Author Topic: Woman Arrested In The UK For Being A Conservative Speaks Out  (Read 45 times)

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Woman Arrested In The UK For Being A Conservative Speaks Out
« on: March 14, 2018, 12:15:54 AM »

so if enough people in the Western world
will just say just get over their fear
stop living in this this mental prison
in you know basically having no
ideological freedom if they can find the
courage to do this I think then we will
be okay but it's just like even after
what happened in the UK I still don't
believe the UK is lost and it really
perturbs me when people say that you
know France has lost the UK's laws
Sweden's lost Germany's lost we're not
yet there's still a chance so I think
that it's going to come down just to the
average people and if they're not
willing to do that in time then you know
we just might be lost
well Brittany Pettibone has hundreds of
millions of views on her YouTube she's a
great journalist I'd call her a
libertarian nationalist
constitutionalist but they call her a
Nazi of course George Soros is one that
runs that he's a real Nazi collaborator
but her and her boyfriend were trying to
fly into London where they've been many
times to interview Tommy Robinson the
great Patriot and they got the tape for
three days in a prison cell and it was
even in the British news you can just
type it into a search engine
Britney patty bone and others at Laura
Southern detained and the police
admitted that but now the spread machine
as it looks really scary and bad to have
these folks with no criminal record not
allowed to come in but Paul Watson's got
a viral video out right now let's put it
up on screen if we can where they admit
that they let thousands of jihad
fighters and who tell them I'm gonna
kill people they go oh we want you for
sure just like they have you know in
Sweden these these rehabilitation
centers for Isis and all kind of
fighters it's amazing because this is
who they're gonna displace everybody
with so it's the truth about broken
Britain everybody needs to see it it's
very very powerful I'm gonna play it
later in the hour it's on info wars.com
so Britney congratulations on your
courage I know you were trying to go
give a speech at speakers corner with
your boyfriend or for hundreds of years
they've had free speech but I guess only
the Islamists are allowed to speak now
UK about two weeks ago and I got in no
problem and I was at speakers corner so
I was able to see for myself that it's
about like 90% Muslims that go there now
but actually my boyfriend was the one
who is going to give the speed judgement
speakers foreigner I was gonna go and
cover it but the main reason that I was
denied entry was because I wanted to
interview Tommie Rob's Ron who they
declared a far-right leader and someone
who incites racial hatred so it was kind
of you know a mixture of reasons but
they were trying to get us both on
different things because they couldn't
say that oh you can't go in just because
you're going to watch a speech you know
it wasn't a good enough reason that's
right and of course that's in the news
they admit that you've got the paperwork
as well we've written articles about it
it's Tommy Robinson's website where is
it best for people to go check out your
sides to actually see the proof for
themselves well
he actually just posted a video on my
youtube channel that I made with my
boyfriend Martin yesterday my YouTube
channels Britney Pettibone I've also put
out some tweets regarding it because
people are now accusing us of forging
these documents but I mean I have them
all here I also have documents from the
detention facility proving that we were
there and we actually got ID cards which
they confiscated but Martin's snuck his
out so we have his ID card proving that
we were well they always do this it's
like what CNN called for us to be banned
later they said it was all made up this
is how they have the stain for their
viewers and listeners they've banned
Michael Savage from going to England
I've been interrogated when I go in
about what I'm gonna say and do and they
have police actually in mi5 come to my
hotel on record expanding on that that
they want Sadiq Khan wants Donald Trump
banned from London but then they try to
say they're not doing this yeah it's
absolutely it's absolutely crazy and yet
they'll let in you know returning Isis
fighters they'll let in you know all
these illegals will slip through the
cracks but then when it comes to people
with political opinions who they don't
necessarily agree with suddenly the
border force is just the most competent
one in the entire world oh absolutely
London Stan it is the command base for
Isis worldwide we'll be right back
so Britney Pettibone breakdown what
happened what's going on I mean this is
a concerted effort we've got to raise
the alarm I would say on a Richter scale
what would you say I mean previous
censorship was maybe a three or four
this is like an eight I mean this is
this is sustained across the board
massive government's coming after our
speech you're being suppressed by the
British government they're arresting
people that criticize Islam like a
regular pen in France in Germany they're
coming after everybody I mean this is
really going on
so investigative journalist Brittany
Pettibone define yourself since they
want to define you and steal your
identity define who you are what your
mission is and what's happened and where
you think we are right now in this
incredible attack on free speech well
defining myself politically I think the
most appropriate term it's what I've
always gone with is an American
nationalist and you know I'm Pro Trump
and I've been interested in politics my
entire life I got it by accident
politically active
of the presidential elections but you
know obviously they define us as all
sorts of things I don't even bother
fighting back against it anymore I mean
they call Trump Hitler so you just can't
trust these people but regarding what
happened to us I it would seem like some
kind of coordinated effort because you
saw they they went after Lauren southern
right after my boyfriend and me and you
know it's one thing to hear about the
lack of freedom of speech in the UK but
it's quite another to experience it and
it's it's not only been eye-opening for
us but I think for many people and I
really hope that it will encourage
people to speak out against this I've
gotten so many messages from people in
the UK like I'm just embarrassed for my
country embarrassed because you know
Britain used to be so great they're
saying well not so much anymore and you
also have to to question you know how
much they put into shutting down people
like myself my boyfriend Martin Sellner
Lauren southern and then things like
this this Telford scandal that just
broke like the biggest child sex abuse
scandal in the history of Britain over
the past 40 years up to like a thousand
children abused one girl I believe she
was about 15 years old she was gotten
pregnant six times over the course of
four years it's absolutely unacceptable
especially after rather him how they can
dare to allow this to happen again so
their priorities are just all out of
whack right now it's it's really
infuriating and finally the BBC reports
on girls as young as seven being groomed
and used for sex slavery by the Muslims
who turned it into a business and then
the rich left this men Brits come and
actually use it and so they kind of use
the Muslims who are famous for using one
minute sex slaves as as the folks that
tend their slave stables are there they
have a word for it
courts in Islam in the Middle East it's
called a harem so they had their
pedophile harems what do you make of
Sadiq Khan being hailed as the great
feminist at South by Southwest I love
you knew that and being hailed as a man
of the women who will defend women with
Islam it's a complete contradiction it's
a paradox that linked Islam and feminism
are not compatible like okay so Lauren
southern was accused of racism which is
why she wasn't allowed into the UK
because she criticized Islam which is a
a race so the whole purpose of this
social experiment which I actually
participated in and they didn't bring
this up as one of the reasons as to why
I was banned was vice released an
article saying you know Jesus he could
there's a possibility he could have been
gay so we were thinking okay so if they
can do this all religions really treated
equal let's go to the UK pretend to be
leftist activists you know pro-lgbt
coming and saying you know ala you know
it's one religion that accepts everyone
you know feminism gays everything and
the way that this video hasn't finished
yet perhaps will release it but the way
the reaction was incredible within
seconds the police were there saying
they had already gotten complaints we
need to remove you for your safety
immediately we had to confiscate the
Flyers everything it was an insane
situation but this is it you can't
criticize Islam it's completely
protected that's why they you see them
persecuting Tommy Robinson so much who I
was going to interview he eventually
flew to Vienna we did the interview it
is I think one of the best he's ever
done because we break down and go step
by step through his five different times
in prison how he was put in there
blackmailed by the police everything
that he is suffered and sacrificed in
his quest to expose Islam for what it is
well I mean radical Islam is the number
one threat to Muslims it kills tens of
millions of their own people and other a
lot of Muslims are hard work and smart
people I've known a lot of them but
they're really you know heretics wanna
drink a beer with you well I mean let's
talk about that because I mean it's a
fact the biggest victim of Islam is
Islam yeah it's the religion I mean you
just you read about it it's not just you
know Muslims are randomly acting out and
said where's this coming from you can
read it you can you can see it in their
religion it's written there so I mean my
uncle he he has been very kind he's one
of my favorite uncle's we've been close
pretty much my entire life so there's
you know not a bad word I can say about
him but it's just you look at the
religion and then look at the Muslims
you know the radical is the way they're
acting and you have to criticize it they
just they won't even let you question it
or criticize it it's a huge problem and
then these these grooming gangs many
Muslims are the ones responsible it's
not like many
even the mainstream media admits it's
basically their business and then the
girls act up they just disappear yeah
hearing about the lawsuits against
myself congressman West and others by
Georgetown University which is won by
the Vatican and adamant they admit
taxpayer money funds the law school try
and they're calling in the suit for us
to be shut off the air CNN's calling for
us to be shut off the air they use a
State Department official kind of as
their you know got to personalize it but
it is Georgetown doing it what do you
make of this and then and and the left
calling for all of us to be banned and
again Marilla pin being arrested for
Chang the biggest threat since world war
two to France is radical Islam I mean
that's a total that's absolutely true
honestly I'm not shocked at all I think
we've all seen this coming for a while
now the thing is like the mainstream
media you know a lot of older people
watch it but the youth are watching
these independent creators who aren't
you know beholden to anyone and can
basically go out and report on what they
want to report on talk about what they
want to talk about they're they're free
and they want to shut these people down
by any means necessary because like
Infowars you know all these alternative
media outlets they are challenging these
big means for media outlets and over
they're going to overtake them soon so
they have to shut them down because
otherwise they're gonna fade into
obscurity and if they don't control the
narrative they don't control people and
this is classic authoritarianism
negatively being carried out and Trump
must move people but we can't wait for
Trump he's doing a great job getting rid
of Tillerson and aller and moving Pompeo
and everything else but ladies and
gentlemen all of you here alumni at
Georgetown and you're not a snot-nosed
globalist you got to pull your money
other people I think there should be
lawsuits you know against them of this
all sorts of issues using taxpayer money
try to get rid of the free speech I mean
I'm having my rights violated like Jim
Crow here's the deal I can't drive 55
and I sure as hell can't live under
globalism and Islamic sharia law allied
with a bunch of weird soy boy left us it
didn't happening now I was just talking
to some of the crew in there imagine
what Trump's going through if Democrats
and Hillary lawyers have filed I guess
if you count the two you know seizes two
things it's 12
suits in the last year and most of them
the last couple months and we've already
gotten six of them thrown out two of
them the last eight nine days last
weekend this week so I'm trying to be
positive here because I want to fight
the globalist I want to change the world
and Trump just got rid of teller soon
the word is for leaking and for going
along with different Lovelace operations
just like they just got rid of Trump's
assistant there they're watching who's
leaking that's what's happening in Trump
is consolidating control of the
executive like he's supposed to do and
the globalist source is hitting more
shrill more insane Congress just came
out and said no there's no rush in
collusion there's actually collusion by
Hillary Nunez says which we all know
about back in the day the New York Times
admitted that no real bona fide hey
uranium for money put it in my private
bank account and put it in Podesta's
bank account and so Britney Pettibone is
an investigative journalist calls
herself a nationalist that's exactly
what I am is just somebody that wants to
have their own sovereignty and she's
joining us right now she got Bessie put
in prison for three days with her
boyfriend who's gonna speak at speakers
corner she they they said well you can't
speak a speaker's corner inciting
problems even though the speech was done
it was a Pro free speech speech she
wasn't allowed to talk to Tommy Robinson
I tried to talk to a reporter and then
Laura southern also got grabbed
separately coming in because she's a
racist they just said so and Michael
Savage can't come in as he says Islam
isn't a religion of peace and City Khan
says Trump can't come in this is an
amazing time to be alive so Brittany
Pettibone and the 6-7 minutes we have
left where do you see this fight going
Marilla Penn facing prison she's the
front-runner of course the French
elections for saying it so so where do
you see all this going I see this being
determined by enough people deciding to
stand up and take a stand with us
because obviously we can't do this by
ourselves so if enough people in the
Western world will just say just get
over their fear stop living in this this
mental prison in you know basically
having no ideological freedom if they
can find the courage
do this I think then we will be okay but
it's just like even after what happened
in the UK I still don't believe the UK
is lost and it really perturbs me when
people say that you know France has lost
the UK's laws Sweden's loss Germany's
lost we're not yet there's still a
chance so I think that it's gonna come
down just to the average people and if
they're not willing to do that in time
then you know we just might be lost
you're absolutely right if we don't
start recognizing the draconian
authoritarian those aren't just words
those are real things that this is the
death of the West free speech the right
to defense and an open alliance with the
UN the globalists the Vatican radical
Islam the Communist Chinese and
Hollywood but like you said I'm not
bragging when I say this when I go to my
children's school then I go to other
schools where they're having school
events or sporting events I get mobbed
and the kids love me and college folks
love me and it's weird because I've
always been targeting the military the
police the government trying to wake
them up to the globalist takeover we're
having success there because they know
what our infos accurate because they're
inside there and then they know what to
look for a lot of know more than I do it
but I'm just it's collaborative effort
but the youth it's just devastating and
the globalists admit that's what they're
so scared of still have a 44 year old
guy like me yeah I know you guys are
popular Paul Watson super popular Gavin
McGinnis are they are the rock stars
it's not the sports players it's not
even you know the pop singers anymore it
is the Liberty movement and that is just
me really weird but they admit that this
new generation Z is the most
anti-authoritarian most libertarian ever
now the one after them the Millennials
are the most communist so what do you
think's going on there Britney Pettibone
yeah our education system is completely
flooded with these people these
communists socialists you know someone
once suggested to me and I think it's a
great idea they should start a reality
where they you know bring these people
who are so inferior favor of communism
socialism drop them into these countries
where it's actually a reality and just
see how they do it would be hilarious
I would watch for the first time reality
TV if they did that I think these people
really don't understand what they're
asking for I think it's more like oh you
know I get free college I'd get free
health care but they just they don't
spread the wheel and say do you are you
gonna go to Cuba Venezuela North Korea
or you know perhaps and and then oh
you're going it's gonna be great and
notice they've always got skinny jeans
they've always got a nice phone they're
bitching because their car isn't brand
new they're get their college paid for
and they're so pissed and they hate
America so much and you know what's
interesting alex is like antifa you look
at antia and you know they think they're
these you know anarchists through the
rebelling against the authoritarian
regime but if you look at look at what
they're trying to accomplish the
government is in exact alignment with it
they're trying to shut us down so we're
the government so if you really think
about it they're just the foot soldiers
they govern our the brown shirts they
are them there the modern brown shirts
mmm it's really laughable that they
can't see this they don't have enough
self-awareness to see this but I mean
this whole thing that's happened to us
we are going to appeal it Loren is
joining me in Vienna within the next
couple days we're all going to work with
the same lawyer Martin Lauren and I and
we're gonna peel this try to get it
overturned well it's gonna be a big
fight I think a battle ahead but we're
gonna do what we can because it's
completely unjust what's happened well
since the media is trying to say it ever
happened you ought to just come in with
your live streaming at the airport walk
right up front and then you know they'll
say that doesn't exist but but again
Sadiq Khan others are saying don't let
trump come yeah and there's no good
reason for that at all
I don't even understand the reasoning
behind this he's the President of the
United States it's amazing
well we're gonna put on screen the
Michael Savage has been banned what
seven years he's been banned from the UK
yes I actually believe that Lauren will
be speaking with him soon about her band
so that should be a very interesting
interview but Michael Savage I've been a
fan for a while through my father and he
introduced these really great alright
well Britney
any bone it's great to get you want to
familiar with your work please come on
any time you've got breaking news and I
just it's really a pleasure to see the
great job you and your boyfriend are
doing in Laurens southern and the whole
team so we just want to salute you and
and I think the more they try to
suppress all of our speech I think more
great minds like your suffering to come
forward what do you think of the first
CIA director being a woman being
appointed by Trump it's it's hilarious
but I think they'll find they're finding
ways to still criticize him for this
there's he can do nothing right if you
found the cure for cancer they'd find
some way to criticize that all right
Brittany Pettibone thank you so much
thank you
Godspeed wow that's amazing all right
I'm gonna come back and get into a bunch
of other news that we've not hit yet
because there is a plethora other it is
a cornucopia
there is a compendium of it and a bunch
of clubs I haven't gotten to and I
probably should open the phone's up more
we've just got so many guests
and we've got one of the other
journalists least Reina Han I was being
sued by the Pope the Vatican is it
through Georgetown with taxpayer money
is suing us and calling for us be taken
off the air I mean my lord this is
incredible you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America to come
in the name of liberalism
we confirm suspicions at Veritas it's
not a shock to you but to get the
employee at YouTube on tape admitting
that they do it I mean you must be a
threat if they call you out by name it's
also what happens when you listen to the
radio host Alex Jones abs are just a
short time ago and I'm talking about
when this meeting started on Twitter if
you clicked on the hashtag NYC terrorist
attack which is quote trending marked
with a red button saying quote live the
top tweet links to an info war story
with the headline and mom I warned of
Azio about New York City at Terror he
was too busy bashing Trump I don't know
what happens in somebody's mind or how
dark their heart must be to say things
like that this is a real-time example of
when we talk about
this information being weaponized but
Trump doesn't challenge these lies he
actually went on jones's show and said
your reputation is amazing I will not
let you down you will be very very
impressed I hope he still calls Alex
Jones and talks to all my you know the
Infowars or worse conspiracy theory resi
theories how quickly can you act and
what's your responsibility to set the
record straight
so that the people who saw this know
that it's fake news and at least at some
point time it can't keep spreading like
some sort of virus through the
legitimate world that's something we're
thinking about all the time because it's
a bad user experience and we don't want
to be known as a platform for that the
Russians ran an extensive information
war campaign against my campaign to
influence voters in the election they
did it through false news sites they did
it through these thousand agents they
did it through machine learning which
you know kept spewing out this stuff
over and over again and they began to
have some of their allies within the
internet world like Infowars
take out pieces and begin to say the
most outrageous outlandish absurd lies
you can imagine the accused of hiding
negative stories about Hillary and your
campaign but changing its algorithm to
marry stories like the Clinton
body-count story that's according to
website Infowars
you have arty you have Sputnik you have
roughly and then I think you have them
feeding other entities Infowars comes to
mind where those are echo chambers it's
been widely reported that that company
has been backed by the Kremlin and they
gave you 75,000 shares that you had to
disclose isn't given to the Obama
administration maybe you're looking at
widely reported information from
Infowars it is not Politico this is the
New York Times this is the Wall Street
Journal no no if a Google user types in
Clinton body they get car repair shop
results instead of a story that talks
about a list of people tied to the
Clintons who have died under mysterious
circumstances over the last three
decades the latest story was the death
of DNC staff Forsyth Ritchie was
murdered last month in an apparent
robbery WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
has hinted that rich was his source but
has made no further comments about the
case that murder we should say remains
unsolved the Russians in my opinion and
based on the Intel and counter Intel
people I've talked to could not have
known how
best to weaponize that information
unless they had been guided all that
stuff exists you don't see it you don't
feel it if you're largely living in
reality and in a mainstream media world
but it's it's it's undermining our
democracy and I think that the companies
themselves they've taken some steps they
have a lot of responsibility how many is
like Facebook like Facebook Google etc
right ah to do what they can to
essentially not enhance how quickly can
you act and what's your responsibility
to set the record straight the system
self correct it that's not that
shouldn't be the first tweet you see any
more should be a USA article the last
time I checked let's do this
you at USA Today at lunch I did yeah and
this and I also saw the system system
corrected that man's problem they didn't
call it Fox News by name they didn't
call out anyone else bunny and they said
when it comes to Alex Jones we need
people to scroll and manually find him
and manually have to find that video
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