Author Topic: Hillary Didn't Fall In India, She Was Dancing  (Read 30 times)

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Hillary Didn't Fall In India, She Was Dancing
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:17:32 AM »

she slept not once not twice with rice
and everywhere she goes she has men
helping her even when she walks on the
flat we saw that NOSSA just be help but
it's ok because that's actually her
doing a dance that's not her falling
down or slipping three times
no that is Hillary Clinton I think
that's a my Abidine behind her yeah is
her girlfriend right there reportedly
Autobots transform and roll out form of
the Pope's Jesuit University
taxpayer-funded not private suing former
congressman Allen West see yours truly
Alex Jones Lee Ann McAdoo leaf Stranahan
for saying you got a bunch of Democrat
Party operatives running around at
Ferguson trying to suspend it that ante
for a bunch of sweethearts and the
president Trump's a Nazi and then they
use them as PR people everywhere and we
point out one of the guys worked for
Hillary State Department it has a famous
history bein tied to the CIA and running
the CIA and we just said this needs to
be investigated oh we're gonna sue you
for fake news and then the filing they
say that we say crisis actors and
nothing's real and all the seven and we
said nobody you know died in Florida we
didn't say that
so what it is is their fake news and you
know I know enough about law to have a
taxpayer-funded they think we're so
stupid University of Georgetown the law
school putting out articles defaming me
can we put that article back up and I
guess they think they're gonna control
the judges and control through the
alumni and then somehow even get the
right jury the whole thing smells
because you look at the suit it's a joke
witness to a tragedy of victim of fake
news conspiracy sues Alex Jones and
others Georgetown Law and then they say
a bunch of stuff we never said or never
and that we said there's an imaginary
deep state but we learned about the deep
state from carroll quigley
one of the heads of georgetown political
science book Lynne's mentor and tragedy
and hope called for planetary
dictatorship the end of the family total
social control undelete ruling
everything no no no Georgetown but it
doesn't exist there's no such thing
good old Chuckie Schumer never got up on
CNN and said Trump better watch it the
intelligence agencies have seven ways to
Sunday to get back at him and make him
pay and remove him and we've been spying
on him and we know he's a Russian agent
Rumblers oh that's illegal and it's
illegal to say you were spying was
classified but then it turned out you
just lied you were spying on the
president but you lied about it then you
said we never said that and everybody
knows what a pack of liars these people
are but they're so used to creeping
around and being in control and knowing
that America's chained up with their
basement you know they're sitting up
there watching TV big old slobs
we're chained up down there and there's
famous cases of this they're getting our
social security checks basically this is
there like big slobs eating Twinkies
watching television you know they got
like a little CIA pocket protectors
feeling powerful other sometimes they
walk down were chained up downstairs
they walk by make us beg for a baby a
piece of bread taken to them they walk
down the dungeon they kind of strut
around I'm feeling really powerful right
now America
let me just kick it in the face a little
bit oh but we've got both our arms out
of the shackles and then we got
when you open the trapdoor to come down
and rapist club list metaphysically even
though we've been emaciated been in the
dark so long we could hardly see we
punched you knock you the ground bit a
chunk out of you and now we're stumbling
around with the lights on trying to see
and you're screaming for Mama and here
comes a big fat giant 400-pound maggot
down the stairs just slithering in puss
dripping out of its smell of rotting
dead children its belly there's the big
giant Plus worm come to save its baby
baby's bleeding baby broke its leg with
baby felt down on the tar and so we're
getting our bearings the lights coming
back in our eyes we weigh about 85
pounds but you know what we're fighting
for our live and here comes that big
worm and what are we gonna do to that
big giant stinking worm it smells like
dead flesh its squealing like a big rat
what are we gonna do to that worm oh by
the way I should have started the show
with this it was September 11th 2016
that Hillary fell like a ton of bricks
in New York City and then the media
would cut when she fell and said Alex
Jones put up fake news oh it was flip on
a curb and we show kind of this sort of
having a convulsion that it cut well she
was in India yesterday in the Daily
Mirror got the video at some point info
wars.com and road report calm The Daily
Mirror calm she slept not once not twice
but thrice and everywhere she goes she
has men helping her even when she walks
on the flat we saw that nos it has to be
help but it's okay because that's
actually her doing a dance that's not
her falling down or slipping three times
no that is Hillary Clinton I think
that's Illuma happening behind her yeah
as her girlfriend right there reportedly
uma Aberdeen
but Hilary's an old flying squirrel
actually like I said last night honor
that special report she's like the
Falcon flying down from the top of the
Egyptian monolith gleaming that there is
our great Queen our Lord or master
Excalibur the purists of the greatest
beautiful Georgetown creations the
finest citizens America's ever seen
indomitable strong as continual as the
North Star
stoic the very essence of pure blood the
very blood of Honor the majestic the
transcendent oh look at Bill Clinton the
handsomeness the goodness yes I'm gonna
play some more of these clips when we
come back I'm gonna get to trump and
then we'll Tillerson means this is
really good signs what's happening um
but before I do that what a time to be
alive ladies and gentlemen to be
fighting back all of us together in this
basement trying to get out of this fetid
stink hole or the lesser carry out their
ritual of defiling us and dominating us
one big way to counter them is you know
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stand in the way of Soros Clinton Obama
Hillary and the Pope you know someone
very profoundly once said many years ago
that if fascism ever comes to America to
count on the ingre of liberalism
if you're receiving this transmission
you are resistance it's awesome what
happens when you listen to the radio
host Alex Jones who claims that 9/11 and
the Oklahoma City bombings were inside
jobs I don't know what happens in
somebody's mind or how dark their heart
must be to say things like that
the Russians ran an extensive
information war campaign against my
campaign to influence voters in the
election and then they began to
weaponize them and they began to have
some of their allies within the internet
world like Infowars take out pieces and
begin to say the most outrageous
outlandish absurd lies you can imagine
but Trump doesn't challenge these lives
he actually went on jones's show and
said your reputation is amazing I will
not let you down waging war on
corruption it's alex jones coming to you
live from the frontlines of the info war
heck no mistake we've made some major
games against the globalist but they're
striking back all over the world now
more than ever is the time to get
prepared with the highest quality
emergency supplies across the board
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there but links to some of the other
great sponsors that we have as well
that's at

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