Author Topic: Landmark! Georgetown Files Suit To End The First Amendment  (Read 49 times)

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Landmark! Georgetown Files Suit To End The First Amendment
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:46:45 AM »

bill Browder he's one of the guys behind
the Russian gate narrative the reason I
mention him is he said something a few
years ago
this guy's testified in front of the
Senate and everything else he
understands that not all lawsuits are
filed because you think you're gonna win
on does that make sense file for PR
purposes that's exactly right
some people file lawsuits to win them
and some people file lawsuits because
here's the thing Alex I can't debate if
I if I come out and say something false
about you to cause you harm as a
reporter I can be sued for defamation
but if I put it in a lawsuit and every
news outlet picks it up simple example
this lawsuit is protected because it's a
legal document from a libel defamation
and that's what I said it's designed as
what the break we're on the same page
this is designed to defame us
you think you're gonna assassinate Trump
bully a bunch of us and along with you
fight wanting one at this point and only
the downest morons pioneer sjw globalist
George Soros dropping stabilized on a
George versus the reserve requirements
the new
it sounds like it confirms our research
well they have sued myself they've sued
a man that runs a very successful
journalism Center a guy that has
millions of viewers a week on his own
radio and TV programs Lee Stranahan I
know he's a frequent guest of it mean to
get him on with Dave at night and the
program we do in the morning the David
Knight show we're calling it real news
the Democrats ooh this over the term
real news they trade markets and I'm not
kidding this is what we're dealing with
the twelve lawsuits we've gotten six
thrown out two in the last week and a
half with prejudice meaning the court
said you know this is bad you can't come
back at mr. Jones so we had the folks
agree to that because they didn't wanna
be counters certain I'm just gonna leave
it at that but I just talked to my
lawyer who is a humble guy but he is one
of the top Anti Defamation you know
defense lawyers out there and he's
listening right now and he said to have
this clinic and to have this university
funding this is let me just say highly
highly unusual and I said am i right
it'll become a big issue of taxpayer
funds if it's in any part of the law
school he's like she's like yeah let's
let's talking to get off the air but
this is this is unprecedented basically
he said all of these law schools have
Pro free speech clinics he goes this has
been set up to destroy the First
Amendment and what they put in the brief
is for my view defamation and is meant
to destroy the First Amendment I mean
and I've got a top lawyer is just read
it he's like he's not a very excitable
guy he sounded excited a little bit so
I'll tape him I'll order some time to
get him on but the point is that I just
mention this earlier the Peppe suit last
week that I stole Pappy the frog that I
sold somebody's third party poster
that's images of the campaign and it's
peppe's 5% and it's transformative you
can do that that's totally protected
there were suits against Andy Warhol's
and he couldn't okay
suits Kansas he altered they said if he
feels like he altered it he can sell it
well but when you're a third party
seller you'd have to get an injunction
and a ruling then they could do an
injunction on me and then it's an
injunction or a trade deal and sometimes
federal marshals would raid you but but
that's that's it was like you know NFL
stuff or something it's just crazy
anybody can paint public figures all day
long and sell them and again I've had to
trademark firms look at it but one on
this does trademarking the other one
does litigation when they both do it but
the the other ones one of the top ones
are in Los Angeles and they said we
believe in the First Amendment and we
sue people all the time that violate
trademarks they do boats they said this
is their words crazy the guy is on
record saying everybody can use my image
almost like a trolling operation you
know getting before he's been caught
like saying you could use these website
designs with these images that I hear
later oh you'd read the fine print now
you owe us all this money they got in
trouble for that and stop doing it and
we subscribe to Getty Images and a bunch
of them on attacking them they're more
affordable now but I want to at least
training in what I'm getting at here is
I want sat there until 10:30 last night
watching the videos they're suing us for
and the least ranting hand one with lien
McAdoo is the easiest one to cut out
they should be they wanted to make it to
hearing my lawyers think should be just
cut out LeeAnn and least training will
probably be too but completely cut out
because I always it's milquetoast but
he's a journalist and he's got you know
that's his background he ferries just
said look this guy's a Politico he's a
Democrat you look at the background
they're called martyr day one we're not
saying it's staged we're saying they've
picked politico's that were at the rally
to be the spokespersons just like we
said the kids resting nope nobody died
nobody got shot in floor were saying
they picked our 3,000 kids for that are
anti-gun that's a fact that it turned
out was true they spun that and said
none died my god trying to fight me and
my son at the airport this weekend
saying how dare you say no kids died how
dare you be mean and demand David Hogg
come on your Showtime like David Ogden
to come on my show I didn't say so so
this is this is the zoo we're we're here
this is their plan to get rid of free
speech news core said a month ago and
the Wall Street Journal did his CEO that
he met with all
people so let's go to least training
Hamill doing a little bit the next hour
- we got pjw come on but I'm gonna talk
to him as well as what would
free-for-all if Lee Stranahan can do it
and we'll also give you his website
citizen journalist cool calm the
populace dot you as I talk about gonzo
journalism I'm actually super excited
that I am in the First Amendment case of
US history it looks like not just the
millennium I mean not just the other
century this is just and I talked to my
lawyer and he's like absolutely I'd
never see thing like this this is wild
Lee how are you feeling I show you
during the break I've seen you know on
David during the break you don't look
this happy you're a serious guy you look
pretty happy as well I am you know first
off I got to say a like it's a it's a
pleasure to be on with you the first
time on with you I wish it were under
better circumstances but these are
pretty good circumstances you've covered
the issue that this is being filed by a
law school let me bring up something I
don't know if you I don't think you
brought this up yet let me bring it up I
just want you to think about this from
the perspective of what they're teaching
the students about defamation law right
I've been a reporter for about ten years
I've made it a point to read landmark
decisions like New York Times versus
Sullivan that's a great decision that is
the most famous case that's right and
it's a fascinating decision very
well-written anybody can read it and
understand and I highly recommend it
let's go over what's going on here cuz
you watch the whole interview that I did
with Lee and McAdoo last year right yes
read the lawsuit I want someone to
underline for me one incorrect statement
that I made I literally don't say
anything in there that is not a fact I
know you've been reviewed you and Leanne
you you and Leanne were like the highest
standards yep and and I here's a this is
a note to the law students whose school
is putting out this suit note to you let
me explain I'm not a lawyer thank God
but let me explain defamation law to you
defamation are false statements anybody
can look this up intended on purpose to
do harm
that's right so there were no false
statements let's just start there none
so just on that basis it's over it was
part of a 50 minute interview and I
think this is the thing people need to
understand this is what's in New York
Times versus Sullivan
Alex this is an attempt to shut down any
views that they don't like and any look
they admit they're trying to set a
precedent that they just say what's fake
news and then ban that person from
communication into some ghetto well and
I lived in Austin 15 years ago so you
have a huge audience now and a great
audience but I knew who Alex Jones was
15 20 years ago right and you know and
you've been fighting this for long
enough where you know that this is this
is one battle in a very long war and
when we see the things that have
happened today
bloody Gina is now in charge of the CIA
there's this situation going on with and
I work for Sputnik but I work for
splitting it because I never bought into
the Russian narrative I'm watching
what's unfolding in England right now
it's if this if this is Russia who did
that it's the worst spy tradecraft I've
ever seen in my life sure it's obviously
a false flag we gotta go to brightly
Stranahan you finished up with that only
come back but I want to give me the
floor to try to roll through yeah
exactly because we've got lawyers and
people looking at what was said in the
videos in the radio versus what they put
and it's the complaint the lawsuit is
the definition will be back citizen
journalist cool calmly Stranahan you
were getting into the whole latest
debacle with England when war with
Russia because the Russians nerve gas
some spying I mean it's completely
obvious but before we go there just just
get into the lawsuit when you found out
it was happening I knew days ago but I
didn't want to call you I guess you were
figuring out yourself as the media was
calling not telling us what it was
trying to get evidence for them I mean
you watch all them working in collusion
it just shows you how nasty this deep
state is well and I think it's very
clear that some some people file it look
I've covered stuff I was talking to 220
your text on about Bill
Browder he's one of the guys behind the
Russian gate narrative the reason I
mention him is he said something a few
years ago
this guy's testified in front of the Sun
and everything else he understands that
not all lawsuits are filed because you
think you're gonna win them does that
make sense or files for PR purposes
that's exactly right
some people file lawsuits to win them
and some people find lawsuits because
here's the thing Alex I can't debate if
I if I come out and say something false
about you to cause you harm as a
reporter I can be sued for defamation
but if I put it in a lawsuit and every
news outlet picks it up simple example
this lawsuit is protected because it's a
legal document from libel defamation and
that's what I said it's designed as what
the breakroom same page this is designed
to defame us that's right well it
specifically it says that I'm it it says
the defendants that includes me what
supported the unite the right rally I
did not support the unite right the
right rally by the way I didn't either
they got mad at me because I said I'm
new right or libertarian I am NOT I
called a bunch these people idiots
yes well it also said and anybody who
follows me on Twitter it also says that
the defendants promoted pizza gate I've
been on the record adamant before the
election I never bought into the pizza
they've defamed you but in the document
the good news is news reports about it
though and when they commentate then you
got the lawsuit and now you're where I'm
at I'm gonna I've told all these people
I warned him I've got to sue him now but
go ahead
well no you're exactly right and it
looked the other thing here Alex
is that I I have made my living for 10
years as a reporter on big stories like
I went to Libya I mean forgive me I went
to a baby route in 2013 three port on
the Syrian refugee crisis right when no
one and I didn't see anybody else in the
media over there I was interviewing
people from refugees to UN people
remember artists Skype just broke up
we'll go back to least you're out of
hand here in just a moment I mean this
is by the way he's very careful if you
go see the
in mackadoo in fact I forgot the name of
the headline it's in the soup they
distorted it I've got it over somewhere
here's here's Reuters never sending me
fake headlines now I went and checked it
wasn't even our headlines we find it
right here it was a bombshell connection
between Charlottesville Soros and they
cut chaos off and then again they edited
this bombshell connection George Soros
needs to be charged and arrested for
sedition and causing charlottesville
chaos and I have all the documents here
refunds and Aoife so again they've
edited all this it's it's amazing we're
getting Lee Stranahan back on a Skype
point out but that's it but see we're
letting us out of the bag because they
think we're stupid when they run their
mouths which they're already doing
outside of that court with the stuff
they're saying they're gonna get sued
and like I said I got Tom Brokaw saying
that I'm an unalloyed racist which means
a committed hundred-percent racist
we got me protesting the KKK we've got
you know at my sister's Korean adopted
you know my my ex-wife's part Jewish and
some makes my kids I mean I guess the
Nazis are right my kids I guess might be
able to go I think to Kody this week or
whatever I think I didn't ever thought
of that but yeah that hurt me I mean
that did because then they use that they
say that people want to attack me in
airports because of it
and I've got a few more months with the
statutes to sue him and so I'm sitting
with lawyers we have a whole office war
room with the suits against us the
students we've got pictures of who's
funding them I mean looks like a movie
all can like an FBI
you know investigation room and we got
the lawyers on it and we're tracking and
it's just we've got we've gotten six of
the lawsuits for them to drop them
because they saw what we had what we're
gonna do they're like oh well you know
how to sue us and they found out the
damages so they've been dropping them
but Georgetown University and George
Soros and the Vatican and taxpayer money
I mean this is next-level and and my
lawyer said he's never seen anything
like it
so this is just crazy and they think
you're cowards they think oh run from
Alex Jones he's getting sued
we're taking the country back our
forbearers had to dodge bullets and get
shot and you know go through all of this
yeah folks have been finding videos that
I didn't even produce that other people
shot of us protesting the KKK because he
got lost those tapes
I had a flood in my garage I kept a
bunch of old tapes in my garage and it
flooded one time when I was out of town
and it's just ruined all the VHS tapes
and now I didn't even know this was I
don't even know the Austin protest was
oh my god they found it wow that's great
I haven't seen this in like 20 years
nineteen years Wow Alex Jones 1999
confronts the KKK oh that's in Waco I
guess it's the full one though not our
footage and I did recently see the one
in Austin's online somebody else
videotaped that and the KKK said they
were gonna kill me and I told her mouth
off and then the cops grabbed me and I
I'm always hearing cops really KKK
that's not true but in Waco the guy goes
my second member means I can blow you
the hell away and her not he was a
federal agent later came out of federal
operative that's what I was saying and I
said I said you could do something the
cops said shut up and like you know said
some other stuff I wasn't on tape so I'm
gonna repeat it but well-seeming at
least ran a hand back on but this is a
big time to be alive fourth our Paul
Watson coming up and so much more
Trump is draining the swamp Trump is
delivering he's not perfect but I can't
believe he's gotten this much done it's
please don't forget new specials have
been launched in and you just shopping
at great products you need at great
prices the people are our greatest
Allied have you stand with us we won't
be to feed it but if you don't we will
be crushed by the enemy we need your
help you know someone very profoundly
once said many years ago that if fascism
ever comes to America to come in the
name of liberalism
we confirm suspicions at Veritas it's
not a shock to you but to get the
employee at YouTube on tape admitting
that they do it I mean you must be a
threat if they call you out by name it's
also what happens when you listen to the
radio host Alex Jones absent just a
short time ago and I'm talking about
when this meeting started on Twitter if
you clicked on the hashtag NYC terrorist
attack which is quote trending marked
with a red button saying quote live the
top tweet links to an info war story
with the headline and mom I warned of
Azio about New York City of Terror he
was too busy bashing Trump I don't know
what happens in somebody's mind or how
dark their heart must be to say things
like that this is a real-time example of
when we talk about this information
being weaponized but Trump doesn't
challenge these lies he actually went on
jones's show and said your reputation is
amazing I will not let you down you will
be very very impressed I hope he still
calls Alex Jones and talks to all my you
Infowars or worse conspiracy theory
recei theories how quickly can you act
and what's your responsibility to set
the record straight so that the people
who saw this know that it's fake news
and at least at some point time it can't
keep spreading like some sort of virus
through the legitimate world that's
something we're thinking about all the
time because it's a bad user experience
and we don't want to be known as a
platform for that the Russians ran an
extensive information war campaign
against my campaign to influence voters
in the election they did it through
false news sites they did it through
these thousand agents they did it
through machine learning which you know
kept spewing out this stuff over and
over again and they began to have some
of their allies within the internet
world like Infowars take out pieces and
begin to say the most outrageous
outlandish absurd lies you can imagine
accused of hiding negative stories about
Hilary and her campaign but changing its
algorithm to marry stories like the
Clinton body-count story that's
according to website Infowars you have
arty you have Sputnik you have roughly
and then I think you have them feeding
other entities Infowars comes to mind
where those are echo chambers it's been
widely reported that that company has
been backed by the Kremlin and they gave
you 75,000 shares that you had to
disclose isn't given to the Obama
administration maybe you're looking at
widely reported information from
Infowars it is not Politico this is the
New York Times this is the Wall Street
Journal know if a Google user types in
Clinton body they get car repair shop
results instead of a story that talks
about a list of people tied to the
Clintons who have died under mysterious
circumstances over the last three
decades the latest story was the death
of DNC staff Forsyth Richie was murdered
last month in an apparent robbery
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has
hinted that rich was his source but has
made no further comments about the case
that murder we should say remains
unsolved the Russians in my opinion and
based on the Intel and counter Intel
people I've talked to could not have
known how best to weaponize that
information unless they had been guided
all that stuff exists you don't see it
you don't feel it if you're largely
living in reality and in a mainstream
media world but it's it's it's
undermining our democracy and I think
that the companies themselves they've
taken some steps they have a lot of
responsibility companies like Facebook
companies like Facebook Google etc right
ah to do what they can to essentially
not enhance how quickly can you act and
what's your responsibility to set the
record straight the system
self-corrected that's not that shouldn't
be the first tweet you see any more
should be a USA article the last time I
checked bothers you at USA Today at
lunch I did yeah and this and I also saw
the system system corrected that man
threatened spy they didn't call it Fox
News by name they didn't call out anyone
else by name they said when it comes to
Alex Jones we need people to scroll and
manually find him and manually have to
find that video we're not we're not
gonna allow that video if it gets 10
million views to be on the front of the
so-called news carousel
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