Author Topic: Exclusive! Leftists Sue Alex Jones For Questioning Charlottesville MSM PR Campaign  (Read 38 times)

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Joan says he's actually drinks baby
blood well the word is she has a
sickness but I mean that metaphysically
in that you know she goes wow it's also
what happens when you listen to the
radio host Alex Jones who claims that
9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were
inside jobs I don't know what happens in
somebody's mind or how dark their heart
must be to say things like that
the Russians ran an extensive
information war campaign against my
campaign to influence voters in the
election and then they began to
weaponize them and they began to have
some of their allies within the internet
world like Infowars take out pieces and
began to say the most outrageous
outlandish absurd lies you can imagine
but trump doesn't challenge these lives
he actually went on jones's show and
said your reputation is amazing I will
not let you down waging war on
corruption it's alex jones coming to you
live from the frontlines of the info war
now we are introducing a new t-shirt
which I think folks need to get a
telling the real truth about Bill
Clinton who is a serial rapist in a user
of women in another case that's about
groping and fondling and touching
against the woman's will and rape and
rape bill rapes them physically and then
Hillary rapes them psychologically he's
a rapist
absolutely the public figuring go
straight to hell get your Bill Clinton
rape shirt today at in for store.com or
call one eight hundred two five three
three one three nine you know I told
Roger stone on the night of November 8
2016 and then into the morning of
November 9th I was a member aids that I
could in my spirit feel the arrogance of
the enemy draining away and then their
desperation clawing trying to dominate
the spirit of humanity and I told him I
said the war has just begun and I could
foresee where things were gonna lead and
my family is all very cheerful we've
never gotten along better and there's a
strength in doing what's right and
persevering and not giving in to
intimidation and bullying but I will
tell viewers this and listeners I
miscalculated in many ways because I
believe in humanity and and I was right
in some aspects but it wasn't quite what
I thought there are cadres of
individuals of every race color and
Creed who are more beautiful and
wonderful than I could have even
imagined but there are also large
segments of the public particularly
white people who think they're elites
and who came from racist families and
they've now claimed they've gotten rid
of that but they've just become race
trollers and their and they're out there
want to be a leader stand they know
they're racist and they know they're bad
and they have now created race politics
so they can still keep ruling and they
have found incredible amounts of willing
accomplices with Hispanics other you
know white folks black people you name
it it's it's just realizing how many
Eddie Haskell whites you boy these
Polly's goddamn frickin Ivy League
people man they're all candy ass fake
weirdos they're all real weird and
aggressive and wimpy and neurotic and
there's just so many my god and it's a
bunch of weird Connecticut wasp
competing with a bunch of weird
communist socialist beatnik leftist over
it's all a battle with a bunch of weird
leftist against nation-states and
against it's like wasp and then other
leftist Gribbs the folks that overthrew
Russia all fighting with each other up
here over control and then they won't
have a bunch of manageable slaves so
they're poisoning culturally and
physically everybody down here and it's
like watching a bunch of demons and a
big orgy of screwing each other over and
I'm just like thank God I'm not with
these people that's all I can say he is
Calgon take me away I have gotten so
close to how they operate and I've
experienced all the things they do and
when I've been in the presence of these
globalist they're like seething demons
who can't even cloak it because I've had
big international reporters here that
happens they're my friend for years
another or not and then they uncloak in
a room and just go
and you're like you're like oh my god
and nothing they say even has any
comparison to what they really want to
do you have to understand that that
these they're given over some twisted
instinct intergalactic avatar possession
I don't actually know at the end of the
day all I know is man they want to f you
up they're just bad news they're just
prolly bobis they're thieves because
they don't want to organize anything
they don't want to build anything
they're threatened by it
it gives them like a headache that's the
thing is they're really low IQ they've
just got a twisted demonic energy force
that's willing to do bad stuff you know
I've likened the global as to cancer
because cancer gave it out of
consciousness would believe it was
winning and taking over but it doesn't
have a consciousness it just thinks oh
I'm invincible look I can take this over
right yeah I can take that over again a
couple of months you're dead oh I'll
take these lungs I'll take this bone
I'll take this esophagus I'll take this
brain and then when the body dies the
cancer dies but it never knows it's dead
because it doesn't have a soul Satanism
is cancer it's me me me and it starts
with will you do bad things innocence
because that proves your power that
you're willing to do stuff and then they
sear their soul they go all right really
feel some energy yeah you're burning
your soul up and they'll let me do some
more of that and then you're a
pot-bellied pedophile raping a
three-year-old when it begs for mommy
and that makes you feel powerful and so
that's why they hate me cuz listen I
know they are I got their number and all
that matters is the day be dealt with if
we can't fix things peacefully and this
course goes on that there's this this
brainwashing that goes out that oh I see
blue helmets are they come for me I'm
gonna they're gonna send some poor cop
or military for you you don't sit there
waiting in your farmhouse or in your
house when they're arresting the
leadership of the Liberty movement and
killing them stuff you don't sit there
and wait for that you're like Santa
Claus what's he do he keeps a list who's
naughty and who's nice and it's
sometimes Santa Claus comes to town and
he knows when you've been good he knows
that you've been bad
but do you know Santa Claus comes to
town and so that's all that matters is
you cannot let them get a hold you in
your family and cut off your resources
and cut your food off you've got to get
self-sufficient they crave they crave
hurting beautiful upstanding people and
there are Asians that are beautiful I'm
standing there are black folks it'll be
eliminating there are white people this
every group has beautiful people and
that's why I'm always so humbled wants
some family of black folks or Hispanics
or whites or Asians run over they're
like oh you're so Alex Jones and it's
like they always are so their eyes are
so alive there's electricity in them
they they're so open they're so good and
then I'm just humbled to be shaking
their hand
and then I see the evil people
they always come with judgment they go
you did this and it's never true they go
then they wait for me to grovel and I go
that's made out of they they tried like
two or three times you didn't teach the
accuser the devil you did - you - that
because they know you have a conscience
and when I say no that's not true then
they always go leave me alone and run
away even though they're the ones in my
face that's what's it about evil people
good people are so diverse the things
they say the things they do it's so
beautiful and then I look at evil people
and it's like a robot man it's like God
you people all act in unison right right
and it's it's like what is this I don't
know what it is exactly I just know I
don't want to be in this group
so war amended
nine minutes ago we went into overdrive
Tucson the streams we have to do it on
backup channels on Facebook and Twitter
and YouTube they banned the streaming on
our main channels everywhere you'll see
them posted there but we're banned all
over to our main grips and you'd
understand it's not about me when I sit
there and see us being attacked I know
it's a sign that we're over the target I
just get frustrated because you're so
good and you're so humbled that you're
just beavering away or turtling away in
your own lives just trying to be good
and be a loving person and you've got
such strength and such will that if I
could tap into that and get you to fully
activate you would devastate the enemy
politically and with your speech you
have all the power in the universe like
Gandhi said to see the universal in each
of us and the enemy wants to take
control of you and use that seed to use
you as a slave like nanotech there's
seven billion of us plus to build
anything they want see globalists cannot
build and they're really superstitious
and hateful of any technology they act
like they're always the technologists
and everything but but they're always
really scared someone else might get it
so they're like lobotomized drunk
cavemen being given a spaceship and like
we're building the spaceship that's what
we do we're building the whole thing
here if you already have all the power
we already have innately god's
programming we're already jacked in we
don't understand why everybody else this
isn't using onboard
or blind because we're already jacked in
just you know uh this is awesome
the whole big plan thank you God and
then meanwhile there are weak people
infected by the spiritual cultural
disease the virus and they
have like spiritual envy in its it's
beyond class in me and they just look at
it and the spirit that drives them says
pull it down pull it down take it you
will be a god you're already made in the
image of God but you're a little seed
you've got to go through God's plan and
these fools fall to the lowest level
they never escape the lowest level and
they choose everything because they're
just like gremlins on PCP onboard this
giant spacecraft that's the planet with
unlimited potential and they're just
like what the hell's all this order and
strength and honor what is all this
beauty because they're jacked into evil
it makes them feel bad instead of
pulling away from the evil and jacking
into good they just go turn the gun off
turn it off what do i do Satan grab kids
and torture him to death I don't get you
out of this and then you do it you get
even deeper into the devil worship
you're like what the hell this isn't I
told you slave now you're under my
control if you don't do more you'll be
torn apart like the child and then
they're just master yes I'll do it
tear them all down though roots are deep
my lord rip them all out build me an
army worthy of Mordor because even the
little goblins don't want to pull the
roots up the roots are deep
trees are old tear them all out even the
goblins fear what they've done in God's
face even the Renfield's it's all our
title it's all right in front of you
or to saw him until Gandalf he goes
Sauron is unstoppable even now his
armies March you must join with him and
since when did Sorum and the wise give
wisdom for madness
you know Jay our token was in World War
one and got entrance at Oxford and all
the rest the highest level secret
societies and he chose not to join them
and then he wrote a book about it and
anybody that's actually been initiated
and the real Satanism where people are
being killed has seen what he put in
that movie and I'm gonna leave it right
you don't just think what you see in
that movie Sauron came out of somebody's
imagination to you it didn't it's real
that's what the devil looks like have
you seen in the first Hobbit when
Gandalf goes to the keep where they've
set everything up and they got a spell
so we can't see the army being built
there of orcs and the wolves and he's
trying to get out of there and going
across the bridge you see the burning
eye but really it's the guy standing in
the portal and he goes Sauron and he
beats him he throws him down
she's been given power of this earth as
a fallen one it's all a Christian
allegory that ladies and gentlemen is
what in books of black magic that aren't
even published and other people have
been able to seen I have seen those
books when I was a teenager that is what
the devil looks like and they wanted you
to see in that movie Lucifer
that is Lucifer and he wants to kill
your ass and I don't mean just kill your
body he wants your soul and that's why
they're pissed off at me because I have
seen what they're into and I know what
they're into and it's a giant scam you
look at the slaves they've got that they
use against us and they are the most
empty pathetic gathers the scenes show
that two people
let's go and play the audio right here
let's let's back this up this is for
fair use for analyzing and guys try to
turn that audio up
and you have to understand ladies and
gentlemen dead that's what this is about
this means nothing they think these
lawsuits are gonna scare you from the
patriot movement we'll go to in a minute
they think they think that it's going to
make me go away cuz all I care abouts
money money for me is just a tool to
fight and go on as long as I can and
then when I'm meant to be destroyed or
not that's up to God I'm like actually
going God is it good that I'm enjoying
this and I can't wait to get the
discernment the next level and please
protect my family but I understand the
master plan about my family has no
future if we don't defeat this please
just don't let my consciousness fall to
evil please cuz I'm weak will you just
promise me I don't have never ever to
ask God for anything as God's wisdom so
great but I just kind of say can you can
you maybe protect my kids and just maybe
not let them break me or or get me out
of here before they do it cuz hi I
really don't want to be with the devil
that's all that's all I want I just
wanna be with you I wanna be with life
on bills creation all the universe the
planets all of it I just want to be part
of that can I please be with you I just
want to be with you that gives us life
and the babies and all the good stuff I
just want to be with you I just want to
be away from the devil worshipers can I
can I please be with you cuz I don't
wanna be one of these slaves and that's
it that's it that's all it is and
towards our well warned you about it and
jr. Tolkien wrote art everybody warns
you this is your choice you better make
the right choice because they're doing
all of this as these vassals because
they think that they are gonna bully us
because they're cowards they're slaves
they got bullied into what they're part
of because they're cowards and we
shouldn't put them down because they're
cowards we should feel bad if you look
at these little fallen twisted people
looking for power from that from the
fetid breasts of Hillary Clinton and
George Soros their own gods are rotting
falling demons you destroy yourself
submitting to them you destroy yourself
giving in to their evil you destroy your
you don't save yourself going along you
destroy yourself
baptizing yourself in lies and then
baptizing yourself in all their crimes
because your spirit knows how bad they
are and when you baptize yourself in
fear and believe you're getting ahead
because you have submitted to them you
spiritually begin to die and your begin
to cut off from God as they hack it the
roots the roots are deep rip them all
out let's go to that clip hey back it up
back it up cuz I don't know we're doing
a lot of feeds and it's all crazy I want
to go to the very beginning where he sit
there any figures out what's going on or
maybe a longer clip isn't online just
playing from the start I'm gonna get it
all queued up and third time's the charm
right now you guys ready let's roll it
from the beginning here it is
hey guys hit boss we're gonna do this
right it's not a big deal her body's
great this is a lot of feet off YouTube
for your it in wise again go to the
beginning where he's running through the
deal I want more not less
put it on string
there are kids
there's a god right there Lucifer makes
his debut on television via Hollywood
you get the Christ figure right there
see the defeat is just the beginning of
the victory G all your face
he's on a pentagram right there
and then the spiritual right and that's
what the Lucifer does in a real
Luciferian possession is rape the living
hell out of you which the average
leftist would pray for years and
dedicate themselves to happen which of
course never happens to them so there
you go that's the big secret right there
the devil wants to physically rape your
soul and that is what this whole thing
is about is continued rape and so we
will let the establishment continue to
attack us because they believe they're
going to have this big victory over
Infowars and then over all of your free
speech with the Communist Party USA
suing us and for different Hillary
lawyers suing us and then State
Department people that work for the
Democrats against Soros money showing us
and just all of it and then when we
point out they work for the State
Department which is famously CIA
connected they go they take it off there
they take it off the State Department
website that blows up in their face so
their answers didn't misrepresent what
we've said and come sue us
and then people think oh my god I'm in
we're in a war and most these people are
useful idiot minions of this whole thing
and so when reuters contacted us
yesterday in the day first about like
talking about a legal matter so we
wouldn't know it when they you know
bushwhacked us Shanghainese wouldn't
know what's going on and then finally
they brought out more stuff trying to
entice us to give them some statement so
they could edit it and pretend they're
journalists and we got the information
and it's all misrepresentation fake
quotes of articles that don't exist
fake headlines of videos that don't
exist or we say George Soros needs to be
charged and arrested for sedition and
causing charlottesville chaos but they
cut the chaos part off causing
Charlottesville it's like they miss
named on Vice the dates Trump was on and
put different dates oh he's on here he's
on there to make it look like more
appearances and like you're dumb and you
don't catch it and it's the same thing
oh and again since when does Reuters get
lawsuits before they're filed so they
can work out the whole narrative showing
it breaks maybe the public buys it but I
was talking to Zack another crib I was
talking to make brain
got you know liberal family and they're
like yeah we we see what they're doing
in floors and you you know wow why are
they so scared of you guys why are you
all over the news because we know their
modus operandi we know their program we
know their operation and I'm like
Colonel Travis I have been commanded by
my own will by my conscience by God and
by the president - I'm gonna go onto the
in Alex we're bringing the spirit of
America back I'm getting persecuted so
are you but I want you to keep it up and
not back down and press the attack and
that's my real life and none of the
president's real he's red blooded he's
pro-life she's done things nobody else
has done and it's not that Christian
evangelicals are hypocrites if Trump
Allah said you know I'm perfect
everything and you you know never have
sex with a woman you're gonna go to hell
people wouldn't like him he never lied
about who he is he said I'm gonna give
you a religious freedom I'm gonna back
those laws I'm gonna cut your taxes I'm
wring your country back people like that
doesn't mean these preachers and people
the few that are real out there know
that they're not perfect but they're not
out to get you and so I don't just say
this I am honored to be persecuted
because of Hillary Clinton globalists
weren't funding radical Islam enslaving
hundreds of thousands of women a year
and tens of thousands of little girls
and raping him to death that's in the
news and trying to restrict free speech
trying to break up the family trying to
kill free market so they can control
everybody and just all this evil crap
they were like Boss Hogg and just
wanting I don't want to run stuff and
but wanted prosperity I'd be like well
vote for somebody else other than Boss
Hogg but I'm not gonna risk my life to
fight boss hogg and rosco picot train
but I will risk my life to fight a bunch
of Satanist a bunch of just selfish
crazy crazed people who've just given
themselves over to just an arrogant will
to do whatever they want and nobody else
and and and that's why I asked God for
the guidance and the will and the
strength to go as far as God wants me to
go and God's so great and so pure and so
good and that's why I get tears my eyes
it's not because I'm even scared or even
sad it's like feels so good that I can't
even ask God to protect my family
I just know God will do whatever's right
whatever God's plan is no matter how bad
it gets I'm not gonna blame God and I
don't blame those of you because we know
demographically about 1% of you buy
products maybe 10% share articles and
stuff maybe we don't make it the best to
do but I mean you understand this is the
big epic historic battle for free speech
in the whole future and there are real
forces at every level contending in
government and private business in life
in academia in in in in farming and
banking and engineering in culture and
in in philosophy I mean this is the big
deal this is the attempted takeover of
the whole damn world and the human
instinct despite all the brainwashing
and all the poisoning everything is
struggling for sovereignty in every
country of the world in every region
every continent and quite frankly I am
stunned that in this whole pantheon of
beautiful souls and beautiful minds and
beautiful people that we are such a
central pillar that the enemy is
attacking so again I keep saying they
filed like ten lawsuits on us it's more
than that now I we got a war room and
the lawsuits and the lawyers and the pro
bono and the ones they're still fees and
I you know we can infiltrated by lawyers
and they do stuff but we've got a pretty
good crew together and they're all just
like you know these these these lawsuits
are all complete frauds all of and it's
all democratic party lawyers
and I can't even bring myself to say I
want to countersue them or or or if
you're separate you need to sue them or
you need to go you know their public
events and get in their face because I'm
just not a piece of crap but they
started the fight and so this is what
I'm gonna say to you closing
I don't want them to win and I am self
and then I feel like if they can destroy
us that will give them some type of
succor su care some type of truck some
type of aid and comfort and so I'm not
worried about myself in fact my stoic
will is steeled to go the full range and
actually wants to go the full range
that's just the willingness goes all the
way to whatever their maximum is I'm not
looking for that maximum but I'm ready
for that road so my mind has already
plotted that road but I don't want to
give in to their accursed hidden
mischief and their spell of the strong
man then going down the road of
destruction because he's willing to walk
into the trap I'm willing to be guided
by a God Almighty the creator of the
universe and the four corners of the
twelfth dimensional helix that is the
giant hourglass in a moose head on fire
that is God's mind
universals like a moose head in my mind
big fire in the center and those spokes
going out and all I know is I want to go
with that consciousness I want more of
that and the more I fight the evil and
the more I commit the closer I get until
it is unbelievable the understanding and
the crystalline vision and so I just
leave it in God's hands I give it to God
I commit myself to Christ I commit
myself to Christ energy I commit myself
to the mind of God and I ask to be
purified so that I cannot have toeholds
the enemy can grab and it's like I'm a
Christian but to go into the Zen I love
my family and I care about them but the
attachment is lost as like rocket
boosters fall off the space shuttle as
it goes into orbit they just fall away
because I have to be pure and focused
and turn loose of it and it's the
turning loose of all the flesh in the
that is the transcendent moment
and it's not about me it's about you
you're already feeling that you're
already feeling the psychic connection
to your fellow humans you're already
picking up minds coming together and
that's what they fear that's what
they're trying to jam the humanity is
beginning a metamorphosis we are
transcending right now and that's all
that matters the flesh will go it'll all
drop but there's a next level and we
need to get as many people to resonate
with that because God is about free will
and to transcend let it be known and let
it be written and let it be stated that
no one that thinks you manatees ugly and
fallen will ever transcend all these
things are gonna merge the computers and
become gods that's all a lie
this whole bizarres race towards
immortality is a joke because you
already spiritually have immortality
it's all a facsimile a distorted
hallucination believing in perfection
when perfection has already been
attained through our process and our
which he is consciousness in free will
so I am so happy that I am NOT amongst
the cowards and amongst the slaves and
amongst those who serve the vampires and
I'm so blessed that I'm not a vampire
and not a robotics slave and I just want
to encourage all of you to know that the
fact that you even tuned in to this
broadcast and the fact that you even
care is everything
fact that you don't have selfishness
overriding everything you do and the
fact that you're seeking and the fact
that you're looking and the fact that
you want to find God is your free will
door open but you've got to tell god
what you want not some Oprah Winfrey or
Joel Olsteen name it and claim it food
ooh crap
another little painted up fairy hoppin
around but I don't want a new microwave
God I don't want a new fancy car
what I want is to see her to the
universe what I want is to be close to
you what I want is to understand what I
want is to try to be the best person I
can who doesn't feed off others I don't
want to be a Satanist
found some of the best people are
attracted to darkness but only because
it's the two opposites connecting but
it's the people that tell you they're
good the people that tell you that they
know what's going on but they tell you
you're bad some of the worst people are
gonna find in the churches in the system
because they're there to misrepresent
what the real plan is so again they
think you're cowards they bet that
you're gonna roll over
they've bet debt if they demonize us and
attacked us and assail us and sue us and
lie about us enough and attack enough of
us on the street and try to bully us
that somehow we're ever gonna give in to
them doesn't everybody know how this is
they're gonna make us the builders gods
nanotech that's what we are they're
God's consciousness poured out into
individuals with their own consciousness
and our own love and their own anger and
their own everything it's not the mind
of God is amazing we're not God we're an
extension of God but God had to give his
own extension God gave him
self-consciousness and free will and
lowered himself to what we are to even
test himself and see Christ is the
archetype of that can't you see it can't
you feel it the Christ who dies upon the
fires of infamy can't you see it can't
you feel it what it's all about my
the globalist commit unbelievable
atrocities and Wars believing by sharing
their connection to God they will attain
power and they don't they attain
destruction now since I mentioned all
this I should give you some of the names
they'll misrepresent what about George
Soros Randolph Hitler and then they'll
say Oh Jones said this person carried
out the extermination of Jews with
Hitler because I talked about Hitler
being evil and now an hour later taught
my son well that's what they do they
edit it together they play these games
like you're morons but this Brennan
Gilmore you want to look him up he was a
footnote mixed in with Soros and a bunch
other State Department people that were
there and CIA folks and people's just
said man you know it's kind of like the
four students out of 3,000 that got all
the PR after the the the tragic shooting
in Florida why is it this guy he's all
over the news everywhere and he's the
guy that gets interviewed he shoots the
video and everything and then he's a
leftist that worked for a congressman
and gotten money from George Soros all
dressed up and clearly he's been picked
to be on the news because he's this PR
guy from the State Department and he's
got a classic CIA cutout in Africa and
all this were else we can say hey we
ought to investigate him a lot of state
about how the State Department CIA the
CIA runs this I mean the State
Department runs the CIA and I got family
that's been in black ops I mean oh yeah
a barbecue sores so it's kind of like
backwards like the State Department
gives the CIA headquarters so let's
let's kind of get that straight but but
a lot of people pointed out they took
his name off the State Department and
they took stuff down about him we don't
want it they didn't want that no and
then okay works for congressman they've
got Soros money and he worked for
Hillary and blah blah first they said
none of that was true we were crazy they
took it down anyone out said well of
course I work for all their but it's no
big deal they're saying I'm a they're
saying the whole thing stage doesn't
happened no we didn't say that we said
you were picked as a spokesperson at an
event where they knew this stuff might
go on where the police stood down and
ordered the new right to march into
antiva and then three of the new right
leaders the top three were all former
big leftist for Obama and that
foundation funding and CIA connection
and their pair
from the same University that's a CIA
cutout that's what we said we said it
should all be investigated now that you
know if I get that in front of a jury we
actually play the interviews it's
definitely said that a jury will go well
that's not malice aforethought intend to
do harm Jones didn't consciously believe
this was false fact Jones didn't say
anything's they said his guest didn't
say anything and Leanne McAdoo they're
suing trying to hurt her sweet heart you
see I think it's somebody to be
intimidated we're gonna defend her we're
gonna win that but see they don't care
they're gonna file hundreds of these
until they get some jury to give them
some big judgment but all they're gonna
do is get a national law passed all
they're gonna do is get themselves
busted up by racketeering charges in my
view and they're gonna be the people
that are known as the collaborators just
like the Tories in our Revolutionary War
but I'll tell you this I've committed to
be in the 3% cuz my ancestors were and I
can't help it and so I will not let you
down I will not unless they give me
electroshock and you drug me up and that
won't be me anymore my spirit would have
flown so you can have the body still
alive but spirits gone I pray to God if
they give me that position just give up
the ghost I'm not afraid of death and
I'll do whatever I got you I'm I've
already figured out what they got
planned they already let me know and I
just let me just say this I'm all in for
you because I'm all in for me huh man Oh
harsh children have no future we don't
beat this thing and I look at this
Brennan Gilmore State Department guy in
conflict zones with the UN the State
Department in Africa I mean everybody
knows what that is jeez that's some bad
mojo right there with Hillary and she
came she saw they died and the whole
destabilization in Africa this cuz
they're brainwashing a bunch of blacks
to hate whites and want to kill him
doesn't mean I hate those folks being
brainwashed by the media and I don't
know what they did to Africa and I just
humanity that have leaders that actually
try to teach people all the tricks so
that people stop playing them but then I
get told by establishment folks Alex you
don't get it you actually people are
sending you to learn how to screw people
over because you break it down better
than Carroll quickly could in this book
and that I'm like required reading by
the sociopaths to understand their whole
philosophy and they get off on their
evil and thing well he really breaks it
down and they have instructors go yes
but Jones doesn't get the greater good
that we're using evil for the larger
utopia that's all a lie and so the
reason I really hate me is they know
that in the Justice Department and law
enforcement and the CIA and all these
agencies that different groups I've had
all these you know Navy SEALs and Delta
Force guys home and I'll tell you they
are on the show but they go no I was
like in covert operations unless
Southeast Asia or I was in you know
Europe or I was here there and you know
I had this local CIA head guy come I go
listen info wars.com this guy's knows
what's going on the compartmentalization
this is really what's going on and it
wasn't that I wasn't even that great of
a guy I was just willing to talk about
it and they kind of made it a joke early
on so he got out big and I also think
there was some sobs by Patriots inside
we didn't have a very big audience I was
on a few radio stations here in all
Texas and things like 1996-97 I made
some films and then they ordered the
Marine Corps Marine Corps wide and then
the army not to watch Alex Jones videos
well suddenly I was going from like 50
orders a day to 500 a day and it was all
going to Marine Corps bases in our any
bases because they'd have a colonel come
in and go
we caught somebody looking at an Alex
Jones video America's robot assigned who
did it well I did it you got PT duty and
you got to run these laps neat little
piece of crap nobody watches them and
then the colonel will go there's five
copies over there I don't want any
copies made of that do you understand
and I remember hearing that and like
Marines would show up people I knew in
the family like yeah I'm at Fort Sam
Houston or you know whatever that
college is not for Sam Houston I think
in East Texas and they did all these
foreign military people and also they
they put up a PowerPoint going now don't
listen to Alex Jones as he says there
a plan to use the military to take over
and take the guns and that's a
conspiracy theory and he says there was
a plan to put brains and truth the
troops brains but that'll never happen
cuz we're not gonna put up with it but
he's a liar and the weird global a
Satanist only look at paper see they
know how to deceive by inverting but
they actually don't even know when
people are being sarcastic cuz they're
on such power trips they believe if the
orders are being followed and then all
it was was the thing to get the whole
military warned but people the new
better that I did I was just a guy was
saying it so they go give him more
information so all the people gave me
all this info and they said we're gonna
use him to warn everybody and then we
destroy him in the media that'll
actually pulled him up so then I
actually sit back and I go well even
even what is this at this level but then
I know it's the globalist cuz they now
figured it out they're panicking I was
not that special I didn't even know that
much but these Patriot establishment
looks at pedigree like dogs what they've
done before and they said this is the
guy to give the information to he's
young he's dumb he's on the air at 22
he's already broken through give him
everything and so I wasn't given money
or finance anything I was just given
this and that and this and that and all
the Intel and then at key points I was
gonna be destroyed they'd stop it from
happening and so I'm saying there's not
just evil in this world ladies and
gentlemen and that's why I'm confident
even if they kill me and destroy me that
isn't failure that's victory because
just like Colonel Travis at the Alamo
that is becomes the seed for the whole
victory so that's why I want you to know
they're simulating that I'm failing
they're simulating I'm pathetic whenever
I give quotes the media they misquote it
like I'm denying it and Jones now denies
there's world government Jones says
there's Mars bases also made of crap to
make you believe their lies and to make
you give up that's not what's happening
so I salute you I thank you I appreciate
you and I can feel your prayers and
support and I had you know this let this
walk behind you laugh your family at the
airport but then an old woman lok'tar
was such goodness in her eyes he said to
my children you know your father is a
great man
and I'm not a great man prepared anybody
else I'm a touch too person I've been
touched my whole life I was shown things
early on that most people never will see
and it was like a journey to understand
and ratcheting up the pressure and the
persecution and he attacks my whole life
so that I could then be ready to follow
my mission whatever that is so I have
consciousness but I'm also turned my
will over to life and so as long as I
follow that I'm gonna be successful but
the persecution is great and it's
because they want to blow the doors off
knock down the main gate and they're
gonna that's what's happening and I'm
seen as a gate I'm seen as the source of
the pain because it just means a spirit
they don't like and so it's a spirit
that they want to defeat because then
they think they're gonna have their way
with you but we've already affected so
many people and we've already spread the
spirit so much by the time these
one-dimensional people figure out what's
happened it won't even matter we've
we've won we've won long before I was
around we won it's just the test of free
will so that's my long hour plus
statement now write in an hour of what
happened what's going on they'll
misrepresent it though you know they'll
totally distort it all and that's okay
because that's what they do we'll
continue to do the best we can some free
shipping ends today the specials are so
good that doesn't even actually fund us
for a supposed to kinda add today it had
more meetings and put new specials but
the prices we sell most of stuff it
doesn't even matter so I call the new
specials heapify the operation but if
you want to go to m4 wars calm our news
news works.com and click on the support
button that's on enforced or calm you
can donate right there and then the vast
majority of that will go to fund our
operation we pay taxes because then
they'll to control Olli say over 501c3
but we've got all sorts of plans
fired off radio for telling the truth
I've been I'm sorry I suspected this I
can't believe we've even gone this long
and we've got a lot more in us so we've
got years even if this sustained attack
and and I mean he got Hugh Maginot we
actually the day we go off the year they
were successful it'll just I they're
gonna try to plant child porn on me or
drugged me up put me in a room with the
hookers or just shoot me you know III
understand this is just the build-up
before they kill me and I understand
that and I and I and I I know my enemies
are salivating over that idea and god
I'm just glad I'm not you that's all I
can say because you've got something
else I do not want to be Hugh that's
that's all I can say whoa I have seen
just uh I've seen God just like Moses
did kind of from an angle and let me
tell you turn your hair gray so you you
guys have really jumped the shark that's
all I'm telling you you think the devil
is wicked a lot of these globalists like
oh yeah you don't like the devil your
God's really really wicked that's how
you call it
that's your name for it it's called
justice it's called vengeance and
vengeance belongs to the big boy
upstairs you don't think you get as far
as the big guy and hadn't seen a few
things been around the block a few
quadrillion trillion infinities God
knows about process and not just giving
you everything God gives you free will
and then let you destroy yourself or
ascend I want to make the jump I want to
go to the next level I want to be there
with all my ancestors who were good most
of them I know I my gut spiritually
we've lost some people but I want to
just make the jump with them
it's lating right now they're all
waiting for you they just want you to
make the right decision that's it for
this transmission I appreciate the curve
the right-wing smear machine has gotten
Alex Jones if I this election cycles a
guy named Alex show now ins Jones info
rowers pro-war yes Alex young Alex Jones
one of those guys who believes Bigfoot
was responsible for 9/11 claims at 9/11
and the Oklahoma City bombings were
inside jobs the conspiracy du jour
Hillary Clinton is harboring a secret
medical condition
he just had to keep diggin Vinci Alex
Hillary and her campaign I can't get its
algorithm to buried or if like the
putting body count or not according to
website in the war and this really just
is so disgusting the juice of these
pickles is on you Alex Jones
it goes right now Jones and it shows up
in Donald Trump's mouth Hillary Clinton
created Isis with Obama the very fringe
of the conspiracy movement like Alex
Jones are being kind of incorporated
into the campaign if Trump gets elected
he's gonna be Secretary to find things
that Howard stones plan is a rapist
before is calm Bill Clinton is a rapist
infowars.com infowars.com to Bill Prince
a rapist the New World Order sends its
regards if you are receiving this
transmission you are the resistance its
Alex Jones
I'm so excited the new product that
enforce live.com in a glass bottle
two-month servings filled to the brim
filled to the absolute top the real red
pill this is a heart and brain pill a
nootropic doesn't have any stimulants in
it but boy does it stimulate because
it's beyond that quite frankly I just
went off what I saw medical doctors
prescribing to their patients but it
wasn't prescription but they were
charging people one hundred two hundred
dollars or the formulae and I came up
with our own formula working with some
scientists and developers non-gmo made
right here in America 120 capsules and
ladies and gentlemen you add the
pregnant own to it which is the
precursor to all the hormones that your
body has to have to even make the
hormones in your glands it is amazing
red pill now available at Infowars
store.com and your purchase thugs the
if you are proceeding this transmission
you are the resistance
and by the way ladies and gentlemen this
is not Ferris Bueller's Day Off but I
think it's pretty close because you know
first Bueller's Day Off they have the
credits and then first Bueller comes
back he says oh you're still here just
archetype fully spiritually Hillary
Clinton fell on September 11th 2016
involved the cover-up involving the
powering Isis al Qaeda the arab spring
and fall been protecting bin Laden
before 9/11 that's all come out and she
fell down and the media after she fell
down wouldn't show the falling down they
just show the stumbling and said oh they
lied and said she fell down that's how
down they thought you were but tens of
millions on our own channel that day saw
the real video then they hit it with
copyrights trying to take it down it was
fair use that all failed so they try
they try to try it's not working as long
as you're conscious and as long as
you're awake well there's all the videos
of her getting in the black ambulance
and her collapsing in other tents and
her having to be helped up and we were
all told this a month before by the
Secret Service that she's in a black van
ambulance and that she's falling down
all the time well Hillary slips
downstairs in India despite two men
holding her up so she came to Austin a
few months ago and they had to help get
her out of the car and she was in the
hospital report Liat and brain tumors
removed in 2013 at the 14 that's what
our sources have told us show even
though Hillary Clinton had helped going
down a set of stairs in India today she
still nearly fell down while visiting
jaws the Taj Mahal Clinton was
attempting to descend about 15 stairs
she was holding the arm of an aide so
all we're pointing out is the woman
looks like hell she's aged 20 years the
last five years and we're talking about
it so here's here's here's crooked
Hillary again stumbling around you know
holding on holding on to life and having
her lawyers sue me and all the rest of
it so uh Hillary all I can say is hello
wait sweetheart hell is waiting with a
big open mouth for you okay and I don't
take any pleasure in that except it will
get you off the backs on the innocent so
let's go to Hillary
God our God must be supported
they backed that up again I'm gonna show
from the starter fictionally put a
graphic over her back it was beginning
please and when you guys pull up Alex
Jones does death metal it's got tens of
millions of views on different channels
I think one version has like 25 million
is where they took where I was
describing her metaphysically is she's
drunk on the blood of the innocence but
then they're like prop up our God the
more she kills the more drunk she gets
the metaphysically she can't walk
they're like lift her up spoil the child
kill them all so in fact you fools fools
strike me down I should become more
effective and you can possibly imagine
so let's let's play this raw clip one
more time than Alex Jones does death
metal as you see you can see me getting
into her drunk on the blood of the
innocents Ernest Jones says he's
actually drinks baby blood well the word
is she is a Satanist but I mean that
metaphysically in that you know she Wow
and that's exactly what the Secret
Service said they said you just need to
be around her put my earpiece back on a
little bit of problem here
kind of ran back him and they pointed
this out to me he's like oh my god I
need to cover this and and as if we'll
ever gonna stop I mean as if you're
gonna shut down info wars and resistance
to what you're doing it's it's crazy
we're going to continue to show it also
hilary slips three times going down one
flight of stairs that's the headline
hilary slips three times in the blow
joe's played fake video and they'll show
some other video of her you know walking
up stairs or something I mean how many
videos are there busting her ass I mean
how many and all I'm saying is she wears
the anti-seizure prescription glasses on
let me hold on all I'm saying is Hillary
Clinton what I never fall down low give
me a wide shot I mean let me try these
stairs over here I'm perfectly fine
thank noon that looks Jones huh he says
it's Martian races with kids but no Club
I love it
he says nobody died anywhere all right
it's a battle of wills and I'm putting
my money on America and in people that
wants freedom they're not on that wish
Hilary so that's my full statement
one thing about Colorado was so dry it
was some kind of wrong kill thing oh I'm
not coughing that's a conspiracy theory
do edit that where I'm not coughing and
we'll say it's fake news they say I was
look there's Hillary actually Jones lied
and said she slipped three times
Hillary flew down like a falcon from the
top of the pyramid like God descending
she was remember seeing it call her a
goddess and like blamed her white wind
it's like God Oprah Winfrey now you know
they say it's garlic
like flying squirrel
Hillary flew like a flying squirrel in
fact I said it if you don't agree with
me you're a racist watcher the flying
squirrel Hillary Clinton flew down the
straw the powerful flying squirrel is
able to glide sometimes hundreds of
yards between trees see the flying
squirrel in India look at the elegance
of the flying squirrel
navigator ah yeah there it is Clinton
becomes first female prima donnas she
like goddess oh look at their God okay
that's it for this transmission that's
my statement to Reuters real cool team
you're on lady tell the grandkids about
it later if there's a Nuremburg part -
alright seriously
yeah oh my god I love it okay seriously
all red blood as humans I love you we'll
be back with a retransmission and Lord
willing I'll be back tomorrow 11:00 a.m.
generally at David Knight oh we're
getting super low Democrats over the
term real news that Clementi on that so
we're just kind of given what they want
to call this sorry it's another lawsuit
I forgot Wow there's so many I just
think you're gonna give up I think
they're gonna dominate you they think
you're over so don't go to enforced or
calm don't go to the donation but don't
flood it's just like George Soros and
Hillary win because after all no one can
stand against the flying squirrel
great job career we love you the right
wing smear machine has gotten Alex Jones
if I this election cycles a guy named
Alex show now it's Jones info rowers
pro-war yes Alex Jones
Alex Jones one of those guys who believe
Bigfoot was responsible for 9/11 claims
that 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombings
were inside jobs the conspiracy du jour
Hillary Clinton is harboring a secret
medical condition he just had to keep
diggin Vinci
hydro Google is be accused of hiding
negative stories about Hillary and your
campaign but can't get its algorithm to
bury stories like the fucking body count
for that according to web site info war
and this really just is so disgusting
the juice of these pickles is on you
Alex Jones
it goes right now Jones and it shows up
in Donald Trump's mouth Hillary Clinton
created Isis with Obama the very fringe
of the conspiracy movement like Alex
Jones are being kind of incorporated
into the campaign if Trump gets elected
he's gonna be Secretary to fan think
that how it's Jones is Flynn is a rapist
before is that calm Bill Clinton is a
rapist infowars.com infowars.com to Bill
Clinton rapists the New World Order
sends its regards if you are receiving
this transmission you are the resistance
it's alex jones i'm so excited the new
product that Infowars live.com in a
glass bottle two-month servings filled
to the brim filled to the absolute top
the real red bill this is a heart and
brain pill a nootropic that doesn't have
any stimulants in it but boy does it
stimulate because it's beyond that quite
frankly i just went off what I saw
medical doctors prescribing to their
patients but it wasn't prescription but
they were charging people one hundred
two hundred dollars or the formulae and
I came up with our own formula working
with some scientists and developers
non-gmo made right here in America 120
capsules and ladies and gentlemen you
had the pregnant own to it which is the
precursor to all the hormones that your
body has to have even make the hormones
in your glands it is amazing
red pill now available at
InfoWarsStore.com or InfoWarsLife.com or FortifiedSupply.com or 888-253-3139
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