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well ladies and gentlemen I told you it
was coming and now the Beast has reared
its head directly Georgetown University
headquarters of the globalist takeover
of the State Department and the CIA the
deepest of the deep State even worse
than Harvard or Yale
that's where carroll quigley trained
William Jefferson Clinton for the
Central Intelligence Agency role of
that's all Declassified Georgetown
University has sued Infowars and has
sued former congressman Allen West and
many others are only an McAdoo for
pointing out that just like
what happened in Florida with the
Parkland tragedy out of 3,000 students
they chose four who were anti-gun whose
parents we're connected the Democratic
Party to be the spokespersons they then
spun that that we said nobody died or
they were crisis actors it's the same
thing here we pointed out that people
that have worked at the State Department
and CIA connected offices and that had
worked for congressman funded openly
massively by George Soros and who had
worked for Hillary Clinton directly were
the spokespersons out there putting out
a narrative in the suit it says and and
in the Georgetown editorial put out by
the by the University Law School it says
all the same lies that I said its crisis
actors it's all fake this is the
defamation I am being defamed by a deep
state institution and one of its alumni
who worked for the State Department
Hillary Clinton is the individual
claiming that us questioning all this
and pointing out they put this narrative
out of a martyr when the poor woman got
to create this clash and the media
trying to mainline an tyfa is a good
organization and that narrative blew up
in their face and so they don't want us
here they don't want us on air they
don't want us to question they even put
in the lawsuit that we expose the Comey
2012 hoax and said that that was a
cia-run that came out in the news later
I have friends who were CIA contractors
on the ground you guys opened up a big
fat can of worms on this they are saying
I need to be taken off the air along
with scores of other websites and news
organizations preemptively this is to
set the precedent that they define at
Georgetown what's real news and what
isn't this
a defamation suit it is sold in a giant
PR operation put out in press releases
by Georgetown and the Dean of the law
school calling for us to be shot down
and then Sadiq Khan the Islamist mayor
of London who has police stand down and
ante for beat up men women and children
he was in Austin yesterday and called
for web censorship of conservatives to
be taken off the web just like they've
done in Europe by claiming it's white
supremacy it's on folks there's the
headline London Mayor City cons Hill
Silicon Valley to censor hate speech
there mainlining their takeover so this
is the fight it's targeting your speech
I am quite frankly super honored because
when I read the suit and saw that by the
way the suits saying I'm saying the CIA
was connected to PR which they are on
record and then now basically this is
the deep state heart of the CIA left us
arm suing me ladies and gentlemen you
cannot make it up you cannot make it up
Georgetown University quarterbacks
the actual control the National Security
Act and the globalist takeover of
America carroll quigley the head of
their political science department wrote
an 11 hundred page book in the mid 1960s
for the CIA a state department even
understand the algorithm and philosophy
they were using of authoritarianism and
false left-right paradigm control they
have now had a former State Department
individual assigned to the Foreign
Service and working under Hillary to
myself Allen West and many others and
we've had Georgetown University Law
filed the suit so this is using
taxpayer-funded money to engage in a
anti-free speech crusade to set a
precedent as I've been warning you to
ban Infowars and then everybody else
show that they can preemptively have
government say what's real news and what
is fakeness and that's what the suit
calls for it is incredible so this is
the Democrat arm of the deep state
Georgetown suing me and what's
incredible here is that
they're saying that we say this guy's
Hillary and Soros connected and that it
looks like a classic CIA cutout where he
worked in these combat zones in Africa
for the State Department cuz the State
Department runs the CIA not the other
way around and we had guests on that
pointed that out we're being sued for
questioning and then there is CIA
connections to some of the other people
and so they conflated us covering
Ukraine and stuff in the videos the
lawsuit and mix Ukraine in with
Charlottesville we're talking about
soros funding that which is on record on
Fareed Zakaria saying it on CNN and they
do stuff like in the lawsuit cut words
off where I say Soros needs to go to
jail for staging Charlottesville they
cut the word chaos off and they cut C so
they go oh look he says Soros staged at
all no nobody was killed crisis actors
when I said the Democrats do hire actors
to be the core of some of these
astroturf events like Michael Moore
showing up to the event
Radford Trump got elected that was
funded by Russian BOTS turns out more
didn't even know he was going to
something fun about Russian BOTS that
was anti Trump so you got government
corporations this goes on Hillary stage
fake town halls that's on record CNN's
been caught she has been caught with the
babies of the incubators in the Congress
and all those fake reports to get us in
the Iraq war
so the first Iraq war so we had a right
to question and they don't like us
question their narratives this is
and we're gonna go over some of the
lawsuit today our lawyers have looked at
the Pepe the Frog lawsuits they said
yeah the guy told everybody in public
interviews to use the image plus it's
not even your art you're selling it was
a third party posters you sold this is
we have absolute slapback total victory
it's just open and shut and it's we got
two other lawsuits dismissed this week
and I'm talking to lawyers about whether
I'm gonna show that
two of them dismissed with prejudice by
the judge
these are suits I did the lawyers didn t
want me to get into now this is was the
agreement so I didn't sue them once
they're lawyers then once they got
competent counsel anyone who got you to
do this they went well you know the
Democrats and some of these Democrats
are so crazy they tell me you better
watch it and shut up more suits are
coming and they're dumb enough to do it
in emails I mean folks the Democrats are
crazy they're nuts they want Trump out
they want the power they want to put
their boot back on America's neck and
they are pissed and that's why they're
freaking out cuz we're getting all these
lawsuits I mean it was up to actually
it's 11 now but we've gotten six
dismissed to just this week I mean we're
like grand slamming him out of the park
every time because they're crazy and
just because the Washington Post the New
York Times and all everybody misquotes
what we said about this guy who did
videotape the stuff and who I don't
think was part of staging anything
he's a spokesperson the Democrats he
loves Hillary's a leftist he went all
over TV he was a public figure before
he's a public figure after he's to be
all over the news channels is it cause
celeb Democratic fundraising he writes
articles for Politico how I became fake
news brennan gilmore
and Alexander Jones Infowars is the top
of the bill I like that it's like it's
like John Hancock got my neighbor right
there big and bold baby that's the new
Declaration of Independence right there
you got at least Ranahan we need to get
him on today let's go back I'll read it
Lee Ann McAdoo and then they've got some
other news organizations they're suing
so this guy goes out and writes his
articles misrepresents what I said about
Charlottesville defames me then
Georgetown Law as deep state as it gets
comes out and then they have the nerve
to say we're suing you because you say I
might be connected to the CIA are you
joking I mean you don't think the public
doesn't know or Colonel Allen West of
the army doesn't know what the State
Department is the State Department is
the CIA it runs it it is the deepest
state ridiculous asinine that's why
Pompeo just got promoted to the number
two spot the government more important
than the vice-president when it comes to
what he's doing and then they brought in
another lady this has been very loyal
the country under that they talked about
I was left says she ran black sites and
torture and I'm not for torture Trump
was kind of honest about it because it
does go on everybody does it and the
point is is that folks have asked me
what I think about it and you never know
what really went on because it's the
globalists that are putting their finger
at her and saying you know in Thailand
there was some black site with al Qaeda
terrorists in it and you know did she
destroy evidence I mean that's that's
the New York Times saying she did that
you know I tend to know that stuff goes
on so I tend to believe it but not
because the New York Times wrote it the
point is it's the first female director
of the Central Intelligence Agency and
the first female director it's so crazy
of any of these big agencies ooh but you
can hardly even find that in the news
instead it's news theater director Gina
Haspel had leading role in torture
well Obama said he's really good at
killing people oh and Obama said he
stopped the torture let me get a little
news flash under Obama the torture
exploded and they put Isis and al-qaida
in charge the gang rape and murder all
over the world so that's coming up but
the big news Tillerson al why is he out
let's get Roger stone on I forgot to
tell you that he's been saying tiller
since out since last December he said
it's imminent imminent imminent and
Tillerson is out we're gonna look at
let's get steep with Kenan Khan as well
former head of psychological operations
the State Department that means former
head of CIA psychological operations
it's like a joke oh how dare you say I'm
connected the CIA I just worked in
clandestine offices of the State
Department in Africa oh of course
oh my goodness excuse me wait till we
explain that to a jury if it ever gets
to him and then then there is uh the
rules of evidence
the optional completeness jury's gonna
have to watch whole for our shows for
every clip you want to show them and
guess who after they watch the broadcast
will be awake my name my children my
treasure my soul is on the line to
defeat these parasite globalist and I'm
feeling good you want to know their
number if you want to know their
kryptonite if you want to know what they
fear it's in force it's you it's
it's god-fearing people of every race
color and Creed the bleed red blood now
I'll get more into the deepest of the
deep State Clinton command base CIA
leftist faction Jesuit globalist Vatican
El supremo operation and I'm not anti
Catholic I'm anti left this global it's
insane control the Catholic Church with
this new pope a hundred percents in
China and communism is the model of
Christianity and I mean I heard 3040
years ago
preachers saying there'll be a pope that
calls for communism and one-world
my eyes you November the pubs before
that were bringing down communism and
stuff and now he's there pushing it I
mean this is a takeover and Georgetown
is the Jesuit command base and it is
more important than Harvard and Yale
when it comes to the State Department it
is what runs that basically and they
have Georgetown Law put out a editorial
just like you'll have it in Horseman or
a non endorsement of a candidate there's
no name on it that's that means it's the
Dean and then this whole thing about how
I don't deserve speech and I need to be
silenced it sounds like something mouths
a tongue would write that's coming up
but it was the Jesuits and the whole
leftist arm that helped put Mao into
power God Almighty that's all it's all
on record it's just incredible the
Society of Jesus is now the Society of
the globalist in the Communist Party and
they're making their move that was told
by high-level CI sources that I was
gonna have Catholics in action take a
big move at me in the next month and boy
here it is a direct direct frontal
attack so I guess everything's full
circle cuz it was my I don't know I say
ninth generation but I'm an eighth
generation Texas my children are not
generation came in to Texas in the early
1820s was Mexican land-grant and a lot
of my family's from Alabama Tennessee
and Virginia but on my mom's side he was
a the heirs and the Gresham's and all
those folks were successful very
successful rich folks in New York
strangely not they sold us some of the
slaughterhouses stuff that later in the
Rockefellers got to the UN buildings
owned on my family once on that property
Allah that's that he sold everything he
had and bought a ship load of Bibles
back then a Bible you know cost the
equivalent of thousands of dollars today
of King James Version Bibles and they
had a big shootout with the Jesuits in
Galveston but they got the Bibles
room and they were directly working with
President Andrew Jackson at the time to
quarterback a plan to overthrow the
sector and bring the Republicans so it's
it's just strange how things revolve my
ancestors working with the president
Jackson Trump fashions himself after
Jackson and I'm working with Trump again
yes history repeats ladies and gentlemen
it's magic it's real I am those
ancestors and no Trump's have got a
great lineage of German and his Scot
like Jackson and here we are it's all in
ladies and gentlemen Trump's not perfect
but he's trying to be the president and
Tillerson has been removed Tillerson has
been a double-dealer Trump's assistant
has also been let go and a bunch of
other people he had Pompeo legally and
lawfully as they are agents of globalist
looking into folks at the White House
and we're now into year number two and
Trump knows who's loyal and Trump knows
who isn't and so let me just say we're
gonna give you as good as you give us so
enjoy yourselves everyone because Trump
has just decided to take full command of
the White House and it's on I think
we're gonna play some of Trump coming up
in the next segment I've got a ton of
clips to get to here but let me tell you
something we got calls days ago they
were trying to bully Leanne Mac ative
and telling her they were gonna sue her
and all this stuff they've really tried
to pressure her and do a lot of things
over the last few years to get her to
make stuff up about this operation and
she's just such a good person she never
did it then her grandmother had a brain
tumor and she's been taking care of her
but still been working and she's here
right now that just so happened that she
comes about three or four times a year
from Florida and she was just here
when all this came down and they've
really put the drill bits to her she
just had at least trying to hang on who
teaches the journalism school and never
said anything he just said look how they
pick people or Democrat connected to sit
there and pair it talking points all
over the news and you know it says that
in this lawsuit it says from
just to parkland Florida Joe Jones says
nobody died it's all fake
that's not true the lawsuit itself is a
defamatory screed a propaganda and
that's what you understand we got two
lawsuits dismissed this week and I'm
allowed to reveal the stuff but the
lawyers are still looking at whether I
should we gotta send a letter to the
fury guy with the Frog coz aren't we
have to do that for we saw them and they
just it's open and shut
and my lawyers don't tell me that unless
it is I mean it's Santa's lap back
provision oh but it the problem is it's
gonna take money but now they've got a
taxpayer-funded university
suing trying to end the free speech and
you've got Sadiq Khan yesterday at UT we
were gonna go cover that or that's not
by Southwest now by UT the London stand
Mayor who wants to get rid of free
speech whoo let's ante for beat people
who's banning images of women and
bathing suits he says he's bringing
Sharia law in and the guy is a nightmare
and he says get rid of free speech
calling it hate speech London Mayor
Sadiq Khan tells Silicon Valley to
censor hate speech and that means us we
this they're coming for the First
Amendment it's here let's play that clip
the handful both the largest global tech
companies have managed to amass an
enormous amount of power over how
information is consumed in some cases
these new platforms have been used to
exacerbate fuel and deepen the divisions
within our communities we've already
seen evidence of elections and
referendums been influenced a rise in
online abuse misogyny and religious
hatred fake news spreading
misinformation algorithms blink wenis
from different points of view and
pushing people to extremes and
terrorists and far-right groups using
social media to nolleke inspire but to
radicalize and brainwash others
everything you said is back on him he
literally protects no numbers of Isis
and al-qaeda and lets them come back the
country and attack people he is a
and of course him Twitter Facebook and
Google work with Pakistan to arrest
blasphemers have them executed so that's
what you know welcome ladies and
gentlemen welcome to the frontlines of
the information war and the attempt to
restore our Republic and take back power
from the offshore tax exempt mega banks
you can see they're fighting very hard
to cause the civil unrest to push racial
division all over the news to push
cop-killing and then they've got the
foreign Islamic Mayor of London Stan
who's banging nationals free speech
resting people in mass
only Muslims are allowed to speak at
speakers corner basically and call for
killing everybody bringing Islamists
back into the nation we've got all of
this unfolding and going on and then
Georgetown University Sue's me and puts
out an official paper calling for us to
be taken off the air total defamation
they lie they say that we say crisis
actors you know we're in Florida and
nobody died and the same thing for Vegas
in all of it and just none of it's true
the defamation is the lawsuit to then
have the media sit out there and push it
and they're suing congressman Allen West
they're suing Lee Ann McAdoo they're
suing a bunch of other folks least
Ranahan Virginia man sues Infowars you
know let's go back to the hill others
for fake news at for startzville rally
oh where is the headline Georgetown
University uses taxpayer money to sue to
push for the end of the Free Press
wow that's pretty sensational isn't it
Sadiq Khan calls for ending web freedom
and free speech in the US I mean that's
the headline calls for web censorship of
conservatives labeling it hate speech
defendants of the case Alan Jones
reporters at least Stranahan they put
that close okay only makes tree mesh
Leanne McAdoo Jim Hoffs author of the
alt-right blog Gateway pundit oh it's a
blog it doesn't get hundreds of millions
of views every week former US
congressman Alan B West who operates the
alt-right website Alan I notice Hillary
Korea the name all right that's who we
are see that means you're racist the
white supremacist the black guy no I'm
the new right or I'm a libertarian you
need to begin the game ad him and eyes
you they level you Derrick will burn
author the family tree article about
Gilmore on Allen West comments Scott
Crichton operator of the blog American
everyman so you read it and I'll be like
wow how are you handling it man all
these lawsuits he had two lawsuits
dismissed on this week the one last week
I said two this week it's it's brought
to my attention a meeting like
like some good those dismissed with
prejudice that means you can't come back
and file it and that's when they figured
out sue them and their lawyers went
actually your other lawyers really
screwed up this is crazy two of them and
the same thing with the Frog they said
they've never seen a more fraudulent
filing slapback provisions one hundred
percent and the letter is being sent
today to mr. fury they think we're all
I guess global effect go to the shopping
mall and see zombies I think we're all
like that and it's their arrogance that
blinds them it's their arrogance that
will bring them down because I've never
seen anything like it
so again this show that they want to
distract us from the news they won't
distract us from all the things we're
doing with these lawsuits but it is the
news they're trying to end free speech
in America they're trying to destroy
talk radio they're trying to destroy the
churches in this country under Obama
more than 10,000 churches got sued by
the Justice Department and the IRS
saying that conservatives and Christian
groups couldn't even be anti-abortion
because that was political and Trump has
put forward his act to restore religious
freedom in this country and the IRS has
been forced to back off the IRS wouldn't
even issue 501 C 3 s to libertarian
conservative or veterans groups they
wouldn't issue him two groups getting
prosthetic legs for people who had their
legs blown off but the left issue what
was it 50-plus thousand just in that one
year of the debate remember a few years
ago like four years ago that was really
heating up in Congress fifty seven
thousand one year to left his crypts
where they're not to pay any taxes for
all their anti-american crap Soros has
all his tax-free foundations by the way
again they're misrepresenting saying
that I said all of Charlottesville was
staged by Soros I said chaos that he
added to funding an taifa which is in
the federal filings and in the
and on record and I have articles right
here but they misrepresent and then try
to defame us saying that we say the guy
that's suing us somehow carried out the
attacks no we're saying he's a
Democratic Party operative work for
Hillary Clinton the State Department was
out there and then used because of his
political views to be put all over the
news but I'll say this
CNN others called for our YouTube
channel be shut down and almost did and
misrepresenting what we said I said hey
you're supposed to sue me to prove
something so at least they're going the
route I'm not going helots bullied me
I'm a full grown man take down his
sights ban him from the air they're at
least having Georgetown University the
most leftist globalist arm of the CIA
Jesuit University I mean this is the
Jesuits would taxpayer money trying to
end free speech in America Wow you think
they're gonna be some amicus briefs to
this you think some folks are gonna wait
in this is gonna be a Titan battle and I
guess they think they got everything
worked out there in Virginia with things
huh so we can't read pillow jury yeah
this is a very sophisticated operation
but the best laid plans of mice and men
often go astray think about it they are
attempting in this lawsuit that in their
public statements to defame all of us
that they have been named to lie about
what we said to misrepresent to then rob
you of the First Amendment and that's
what they're calling for read the press
releases but you see them everywhere
going do more to ban hate starting with
Alex Jones and one of all the internal
videos at Google Facebook Twitter
YouTube say what's your main enemy what
do you try to stop Alex Jones and Paul
Joseph Watson and anyone else like them
and so all these cowards get these TV
listeners or have their own big youtubes
they go well I'm just gonna join this
and attack Alex Jones so I can get
long YouTube promoted to a bunch of
zombies cuz the folks that actually dial
in to what you're saying can't rub two
brain cells together I mean this is the
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fund the engine of resistance stay with
us I am so honored to be sued by Pope
Francis using US taxpayer money now I'm
not kidding
pull up the Washington Post Georgetown
was founded as a private university in
the 1790s there where Washington DC
basically is today and it was set up by
the Vatican
but since about a hundred years ago it's
been mainly funded by taxpayer money so
how George Town log it's Uncle Sam to
pay its students bills and they also are
getting hundreds of millions of dollars
when Obama client Lee signed the
countering this information and
propaganda act to be run by the CIA and
Georgetown as well as the board of
governors of the FCC and so they've
decided to try to shut us down
the Vatican has filed suit on us
Pope Francis that's that's who that's
who runs Georgetown has greenlight it
he's been calling for shutting down fake
news just a month ago the Vatican has
listed us as fake news and so a foreign
state based in the city of Rome is now
actively suing me because I claimed that
a State Department official who worked
for Hillary Clinton and who worked for a
congressman funded by George Soros
because that claimed that he should be
investigated for CIA ties and then now
the main left his Jesuit globalist arm
of the CIA has sued me and Congressman
Ellen West and others because they think
you're so stupid please train a hand
that runs a journalism school will be
joining us he's being sued and we were
viewed last night I was up until 10:30
10:30 we reviewed all the videos they're
suing us over and there's nothing there
but in the lawsuit and then in the
Georgetown defamation article they put
out against us taxpayer-funded
defamation against the citizen Finch
through the Vatican they call for us all
to be shut down and just banned out of
hands setting the precedent this is huge
ladies and gentlemen so think about that
they say Oh a private citizen in
Virginia's who's Alex Jones for saying
that he staged the events in Charlotte
we didn't say that they cut off the end
where we said George Soros should be
indicted for staging the chaos funding
ante for I have a stack of articles
where he pays for full-page ad fads in
the New York Times saying overthrow the
government we have all the statements
here I've got a big stack of articles
Assange warned CIA officers flooding in
a democratic party for 2018 midterms
documents to tell plan for civil unrest
and martial law
from the George Soros group run by his
son Alexander Friends of democracy and
the media never covered these documents
never refuted them how they hire the
people how the police stand down how
they do the riots in blue cities
everyone Riley do it and blue cities
it's all all there boy you think they
don't want me to put this in front of
the jury Jones
see I'm being sued by a coalition of the
corrupt Pope and George Soros I noticed
three of the articles they listed in the
suit call George Soros a Nazi
collaborator they are so angry about the
third they're letting me know what
they're mad they're like shut up
no oh shut up ever never ever and we're
drawing your fire this is exactly what I
was planning see I'm not like you I'm
not trying to keep myself safe I'm not
trying to just amass more money I'm
trying to defeat very dangerous bad
people like George Soros Hillary Clinton
not the guy that's shilling me and in
their lawsuit it's misrepresented I have
been too faint by the things that are
said here and they go out and they find
these folks that I met he's a public
figure and he goes on TV and he writes
articles and he says things about me
that I didn't say about him that's
Brennan Gilmore and then he'll be the
cost to live all over the place
he's a poor little foreign service
officer with the State Department how
darest say he should be looked into
these CIA connections the State
Department runs the CIA the main
university recruits out of his
Georgetown and then taxpayer money with
a Vatican run institution the former
head of the Jesuits now that Pope
staying shut down Alex Jones shut down
the Free Press how sensational and out
all these newspapers calling me today I
called a few back and I just said will
you please report on how they filed 12
lawsuits honest I counted 12 we've
gotten out I guess six or seven I'm
saying ten earlier dismissed - in the
last eight nine days because the courts
just look at it they're like what in the
world is this but they don't care it's
that image band fake news band thicknose
Jones being sued Jones is being sued
Jones being sued they go to the big tech
companies in the big tech giants the big
social media outlets like Sadiq Khan the
Islamic mayor here in Austin sang shut
down the American right banned them from
the web completely like China's done we
played the clip earlier he's shutting
down free speech in London
the globalist have brought in the
Muslims to carry this out they're
working with them Facebook and Twitter
have worked with Pakistan to find out
Christians and and atheists and people
that blaspheme by saying they don't
believe in Mohammed to help them be
executed nobody talked about misogyny
yes let's go to the Muslims Sharia law
man he'll teach us how to take care of
women now I want to go through all the
other news because they're trying to
distract us with us and take our energy
but I realized if go with it like a judo
move and I've seen every time we come
through this and when you understand
we've gotten all ready
five or six we're right at half the fake
lawsuits dismissed and we're doing it
very judiciously but these are the big
ones though this is gonna take money to
fight these guys and that's all I'm
saying the listeners and viewers is that
just like the new CEO a new score
getting bought by Disney said a month
ago they said we're gonna start banning
on with Jones and WikiLeaks and then
we're gonna ban everybody else
yeah actually sweetie we met with the
big telecoms we met with the big
Internet companies the tech titans and
this is the plan and then they're just
bringing it in lawsuits taxpayer-funded
it's all here it's happening and I am so
honored to be in the middle of this and
to see Trump moving to get rid of the
globalist to get rid of the neo cons and
really bringing this country back it's a
very very magic time to be alive before
we go any further because I hardly ever
plug we need to plug more I barely plug
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well the taxpayer-funded so-called
private university Georgetown log filed
suit on me today and they put out press
releases this morning they were secretly
talking to Reuters and AP and they had
Reuters and AP calling is trying to ask
his questions but not tell us there was
a lawsuit incredible malfeasance by the
so-called journalists all working in
concert and I think there's a lot of
evidence pointing towards it being an
operation Mockingbird I mean look at
Georgetown but it's keep everybody
understand Allen West being sued myself
you name it they say in the lawsuit they
say in their press releases that we need
to be banned off the internet cuz we're
fake and that they designate us is fake
that is the global is Pope that controls
that Jesuit University with taxpayer
money you can't make that up and so
there's these be congressional hearings
about this this is the real move on the
First Amendment now Brittany Pettibone
is a I'd call her new right they call
her all right that's a Hillary Clinton
turn more of a nationalist populist I'm
familiar with her work you know they
call her a Nazi they call me a Nazi it's
it's just something they do wear shorts
or O's is a real Nazi collaborator but
she and her boyfriend got the came for
three days show judge Laura Southern she
got detained and they basically got put
into prison and told wash your mouth
while you're in there and the media is
all celebrating it now Sadiq Khan is
here at South by Southwest the London
Stan mayor he says that he wants the
telecoms and big tech Silicon Valley to
shut down all conservatives free speech
he because so he's God he defines it
just like Georgetown so this is all
interconnected and so just like I'm
talking about Pettibone I know what
those all these shows I'm giving her my
little two cents we're gonna break here
in a moment I'm gonna go to her now that
we need to talk about the big picture
because this is happening everywhere
this is an Obama executive order that
was signed that I covered earlier
dealing with his Ministry of Truth and
this is an incredible time to be alive
but this is all an orchestrated event
it's getting really really intense and
it just shows there that desperate to
attempt a massive Communist Chinese
style that's what they're modeling it
after crackdown and it's getting so bad
if police chiefs mentioned the 90 plus
percent of the rapes are by Muslim men
you know they get fired
so Brittany congratulations on your
courage I know you were trying to go
give a speech at speakers corner with
your boyfriend or for hundreds of years
they've had free speech but I guess only
the Islamists are allowed to speak now
the UK about two weeks ago and I got in
no problem and I was at speakers corner
so I was able to see for myself that
it's about like 90% Muslims that go
there now but actually my boyfriend was
the one who is going to give the speed
judgement speakers foreigner I was gonna
go and cover it but the main reason that
I was denied entry was because I wanted
to interview Tommie Rob's Ron who they
declared a far-right leader and someone
who incites racial hatred so it was kind
of you know a mixture of reasons but
they were trying to get us both on
different things because they couldn't
say that oh you can't go in just because
they're going to watch a speech you know
it wasn't a good enough reason that's
right and of course that's in the news
they admit that you've got the paperwork
as well we've written articles about it
it's on Tommy Robinson's website where
is it best for people to go check out
your sides to actually see the print for
themselves well I actually just posted a
video on my youtube channel that I made
with my boyfriend Martin yesterday my
YouTube channels Britney Pettibone I've
also put out some tweets regarding it
because people are now accusing us of
forging these documents but I mean I
have them all here I also have documents
from the detention facility proving that
we were there and we actually got ID
cards which they confiscated but
Martin's snuck his out so we have his ID
card proving that we were
do this it's like what CNN called for us
to be banned later they said it was all
made up this is how they have the stain
for their viewers and listeners they've
banned Michael Savage from going to
I've been interrogated when I go in
about what I'm gonna say and do and they
have police actually in mi5 come to my
hotel on record expanding on that that
they want Sadiq Khan wants Donald Trump
banned from London but then they try to
say they're not doing this yeah it's
absolutely it's absolutely crazy and yet
they'll let in you know returning Isis
fighters they'll let in you know all
these illegals will slip through the
cracks but then when it comes to people
with political opinions who they don't
necessarily agree with suddenly the
border force is just the most competent
one in the entire world oh absolutely
miss London Stan it is the command base
for Isis worldwide we'll be right back
well Britney Pettibone has hundreds of
millions of views on her YouTube she's a
great journalist I'd call her a
libertarian nationalist
constitutionalists but they call her a
Nazi of course George Soros is one that
runs that he's a real Nazi collaborator
but her and her boyfriend were trying to
fly into London where they've been many
times to interview Tommy Robinson the
great Patriot and they got the tape for
three days in a prison cell and it was
even in the British news you can just
type it into a search engine
Britney Pettibone and others at Laura
southern detained and the police
admitted that but now the spread machine
as it looks really scary and bad to have
these folks with no criminal record not
allowed to come in but Paul Watson's got
a viral video out right now let's put it
up on screen and we can where they admit
that they let thousands of jihad
fighters and who tell them I'm gonna
kill people they go oh we want you for
sure like they have you know in Sweden
these these rehabilitation centers for
Isis and all kind of fighters it's
amazing because this is who they're
gonna displace everybody with so it's
the truth about broken Britain everybody
needs to see it it's very very powerful
I'm gonna play it later in the hour it's
on info wars.com so you have Sadiq Khan
here in Austin at South by Southwest
saying ban all conservatives off line
you have the globalist seventies
Communist Chinese style that censorship
with a new web ID to enforce that you've
got towards town university
taxpayer-funded at the
Law Department they say their private
they're not put the washington post up
the so taxpayer money suing me but the
directives of the pope who called for
fake news and in the same article it
mentioned does two weeks ago to be
banned so the Pope wants me off the air
and his university is suing me with
taxpayer money I mean at least user
let me hear about the Vatican won't pay
for its own electricity from Rome there
are like 20 years behind they still we
do not pay for electricity we have two
hundred foot walls I met her I have no
walls so the Catholic Church has been
totally captured people need to pull
their alumni funding in Georgetown you
to call and let him know that this is
war folks this is war and I'm being sued
for saying that the State Department
official that worked for Hillary's
connected to Soros and might work for
the CIA the State Department is the CIA
so it just goes on and on and on and on
and on and on and on we got two lawsuits
thrown out in the last we can have so
Brittany Pettibone break down what
happened what's going on I mean this is
a concerted effort we've got to raise
the alarm I would say on a Richter scale
what would you say I mean previous
censorship was maybe a three or four
this is like an eight I mean this is
this is sustained across the board
massive government's coming after our
speech you're being suppressed by the
British government they're arresting
people to criticize Islam like I'm a
real opponent France in Germany they're
coming at or everybody I mean this is
really going on so investigative
journalist Brittany Pettibone define
yourself since they want to define you
and steal your identity define who you
are what your mission is and what's
happened and where you think we are
right now in this incredible attack on
free speech well defining myself
politically I think the most appropriate
term it's what I've always gone with is
an American nationalists and you know
I'm Pro Trump and I've been interested
in politics my entire life like I got it
by accident politically active because
of the presidential elections but you
know obviously they define us as all
sorts of things I don't even bother
fighting back against it anymore I mean
they call Trump Hitler so you just can't
trust these people but regarding what
happened to us I it would seem like some
kind of coordinated effort because you
saw they they went
Laurin southern right after my boyfriend
and me and you know it's one thing to
hear about the lack of freedom of speech
in the UK but it's quite another to
experience it and it's it's not only
been eye-opening for us but I think for
many people and I really hope that it
will encourage people to speak out
against this I've gotten so many
messages from people in the UK like I'm
just embarrassed for my country
embarrassed because you know Britain
used to be so great they're saying well
not so much anymore
and you also have to to question you
know how much they put into shutting
down people like myself my boyfriend
Martin Sellner Lauren southern and then
things like this this Telford scandal
that just broke like the biggest child
sex abuse scandal in the history of
Britain over the past 40 years up to
like a thousand children abused one girl
I believe she was about 15 years old she
was gotten pregnant six times over the
course of four years it's absolutely
unacceptable especially after rather um
how they can dare to allow this to
happen again so their priorities are
just all out of whack right now it's
it's really infuriating and finally the
BBC reports on girls as young as seven
being groomed and used for sex slavery
by the Muslims who turned it into a
business and then the rich leftist men
Brits come and actually use it and so
they kind of use the Muslims who are
famous for using women to sex slaves as
as the folks that tend their slave
stables are there they have a word for
courts in Islam in the Middle East it's
called a harem so they have their
pedophile harems what do you make of
Sadiq Khan being hailed as the great
feminist at South by Southwest I love
you knew that and being hailed as a man
of the women who will defend women with
Islam it's a complete contradiction it's
a paradox that linked Islam and feminism
are not compatible like okay so Lauren
southern was accused of racism which is
why she wasn't allowed into the UK
because she criticized Islam which is a
religion not a race so the whole purpose
of this social experiment which I
actually participated in and they didn't
bring this up as one of the reasons as
to why I was banned was vice released an
article saying you know Jesus he could
there's a possibility he could have been
gay so we were thinking okay so if they
can do this all religions really treated
equal let's go to the UK pretend to be
activists you know pro-lgbt coming and
saying you know alle you know it's one
religion that accepts everyone you know
feminism gays everything and the way
that this video isn't finished yet
perhaps will release it but the way the
reaction was incredible within seconds
the police were there saying they had
already gotten complaints we need to
remove you for your safety immediately
we had to confiscate the Flyers
everything it was an insane situation
but this is it you can't criticize Islam
it's completely protected that's why
they you see them persecuting Tommy
Robinson so much who I was going to
interview he eventually flew to Vienna
we did the interview it is I think one
of the best he's ever done because we
break down and go step by step through
his five different times in prison how
he was put in there blackmailed by the
police everything that he is suffered
and sacrificed in his quest to expose
Islam for what it is well I mean radical
Islam is the number one threat to
Muslims it kills tens of millions of
their own people and other a lot of
Muslims are hard-working smart people
I've known a lot of them but they're
really you know heretics wanna drink a
beer with you well I mean let's talk
about that because I mean it's a fact
the biggest victim of Islam is Islam
yeah it really did I mean you just you
read about it it's not just you know
Muslims are randomly acting out and it's
like where's this coming from
you can read it you can you can see it
in their religion it's written there so
I mean my uncle Hakeem he has been very
kind he's one of my favorite uncle's
we've been close pretty much my entire
life so there's you know not a bad word
I can say about him but it's just you
look at the religion and then look at
the Muslims you know the radical is the
way they're acting and you have to
criticize it they just they won't even
let you question it or criticize it it's
a huge problem and then these these
grooming gangs many Muslims are the ones
responsible well it's not like many of
them even the mainstream media admits
it's basically their business and then
of the girls act up they just disappear
yeah hearing about the lawsuits against
myself Congressman Wes and others by
Georgetown University which is won by
the Vatican and Anna but they admit
taxpayer money funds the law school try
and they're calling in the suit for us
to be shut off the air CNN's calling for
us to be sure
off the air they use a State Department
official kind of as their you know got
to personalize it but it is Georgetown
doing it what do you make of this and
then and the left calling for all of us
to be banned and again marine lepen
being arrested for Chang the biggest
threat since world war two to France is
radical Islam I mean that's a total
that's absolutely true honestly I'm not
shocked at all I think we've all seen
this coming for a while now the thing is
like the mainstream media you know a lot
of older people watch it but the youth
are watching these independent creators
who aren't you know beholden to anyone
and can basically go out and report on
what they want to report on talk about
what they want to talk about they're
they're free and they want to shut these
people down by any means necessary
because like Infowars you know all these
alternative media outlets so they are
challenging these big means for media
outlets and over they're going to
overtake them soon so they have to shut
them down because otherwise they're
gonna fade into obscurity and if they
don't control the narrative they don't
control people and this is classic
authoritarianism negatively being
carried out and Trump must move people
but we can't wait for Trump he's doing a
great job getting rid of tiller sitting
all there and moving Pompeo and
everything else but ladies and gentlemen
all of you here alumni at Georgetown and
you're not as snot-nosed globalist you
got to pull your money other people I
think there should be lawsuits you know
against them of this all sorts of issues
using taxpayer money try to get rid of
the free speech I mean I'm having my
rights violated like Jim Crow ladies and
gentlemen welcome back I'm Alex Jones as
we defend the first the Second Amendment
you name it wow what a time to be alive
that's right crashing the lies and
disinformation whoa I love that cranked
it up for a minute good old ladies music
the red rocker he's a great guy by the
the judge said son just one more all
right here's the deal
I can't drive 55 and I sure as hell
can't live under globalism in Islamic
sharia law allied with a bunch of weird
SOI boy left us it didn't happening now
I was just talking to some of the crew
in there
imagine what Trump's going through if
Democrats and Hillary lawyers have filed
I guess if you count the two ego seizes
two things that's 12 lawsuits in the
last year and most of them the last
couple months and we've already gotten
six of them thrown out to up in the last
eight nine days last weekend this week
so I'm trying to be positive here
because I want to fight the globalist I
want to change the world and Trump just
got rid of teller soon the word is for
leaking and for going along with
different globalist operations just like
they just got rid of Trump's assistant
there they're watching who's leaking
that's what's happening and Trump is
consolidating control of the executive
like he's supposed to do and the
globalist are just hitting more shrill
more insane Congress just came out and
said no there's no rush in collusion
there's actually collusion by Hillary
Nunez says which we all know about back
in the day the New York Times admitted
that Hill real bona fide hey uranium for
money put it in my private bank account
and put it in Podesta's bank account and
so Britney Pettibone is an investigative
journalist calls herself a nationalist
and that's exactly what I am is just
somebody that wants to have their own
sovereignty and she's joining us right
now she got Bessie put in prison for
three days with her boyfriend who's want
to speak his figures corner she they
they said well you can't speak his
speakers corner you're inciting problems
even though the speech was known it was
a Pro free speech speech she wasn't
allowed to talk to Tommy Robinson I'm
trying to talk to a reporter and then
Laura southern also got grabbed
separately coming in because he's a
racist they just said so and Michael
Savage can't come in cuz he says Islam
isn't a religion of peace and City Khan
says Trump can't come in this is an
amazing time to be alive so Brittany
Pettibone and the 6-7 minutes we have
left where do you see this fight going
Marilla Penn facing prison she's the
front-runner of course the French
elections the saying it
so so where do you see all this going I
see this being determined by enough
people deciding to stand up and take a
stand with us because obviously we can't
do this by ourselves so if enough people
in the Western world will just say just
get over their fear stop living in this
this mental prison in you know basically
having no ideological freedom if they
can find the courage to do this I think
then we will be okay
but it's just like even after what
happened in the UK I still don't believe
the UK is lost and it really perturbs me
when people say that you know France has
lost the UK's lost Sweden's lost
Germany's lost we're not yet there's
still a chance so I think that it's
gonna come down just to the average
people and if they're not willing to do
that in time then you know we just might
be lost you're absolutely right if we
don't start recognizing the draconian
authoritarian those aren't just words
those are real things that this is the
death of the West free speech the right
to defense and an open alliance with the
UN the global is the Vatican radical
Islam the Communist Chinese and
Hollywood but like you said I'm not
bragging when I say this when I go to my
children's school and then when I go to
other schools where they're having
school of answer sporting events
I get mobbed and the kids love me and
college folks love me and it's weird
because I've always been targeting the
military the police the government
trying to wake them up the Global's take
over we're having success there because
they know what our infos accurate
because they're inside there and then
they know what to look for a lot of know
more than I do it but I'm just it's
collaborative effort but the youth it's
just devastating and the globalists
admit that's what they're so scared of
sellable 44 year old guy like me yeah I
know you guys are popular Paul Watson's
super popular
Gavin McGinnis are they are the rock
stars it's not the sports players it's
not even you know the pop singers
anymore it is the Liberty movement and
that is just me really weird but they
admit that this new generation Z is the
most anti three
terian most libertarian ever now the one
after them the Millennials are the most
communist so what do you think's going
on there Britney Pettibone with yeah our
education system is completely flooded
with these people these communists
socialists you know someone once
suggested to me and I think it's a great
idea they should start a reality show
where they you know bring these people
who are so in favor of communism
socialism drop them into these countries
where it's actually a reality and just
see how they do it would be hilarious
I would watch for the first time reality
TV if they did that I think these people
really don't understand what they're
asking for I think it's more like oh you
know I get free college I'd get free
healthcare but they just they don't read
the wheel and say do you are you gonna
go to Cuba Venezuela North Korea or you
know perhaps and and then oh you're goin
it's gonna be great and notice they've
always got skinny jeans they've always
got a nice phone they're bitching
because their car isn't brand new
they're getting their college paid for
and they're so pissed and they hate
America so much and you know what's
interesting alex is like antifa you look
at aunt Eva and you know they think
they're these you know anarchists
through the rebelling against the
authoritarian regime but if you look at
look at what they're trying to
the government is in exact alignment
with it they're trying to shut us down
so we're the government so if you really
think about it they're just the foot
soldiers big of a are the brown shirts
they are them there's a modern brown
shirts mmm-hmm it's really laughable
that they can't see this they don't have
enough self-awareness to see this but I
mean this whole thing that's happened to
us we are going to appeal it Loren is
joining me in Vienna within the next
couple days we're all going to work with
the same lawyer Martin Lauren and I and
we're gonna peel this try to get it
overturned well it's gonna be a big
fight I think a battle ahead
but we're gonna do what we can because
it's completely unjust what's happened
well since the media is trying to say it
ever happened you ought to just come in
with your live streaming at the airport
walk right up have them throw and then
you know they'll say that doesn't exist
but but again Sadiq Khan others are
saying don't let trump come yeah and
there's no good reason for that at all I
don't even understand the reasoning
behind this he's a president of United
State it's amazing yeah well we're gonna
put on screen the Michael Savage has
been banned what seven years he's been
banned from the UK yes I actually
believe that Lauren will be speaking
with him soon about her band so that
should be a very interesting interview
but Michael Savage I've been a fan for a
while through my father he introduced
these really really great alright well
Britney Pettibone it's great to get you
want to familiar with your work please
come on any time you've got breaking
news and I just it's really a pleasure
to see the great job you and your
boyfriend are doing in Laurens Southern
and the whole team so we just want to
salute you and and I think the more they
try to suppress all of our speech I
think more great minds like yourself
Rinna come forward
what do you think of the first CIA
director being a woman being point about
Trump criticizing for this there's
nothing right if you found the cure for
cancer they'd find some way to criticize
that all right Brittany Pettibone thank
you so much thank you
Godspeed wow that's amazing all right
I'm gonna come back and get into a bunch
of other news that we've not hit yet
because there is a plethora other it is
a cornucopia
there is a compendium of it and a bunch
of clubs I haven't gotten to and I
probably should open the phone some more
we've just got some of the guests and
we've got one of the other journalists
least Reina Han who's being sued by the
Pope the Vatican is it through
Georgetown with taxpayer money is suing
us and calling for us to be taken off
the air I mean my lord this is
incredible Autobots transform and roll
out form of the Pope's Jesuit University
taxpayer-funded not private suing former
congressman Alan West see yours truly
Alex Jones
leann McAdoo leaf Stranahan for saying
you got a bunch of Democrat Party
operatives running around at Ferguson
trying to suspend it that ante for a
bunch of sweethearts and the president
Trump's a Nazi and they use them as PR
people everywhere and we point out one
of the guys worked for Hillary State
Department and has a famous as three
being tied of the CIA and running the
CIA and we just said this needs to be
investigated oh we're gonna sue you for
fake news and then the filing
they say that we say crisis actors and
nothing's real and all the stuff and we
said nobody you know died in Florida we
didn't say that so what it is is their
fake news and you know I know enough
about law to have a taxpayer-funded they
think we're so stupid University of
Georgetown the law school putting out
articles defaming me can we put that
article back up and I guess they think
they're gonna control the judges and
control through the alumni and then
somehow you get the right Jerry the
whole thing smells because you look at
the suit it's a joke witness to a
tragedy of victim of fake news
conspiracy sues Alex Jones and others
Georgetown Law and then they say a bunch
of stuff we never said her never did and
that we said there's an imaginary deep
state but we learned about the deep
state from carroll quigley
one of the heads of georgetown political
science becomes mentor and tragedy and
hope called for planetary dictatorship
the end of the family total social
control an elite ruling everything run
out of Georgetown but it doesn't exist
there's no such thing
good old Chuckie Schumer never got up on
CNN and said Trump better watch it the
intelligence agencies have seven ways to
Sunday to get back at him and make him
pay and remove him and we've been spying
on him and we know he's a Russian agent
so that's illegal and it's illegal to
say you were spying he was classified
but then it turned out you just lied you
were spying on the president but you
lied about it then you said we never
said that and everybody knows what a
pack of liars these people are but
they're so used to creeping around and
be in control and knowing that America's
chained up in their basement yes they're
sitting up there watching TV big old
we're chained up down there and there's
famous cases of this they're getting our
social security checks basically listed
there like big slobs eating Twinkies
watching television you know they got
like little CIA pocket protectors
feeling powerful sometimes they walk
down were chained up downstairs they
walk by make us beg for maybe a piece of
bread they feel they walk down the
dungeon they kind of strut around I'm
feeling really powerful right now
America let me just take you in the face
a little bit oh but we've got both our
arms out of the shackles and then we got
our legs out of when you open the
trapdoor to come down and rape a
that physically even though we've been
emaciated been in the dark so long we
could hardly see we punched you knock
you the ground bit a chunk out of you
and now we're stumbling around with the
lights on trying to see and you're
screaming for Mama and here comes a big
fat giant 400-pound maggot down the
stairs just slithering in puss dripping
out of its smell of rotting dead
children his belly there's the big giant
pus worm come to save its baby the
baby's bleeding baby broke his leg with
baby fell down on the tarp and so we're
getting our bearings the lights coming
back in our eyes we lay about 85 pounds
but you know what we're fighting for our
live and here comes that big worm and
what are we gonna do to that big giant
stinking worm it smells like dead flesh
it's squealing like a big rat what are
we gonna do to that worm oh by the way I
should have started the show with this
it was September 11th 2016 that Hillary
fell like a ton of bricks in New York
City and in the media woodcut when she
fell and said Alex Jones put up fake
news Olson was flip on a curb and we
show kind of this sort of having a
convulsion and it cut well she was in
India yesterday in the Daily Mirror got
the video and someone infowars.com and
drugs report calm the Daily Mirror calm
she slept not once not twice but thrice
and everywhere she goes she has men
helping her even when she walks on the
flat we saw that in Austin just be help
but it's okay because that's actually
her doing a dance that's not her falling
down or slipping three times
no that is Hillary Clinton I think
that's it my Abidine behind her yeah
that's her girlfriend right there
reportedly uma Abidine the only reason
old flying squirrel actually like I said
last night on earth as special reports
he's like the Falcon flying down from
the top of the Egyptian monolith
gleaming that there is our great Queen
our Lord or master Excalibur the purest
of the greatest beautiful Georgetown
creations the finest citizens America's
ever seen indomitable strong as
continual as the North Star
stoic the very essence of pure blood the
very blood of Honor the majestic the
oh look at the plant in the handsomeness
the goodness kind of play some more of
these clips when we come back only get
to trump and then we'll Tillerson means
this is really good science what's
happening um but before I do that what a
time to be alive ladies and gentlemen to
be fighting back all of us together in
this basement
trying to get out of this fetid stink
hole where the lesser carry out their
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about my cozy axe and stand in the way
of Soros Clinton Obama Hillary and the
Pope I'll be honest with you I woke up
at about 250 this morning and couldn't
go back to sleep and I can just feel the
evil of the globalist I could see them
trying to destroy our free speech and
knowing how bad they are I wasn't scared
I just I'm usually very positive about
things I am very positive and I
understand the larger compendium of
history and what our mission is is not
to be famous not to make money but to
actually change the world and make it a
better place does all that evil men in
tyrus need to flourish is the good men
and women do nothing quote Thomas
Jefferson but I about 3:30 in the
morning got on my knees in the dark of
the night in my living room and I just
asked God for strength and discernment
and I went in and looked at my 10 month
old baby daughter
he's got her first cold tile flooring
airplane water wheezing and stuff and
picked her up and rocked her my arms for
hours and I just knew I'm where I'm
supposed to be and it's so strong that I
don't want to come on air and say this
is wonderful
being sued by Georgetown University with
taxpayer money but it really is because
I know you're gonna come through I know
we're gonna win
and I know that it's gonna be rough and
I know that they want to demonize me
before they kill me I understand that
but my children have no future if we
don't beat this and you don't either
when Saul say it again I am exactly
where I want to be because I wasn't
really depressed but I worked but it's
17 hours yesterday and so you just kind
of get really tired and I went to bed
about 11:00 and I was a little down
not for my prospects but just that
people don't realize we're really up
against pure evil but then I just
understood that this is what anybody who
wants to be a good person with dream of
theirs actually go toe to toe against
real evil and but folks to understand
that avoid conflict or avoid
confrontation with evil they understand
this is what sharpens you it's what
brings you up it's what opens everything
up I mean I'm so satisfied in my life
and it's indescribable it's
indescribable and I remember being a
teenager other stuff be more ego driven
how unhappy I was even a young man I was
still happier than most people but I
still had had a void somewhere even
though I had courage and wanted to be a
good person I didn't fully commit to it
but that's how God does it I was like
weight lifting slowly more weight on
more weight more weight more weight more
weight more weight and God has answered
my prayers to take on the globe was to
see them defeated to see the tide turn
to see the awakening happening to see
them come against this I mean until
always in my spirit guides like you
really want this cuz at the end of the
line they're gonna torture you and kill
you and I but victory will come and I
just it's not even a martyr syndrome
it's we can't let them win and then
every time I pass the new threshold of
the attacks stuff people even know about
on air it's pretty hardcore and they've
targeted my family and people
me and it's they're really bad people
but they think you're cowards they think
when I talk about that I'm scaring you
for them you're not a coward like they
are but if you're into fear you should
fear them getting full power and what
they'll do to everybody
cuz everywhere they get control in
third-world countries everywhere they
get control these government orphanages
everywhere these people migrate to these
these evil globalist they are into
tearing up civilization and tearing up
humanity in front of everybody Paul
Watson's done a really incredible report
I went too long it's like a seven minute
report I'm gonna play it we start the
next hour we ever get the channelings I
want to get him on this Tillerson thing
I was ready can't tomorrow and we've got
least training and being sued by the
Vatican as well
I love how honest people are so honest
everyone's like oh we're being sued by
the State Department guy no we're being
sued by Georgetown and by the Pope with
taxpayer money and then they call for
the end of free speech and instead of
precedent to ban everyone and to have
the media and Georgetown decide what can
be on air and what can't I mean it's a
total overthrow of the First Amendment
it's it's so epic it's incredible and
it's all of those slanderous defamation
misrepresentation of what I said and
what we said about the event like
everything else is just a big PR
campaign and it's going nowhere doesn't
matter how many little things they pull
matter what they do the truth is coming
out we've got so much to get to so much
to cover and this is a kid Daniels
article up on info wars.com Trump fires
Goldstein amid State Department purge
president also cutting through isolation
by staff
and when you read this it's it's it's
it's really important know that Trump is
getting rid of the right people by the
way let me make this point you read this
lawsuit and you read their articles
about it then the press release is put
out by the law school that is an open
war with the First Amendment you read
this historical unbelievable case I mean
that's what this is this is incredible
this is how they come for the First
Amendment and it's written for the
public it's written for the media as
talking points but then it's written for
the spooks and the CIA and they bitch in
there and they go call me 2012 Jones
said that was fake and I by the way did
say that was fake and it came out later
it was all a PR firm and the guy running
it flipped out remember I was running
around going crazy on the street
remember that pull up the head of the
Comey group goes crazy run around naked
remember that and but then later came
out in the news that they knew where
Comey was and we're just using that to
bring African into Africa and I've
talked to military people that were
there and knew where he was that he was
being supplied and protected and they're
suing me
it's like the lawsuit those look Alex
messed up our Vegas operation it's not
even this guy's suit it's all about
Jones who said call me was fake
and that they could have killed him and
yeah then Jones says that the the
Parkland shootings fake I didn't say
that I mean the hostage rescue team
called us and said look there's Islamic
crap everywhere he went the Middle East
so did she there was other women in
there was a gun deal gone bad look at
the Saudi Arabians in town I was get
Zack one of our other's horses back on
old Zack formerly with the army now with
that other 18th agency but the point is
is that can you imagine that this will
now be brought it's kind of like when he
heard Hunt sued the spotlight for saying
that he was involved in JFK and they
later gave a deathbed confession and
said he was he was photographed twice he
was arrested in the rail car he told his
son he ran the operation he's Ethan Hunt
a Mission Impossible II Howard hunt he's
the guy that totally had over 200 kills
in China by himself parachuted in at the
start of World War two is an
intelligence operative he's a famous guy
he didn't pull the trigger but he was
there running the killing at Kennedy and
he lost that lawsuit against the
spotlight and now he gave a video an
audio confession that premiered here and
on Costa Coast a him which was snoring
in 2008 I was a benchwarmer on the
operation cord Meyer was mad kid he'd
been banging his wife and there's old
Jim Marrs okay those interviews are
online right now on our YouTube channel
they're trying to get rid of that's some
of the first videos we put up on a
youtube channel in 2008 oh it's been
taken down click on this world exclusive
click on one
this videos unavailable and I've also
noticed we were over 2 billion views
YouTube just deletes our videos all the
time and then doesn't even tell us why
so that had millions of us
like 1.5 billion they like it Scott your
car this pedometer or the tachometer you
know the mileage goes backwards
my car's got 40,000 - miles on it I
thought I drove 40,000 miles so our
youtube-channel the view count goes
backwards and then there on the news
going hurry up and since there Alex
they're already sensory this all over
the place but that it's having a
Streisand effect and all these weird Ivy
League CIA they're all wimps who never
actually in the military everything that
they just they want to be analysts and
in charge of men and then they they all
just want a little CIA code little
decoder rings then little secret
societies you know they go to Yale and
crap on each other's faces and flop
around having gay sex by the way that's
even in
the Good Shepherd which is an accurate
rendition of skullenbones with Matt
Damon and of course produced and
directed by Robert De Niro both amigos
Jones claims they pee on each other it's
killing those little liar we all know
that's trump in russia now they crap on
each other all right and then worship
Lucifer and are born-again undead and
eat crap that's who runs say how much IV
late people that eat turds yeah you know
I think we need to come into next
segment with tiger by the tail
because Georgetown a supposed private
university that gets hundreds of
millions of dollars a year in taxpayer
money for their law school thinks
they're going to sue me using taxpayer
money trying to overthrow free speech
and they think because they've picked
the quote radical target like Infowars
and congressman Alan West do they say so
white supremacists actually say he's all
right which means white supremacist he's
black guy black army colonel they think
will all just roll over or they'll sue
enough people that somebody will settle
so they can declare victory and then set
a precedent that we're fake news in the
agreement so they can then start massive
censorship in this country it's
incredible gonna play a special Paul
Watson reports coming up in the next
segment that I'm gonna get through much
of the news we haven't hit on the
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game a total 360 win that I coined we'll
be right back on the other side with a
critical report from Paul Watson I think
this will even shock Infowars listeners
please spread the live links and the
local stations you're listening to last
Friday I was reading the news the
Tillerson was sick in kenya and couldn't
give speeches and then my phone rang
from a certain little birdy who's stuck
on a plane that's late you'll be with us
tomorrow and a certain little birdy bird
told me that no Tillerson was out but
that we need to wait on that it might be
a couple weeks well he was actually
fired that day so well we're waiting for
Tillerson they're saying to make a
statement at the State Department I
guess he flew back from Africa and so
again that his shows there disinfo he
wasn't feeling too well after he had his
little talk with the chief of staff John
Kelly so we're gonna be watching that
can we punch up Fox for folks some
people can see the press briefing room
there and we will watch that as it
develops and again right there as you
can see for TV viewers where we are
watching that at 207 Eastern Time 107
Central Standard Time but I want to play
this report just to illustrate this for
you from our own Paul Joseph Watson that
there they are stopping Britney
Pettibone and Lauren southern and others
coming in they know they've anything UK
many times have no criminal records
they're journalists to interview Tommy
Robinson but they let radical Islamists
who are admittedly part of terror groups
to come in and to go back and forth and
even rehabilitative and give them money
and put them a government housing so
this just illustrates how the left's
allied with Islam Sadiq cons here in
Austin you're calling for censorship it
just goes on and on the Islamic Mayor of
London so here's what's really happening
in London here's Paul Joseph Watson's
the UK is really good at keeping our
extremists you know like when they kept
our Iraqi extremists a med Hassan after
he told border officials he'd been
trained to kill by Isis oh no they let
him in and gave him asylum but at least
they deported him after he was caught
watching Isis videos and singing jihadi
songs with the lyrics
we are coming with you to the slaughter
in your home and country
oh no they didn't and he went on to bomb
a train okay but wait that's just one
case Yusef Zagg bahu in 2016 told
officials quote I'm going to be a
terrorist and then went on to carry out
the London Bridge terrorist attack a
year later it's not like we let that guy
in Oh Sheikh Hamza soda go who called
for homosexuals to be burned to death
and thrown off cliffs was stopped from
entering the UK when he tried to give a
series of lectures in London oh no he
was given a visa and welcomed in okay
but some are gonna slip through the
cracks Rhys I had Mustafar Shaw Kadri
a preacher considered so extreme he was
banned in Pakistan come on who praised
the murderer of a politician in Pakistan
who spoke out against blasphemy laws at
least he was banned from the UK now he
was allowed in and went on to do a
speaking tour of British mosques okay
but Mohammed Nikhil all remin and Hossam
Hasib or emma2 Muslim clerics who
praised the same assassin in Pakistan
they were kept out right no they were
welcomed by the Archbishop of Canterbury
okay mistakes were made but at least we
stopped four hundred returning Isis
jihadists from re-entering the UK right
at least we were serious enough about
stopping extremism to make sure that
didn't happen no they were all allowed
in and then offered council housing and
Welfare okay but at least the UK doesn't
roll out the red carpet for leaders of
Saudi Arabia a country in which gay
people are fined arrested imprisoned
tortured and killed
so what extremists are we stopping from
entering the UK marks in cell they're a
right-wing activist who planned to give
a speech in speakers corner Hyde Park
about the threat to free speech fan
brittany Pettibone and author and
activist who planned to conduct an
interview with tommy robinson a national
figure who's made numerous appearances
on national television ban lawrence
southern a conservative journalist who
planned to make videos and work on a
documentary and lauren was specifically
banned for handing out leaflets which
said ala is a gay god maybe if she'd
have just represented a country that
enforces the industrial persecution of
homosexuals she'd have been embraced
with open arms it's also interesting how
patty ban was detained and deported for
attempting to interview Tommy Robinson a
fate that didn't await journalists from
ABC and NBC News when they arrived in
the UK to interview Tommy Robinson just
indulge me for a second but it's almost
as if all these reasons are absolute
both and the real reason for them being
banned is that the UK is an
authoritarian country which is de facto
begun enforcing blasphemy laws that make
criticism of Islam which is a belief
system and not a race okay stop right
there we'll come back with more of this
in a moment let's go to the Secretary of
State former Secretary of State outgoing
reg Tillerson sacked with a deputy
Goldstein removed as well as Trump urges
the neo cons and Global's let's go to
this most important history sure an
orderly of smooth transition there at a
time that the country continues to face
significant policy and national security
as such effective at the end of the day
I'm delegating all responsibilities of
the office of the secretary to Deputy
Secretary of State Sullivan my
commission the Secretary of State will
terminate at midnight March the 31st
between now and then I will address a
few administrative matters related to my
departure then work towards a smooth and
orderly transition for Secretary of
State designate Mike Pompeo I'm
encouraging my policy planning team and
under secretaries and assistant
secretaries those confirmed as well as
those in acting positions to remain at
their post and continue our mission at
the State Department in one office team
and policy planning later today to thank
them for their service they have been
extraordinarily dedicated to our mission
which includes promoting values that
I've used being very important the
safety and security of our State
Department personnel accountability
which means treating each other with
honesty and integrity and respect for
one another most recently in particular
to address challenges of sexual
harassment within the department
I want to speak now to my State
Department colleagues and to our
interagency colleagues and partners at
DoD and the Joint Chiefs for the staffs
most particularly to my foreign service
officers and civil service colleagues we
all took the same oath of office whether
your career employee or political
appointee we are all bound by that
common commitment to support and defend
the Constitution to bear true faith and
allegiance to the same
than to faithfully discharge the duties
of our office well this is all coded as
a State Department we were bound
together by that oath this is really
cryptic we remain steadfast here in
Washington and it posts across the world
many of whom are in danger place
situations without their families this
is some kind of signal to stay behind
networks these selfless leaders like
these he's really proven to be a double
agent work with long-standing allies new
emerging partners and allies through now
many of our struggling as democracies
and in some cases are dealing with human
tragedy crisis of natural disasters
literally crawling themselves out the
little circumstance all coded these are
experiences that no lecture hall in a
academic environment where the think
tank can teach you only by people going
to the front lines to serve can they
develop this kind of talent to the men
and women in uniform I'm told for the
first time in most people's memory the
Department State Department of Defense
have a close working relationship where
we all agree the u.s. leadership starts
with diplomacy
the men and women in uniform at the
Department of Defense on the leadership
of Secretary of Madison general Dunford
protect us as Americans on our way of
life daily at home and abroad as an
all-volunteer military signaling now
with that earlier stuff about taking the
oath and everybody's just at their posts
everything that was stay or post I guess
means deep state stay there
hang on Cavalry's coming but let me tell
you there's major infiltration and look
I'm not even saying tillers is a bad guy
but he's a yes-man he can't handle the
pressure of what I'm sure they've done
to him
come what the word is he's being removed
and was so stunned by what he was told
Friday that he couldn't meet me seen for
a day because people try to cover their
butts body there's no covering your butt
in this battle we're going in we're
going in a hundred percent get that
through your head we'll be right back I
just talked to one of the top defamation
lawyers in the country he's the guy that
represents the big Republicans
represented Breitbart I'm not gonna get
into all of it the point is he's one of
the top lawyers named he represents me
in some of these other cases we've
already gotten shut down and he's
watching and listening right now and and
reading the complaint and I'm not gonna
get into you know all that but he said
exactly what I thought before I said
more stuff he said this is highly
unusual Georgetown doing this we've got
to look into taxpayer money being used
if it is at this clinic most of these
universities have a pro free speech
clinic this is an anti free speech
clinic and he said it's highly unusual
and we'll talk more later today when I
get off air but he said he's Crawford's
referencing the complaint that's exactly
as I thought
it is horse manure we talked to our
other trademark lawyers who are really
you know top 20 group in the country and
they checked with another group in Los
Angeles who is in the top five and they
said absolutely the mr. fury the creator
of the comic book that never really went
anywhere but that's fine until the
public picked it up that'd be the Frog
he gave Daily Dot interviews and others
and said everyone
it I love it good people use it like the
premise use it it's okay they're idiots
but you know the Pepe's a happy guy
everyone has total rights to use my frog
Thursday headline Pepe the Frog creator
invited people to profit off Pepe close
quote 2015 interview then we sell a
poster that a third party made were 5%
of the images Pepe totally
transformative Supreme Court rulings I
talked to again both of the trademark
groups cuz I wanted to be sure so I
talked to our regular trademark folks
that did trademarks for us and check
things in then they got me there's other
folks who I talked to yesterday and they
said mr. Jones we don't hardly ever say
so someone they said we think we'll just
do this for court costs we want to sue
mr. fury but they said because this is
so outrageous against the First
Amendment they said we want you to send
him the letter we're writing the letter
today they're writing the letter and
then he's got a chance to apologize and
tell us who funded him or we're going to
sue him with a slap back I'm not a
lawyer but slapback provision all of it
it is in sane they were they said
they've never seen it except McDonald's
in the 90s early 90s sued the McDonald's
family in Scotland who are royal because
they keep their Castle going by a
bed-and-breakfast hotel and they have a
pub restaurant called McDonald's that
has been there for wait for it as a
place where they sell food was it 400
years but they never got a trademark
McDonald's still sued them this is that
level of cockamamie balderdash
this is lunatic level and by the militia
club I don't saying he's a lunatic I'm
saying it's crazy that this is what
they're doing and again I don't want to
make it about me they're coming for the
First Amendment now let's go back to
Tillerson I was told last week by my
State Department source then I called a
CIA source and I said that's absolutely
it Tillerson was not told and lazes
letter came out the day later about the
Kim Jong on meeting
he got angry and Trump said I keep
telling you I'm the only person that
matters he used to be he's all personal
matters he means - well what about all
your other people you know they have
this background room this guy's in
neocon this guy's a liberal this guy's a
globalist criminals I'm the only one
that matters I listen to them I make the
decision well John Oliver and Bill Maher
all made the same kind of jokes that I
think Bill Maher said that he was like
violet in the Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory that says daddy I want that oppa
loompa no he's saying he makes the
decisions he then delegates I know for a
fact from folks that were in the room
from the day after he got inaugurated it
was the night of what's the CIA call it
all the senior people it was a room of
hundreds of people and he said give me
all your reports and all the targets you
weren't allowed to hit and I'm
delegating to all of you and it all
starts in one week and they gave them
all people know I have a sources
American flags carved into wood about
two by three that he paid for now we
broke that and then later the news found
out and tried to spin it did tax payers
pay for the flags no Trump pay for the
flags and then they try to say well is
that a payoff there's Oh give me a break
the president can give people American
flags come on man but and and then it
happened so it's all he's even a control
freak if he's got confidence he looks
the info he thinks it's a good idea he
goes green light Obama would sit there
in the room sometimes at night with
SportsCenter on one TV and and Predator
drones on the other and he liked to sit
there and watch the drones blow people
up Trump's never done that and Obama
said I'm really good at killing people
can you imagine like it's a video game
and he would sit there and I guess this
is the East Wing or wherever where the
quarters are on the second floor he
would sit there in his jogging suit and
give the order on the phone of when the
CIA could drop the bombs I mean give me
a break man
and they said I'm really good at killing
people cuz he liked to be on the
or the Khan command down the bunker he'd
do it both ways come on the news and and
he would he would tell him execute like
it's a video game he would sit there
there it is
Obama bragging new book I'm really good
at killing people and again he would
select he would target and he would give
the orders because he's imagine never
been the military
he's a leftist and so he wanted to not
just say here are the targets they're
signed off on he would sit there and
give the order in real time as he got
off on it imagine you know if you're
this bath house Barry
you know nothing against the fact he's a
little bisexual I'm just saying bath
house Barry it's kind of a thrill you
know just like skullenbones isn't
thrilled for you know the bushes
everybody to piss each other's faces and
loll around human excrement by the way
I'm only saying all this cuz it's true
you know it was uh it was Charlotte is
Ruby's father who was a good guy by the
way who uh he was the one gave Anthony
shot my congressional investigator in
the eighties all those skullenbones
documents you know that and if you think
I'm joking about that go watch again the
Good Shepherd with Matt Damon produced
and directed by you know the good fella
Robert De Niro and that shows a got a
devil outfit with a crown on and a sword
and guys wall around two feet of
excrement pissing on each other
and I'm not trying to be gross here on
air they're mad and want you to be all
goodie two-shoe when you didn't hire
trying to be a peerage than you hurt him
to fix the country he never said he
didn't like women and he's bad cuz he's
with some big old jumbo you know tart I
mean me personally see I'm not like
these globalist that are in little kids
and stuff that's what I like big you
know full on both a the whole nine yards
Meryl Monroe type woman I'm married
happily the point is and I make the joke
my wife's not use her car she wouldn't
be street legal he'll say what does that
mean you know
she's got so much horsepower seen a
horsepower he drives a black Hellcat
like I do let's crank this up this is
the Motor City Madman we got the full
interview coming later in the week I did
with him last week or we can have a go
Ted Nugent they got you in a
stranglehold you globalist all right
stay with us we got one of the other
reporters sued by the Vatican on the
other side well they have sued myself
they've sued a man that runs a very
successful journalism Center a guy that
has millions of viewers a week on his
own radio and TV programs leased Ranahan
I know he's a frequent guest I mean to
get him on with David Knight and the
program we do in the morning the David
Knight show we're calling it real news
the Democrat suits over the term real
news they trade markets and I'm not
kidding this is what we're dealing with
the 12 lawsuits we've gotten six thrown
out two in the last week and a half with
prejudice meaning the court said you
know this is bad you can't come back at
mr. Jones when we had the folks agree to
that because they didn't want to be
countered certain I'm just gonna leave
it at that
but I just talked to my lawyer who is
humble guy but he is one of the top Anti
Defamation you know defense lawyers out
there and he's listening right now and
he said to have this clinic and to have
this university funding this is let me
just say highly highly unusual and I
said am i right it'll become a big issue
of taxpayer funds if it's in any part of
the law school he's like he's like yeah
let's let's talking to get off the air
but this is this is unprecedented
basically he said all of these law
schools have Pro free speech clinics he
goes this has been set up to destroy the
First Amendment and what they put in the
brief is for my view defamation and is
meant to destroy the First Amendment I
mean and I've got a top lawyer is just
read it he's like he's not a very
excitable guy he sounded excited a
little bit so I'll take him humble or
some time to get him on but the point is
that I just mention this earlier the
Peppe suit last week that I stole Pappy
the frog that I sold somebody's third
poster that's images of the campaign and
its peppe's 5% and it's transformative
you can do that that's totally protected
there were suits against Andy Warhol's
and he couldn't sell Campbell's suits
Kansas he altered they said if he feels
like he altered it he can sell it well
but when you're a third party seller
you'd have to get an injunction and a
ruling then they can do an injunction on
me and then it's an injunction or a
trade deal and some of those federal
marshals would raid you but but that's
that's it was like you know NFL stuff or
something it's just crazy anybody can
paint public figures all day long and
sell them and again I've had to
trademark firms look at it but one of
these does trademarking the other one
does litigation when they both do it but
the other ones one of the top ones are
in Los Angeles and they said we believe
in the First Amendment and we sue people
all the time that violate trademarks
they do boats they said this is their
words crazy the guy is on record saying
everybody can use my image almost like a
trolling operation you know Getty before
he's been caught like saying you could
use these website design for these
images that I hear later oh you can read
the fine print now you owe us all this
money they got in trouble for that stop
doing it and we subscribe to getting
images and watch those and I'm not
attacking them they're more affordable
now but I want to at least train a hand
what I'm getting at here is I won't sat
there until 10:30 last night watching
the videos they're suing us for and the
least training hand wasn't lien McAdoo
is the easiest one to cut out they
should be they wanted to make this
hearing my lawyers think should be just
cut out LeeAnn and least training will
probably be too but completely cut out
because I don't say it's milquetoast but
he's a journalist he's got you know
that's his background he very just said
look this guy's a Politico he's a
Democrat you look at the background
they're called martyr day one
I'm not saying it's staged we're saying
they picked politico's that were at the
rally to be the spokespersons just like
we said the kids we're out saying no
nobody died nobody got shot in floor
were saying they picked out of 3,000
kids for that are anti-gun that's a fact
that it turned out was true they spun
that and said none died not a god try to
fight me in my son at the airport this
weekend saying how dare you say no kids
died how dare you be mean and demand
come on your Showtime like David Hawk
wanted to come on my show I didn't say
so so this is this is the zoo we're
we're here this is their plan to get rid
of free speech news course said a month
ago and the Wall Street Journal that
whose CEO that he met with all these
people so let's go to least training
Hamill doing a little bit the next hour
- we got pjw come on but I'm gonna talk
to him as well as well but free-for-all
if Lee Stranahan can do it and we'll
also give you his website citizen
journalist cool calm the populace taught
us I talked about gonzo journalism I'm
actually super excited that I am in the
First Amendment case of US history it
looks like not just the millennium I
mean not just the other century this is
just and I talked to my lawyer and he's
like absolutely I'd never see thing like
this this is wild Lee how are you
feeling I show you during the break I've
seen you know on David during the break
you don't look this happy you're a
serious guy you look pretty happy as
well I am you know first off I got to
say a like it's a it's a pleasure to be
on with you the first time on with you I
wish it were under better circumstances
but these are pretty good circumstances
you've covered the issue that this is
being filed by a law school let me bring
up something I don't know if you I don't
think you brought this up yet let me
bring it up I just want you to think
about this from the perspective of what
they're teaching the students about
defamation law right I've been a
reporter for about 10 years I've made it
a point to read landmark decisions like
New York Times versus Sullivan that's a
great decision that is the most famous
case that's right it's a fascinating
decision very well-written anybody can
read it and understand and I highly
recommend it let's go over what's going
on here because you watch the whole
interview that I did with Lee and McAdoo
last year right yes
read the lawsuit I want someone to
underline for me one incorrect statement
that I made I literally don't say
anything in there that is not a fact
you've been reviewed you and Leanne you
and Leanne were like the highest
standards yep and and I here's a this is
a note to the law students whose school
is putting out this soon note
you let me explain I'm not a lawyer
thank God but let me explain defamation
law to you okay
defamation are false statements anybody
can look this up intended on purpose to
do harm that's right so there were no
false statements let's just start there
none so just on that basis it's over it
was part of a 50 minute interview and I
think this is the thing people need to
understand this is what's in New York
Times versus Sullivan Alex this is an
attempt to shut down any views that they
don't like and any look they admit
they're trying to set a precedent that
they just say what's fake news and then
ban that person from communication into
some ghetto well and I lived in Austin
15 years ago so you have a huge audience
now and a great audience but I knew who
Alex Jones was 15 20 years ago right and
you know and you've been fighting this
for long enough where you know that this
is this is one battle in a very long war
and when we see the things that have
happened today
bloody Gina is now in charge of the CIA
there's this situation going on with and
I work for Sputnik but I work for
Sputnik cuz I never bought into the
Russian narrative I'm watching what's
unfolding in England right now it's if
this if this is Russia who did that it's
the worst spy tradecraft I've ever seen
in my life sure it's obviously a false
flag we gotta go to brightly Stranahan
you finish that but that one come back
but I want to give me the floor to try
to roll through yeah exactly because
we've got lawyers and people looking at
what was said in the videos and the
radio versus what they put and it's the
complaint the lawsuit is the definition
will be back you know I always got
accused of working for the CIA or
working for some other agency and I'm
really proud of the fact that I didn't
and I built him four wars with our
listeners with in with ratings and with
success and with you know being on over
200 EO stations people have a private
jet they got a couple houses you know I
don't have to
but yet I don't have the mansion fact my
house is four bedroom and it's almost
too big for me I'm sick of it I like I
don't live in the kitchen in the bedroom
you know then I guess like the extra
bedroom is a place where the cat goes to
crap on the bed but the point I walk on
I'm cleaning the house this morning
picking up still only well it's a cat
crap on the bed you know I know my
daughter wants the damn cat I like cats
except they can do stuff like that and
they likes me so I peed on my shoes last
week but I'm digressing the point is is
we built in four wars ladies and
gentlemen with your help
and everything you've done you are the
info war and and leisure and I've been
around Austin 15 years ago I was I've
been on there 23 years and so I I get
this I've been fired I've been
physically attacked I understand we're
winning when you have the global is
funded Vatican funded State Department
controlled CIA controlled Georgetown
suing us unprecedented the main CIA
school and they're saying we're being
sued as we said this guy that's with the
State Department work for Hillary should
be looked at a CIA but that shows novice
understanding the State Department runs
the CIA it runs everything that's why
they just put Pompeo in there and got
rid of Tillerson we're gonna talk to
Stranahan about that who's been sitting
a little bit the next hour with myself
and Paul Watson but briefly
listen I'm confident because I believe
in you and I'm not just saying that I've
seen you come through again and again
and I prayed really hard last night
I don't do this act like some big goody
two-shoe guy I really pray and it's like
I knew the jury was gonna be 50/50 and
take my kids part of the time and I'm
not prayed then that morning that was
gonna happen and I knew and I prayed
last night for about an hour straight
I just knew we're gonna win this is
gonna blow up in their face this is
gonna be huge call it your gut your
instinct spiritual whatever my guts
never wrong if we execute properly I
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calm and forced life's not calming if
you'll all it also made me feel good
this morning when I temperature texted
me the amount of orders that came in
their stay and it was substantive people
are if we just keep doing that Soros and
all these jerks can't stand against us
so enforced or calm or crippled a25
33139 citizen journalist school calmly
Stranahan you were getting into the
whole latest debacle with the england
wing war with russia because the
russians nerve gas some spying I mean
it's completely obvious but before we go
there just just get into the lawsuit
when you found out it was happening I
knew days ago but I didn't want to call
you I guess you were figuring out
yourself as the media was calling not
telling us what it was trying to get
evidence for them I mean you watch all
them working in collusion it just shows
you how nasty this deep state is well
and I think it's very clear that some
people fight look I've covered stuff I
was talking to 220 or text on about Bill
Browder he's one of the guys behind the
Russia gate narrative the reason I
mention him is he said something a few
years ago
this guy's testified in front of the
Senate and everything else he
understands that not all lawsuits are
filed because you think you're gonna win
on does that make sense or file for PR
purposes that's exactly right
some people file lawsuits to win them
and some people file lawsuits because
here's the thing Alex I can't debate if
I if I come out and say something false
about you to cause you harm as a
reporter I can be sued for defamation
but if I put it in a lawsuit and every
news outlet picks it up simple example
this lawsuit is protective because it's
a legal document from libel defamation
and that's what I said it's designed as
what the break we're on the same page
this is designed to defame us that's
right well specifically it says that I'm
it it says the defendants that includes
me what supported the unite the right
rally I did not support the unite the
right rally by the way I didn't either
they got mad at me cuz I said I'm new
right or a libertarian I am NOT I called
a bunch these people idiots yes well it
also said and anybody who follows me on
Twitter it also says that the defendants
promoted pizza gate I've been on the
record adamant before the election I
never bought into the pizza they've
defamed human in the document the good
news is news reports about it though and
when they commentate then you got the
lawsuit and now you're where I'm at I'm
gonna I've told all these people I've
warned him I've got to sue him now but
go ahead well no you're exactly right
look the other thing your Alex is that I
I have made my living for 10 years as a
reporter on big stories like I went to
Libya I mean forgive me I went to a Babe
Ruth 2013 3 port on the Syrian refugee
crisis right when no one and I didn't
see anybody else in the media over there
I was interviewing people from refugees
to UN people remember all right a Skype
just broke up we'll go back to least
you're out of hand here in just a moment
I mean this is by the way he's very
careful if you go see Lillian McAdoo
fact I forgot the name of the headline
it's in the soup they distorted it
looked out over somewhere here's here's
Reuters and they were sending me fake
headlines I went and checked it was even
our headlines we find it right here
it was a bombshell connection between
Charlottesville Soros and they cut chaos
off and then again they edited this
bombshell connection George Soros needs
to be charged and arrested for sedition
and causing charlottesville chaos and I
have all the documents here refunds and
Aoife so again they've edited all this
it's it's amazing we're getting at least
back on a skype went out
but that's it but see we're letting us
out of the bag because they think we're
stupid when they run their mouths which
they're already doing outside of that
court with the stuff they're saying
they're gonna get soon and like I said I
got Tom Brokaw saying that I'm an
unalloyed racist which means a committed
hundred-percent racist
we got me protesting the KKK we've got
you know at my sister's Korean adopted
you know my my ex-wife's part Jewish and
some makes my kids I mean I guess the
Nazis are right my kids I guess might be
able to go I think ot or whatever I mean
I didn't never thought of that but yeah
that hurt me I mean that did because
then they use that they say that people
want to attack me in airports because of
it and I've got a few more months with
the statutes to sue him and so I'm
sitting with the lawyers we have a whole
office war room with the suits against
us the suits we've got pictures of who's
funding them I mean looks like a movie
all can like an FBI
you know investigation room and we got
lawyers on it and we're tracking and
it's just we've got we've gotten six of
the lawsuits too for them to drop them
because they saw what we had what we're
gonna do they're like oh well you know
how to sue us and they found out the
damages so they've been dropping them
but Georgetown University and George
Soros and the Vatican and taxpayer money
I mean this is next-level and and my
lawyer said he's never seen anything
like it
so this is just crazy and they think
you're cowards they think oh run from
Alex Jones he's getting sued we're
taking the country back our forbearers
had to dodge bullets and get shot and
you know go through all of this Chum
yeah folks have been finding videos that
I didn't even produce that other people
shot of us protesting the KKK because he
got lost those tapes
I had a flood in my garage I kept a
bunch of old tapes in my garage and it
flooded one time when I was out of town
and it's just ruined all the VHS tapes
and now I didn't even know this was I
even know the Austin protests was oh my
god they found it wow that's great I
never haven't seen this in like 20 years
nineteen years Wow
Jones 1999 confronts the KKK oh that's
in Waco I guess it's the full one though
not our footage and I did recently see
the one in Austin's online somebody else
videotaped that and the KKK said they
were gonna kill me and I told a mouth
off and then the cops grabbed me and I
I'm always hearing cops really KKK
that's not true but in Waco the guy goes
my suckered me means I can blow you the
hell away nor not he was a federal agent
later came out of federal operative
that's what I was saying and I said I
said you need to do something the cops
said shut up
and like you know said some other stuff
I wasn't on tape so I'm gonna repeat it
but well-seeming at least ran a hand
back on but this is a big time to be
alive fourth our Paul Watson coming up
and so much more Trump is draining the
swamp Trump is delivering he's not
perfect but I can't believe he's gotten
this much done it's incredible
please don't forget new specials have
been lost in and you just shopping at
great products you need at great prices
the people are our greatest Allied have
you stand with us we won't be to feed it
but if you don't we will be crushed by
the enemy we need your help all right
Paul Watson's getting in the cockpit
there in London we've got a lot to talk
about with him and a ride shotgun the
next two segments with him in the least
Ranahan investigative journalist
there's crystal clear now every sort of
this computer via skype citizen
journalism school comm let's go back to
this we're not gonzo journalism we don't
want to make the shows about us believe
me I had stacks of stuff ready here but
lease ran again shows how smart he is
and I don't just say that most people
don't get these lawsuits are PR stunts
to say were fake news and say lies about
us because if you're in divorce court or
anything somebody can come in and say
you know I watched him murder 15
penguins after he raped him and he flew
around the room and a you know in a
Santa Claus suit none of it's true
it's defamatory but you can say it in
court and that's what they've done and
they've used some guy yeah I work for a
congressman they got Soros money yeah it
was in the State Department in Africa
yeah I worked for Hillary Clinton but
they say I staged the whole thing and
nothing happened we're dead to say that
we said you're a Politico and you became
a spokesperson and it should be
investigated and they're sick of us
getting in the middle of there
narratives so it is quite a time to be
alive and and I love sky police training
hands things gone down three times as a
strike well getting back on I think it's
our equipment in here cuz I'm the other
studio scribe doesn't have as many
problems and I keep noticing that I
don't know I think we have too much
redundant stuff in the chain I want to
go raw I want to cut down we got too
much fandangled fancy-pants ease in here
and I think that's what's going on I
think it's a regular Skype connection
works better in these big computerized
special Skype boxes we bought like three
years ago that's like 18 million years
ago now Paul Joseph Watson though is
working with this guide from London
England Paul what do you make of them
jump in the shark I think I talked to
lawyers they've never heard of a
university publicly funded they say
they're private there really publicly
funded CIA base suing us and then
putting a bunch of fake stuff in the
complaint I mean Paul this is one of the
biggest stories in the world right now
suing Alan last former congressman Army
colonel showing everybody else what in
the Hades is going on well I've read the
Gateway pundit break down about this
hunt read the actual suit but they break
it down in what they're claiming in yet
obviously he worked to the State
Department I mean that's a proven fact
that's what we pointed out what we were
talking about the media narrative behind
charlottesville of course we've never
advocated violence in any form
whatsoever everybody well they say we're
pro-pro all right a Hillary term which a
lot of people that call themselves out
aren't bad but some of them are white
supremacist we said they were bad on
that side and on the other they say Paul
we are that they just defamed us I can
literally make videos attacking they all
right there in my DMS every day
insulting me I compile and say all right
on a Twitter profile doesn't matter
everyone's all right everyone right of
Chairman Mao is all right at this point
and this whole process alex is you know
it's just again the consequence of
resentment and vindictiveness over
losing an election it's like almost
every day now as you talked about
yesterday you wake up o channels about
to be banned oh this video has been
censored we have to fight back against
aliens try
our sponsors oh the Fela they call it
fake news blues oh we're being sued for
conspiracy theories translate city
konban free speech in America of
conservatives good you see politics used
to work like okay I advocate these
principles for making society better I
advocate these policies you advocate
these policies and these principles
let's have an argument let's have a
conversation and the voter will decide
now it's just no we're gonna sue you
we're gonna target your sponsors we're
gonna call you all right we're gonna do
mean you we're gonna character
assassinate you they can't be as at the
game as it was five ten years ago so now
it's just completely underhanded
completely trying to subvert everything
we do and again that they're lashing out
with yet another frivolous lawsuit I
mean he worked for the State Department
it's a proven fact he was a political
activist that's a fact they removed his
name when we first pointed it out and
they denied about you everything later
he admitted it all this is insanely
strand hands back let's talk to him he's
also damaged sued and Paul Watson will
take over from her Britannic Majesty's
London where's Sadiq Khan the Islamist
is rules with impunity and brings in
jihadis on a daily basis in between
times fit in Austin Texas calling for my
show to be banned
we'll be back alright ladies and
gentlemen we are back live with Paul
Joseph Watson and working on least ran
of hands
Skype he's frozen but we'll still get
his audio Paul where do you think this
is going next and then and you know now
we've got the removal here of teller
said and we know is playing ball with a
globalist is deputy we're just just
overall what's the big the big world
view on what's happening right now well
in terms of the election Hillary Clinton
is the greatest ally Donald Trump can
ever have I've got this clip which
they're gonna play later where basically
she's she says oh but I'm I'm the top
candidate amongst the highest GDP areas
on both coasts I'm the best candidate
she's brazenly admitting that nobody in
those Rust Belt areas in the areas which
Trump beat her likes her and she's
saying that that's a good strategy to
continue to ignore those people in 2018
and in 2012 they say they hate
flyover country they say they hurt
Christians they're telling all the white
black Hispanic you name it folks in the
Rust Belt you don't frickin matter cuz
you don't have a high GDP yeah
it's just super Americans and idiocy I
mean she's the best friend the Trump
campaign can have in 2020 she's falling
down stairs again
now remember CNN told us that Trump was
physically unfit told us that he was
deranged it was completely proven
otherwise yet they continued to do it
the same people who said questioning her
health was a conspiracy theory she's got
two guys holding her up at the end of
that clip and she's still stumbling and
falling down and apparently now she's
got some kind of hand injury as well
that she's being treated for so we were
proven completely right again but yet
they still claim oh this was part of the
Russian bot conspiracy Network to claim
Hillary was sick while she was hacking
away through every speech well you know
the word if she wasn't falling down in
India she was just dancing like Trudeau
Canada exactly so again they they called
us every name under the Sun for pointing
out basic reality that she was obviously
ill then took their own conspiracy
theory said Trump was sick I was proven
completely false and yet they still
continued to do it that's why everyone's
that hate CNN that's why they're
collapsing and Paul they also say that
Trump didn't really want to win the
election that's why he's announced nine
hundred plus days early and as a new
slogan Keep America great and is in
absolute accuracy winning it's
incredible also with this Tillerson
thing Nancy Pelosi's came out and today
and basically said that he was fired
because he stood up to Russia that
Tillison was fired because he stood up
to Russia which is interesting because
when Tillison was nominated back in 2016
Pelosi came out with another statement
and basically said tell us um was a
Russian agent so he's a Russian agent
when he gets nominated when he gets
fired it's because he stood up against
the Russians
well that's cuz you got an ExxonMobil
deal which we should be trying to get
the resources out of Russia that helps
everybody they have more resources any
other nation or continent you know
Eurasia and we need all that and tillers
have got a big award for bringing
industry to Russia their free market
their Christian we should be doing
exactly and now they're saying that he
other commentators like David corn are
saying that he was fired because of his
comments about Russia yesterday okay he
was told he was gonna be fired on Friday
it was before he made any comments about
Russia but literally everything has to
be fed into this Russia and there's only
been one minute of coverage on the news
that the house had no Russian collusion
but evidence of Hillary collusion
let's bring in Lee Stranahan here was
having some Skype problems please on
phone now lead we're all under attack
Paul's being sued by extension lien
McAdoo is our reporter you are but I got
to say again the video of you and Leanne
we've already had it reviewed by legal
folks it's it's total journalism it's
just insane so again I agree with you I
think this is a PR stunt the problem is
we can't let him keep doing the PR
stunts that's why we're preparing
lawsuits against all these people and
I'm not just saying that I don't want to
sue people but what do we do next what
are other key points you want to tell
folks about the lawsuit was just see it
says Infowars being sued through its
company which is named free speech what
is a three three three systems yes or
they're suing free speech I love that I
just I just I love the irony of it you
know name the company that like 15 years
ago and I incorporated I did it in case
it was ever a lawsuit they'd be suing
free speech all makes a great point by
the way Michael what's going on here is
the revolution started in 2007 two
things happen in 2007 the markets
collapsed and everybody realized that
they've been buying into things that out
of that you got Occupy Wall Street and
the Tea Party movement but the other
thing that happened was the iPhone was
released and the reason that significant
is they know in the media right now that
we the citizens don't actually meet them
anymore people can actually make up
their own minds from a buffet of ideas
and the fact that people are getting
their information from
Infowars who is one of the only news
outlets including outlets on the right I
will say this
including outlets broadly on the right
that will actually report on what the
CIA for instance has been up to right
these a lot of right outlets don't want
to touch that with a ten-foot pole and
you've been great on that it's
frightening them and I and what they've
done is they've exposed themselves for
who they really are they are desperately
afraid that people will figure out that
I said this on my radio show this
morning we're watching with this this
thing in England right now a real-time
gulf of tonkin the gulf of tonkin how
long did it take for people to figure
out they've been like just but here's 40
years right now who cares right now
people are able to look at the data and
go you know there's something weird
about exactly call the target 4550 years
though is he classified now we figure it
out in days that's right and it is a
race and the elites are aware of this it
is a race to see whether they can shut
down free media and this is why we're
seeing Twitter Google I've been told by
people in Silicon Valley that they're
under threat of antitrust just ask
yourself Alex remember the Microsoft
suit in the 90s who's bigger Google now
or Microsoft in the answers obvious
right Amazon now or Microsoft in the
Amazon so they could be shut down today
right thank you and you saw Trump's new
campaign had warned them last week what
do you make of that well I've no grass
bar scale for about 20 years I used to
work with him in San Antonio actually a
high tech company 20 years ago and I'm
very happy to see Brad on there because
Brad knows TAC he's very ambitious he's
very professional but god bless him for
warning people and this thing with you
you you got killed with two community
standard strikes correct is that what
happened they did four and then they
exactly but we're down to one eye I got
three community standard strikes and
they deleted my entire YouTube account
so I'm a little jealous Alex but see no
no exactly that's my cue Tony we ours
came back as it was too obvious they
want to do all these fake suits and then
banners but they thousands of channels
are still gone that's right yes but the
beauty of what you've done with Infowars
is they could take you down in YouTube
tomorrow people would still be able to
get Infowars for a variety of means and
you two wouldn't wouldn't it just
wouldn't go through YouTube so this is
what they're afraid of and there's a
real race going on I really believe this
between the people who are promoting
free speech and a marketplace of ideas
lately you're right
I'm sure you saw the Microsoft see I
mean not Microsoft they were talk about
Microsoft the news core CEO a month ago
said this is the plan they're gonna set
the president with us than everybody
this is them coming for the First
Amendment we need to talk more in the
next week or so on air about the suit
coordinating loveseat on David Knight
you're in the morning least Ranahan
thank you so much citizen journalism
school comm sorry about the problems
today we'll talk to you more great
points for min Paul I want to come back
and I got a full wrath and I'm begging
Paul to do more than just an hour a week
everybody loves him so much and we need
Paul and Tommy Robinson's gonna meet
with him on Friday for a big interview
they're gonna do we're about to launch
our London UK EU headquarters which I've
already got backing to do if Paul will
take Excalibur from a stone or I'm gonna
beat him upside the head with it
actually if he doesn't take it out of
the stone they don't get it the
globalists are zero-sum game they
believe the pie is only so big they
don't get that we know engaging them in
combat when we have the high ground will
only boost us heights your bitch
globalists all right Paul Watson I want
you to take over my friend please be
more of the shows everybody loves the
great work you're doing I know you're
writing so many great articles big
pressed on YouTube and all the rest of
it but this is an epic time to be alive
and again I've talked to very competent
lawyers in DC folks you're done a great
job for us in the past that are highly
connected and they say they've never
seen anything like this Georgetown a
government-funded Law School it's
because their law school is his
government suing against the First
Amendment to set a precedent to ban
people he got Sadiq Khan running around
saying banished you got the Pope funding
this lawsuit calling the ban
conservative voices this is next level I
know we've been harping on this but this
is the big issue
the NRA got record donations I try to
take their sponsors and shut them down
that's great I support it we've gotten
some extra I felt better after yesterday
cuz like a hundred thousand dollars
extra came in but we were discounting
things so much okay we sold three
hundred and fifty thousand dollars with
a product made a hundred thousand
dollars that sounds like a lot not when
you got 12 Democrat Party lawsuits on
your ass and a hundred crew members and
satellites and everything else that's a
really good day though most days were
making like twenty thirty thousand
dollars to fun things with all this
that's that that just pays the bills but
it's a war people never scream it's like
oh they're suing again we'll never win
no you get excited you buy toothpaste
you buy books you buy videos you buy
t-shirts you sign up for auto-ship
Michael ZX knocks out the you know the
really bad stuff in your gut the whole
slime wall that the fungus and mold and
Cantina creates that's 50% off new
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up buying more of a product getting even
higher quality getting a lower price
passing it on to people you know we get
a better price on Michael's z-axis even
stronger we lower the price but we need
people just understand it's a
long-distance battle so Paul I'm gonna
let you take over love you to death
told your meeting with uh mr. Robinson
on Friday for a big interview that's
correct right
okay well see I'm talking to him and he
keeps saying he's gonna go meet he's
running around off in Canterbury or
somewhere right now but we need to get
you guys together
because we have the funds to launch the
UK operations remember we'll set it up
yeah we'll talk about it well Paul
here's the deal we must blow up the
Death Star so you say all I'm saying is
we're kind of working I mean live here
on air
oh you find Tommy said I'm going to see
him on Friday it's set up so you start
talking I'm gonna call Tommy right now
on air I'm gonna put him on air with us
on speakerphone we go ahead yeah what
Tommy's been talking about and what I've
been talking about today Alex last week
last weekend the weekend just gone there
was a women's March in London now what
they were marching about god only knows
they weren't marching up against the
Saudi Arabian embassy or the Qatari
embassy or anywhere like that against
you know countries where women are still
treated our second-class citizens they
were marching for women's rights in
London now in the UK women have exactly
the same rights as men there's nothing
to protest about in the West feminism
has achieved its objective now it's just
about regressive left ISM so there was a
big women's march in London
I've been asking today where people can
point me to details of this coming
weekend's feminist march against the
industrial level abuse of over 1,000
young girls in a town called Telford in
the UK one thousand young girls drugged
abducted raped tortured in one case
killed now this wasn't an overnight
thing this went on for 40-plus years and
our main broadcast of the BBC it took
them well over 24 hours to even talk
about it
they had one story up on their website
yesterday when people started calling
them out for it it was like a local
story buried between two of the nonissue
stories so the main broadcaster refused
to even talk about it before they got so
much pressure and where are the
feminists marches where are the women
marching against the industrial level
abuse of young women and children in
some cases in not just Telford but in
rather in Oxford in all these different
towns and once again it comes back to
political correctness people say Oh
political correctness is just being nice
it's just being nice to people no it
isn't it kills it leads to mass abuse
why because once again just like
the police the Social Services refused
to properly investigate this scandal
this four decade-long scandal refused to
properly investigate it disbelieve the
victims in some cases refused to
prosecute prosecute the culprits in some
cases why because they feared being
called racist the exact same story we
heard in Rotherham the exact same story
we heard in Oxford so now you've got
journalists visiting Telford just
turning up and talking to people living
there and they're saying that they were
embroiled with it there was one
journalist who works for West Monster I
think who said the eight people he
talked to like half of them were
embroiled in this scandal in this one
little town either you know there you
have to let me clear the giant dam is
breaking and anybody can go with a
camera to any British town and ask about
the Muslims kidnapping the women and
raping him that no one will stop them
does math Stockholm Syndrome the dam is
breaking it's coming out on the BBC
everywhere 4,000 in this town a thousand
in this town 800 this town what a girl
found dead girl shipped overseas what
are they gonna do as this scandal
implodes and collapses and the surprise
surprise the Muslims are setting up
Paris again of kidnapped women it's I
mean it's what they do it's a cult of
cat kidnapping raping and enslaving
women well it's interesting because the
original sunday-monday mere expose on
this did not mention anything to do with
their faith they said they were from
Pakistan they were from Bangladesh they
were from Muslim majority countries but
they didn't say they were Muslim because
we have a law in this country I think it
was a 2006 religious race relations act
something like that it's the 2006 law
which basically is a blasphemy law which
says you can't discriminate or even
criticize a belief system because again
they treat Islam as if it's a race so
the very newspaper that did the massive
expose on this refused to even point out
their belief system and the fact that
this is a culture which you know they
come from a culture which treats women
and girls as second-class citizens
can't even make that point because it
would put them under likelihood of
criminal prosecution
we had a lord stand up in in the House
of Lords today or yesterday who made the
connection and just ask the basic
question can we criticise the religion
of Islam or is there a hate crime I
think we need that question solidly
firmly cleared up given what happened to
lauren southern and brittany Pettibone
lauren was basically banned from the
country for handing out a pro-gay rights
leaflet that said quote allah is a gay
god okay that's why she was banned they
can say that about Christ all day you're
gonna take over Paul but here's the
bottom line
they're using West open society
hospitality to get us to give up our
culture to be dominated and the left is
using Islam as the sword of domination
and the skeleton key to get us to submit
Paul Watson takes over from London on
the other side spread the live links
everywhere it's an act of resistance
news Wars calm president wada calm
Infowars calm please friendly well back
it is the fourth hour of the Alex Jones
Show on this March 13th edition of
course Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
has essentially been fired by Donald
Trump you're fired because of his stance
on Iran mainly but of course the media
is turning this into the narrative cut
of constant chaos at the White House but
they're also spinning a conspiracy
theory that tell us Ann was fired
because he stood up against Russia again
they're saying literally everything into
this Russian derangement syndrome that
has taken hold Daily Caller headline
reports has immediately blamed Tillison
firing on Russia comments there's just
one problem
Rex Tillerson is out as Secretary of
State leading many establishment
journalists to falsely claim though his
recent comments on Russia allegedly
poisoning a spy in the United Kingdom
are responsible now of course this whole
poisoning scandal in the United Kingdom
is still up in the air
there's been no actual full
investigation into it people have point
out the power of the fact that this
Russian this ex Russian spy double agent
was retired he wasn't even active he was
living a quiet life it would not benefit
in any way to take him out as a pati
former of revenge it would have so much
blowback it would not be worth it of
course Russia's denying any involvement
that hasn't been a proper investigation
but the Washington Post reported on
Tillis ins departure Tuesday morning
Tillison commented on Monday that sir
jscript pal and ex Russian spy poison in
the UK last week appears to be clearly
an act of the Kremlin
so Tillison said that on Monday and then
today a lot of talking heads on life
came out and said that that was the
reason he was fired an example being
david korn who said Tillerson says
russia clearly involved in poisoning a
former Russian spy in the UK Trump fires
Tillison hashtag just saying this is
complete bunk because as the article
points out Ellison was actually asked to
leave last Friday according to that same
Washington Post article meaning he was
fired before before is common on Russia
but literally every opportunity they get
they will tie it into Russia
it truly is Russian derangement syndrome
and this extends to Nancy Pelosi who can
barely give a speech now without
stuttering and stammering as we played
the video as many times on this show now
if you go on Mike's Twitter page and
scroll down a little bit I've posted the
statements of Nancy Pelosi both when
Tillison was nominated as Secretary of
State and when he was fired today
now this is interesting because you will
know somewhat of a contradiction here so
this is from the official statement the
press release when Tillison was first
nominated back in I think is December
2016 for Secretary of State Nancy Pelosi
said quote our nation has always needed
a wise and experienced Secretary of
State who has the judgment and skills to
protect our national security strengthen
our alliances an advocate for human
rights you see the tweet there it's the
image on the left below this is the
statement she made when he was nominated
choosing an oil executive friendly with
Vladimir Putin a Secretary of State
sends a disturbing signal about
president-elect Trump's priorities it
goes on to say Rex Tillerson
cozy relationship with the Kremlin is
especially alarming in light of his
attitude towards sanctions over Russia's
aggressive behavior in Europe so Nancy
Pelosi was out on the day of Tillis n'z
nomination basically accusing him of
being a Russian agent or at least being
in bed with the Russians sympathetic to
the Russians compared that to Nancy
Pelosi statement today when Tillison was
fired now because we know why he was
fired it's because they fundamentally
disagreed over Iran there were problems
with the the trade negotiations there
were problems potentially in the future
with the North Korean negotiation but
this is what Nancy Pelosi said today
about the statement of about the firing
of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson
quote secretary Tillis ins firing sets a
profoundly disturbing precedent in which
standing up for our allies against
Russian aggression is grounds for a
humiliating dismissal president Trump's
actions show that every official in his
administration is at the mercy of his
personal whims and his worship of Putin
so she's basically trying to argue that
Tillison was fired because he stood up
against Russia even though we know as I
just explained he was fired de facto
fired on Friday he was told about it on
Friday it was announced today before
Tillison made the comments about Russia
so on the one hand Pelosi on the day he
was nominated says he's a Russian agent
this is horrible this just proves the
collusion conspiracy once again on the
day he was fired
it proves that Trump is firing people
who stand up against Russian aggression
Russian collusion so again everything is
Russia everything is tied into Russian
derangement syndrome even if those two
statements completely contradict each
she still put out a statement asserting
that he was fired
because he stood up against Russia
absolutely clear clear example of how
this whole Russian collusion conspiracy
is complete Buncombe and is being used
as a political witch-hunt to undermine
the trump administration once again we
see it with the firing of Rex
now Hillary Clinton has been making
headlines once again and as I said on
Twitter that's a good thing every effort
possible should be made to ensure
Hillary as a vocal platform right up
until 2020 because everything that comes
out of her mouth is completely imbecilic
is completely arrogant and completely
strikes at the root of why she lost in
the first place
I mean she's Trump's biggest and best
cheerleader for 2020 we need to keep her
prominent on that platform because after
everything that comes out of her mouth
helps Trump immeasurably so we've got
this video clip now where she's talking
about why she resonated with people on
the east and west coast and how that
relates to GDP let's go to the Hillary
clip right now here it is there have the
clip there's all that red in the middle
where Trump won I win the coasts I win
you know Illinois and Minnesota places
like that but what the map doesn't show
you is that I won the places that
represent two-thirds of America's gross
domestic product so I won the places
that are optimistic t'k diverse dynamic
moving forward and his whole campaign
make America great again was looking
backwards so again there is Hillary
Clinton brazenly admitting to the fact
that she only resonated with the
bicoastal elites that she paid no
attention whatsoever to the Rust Belt to
Wisconsin to Michigan the very places
where she lost the election see she
can't help let her arrogance her disdain
for flyover country slip out every
available opportunity and the audience
applauds it she's like this is why I
lost because I don't resonate with
actual hardworking Americans who have
been impoverished because of globalism
and she's making out as if it's a good
thing no you complete idiot that's why
you lost that's why Democrats are gonna
lose again if they don't have an actual
economic platform for 2020 that
resonates with America
in those Rust Belt areas the ones who
voted for Trump the ones who are now
getting their jobs back we saw a steel
plant I think it was in Pennsylvania
last week opening 500 Americans getting
jobs because of that you don't resonate
with those people that's why you lost
the election because you campaigned
online you failed to even go out there
because you were too busy coughing
hacking collapsing and sleeping but the
very fact that it still comes out of her
mouth and she can barely hide her
supreme arrogance again just tells you
everything you need to know about
Hillary Clinton and the Machine that
surrounds her there you see again
stumbling down the stairs shouldn't
really laugh at somebody's disability or
at all their illness but when the media
tells us we're conspiracy theorists for
even pointing to reality and saying that
obviously she's got complications
problems from prior illnesses that made
their way very viscerally very visually
into the 2016 election campaign and they
call those conspiracy theories then they
went on this whole rag for the past six
months about how Trump was deranged
about he was how he was physically
unfair drinking too many diet cokes
he has his physical assessment he has
his mental assessment absolutely perfect
and yet Stelter and all the rest of them
at CNN still insisted he was physically
unfit but we're reckless conspiracy
theorists for saying the same about
Hillary even as she's coughing even as
she's falling and fainting absolutely
incredible we'll be back on the Alex
Jones Show live breaking news Infowars
calm we are back for the final segment
of the fourth hour of the Alex Jones
Show did do you know that saying I'm not
racist is racist that's right according
to the University of California headline
University of California guide saying
I'm not racist is racist up on
those PI out this list of
microaggressions now of course
microaggressions is basically an
absolutely pedantic list of verbal
nonverbal environmental slights these
are their words snobs are insults
whether intentional or unintentional
you could not even be aware that you're
doing them that communicate hostile
derogatory or negative messages to
target persons now they've got a list of
them which is up on their official
website and we've seen this before
from other universities they actually
list on there telling someone you speak
English very well that's racist can't
compliment somebody on their English if
they're a foreign stood in this racist
no telling an Asian person they're good
at math that's racist insisting America
is a melting pot see there's this whole
area about saying if you say oh I don't
see race I see America as a melting pot
so even if you parrot some of these
multicultural cliches no that's not good
enough it's still racist and they
actually have the phrase I'm not racist
I have several black friends listed as
an example of racism
absolutely incredible other examples
include there's only one race the human
race so basically you know reciting the
lyrics to John Lennon's Imagine now
makes your racist I believe the most
qualified person should get the job
that's racist believing in a meritocracy
which is how the whole Western world
works is now racist thinking that
america is the land of opportunity
that's literally a quote if you say
america is the land of opportunity again
for all races regardless of color or
creed no that's racist I don't say that
they also say a white woman who clutches
her purse or bag when approached by a
black or Latino person is also
committing a racist micro aggression not
because those people are overrepresented
in crime statistics now it's because the
woman is racist asking non-white people
why they're being quiet or loud that's
racist so you can't even ask why people
have behaving in a certain way whether
it that's positive or negative that's
racist and again it harkens back to
these other articles that we did
including one out of the University of
wisconsin-milwaukee and they literally
launched a campaign in 2015 where they
claimed that using the term politically
correct so just saying the term
politically correct in a pejorative way
in a negative way was a micro aggression
was essentially racist there was also
the University of New Hampshire's bias
free language guide which asserted that
the word American American the word
American is problematic because it
assumes the u.s. is the only country
inside the continents of North and South
America so you can't use the word
American you also can't use the words
and phrases obese normal mothering
fathering I'm sexual illegal alien and
senior citizens because they might
offend someone somewhere now of course
the goal of all this is to police
language is to get those parameters of
acceptable speech and by this very
definition acceptable thought strict
constricted to the point where
everybody's walking on eggshells before
they say anything there they live in
absolute fear of offending anybody
because of these constructs of language
guides that literally act to control
people's thoughts this is what's going
on in our universities little surprise
then that this survey which just came
out survey democratic democrat college
students say inclusivity more important
and free speech they basically asked
them if diversity and inclusivity should
take precedence over free speech and the
overwhelming majority of democrats
favored protecting feelings over free
speech they literally think protecting
people's Fifi's is more important than
the fundamental bedrock of American
freedom and we wonder why we see and
Tifa at all these colleges all these
universities literally holding up signs
that say free speech crossed out and
burning them and trashing them is it any
wonder absolutely incredible now I've
talked about this at start the show with
we had a woman's Marsh in London last
weekend for what reason god only knows
because women in the UK have exactly the
same rights as men they have a lot more
protections in terms of care in terms of
abuse in terms of psychological trauma
support than men but now that's not
enough apparently
so those there was a
means March for no particular purpose
there's no gender pay gap it doesn't
exist it as an account for the fact that
men work more hours
well they had a March anyway now I've
been trying to find details and I just
can't seem to pin them down of the
feminist March this coming weekend
against the industrial level abuse of
over 1,000 young girls for a period of
over 40 years 4-0 years in Telford which
is a town in England now you would think
the feminist support the right of young
girls to not be drugged to not be
abducted to not be raped to not be
abused in one case to not be killed
you'd think that that would be an
important women's rights issue
especially given the fact that it's not
just this one case that we've literally
had probably a dozen of these cases over
the past few years where we have the
industrial level abuse of young girls by
Muslim grooming gangs and in the Daily
Mail the Daily Mirror sorry expose of
this which came out on Sunday they
couldn't even mention the fact that they
were Muslim they said they were
Pakistan of course we know what those
people have in common this is a massive
problem but a major national newspaper
is afraid to even use certain language
because we have de facto blasphemy laws
in this country which prevent us from
even talking about it in many cases Tory
MP reports Breitbart BBC not standing up
for white working-class after ignoring
Telford scandal this is Lucy Allen MP
who said she was pushing to ask an
urgent question in Parliament on Tuesday
as well as revealing she'll be demanding
an inquiry into the scandal but we know
already why this scandal happened from
the original early reporting is because
Social Services Authority xin police was
so petrified of god forbid being called
racist that they refused to properly
investigate to properly prosecute the
so the BBC ignored this story for about
24 hours after it came out on sunday was
the biggest story in the country by far
the BBC ignored it for about 24 hours
they finally power an article in like
the local section of their website
wasn't even on the front page they
buried it beneath all these
other articles the pressure that that
cause is finally prompted the BBC to
give this Top Billing that it deserves
but another example of how this is
covered up not just by the authorities
but by the media itself the leading
media lights in the United Kingdom
there's a hail article report hundreds
of girls raped and forced into
prostitution in small English town which
goes through the history of it
absolutely incredible where is the
feminist March this weekend that's my
question you marched last weekend for no
discernible reason now we have yet
another example of the industrial level
abuse of young girls in one town in our
country for forty years
one of many where's the March where's
the protest ain't gonna happen because
feminists don't give a damn about actual
women's rights they don't give a damn
about young girls being abused they only
care about obtaining power because
feminism has been hijacked as a far left
crusade that's why there won't be any
marches let's head to Europe now for the
latest in cultural enrichment news this
is our voice of Europe Greek woman
gang-raped by migrants after visiting
refugee Solidarity event refugees
welcomed a 23 year old Greek woman and
her boyfriend relived scenes of horror
in the core of Thessaloniki last week
the woman was gang raped by three
migrants from Syria and Algeria more
than a year ago this happened in October
2016 it's just in court I actually went
to a refugee solidarity event right next
to it this woman was gang-raped
absolutely incredible here's some of the
stories that came out of Calais of
similar circumstances were in many cases
the volunteers who went there to help
with the victims of this and then they
actually didn't speak out about it
because they were like oh my god I might
be called racist I won't tell the police
that I've just been gang-raped
absolutely incredible in Sweden their
government is encouraging actually
spending millions to encourage migrant
backgrounds citizens to vote in
September election so Sweden's got a big
September election coming up where it's
basically their last chance to save
their country and
current liberal left the establishment
government in charge is literally
dropping nearly a million dollars in
these no-go suburbs of Sweden which
we've all seen the horrible footage out
of reporters being attacked people being
chased off ambulance fire police being
attacked the dropping a million dollars
in those areas to get those migrants to
vote in the election the very same
migrants have created in many cases the
soaring violent crime and parallel
societies that have basically turned
Sweden into a meme so the government of
Sweden is paying money to destroy Sweden
absolutely insane stories continue to
pour out of Europe it's going to wrap it
up though oh and Troy is coming up with
the war room don't go away
we now take you live to the Central
Texas command center and the heart of
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