Author Topic: “God Told Me We Are Going To Win” -Alex Jones  (Read 37 times)

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“God Told Me We Are Going To Win” -Alex Jones
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:19:36 AM »

you should fear them getting full power
and what they'll do to everybody
cuz everywhere they get control in
third-world countries everywhere they
get control these government orphanages
everywhere these people migrate to these
these evil globalist they are into
tearing up civilization and tearing up
humanity in front of everybody I'll be
honest with you I woke up at about 250
this morning and couldn't go back to
sleep and I can just feel the evil of
the globalist I could see them trying to
destroy our free speech and knowing how
bad they are I wasn't scared I just I'm
usually very positive about things I am
very positive and I understand the
larger compendium of history and what
our mission is is not to be famous not
to make money but to actually change the
world to make it a better place does all
that evil men entire seem to flourish is
the good men and women do nothing quote
Thomas Jefferson but I about 3:30 in the
morning got on my knees in the dark of
the night in my living room and I just
asked God for strength and discernment
and I went in and looked at my 10 month
old baby daughter
he's got her first cold cuz I flew an
airplane with her wheezing and stuff and
picked her up and rocked her my arms for
hours and I just knew I'm where I'm
supposed to be and it's so strong that I
don't want to come on air and say this
is wonderful being sued by Georgetown
University with taxpayer money but it
really is because I know you're gonna
come through I know we're gonna win and
I know that it's gonna be rough and I
know that they want to demonize me
before they kill me I understand that
but my children have no future if we
don't beat this and you don't either
when Saul say it again I am exactly
where I want to be because I wasn't
really depressed but I worked but it's
17 hours yesterday and so you just kind
of get really tired and I went to bed
about eleven and
I was a little down not for my prospects
but just that people don't realize we're
really up against pure evil but then I
just understood that this is what
anybody who wants to be a good person
with dream of theirs actually go
toe-to-toe against real evil and but
folks to understand that avoid conflict
or avoid confrontation with evil they
understand this is what sharpens you
it's what brings you up it's what opens
everything up I mean I'm so satisfied in
my life and it's indescribable
it's indescribable and I remember being
a teenager or other stuff be more ego
driven how unhappy I was even a young
man I was still happier than most people
but I still had had a void somewhere
even though I had courage and wanted to
be a good person I didn't fully commit
to it but that's how God does it I was
like weightlifting just slowly more
weight on more weight more weight more
weight more weight more weight and God
has answered my prayers to take on the
globe was to see them defeated to see
the tide turn to see the awakening
happening to see them come against this
I mean until always in my spirit guides
like you really want this because at the
end of the line they're gonna torture
you and kill you and I but victory will
come and I just it's not even a martyr
syndrome it's we can't let them win and
then every time I pass the new threshold
of the attacks stuff people they know
about on air it's pretty hardcore
they've targeted my family and people
surrounding me and it's they're really
bad people but they think you're cowards
they think when I talk about that I'm
scaring you for them you're not a coward
like they are but if you're into fear
you should fear them getting full power
and what they'll do to everybody cuz
everywhere they get control in
third-world countries everywhere they
get control these government orphanages
everywhere these people migrate to these
these evil globalist they are into
tearing up civilization and tearing up
humanity in front of everybody
Paul Watson sent a really incredible
report I went too long it's like a
sediment report I'm gonna play it we
start the next hour we ever get the chin
of Kong someone to get him on this
Tillerson thing let's write him tomorrow
and we've got at least training hand
being sued by the Vatican as well I love
how honest people are so honest
everyone's like oh we're being sued by
the State Department guy no we're being
sued by Georgetown and by the Pope with
taxpayer money and then they call for
the end of free speech and instead of
precedent to ban everyone and to have
the media and Georgetown decide what can
be on air and what can't I mean it's a
total overthrow of the First Amendment
it's it's so epic it's incredible and
it's all of those slanderous defamation
misrepresentation of what I said and
what we said about the event like
everything else it's just a big PR
campaign and it's going nowhere doesn't
matter how many little things they pull
matter what they do the truth is coming
out we've got so much to get to so much
to cover and this is a kid Daniels
article up on info wars.com Trump fires
Goldstein amid State Department purge
president also cutting through isolation
by staff and when you read this it's
it's it's it's really important though
that Trump is getting rid of the right
people by the way let me make this point
you read this lawsuit and you read their
articles about it then the press release
is put out by the law school that is an
open war with the First Amendment you
read this historical unbelievable case I
mean that's what this is this is
incredible this is how they come for the
First Amendment and it's written for the
public it's written for the media as
talking points but then it's written for
the spooks and the CIA and they bitch in
there and they go call me 2012 Jones
said that was fake
and I by the way did say that was faking
it came out later was all a PR firm and
the guy running it flipped out remember
I was running around going crazy on the
street remember that pull up the head of
the coaming grip those crazy run around
naked remember that and but then later
came out in the news that they knew
where Comey was and were just using that
to bring African into Africa and I've
talked to military people that were
there and knew where he was that he was
being supplied and protected and they're
suing me it's like the lawsuit those
look Alex messed up our Vegas operation
it's not even this guy's suit it's all
about Jones and said Comey was fake and
that they could have killed him and yeah
then Jones says that the the Parkland
shootings fake I didn't say that I mean
the hostage rescue team called us and
said look there's Islamic crap
everywhere he went the Middle East so
did she there was other women in there
was a gun deal gone bad look at the
Saudi Arabians in town I was get Zack
one of our others horses back on old
Zack formerly with the army now with
that other eighteenth agency but the
point is is that can you imagine that
this will now be brought it's kind of
like when he Allard Hunt sued the
spotlight for saying that he was
involved in JFK and they later gave a
deathbed confession and said he was he
was photographed twice he was arrested
in the rail car he told his son he Keith
ran the operation he's Ethan Hunt a
Mission Impossible II Howard hunt he's
the guy that portly had over 200 kills
in China by himself parachuted in at the
start of World War two is an
intelligence operative he's a famous guy
he didn't pull the trigger but he was
there running the killing at Kennedy and
he lost that lawsuit against the
now he gave a video and audio confession
that premiered here and on cuz to go
stay in which were snoring in 2008 I was
a benchwarmer on the operation cord
Meyer was mad kid he'd been banging his
wife and there's old Jim Marrs with a
great those interviews are online right
now on our YouTube channel they're
trying to get rid of that's some of the
first videos we put up on that YouTube
channel in 2008
oh it's been taken down click on this
world exclusive click on one
this videos unavailable and I've also
noticed we were over two million views
YouTube just deletes our videos all the
time and then doesn't even tell us why
so that had millions of you guys suck it
went down like 1.5 billion they like
it's caught your car the speedometer or
they were tachometer you know the
mileage goes backwards my car's got
40,000 - miles on it I thought I drove
40,000 miles so our YouTube channel the
view count goes backwards there on the
news going hurry up and since they're
Alex Jones
they're already sensory this all over
the place but that it's having a
Streisand effect and all these weird Ivy
League CIA they're all wimps who never
actually in the military everything that
they just they want to be analysts and
in charge of men and then they they all
just want a little CIA code little
decoder rings then little secret
societies and you know they go to Yale
and crap on each other's faces and flop
around having gay sex my way that's even
in a good shepherd which is an accurate
rendition of skullenbones with Matt
Damon and of course produced and
directed by Robert DeNiro but then he
goes Jones claims they pee on each other
it still emotes little liar we all know
that's Trump and Russia no they crap on
each other
alright and then worship Lucifer and her
born-again undead and eat crap that's
who runs thing which I relate people
that eat turds you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America to come
in the name of liberalism
renewed hostile actions against the
United States ships on the high seas in
the Gulf of Tonkin have today required
me to order the military forces of the
United States to take action in reply
dr. Martin Luther King the apostle of
non-violence in the civil rights
movement has been shot to death in
Memphis Tennessee
people calling themselves members of The
Weather Underground last night planted
bomb and federal office buildings invite
you to an open California it took the
babies I think you missed and let the
children to die other survivors of the
USS Liberty are demanding a
congressional investigation and to what
happened in acknowledgment that the
Israeli Air Force bombed a US
intelligence Navy ship the death of bin
Laden marks the most significant
achievement to date in our nation's
effort to defeat al-qaeda the Taliban is
taking responsibility for shooting down
a US helicopter more than 30 people were
killed and there are reports this
morning that most of them are u.s. Navy
SEALs there may be a false flag incident
where some five ship goes down and you
to use for the excuse to accelerate the
next war but there's one thing that has
unified Democrats and Republicans and
everybody in between so we all hated the
bank bailout the Department of Homeland
Security is apparently on a huge ammo
buying spree it comes out to like 1.6
billion rounds of ammunition today
it is infinitely easier to kill and
million people into control in the they
estimated that they would have to
million people in these free education
centers and when I say eliminate I need
kill I'm here to warn people you keep
telling me to shut up this isn't a game
from the frontlines of the information
war it's alex jones i'm so excited the
new product that Infowars live.com in a
glass bottle two-month servings filled
to the brim filled to the absolute top
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brain pill a nootropic that doesn't have
any stimulants in it but boy does it
stimulate because it's beyond that quite
frankly i just went off when I saw
medical doctors prescribing to their
patients but it wasn't prescription but
they were charging people 100 200
dollars for the four knee leg and I came
up with our own formula working with
some scientists and developers non-gmo
made right here in America 120 capsules
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pregnant own to it which is the
precursor to all the hormones that your
body has to have to even make the
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red pill now available at

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