Author Topic: Georgetown / CIA Sue Infowars, Openly Call For Conservative News To Be Banned  (Read 37 times)

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ladies and gentlemen you cannot make it
up you cannot make it up Georgetown
quarterbacks the actual control the
National Security Act and the globalist
takeover of America Carroll quickly the
head of their political science
department wrote an 11 hundred page book
in the mid 1960s for the CIA and State
Department even understand the algorithm
and philosophy they were using of
authoritarianism and false left-right
paradigm control they have now had a
former State Department individual
assigned to the Foreign Service and
working under Hillary to myself Allen
West and many others and we've had
Georgetown University Law filed the suit
so this is using taxpayer-funded money
to engage in a anti-free speech crusade
to set a precedent as I've been warning
you to ban Infowars and then everybody
else show that they can preemptively
have government say what's real news and
what is fakeness
we now take you live to the Central
Texas command center and the heart of
the resistance it's alex jones
and it's time for your matter it stands
up in the info war know it's gonna
happen at the end of this from the front
lines of the information war it's Alex
ladies and gentlemen I told you it was
coming and now the Beast has reared its
head directly Georgetown University
headquarters of the globalist takeover
of the State Department and the CIA the
deepest of the deep state even worse
than Harvard or Yale
that's where Carroll Quigley trained
William Jefferson Clinton for the
Central Intelligence Agency role of
that's all Declassified Georgetown
University has sued Infowars and has
sued former congressman Allen West and
many others are only an McAdoo for
pointing out that just like what
happened in Florida with the Parkland
tragedy out of 3,000 students they chose
four who were anti-gun whose parents or
connected the Democratic Party to be the
spokespersons they then spun that that
we said nobody died or they were crisis
actors it's the same thing here we
pointed out the people that have worked
at the State Department and CIA
connected offices and that had worked
for congressman funded openly massively
by George Soros and who would work for
Hillary Clinton directly were the
spokespersons out there putting out a
narrative in the suit it says and in the
Georgetown editorial put out by the by
the University Law School it says all
the same lies that I said it's crisis
actors it's all fake this is the
defamation I am being defamed by a deep
state institution and one of its alumni
who worked for the State Department
Hillary Clinton is the individual
claiming that us questioning all this
and pointing out they put this narrative
out of a martyr when the poor woman got
to create this clash and the media
trying to mainline an tyfa is a good
organization and that narrative blew up
in their face and
so they don't want us here they don't
want us on air they don't want us to
question they even put in the lawsuit
that we expose the Comey 2012 hoax and
said that that was a CIA run that came
out in the news later I have friends who
were CIA contractors on the ground you
guys opened up a big fat can of worms on
this they are saying I need to be taken
off the air along with scores of other
websites and news organizations
preemptively this is to set the
precedent that they define at Georgetown
what's real news and what isn't this
isn't a defamation suit it is sold in a
giant PR operation put out in press
releases by Georgetown and the Dean of
the law school calling for us to be shut
down and then Sadiq Khan the Islamist
mayor of London who has police stand
down and Antipa beat up men women and
children he was in Austin yesterday and
called for web censorship of
conservatives to be taken off the web
just like they've done in Europe by
claiming it's white supremists it's on
folks there's the headline London Mayor
City cons Hill Silicon Valley to censor
hate speech there mainlining their
takeover so this is the fight it's
targeting your speech I am quite frankly
super honored because when I read the
suit and saw that by the way the suits
saying I'm saying the CIA was connected
to PR which they are on record and then
now basically this is the deep state
heart of the CIA left us arm suing me
ladies and gentlemen you cannot make it
up you cannot make it up Georgetown
University quarterbacks
the actual control the National Security
Act and the globalist takeover of
America carroll quigley the head of
their political science department wrote
an eleven hundred page book in the mid
1960s for the CIA and State Department
to even understand
the algorithm and philosophy they were
using abbath oriT arianism and false
left-right paradigm control they have
now had a former State Department
individual assigned to the Foreign
Service and working under Hillary sue
myself Allen West and many others and
we've had Georgetown University Law
filed the suit so this is using taxpayer
funded money to engage in a anti-free
speech crusade to set a precedent as
I've been warning you to ban Infowars
and then everybody else so that they can
preemptively have government say what's
real news and what is fakeness and
that's what the suit calls for it is
incredible so this is the democrat arm
of the deep state georgetown suing me
and what's incredible here is that
they're saying that we say this guy's
Hillary and Soros connected and that it
looks like a classic CIA cutout where he
worked in these combat zones in Africa
for the State Department cuz the State
Department runs the CIA not the other
way around and we had guests on that
pointed that out we're being sued for
questioning and then there is CIA
connections to some of the other people
and so they conflated us covering
Ukraine and stuff in the videos the
lawsuit and mix Ukraine in with
Charlottesville we're talking about
Soros funding that which is on record on
Fareed Zakaria saying it on CNN and they
do stuff like in the lawsuit cut words
off where I say Soros needs to go to
jail for staging Charlottesville they
cut the word chaos off and they cut C so
they go oh look he says Soros staged at
all no nobody was killed crisis actors
when I said the Democrats do hire actors
to be the core of some of these
astroturf events like Michael Moore
showing up to the event
Radford Trump got elected that was
funded by Russian BOTS turns out more
didn't even
he was building to something fun about
Russian mods that was anti-trump so you
got government corporations this goes on
Hillary stage fake Town Hall's that's on
record CNN's been caught she has been
caught with the babies of the incubators
in you know the Congress all those fake
reports to get us in the Iraq war
so the first Iraq war so we have a right
to question and they don't like us
question their narratives this is
incredible and we're gonna go over some
of the lawsuit today our lawyers have
looked at the Pepe the Frog lawsuits
they said yeah the guy told everybody in
public interviews to use the image plus
it's not even your art you're selling it
was a third party posters you sold this
is we have absolute slapback total
victory it's just open and shut and it's
we got two other lawsuits dismissed this
week and I'm talking to lawyers about
whether I'm gonna show that two of them
dismissed with prejudice by the judge
these are suits the lawyers didn't want
me to get into now this is was agreement
so I didn't sue them once they're
lawyers though once they got competent
counsel anyone who got you to do this
they went well you know the Democrats
and some of these Democrats are so crazy
they tell me you better watch it and
shut up more suits are coming and
they're dumb enough to do it in emails I
mean folks the Democrats are crazy
they're nuts they want Trump out they
want the power they want to put their
boot back on America's neck and they are
pissed and that's why they're freaking
out cuz we're getting all these lawsuits
I mean it was up to actually it's eleven
now but we've gotten six dismissed to
just this week I mean we're like grand
slamming him out of the park every time
because they're crazy and just because
the Washington Post the New York Times
and all everybody miss quotes what we
said about this guy who did videotape
the stuff and who I don't think was part
of staging anything
he's a spokesperson the Democrats he
loves Hillary's a leftist he went all
over TV he was a public figure before
he's a public figure after he's me all
over the news channels is it cause celeb
Democratic fundraising he writes
articles for Politico how I became fake
news Brennan Gilmore and Alexander Jones
Infowars is the top of the bill I like
that it's like it's like John Hancock
got my neighbor right there big and bold
baby that's the new Declaration of
Independence right there you got at
least Ranahan we need to get him on
today let's go back I'll read it Lee
Anne McAdoo and then they've got some
other news organizations they're suing
so this guy goes out and writes his
articles misrepresents what I said about
Charlottesville defames me then
Georgetown Law as deep state as it gets
comes out and then they have the nerve
to say we're suing you because you say I
might be connected to the CIA are you
joking I mean you don't think the public
doesn't know or Colonel Allen West of
the army doesn't know what the State
Department is the State Department is
the CIA it runs it it is the deepest
state rediculous asinine that's why
Pompeo just got promoted to the number
two spot the government more important
than the vice-president when it comes to
what he's doing and then they brought in
another lady this has been very loyal
the country under that they talk about I
was left says she ran black sites and
torture and I'm not for torture Trump
was kind of honest about it because it
does go on everybody does it and the
point is is that folks have asked me
what I think about it and you never know
what really went on because it's the
globalist that are putting their finger
at her and saying you know in Thailand
there was some black site with al Qaeda
terrorists in it and you know did she
destroy evidence I mean that's that's
the New York Times saying she did that
you know I tend to know that stuff goes
on so I tend to believe it but not
because the New York Times wrote it the
point is it's the first female director
of the Central Intelligence Agency and
the first female director it's so crazy
of any of these big agencies ooh but you
can hardly
find that in the news instead it's new
CI tour director Gina Haspel had leading
role and tortured Obama said he's really
good at killing people
oh and Obama said he stopped the torture
meeting little news flash under Obama
the torture exploded and they put Isis
and al-qaeda in charge the gang rape and
murder all over the world so that's
coming up but the big news Tillerson al
why is the al let's get Roger stone on I
forgot to tell you that he's been saying
tiller since out since last December he
said it's imminent imminent imminent and
Tillerson is out we're gonna look at
let's get stephen chanock on as well
former head of psychological operations
the State Department that means former
head of CIA psychological operations
it's like a joke oh how dare you say I'm
connected the CIA I just worked in
clandestine offices of the State
Department in Africa oh of course
oh my goodness excuse me wait till we
explain that to a jury if it ever gets
to him and then then there is uh the
rules of evidence
the optional completeness jury's gonna
have to watch whole for our shows for
every clip you want to show them and
guess who after they watch the broadcast
will be awake you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America to
counter letting go of liberalism
if you're receiving this transmission
horse comes tomorrow
Alex Joe Alex Joe Alex Jones there's a
lot of controversy around this network
about Alex over always being accused of
hiding negative stories about Hillary
and your campaign like jouging is
algorithm the Barry stories like the
Clinton body-count story that's
according to website Infowars
this coverage is confirmed the Martin
Luther King has been shot to death in
Memphis Tennessee
a shot from the back
and the front of the dish to our plan in
a motion picture
apparently it took the baby members
I think this is a national security
imperative we have clear things that we
do not understand how they work
operate in areas that we can't control
UFOs is this global governance at last
is it one world
in charge Israel claims the attack was
accidental some former US naval officers
say it was on purpose
they described the day's action as part
of a continuing coverage Russian
intelligence compiled a dossier on mr.
Trump during visits to Moscow Russia
stop denies everything he called it all
fake news and he accused CNN
if they kill Trump as the mood
a massive Seviper
consequence of being a high level 11
or with Russia are you aware that mr.
stone also stated publicly that he was
in direct communication with Julian
Assange and WikiLeaks the White House
the president of citing Infowars
they could shut us down you're next if
you are receiving this transmission you
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