Author Topic: Hillary Clinton Tells The Midwest They’re Worthless  (Read 36 times)

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Hillary Clinton Tells The Midwest They’re Worthless
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:31:22 AM »

she's brazenly admitting that nobody in
those Rust Belt areas in the areas which
Trump beat her likes her and she's
saying that that's a good strategy to
continue to ignore those people in 2018
and in 2012 they say they hate flyover
country they say they hurt Christians
they're telling all the white black
Hispanic you name and folks in the Rust
Belt you don't fricking matter because
you don't have a high GDP yeah it's just
super Americans and idiocy I mean she's
the best friend the Trump campaign can
have in 2020 all right ladies and
gentlemen we are back live with Paul
Joseph Watson been working on least ran
of hands
Skype he's frozen but we'll still get
his audio Paul where do you think this
is going next and then and you know now
we've got the removal here of Tillerson
and we know it's playing ball with the
globalist is deputy we're just just
overall what's the big the big world
view on what's happening right now well
in terms of the election Hillary Clinton
is the greatest ally Donald Trump can
ever have I've got this clip which
they're gonna play later where basically
she's she says oh but I'm the top
candidate amongst the highest GDP areas
on both coasts I'm the best candidate
she's brazenly admitting that nobody in
those Rust Belt areas in the areas which
Trump beat her likes her and she's
saying that that's a good strategy to
continue to ignore those people in 2018
and in 2012 they say they hate flyover
country they say they hurt Christians
they're telling all the white black
Hispanic you name and folks in the Rust
Belt you don't fricking matter cuz you
don't have a high GDP yeah it's just
super American sand idiocy I mean she's
the best friend the Trump campaign can
have in 2020 she's falling down stairs
now remember CNN told us that Trump was
physically unfit told us that he was
deranged it was completely proven
otherwise yet they continued to do it
the same people who said questioning her
health was a conspiracy theory she's got
two guys holding her up at the end of
that clip and she's still stumbling and
falling down and apparently now she's
got some kind of hand injury as well
that she's being treated for so we were
completely right again but yeah they
still claim Oh this was part of the
Russian bot conspiracy Network to claim
Hillary was sick while she was hacking
away through every speech well you know
the word if she wasn't falling down in
India she was just dancing like Trudeau
Canada exactly so again they they called
us every name under the Sun for pointing
out basic reality that she was obviously
ill then took their own conspiracy
theory said Trump was sick I was proven
completely false and yet they still
continued to do it that's why everyone's
hate CNN that's why they're collapsing
and Paul they also say that Trump didn't
really want to win the election that's
why he's announced nine hundred plus
days early and has a new slogan keep
America great and is in absolute
accuracy winning it's incredible
also with this Tillison thing Nancy
Pelosi's came out and today and
basically said that he was fired because
he stood up to Russia that Tillison was
fired because he stood up to Russia
which is interesting because when
Tillison was nominated back in 2016
Pelosi came out with another statement
and basically said tell us um was a
Russian agent so he's a Russian agent
when he gets nominated when he gets
fired it's because he stood up against
the Russian well that's cuz you got an
ExxonMobil deal which we should be
trying to get the resources out of
Russia that helps everybody they got
more resources any other nation or
continent you know Eurasia and we need
all that and Tillerson got a big award
for bringing industry to Russia their
free market their Christian we should be
doing business with them exactly now
this thing that he other commentators
like David Cornish saying that he was
fired because of his comments about
Russia yesterday okay he was told he was
gonna be fired on Friday it was before
he made any comments about Russia well
literally everything has to be fed into
this Russia and there's only been one
minute of coverage on the news that the
house said no Russian collusion but
evidence of Hillary collusion
let's bring in Lee Stranahan here was
having some Skype problems he's on phone
now lead we're all under attack Paul's
being sued by extension Lee and McAdoo
is our reporter you are but I got to say
again the video of you and Leanne we've
already had it reviewed by legal folks
it's it's total journalism
it's just insane so again I agree with
you I think this is a PR stunt the
problem is we can't let them keep doing
the PR stunts that's why we're preparing
lawsuits against all these people and
I'm not just saying that I don't want to
sue people but what do we do next what
are other key points you want to tell
folks well I think you're things I loved
about the lawsuit was just seeing it
says Infowars being sued through its
company which is named free speech was a
three free speech system yes they're
suing free speech I love that I just I
love the irony of it you know name the
company that like 15 years ago I
incorporated I did it in case it was
ever a lawsuit they'd be suing free
speech by the way I call what's going on
here is the revolution started in 2007
two things happen in 2007 the markets
collapsed and everybody realized that
they've been buying into things that out
of that you got Occupy Wall Street and
the Tea Party movement but the other
thing that happened was the iPhone was
released and the reason that significant
is they know in the media right now that
we the citizens don't actually meet them
people can actually make up their own
minds from a buffet of ideas and the
fact that people are getting their
information from Infowars
so is one of the only news outlets
including outlets on the right I will
say this including outlets broadly on
the right that will actually report on
what the CIA for instance has been up to
right he's a lot of right outlets don't
want to touch that with a ten-foot pole
and you've been great on that it's
frightening them and I and what they've
done is they've exposed themselves for
who they really are
they are desperately afraid that people
will figure out that I said this on my
radio show this morning we're watching
with this this thing in England right
now a real-time gulf of tonkin
the gulf of talk
how long did it take for people to
figure out they've been like just but
here's 40 years right now who cares
right now people are able to look at the
data and go you know there's something
weird about exactly Galba targeted 4550
years though was he classified now we
figure it out in days that's right and
and it is a race and the elites are
aware of this it is a race to see
whether they can shut down free media
and this is why we're seeing Twitter
Google I've been told by people in
Silicon Valley that they're under threat
of antitrust just ask yourself Alex
remember the Microsoft suit in the 90s
who's bigger Google now or Microsoft in
the answers obvious right answers on
Amazon now or Microsoft and Amazon so
they could be shut down today right
thank and you saw Trump's new campaign
had warned them last week what do you
make an ad well I've no brass or steel
for about twenty years I used to work
with him in San Antonio actually a high
tech company 20 years ago and I'm very
happy to see Brad on there because Brad
knows tech he's very ambitious he's very
professional but god bless him for
warning people and this thing with you
you got killed with two community
standard stripes correct is that what
happened they did four and then they
kept removing them Arnie exactly but
we're down to one I I got three
community standard strikes and they
deleted my entire YouTube account so I'm
a little jealous Alex let's see no no
exactly that's why I keep Tony we ours
came back as it was too obvious they
want to do all these fake suits and then
banners but they value channels are
still gone that's right yes the beauty
of what you've done with Infowars is
they could take it down in youtube
tomorrow people would still be able to
get Infowars for a variety of means and
you two wouldn't wouldn't it just
wouldn't go through youtube so this is
what they're afraid of and there's a
real race going on I really believe this
between the people who are promoting
free speech and a marketplace of ideas
you don't have to believe free speech
and lately you're right I'm sure you saw
the Microsoft see I mean not Microsoft
they were talk about Microsoft the news
core CEO a month ago said this is the
plan they're gonna set the president
with us than everybody else
this is them coming for the First
Amendment we need to talk more in the
next week or so on air about the suit
coordinating loveseat on David night
during the morning Lee Stranahan thank
you so much citizen journalism school
dot-com sorry about the problems today
we'll talk to you more great points from
him Paul I want to come back and I got a
full wrath and I'm begging Paul to do
more than just an hour a week everybody
loves him so much and we need Paul and
Tommy Robinson's gonna meet with him on
Friday for a big interview they're gonna
do we're about to launch our London UK
EU headquarters which I've already got
backing to do if Paul will take
Excalibur from the Stone or I'm gonna
beat him upside the head with it
actually if he doesn't take it out of
the stone
there is a war it's happening now
it will decide the fate of humanity the
time to choose sides has come we are the
resistance we are the info war the
globalist are losing but they're
doubling down their attacks there's one
thing they fear and its people power
Infowars has defeated their censorship
so far only because of you spreading the
links spreading the articles subscribing
clicking the notification buttons and
getting the articles and videos out but
they are intensifying their censorship
so now it's more important than ever to
ensure we keep the First Amendment alive
and well right here in America and free
speech worldwide so from Australia to
countries in Africa to Europe to Mexico
to right here in the USA I salute you
all for taking action and defending free
speech we will prevail
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