comes across our
borders I'm grew up in Texas work for
Alcoa in Texas and we thought we were
running fine and it just came and they
said you know we just can't sustain
anymore we're gonna be shutting the
doors I had to go home and tell my wife
that and pretty much you just hopefully
you don't know what the next day it's
gonna break you don't know what you're
gonna do have a family to take care of
no way of take care of that family this
community was devastated when the lines
shut down so to have those lines come
back up just the opportunity to have
that happen it's gonna be great these
tariffs being signed it's gonna bring
back I mean this community was
devastated when the lines shut down so
this gives us a lot of hope and
opportunity so as long as we're proud of
who we are and what we're fighting for
there is nothing beyond our reach
nothing we stand on the shoulders of
Patriots who poured out their sweat and
blood and tears and we're going to do
things that nobody's been able to do you
know it's very funny every time I go out
to speak we have these massive crowds
Maxine Waters a very low IQ individual
ever seen you ever seen he ever seen
we will impeach him we will impeach the
press but he hasn't done anything wrong
it doesn't matter we will impeach him
she's a low IQ individual you can't help
but he's about division
and he's about dog whistling he's about
dividing you know the various
administration believes our cities
should be safe havens for American
people not for American criminals okay
and now President Trump brings the Mogga
train to California a secessionist
out-of-control liberal nightmare that
will soon come face to face with the
will of the rest of the American people
John Bowne reporting for infowars.com
again I want ROI you're here for info
wars.com we are on the scene a second
suspicious package exploded today ATF is
here along with the FBI
they are interviewing the neighbors
right now excuse me guys
can you tell me which house it was we're
not sure oh you guys aren't even sure
yet okay all right so uh these agents
just arrived on the scene they're not
even sure which house it is we're in
East Austin if you're trying to figure
out the location here East Austin
we'll see you hey do you guys did you
guys hear anything today the explosion
did you guys hear it
oh no kidding were you guys were you
guys in there when it happened we're in
luck in the kitchen
and then how loud was it I thought it
was on fire really do you know which
house do you know which way it came from
or which house it was on the street do
you think it was you think it was that
way yeah that way you know for sure yeah
all right
that's crazy huh dang so you all heard
it from inside your house huh that's
wild all right hey thanks guys
yeah yeah you got anything you want to
say to you too all right
again folks are out here East Austin a
second suspicious explosion today a
third in three weeks a hand-delivered
package and it does look like it did
come from over here so there is I'm not
sure what I'm not sure why they're
interviewing a man down the street here
homicide on the scene as well as FBI
local law enforcement I'm not exactly
sure what they're interviewing that
neighbor for seems like a bit of a
distance away from the scene but
regardless that's what's going on so I'm
actually approaching what I believe to
be the site of the explosion I'm on
Fargus Road just went north of crews on
again this is in East Austin Texas
sup guys hey did you guys hear the
you got you guys live around here like
from do you know which house it was
playing oh where the explosion is like
farther down here what did it sound like
to you so boom like a gas pipe going up
guest and I'm like dude would you say it
sounded like a firework or like louder
than that a lot louder could you feel it
no okay do you know do you know if
anyone's been hurt or anything like that
I have no idea no idea you guys just
okay everybody in the area they just got
them out of their houses okay
alright fellas thank you again Owen Troy
your info wars.com on the scene of a
third explosion here in Austin Texas
okay so we're
getting morning
again developing Cory
we're at the corner of Galindo and
Vargas and this is the street they have
shut down
so Galindo Street is the one that shut
down here
yes sir dr. Spielman here a film over
there okay no problem
nice all just don't right over here
alright right here I'm on private
property now I think I think you're
taking this a little far if you want me
to just walk away
I can walk away I'm looking around here
reporting no I'm not sure all right I
guess you like chatting with me
all right so Owens Roy here in force
calm you know what I'm not gonna I'm not
gonna comment on the activity that
please up sir he's obviously under some
so I'll just keep walking I guess down
the seen end yeah so Galindo Street is
the one that they have blocked off
and she's a ma'am do you live around
here did you did you hear the explosion
going kind of crazy yeah I walked out
and I immediately ran down here because
my neighbor she's very elderly and I
want to check on her no I need that
there was none of her family members of
the house so I immediately ran to her
house as well as my neighbors to make
sure that everybody was okay and then
that by that point everybody called the
fire department and the ambulance
everything started arriving I knew it
was so serious down there do you know if
anyone was injured or not I do know you
just got here - okay all right well
thank you all right so right now I'm not
sure if anyone's injured I'm afraid to
talk to another police officer like that
one who want to have a quote unquote
another chat with me not sure what that
means exactly but again you've got
you've got ATF on the scene you've got
homicide on the scene you've got the FBI
on the scene you've got a whole Street
shut down and evacuated you heard some
of the witnesses say it sounded like a
gas line
motion or something or other we'll see
if these guys hear anything hey are you
guys from around here did you guys did
you guys hear the explosion what it what
did it sound like to you like a wreak a
real big really you got like you felt it
to art now are you guys on Galindo
Street so you guys have been evacuated
correct Wow okay
have they have they said anything about
injuries or anything like that
to you guys so she's been removed from
the scene did she have any family that
was in the house either her mom and her
daughter okay okay Wow but you guys have
you guys are all okay nothing came into
your houses or anything like that have
they given you a time that you guys may
be able wha okay
they're gonna check each house one by
one they said and you guys you guys felt
it though Wow
so so what do you think I mean did you
guys know this is apparently the third
suspicious package that's exploded in
Austin isn't that wild yeah I mean it
really makes you not want to open a
package you know and that's sad that we
would leave yeah seriously I bet your
price shaking up right now all right
Owens Roy you're here whoo flying around
Austin and here's my stack of news that
I have to cover today a nice big thick
stack of news here and I've luckily I've
already looked into this and so I will
be able to get to this of course the
story that I just got done covering live
from the scene here in East Austin woman
injured in second explosion reported in
Austin on Monday EMS says we've got
reporters live at the scene Jake Lloyd
is live at the scene we're going to try
to get in touch with him now there is
the breaking story of course this has
made its way to national news now all
the local outlets were out there and
some national news outlets were showing
up as well to cover that we actually
have exclusive footage that no one else
got on the Alex Jones Facebook page that
we're going to put up on YouTube that's
right we got exclusive footage that no
one else got including interviews with
these individuals right here because
what happened was I was sitting at my
desk just doing my news aggregation and
luckily I had already done it and I got
all my news printed for today when red
linked at the top of Drudge push note
second explosion in Austin and so I'd
already heard of the first explosion I
was planning on covering that and then
once I saw the second explosion I knew
that this is going to be a big national
story so I hightailed it out to the
and was able to get some of that
exclusive footage before they shut down
the roads as part of a scene of the
crime so we're gonna go back out to Jake
Lloyd who is reporting live we're gonna
get connected with him and we'll get all
the updates on that but you already know
the story probably by now two explosions
in Austin today one fatal the second one
nearly fatal but I don't believe that
the woman who was injured in that second
explosion died as well as a another
elderly woman who I believe was the
homeowner who'd lived in that house
forever we talked to the neighbors they
all knew who she was too so we're gonna
get the update on that there was a press
conference where they discussed how they
do believe that these bombings are
connected this guy now this was
unbelievable that guy somehow slept
through the whole thing if you can
believe that so that's like a whole
nother story but excuse me folks I'm
literally drinking water for the first
time in like four hours right now so
this is like so refreshing okay that's
what you get from live media folks that
will that's what we do here at Infowars
we rush out to the scene of the crime I
don't even worry about grabbing a jacket
I don't do makeup we don't do anything
like that I didn't have to get my hair
done before I came on here I didn't have
to do my makeup we just fly live and and
bring you the news here no spin raw live
news coverage so there's some of our
footage from the press conference today
as well we're gonna be joined by Michael
Zimmerman and Jake Lloyd in the next
segment all right so you know what
here's what I'll do here just I'm just
gonna go through the smattering of news
that I was planning on covering today
this story I really wanted to blow wide
open and I actually was given leads on
this story well I guess it would have
been right about here it would have been
right about September 29th 2017 now this
is why this story interested me
originally because it looked like Kamala
Harris was gonna be the Democrat
nomination for president but what you
find out is in 2016
when Kamala Harris a rat
posing as a Democrat when she was
Attorney General accused a man of a hate
crime that he was never guilty of and I
gotta be honest with you folks and and
then now I may have to put off coverage
of this till tomorrow because I really
wanted to do a deep deep dive into this
because there's a lot of shady stuff
going on here now when this was first
reported to me it was when Kamala Harris
looked at like she was going to be the
big big person for the Democrats to run
in 2020 then they backed off of that so
I kind of backed off of that but Kamala
Harris has been back in the news lately
and you know she scolds President Trump
any opportunity she gets but CNN the
dead dying news organization that it is
is actually covering this and blowing it
out of the water now of course it's
still CNN it's still the very fake news
fake as hell as President Trump said on
Saturday in Pennsylvania so last
September you know what let me let me
just go in order here you know what you
know what I'm gonna put it down so
there's your tease of that so Kamala
Harris dirty rotten Democrat I've got
the details on that Putin set to win
reelection with 69% of vote now there
are two stories or should I say there's
two angles to this that I'm waiting for
the mainstream media to cover one
seriously though the mainstream media
considering all the time they spend on
Trump Russia collusion and they never
stop talking about Russia you know I
mean who knows the FBI was on the scene
in Austin during an explosion today they
were probably looking for Russian
collusion so what is the angle to this
story is it that the people in Russia
loved Vladimir Putin so much that he is
gonna win in a landslide and it already
looks like he's got the vast majority of
the country ready to vote for him now of
course if you're CNN and you're MSNBC
and you're fake news that can't be the
point right because
this is Vladimir Putin this is the guy
who's meddling in Italy's elections he's
meddling in the United States elections
he's meddling always meddling everywhere
I mean Russia is just meddling and it's
all Putin Putin is doing it all so if
he's meddling in every other election on
the face of the earth wouldn't he be
meddling in his own wouldn't Vladimir
Putin be set to rig his own election so
what is the media gonna report because
they can't just report
Putin is gonna win here in a landslide
Putin's got all of this support in
Russia Russia loves Putin they can't
just report that they can't tell you
that Russia loves Putin they can't tell
you that Russia is fully behind Putin
they can't tell you that Russia is
nationalistic and coming back from the
shackles of communism they can't report
that but they have to report what's
going on and that's Vladimir Putin is is
dominating right now and he's gonna win
re-election so he must have rigged it so
let's just wait because you know that
that's how the media is gonna report
oh speaking of fake news global warming
so now you've got another nor'easter
coming what is this like the third
another blizzard another nor'easter yeah
and so that's why they're moving it to
climate change and now they're having
plays it's called kill climate deniers
which of course is ironic because they
are the climate deniers I am gonna be
joined in the third hour at 5:30 by
Shiva ayyadurai so now this story is
going international Elizabeth Warren
refuses DNA test to prove Native
American heritage dr. Shiva made this
challenge on Infowars
dr. Shiva is such a great guy and he
gets CC this is it's all about
forward-thinking dr. Shiva knows that he
can come to Infowars and he can trust us
to report on the truth and to not spin
things so he comes to me and he says
look Owen we're gonna he's done all
sorts of stunts to challenge elizabeth
warren there's a whole list of them but
this was one of his first ones he's
bought her
he bought her like a star and named it
Monsanto Queen Elizabeth Monsanto or
something but this is was like
originally like a year ago
he comes on shown he says I challenge
Elizabeth Warren to a DNA test and he
even sent her the kit he sent her the
DNA cake now of course she didn't
respond one of many challenges dr. Shiva
ayyadurai has offered Elizabeth Warren
so now she refuses the DNA test but she
already refused the DNA test now it's a
national story now it's a national story
that she's refusing the DNA test Shiva
dr. Shiva is the one that prompted this
when he challenged her a fake Indian the
real Indian Shiva ayyadurai
running against the fake is Indian
Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts
Senate race doctor Chevallier challenged
her to this DNA test a long time ago now
it becomes national news so dr. Shiva ID
ray joins us at 5:30 to talk about that
all kinds of news reporters live from
the scene in Austin when we get back
welcome back to the war room I forgot
this is actually a delayed delayed
return because I was doing Alex Jones
all last week so I was coming back to
the war room and then I was delayed of
even getting back and then Alex Jones
was filling in for me and now we're
about to hear from one of our reporters
Jake Lord who is out at the scene of the
second explosion here in Austin Texas in
East Austin today and we're gonna be
covering that and you know what I just
went through my stack of newsy and
there's so much important breaking news
and I don't even have the Julian Assange
story in front of me calling out the CIA
for running the Democrat Party I mean it
just gets wilder and Wilder here people
getting detained in England because they
have right-wing conservative views but a
radical Muslim says I want to be a
Muslim terrorist and they let him walk
and then he kills seven people so that's
just what's going on over in the UK
they're so they're so bass-ackwards that
a right-wing conservative like tommy
robinson is the biggest threat to them
but a radical Islamic jihadist who
threatens to blow people up is perfectly
fine and then goes and does it and they
say be tolerant and then Sadiq Khan
that's part and parcel and then city con
comes to Austin Texas for South by
Southwest and then explosions happen
here I guess he would just tell us
that's part and parcel to living in a
big city that's the sick disgusting
leader of London Sadiq Khan the conman
but now let's go out to Jake Lloyd who
is at the scene of the second explosion
here in Austin Texas Texas the third in
three weeks
Jake have you been interviewing people
talking to people since I left the scene
we've tried to do a little bit of
interviewing some of the people around
here we haven't gotten too far most of
the people have gone back inside since
the police presence has retreated back
across the line to do their
investigation the media has mostly
departed aside from us there are a few
left around so we've talked to a couple
people we haven't gotten to much more
than what we got earlier beforehand so
nothing new breaking no details about
suspicious behavior or suspicious
individuals other than the one that was
reported last night nobody's saying they
saw anything else today you know we
haven't heard anything about anybody
seeing anything else aside from what we
heard about in the press conference with
the chief of police talking about the
basics of the investigation what kind of
bomb it was how they're looking into it
so that's that's about all that we've
heard right now there's not any any
other new ranking info at the moment no
was there anything else that was said
during that press conference I was I was
live on air so I didn't get to hear it
was there anything else that was
important said during that press
conference I mean they did say they
believe the bombings are linked but as
far as any other details that the
audience needs to know what else did
they say well so they do think that the
bombings are linked we don't have an
exact blast radius or know exactly how
powerful the bombs were but they're
obviously pretty powerful to have killed
somebody and cause serious injury
they're still unsure exactly what kind
of improvised explosive device it was
they're not they're doing tests on the
chemicals involved to see if they are
the same between each incident but
that's current currently under
investigation so we haven't heard but
that's what they're looking into you at
the moment did they mention anything
about South by Southwest being in town
during the press conference they did
they said that people at South by
be wary they should be vigilant and
report any suspicious behavior they said
that they don't see any reason that
there should be severe caution or that
people should be overly panicked and
avoid going out but they do think that
people should be vigilant and that if
they see anything suspicious that they
should call the Austin Police Department
to let them know what's going on were
they able to get any details about the
package as far as the wrapping was
concerned I mean was it wrapped to look
like it was a package from say Amazon or
some other delivery service like that to
confuse the person do they have any
details on why the individual would have
opened the package or what they thought
it might have been they don't have any
any specific details on the packaging
itself it you know there's there's not
much to recover after an explosion like
that however they do say that while it
seems to have been a cardboard box they
don't want to say that it will only be
in a cardboard box because they want
peat they want to rule anything out
because that limits it and it makes it
more dangerous for anybody else who
might be caught up in a similar attack
that uses different packaging so it
seems like it was likely in cardboard
boxing but as far as they know it
doesn't look like it was made to look as
if it had been delivered from a certain
courier service now I wouldn't get a
little bit more in a detail about
something that Alex was talking about on
the Alex Jones Show about this being
communist bombings or even an Tifa
planned violence basically what you have
is an area in Austin Texas and it is in
East Austin Texas where a lot of these
homes are old and worn down and it's
kind of a lower-income area and some new
houses are being built new nice houses
are being built and as Austin is
expanding you have more people kind of
moving into that area so there's been
stories including stories on Yahoo News
talking about this particular phenomenon
and they're calling it they call it
gentrification is what they call it and
so basically because Austin is expanding
so much you've got people that may be of
higher income moving into lower-income
areas and kind of changing that Hill
whole area and there was an incident in
Austin before where the Communist Red
Guard locked a bunch of cats
in a homeless cat shelter I forget the
name of it guys remember just go to the
blue cat cafe was the name of that so so
there are communists in Austin that have
a history of doing violence in areas
that they call gentrified areas to stop
the gentrification and the story goes if
you you know plan violence or do
so-and-so or whatever in the area that's
being gentrified you'll scare homeowner
other homeowners out you'll scare new
people from wanting to move in out but I
didn't really hear any of the neighbors
talking about that I haven't really
heard anyone bring up that angle but
Jake I mean you're on the scene there
are some new houses being built right in
that area yeah and we didn't hear it too
much about gentrification from the from
the local neighborhood the the people
dwell in here so there's a couple
different angles that could be taken one
it could be random acts of violence it
could be done in a neighborhood like
this because there are less security
measures there's not there's not cameras
there's not as much of a like you know
in an area like this where they may be
more a higher crime rate you may be able
to do things like this people in hoodies
may not be seen to be that sketchy and
maybe in more normal occurrence and it
may not be get reported to the police on
the other hand it could be something who
knows like I said it could be random act
of violence or it could be something to
frame you see how they how they did with
Florida how it how it became a white
nationalist shooting this is in a
primarily Hispanic neighborhood the two
of the bombings were African American
people were involved so it may be done
that it may be done that way on purpose
or it may just be spun that way in the
future to say that this is a white
nationalist or alt-right attack who
knows but as far as gentrification goes
it could be that but I haven't heard
anything too much about that from the
locals okay and I'm being told that both
of the fatalities from these explosions
the one three weeks ago and then the
young man the 17 year old earlier today
we're both African Americans so we'll
see if there's some sort of spin or some
time to angle they try to take with that
but the point you made earlier was the
the point that I heard most from the
neighborhood that they were like hey you
know this is an area that we do have
some crime here you know we do have drug
raids so you know a sketchy individual
walking around might not alert somebody
as it would
in another area and maybe that's why
they chose that area anything else you
want to report Jake before we let you go
I don't think so we're gonna keep on the
ground it looks like everybody that is
here that we could have interviewed has
gone inside but we're going to
definitely be following this story very
closely and updating the info audience
on enforce comm and the Alex Jones
channel but aside from that I think that
that's about everything that's been said
through the press conference today
all right Jake Lloyd thank you so much
from the scene in East Austin where the
second explosion went off today and
there is a police scene expanding right
now two other blocks of that
neighborhood so they will be on the
ground there and you can find their
coverage on the Alex Jones YouTube
channel and as well as on the Alex Jones
Facebook channel so folks we're able to
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store calm welcome back to the War Room
here and yes the Clintons are corrupt
and Hillary Clinton you know at least
bill kind of you know I mean I don't
feel like Bill is really bothering me
much at least bill kind of just rode off
into the sunset you know he just wants
to die of whatever and peace and not be
bothered and you know and do his little
bimbo thing whatever with the cigars and
everything hang out with the Playmate
you know he's not bothering us he's not
ramming policy down our throat he's not
ramming sound bites down our throat he's
just kind of you know honestly he's
probably he's probably just as sick as
Hillary Clinton as the rest of us are if
not more I mean this is the guy who's
been dealing with there his whole life
but Hillary Clinton just won't shut up
that disgusting demon pig which just
will not shut up
it's really quite disgusting the
arrogance the bravado of a Hillary
Clinton even after losing an election
she can't just go away she has to just
keep ramming herself down our throats
and it's only making people hate her
even more it's only making her even more
toxic to the average American that she
won't just go a way of course the reason
why she won't go away is cuz she can't
go away this woman is still in the
battlefield fighting for her very life
to try to stay out of jail so that's
really what is behind all of this is to
try to keep the public eye on Trump and
keep the public hatred on Trump and
that's really what she's doing when she
gives us sound bites like this now I
don't even know where this came from
because this was just handed to me but
basically here's Hillary Clinton saying
that Trump voters don't like
african-americans having rights or women
having jobs the map of the United States
there's all that red in the middle where
Trump won now I win the coasts I win you
know Illinois
so to places like that yeah yeah yeah
you're you're the candidate of the
coastal elites that's what the Democrat
Party has become a coastal party of the
coastal elites and then the dregs of the
inner cities that they promised free
handouts to there that's the only people
that vote Democrat now and those numbers
are dwindling because the people in the
inner cities are starting to realize
that the Democrat Party has screwed them
over but let's go back to Hillary
Clinton making up lies about Americans
the soda places like that but what the
map doesn't show you is that I won the
places that represent two-thirds of
America's gross domestic product so I
won the places that that doesn't make
our optimistic diverse dynamic moving
forward and his whole campaign exactly
exactly she's talking about inner cities
she's no no see this is it she's right
she wins the inner city vote because the
Democrats promised handouts to poor
people so that's not actually the people
that contribute to the GDP in in inner
cities maybe on the coasts but that is
such an inaccurate statement to make
because you don't know who's voting oh
yeah I'm from the areas that produce the
GDP really rich is that who voted for
you can you prove that no that is
totally just that is just rhetoric
that's all that is let's go back to
Clinton getting rights you don't like
women you know getting jobs you don't
want to go see an American extra line
that we got to hear this whole clip
because that was the gold right here now
listen to Hillary Clinton virtue
signaling still to this day one of the
biggest losers and presidential election
history in fact Hillary Clinton is the
biggest loser in presidential election
history now listen to her virtue signal
and was looking backwards you know you
didn't like black people getting rights
you don't like women you know getting
jobs you don't want it you know see that
Indian Americans succeeding more than
you are whatever
I'm gonna solve it so it was a symptom
but it was get that witch out of here
you know I'm literally I the black
unemployment reaches all-time lows
Hispanic unemployment reaches all-time
lows Trump has appointed more women to
his cabinet than any president in US
history I mean I'm sorry that all I can
do is get so mad when Hillary Clinton
just lies to us like this I mean what
else can a straight-up cold liar I mean
that is a lying bitch what else do you
say welcome back to Infowars I'm Roger
stone your co-host here at war room I'm
in the New York studios of Infowars
where we're fighting the information war
every day as you know the tech left and
those who control content on the
Internet have begun a systematic
crackdown on libertarians Trump
supporters nationalists and anyone
really who they disagree with it says
strangling our First Amendment rights we
believe that everyone left right and
center has a right to the marketplace of
ideas to the town square
as the Facebook's and Twitter's like to
tell us they are this week we saw for
the very first time Twitter
censoring the President of the United
States and his son and the inestimable
Matt Drudge Wow that's really something
this is the information war and they
seek to block us from giving you
information that's what this fight is
all about still joining me and the
co-host chair is the ever dapper the
extraordinarily well turned out where is
your necktie today I just got from the
scene of the crime Roger I had to run in
here from the scene of a crime I know
you're out doing coverage so I'm just
I'm giving you a dispensation from the
necktie and the
taystee tie bar that you always choose
for those of you who don't know owen
Schroyer has earned a place on my
international best and worst dressed
list where men like michael moore and my
friend Jesse Ventura rate with the
fashion losers so it is great to be with
you oh and there's an extraordinary
thing going on here as the mainstream
media allies of the there it is there my
2017 international best and worst
Restless for those who don't know this
is a tradition that I picked up from the
late mr. Blackwell who was a Hollywood
designer whose withering or praiseworthy
commentary could make socialites or
politicians or movie stars or starlets
or athletes or others overnight
sensations he died some years ago and
since I had always looked forward to his
rankings I decided to pick up this
tradition and continue it but the
mainstream media is engaged in this
extraordinary overall overall effort to
re relitigate Russian collusion with a
false premise narrative that goes like
WikiLeaks endure Julian Assange gave a
Roger stone documents that were hacked
by the Russians and stone passed them to
trump therefore when Trump said
nationally the called on the Russians to
release them that meant that competitor
has he seen them this is as far as I
know entirely false I never received
anything from WikiLeaks or Assange
or the Russians as was speculated by
Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post to
pass on to Trump I never discussed the
matter of the WikiLeaks disclosures
including Hillary's email Podesta's
email the DNC emails with candidate or
president Trump so I don't know what he
knew who he knew it from when he knew it
Specht he knew what we all knew from the
from the press reports signs himself had
said several times in interviews that he
had material on the Clintons so that is
not news in this case they want to
relitigate that with the false narrative
it is all based of course on a premise
the premise is if Assange is a Russian
or a Russian agent in this case and he
passed documents to stone and stone gave
them to Trump that this constitutes
treason so therefore avi I remember
pardon me of Emma said she speculates
that my defense of Asajj is moving the
goalposts as if it was something new
because it would redefine a crime that I
haven't committed this is an absurdity
it is a it's amazing the lengths that
people will go to well and this whole
thing to me is already blown up in their
face but it's actually gonna get even
worse for them but if you just take
every angle in every story that fake
news media and the Democrats want to run
with as far as this Russian collusion is
concerned it doesn't take a genius or a
rocket scientist to realize that they
haven't even done their their own math
correctly because they want to run with
this narrative that President Trump is
colluding with Russia Putin is pulling
all the strings okay so let's go ahead
and believe that that's the case well if
if Russia is pulling all the strings and
running president Trump then why does he
need Julian Assange why does he need
Roger stone why does he need
Papadopoulos why does he need page why
does he need metaphor why does he need
any of these people
why do any of these other stories that
the media reports on that may indicate
clusion who he was talking to a lawyer
and then Don junior may have talked to a
lawyer and then who there was a former
KGB agent that worked at a German bank
at one time and Trump had some money
there why would he need all of these
different channels and all of these
different angles and all of these
different stories that they want to put
out there if he was really colluding
with Russia and Putin was running
everything of course the answer is he
wouldn't because the entire thing
fake news well look the Trump
administration is selling offensive
weapons to the Ukrainians over the
objections of the Russians there are
other examples where the president is
moving aggressively in the face of
Russian aggression so it disproves this
whole idea that he's in Putin's pocket
he is taking actions in the region that
are adverse to putin's interests and
Putin's government is quite upset about
it kind of offsets the whole phony
narrative Don Junior's done nothing
illegal you've done nothing improper
that meeting smells more and more like a
the Russian woman lawyer in questions in
the country without a visa illegally oh
yeah triple agent she already worked the
fusion GPS who who helped to fabricate
the Trump dossier that was gathered from
Russian intelligence sources I mean the
whole thing is just such a joke it's
absurd it stinks it stinks I've set up
and Donald Trump jr. is a is a real
Patriot I mean this is a guy who uses
his social media the way his father used
it in his rise to the presidency his
commentary is must-read is a true
patriot he tells the truth he says
things that a member of the White House
staff or somebody who works directly if
the president cannot perhaps sometimes
say but he's you know he's very
underestimated and he's got a lot of
you know the invasion in your family
privacy if you're the son or daughter of
a president you don't choose to be there
but you support your father the invasion
of the privacy of his entire family is
extraordinary well and let's not forget
this is this is a Donald Trump jr. who
just had a suspicious package sent to
his house that his wife opens with some
suspicious you know powder in it so I
mean these people are under attack
look I I it must be very honest with you
I think Donald Trump jr. and his brother
have conducted the time themselves
publicly in an extraordinary manner we
know they're hunters we know they're
second-amendment guys we know they feel
strongly about it but they have they
have I think really done an excellent
job of representing their family on
those few occasions where they choose to
be in the media I think they've
acquitted themselves
well I really watched I was watching
Eric the other night on TV and I think
he was extraordinarily effective so I
commend them and I'm a fan you outrages
me that Twitter is censoring Don juniors
feed just deeming that some things that
he says or posts are too sensitive to be
posted this is precisely what we're
talking about here in the info Awards
well it's crazy because we've been
dealing with this I mean you can't even
go on Twitter you're totally banned off
of Twitter I mean you're not even
allowed on Twitter I mean how dare you
even think about having a Twitter but
even even the war room anything that we
put out on Twitter it gets censored you
can't see it it says its offensive now
they're doing the same thing to the
Trump's now they're doing it to Drudge
Report the number one news site in the
world I mean think about that folks
Twitter Twitter thinks it's above Drudge
Report Twitter thinks it's the app it's
gonna decide what's real news what's not
what's hate speech what's not well you
know how that's gonna go real news is
going to get deleted and erased and or
in called hate speech and then fake news
is gonna get put on the top oh and we
don't just assume this is happening they
admitted in congressional hearings and
Project Veritas caught them on video
admitting it we'll be right back with
Roger stone this is the war room don't
go anywhere it's honestly just madness
right now the info war is just crazy we
need your support at info war store calm
folks okay I my head is spinning right
now you've got two fatal explosions in
Austin Texas one today two explosions
today from a suspicious package you've
got South by Southwest in town oh just
South by Southwest being here is
maddening Sadiq Khan is in town I'm
gonna find this clip it's just it's just
nuts look at this stack of news that we
have here okay you've got a Saudi
general this story is from The Telegraph
reput out by Yahoo a Saudi general may
have been tortured to death
and several wealthy businessmen were
allegedly abused in captivity at the
ritz-carlton hotel during Crown Prince
Mohammed bin Salman s recent crackdown
on powerful figures in Saudi Arabia
can you read into this and you find out
this happened in November of course what
happened just before November the los
vegas shooting what did our intel tell
us about that it had something to do
with the exchange of power in Saudi
Arabia and a terrorist attack and now
you're getting more news indicative of
that being the story so you've got that
going on you've got that developing I
mean there's all this crazy stuff you
got Vladimir Putin set to R in win
re-election with 69% of the vote and a
poll right now so I'm just curious Roger
what is the story here with Vladimir
Putin is Vladimir Putin that popular in
Russia is he that great of a leader for
Russia that they love him so much that
he's gonna win in a landslide or is this
just typical Russian meddling now flat
Amir Putin is basically rigging in his
own Russian elections because I mean if
you followed the mainstream news Roger
he's he's rigged every lex election from
here to Timbuktu so I mean of course
he's gonna rig his own election look we
understand the obstacles that are put in
the way by of the state of his opponents
we recognize their use of brutal force
to control their electoral policies this
is not surprising we make no excuses for
that Putin is a very tough guy the
question here is did he somehow collude
in a meaningful way to help Donald Trump
and there's no evidence that he did we
have the special counsel in dining a
group of Russians for what is seems to
be ham-handed email antics where they
seem to be pro Trump
anti Trump prober nee anti-hillary most
of them on you spent after the election
they appear to be inept in their
messaging bumbling almost and their
overall expenditures a relative drop in
the bucket in terms of what was spent in
the election and what the
the total you know impact of it was well
yeah I mean if they want to talk a seat
it's just it's so it's so bothering it's
so like it just makes you nauseous and
it just shows how fake they are Russian
meddling Russian meddling and then the
only thing that they can say is some
meeting with a lawyer that looks like a
setup that at the worst is opposition
research that everybody does or they say
look at these Facebook ads a couple a
couple thousand dollars spent going
always for Bernie for Hillary for Trump
oh yeah that's that shows Russian
collusion that shows Russia meddling and
then it's like George Soros is just
spending hundreds of I mean just cash is
just flowing out of George Soros his
organization's flowing out of George
Soros his bank accounts to the Democrats
to all the leftist organizations to all
the rallies that are a collusion between
all of them and and all they talk about
is Russia collusion which is like a drop
in the bucket compared to George Soros
that has his fingers on everything local
elections national elections Democrat
candidates I mean it's honestly
infuriating Roger that they spend all of
this time covering Russian collusion and
not ace it not even a fraction of a
second on George Soros well pardon me
for that Marco Rubio moment there look
it's very interesting a thousand people
have asked me about Sam Nunn Berg the
young writer researcher who was one
excuse me I'm gonna have a Sam Nunn Berg
moment who was as you know had the
distinction of having been fired not
once but twice
I don't Sam is a very smart guy
brilliant work Smith really a great
writer a very good attorney on the
attack but he had a tragic what appeared
to me to be a meltdown on television
interviews back-to-back where he
contradicted himself about they have
something on the president they have
nothing on the president they have
something but I don't know what it is
you know he is he is obviously a guy
with with demons it's interesting
because I had calls from the media
tonight two large newspapers who wanted
to know about an email or a boast by me
that I had met in London with Julie and
Asajj and I of course have never done
that never said that I did that and then
it occurred to me that one Friday after
the 30th call from Sam number who was
obsessive in his communications were
engaged in a political project or an
enthusiasm when I was trying to get him
off the phone he said what are your
plans for the weekend I said on I think
I will fly to London and have dinner
with Julian Assange
now of course my passport and Airport
records and the surveillance cameras at
the Ecuadorian Embassy would demonstrate
that I did no such thing but I it was a
throwaway line a joke a piece of stick
to get him off the phone well they might
not have you there Roger but me and you
did go to Russia house here in Austin
and have a Russian martini we are we are
entirely a busted in any event I think
that is the source of this rumor that I
went to London to monster bleep false I
never boasted about it I it is alleged
there is an email this is news to me
I've turned over all the evidence to the
House Intelligence Committee which
proves definitively that I received no
communications from WikiLeaks or Assange
no allegedly hacked emails or anything
else I received nothing from the
Russians broadly defined I have never
met or spoken with Assange I did not
visit him in London I did drop my card
off there when I was in London to speak
to the Oxford Union but that's because I
protest the persecution of a journalist
he is a virtual prisoner in poor health
in his cramped little space he cannot
leave for fear of being extradited for
absurd allegations he publishes
classified information
that's what journalists do it often
embarrasses government there's no
evidence that he works for any
nation-state he denies it
we know the intelligence agencies repeat
it like a mantra but it is it is not the
case in any event on the other side
we're going to talk about the m4 store
and how you can fuel our entire expanded
coverage of the Trump Revolution and the
struggle that lies ahead with the
globalists we have some extraordinary
specials now now when you go to the info
war store as Alex Jones likes to say
it's a 360 when you get the best
products with literally thousands of
detailed testimonials you but you know
that you're not going to help Big Pharma
or some other firm you're helping the
information war because we have no
corporate fat cats or right-wing
billionaires well not to get into the
gory details of the San nunberg what do
you want to say phenomenon or whatever
whatever you want to call it I think
that to me what I take away from it and
I want to get Roger stones details of
what he knows on this in a second but to
me it shows how desperate the anti-trump
media is where I mean literally I bet
you a a hobo like could roll off the
roll out of the gutter and and and you
know Jake Tapper or someone Chris Cuomo
is just hanging out outside of CNN or
Jake Tapper's hanging out outside of the
White House and some hobo rolls out of
the gutter
you know half drunk you know whatever is
like I got information on Trump Russia
they put a mic in his face yeah well
tell us I mean and it just shows how
desperate they are I mean look I think
it came out that you know Sam Nunn Berg
was obviously under the influence when
he was doing these interviews in fact
after one of them blew up on CNN Erin
Burnett even called him out calling him
out for it
so are all of them drunk I mean is that
the thing like they're all already drunk
the fake news hosts on CNN and MSNBC and
everywhere else are they already drunk
that they didn't even notice he was
drunk or
or are they just that desperate that
they'll take anyone who will say
anything negative about Trump on
television they'll just give them a
platform but obviously there's a lot
more behind it Roger and you may be
privy to some of those details so I mean
you know now that it's kind of behind us
and the whole Sam Nunn Berg thing is
over with well what do you what was the
case with that well I think it's very
important to understand that Sam Nunn
Berg is an able attorney he first came
to my notice when he was working with
Jay Sekulow who is representing the
president a great attorney in his
organization fighting efforts to build a
mosque in downtown Wall Street where the
local citizens do not want it at the
site of 9/11 some people will feel very
strongly about this particularly here in
New York where it is exceedingly
unpopular and Sam was active in court in
trying to block them he was the only
staffer for Donald Trump working on
political matters between 2012 and 2016
and now says he played a role like the
young Pat Buchanan played for Richard
Nixon in the sense that Sam did the
briefing memos for Donald Trump II
prepared talking points at Trump's
direction he looked up articles that
that Trump told him to read after he had
skinned them he really I think helped
candidate formulate his own ideas Sam is
a brilliant wordsmith he's also you know
a man with extraordinary demons like the
young Buchanan he imbibes
evidently in house he was going into
treatment you know the problem of course
is that Sam is you know he is an
enthusiast and he is a he's a relentless
what he is after something now in this
particular case I you know I I evidently
joked with him about visiting Assange
and I he must have repeated that to
others because a fellow named Peter
stone good investigative reporter not a
bad fellow called me insisting he had
first and source who said that I had
said this well only as a throwaway line
and only to say him who obviously didn't
get the joke this is you know Sam's
performance I think I felt sympathy for
him I thought it was a tragic meltdown
it was like almost like a honey Youngman
routine at points I mean they have
something on the president they have
nothing on the president you could see
his prejudices and then come back and
say well I'm an attorney I was never
really going to not you know respect the
subpoena and so on it was an
extraordinary a thing the point here is
of course the truth regardless of what
anyone says I never met with a song I
never got any documents including
allegedly hacked emails this whole
mainstream media premise that the DNC
was hacked
there's no consensus thinking on that
many people disagree and there's a lot
of scientific evidence to us that would
lead one to conclude a backdoor job in
which someone who was inside the DNC
downloaded this data to a portable drive
of some kind a thumb drive a zip drive
whatever and it was spirited out the
back door most likely by someone who by
the name of Seth wrench or some other
disgruntled Bernie supporter who had the
right to expect an honest game from the
DNC which is probably their motivation
so a salmon burger is gonna he's a
tortured soul and he's a bit of a Yenta
he's a notorious gossip but in this case
I think he has repeated a joke line
perhaps not maliciously but in the case
of here I suspect that's what we're
talking about I wish this fellow nothing
but the best he needs to get treatment
for his demons he should write he's a
brilliant writer he should focus on his
writing and get himself clean it is oh
and you're not a spectacle we need to
keep seeing after he
came to my attention of course he
started working closely with Steve
Bannon and fortunate Fellini for me the
thirty times a day that Sam would email
and text me little ultimately dwindled
off to be a very few sometimes he would
call me late at night to curse me out
about something I had said but when I
wrote a piece for the Daily Caller
saying that Steve should go he was
furious he called me a piece of you know
and said that he would kill me and so on
I say almost affectionately Sam's a wild
man but in this case I think that he is
suddenly perhaps a disservice in any
event I wish him the best I think that
the phrase you were looking for there
was piece of shit I think you were
looking for the phrase piece of shit is
what you're looking for and I just want
to be clear here I wasn't I wasn't
saying sam nunn burgers like a homeless
bum I was simply saying that CNN and
MSNBC are that desperate they would
literally go to the gutters for a
homeless bum if they thought it would
get them anti-trump coverage but with
it was just an instance where I think
they were so hopped up so excited they
think they could get some details that
they didn't even think to like you know
kind of cross-reference the guy and make
sure he had his story straight or to
even you know necessarily make sure he
was sober whether that would have kept
him off the air or not I don't really
know I'm not trying to trying to act
higher than now towards sam nunn burg
again this is me saying this is this
shows you how fake the mainstream news
is that they would allow a sam number
let's say he was dealing with some
serious demons that week to even have
the the platform to have that type of a
breakdown again I pointed the fake news
for being responsible for that but
they're desperate they're not gonna stop
Roger they're gonna they'll have some
other crazy thing that happens to try to
bring Trump down it's just gonna make
him look worse again you know nobody
made that point better than Sean Hannity
when I appeared on his program he was
eloquent on that point the media has a
responsibility at some point to say to
cut away and say Sam your two-year to
in order to under the influence or your
it to continue this interior
particularly if she indeed smelled
alcohol on his breath but again an
anti-trump story a story that can be
made an anti-trump story you know that
immediately catches their fancy the
bottom line of this remains the the same
which is that the overall charge of
Russian collusion doesn't hold water
there's no a collusion with Trump with
the Trump campaign it's time to move off
of this it's just a mantra that the
Democrats won't let go of yet there is
nothing there that we can say well they
won't let go of it
I'm not sure I mean I'm not even sure if
they let go of it even it's like okay
let's say that Muller comes out and says
all right no collusion with Trump Russia
nothing existed we looked and we found
nothing or what if they got shut down I
mean I don't even think even if it got
shut down
even if Muller said no collusion they
still wouldn't stop it I don't think
they can ever stop this narrative
because it's already fake and they've
already quadrupled quintupled down they
can't back away from it now Roger
they've already buried themselves in
this Russian collusion story where there
are other fake news stories like
obsessing over stormy Daniels they can't
even get enough attention on that
because they're too busy focused on
Russia welcome back your freedom command
central that's right it's the war room
with your co-hosts Owen Schroyer and
Roger stone if you want to help us with
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on the globalists and the atheist list
godless a pedophile armies of the of the
new world order and their handmaidens in
the modern Democratic Party and burrow
deep into the deep state recesses of the
military-industrial complex we are the
tip of the spear we are the the the
alternative conservative news site that
goes where others do not dare to go and
they can call us conspiracy theorists
but I'll tell you a conspiracy that the
russians hacked the DNC and they lagged
the documents to Wikileaks who lagged
them too
Gaston who lagged them to Donald Trump
who lied them to the Trump campaign
that's a crazy left-wing conspiracy
theory it seems to be embraced by some
at MSNBC some at salon some at the
Washington Post even although there are
many good reporters at The Washington
Post who are I think just trying to do
an honest job without political bent so
we are we are faced with a situation in
which rumors spread like wildfire and
the whole Russian collusion thing is
collapsing around their ears that's
because it's a it's meant as a
distraction for the fact that the Obama
administration and their attempts to
help Hillary Clinton have gotten caught
red-handed in the largest scandal of
political espionage in our history one
that makes the break-in at the Watergate
Hotel by the forces allied with Richard
Nixon look like small potatoes make it
look like pardon me a third-rate
burglary what we're seeing now Roger is
they have all of these other satellite
issues that they try to bring up you
know the me2 thing they always want that
to land on Donald Trump oh he's he's
this he's racist he's that they have all
these other attacks that they try to use
against them they say disavow David Duke
president Trump disavow David Duke
disavow David Duke like ten times
meanwhile I haven't heard one Democrat
disavow Louis Farrakhan which okay look
I'm not the one raising a fuss about it
there others are but if you're gonna say
that one is guilty of hate speech and
Trump has to disavow how can you not say
the same about Louis Farrakhan who
blames the Jews for everything and and
and says the whites are the problem and
all of that hate speech that he's guilty
of again just like how CNN will bring
nunberg on because he says he's got dirt
on Trump without doing any actual
background research it's the same thing
here just throw whatever you can against
the wall and see if it sticks and if it
didn't stick this time around well let's
go back to the other thing okay did
Russia stick this time no okay let's go
back to the stormy Daniel thing all
stormy Daniels stick this time no it
didn't Alex Jones has joined us he's got
breaking news with all of this
developing right now it crazy times were
living in Alex that welcome back first
of all haven't even seen you since you
got back from vacation so welcome back
glad to have you on with that you were
there covering the three bombings that
just happen I'm gonna take over the show
the last 30 minutes to give you guys
live exclusive stuff this is a war for
free speech the war for the future of
this country we have a fourth affiliated
lawsuit directly run by former people
that work for Hillary Clinton that we've
been given knowledge up by Reuters and
they think I'm just going to give them
quotes and then have them twist it but
I've done since I got off air at 3:00
about an hour and 15 minutes of research
summon ability of people exclusively a
new lawsuit dealing with Charlottesville
Virginia and what happened there they're
alleging that I'm saying the whole
thing's fake and and didn't exist and
it's even misquote are headlines and
what we said it's incredible and it's a
former State Department official who
works for Democrats who this is whose
powers when he works for its massive
money from Soros who worked for Hillary
Clinton when she was at the State
Department and so they're announcing a
federal lawsuit in Virginia this is now
a lawsuit per week okay and the whole
Pepe the Frog gang our lawyers looked at
they said yeah it's transformative he's
five percent of the pitcher
it's images from the campaign it's
telling protected plus you didn't make
the image it's a third party it's open
and shut we have to sue them with an
anti you know slap back statute for
frivolous lawsuits this one they're even
suing Lee Anne McAdoo she just had a
guest on at least Ranahan who just very
milquetoast question things and the PR
rollout so so just like we said in the
situation with David Hogg and all that
where they're saying it's crisis actors
and Reuters sends me this same thing
saying oh by the way you say David augs
actor of course we never said that we
sent out a 3,000 young people they pick
four to be the spokespersons and they
basically put out talking points that's
our right to say that what
it's true or not we believe it's true so
with defamation it is malice
aforethought with intent to do harm
Roger just a few months ago won a
lawsuit that they against him in New
York for defamation and even a New York
jury was sophisticated and understood
that but they don't care they just want
to use the news cycle because here's the
big news they have all these news
agencies we learn quarterbacking a huge
rollout tomorrow at it they're gonna
followed it 150 Eastern and they think
I'm just gonna sit here when they follow
this lawsuit out of Virginia I bet I
mean here's the thing they think the
listeners aren't gonna supply us with
the money to fight this and beat this
the good news is none of these lawsuits
are real they're not based in reality
they misrepresent what we say they're
saying that I'm saying that Soros did
the whole deal and it's completely fake
and then they cut off where I said Soros
is financing the chaos and we have the
documents we're gonna show that notice
to be had ever challenged from 2015 were
his foundation run by his son Alex Soros
Alexander Soros whoa wait so I'll cover
the last 30 minutes it makes my head
where they say we're gonna cause civil
unrest to bring in martial law for Obama
and we anywhere suggests Department got
caught financing black lives matter and
all this stuff at CNN was saying well
when cops get shot it's cuz you know
cops are bad and cops do bad things
they'll quit getting shot in the back
whenever they stop you know hurting
innocent black people well no one said
there aren't some bad cops but a cop
2,000 miles away kills a black person
well then you shoot some black cops in
Dallas that'll show them and that's like
if my neighbor commits a crime you come
over and kill me so we're sitting there
swimming through all this and I'm
looking at these things excerpts the
lawsuits that Reuters sent me we're
gonna put all this on air the Reuters
emails all of it because they think of
it because again this didn't happen like
this before where you're gonna have a
lawsuit you file it in the press covers
it what they do is they give the media
these lawsuits beforehand they then go
with the story that I'm saying that it
was all staged and the whole thing was
fake what we said was is they don't let
a good crisis go to waste was that in
the liberal college that the police
stood down because the police told us
they did and now it's
in the news and lawsuits that the police
stood down so what we're saying is they
funneled the alt-right protestors and
someone we don't even agree with by the
way he called us that into this group of
anti photo let them attacking it all got
out of control and then you've got this
Clinton operative he's worked for
Hillary and worked for the Democrat
congressman who got Soros money the
congressman and we're saying he's a PR
guy putting out statements he's a PR guy
who the event happened but he's putting
his political views on it Whom the Bell
Tolls time marches on all right I'm
gonna get out of here in a few minutes
to be you and Roger can finish up we're
gonna move she before Congress to
tomorrow because I'm gonna come in here
and take over at the bottom of the hour
and you said some really astute during
the break about their doing this do they
see us expanding and they see as
covering the news and they see us really
analyzing what's going on and they want
to set the precedent not just to divert
us from covering when there's less
critical time going in the midterms they
want to also set the precedent that
we're fake news to then say oh well we
label you fake news you're banned off
the internet and this is a precedent for
everybody and so we're the test case and
this is such a historic battle and these
are frivolous can say Austin's we can
beat these and have them overturn for
about a hundred thousand dollars a piece
we can also then anti slap statutes even
cheaper go back and get the money back
and we have to start punishing the
people that the Democrats are using a
surrogates all these people are former
lawyers for Hillary or they're former
people that work for Hillary or work for
Podesta or work for Soros I mean in
every case they work directly for her
and then they sit there and match up
their names and and there's an article
about the CIA on enforce comm where
WikiLeaks founders now publicly said
listen the CIA is trying to influence
the leftist and then the midterm
elections they're running all these CIA
people and they're involved in all this
disinfo that's a story on infowars.com
so that's all going on we talked about
that in generality they go oh you're
saying this particular guy was the State
Department CIA so he's suing you because
he says that's wrong well there's no
malice aforethought intend to do harm
because he says he didn't ever work for
the CIA in the State Department
we were going off those reports they
cite somebody else's report that we
linked to they get the headlines wrong I
mean the whole thing is just chock full
so we've got an advance you know deal
with lawsuit they're filing tomorrow and
so people understand this is meant to
basically bully us off the air and then
they misrepresent in the lawsuit and say
that we're basically saying the whole
thing was fake
no at the bottom of the other I'm going
to show the documents where Torosidis
foundations are funding an tyfa to go
out everybody knows and then they're
violent even talks about it the
documents we covered it months ago
notice the media never touch that
because the object Veritas exposed it -
yeah exactly they go out and then it
happens and then they pick a liberal
there's work for Democratic congressman
or for the State Department
all these groups he's a public figure he
writes for Politico he goes out he's
gonna be all over the news again holding
a news cycle for him you know where he
gets all this attention and and he's the
Alex Jones is the bad guy and they mix
it with white supremacists and all the
stuff that happened in Charlottesville
and it just creates this projection of
Alex Jones that fake news guy he needs
to be shut down we need listeners to go
to enforced or calm and get products you
and your family absolutely need and then
we can easily defeat all this because
they are throwing the kitchen sink at us
and these things are very frivolous
because it's not based in reality but we
have to fight it we have to win it and
we have to countersue it and so that's
what's going on and it is it is amazing
and this is all gonna come out just like
Roger just won his case that way where
he was being super defamation and
against a new New York liberal jury
because it was poppycock I want you're
making a point well here's the thing we
don't operate with infinitive energy it
might seem like Alex Jones has
infinitive energy but he doesn't and so
they know that every time they bring a
new lawsuit every time they bring a new
frivolous lawsuit we have to it's we
have to put energy to that we have to
put attention to that and that takes
away from this big news story here or
this big news story why and that's why
we have exactly and that and they think
it's gonna where the audience that were
they just get tired of hearing it know
we're us now is where they're gonna
bully us listen I'll be broadcasting
with him a 10k on the side of the road
it'll be the fact when they brought
debtor an iron lung the
back there trying to suppress this essay
just makes me know how serious all this
is and so we're only committing and
getting stronger but seriously
you're right none of these suits are
real that's what's crazy is they just
want to but then we have anti slap stuff
we have to sue them not swirl litigious
we just have to countersue across the
board and the group's financing that'll
all come out discovery in four store.com
folks flood us with the cash with the
funds but most importantly spread the
articles in the videos on enforce comm
we're not even covering for busy
covering this so when you cover all the
news they don't want us to hear about
and then went on thirty minutes I'm
gonna show people the first look at this
they think they're gonna break it get
the jump on us now ladies and gentlemen
we are living in the most epic times in
human history period end of sentence now
what are you gonna do what are you gonna
do now knowing that you are living in
the most epic important times in the
history of human civilization on this
planet what are you gonna do knowing
that there is a group of people out
there that want to silence you from
having free speech stop you from the
right to protect yourself with an arm
and then use this entire fake news spin
stream to just keep you in confusion
added with all the chemicals in the
water so that you can't even think
straight and they think they can just
pull the wool over your heads and make
you forget about all of it so what are
you gonna do here in this second great
awakening what are you gonna do here in
the second great American Revolution
that is happening right now are you
gonna sit on the sidelines or are you
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in the Second Great Awakening or I guess
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energy away from us that takes money
away from us from away from the main
course that Infowars is destined for
which is reporting the real news
breaking the real stories forcing the
real narratives in the face of the fake
narratives but if they can just take all
of the if they can try to distract us by
taking all of our funding by taking all
the attention with these lawsuits that's
what they think they can do but with
your support and info war store com that
will render their attempts useless we'll
have the funding to defeat these
lawsuits and hit the slap backs and
we'll have the funding to expand and
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and Roger you've already been censored
off Twitter you have already had to deal
with this stuff in in the in the courts
so you know this isn't just rhetoric
like oh free speech is under attack I
mean you've actually had to deal with it
Roger stone has had his free speech
erased on Twitter well and like Alex
Jones and Infowars I have been a victim
of these well-funded
when lawsuits Donald Trump and I are
being sued in the Washington DC by this
project democracy is using this
harassment bogus lawsuit a John Brennan
and the Barons of the deep state
including that stellar Patriot across
the board general clapper have filed a
friend of the court brief saying that
the Russians use political consultants
and fake newspaper as agents not
alleging that I am one because there's
no evidence that I am that's because I'm
not against me in this lawsuit the song
lawsuit alleges that I worked with
Donald Trump to steal the documents and
give them to a WikiLeaks there's no
foundation for this lawsuit there's no
foundation for their claim it's the same
tack that they're now using on Alex
Jones it's the exact same thing they're
trying to do to him tie him up in these
frivolous lawsuits which is why if you
look at the Infowars store a site there
is now in the middle of the spring a
button where you can make a direct
donation hey you know what Roger I think
I think you're getting some phone
interference or something on your
microphone I don't know if you've got a
phone near you but we're getting some
weird interference yeah there your house
better no you're good to go guys for
that we have cramped quarters here at
the New York Bureau as you know in any
event it's the same tactic that they're
now using on how it's Jones trying to
make him run up millions in legal fees
fighting these frivolous lawsuits where
they tried to use the lawsuit as proof
that you've said something that you
haven't said this is the same riff over
over again Alex Jones said nobody died
at Parkland Alex Jones said never said
anything of the kind
either did anyone else here at him fours
but it's the big lie technique it's just
like Russian collusion or John Podesta
is email it's a lie that if you tell it
enough times people believe it will be a
come true
and that's for a second whoa whoa whoa
is this breaking right now all right a
Roger I don't know if you've seen this
and but this is this is being reported
on CNN right now just broke an hour ago
House Intelligence Committee to announce
they are done with Russia probe
interviews is that who what what side of
the House Committee announced that in
fact can somebody print that on my desk
guys okay sorry Roger I hate it
interrupt you it's this is breaking
right now and is right in the Hornet I
mean it's right in the midst of you
talking about it yeah that's it that is
indeed extraordinary news look there's
grumbling among the Democrats reported
by Politico that I was less than
truthful in my testimony to the house
this is the Republican majority
examining all the evidence knows this is
not true everything that I said to the
committee was accurate everything I gave
them prove beyond a shadow of a doubt
that I did not receive anything from
WikiLeaks or Julian Assange and I
certainly never passed anything on this
is an attempt to make you answer
questions that you answered months ago
Chuck Todd even pulled the old Lucifer
2.0 chest out again let's be clear the
full disclosed fully disclosed exchange
between gusoff or 2.0 or someone
claiming to be one based on its content
context and timing is innocuous it's
it's banal and it certainly does not
constitute collusion in fact it happens
long after the WikiLeaks documents that
were I'm accused of colluding with him
to steal have been published proving
that I could not have been involved
since this is the only communications
with this person on Twitter who may or
may not be ghost 42.0 whoever that is I
will have a long piece at the stone-cold
which I make the case that I the
evidence would show that although I
don't think in retrospect that he did
hack to the documents I do not think he
works on behalf of the Russians you can
see that it's stone cold truth calm I
think it's also an info wars well and
I'm gonna get to this breaking news in a
second but again guys the reason why we
make such a big deal out of enforced
komm is because that is literally what
makes us independent that's literally
what makes everything here possible now
Roger this is oh my gosh Oh like I'm
literally I'm in a whirlwind right now
because not only is everything else
that's already going on in the info war
like at peak madness it's about to get
weirder now that they're gonna shut
they're gonna announce this they're
about to shut down the collusion
investigation folks they're about to
shut down the Russian collusion
investigation and here's what's gonna
happen I'm predicting this now you're
gonna get the Republicans run the House
committee into intelligence committee so
they're gonna file their majority report
and that's gonna be the report and it's
gonna say here's everybody that was
interviewed you already know what was
found there was nothing there was
nothing there we knew it the whole time
but don't forget folks the Democrats
told you they had the information Adam
Schiff told you he had collusion
information so he obviously lied so what
are they gonna do to cover that up the
House Intelligence minority is gonna
release their own report Roger they're
gonna make something up they're gonna do
it that's what's gonna happen I can see
it now I'm not sure exactly they're
expecting this to come tonight according
to this interview we're not sure when
the Republicans in the House
Intelligence Committee will make their
final announcement but you wait the
Democrats will make up a new collusion
story on the heels of this because this
is an utter defeat of their fake news
and their attempt to move remove truck
from office this is this is unbelievable
boy yeah I'm telling you I'm started up
and Alex is about to be breaking down
the latest attack on us the latest
lawsuit he's got the inside information
he could be breaking all that down in
the next segment so I'm gonna do a news
blitz here because everything is so
crazy if I don't get it out now I'm not
sure if I ever will so you got Tommy
Robinson he gets attacked by an auntie
Fang then you've got Lauren southern and
Brittany Pettibone who both also were in
in England and and they got arrested for
having conservative views and put in
jail alex is gonna talk to Brittany
Pettibone tomorrow about that you got a
giorgia police officer got kidnapped by
gang members at a traffic stop so how
about hate crimes against police
officers the main the left media
mainstream news won't talk about that
Trump had a magical historic epic rally
in Pennsylvania he hit Chuck Todd hard
and then Chuck Todd became an unhinged
lunatic on air Wow he got a CNN sux
chant going and he announced his new
campaign rally Keep America great again
we heard from Hillary Clinton he she
said Trump voters don't want black
people to have a job and women have a
job oh that's funny the Trump
administration has more women in it than
any other in American history and black
unemployment is at an all-time low
after we elected Trump so you know what
Hillary Clinton go shove it now I'll
have to just get into this Kamala Harris
nonsense on a later date perhaps when
she is back in the fold of a news cycle
because yeah that woman is you know what
oh it just clicked I'll just you
remember what Alex Jones was talking
about that Julian Assange is indicating
that the CIA we already know they run
the Democrat Party but now they're just
going full fledge they're not even gonna
put middlemen in they're not even gonna
get puppets in they're just gonna put
their own people in that might make this
Kamal a story Kamala Harris story make
more sense so but we'll get into that
later we were gonna have c-value do
rayon he's gonna be with us tomorrow so
we'll talk about some of the
congressional election stuff with him
tomorrow as well as rahm emanuel he's
gonna have a challenger in chicago you
have another nor'easter another
nor'easter folks a third nor'easter so
the global warming skeptics have now
moved on to climate change that's what
we were saying and then now they say it
and act like it's their word no they
just stole that like they stole
everything else Trump is about to go to
California he'll be at a fundraiser
there but California is trying to get in
his way now but listen to this the Los
Angeles Police Department have made an
announcement that they're prepared for
anything when Trump visits Southern
California do you understand what this
is saying Southern California
has turned into a third-world nation run
by gangsters and that includes the
people at the top Jerry Brown Maxine
Waters Nancy Pelosi Adam chef Eric SWA
well you know Diane fine seen the list
goes on formerly Barbara Boxer I mean
the list goes on and on but but why
would LA why would the LAPD say they
have to be prepared for anything when
Trump visits Southern California oh they
must be talking about terrorist attacks
right yes but they're talking about
radical leftists that's what they're
talking about
why would California have to be so
prepared for Trump to visit because you
have a bunch of radical leftists in a
third-world hellhole
the 50th worst state in the Union
California run by Democrats come like
Kamala Harris huh and so now because
they have created a bunch of radical
left-wing terrorists a third world
communist hellhole of California now the
LAPD has to be on a special alert when
Trump goes to California because they're
so unhinged they're so radical and
they're so violent I mean let me tell
you that that pisses me off that the
president can't even go to California
because the Democrats have turned it
into a communist hellhole and you're
gonna have a bunch of violent radical
leftist protesters out there probably
with masks on like and Tifa
causing a bunch of violence that makes
me sick man that makes me sick
they are literally led by the Democrats
they're literally led by Jake Tapper and
all these people on CNN telling them all
these lies about Trump and then they go
out on the streets they incite violence
and they're think they're on the right
side of history and they call us a Nazi
this I mean it's it's it's so
because all of them should be locked up
that's why it pisses me off
that's why it pisses me off Democrats
have gone full left-wing radical
terrorists man and that's why the CIA is
taking over do you get it now now do you
understand what's going on here it all
makes sense
of course the CIA is behind the
Democrats of course the Democrats are
trying to get all of their minions in
the streets that cause violence of
course they are because Donald
he's trying to save this country and
they hate it they've been trying to take
this country down for decades and now
we're standing up to it so they have to
bring it down with their violent
brainwashed minions in the street and
there's CIA operatives in the Democrat
Party and on CNN excuse me
and so now the breaking news oh my gosh
I just and then and then this Infowars
just get sued left and right because we
break the real news
who told you there was no Russian
collusion day one info horse and now the
reports about to come out the official
report from the house intelligence
community no collusion it never existed
it's all made up and and and what do you
think Adam Schiff is gonna do what do
you think see see see this is how they
do it
so now Adam Schiff is gonna make up some
lies now Eric's wall well is gonna make
up some lies and then Trump is gonna go
visit California and they're gonna
create all of this fake news about Trump
make them think he's Hitler again
re-energize their radical left violent
base to create violence when Trump goes
to California congratulations that's
gonna happen that good job Democrats you
know sometimes you might have to take a
lesson from Rodrigo Duterte Rodrigo
goes to war with the UN as he threatens
to throw the Wrights team to the
crocodiles hmm was he being facetious I
don't know but sometimes maybe you need
to take a note from Newt tear tail just
I'll just leave it at that you know and
it's just getting a little out of hand
here now you've got school districts in
st. Louis all over the land they're
walking out they're walking out because
they want they want new gun legislation
so even though that will do nothing to
help solve the the violence that might
happen at a school for there's a school
shooting and gun legislation that's what
they want anyway no again that's what
the Democrats want this is this is all
run by the Democrats it's all run by the
CIA I mean this is insane I can't even
believe that we're dealing with this and
of course that's why they have to sue
Infowars into oblivion and now Fox News
touts real news in their latest
marketing push well Infowars was real
news from the beginning that's why we
don't have to go with the tagline real
news and we already had the real news
with David Knight but now they're taking
that away from us too but that's fine
because Infowars has been the real news
the entire time
oh-oh-oh-oh I should have told you this
after I was covering the third
nor'easter this winter
you know just record snowfall during all
the man-made global warming
now Robert excuse me now Arnold
Schwarzenegger is gonna sue big oil for
first-degree murder he's going to
announce this at South by Southwest
meanwhile he's gonna fly all over in
c130 private jets consuming all that you
know oil and gasoline and burning all
that carbon and then tell you you're not
allowed to do it that's just that's
that's just a good Hollywood a good
Hollywood actor right they're doing
their job
mm attacks the NRA saying they control
the puppet mm maybe there's something
you don't understand the NRA is made up
of tens of millions of people so that's
actually American citizens controlling
the president that's that's kind of what
you want Oh a restaurant in New Orleans
is going to be charging white customers
more Oh that's loving so yes so now
white people have to pay more to
restaurant in New Orleans but yeah okay
tell me about that
Devin Nunez reports The Drudge Report
being censored by Twitter why is that
going on don't forget last week Brad
parce qu'elle said that we're watching
you tech giant's well your and they're
watching him censor conservative censor
the Trump's it's all insane Alex Jones
on the other side breaking news with a
lawsuit they're trying to take us down
folks you needed to tune into this share
this link ladies and gentlemen Alex
Jones here broadcasting live in the last
30 minutes of the war room I've taken
over from Owen Shore so I can make a
political statement here again Alex
Jones here live taking over the last 30
minutes of the war room from Owen
Schroyer so I can make a very important
announcement and engage in some basic
analysis of the battle for the Republic
2018 as all of you the viewers and
listeners to this broadcast know
everybody from the Communist Party USA
to now five different individuals that
have worked directly for Hillary Clinton
have filed completely baseless frivolous
lawsuits against him for Wars we knew
there'd be a cost when I went up against
Hillary Clinton when we put aircraft in
the air across the nation sang Hillary
for president 2016 when I told listeners
go out
all their live events and say Bill
Clinton's you know a rapist if you
believe that's what he is cuz he settled
rape cases they were trying to make
Donald Trump the sexual abuser with made
up fake lawsuits with Jane does that
didn't exist we took on the people that
nobody else takes on and I didn't do it
so that I could act macho were tough I
did it because my gut my spirit told me
I had to do it that's what I want to say
before I get into this breaking here's
I'm gonna go on to the end
to quote Churchill whatever the cost may
be and quite frankly I'm not a I'm not a
sadomasochist I don't enjoy pain
I don't enjoy conflict for conflicts
sake but that said I feel so strong and
I feel like every next level of this
that I'm a shame for other people that
can't feel this because I'm really
growing up had a problem with my
conscience and I just felt like I wasn't
doing the right thing it wasn't a guilt
issue it was just that I constantly felt
like I wasn't fulfilling my destiny and
the more I've gotten lined up with what
I'm supposed to do and and the
discernment and the understanding and
all of it is so incredible that I just
want people to know this is a blessing
actually I mean the more we get
the more they lie about me the more
horrible things they do I feel sorry for
the people that are doing it who are
unconscious of what they're involved in
as followers and I also get really
concerned I want to work harder because
of the really dark forces behind it that
know what they're doing
so I've seen this term put out by
General Kelly and others before it when
Neil his own son died in the Marine
Corps and and when and when others died
the military or forest fires you know
far as firefighters died or you know
emergency swimmer teams that you know go
out the Riptide and try to save somebody
and they die their families always make
the point that they were where they
wanted to be and so you have to
understand this public crucifixion of
Infowars and yours truly is about
intimidating you and it's about putting
out the idea that if you
the things we say and do the things we
do you're gonna be destroyed so they can
intimidate you and set the precedent to
censor the internet and censor
telecommunications in free speech up
front without juries without verdicts
just sue people undo oblivion even
others at lawsuits get thrown out we've
already gotten four thrown out the last
couple months they just pile more on oh
wow our first four lawsuits we filed
over six months got kicked out so let's
follow eight more and then a couple of
those are about to be thrown out so oh
my god first it's one every two months
then it's one every month now it's one
every week he keeps getting him thrown
out because they're so frivolous they
try to take down his YouTube channels
everything with fake strikes those come
back because it turns out I didn't say
what they said and there you go okay a
lawsuit every week it's like Pacific Rim
you know it's a good entertainment movie
they keep sending in the kaijus to
attack first it's every year that every
month and then it's like okay now we're
gonna have five attack a day I mean
that's that's basically what it's like
and it's just crazy to know it's all
these lawsuits are run by Hillary
lawyers or people that work directly for
Hillary and the State Department and the
CIA and Julian Assange is in the news
from WikiLeaks who's locked up for you
know years up in his tower saying
Assange warns CIA officers flooding a
Democratic Party for 2018 midterms to
basically overthrow the country and then
it shows how how it's all run by the
leftist of the CIA and go ahead and
scroll through that article and how
they're doing it all and then these
folks think they own the country effects
scroll down to the page here give me a
document cam shot right here of these
particular like goody two-shoes here all
posing how nice they are and this is all
the Ivy League now they're better than
you and they know best and their total
globalist the families being destroyed
free markets being destroyed and these
are the corporate henchmen always with
an American flag behind him and now if
you talk about about them oh they go sue
you because again they think they're
siding with the power structure it's
like meat john meat Beals meat Pat and
it's all the same websites all run
because there were the CIA the leftist
CIA is removing its remove
moving the middleman they're not gonna
have the little local politico's corrupt
people they control the dirt in there is
their front person before because you
know the Democrats don't know what
planet they're on and candy and think
that islands are floating our base on
guam's floating will it capsize sir cuz
they're so whacked out there just
removing those people and now the actual
Harvard Ivy League Skull and Bones types
are taking full command they're not just
gonna have George Herbert Walker Bush of
CIA director you know in there they're
going or he'll Hillary and Bill who are
leftist they're going to take at every
level mayor you name it with all these
you know fake Ivy Leaguers who think
they're better than you they need to run
your life they need to take over your
church they need to remove the crosses
they need to have the Pope say the
Communist shine is Christian and
everybody else is bad I mean these are
real statements they need this so we're
gonna go to break here this is a
difference to do I'm not normally in
we're gonna go to break here I'm gonna
come back and get into first look cuz
Reuters and others think they're gonna
sit there and send me excerpts of a
lawsuit it's gonna be filed tomorrow
supposedly and that then I'm just gonna
play along with them putting out their
narrative since when there's Thomson
Reuters and others report on a lawsuit
before it breaks so they can put their
spin on it and the MS lady
Julie Hart document cam shot please she
says well you say there were crisis
actors and that you know nobody died at
Parkland and I'm like no I didn't do
that and you say this and that I have
all these fake quotes I didn't say
they've got all this stuff in here
headlines we didn't say or edited
headlines like we're done this is how
stupid this is how stupid these
individuals think everybody is and it's
just crazy because America's been asleep
at the wheel and so all these people
have come in that really know how stuff
works but they're not gonna be Alex
Jones and tell you how it works they're
gonna work against you because you don't
know what's going on like
River said thank god you're so dumb
thank God you don't pay attention thank
God you don't have an attention span
well I believe in you and I'm sure as
hell not evil and I'm not gonna sit
there and use the fact a lot of you were
asleep against you so they are
announcing a lawsuit for for us
questioning the Democrats seizing on
Charlottesville and blaming the
president for it and they misrepresent
and say that I say it was all actors and
it was all fake no I said they had
Democratic Party operatives which is
true there to be the spokespersons just
like with Parkland High there's a three
thousand students before they come and
spokespeople and then if you talk about
that they say it's bullying so it's a
total misrepresentation and when we come
back I'm gonna go over it blow by blow
for you because it isn't about in force
it's about your speech being shut down
and it's about them creating this idea
like well if you listen Alex Challenger
you carry a show you get kicked off air
well we've gained massive new TV
stations incredible new radio stations
people get this they're actually
listening to the show they know what we
say so I'm sitting orders a statement
here on air but also in an email later
when I get off here knowing you know
that we didn't say they were crisis
actors and then nobody died and you have
fake quotes here from video headlines we
never said we went and looked and we
didn't say the things you've said and
it's somebody else's report that even
says this stuff but see they don't care
they want to have the event document
can't go back to the second email they
want to have it where they misrepresent
what I said to manipulate jury pools of
the public that's what they do that's
how these these scams work will be back
stay with us all right this is the final
segment of the war room I'm probably
gonna shoot another live video after
this time we just got 10 minutes and 30
seconds left here on the transmission
but if you just joined us I just covered
Sean's Warren CI offices flooding a
Democratic Party for 2018 midterms and
it goes over all this and then another
key piece of evidence from January 10th
2018 going back three months ago
documents to tell plan for civil unrest
martial law in Baltimore and then they
never denied these documents no one
covered it was Friends of democracy
headed up by Alexander Soros the Nazi
collaborators son and it's how they're
gonna create martial law civil unrest
now they're working with blue state blue
city police to stand down so they can
carry out violence how they are actors
who've been trained and hired by them
and this is a contract of an individual
who's paid now this was given to us by
an individual whose brother came to a
bad end we'll just leave it at that
you can go read the article for yourself
so we actually get in court and we're
just simply saying what Democrats have
been caught exacerbating things making
things worse hiring an tyfa busting them
in that's on record not just in these
documents they view full-page ads in the
New York Times paid for by Soros he'll
rise up throw Trump out then we simply
say why is it always Democrats and some
guy from the State Department a classic
CIA cutout I mean most people in those
combat zones it's a double roll kind of
more like State Department runs CIA okay
so this point is questioning that and
saying it you know if this guy's all
over TV the guy that's gonna sue me
reportedly tomorrow it's being filed we
just simply question and say it should
be investigated with an investigative
journalist at least Ranahan and then
they misrepresent in the reuters emails
what we even say you're like you're
saying it's crisis actors there and it's
crisis actors here and I'm saying no
we've got people being hired to play the
part of an tyfa a lot of them are real
just like it turned out Russia collusion
was real it was Hillary and the Russian
BOTS did anti-trump demonstrations that
Michael Moore attended now Michael Moore
didn't know he was at a Russian funded
bot deal Soros got around campaign law
it turned out and others and paid to use
leftist Russians in Russia to then do
the attacks over here that all came out
let's type in Michael Moore attended
anti-trump demonstration organized by
Russian box and it turned out 79 percent
of all that company stuff was Democrat
funded it turned out that there was some
pro Trump groups funded it because it's
a big troll farm you hire just like 12
farms over the world got hired
the election three and a half billion
dollars was spent 500 million by Trump
three billion by Hillary so again it's
true that was Russian collusion the
Congress has found that there was done
by the Republicans by Trump but there
was by the Democrats so how do you
change the subject you you say it's
Trump so that just happened about an
hour ago
so go look at these documents we're not
saying that this individual who says
he's suing me tomorrow that none of
orders has the lawsuit we're not saying
that this public figure this individual
who writes articles for Politico and
others did the attacks we never said
that we said he worked for a Democrat
congressman he got Soros money through
that congressman he worked for Hillary
Clinton at the State Department he
admits he's a leftist and he's all over
these shows right after it happens
you've got thousands of people there why
is he the main guy you're hearing he
catches the video of the car running
over people we're saying that there were
political operatives who obviously went
to this not knowing what was going to go
on but that the police stood down under
orders we first reported that it's now
come out and made the alt-right go
through the anti feh basically the light
Nazis going through the hardcore
communists and the whole thing blew up
and we said Soros should be arrested for
orchestrating chaos they changed the
headline in the Reuters email to Soros
should be arrested for staging it that's
not the damn headline of the video and
that's what's crazy as I just spent two
hours before I went live here looking at
this to make sure my memory is like I
didn't say that didn't do that and I
went and looked at it and sure enough
this guy's on PBS NPR CNN days after
saying I'm saying it's all fake and
nobody died and all this stuff and all
the rest of this stuff or I made it up
and then I'm and I'm you know getting
him harassed when I didn't say any of
that so he's gonna go on TV tomorrow and
all over the media and be the victim and
then call for the hurting and the
bullying my youtube channel will be
taken down which they've been trying to
do and then it'll just kind of build the
case and wave after way that he's got to
be silenced so they can then all
misrepresent what I've said and what
I've done and
Business Insider CIA George Soros you
know that's not me singing it to them
counter protester who filmed
Charlottesville crash says he's victim
of conspiracy theories he writes
articles for Politico Assange warns well
that's the other one here's the
political article August 21st 2017 I
witnessed a terrorist attack in
then the conspiracy theories began so
he's a public figure from the State
Department he's worked for Hillary and
says he loves her writing all these
articles attacking me saying things in
the article about defamation and mixing
me into white supremacists saying things
I never said there's no quotes on these
he just says all these things I did and
he says that I said he was trying to
start a race war but there's no quotes
no what I said was is we have Soros
documents where they wanted to start a
race war and where they admit the
Justice Department was helping them do
it and that all came out in court
here it is document L plan for civil
unrest and martial law in Baltimore so
this is multifaceted then I'll tell you
what we should do to counter it they
want to just keep every week Alex Jones
is sued Alex Jones is being destroyed
Alex Jones is being stopped because
they're scared of what we say what we do
to intimidate everybody else into not
listening to what we do and just believe
in a narrative and to believe they
shouldn't speak up with this new
political correctness cuz they won't
just call you a Nazi they won't just
call you a Russian agent that's all
being disproven they will sue you and in
a way it's true when they set the
precedent within floors to ban me off
the internet next comes the criminal
charges the assassination they're not
gonna leave me around and then they
think you're a bunch of cowards they're
betting you're a bunch of cowards but
here's the deal I've never been more
alive I've never been more honored to be
here and I've never in my spirit felt
such deep will and consciousness and
connection to my ancestors I mean I
sorry I'm targeted some of the crew and
I feel sorry for them target my family
but my kids will have a future anyways
we don't beat this and I'm not a guy I'm
not a glutton for punishment I don't
like pain but this isn't pain this is
affecting the world this is changing
things this is really being a good guy
and having the worst people in the world
the Clintons and Soros coming after us
and then it gives me great kinship with
Trump and all the things he's going
through in the persecution and the three
plus thousand lawsuits I mean if we've
only got ten or twelve lawsuits then
we've had most of them thrown out that's
why they're going oh my god he throws
them out people say well just fine every
damn week and I think it'll probably
ranch up to every day but then when I
get on air still enlist a hundred
lawsuits and show I'm betting you're not
cowards you know the guys I was told ten
years ago that the globalists by
high-level folks in DC they said the
globalists think you're scaring
everybody know you're telling the truth
they think they're doing their job and I
said I don't think people who are
cowards I said at least 3% are and
historically that's who wins revolutions
and so I said they're miscalculating and
and they are and see they're so
deceptive they think I just say this for
vibrato and hope they get off my back
no this is destiny this is history I
know they can't stop just like I can't
stop they serve evil I try to serve life
and the life force so you've got all
these little establishment guys that are
sold out to corporate as the Communist
Chinese the globalist and they think
humanity's done they have a predatory
view they think they're gonna break you
and your family so what do we do to
counter this I'll shoot another live
video on the show answers we're on
satellites and TV and radio I got to end
in two minutes but what do we do we're
not litigious people but if you've been
called a white supremacist in a
newspaper article or anything else you
know and millions of you have in local
articles you need to go ahead and get a
lawyer and file suit and conservatives
are not litigious people but we're in a
war we have to start suing the left we
have to start going after them we had to
start boycotting them we got to start
doing street demonstrations we've got to
get aggressive you can also support the
broadcast and you can also stand with
Trump and realize the type of attack
he's under but we knew they'd strike
back we knew they were coming for us I
expected this
I I know someday they can kill me in a
car crash or poison me or make it look
like a heart attack
I mean I get all I've already
experienced it but let me tell you it's
been heartening that they've offered
$50,000 to all my former and current
employees folks go take care of their
grandma you know they get the call or
you know Mike Adams gets the call just
as he's done work here and almost no one
took the money and I just feel sorry for
the ones that did and the newspapers
even admitted they were giving them
you know it's like it's really
separating who we are in the great
compendium of the universe and life and
consciousness so I'm very blessed but
you can checkmate them by financially
supporting us and enforce tour.com and
realize this is trying to break your
will this is a war of wills and this is
the animating contest of Liberty and if
I'm gonna be the guy that hits the
barbed wire I'm sorry my ancestors died
or you name it
founding America found the u.s. founding
Texas on things that I don't have to go
down the North Atlantic my family did
fight the Nazis or get you know you shot
down or you know crash-landed in Germany
you're all that stuff I just got to
stand up against a bunch of scum and you
know what I'm stronger man than they
aren't I know we're gonna win in the end
no matter what happens to me it's about
taking the ball across the line for my
children your children so thank you all
I'm very blessed
another Hillary individual suing me and
they even say it's a conspiracy they
took his name off the State Department
by the way but he admittedly worked
there we'll be right back nourish a
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