Author Topic: Cultural Enrichment Continues To Wreak Havoc On Europe  (Read 41 times)

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Cultural Enrichment Continues To Wreak Havoc On Europe
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:37:32 AM »

now you would think that feminist
support the right of young girls to not
be drugged to not be abducted to not be
raped to not be abused in one case to
not be killed you would think that that
would be an important women's rights
issue especially given the fact that
it's not just this one case that we've
literally had probably a dozen of these
cases over the past few years where we
have the industrial level abuse of young
girls by Muslim grooming gangs and in
the Daily Mail The Daily Mirror sorry
expose of this which came out on Sunday
they couldn't even mention the fact that
they were Muslim they said they were
Bangladeshi Pakistan of course we know
what those people have in common we're
back for the final segment of the fourth
hour of the Alex Jones Show did do you
know that saying I'm not racist is
racist that's right according to the
University of California headline
University of California guide saying
I'm not racist is racist up on
infowars.com those / out this list of
microaggressions and of course
microaggressions is basically an
absolutely pedantic list of verbal
nonverbal environmental slice these are
their words snobs are insults whether
intentional or unintentional you could
not even be aware that you're doing them
but communicate hostile derogatory or
negative messages to target persons now
they've got a list of them which is up
on their official website and we've seen
this before
from other universities well they
actually list on there telling someone
you speak English very well that's
racist can't compliment somebody on
their English if they're a foreign stood
in this racist now telling an Asian
person they're good at math that's
racist insisting America is a melting
pot see there's this whole area about
saying if you say oh I don't see race I
see America as a melting pot so even if
you parrot some of these multicultural
cliches no that's not good enough you're
still racist and they actually have the
phrase I'm not racist I have several
friends listed as an example of racism
absolutely incredible other examples
include there's only one race the human
race so basically you know reciting the
lyrics to John Lennon's Imagine now
makes you racist I believe the most
qualified person should get the job
that's racist believing in a meritocracy
which is how the whole Western world
works is now racist thinking that
america is the land of opportunity
that's literally a quote if you say
america is the land of opportunity again
for all races regardless of color or
creed no that's racist I don't say that
they also say a white woman who clutches
her purse or bag when approached by a
black or Latino person is also
committing a racist micro aggression not
because those people are overrepresented
in crime statistics no it's because the
woman is racist asking non-white people
why they're being quiet or loud that's
racist so you can't even ask why people
have behaving in a certain way whether
it that's positive or negative that's
racist and again it harkens back to
these other articles that we did
including one out of the University of
wisconsin-milwaukee and they literally
launched a campaign in 2015 where they
claimed that using the term politically
correct so just saying the term
politically correct in a pejorative way
in a negative way was a micro aggression
was essentially racist there was also
the University of New Hampshire's bias
free language guide which asserted that
the word American American the word
American is problematic because it
assumes the u.s. is the only country
inside the continents of North and South
America so you can't use the word
American you also can't use the words
and phrases obese normal mothering
fathering I'm sexual illegal alien and
senior citizens because they might
offend someone somewhere now of course
the goal of all this is to police
language is to get those parameters of
acceptable speech and by this very
definition acceptable thought strict
constricted to the point where
everybody's war
King on eggshells before they say
anything there that they live in
absolute fear of offending anybody
because of these constructs of language
guides that literally act to control
people's thoughts this is what's going
on in our universities little surprise
then that this survey which just came
out survey Democratic Democrat college
students say inclusivity more important
and free speech I basically asked them
if diversity and inclusivity should take
precedence over free speech and the
overwhelming majority of Democrats
favored protecting feelings over free
speech they literally think protecting
people's fee fees is more important than
the fundamental bedrock of American
freedom and we wonder why we see auntie
fur at all these colleges all these
universities literally holding up signs
that say free speech crossed out and
burning them and trashing them is it any
wonder absolutely incredible now I've
talked about this at start the show with
we had a woman's Marsh in London last
weekend for what reason god only knows
because women in the UK have exactly the
same rights as men they have a lot more
protections in terms of care in terms of
abuse in terms of psychological trauma
support than men but now that's not
enough apparently so those those a
woman's March for no particular purpose
there's no gender pay gap it doesn't
exist it as an account for the fact that
men work more hours well they had a
March anyway now I've been trying to
find details and I just can't seem to
pin them down of the feminist March this
coming weekend against the industrial
level abuse of over 1,000 young girls
for a period of over 40 years for 0
years in Telford which is a town in
England now you would think the feminist
support the right of young girls to not
be drugged to not be abducted to not be
raped to not be abused in one case to
not be killed you'd think that that
would be an important women's rights
issue especially given the fact that
it's not just this one case that we've
literally had probably a dozen of these
cases over the past few years
where we have the industrial level abuse
of young girls by Muslim grooming gangs
and in the Daily Mail the Daily Mirror
sorry expose of this which came out on
Sunday they couldn't even mention the
fact that they were Muslim they said
they were Bangladeshi Pakistan of course
we know what those people have in common
this is a massive problem but a major
national newspaper is afraid to even use
certain language because we have de
facto blasphemy laws in this country
which prevent us from even talking about
it in many cases Tory MP reports
Breitbart BBC not standing up for white
working-class after ignoring Telford
scandal this is Lucy Allen MP who said
she was pushing to ask an urgent
question in Parliament on Tuesday as
well as revealing she'll be demanding an
inquiry into the scandal well we know
already why this scandal happened from
the original early reporting is because
social services authorities and police
were so petrified of God forbid being
called racist that they refused to
properly investigate to properly
prosecute the culprits
so the BBC ignored this story for about
24 hours after it came out on Sunday was
the biggest story in the country by far
the BBC ignored it for about 24 hours
they finally plough an article in like
the local section of their website
wasn't even on the front page they
buried it beneath all these other
articles the pressure that that cause
has finally prompted the BBC to give
this Top Billing that it deserves but
another example of how this is covered
up not just by the authorities but by
the media itself the leading media
lights in the United Kingdom there's a
hail article report hundreds of girls
raped and forced into prostitution in
small English town which goes through
the history of it absolutely incredible
where is the feminist March this weekend
that's my question you marched last
weekend for no discernible reason now we
have yet another example of the
industrial level abuse of young girls in
one town in our country for forty years
one of many where's the March where's
the protest ain't gonna happen because
feminists don't give a damn about actual
women's run
so don't give a damn about young girls
being abused they only care about
obtaining power because feminism has
been hijacked as a far left crusade
that's why there won't be any marches
let's head to Europe now for the latest
in cultural enrichment news this is our
voice of Europe Greek woman gang-raped
by migrants after visiting refugee
Solidarity event refugees welcomed a 23
year old Greek woman and her boyfriend
relived scenes of horror in the core of
Thessaloniki last week the woman was
gang raped by three migrants from Syria
and Algeria more than a year ago this
happened in October 2016 it's just in
court actually went to a refugee
solidarity event right next to it
this woman was gang-raped absolutely
incredible here's some of the stories
that came out of Calais of similar
circumstances were in many cases the
volunteers who went there to help with
the victims of this and then they
actually didn't speak out about it
because they were like oh my god I might
be called racist I won't tell the police
that I've just been gang-raped
absolutely incredible in Sweden their
government is encouraging actually
spending millions to encourage migrant
backgrounds citizens to vote in
September election so Sweden's got a big
September election coming up where it's
basically their last chance to save
their country and the current liberal
left the establishment government in
charge is literally dropping nearly a
million dollars in these no-go suburbs
of Sweden which we've all seen the
horrible footage out of reporters being
attacked people being chased off
ambulance fire police being attacked the
dropping a million dollars in those
areas to get those migrants to vote in
the election the very same migrants have
created in many cases the soaring
violent crime and parallel societies
that have basically turned Sweden into a
meme so the government of Sweden is
paying money to destroy Sweden
absolutely insane stories continue to
pour out of Europe it's going to wrap it
up though oh and Troy is coming up with
the war room don't go away
the globalist are losing but they're
doubling down their attacks there's one
thing they fear and it's people power
Infowars has defeated their censorship
so far only because of you
spreading the links spreading the
articles subscribing clicking the
notification buttons and getting the
articles and videos out but they are
intensifying their censorship so now
it's more important than ever to ensure
we keep the First Amendment alive and
well right here in America and free
speech worldwide so from Australia to
countries in Africa to Europe to Mexico
to right here in the USA I salute you
all for taking action and defending free
speech we will prevail
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