Author Topic: Full Show - EXCLUSIVE: Tommy Robinson Talks About Taking On Ten ANTIFA At Once - 03/12/2018  (Read 46 times)

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program in exchange for technical
assistance with things like an
electrical power plants and trade and
the word is the agreement has already
been made because the West through China
has been propping it up since 1953 On
February and July through that year on
the 27th of July the deal was made with
the UN and Harry Truman to let the
Communist Chinese take control of the
north and carry out their horrible
activities and MacArthur was relieved of
command by a traitor Harry as trimming
the globalist and so the whole time just
like two years before our own government
our own CIA our own foundations they put
mouths a tongue into power in 1948 and
then a couple years later everybody
knows what ended up happening amazing
the CIA was set up in 47 as a foreign
globalist group to be over the United
States and to take control of it
and to basically make us lose all the
future Wars and use our treasure and
power to build the globalists their
world empire well guess what America on
January 20th 2017 retook the beachhead
in DC and we have begun the process of
transferring the power back to the
republic and back to the people and back
on the american mission since 1947
they've had their beachhead and they'd
almost extinguished the republic and
their cultural poison and their
globalism is still venom in our veins
but we are getting stronger they are
getting weaker that's what's happened
that is the great quest and we're in the
middle of it I have had beyond an
epiphany taking off the last week
partially and it has shook me to my very
core that I've got to be even more
focused and more professional and more
serious and the audience has a
commitment from me that I am going to
give it all I've got and I'm and I've
been giving it all I've got but there's
subconscious level I kind of feel sorry
for myself and you know sometimes don't
don't don't have that I the tiger focus
that I should but let me tell you I it
is it has been rekindled not not by
taking time off but by experiencing the
true evil growing in this country that
we cannot let win we have to have
drastic counter measures and I mean
covert action now not just overt it's
time for covert operations we have a
in DC on January 20th 2017 we achieved
that beachhead beginning to reverse the
globalist takeover that began to have
serious success with a National Security
Act of 1947 when they got their foreign
covert operations coup d'etat over the
heart of the federal government and now
sixty plus years later just as the
Russians after 80-plus years pulled out
of communism partially began the pull
away from globalism from the social
engineering from the Satanic system it's
really what it is of the eugenicist of
the globalist we have begun our pull
away as well and every other nation on
earth is beginning its pull away because
there is a group consciousness there is
a racial cultural awareness in every
human that bleeds red blood and breathes
oxygen on the face of this planetoid
orbiting the Sun you can fill the void
in your heart my friends the moment you
began to realize this is a spiritual
battle and the moment you use free will
to begin to even understand that's the
case you will feel the void emptying
once you're conscious of that and
understand that that we only see a very
limited spectrum with our five senses we
only feel and taste and see a tiny
fraction but our spirit and our mind and
our gut you can even feel the
intergalactic space wind blowing through
our souls like ancient beautiful wind
chimes now it is that ancientness of us
that threatens the fallen it is the fact
that we hold dominion over the planet
over the galaxy over the universe that
we have been given the birthright to the
stars by the god of the universe that
built us in His image and gave us free
then it is that statement and that truth
that strikes fear into the hearts of all
those that have decided to join the dark
side for limited temporal power only to
kill steal and destroy
that's why evil goes out of its way to
do bad because it's evil that's why when
doing good would help them and empower
them physically and spiritually they
reject it because they are lovers of
death well I'm not a lover to death I
love life so much that I just want you
to be separated from us
and that's really what you don't want
isn't it
vampires but hell awaits this way
destruction enjoy yourselves all right
let me let me try to get into the news
here because I get all wound up and I
get all dialed in to the news and then I
just kind of run down the rabbit trail
without getting into the big issues that
surround it but here's what's coming up
Tommy Robinson is a patriot and he
understands them all around him a
globalist communist Islamic enforced
tyranny an Iron Curtain is descending
over europe in the UK and he went to
no-go zones where female reporters get
beat up in rome and when the folks come
over to it tacking and say we're gonna
kill your family he knocks the guy out
and then an tyfa has a bounty out on him
in london so they see him at a
mcdonald's and ten of them show up
trained in the university is to attack
anybody this nationalist and they beat
up his female reporter Lucy Brown who's
an middle-aged woman
and she fights back and they run and
then he knocks down five of them and
then they run this video that's on info
wars.com the raw video as well as just
to cut down through 12 minutes of it raw
there's so much cussing we can't play it
all here by the anti feh is everything
you need to know it is the universe in
total it is the road it is the Rosetta
Stone it is the skeleton key I talked
about where there are things events
happenings as they say a picture tells a
thousand words
well what is 12 minutes tell it tells
everything everything to understand the
Islamic mayor Sadiq Khan the dozens of
police officers that knew it was going
on monitoring social media and showed up
like spectators to watch it happen
clearly planned by the police with an
ephah tracking him with all their
software and systems you don't just
think these you know 10 plus goons just
happened to in their masks descend down
on this so you've got the SJW police in
blue states this is all over the world
in globalist controlled areas working in
concert with the street thugs just like
Hitler had his essay you have the essay
that then worked with the SS but then
later the SS get rid of the essay these
are the useful idiots and it's the same
everywhere they deploy them they protect
them and you've got that angle and then
you've got the stupid little soy boys
who are white who believe because of
their guilt they're supposed to go out
and beat up other white people and
you've got them attacking a woman and a
man and then they get driven off because
they can't believe it's not a video game
somebody actually fights back while
still filming it Wow
and then the media spins it in the Daily
Mail that Oh Tommy Robinson got to fight
with people it says oh it's not clear
who started it oh he's just backing up
with ten people marching in and masks
and then they go get her camera and
start viciously attacking a woman
he then fights back tries to retreat
into the store moat that more calm he
knocks them down and finally they flee
and I say rosetta stone I could talk
about this for 20 hours and show each
little 10 seconds and then give a whole
university level breakdown like a
college course on just the total
deception the total deception that mr.
Robbins isn't against the Christian
Africans he's not against the siege he's
not against the Indians they all love
him he gets invited to all there they
recognize the Islamists as they know the
danger they know what happens once the
Islamists get the 10% they never let you
have your religion they take over and
kill everybody who doesn't submit they
understand how the left is allied with
it using it as a takeover army they have
on average six children Europeans have
1.3 they understand it's all anti white
anti-culture to overwrite that culture
and bring in a new balkanized slavery
where everything's like a prison
everybody in their own little little
districts so they call him a Nazi but
even if he was the Nazi which he isn't
he has a right to be in a hamburger
place and not have the police waiting
outside knowing it's him I've been doing
a live feed I've talked to him it's
coming on today
but first a dehumanizing just like they
did when I was on an airplane and a man
walks by videotaping me and he says haha
look you've lost your family and I'm
there with all four of my children
flying back from Colorado skiing and I
get off the plane I've got video and I
go to baggage claim and he's there and
then he I'm gonna put the video out we
have a discussion he says I deserve to
go to prison I'm here to be taken off
the internet but he supports free speech
but I should be banned and then my son
goes with bags and I'm getting more and
they go over and say do you want to
throw down to him two gay guys and they
said we're a downtrodden group you're
oppressing us I'm like I don't care if
you're gay but it doesn't matter they
say I hate them so they get to them go
two grown men big guys try to fight my
son and then some listener came up and
said you want to fight fight me I mean
that is what this country's turned into
folks is just gangs of thugs they hate
us because of our spirit they hate us
because we love life we have will and
they hate us because we know they're
losers all right ladies and gentlemen
were broadcasting worldwide Tommy
Robinson is amazing
he has been I'll just say this wanting
to work with him for Wars but he was in
contracts with other folks and I just
told him that I don't you don't want to
get the middle of that now that he's not
I'll just tell you right now I am trying
to develop a plan to work with him and
to be able to finance his operations in
the UK they are blocking people even
getting into the UK we have some of
those folks joining us tomorrow young
women well-known activist Lauren
southern and others they got detained
for days saying that you know they're
basically inciting things because they
were gonna go to speakers corner where
for five hundred years in London people
go to sit on a soapbox and speak and so
they label them Nazis which they're not
their free speech group and so they went
back to flew back to Germany and there's
powerful footage of all that coming up
it's a Tommy Robinson dot online
but mr. Robinson is branching out doing
a lot of great reporting and so it he
looks to work with Paul Watson that's
what he wants to do again so now that he
is on his own we are going to be working
with mr. Robinson and trying to build a
studio trying to get him a larger team
of people and yes
it'll take money they do plan on killing
him you do know he's a leader or scared
of him he's got a lot of charisma a lot
of passion he's reaching out to all the
minority groups they love him and
they're really scared of him and so he
needs security and so that's one reason
we need to expand our capital here
because I'm not just gonna sit there and
throw that guy out there by himself like
he's been doing and I've been warning
him that the police are gonna set their
globalists they're run by Sadiq Khan the
Islamists they're going to set him up
like I've had private conversations with
him because I know the last folks he
worked with his frustration was that
they didn't want him out on the street
and I said you need to do a balance of
that and you need security when you do
it I said because they're gonna kill you
and I think he gets that and I don't
think he has a martyr complex he's just
he sees them kidnapping kids that the
other grooming of young girls is back in
the news thousands per town's selling
them in the sex slavery then they get
flown out on planes the Middle East I
mean it is it is harvest time for the
globalists in Islam in the UK and so
there now he's not going out and doing
public events he's not going out looking
for trouble they're tracking him in live
time he's got to start using burner
phones when he leaves the house they're
planning to kill him
and I keep telling him that the device
he probably got from rebel media he was
previously with was pretty good advice
so I told him I said mr. Robertson I
don't have the money to do this right I
want to publish your book about you know
Islam in Muhammad's own words I've read
it it's excellent I'm gonna put it in
the US I said I want to finance this and
I said I want you to have studio and I
want you to work with Paul and Paul's
agreed to kind of honsho it and want to
go the whole news organization but I
we got to be very judicious I understand
you're not afraid to die neither am i
but you're gonna be a general in the
fight they're gonna be shooting at your
brother so I've run ads trying to
support him even when he was that rebel
so you could try to build a studio and
get some crew and get some better
equipment you see that now so we've been
quietly behind the scenes trying to
support mr. Robinson we're running his
ads and things but now I'm just gonna
say this here on air we have brought in
less capital this year than we brought
in last year and that's because people
think oh well the elections over we're
winning no we're in a sudden-death
overtime ladies and gentlemen with the
Global's right now this is maximum
energy maximum focus or they're going to
win so we've got specials that are so
big fridge a was showed me the numbers
whilst talking to him last night our
head operations
he said yes we're selling way more
product boss but you you said 80% off
we're losing money on stuff 80% off so
he said can we end the special today
because it's it's it's not making but
about 5% he goes yes way more money came
in but it's all cost so I give you deals
so good that we're making 5% right now
in prebiotic fibers our brand-new
products gonna sell out incredible its
best source fiber 50% off that's close
to the cost so enforced or calm enforce
life calm because I don't really get
with math and come up with calculations
and things I just kind of say do this do
that sometimes I overdo it but I need
everybody to go to enforced or calm and
get the products and these sales are
ending today I'm gonna have some new
cells tomorrow we're gonna launch a new
product as well but I I want to expand
and that's why they are the Communist
Party suing us and CNN is trying to take
responses gonna shut off YouTube as you
all see and you know they've got the
Pepe the Frog guy said use it use it you
know to The Daily Dot everybody else in
we sell somebody's third party poster
and then they sue us it's totally
frivolous we're gonna have to sue him
with an anti slapback provisions a slap
back provision I mean it's a total
open-and-shut but it'll cost a hundred
grand then I got to sue him and he's got
democratic party fund
but I have to beat him to set the
precedent so I've got to sue all these
people I mean this is like the Alamo I'm
sending a letter out
I need reinforcements I'm gonna stay
here we're gonna fight we're gonna move
forward we're doing okay but you know
we're moving by our basic inertia but we
need your prayers we need your support
we've got the poster it was for 1995 or
I think 1776 we boosted its 2995 and
because you know this is the thing
they're trying to shut down if I get an
injunction ahead of the court case I'll
stop selling it but we buy it from a
known artist and it's just got about 5%
of the surface is Pepe the Frog it's
transformative it's it's a it's like
saying you have you know Hitler could
say I have a copyright on my image and
in Nazi Germany he did stuff like that
ensue people that uses image and
authorize you're allowed to paint
something whether you love it or whether
you hate it or whether you have mixed
feelings about it and it's just got
diamonds and silk and matt drudge and
paul watson and you know people like
that Roger stone and then it's got Pepe
like oh here here's people we feel like
we're in the campaign well they're
saying well you can't use that well it's
totally protected but but that's the
crap I'm dealing with and look I expect
this I mean quite frankly they might
send a hit team down there next week to
get me cuz they knows none of this is
working oh and by the way that's another
big thing I'm not being a drama queen
about this this is such a big deal that
we can all play chess here can't we we
can play third dimensional four
dimensional fit dimensional evil do you
know doesn't care it tries to play one
dimensional can't even do that it takes
it wrecks everything it must be powerful
and have all the answers I'm not stupid
and this type of demonization campaign
is almost always in the lead up to
someone being assassinated or in prison
and the left keeps coming up to me and
airports Adamic going you're going to
prison and they think like I'm like them
a coward then I go oh my gosh I better
roll over to a bunch of you that want to
put me in prison
you're so Thorat Aryan and you want to
shut me off and and I'll say I've got
some videos of this I'm like you want to
shut me off YouTube yes I do I want to
shut you off and then we're gonna put
you in prison and I go bigger for free
speech because oh yes I'm for free
speech it's all doublethink scrambled so
we're gonna fight here but we need you
to really aggressively so we can decide
who we're going
what we're gonna do I've been in a
holding pattern to be flooded with
capital enforced or common forwards
live.com or Triple A 2 5 3 3 1 3 9 you
can also click on the support button on
the shopping cart it was a straight-up
donation that is critical thank you all
for your support we are winning but we
are a lead ship under massive attack the
globalists are coming for us but we're
waiting for them we're not coming for
them we're waiting trying to raise our
families trying to till the fields
trying to keep our eye on God trying to
be good in this world of unbelievable
wickedness born into a a war an
interdimensional interplanetary psychic
spiritual war and the greatest trick of
the enemy is that the average person
doesn't know it the minute you realize
that's what's going on then everything
makes sense and the enemy is constantly
ridiculing it constantly saying it's not
going on there is no God but in their
private circles in fact I forgot I did a
report on it this weekend you guys
prepped me to seeing an article about
the Satanism controversy in the Hillary
campaign where they're trying to paper
over that and they're saying Rivanna
bitch and Hillary and Podesta why
they're not a cultist it's art the woman
is the High Priestess of Aleister
Crowley Church the most prominent one in
the world
sexual ritual magic watch CNN reports on
controversial Satanism inside the
Clinton campaign there it is there's a
CNN article that tries to paper over it
I mean you can look at Hillary and see
that she is completely turned over there
it is senior advisor at HUD spreads
conspiracy theory that Clinton campaign
chairman was Satanist and they go it's
been completely debunked that John
Podesta ever was involved anything yes
he hung out with bravado that she's an
people in vats of blood and goat heads
and she told reddit ask me anything to
know that these are real rituals yeah
lady we know we know all about it I know
all about it sweetheart
every stinking bit all of it I've been
down the rat hole lady I've seen it
further down than any of you have been
in spirit not in the flesh and they're
trying to claw as many of us down with
them because they already know they are
spiritually dead ooh that smell what's
that smell the sound of death the smell
of death the feel of death it surrounds
you ooh that smell can't you smell that
smell it's unbelievable let me just do
this to be a good boy let me just read
people some headlines here I think
that's probably what we should do I've
got so many clips and so much news let's
just start with this one
trumps having the time of his life and
he's reinstallation for 2020 these
announces slogan Keep America great who
can say we haven't begun to turn the
corner that's why they're fighting so
hard cuz now people know it was our all
artificial suppressing us and they don't
know what to do because they told us he
didn't really want to run he didn't
really want to win all those lies and
everybody knows it's a lie they know
it's fake news and so is Trump goes into
year number two they're in full chicken
with the head cut off mode
and they are apoplectic at this point
and so they've segwayed away from get
the guns for now too stormy Daniels
never anything about Oprah and the child
prostitution and all the rest of it
nothing about her and Weinstein bringing
women to him nothing about all the rapes
and the backs of vehicles and Hilary
representing child molesters and making
jokes about it and then I mean you know
seven guys gang raping an 11 year old
girl they grabbed off the bike til her
insides came out didn't know you could
do that I did some medical research and
found out Isis raped a little girl
aged six to death over 100 men same deal
and of course Hillary helped them take
over it's like a spirit you're like how
does she do it how does it it always is
it is and little girls and their guts
coming out on the pavement and guys
eating hearts and screaming allahuakbar
it just always ends the same that's who
she represents whether it's rich
hillbillies ripen some girl almost to
death or jihadi hillbillies raping
little girls to death it's just that
Hillary produces raped little girls with
their insides coming out on the ground
because that's what the demon that runs
her likes little girls getting tortured
to death that's Hillary folks torture
little girls to death that's a lot of
spirit little girls a lot of soul and
that's what that vampire likes that's
what that vampire gets these little
girls begging for their mommies over two
three days with a line of a hundred
slobs raping them till their guts come
out and that's why they don't like me
cuz I know who they are I see you witch
hell is waiting for you and prepared and
I will never falter or waver in your
face I will continue on no matter what
you do we will break your will and your
God Satan is already broken and already
defeated and Jesus Christ has the keys
to hell and death you are bound you are
defeated and you know it
our commitment has never been stronger
our will has never been stronger our
spirit has never been stronger
because we contend not against flesh and
blood but principalities in high places
the power of the air that's what it is
ladies and gentlemen you're like well I
don't like the churches they're corrupt
of course the enemy takes that over
first then you look at these people
that's why they make jokes about it
while Obama made jokes because they are
devil worshippers let me explain it
again they are devil worshippers and as
soon as you get that through your head
there's the headline how Hillary Clinton
met Satan New York Times yeah oh member
Chelsea just where's upside down crosses
necklaces and and upside down crosses
stuff just to be cool it's just cool
it's cool it's fine it's about them
selfishness it's all about how powerful
they are when they come in that room and
that door opens and that little kids
chained up begging for money that makes
them feel real big that makes them feel
real powerful because they've already
chosen destruction they want to Klaus
down into that hell with them and they
know hell's real they have some weird
twisted idea that with computers and
machines that they're gonna block death
and that they're gonna turn to this new
beautiful thing they're gonna come from
being a little vampire stinking rotten
meat slugs and they're gonna
metamorphosize into a beautiful powder
fly and flap off into the beautiful void
of the deep blue space you gotta
dominate things to touch cuz you get rid
of all those things out there that are
smart not working then you can be a real
boy someday like birdie so close to
getting these questions right where we
want them
you think we pulled it in Russia or I
honeymooned all these American
Christians we're gonna string them up
cuz I'm gonna be big and Satan approach
my little demonic message you'll all
drown in lakes of your own disgusting
creation well be back as we break there
we'll stay with us let me illustrate
what's going on and I know most of you
know more than I what's going on but for
the new listeners there's a story on
infowars.com by Paul Joseph Watson
there's also one from Breitbart and it
deals with the fact that Twitter
censored Drudge tweet of Trump 2020
slogan as sensitive material so I'm
sitting there with my family in a
restaurant at about 8 o'clock at night
in Colorado on Saturday night getting
ready to fly back to Austin the next day
and Drudge tweeted Keep America great
and kick Daniels texted me and said hey
I just put this article out he just
announced this I was walking my dog and
was listening to local radio and you
know heard the announcement come over
that a speech he gave and I said well
you know great good job writing your
blurb so when I looked it up know this
is a great article let me tweet at real
Alex Jones what he wrote and
and I noticed I tried to send it out
twice and it would go to drafts and it
wasn't too long it was short and then I
sent out another tweet about something
else and it went through and I did it
again and they weren't letting me say
Trump announced his new campaign slogan
but instead of just blocking it like
they did with Drudge they said this is
inappropriate material and blocked it
the screenshots of that they just
wouldn't let me tweet it and it was
basically word-for-word Keep America
Trump announces his slogan same thing
Drudge said and like I said I did it
like 8 o'clock call Colorado time he did
it I think eastern time but the point is
there it is and I guess that got too
obvious so we can with some other folks
I know that we're trying to wait until
they said yeah ours went to draft so
this was too obvious Drudge did it right
when Trump announced it so they just
blocked that and said you're not allowed
to see that
this is racist violent homophobic
whatever the excuse they've got I mean
because that's what it says you know in
their terms that when they do this it's
just something horrible and all it was
here's our president he announces new
campaign slogan oh my gosh this is
sensitive material you can't see it but
two hours later eight o'clock Mountain
it just goes to drafts in fact I sent it
to Paul this morning to add the article
he says he's adding it now so you can
see it he just responded to me I guess
he had missed it but three shot please
or dr. Kim shot I'll show you here
because I saved the drafts here it is
failed to sin Trump just announced his
new 2020 campaign slogan I said well it
didn't work away video Trump just
announces its 2020 campaign slogan and
the great part is it's true so see
here's how this works you blocked me on
Twitter but I still got it out on my own
streams my own video streams and our
hundreds of radio affiliates now over
100 TV affiliates but they're doing it
and it's everywhere our own President
and think about all the Republican
Congress people who have their campaign
ads on their own Twitter blocked for
inappropriate they just ban them block
their channels well who's the
congresswoman from Tennessee it was like
this really here's my family and my
grandchildren I believe in American
values of free-market capitalism and I
believe in tax cuts the Second Amendment
and they just banned her saying
inappropriate because to an sjw a woman
with kids and grandkids I've noticed
left us everywhere March over and make
mean comments about my family I had it
happen three times in Colorado and of
course we got mobbed by listeners and
Patriots of every race color and Creed
lot of listeners lots of young people
they had the tunnel was closed
the Eisenhower slash LBJ tunnel was
closed because it was a pileup well
we're going back to Denver to fly out
and because of a blizzard beautiful
blizzard couldn't see 500 feet in front
of you and I finally it for like an hour
I said let's get out of the car walk
nobody wanted to get out well I got out
and I walked around looked over the side
Vista down there frozen lake you name it
and all the sudden they're buddies let's
get down with their cars and I my thumb
was I'm a short video take this because
it just shows how we're winning and why
they're so scared out of all five or six
cars around me people got out and it was
all young men and women college age cuz
there were no trucks and workers and
other people and there were lots of you
know Subarus and the rest of it in
Colorado they have a funny name for him
they call him
liberal limousines lissa they have
another name for him but the point is is
that they're all we can't believe you're
here what are you doing what are you
doing walking around in the in the
snowstorm and I don't know why I'm going
it's just think about that I don't talk
about negative and then and then distort
the fact that 99% it's positive but like
a cult
it's either older white women or it's
gay men and I've got some video that in
the airport we're gonna put out today of
this as well and they walk my on the
plane and say haha you lost your family
and my son sit in the seat back does hey
you got a problem because the guy was
like bowing up videotaping me ha you
lost your family I'm sitting there with
my children all for my children and my
wife and I'm like okay did you see them
February Jones doesn't have his children
Jones believes there's Mars basis and
again it's not about me it's
understanding their psychology so then
we see the guy at baggage claim
I talked to a nice he says I deserve to
be in prison I don't deserve to have
free speech and then I get a text
message and so it stops my recording and
then when that stop I'm getting the bags
my son starts going with his bag out of
the baggage area and the two gay guys
were pretty big guys
my son's pretty big he's already put six
foot one he's already about two inches
taller than me he looks like he's about
18 but he's he's 15 they come over and
say want to throw down
these were kind of like jockey gay guys
yeah they wasn't you know your archetype
oh you know things the media pushes with
all their shows like Oh sissy or
whatever and then I'd already been
coming in and seen a guy used to work
out with a military guy and when he did
that that guy goes you want to fight
let's go to them and they backed off it
was just like an Tifa where we have the
footage it's on infowars.com of a female
reporter middle aged and ten ante fuck
showing up police directed clearly at a
McDonald's for Tommy Robinson is and
start viciously beating her and
attacking him and he fights them off and
they run after like a five minute fight
and the police are all watching and it's
the same thing these guys both wait
about 200 pounds they were all his
boyfriend was about six-one he was he
was about 5'4 511 stocky like I was and
they had all their sports gear they were
about both over about 30 and he wasn't
about to say Throwdown with me he went
and said ask your family and my wife saw
it she got upset by it
he was your family see it they didn't
like that I had a family and those of us
who aren't dialed into this we don't
understand it and I'm not saying all gay
people are like that the point is and
before they left him and my phone stop
cuz my texted me he's like he's like
you're bullying downtrodden people that
can't be any more bullied and then
somebody texted me on the phone quit
billing and I was like man dude you just
flew back from Colorado what you been
snowboarding in the competition he's
like well yeah I'm like yeah in an world
competition your world competition
snowboard he's like well how do you know
that I wish I had it all on tape I'm
like dude I'm not sure enemy man the
stuff you hear is not true learn about
all this stuff learn about what's
financing this whole calls for a boo but
stop think everybody's out to get you
I'm not out to get you he leaves my
wife's like man I wish you'd stop doing
that help you with the bags
they're like a five-minute conversation
and then all of a sudden I look over and
they're past the gate deal starting a
fight with my son and I talked about
said whatever they said they just ran
over them and said you want to throw
down because I guess he went back over
to his boyfriend and they were mad that
I was
nice or something I mean it's it's crazy
I watched an tyfa attack and start
stomping on a gray-haired woman Lucy
Brown now let's roll that slope there
she is a great woman being beaten by men
but just like a court ruled in Germany
last week and Sweden's done it that
under Sharia law men can beat their
wives so aunty foot can beat a grey
haired woman and ten guys can gang up on
one person and then they run the story
is ten thugs attacked a female reporter
and are driven away when they fight back
I mean how sin how slimy or health evil
how pathetic
how cowardly can you be
when you're beating up a gray-haired
woman ten thugs and then she starts
kicking their ass grabbing their mask
off and kicking him back and they run
from her and then Tommy knocks down at
least five of them
this is unbelievable imagine if you were
filth like that we'll be back with our
number two info wars.com news wars comm
free shipping ends today biggest sales
ever in today we need your support
please come into the info war without
you we will fail waging war on
corruption crashing through the lies and
disinformation under host Alex Jones you
know I should have opened the show up
with this in fact on the live streams
it's one of the headlines we put out
this morning Julian Assange warns that
leftist funded CIA agents are planning
on throwing the 2018 election and he has
that from all the secret Intel he's
being given by Patriots and that's why
I'm saying it's time for covert action
legally and lawfully by the president
because these groups are working for
foreign foundations they're getting
foreign outside campaign money and for
some reason the Republicans always roll
over and let the Democrats prosecute
everybody with fake stuff and you know
put filmmakers in jail because they got
five friends to give donations to
somebody running for hillary senate seat
dinesh d'souza and then she can get
billions of dollars from foreign
governments and dictators and use it for
her campaign at that foundation i mean
he can get hundreds of millions of
dollars from the Russians
imagine if Trump did something like that
so I'm gonna talk about that the next
segment X spook clapper clap on clap off
the clapper celebrates five years since
lying to Congress as statute of
limitations expires they said we found
no one in the US there is no NSA spying
saying there is no Sun in the morning
that rises
and there are no birds that live in
trees and there is no ocean and there is
no and there is no planet and there's
just Angeles oh my god
meanwhile he was spying illegally on
with Brennan on Trump and me we got that
from the DEA and from our good friends
in the America County Sheriff's
Department who were given access to the
database yeah and you know how I knew it
was real the minute I saw it it had
phone numbers that I didn't even have
the nerve to call I was given to Trump's
private apartment at Mar Lago and my
private office line that I never used
that a sub office we had in Central
Austin well I was given that database we
only put out our numbers as everyone
knows in black the memo the last four
digits notice no media coverage of that
how big a deal was that two months after
Trump's in office they're saying it's
all lies nobody got spied on and the
Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and
courts have access to the DEA interface
with the National Security Agency and we
get sent over a hundred thousand US
citizens being spied on and they use the
rubric of drugs for parallel
construction every phone number I don't
know is everything it was over 50 phone
numbers of the president every place he
stayed everywhere he went his children
his wife his ex-wives everybody and
agencies after agencies after eight 18
agencies not 17
did as he pathetic always kind of hints
at this when he gets there he goes
geospatial alanine NASA was another
cover not just the CIA but then NASA was
another breakaway group set up as a
counterbalance to the CIA and it's
actually the biggest agency and that's
why you'll be back up on YouTube and
gonna there's world groups and they're
doing this they're gonna be stopped
today you notice then they came out in a
big press release its next day Bloomberg
oh it was rogue groups inside YouTube
did it all the country's in a civil war
folks when you're geospatial that Space
Command that's NASA that's the other
breakaway civilization oh yeah this is a
big war we'll be back I'm Alex Jones
tomorrow's news today this is amazing a
certain anchor on CNN fake as hell CNN
so fake fake news
and the ratings are lousy by the way and
compared to Fox their ratings
never see the story where I'm it's 1999
I'm on Meet the Press a show now headed
by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd he's a
sleeping son of a bitch she'll tell you
and they showed it this morning 1999 and
I'm talking about North Korea you got to
take them out now
and then they have Clinton saying we are
pleased to announce that we have made a
deal with North Korea well you know how
that deal turned out right a nuclear
weapons lots of other things but now
North Korea has already agreed to no
more missile tests conditionally for the
meeting and to abandon their nuclear
weapons program and they agree to a lot
more behind the scenes and notice I told
you that last week the day after it was
announced and then now it's in the news
that North Korea has already tacitly
agreed Trump doesn't go to that meeting
without the agreement and so we can't be
embarrassed the South Koreans have
written memorandums that can be released
if kim jung-han or an egg's this won't
be the UN run inspectors my friends
because the globalist through mouth
Satan staged that whole war to SAP our
military and to test that very
sophisticated full spectrum dominance of
staged Wars oh our troops died and the
Chinese died over two million and a half
of them that's pretty good numbers you
know we lose a hundred thousand and
something they lose a couple million but
see we weren't allowed to stop them
because we were never meant to stop them
because of again our little friend the
globalist little corrupt piece of
garbage little mobster Harry as Truman
and the military wanted to have a coup
against him and have MacArthur be an
interim president have elections but
MacArthur said that we would just dig in
and battle them that way long term the
American people would never accept a
communist plan for the u.s.
sometimes I wish MacArthur would have
just defeated the globalist here knocked
out the Communist Chinese at the CIA I
just put in power too
years before they invaded maybe five
years before the Armistice in July of 53
and if you understand North Korea you
understand everything now I'm gonna play
this vice report that's basically
nothing but clips of my show and the
last time I did it
they put a strike on her channel until I
threatened to sue them so you play clips
of me constantly I'm gonna play clips of
okay if I plus you love the attention
HBO this is a redo of what the Southern
Poverty Law Center in the ATL and Media
Matters and the Nazi collaborators or
Soros to put out where they show days
before I say something and then Trump
says it days later now that's because
Trump's seeing the same thing I'm seeing
and seeing what the grassroots is seeing
and just going with the common knowledge
of the group research in a few cases I
did have conversations with him and
pointed things out and then he went
looked it up or already knew about it in
the case of election theft and
immigration and you know things like
that but he has a lot of the same people
he's talking to aka you know all the
news about CIA officers flooding a
Democratic Party to steal the midterm
elections so that's coming up but here's
vice when we come back from break is
that on the guy have time now
eleven times Donald Trump sounded a lot
like Alex Jones and they just
regurgitate this thing over and over
again as if that's something
discrediting him but see the psychology
here is they know that it's actually
powerful info that defeats them so they
play this appeal to Authority scam where
they go we are the arbiters of truth and
we say this is very discrediting there
are no illegals voting anywhere and
there's no plan of Democrats to in 14
different states and Counting I think
it's more now to legalize illegals
getting driver's license and being able
to vote and then I can go show you
hundreds of clips and newspapers in
Illinois and in Vermont and in
California and in Oregon and just where
they said is type it in California
legalizes giving illegals driver's
license letting them vote and then they
say we're organizing and illegal should
be able to vote and they've passed laws
in Illinois in California it's gotten to
the governor's desk and they haven't
been bold enough to sign them legalizing
illegals voting but anybody can tack
that in California opens driver's
license applications illegal immigrants
those on to say they will allow them to
vote again
they just say Oh Trump made it up there
weren't three million people that voted
legally and it's not even really mainly
illegals because what they found is the
illegals don't want to go vote they
don't feel like they're supposed to and
they know it's wrong so they mainly get
homeless people some Emery illegals and
they are mentally ill people and they go
and they get them to vote on average ten
times Project Veritas caught it all on
tape to come out in federal court it's
the Democrats Lobby just type in state
bill legalizes migrants voting is the
headline same thing in Europe and
they've got all these cities where it's
going on so once they tell the illegals
hey it's okay it's the law then they do
it let's learn that the mayor and the
governor and Oakland and California
saying to illegals why if ice comes you
don't have to open the door or follow
their warrant sir and so then you've
seen this viral video we should pull it
up over the weekend the headline was
mother you know in front of crying
children you know a migrant grabbed and
kidnapped by ice and it says in the
arrest document and in the warrant that
she's a known smuggler from this place
to this house and they've raided a house
for all these people and that she ships
him in that's all in the actual document
that ap mentioned but nowhere and then
it says our children were left here in
the United States it's just now why is
the woman fighting because the governor
told her did and the mayor told her to
yeah we're about to go to break let's
back it up where she's crying and so
this is the theater now do you know
who's killed the most Mexicans per
capita in the last 20 years of anybody
I've had professors on it's documented
you know who kills the most Mexicans and
others it's called the Coyotes it's
called the smugglers all the time again
you hear about 20 30 40 people in an
18-wheeler a bunch of them children dead
because somebody didn't pay the extra
money this smugglers chained it up in
the middle of the summer he usually it's
San Antonio's the dumping point somebody
doesn't pay the local Mexican Mafia the
City Council members that's they catch
City House members brothers you name it
with people in cages in their houses all
the time to get slips on the rug
it's a big racket somebody doesn't pay
so they put a padlock on there in the
hundred degree heat and then they open
it up and they're not even human to the
median sack all right another 18-wheeler
every few weeks about other 18-wheeler
in Texas with a bunch of dead Central
and South Americans and Mexicans in it
and there's all these graves thousands
and thousands of bodies they're finding
every few much than the other numbers
are in the hundreds of thousands total
and it's all devil worshipping oh just
like we have here with our leaders it's
all devil worshipping cartels who
literally worship the devil
who are murdering their own fellow
people because somebody didn't pay more
oh sorry another cartel to manage some
money so the price is double to get your
cousin up here from Guatemala where is
he give us all your money lady and you
won't be seeing him oh sorry you went
too long he was found dead in an
18-wheeler and if you go to the police
we're gonna murder you and your children
oh but don't worry Robert Rodriguez will
make movies about white people killing
you don't worry
while you try to get into this country
this is so bad ladies and gentlemen
we're back live broadcasting worldwide
I'm your host Alex Jones news wars.com
prison planet calm our backup sites that
are excellent a lot of original content
and information there we do have Tommy
Robinson joining us yet I also want to
get Lucy brown on soon I forgot to
request that can we get Lucy brown on
the gray haired great videographer that
works with Tommy Robinson I want to hire
her in Tommy Robinson he's been wanting
to do that for a while we're trying to
raise the capital be able to do it
properly but she got physically attacked
bye auntie fun it's clear the police
called them on him they were all waiting
more than a dozen police waiting at the
McDonald's tracking the phone of Tommy
Robinson and any he knows they've done
this to him before and so then the at
least 10 anti foot show up mask thugs
and began attacking her and attacking
Robinson she fights them off he knocks
down four or five of them and then they
run I mean this is incredible and then
UK papers are like oh that hooligan
Tommy Robinson got in the fight again
nobody knows who started it he like back
off back off is he's backing up there
there in the parking lot trying to
attack him he tries to go back in they
chase him he knocks out a couple more of
them knocks down a few more just like he
tries to go to no-go zones and Germany
and Italy and you know the illegals come
and attack him there and then then like
I'm gonna kill your family then they try
to attack him and he fights back the
media says oh he was wrong you should
have let that North African just kill
him I me my god so imagine being
followed to your car by a bunch of
people are gonna attack you
you beat them that you you run a man and
woman fight off at least 10 thugs at
least 10 it looks like more come around
once they go around inside the building
there's 12 minutes of this and Tommy's
not big and statured some of these guys
all the way about 220 pounds others
little thugs and they attack women and
the left loves it and I just love
watching the very heard woman kick their
ass you know the woman gets pasture
Bishan sake and fight I'd like to see
her get on top of that guy I liked her
I'll tell you what I do man I'm gonna
say this
anybody attacks me I'm gonna jump on top
of you and I'm gonna jump on top of your
real hard and I'm gonna defend myself
I'm not gonna play games with any of you
guys any ant if I ever touches me I'm
gonna jump on top of you with my knees
my I'm gonna jump up on you with my
knees and I'm gonna grab your head and
push it back and 250 pounds gonna be on
top of you when you going to the ground
so just get ready cuz people don't ever
get up after you do that and you guys
are asking for it that's all I'm saying
let's go ahead and go to this report I
keep talking about where they again said
that Trump is copying everything I say
no he's seeing the same thing happening
but yes some of the information I have
challenged him and sent him messages and
he's watched he's called about it before
and they make a big deal about like it's
discrediting the president again like
they control reality so they go oh this
is all discredited it's all come true
it's all been proven the illegals voting
all of it
so again that's what we're winning
that's what they're losing here is 11
times Donald Trump's sound a lot like
Alex Jones from vice it is surreal to
talk about issues here on air and then
word for word here Trump say it two days
Obama is a frontman a figurehead his
real name's Barry Satara his name was
Barry sitar oh and that was his name and
he changed his name to Barack Hussein
the newest Obama birth certificate
that's been released by the White House
has been altered in literally dozens of
ways a lot of people do not think it was
an authentic certificate but many people
do not think it was authentic
he also
again wears a ring that has Islamic
Arabic script on it
he's wearing a Muslim random this is
incredible one of our investigative
journalists a few weeks ago broke it was
Cruz's father linked the JFK
assassination Cuban hired by Lee Harvey
Oswald bears striking resemblance to
Cruz what is this prior to his being
shot as we would think three years
Hillary is the founder of Isis along
with Obama President Obama he is the
founder of Isis he's the founder of Isis
and I would say the co-founder would be
crooked Hillary Clinton
I said he's gonna use executive orders
to go after our guns now sure enough
they're getting ready to do that Obama
said he was looking an executive order
to to confiscate guns
the reason we're both saying it is
because it's in the news so I'm love to
take credit for this and some of it is
my research information but it turns out
it wasn't three plus million people that
voted the names of dead folks it was
five plus million according to Harvard's
own study that came out last year again
but they just think cuz they make fun of
it then it must not be true and then the
loons that watch this they believe it
continued Hillary Clinton is a goddamn
demon she's the devil in California
where they have farms up here and they
don't get water but that's true said oh
that's too bad is that the drought no no
we have plenty of water so what's wrong
well we shove it out to sea that's a
fine I said why and nobody even knows
why and the environmentalists don't know
why now they're trying to protect a
certain kind of 3-inch fish I think
she's gonna show up and
though she's gonna be like I'm ready to
debate I think we should take a drug
test prior to the debate plus again back
it up
she's obviously bombed out of her brain
on the anti-seizure drugs again but
because we're right that turns into
we're wrong continue to be I think we
should take a drug test prior to the
debate I did that looks Jones here with
an extremely important message that
Donald Trump crooked Hillary Clinton has
openly stolen the nomination of Bernie
Sanders thank you fact making the issue
of Hillary's election fraud in the
primaries one of the central issues if
he stole the primary she's going to try
to steal the general election put Bernie
first of all is rigged and I'm afraid
the elections gonna be rigged I have to
be honest it is uncontroverted fact that
three million illegals voted and the
tens of millions of people were on the
voter rolls who were damn any tweeted
that's four million of them voted as
well I just want to finish by saying
your reputation is amazing I will not
let you down you will be very very
impressed I hope and by the way until
the president I'm not gonna let him down
and you know the fact is that I told the
president as long as you try to execute
the Constitution as best as you can I
know you're not a dictator I'm gonna
support you and he said keep it up press
the attack we're gonna win and just know
this that this is the fight to restore
our republic and you can feel the spirit
rising can't you Alice and remember I
talked about those quotes he never
really talked about that but now he
talks about the spirit rising and the
spirit of America mning back well that's
what he does behind the scenes and for
Trump it's very spiritual by that not
through some preacher but the energy
force of America of free market of
Christianity of strength he likes that
he doesn't like little weaseling devil
worshippers Trump's not a devil
worshiper he loves life he loves his
kids he loves he's got gusto and you
know he's not perfect but he loves life
and that's that's enough in it he
marches with pro-life he's not a devil
worshiper Trump not a devil worshiper
not out to get you
that's the secret we don't worship death
by the way the crib
came in here to start of the broadcast
that came in here during the last break
they said Alex why are you not covering
the top story on Drudge Report comm a
second bombing in Austin Texas
of completely innocent targets old
ladies in Northeast Austin and I just
get so focused on globalism and the big
picture that III just was sad to hear
this has happened I hadn't really
covered it something to cover it now Oh
a lawyer is down there on the scene I
would just always goes that doesn't hit
me to direct him I'm gonna write for my
own show great
let's since camera crews with him missus
this is big sins we got camera crews to
send people now I guess I could go off
there for a few minutes so now that they
reminded me this is going on I'm like
yeah we need to we need to go cover this
we need to go live from the scene and
then you know talk to folks and then and
and get going on so we're gonna do that
breaking woman injured in second
explosion reported in Austin today EMS
says that's out of the Statesmen
emergency responders have been
dispatched and you know it as it was
South by Southwest folks so that's
somebody gets attention for that - a
second reported explosion in Austin on
Monday Maddox percent of the 6700 block
of the Lindo Street near Montopolis and
East Riverside this is like right there
in the middle Austin yeah South East
Austin and there's an another one in
North East Austin I guess Maddox took a
woman only described as her 70s to del
Seton Medical Center it was serious
potentially life-threatening injuries
another woman there aids is being
treated for an unrelated medical issue
the incident March the second reported
explosion the city on Monday and the
third in two weeks
explosions the first one was a test
weeks ago an explosion earlier in the
day at the 1400 block of old Fort Hill
Drive in East Austin killed 17-year old
and injured a woman described in her 40s
hours after the incident interim police
chief brian manly said the explosion
appeared similar and likely rated
another explosion in Northeast Austin on
March 2nd the Ides of March authorities
on Monday also warned residents against
take suspicious packages inside their
homes the incidents are being
investigated by pull
and federal authorities in homicide the
chief said uh two bombings today at one
back on March 2nd a week ago and I don't
know who's behind it but I know that
number one to my cat is my massive
sensor this is critical coming ups a
moment he's busy on a business trip but
I twist his arm to come on because this
is important we go with him in a minute
this is breaking the Huffington Post ran
stories last week as well as the local
paper saying that violence by anti
gentrification grips is good you guys
pull that I'm an impost article uh
particularly I think it's like anti
gentrification groups now you know now
turning to violence and it says in the
article I texted it to the dari over the
weekend how good it is it's like they're
not gonna take whites moving into their
neighborhood kindly then it's weird
white liberal women communists leaving
the minorities and then here in Austin
the blue cat cafe had some little
trailers in an empty parking lot with
two liberal women that had a cat shelter
and they come out and protest them and
in and then put super glue in locks so
the cat's couldn't be fed and knocked
the windows out and the Statesmen said
it was good and and the patch articles
said Oh Jones got involved but you know
the gentrification is a problem and now
the city's gonna pass a gentrification
law of a right to return we're in I
guess if you're white and you own a
property you lose the city now about who
you can sell it to and for what so they
can kind of mafia over it
and I mean East Austin was about 80
percent black under Jim Crow laws but
just like East Texas family I've got
it's a brain drain everybody goes to
college that they move away and then
crime and old folks are in the area and
section 8 housing so the so the left
gave itself all this money hundreds of
millions of dollars in Austin they move
in they build it all up they run it
Friends of the City Council Mafia make
money and now they induce yuppies to
move in and now they're gonna have a
white tax and it says Portland and other
cities have this white tax and you pay
it it has
nothing to do with displace black people
by the way it was the illegal aliens
that displaced him anti gentrification
protests turns violent in East Austin
yeah oh it turns violent and and again
those are some of the articles but he
put the Huffington Post one up their
place The Huffington Post comes out and
says it's good that they're violent a
new generation of managed unification
radicals are on the margin Los Angeles
and around the country and then it goes
into how their violent and how it's good
it says get Austin Texas California you
name it it listed all right there and
their communist they have communist
flags they come out they're led by rich
white kids and then they have the clubs
and the media says it's good so is this
an anti gentrification bombing I don't
know I'm not saying that that's just the
violence being promoted what we're
seeing I mean the these letters groups
say if you see a white person mug them
and you know that sounds crazy you can't
go into these hippie dippie yuppie areas
now in East Austin without somebody
trying to mug you and it's crazy anti
fuzz all over there communists just
thugs roaming around and then all these
idiot left us it's even been on the news
they go I'm gay why did the five black
guys beat me up I'm liberal those are
clips on local Fox News and it's like
dude you've been sent there to be the
food in a social experiment we're gonna
go to Mike as we come back from break
he had his YouTube channel with hundreds
of millions of views deleted the health
I know his YouTube channel was six seven
eight years old at least that I knew of
some of our videos are on there with
millions of years it's just gone he was
told by executives at YouTube it'll go
unnamed that no one's on why it was
they said you violated community
standards he had a video about how there
are two genders you see professors
getting fired or getting censured and
all this stuff it means you hate someone
if you're saying there is if you want to
say you're another gender that's fine
who must say you're a pink dragon or
you're a golden dragon or you're a
beautiful ornate building like Google
executives do if you want to say you're
the Loch Ness monster and the Easter
Bunny or a flying purple people here you
can do that I don't hate you I don't
hate people that think you know they're
the Pope when they're not we usually
call that mentally ill folks but there
are two genders there are two different
groups of chromosomes in male and female
in every major species so I understand
they're trying to like make being
heterosexual a bad thing I mean I the
left comes up in whole foods I can't
even go there they'll say how dare you
have three for children or they'll say
ask your family or look at your gross
family and so it's it's there the
radicals they're the cult they're the
weirdos and the people beneath them the
left is adopting whatever the new
radicalization is so they've gone from
left being anti war and anti-torture or
whatever to being anti-free speech
globalists lock everybody up and let's
go attack cat sanctuaries and let's hit
people in the head with bike locks and
let's do all this so Mike Adams is
coming up his YouTube band ladies and
gentlemen yeah you can pull up the local
news reports about the cat sanctuary
vandalized that's the that's the article
and but what's more important is you've
got Huffington Post and the Austin
american-statesman saying it's good to
go out and attack people they just they
tell the middle class and white people
and others gentrified move in help these
folks build it up he sauces like a
wasteland every second house had nobody
in it I mean it was like you drive down
the roads I'd see killings and stuff
over there cuz access TV was based over
there I would see people on stretchers
with with blankets over there at least
once a month there were deaths every day
it was a hell hole they've made it
actually really nice and they made all
this affordable housing but that's not
what it was about he was about then once
you do that you use the real liberals
that mean well try to bring wealth areas
he didn't call it gentrification and
then you make everybody clash then the
other whites through the area go under
Stockholm Syndrome and join the anti feh
and the communist group to literally
wear armbands and say I hate white
people I'm in the club and the
minorities are like we're not into this
but does
matter the media covers it like that's
what it's supposed to be totally sick
we're gonna go to break connect Mike
Adams I gotta in free shipping today and
the biggest sales ever 30 to 80% off in
the save the first amendment special
we've been running for almost two weeks
it's gotta end enforced or calm in
floors live.com a triple-a 2 5 3 3 1 39
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the ultimate sleep aid ladies and
gentlemen owens Royer host the war room
is live off of Montopolis very close to
our offices warehouse our broadcast
studios are in a different area in
central austin but our warehouse is in
south austin near to the bombing and and
this is the third bombing a second today
third since March 2nd and again Owen is
live streaming right now on info
wars.com and news wars.com he is at the
scene there was just shots of FBI agents
you name it we'll be talking to him next
our mr. Robinson attacked by antiva
viciously incredible footage that's
coming up to give us the rest of story
next hour but Mike Adams is on the road
he's a technology expert the health
Rangers so much more a top programmer
he's meeting right now he's left Austin
he's in another location about to launch
his own big video platform because he
was banned after hundreds of millions of
years and many years on YouTube for
saying there are two genders and having
clips of professors and scientists
saying that in mammals there are two
genders it doesn't hurt anybody's that
there are two genders like does it hurt
anybody that water boils at a certain
temperature or thinking a thing or two
plus two equals four he was banned all
part of this Persian thousands of
channels have not been brought back you
put it up attention on him force that
our channel and others came back not of
course he came back but not Mike Adams
of natural news.com so he's here to talk
about this and what his youtube sources
stolen because there are some Patriots
in YouTube and we've talked to them as
now BuzzFeed says it's not true YouTube
doesn't talk to us and I guess the
president doesn't talk to us either
because you just said so cuz you're
BuzzFeed but the point is he got this I
think I won't tell us your source oh
they can be fired everybody knows their
sources because our news turns out to be
99% of the time instead of 99% of the
time not being true from CNN so people
know our sources we don't give them to
you so Mike Adams because we're
protecting them it's what you do in
journalism Mike Adams of natural
news.com tell us what happened this is
incredible I mean I had looked at your
site in a few days when this happened I
think didn't have hundreds of millions
of views hadn't you been on YouTube for
like seven eight years give us the
history of this huge compendium of
research and knowledge that was pop
linked all over the web I mean you run
one of the biggest health sites in the
world I think only behind maybe Mercola
I mean you're in the top three and
they're just dynamiting you and you're
you're really a nonpartisan guy I mean
you didn't like George Bush more than
10,000 whomps are more than 1,700 videos
10 years of videos over I think 350
thousand subscribers and yeah we covered
how to prevent cancer how to grill your
own food how to raise backyard chickens
and plus I'm a pro Liberty voice and
what I'm being told now is from from a
person who I can't verify who they are
but they claim to be a YouTube insider
who said that my channel was taken down
because I said there were two genders it
just it was outrageous I thought at
first I was banned because I was pro
I wasn't sure they tell you you violate
Community Guidelines but they don't tell
you which video violated or which phrase
violated you know they claim if you
disagree with the leftist you're a bully
so if you say there are two genders now
you're a bully just for not believing
there are an infinite number of genders
and flying dragon kin human rainbow
unicorns it's insane
Alex out it's a war against logic and
let me be clear if you were clear then
before about the source I guess you
don't get to mine in trouble but we have
YouTube sources we have Facebook and
Twitter we've recorded them because some
of them said they don't mind if we tell
sources that like us some of them we
have several recordings at a high level
person at Twitter and Facebook where
they call us and they said if you say
the T word again you will lose your
Twitter we haven't recorded we go excuse
us the the word training was created by
transsexuals and now in 2017 Twitter
said it decided the executive it was
offensive so now that words ban you must
use the word transsexual I mean they're
not the FCC plus I'm not even attacking
anybody they're saying what words I can
use so we have them recorded telling us
that if you say the word he will be
banned and you have the professor's and
people getting fired or being censored
if they say there are two genders so
this is setting the precedent with all
the transhumanism coming out the
Chipping all this that if you even talk
bad about any of it you will be silenced
this is the new global system I always
heard the church when I was a little kid
didn't believe it that there'll be a one
world government one world religion if
you don't accept whatever that religion
is you'll be banned from commerce well
here we are with the internet ID and
this whole future Mike Adams and the
Chinese model of this global you know
social score like something out of you
know a black mirror episode and you're
sitting there and they're doing it and
then once they get you or you can't say
you know uh certain things well then
they can ban everything they have total
control Mike well absolutely and by the
way my channel was called the health
Ranger for people who you know who want
to try to find it now I mean it's still
gone but maybe maybe we can pummel
YouTube on this but look they're saying
that you can't quote biological reality
you can't say that men produce sperm you
can't say that women have ovaries I mean
just now citing biological science has
become a thought crime in America if you
say there are two genders if you quote
if you cite the science textbooks that
are in schools but are probably being
rewritten now you are banned you are
basically criminalized for believing in
reality and Alex this comes from a
position YouTube is actually weak
they're bullying us because their
positions are weak they can't survive a
debate they can't survive any kind of
actual conversation about reality
they can't win in the idea of reasons so
they have to censor their opponents
that's what this is it's a they're
admitting that they have lost they're
admitting that they're weak and they
have to destroy their opponents rather
than engaging them in intelligent
conversation the Church of Scotland came
out last Friday there's a story on
infowars.com with the headline Church of
Scotland says some women have small
penises some men have vaginas and the
folks this is being taught the children
by the church in official literature for
the sunday school you name it they can
put out his doctrine so I know this
sounds very profane on air but this is
documentary we are documenting it some
women have little penises that's the
exact quote says Scottish Church that's
the National Church Church of Scotland
Church member feels again that some men
have vaginas and some women have small
penises claims the Church of Scotland
and a 30 page booklet so this is total
mental illness just like the nurse got
in trouble earlier this year at the
National Health Service because a man
with a beard with large muscles and
tattoos came in and said I want a pap
smear of my cervix and she C went ahead
with it
and pulled his pants off and said sir
you have male genitals and last time I
heard she may be fired for not the leg
oh yes yes sir yes ma'am let me check
your your cervix here let me do a pap
smear for any type of diseases on a man
I mean what where is this going Mike
well this is all about you have to play
pretend now in the ever-expanding
insanity of the left and you can never
keep up that's the thing even if you
agree to go along with their political
correctness today and speak their weird
distorted language and use all the weird
distorted pronouns they changed next
week and now if you don't keep up with
the change all of a sudden you're a
bigot even though you were okay last
week now you're a bigot because you
didn't say he or she in the correct way
it is absolutely insane Alex they're not
just destroying the culture they're
destroying language they are destroying
logic and reason and the universities
today are not teaching kids how to think
they're teaching them how to come
form and be obedient and be terrorist
frankly their universities have become
terrorist recruiting hubs for leftist
and by the way you're not just saying
that when when Google makes you get an
Apple theater with their executives and
executive goes I'm a beautiful female
dragon I am a beautiful ornate building
and I know you are a beautiful
Dragonette you are an ornate building
that is Jim Jones CooCoo level on
purpose this is classic cult programming
it is that's why I've called it a left
cult this is this is dangerous they
demand obedience they're censoring free
speech they want to take away your First
Amendment your Second Amendment your
Fourth Amendment hey people if there was
ever a time to stand up and resist this
insanity and defend your nation it is
right now the war is on Alex everything
that's happening this censorship is
being done as a prelude to something
much bigger maybe an all-out attempted
communist takeover like a Stalinist they
are definitely hyping their people up
for militaristic action they are all
you're going to prison you're gonna die
when I see them in public I mean they
they are they are spoiling they are
because again once they accept to do
whatever the media says to be
politically correct they can the next
day say well just start killing people
and they will because they believe they
have the moral right to do it this is
scientifically crafted they will
absolutely this has been done before in
history and they know that if there's
enough anger pushed out there by the
late-night so-called comedy or left-wing
news if there's enough anger it bypasses
rationality bypasses logic and it turns
young leftist into literally a lunatic
liberal mob of wannabe killers and
that's why they're attacking people but
you know what we're gonna fight back
because we have the right to
self-defense and we have the right to
defense right are you ready to announce
the new video site because I'm a bunch
of these are launching some are getting
millions of subscribers day one I know
yours will you're gonna carry our
content tell can you tell us yet the new
name of the site the teaser it's up
there now real dot video you can ask for
an invitation it's coming real dot
videos the site you have done well lord
Vader love it do what must be done lord
we're gonna go to break come right back
we got Owens Troy you're on the ground
at the second bombing ice I don't
bombing in Austin for South by Southwest
is an Tifa behind it I smell a little
auntie for boobies we are back live
ladies and gentlemen if you're watching
us on television
oh and Schroyer is behind the yellow
tape of a Montopolis drive in Southeast
Austin with a live feed of the third
bombing the third bombing since March
2nd the second bombing today there was a
bombing on March 2nd there were two
bombings today including fatalities
breaking on infowars.com 3rd explosion
in Austin Texas from suspicious package
well it's it's a bomb yes
live video is on info wars.com live
video feed on the scene of the third
bombing we're dispatching reporters to
the bombing that happened this morning
this just happened a few hours ago we
have a live coverage at infowars.com
live video coverage on the ground at the
bombing there's not other media there
that the police are being very very rude
to Owen telling him and get back from
the yellow tape the FBI was not like
that they are searching the houses
they've court in the neighborhood back
to blocks this is unprecedented so a lot
of breaking news there we'll cover it
some in the next segment with live feed
and then go to Tommy Robinson who's just
flown back into the UK even going to
Islamic no-go zones the police obviously
coordinated an anti fuck to attack him
this female reporter who then defeated
the 10 thugs who ran in fear you cannot
make up the magnitude of this Mike Adams
of natural news.com you're normally an
austenite your operations are based here
but you are off now setting up a major
new video streaming service what do you
make of this let me just make this
statement is an tyfa behind the third
bombing here's the question is an tyfa
behind the now 3rd bombing in austin
texas they're violent they call for
violence they call for attacking
gentrification any old white people
moving in
to East Austin and you have three
bombings that have happened they also
say old Hispanics are old blacks if
you're not from the neighborhood you're
not wanted I'm just saying I think that
they should be investigated because they
are a terror group they're listed as a
terror group they call for violence
they've attacked the blue cat cafe a cat
sanctuary I believe their prime suspects
and that is not a conspiracy theory to
say a known violent group that's been
calling for violence against
gentrification and you got three
bombings I think they're prime suspects
I'm not saying they did it but I think
that's a normal extrapolation what do
you think Mike Adams until we know more
details yeah that that's a reasonable
speculation obviously that can change
when more facts are known but look
remember when CNN docks that elderly
woman who had posted something about the
pro-trump she is the kind of person I
believe who would be typically targeted
by anti fuh style domestic terrorists
because CNN demonizes those people D CNN
goes out and essentially stalks people
turns them into targets for a group an
tyfa which has said it wants to use
violence there they're very overt about
it there they're not you know covert
they they want to kill conservatives now
whether this bombing is that or maybe
just some personal vendetta against a
couple of individuals is yet to be known
but it fits the pattern Alex of what
anti-fur promises to do to conservatives
and political targets across America
well I know you're busy but if you'll
write an article about your site being
taken down and the fact that other sites
are sold out I'd like to point out this
has happened to thousands of prominent
sites that did not come back and the
only person that seems to care is Matt
Drudge and Infowars because we
understand if you hang will hang
separately my friends we need to hang
together so again please under you're
busy guy but if you write an article for
Anne Shiell news.com we will post it at
Infowars news Wars and I will try to
send it out to everybody I can we're
trying to have other people that have
still been banned on because you know we
understand it's it's it's you today it
says tomorrow
and finally Breitbart and Daily Caller
realize that and have finally come to
our aid as well because you know if they
get banned I'll stand up for them as
well so Mike thank you so much thank you
Alex great great to join you today and
just reminder all Patriots do not build
your content on centrally controlled
tech systems anymore always look for
alternatives and that's the right man
again that came here two years ago to
stay decentralized get out of the
electronic ghettos the center ships
coming the Supreme Court justice told
him and it's all here now even though
Trump got elected they're still trying
to deploy it we need to bust up these
trusts we need to get aggressive and we
are filing lawsuits very very soon thank
you Mike Adams we'll be back as the
fight for the restoration of humanity's
destiny continues ladies and gentlemen
we are back live in the third hour
broadcasting worldwide I am your host
Alex Jones our intrepid reporters Jake
Lloyd has now joined him and of course
Owen Shroyer are at the site of a third
bombing in Southeast Austin very close I
mean I'm talking a mile away from our
warehouse not our broadcast facility in
Central Austin but from our warehouse I
mean this is right down the road and
you've got multiple people reportedly
dead others injured this is the third
bombing since March 2nd one bombing
March 2nd two bombings today during
South by Southwest anti-fur has been
breaking in the houses of old people
communists have been beating people up
they have been attacking cat sanctuaries
beating out the windows poisoning the
cats some of the cats died with
reportedly whatever they threw in
putting super glue on the locks telling
the two white liberals they're not
this is communist whites leading
minorities in bizarre activity the
huffington post has endorsed violence
against gentrification if you're an old
black woman or an old white woman or
anybody who's not from East Austin quote
right to return the city's passing law
you are not welcome and the Huffington
Post and others have endorsed violence
well he said it was wrong to attack the
cat cafe and wrong that old people got
their houses vandalized this year last
year they said we were wrong and having
a post says violence is good so we're
asking the question right now is this
part of an tyfa violence and again we're
gonna do a live feed in the fourth hour
i'll go ahead and host the fourth hour
we're gonna do a live feed with owens
Troyer and others on the ground with
Jake Lloyd so know Jake's deployed I
want more live feeds on info wars.com we
have the headline live video feed from
the Austin
bombings live live video feed at the
site of the Austin bombing okay that's
the name that's the article we've got on
info wars.com and we need to get that
link out because locals are saying they
blocked off the roads they back people
lay off two blocks and they're searching
everybody's houses in the area as if
neighbors are involved what do the
police and FBI know and it seems like
every time there's an event like the
Boston bombing they shut the whole city
down and then the guys caught by a
neighbor not by the city being caught
down so I don't understand why they're
doing that but maybe they've got some
information we don't have but live feeds
are on info wars.com and news wars.com
right now if you want to see those feeds
I don't even see mainstream media there
so where we're at the side of the latest
bombing where there was at least one
fatality another bombing this morning so
there have been multiple deaths total
from this and again Owen is right there
about a hundred feet from the house and
and from from from our Intel talking to
locals nico Acosta is monitoring they
seem to have blocks and blocks one
direction but then he's able to get up
close to the house from another
direction so they seem to be searching
only in two directions not in four
directions we're gonna try to figure
that out doesn't seem to be a random
search they may have gotten some tips in
a certain direction and other issues
going on but right now I would say prime
suspects are anti feh are anti
gentrification groups because these are
the known violent rips that kind of
fashion themselves out of the Unabomber
kind of the prototype of this whole
thing I'm not saying that is what
happened I'm not saying the bombings
didn't happen I'm not saying their
crisis actors the media will lie and say
that out of hand
now that I thought that I would tell you
that so it is simply amazing info
wars.com news wars.com
now we're gonna go to break we come back
from break Tommy Robinson amazing
individual is join
as we've been in negotiations for six
months to get him to join the team I'm
so excited I want to work with him today
when I got off hair he just got back
from Austria to try to set it off cuz he
needs a studio he needs security he just
doing an amazing job but as you know
we've been under attack by the
globalists we're trying to decide what
our budget is but I'm just gonna expand
and then try to work something out
because this guy is doing an incredible
job so is his camera lady she got
attacked by an ephah fought them off he
knocked out at least four or five of
them it's incredible footage it's on
so on prison planet calm it's all there
this is gonna be a riveting 45 minutes
because it shows you everything ten
thugs attack a man and a woman they kick
their butts and they run in fear and
then the Daily Mail calls it oh the
young scrapper has you know been in a
fight with people no ladies and
gentlemen that's not what happened
so Tommy Robinson is here and we've got
Tommy Robinson calm Twitter at T
Robinson New Era
I get so loud of us or saying his name
wrong even though I love the guy I mean
it's just things are so crazy at this
point and the attacks here are so insane
and then they attacks the consumer so
insane it is just such a time now to be
involved so Tommy Robinson is gonna be
joining us from the UK after we go to
break now by the way I have barely
plugged today or any other days and I
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right joining us into the next hour is
not just the man of the hour the last
few years
Tommy Robinson has just been on fire
he's been exposing the recruiting of
little girls for sex slavery that's now
mainstream news the UK thousands per
town one small town at 4,000 grim some
of the murdered disappeared flown
overseas he's been imprisoned to put in
general population with Muslims they've
tried to kill him he he goes out his
family to picnics and Islamist attack
him he kicks their butt and the police
throw him out of the town now he went to
Italy where famous Italian journalists
females go and get beat up the no-go
zones I've been in Rome and the police
say oh it's incredible you even go to
the parks or under the trees there's
just thousands of North Africans just
sitting around they attack you but the
media says there's no no such thing and
so goes ups so he goes there some North
Africans try to attack him he knocks one
of them out they said we're gonna kill
your families they're trying to punch
him and he smacks them then they are
they'll tell you the whole story behind
the viral videos of 10 auntie for thugs
attacking him and his female reporter
they fight back and auntie four runs he
knocks down at least four of them I mean
these soy boy methods cannot take a
punch but it's incredible and how they
show up all of a sudden with the police
watching I believe the police were
coordinating this cousin he's either
he's under Sadiq Khan there so mr.
Robbins joins us here is some excerpts
of the video and you can follow him at
tea Robbins new era on Twitter he has
his new video site he's left rebel media
and I gotta say it's been explosive
since he left he was rebel didn't want
to get killed which I understand he's
now on the streets everywhere he goes he
gets pat on the back by christian
africans and by sikhs and indians love
him because they know they've been under
Islamic attack but the anti-fur
communist with Sadiq Khan and his police
are out to shut him down we've had
reporters trying to get into the UK
Laura southern from Canada they got
others got arrested that's on
infowars.com but let's go to excerpts of
what happened in Italy and what just
happened in London here it is
but what's amazing is Tommy doesn't say
mean things to these people they come up
and try to attack him in Rome you name
it we're gonna find out what happened
behind this movie was showing the
beginning of the footage we'll roll that
in a few minutes after we've talked to
Tommy and given him opening statements
but I'm just setting this up here he's
in a McDonald's parking lot and 10 men
Club he's backing away they start
attacking him he defends himself so
trying to hit him he goes at him first
smart when he of 10 guys are coming
around you he can't get away the media
spun it like Tommy Robinson got in a
fight no they a masked men attacked two
reporters and the two reporters fought
back and the cowards ran that's the real
headline what is the real headline here
Tommy Robinson incredible you are on
you are on fire my friend thanks
the headline is no way all the way three
days I knew it put certain points that
we've Lucy and with George as well who
are the camera team of us I knew we'd
get attacked at certain times but I
never thought they'd go for Lucy I guess
I I guess I fought too highly of them I
thought they had morals so I always say
to him and as soon as they turned up and
I saw the mask I basically get out of
the car
I looked across I see seven men coming
towards him with me with masks and then
I stood and I tried to move away from
Lucy I thought they'd go go for me so
fall that sound I'll move away they'll
all come for me they didn't they
sectioned off one went to George and one
went to Lucy and then he as you can see
starts attacking Lucy's resting on the
floor burr but to be honest Lucy gave as
good as she got loose he get Lucy give
as good as she got it he ended up she
was kicking him and hitting him and even
at the end I looked over and even see
George the other camera lad as well
scuffling with them as well but um a man
master they were ready to attack us and
as you write a straight off this the
police have turned up they've done
nothing Evo I found out I walked round
the corner to where these men were it
was that mosque because I was there was
a mosque at a communist alignment
between the Kurds and the Koran and
auntie fuh they were joining up for this
time I've actually got leaflets and
showed that they were practicing
technique by the way I was told by the
hostage rescue team in the FBI and this
started coming out later we were told
the day after Vegas that it was Kurdish
groups within he felt with Saudis that
carried out the attack and now it's
coming out the news that they have
merged with them so yes tell us tell us
why they knew where you were why they
attacked you in a McDonald's parking lot
why were they ready for you break that
down for us the only thing I could think
is we was in that McDonald's carpark or
Billy McDonald's we was in the car park
for 30 minutes so someone must have
spoiled us and the more I get people
look at me funny
wherever I go well I think it's because
they realize Who I am I remember a girl
standing there were hood up now I can
still see her face so I think I think it
must have been her and then they've made
the call and what I realized was there
was a hundred of them around the corner
there's a hundred of them when I went
back background there there's a hundred
of them in a mosque and Tifa
all their leading members and they're
having a practice day where they're
practicing their Fight Club and they're
practicing training to attack the
fascists aloma Hold'em that's what
happened but well they better get some
more training and it looks like you
knocked down at least four of them they
look at my face Alex see if seven min if
seven men want to come ma stop ready to
do damage why am I sitting here looking
pretty well the number of people said
was ten but I guess you actually fought
seven correct one one wait but they must
have had it planned as well because they
broke off straightaway one went for the
camera go went for the camera why can't
they take a punch I mean yeah I mean I
mean you're smoking I'm pretty good but
they are just but it's like they think
it's a video game it's the same thing
when the body guards that Michael Moore
hit me in some video on my film a
martial law and I hit him back they like
why'd you do that I'm like dude a sip
thing happened to Michelle Malcolm's
bodyguard he bumped into me I punched
him right in the stomach with my elbow
and he started crying it's like yeah
dude it's a two-way street sorry go
there's a few other so there's a few
other minutes that were missing from the
footage from where they grabbed the
cameras but the situation was that
because there's so many of them every
time one of them was coming at me and
not going to punch back we'll fight back
and one of them come from somewhere else
and then yeah but as I said they didn't
do a very
good job and what currently is happening
is in the UK the far left because of an
embarrassing this is these are the
people who claim to protect women they
claim to be defending minorities and
defending women and here they are
violently attacking a female journalist
we're on our own violently thrown on the
floor and here they are and anything
because of this situation I mean that
most of the left and even journalists
are coming out saying it's a staged
point he said and the fact the other
thing is I'm going to find these people
so we will have follow-up videos coming
out once I do find out who they are
I'm already think I'm on the process of
finding out theatre so stay right there
stay right there you're my hero man you
already were but this is amazing here's
the deal for six months he's wanting to
work with us and I wanting to I've just
been trying to get the capital do it
right cuz this guy needs a big platform
but we're gonna be right back I want him
to just have the floor recap where he
was why it happened what's coming next
and what happened in that missing space
what happened in that missing space
we're gonna talk about that ladies and
gentlemen I am so excited because Tommy
Robinson is on fire and he's got a new
website as well he's gonna tell you
about here in just a moment but I'm
gonna try to shut up I get so excited
he's gonna tell you the missing tape
while the camera people had the cameras
knocked out of their hands while the
woman's being attacked about what I see
is what people count as ten ant he fell
but I guess seven that attacked him and
then some women that will reportedly saw
him and we're part of it also reported
because around the block anti foot was
training at a mosque to do just this
very thing and that so imagine this
Tommy Robertson is just driving around
he pulls up in a car park by the
McDonald's they recognize him by the
time they come back out there they're
being attacked he tries to draw them off
so you've got the floor break down where
you were what happened where it is in
London what the mosque is doing and then
we'll tie this into your trip to Europe
reporters not being allowed into the UK
I mean this is serious
your Islamic mayor Sadiq Khan please
continue yes so basically what's
concerning is that there's a Kurdish
mosque and anti-fur were holding a
training day in the mosque and they had
guest speakers and one of the conditions
when I
all the stuff I've found when the
conditions was they can't have any
alcohol cuz I have to respect the
martyrs now I was aware that the Kurdish
struggle was also a communist struggle
oh that's why I was also aware but
seeing the two aligned completely seeing
them come together using the same
facilities seeing them to share speeches
and platforms about how they can attack
with fascism which basically means
anyone that's not a socialist or
communist yeah it's a waste of worrying
sign because that usually auntie fee
usually tried to wine the Muslims up
here they are with what people would say
is the most liberal of Muslims join in
and align in on their on their left-wing
views where they follow if I left the
genders now we was in the car park as
I've said I didn't think that attack
lucy stupid me they did they attacked us
but even there was the police's response
there's not there's another video
there's a fifteen minute long video
where after its attack i walk to the
mosque and when I get to the mosque all
the police are there and they're saying
God they again they saying get back go
I'm saying the gang of men that just
jumped me are in there what are you
gonna do about it and they do nothing
they actually say well because you call
or identify them because they had masks
on which if you reverse the situation
reverse the roles for one minute you've
got a Muslim woman and you've got a
Muslim man and then seven or eight young
white men come non-muslim to come and
attack them jump them and beat the girl
up and physically assault them the
police would shut that entire venue down
they would make sure they get the video
evidence of every single fear clothing
that every single individual is wearing
they would launch a massive
investigation they would go and get the
CCTV from every single building within
the vicinity they will put it on the
national news politics it'd be white
supremacist hate crimes committed
against the poor innocent Muslim woman
it means a number one story in the world
but because it was it they shut it down
well no one's even spoke about poor Lucy
really no one spoke about I haven't seen
one journalist no one's contacted her no
media have contacted her she's violently
attacked for being a journalist they're
journalists but yet oh every single
report from the mainstream media
Tommy Robinson
oi him with masked men no that's not how
it was
Tommy Robertson was getting a burger
from McDonald's and he was an and and
his camera go and his cameraman were
violently attacked by a gang of fucks
with the headline should make it give us
the headlines we're gonna name this
video that I mean you're absolutely
right a gang of masked thugs viciously
female reporter media covers it up I
mean that's really the headline that's
police refuse to at least refuse to deal
with it and the police actually said I
looked around and I said there's a CCTV
camera straight above my head I want
that footage because that was shot that
will show all of it I want all the food
but of course son they said unless you
can identify them
and then when they're talking about the
crime they said oh it's a public water
it's not public order he's a violent
politically motivated hate coin which is
what you keep going on about it's a hate
crime they thought they are purposely
targeting of us because of our beliefs
we've been finally attacked we've been
robbed they took they smashed the camera
they stole the microphone a 500-pound
microphone it's the street robbery as
well but none of these charges have been
bought or looked into or investigated
it's just that's it you've got be art
they're gone
the police are actually standing with
them well you know the answer you need
you need to recruit a Sikh or an Indian
to go undercover and record the mosque
and blow their entire operation it's
time for covert action it should be it
should be boy cities when they do this
so in these videos go viral they expose
themselves they expose themselves and
and we're always they eat what the media
do is they use it no matter what to try
and tarnish me or defame me or slander
me and bracket me is a Fargas of violent
hooligan so that if someone's going to
come up to me same in Rome if someone's
going to threaten your life if someone's
gonna by the attack you you're going to
fight back and that's all I've done and
usually to be honest Alex I have to put
my hands behind my back in so many
situations there's been so many times
when I've been punched first well I
shouldn't have been punched first
alright look it's like this situation
there you're watching people would only
be happy if I let him stab me so unfair
have been a punch bag if I'm honest I'm
fed up of continually having to not act
with my instinct and defend myself
because I'm constantly worried oppressor
cute and put in prison because I know
that the system and and the government
must be clear they've got you on
probation even though they're
overthrowing your conviction all right
now they took your house everything
because you fought back when Muslims
attacked you you now go to the houses of
the people that are saying they're gonna
kill you I mean this is just insane the
climate there the climate in the last
I've watched and I am for the first time
in a long time I am very very worried
I'm very worried because I watched as
when down an Osborn who is a white man
who drove her van into Muslims outside a
mosque when the police opened on that
core case a big one the biggest
terrorist court cases in our country
especially with a media of course cuz it
was white when they had not that court
case they open up with a blatant lie
they said that he had direct Switzer
messages we've Tommy Robinson and they
also blamed him for words I should add
yes of course yeah of course and they
didn't warn me and when they've done
that the media run with everywhere now
because of that and since then the lead
officer in counterterrorism a man called
mark Rowley he come out two weeks ago
and he gave a speech where he said Tommy
Robinson is this basically the same as
and young children and Jim child who is
the leader of a proscribed terrorist
organization sixty percent of Muslims in
British prisons for terrorism directs
members of his organization he wants to
throw gay people off rooftops he wants
to bury women the floor in the fluid
smash box of their heads and all they
want to stop him and somehow that puts
us on the same level of sub Watch says
they've Upton Upton Upton and even now
we've Britney pay bone who's uh who's a
young American girl her and her partner
would flew into the UK four or five days
ago they were held at customs they were
arrested they were detained and present
it's a tension centre full of Muslims
for three days before they were deported
know the home of this
said the reason she was not allowed in
the reason she was detained and the
reason she was deported was because she
was coming to interview
Tommy Robinson she's coming to interview
me today so that's right over today
they've just held Lauren's southern and
they've deported her and banned her from
our country again this is so oh boy
watch does everything
there are penny-ante and they're trying
to build build me up as a preacher of
hate with zero evidence that's right
stay there we got to go to break this is
critical a Britney Pettibone held for
four days Lauren Southern held as
terrorist this doesn't even have the
printouts they're not racist any of that
stuff they're part of a free speech crib
and we have the footage of in Europe
when they get kicked back out of England
coming back and Tommy and went there to
interview him he is a busy man let me
tell you something I admire him I mean
he made me feel so strong when I saw him
in that video this weekend fight it gave
me a lot of strength and it flips
something in my mind it just let me know
just how bad our enemies are and just
how dedicated they are to enslaving us
we'll be back as humanity awakens stay
with us
well we've been working on a plan to get
Paul Watson and Tommy Robinson together
because Paul is amazing he probably
reaches the minis people as I do and I
had to tell him six years ago I said
listen I'm cutting your pay in half he's
not good for money that's the problem -
he didn't he just does his work and he's
so humble that he didn't want to be on
air and I said Paul you're super
articulate his brother's got a PhD in
international affairs this is smartest
Paul he doesn't even want to be seen or
he's just so humbled he wants him just
the smartest Paul and you know he just
wants to run his Folk Festival music
festivals he runs some pretty big
festivals he's successful in that right
he writes articles from fours but I told
Paul I said you're going on here and I
said here's your website here's your
Twitter account had no followers or
nobody on I said here it's called prison
planet he didn't even want to be named
after him he said oh it's too much fancy
if it's my name it's alias behind the
scenes just maybe prison planet Mike one
for me and I said okay you're doing it
so maybe we can get this guy from LA
and they're a little more aggressive
teamed up with Paul the little northern
Viking now so we get the Brittany you
know with the Viking from the north and
we'll get something going here because
these two are they gonna be the dynamic
duo especially with his crew it by the
Lucy Brown you know I was watching the
footage in fast motion she has gray hair
I think maybe that's that style because
she's actually an attractive looking
woman now that I paused it I was saying
here's and Aoife attacking an old lady
but then I started watching tell us
about Lucy Brown tell us about all this
and then other tidbits of what happened
when the cameras were knocked out of
your hands I think he said for several
minutes what happened there and then
into the reporters that it would kidnap
for four days for trying to enter the
country to talk to you I say so I met
Lucy and I met George in which is our
team I met them I'm do you actually I
made the mother discussion year ago and
then people know videos we've done in
the last four weeks since I recorded you
exploring it's like a bowling ball was
taken off your leg or right way back
yeah we're back as we explained you when
we first started working together we
exploded as soon as we first come
together rebel but they know his own
there was wherever happens
rebel doesn't want you to get killed
you're asked you're a great Patriot a
star but you're a warrior so you're
staying out the streets I'm not I mean I
understand you know why you guys had
friction cuz you know they didn't want
to get you killed
I don't want to get you killed either
that's why I want to get enough capital
and to get you some security brother you
and Paul cuz you guys are gonna hit the
ground running
yeah that's the stories the stories me
around the street the stories around the
street and to be honest are yeah say
even in the last four weeks people could
probably even sense off myself I'm happy
doing this I'm happy I'm happy I feel
like I'm doing what I wanted to be doing
again and yeah I'm happy and I'm like
yeah I'm happy so I'm happy because I
know it's having an effect it's having
to change it but I want you to know your
spirit gives me incredible energy and
now that you're turning it loose I'm not
kidding I feel stronger and I'm more
aggressive and have more hope because of
you know it doesn't good fit well I get
that when I meet members of the public
and I see how
it means today I'm gonna see the
reaction to gallop then it get empowered
me empowers me and to know that to know
who's making a difference but that's
there when I'll come on you was on your
show last week I spoke about how we had
the upper hand in 2016 we had the medium
we had the social media we took it we
used it and the authorities in the
system the globalist did not know what
to do with it but now they're taking it
back they read a regaining them pulling
back their power there whether it be
taking my blue tick off I was suspended
from Twitter last week for seven days
for simply stating a fact
I see a situation coming in the next 12
bumps where I'm completely removed from
social media completely and that's the
that's the and that's why we've now got
a whole team up to magnify everything
here because we've gotten so big they're
having trouble actually deleting us
absolutely so this was critical yeah
you've got you've got to the stage where
they can't they can't get rid of you but
what they're witnessing with me the
reason why they've just done this with
Lawrence Auburn well that what was
insane is they've welcomed all these
immigrants in they've welcomed Isis
fighters back I spoke yesterday said
they put him in a mug that they put him
in the best section 8 housing tell folks
he's a Moroccan living in Italy he tried
to fight Isis he was stopped he told the
Border Agency I want to become a
terrorist and then three months later
after all of his details were put on the
European database to be watched
he just strolled straight into London
moved to our country now think about
that he's tried to join Isis he wants to
be a terrorist our border staff didn't
stop him didn't arrest him but they
stopped Brittany paver they stopped
Lauren southern they didn't stop him he
went on to kill eight people and a ninja
40a we've had last week a pakistani
preacher who is banned from every mosque
in pakistan he's banned from preaching
in pakistan he flies into my country and
he's touring the mosques of our country
giving radical sermons inside murder
upon people but don't worry cuz our
Border Agency have got Lauren southern
so everything's all right
so what because because the globalist is
it's all in the UN plan they admit
they're gonna bring in Islam as their
enforcer they get Christianity gone so
that you have no culture even if you
don't believe in God folks at the point
is this an operating system for them
they get rid of that so you have no
culture than they bring in the new
culture and they make you submit to it
and it's all in the Peter Sutherland you
and globalist Yunker the unelected you
know dictator the EU the heir to the
Nazi fortune that's what I mean you
cannot make this up you cannot make up
how evil they are now gonna play this
clip from from where you are in Europe
set up this clip of Patti bond Brittany
Pettibone and her boyfriend coming out
you got the folks there in German you
know chanting about free speech media's
calling him rot Nazis all they are is a
free speech coalition group and and
demonizing folk speech so set this up
we'll play the clip again was this
Austria or was this Germany where they
flew back into so Brittany was coming to
interview me she was arrested held
detained and they were deporting her so
I feel is important that we were waiting
for her in in Austria so as she come
through the airport and if I'm honest it
was a beautiful moment when they
returned and I looked and I saw probably
up fifty to a hundred people who were
greeting them at the airport who was
singing a song about free speech and
free fall and I realized what it meant
to these people what the values of
freedom of speech meant to them and then
I felt humiliated that my country has
just attained this couple Marlene Sona
and Brittany pepper they've been
they've been imprisoned and now they've
been deported he mine so know who's
Brittany's partner he was coming to give
a speech at speakers corner speakers
corner for anyone who doesn't know in
London there's 300 years of history it's
where it's known as way you can go and
say whatever you want so now you realize
that your own country let's for the clip
is a time you now realize your own
country's going pure authoritarian where
actual Brits and others have no speech
or Canadians coming in to speak you have
no speech but the foreign invaders do
backed up by your Islamic mayor and the
go to that Club hey how you doing
welcome home
okay I'm Britney look online oh yeah
fine thank you go quite reception
waiting yeah amazing how do you think
I'm just thankful for all the people
supported us everybody who tweeted
people met demonstrations in front of
embassies and especially the brave guys
who went to speech corners today they're
a backbone of our resistance can you
briefly tell us what happened yeah so it
was separate for us so he was denied
entry for a different reason I was
denied entry because I said I was going
to interview you and so I have the
immigration statement I'll show it to
you and it says you're denied entry
because you want to interview far-right
activists if are right extremists
Tommy Robinson who incites racial hatred
and so Martin actually mentioned he was
like why don't you let her through and
chicken to her interviews and I won't go
and and then the event won't take place
so it'll be fine they're like her
situations worse because she's good at
Tommy that's about it was yeah we wanted
to give a speech about freedom of speech
there but it wouldn't even let us go to
through a speaker's corner and I think
sometimes a speech do you don't give
speaks more this is beautiful a
beautiful reception
welcome home
so let's talk about what happened Jeremy
lost 22 million people in World War two
getting swindled into that war by Hitler
in the globalists we're gonna break him
back with mr. Robinson the third fourth
hour here but now the left can't stop
they bring people and they do race-based
garbage and when people try to resist it
they say you have no right to exist and
the Green Party and all of them in
Germany say it's time to get rid of
white people they're inherently evil and
then when people young people come
together and say no that's not true then
they call them Nazis and say they have
no speech this is a globalist plan to
destroy all culture exploit the
third-world everybody it's an admitted
plan and they hate mr. Robinson because
he goes to speaks to the black African
Gribbs he goes and speaks to the Sikhs
and everybody else and it's open for all
that as long as you're for everybody
else's freedom everybody else is
compatible but the Islamist and the left
they're allied with will be back ladies
and gentlemen we need to support free
shipping ends today
infowar store calm without you we cannot
defeat the globalist in force toward
calm all right Tommy Robertson's on fire
he's with us at least another 30 minutes
then we're gonna have Rob do Owen
destroyer Jake Lloyd our reporters at
the scene of the 3rd bombing 2 today one
a week ago in Austin Texas
it looks like an tyfa anti
gentrification attacks reason I say that
is they've said they're gonna start
attacking and bombing and shooting
they've already attacked old people cat
cafes weird meth head white people
leading usually mentally ill minorities
I'm not just saying that it's usually
like mentally ill minorities led by
white people communists so I'm not like
trying to virgin signal towards the
minorities that are the majority now in
most areas its communist white dirtbags
leading it okay
and that's what it is and then they're
funded by big foundations and drive
around in Jaguars and Mercedes and when
we looked up some of these people we
have traded some of their meetings we
put some pis on them and they're all
rich kids so I thought they were just
meth heads or something in their mom's
basement no these are corporate people
their parents make a million dollars a
year half a million a year one of them
heads up Time Warner here in town and
then they're out there leading this this
crap I mean these are evil people so
yeah we've been following your houses
sher threatened our reporters and stuff
we've got at least 20 of the leadership
of Andy felt where you live what you're
doing we're not playing games okay
and Tommy Robinson playing games we make
an announcement coming up the next
segment this one short but Tommy other
key tidbits about the and Aoife
attacking you your female camera person
all of this stuff you talked about what
happened when the cameras were knocked
out of your hands what would more on the
missing minutes
the missing minutes and the reality is
we you know since since I went
independent so I went independent and
everyone who's been working me have been
working me voluntarily because we didn't
have funding and we didn't have support
so George Kaelin Lucy and then we've
been making do with not good equipment
so we weren't ready and our equipment
weren't great we should have body cams
we should have cameras on the cars we
didn't have cuz we haven't we're just
starting to get organized now and don't
get into too much details but but
exactly you don't have money for solid
state body cams you guys have already
infiltrated we can't get into it but
then the system failed we hope yeah
basically without saying too much we
want to help all we want to do 22 where
they're done to us we want to make sure
that everyone exactly what you said I'll
be honest with you we had someone to
their lead people we've had people sat
outside their houses with cameras
photographing them in their movements
and these people think they're invisible
they think they're knowing those who
they are aware they are and they think
that they can sit there and they can put
people to dress this out and they can
make frets to kill a murder and they can
incite violence against anyone who has a
difference opinion without their beena
without there being a repercussion and I
think I'm not talking about violent
repercussions I'm talking about expose
days on who they are and what they're up
well if I told her before in Austin who
has any I've been watching them on their
own time they would crap their britches
I mean former intelligence heads of the
most elite military units you name it
just are just tired of it and I think
the other gonna false flag their own
people the blame us so we don't want any
violence against him we're just gonna
catch him in crimes and make sure they
go to prison yeah and that's what to be
honest I'd say I'd sit confidently you
say that those men that attacked us they
wouldn't have heard the end
so they will and the thing is they wear
their masks they hide their identity and
they think they're invisible and at some
point those masters may get pulled down
and they're gonna have cameras in their
faces and then we're gonna see what the
men they are well you're too strong
you're too dedicated you're too focused
you're too manly you got to worry about
the government that's been hijacked by
the globalists and Siddiq on the city
you live in
they're so arrogant I think they're
gonna probably try to kill you they
don't understand I'll turn you into a
martyr but they just don't get it go
ahead sorry yeah well they're Donnie's
so they let terrorists in if they know
who these terrorists are they watch them
they do nothing
I let them blow things up they're all on
the watchlist and then they so then they
use those crimes and those terrorist
attacks to bring in new laws to take
away more freedom and then those laws
and they bring in they use against us
they pull us they poor Lauren Southern
she's held under the Terrorism Act today
arrested on the terrace legislation and
the point from our country meanwhile
bearded jihad he's just strolled back as
right stay right there
imagine a whole gang of thugs training
with communist Islamist at a mosque
learn from one of their operatives that
Tommy Robinson is at a McDonald's with
his camera lady and then they come over
and attack the woman to get the camera
viciously start beating her she fights
back he fights back then they run is
cowardly scum and the police are all
there and do nothing
Tommy Robinson's our guest to the bottom
of the Anna that we have reporters on
the scene of the third bombing in Austin
you cannot make this up so we're gonna
talk to own Schroyer than Rob do and of
course Jake Lloyd and then this has been
work for six months I want to publish
his book
Mohamed's Korea it's already a
best-seller and you're up here in the
u.s. because I want you here what
Mohammed actually said and then I I want
to hire him but I said let me finish up
with all this stuff till I know the
budget I just can't wait they keep
hitting us with other torpedoes we're
moving forward that's why I gave $20,000
the project Veritas because they do
incredibly great work and the lawyers
told me they said the footage they have
in the New York Times and YouTube and
on Twitter and Facebook saying you're
public enemy number one Alex Jones is
the enemy plus anybody else that spreads
American flags they said well we banned
Alex Jones or anything like him or
anything like American flags we hate the
America I mean it's on video
these are globalist and then a lot of
people that you see me Lister's they go
oh I'll be promoted by YouTube and make
money by attack I'll shown so they flip
and then people think oh look you're
being censored you're not winning no I
am winning I'm changing the world the
way people think about only themselves
it's like if you had neighbors upstream
is the point Ted Nugent made last week
on out of his house and they're crapping
in the river and it's coming down to
your house they've never right to do
that okay and that's where we are so
we're changing the world we expect to
get attacked throws like guy we're gonna
kill you we're gonna shut you up like we
get that okay we're here to stop you so
all these innocents don't get run over
it's an instinct it's a spirit it's not
like trying to be a hero you can't roll
over when you see him kidnap the little
girls like he did in this town
he owned a tanning bed company was
making money middle class and I had a
big nice house I know Robin story
everybody demonization about him 10
years ago and halfway believing at my
own self
they took this house they put him in
prison they tried to kill him now he's
stronger than ever so he's not doing
this for his own self he's doing it
because the town he was in it turned out
four thousand little girls were grim for
sex many of them kidnapped many of them
killed many of them disappeared this is
a evil British pedophile government
allied with Islam because under its
tenets of radical Islam it follows
pedophilia everybody knows about the
giant scandals the pedophilia in England
the secret dungeons the torture the
murder of little kids the Prime
Minister's foot little girls throats all
that's coming out the BBC is basically a
giant pedophile cult
so I mean London Telegraph pedophile
cult runs UK cannot be released will
destroy national security that's a
headline that's top police saying we're
run by pedophiles who are devil
worshippers you cannot make that up
water he rubs their slave pits of women
and Mohammed had sex with a nine year
old so Turkey's legalizing sex with nine
year olds right now you cannot make this
up so I'm gonna donate twenty thousand
dollars we don't have because we did
last year we brought it even more
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Robinson $20,000 by tomorrow so they can
get the equipment they need they've got
him trying to break in their houses
surveilling I'm trying to infiltrate
them I mean it's it's been amazing
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Bond's have 200 our cameras that are
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go to his website let's put it on screen
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Tommy Robinson now there's the website
what is the best places you've got a lot
of these is it is it Tommy Robinson dot
online that that awesome site
okay let's let's fade his audio back up
cause he didn't amaz all your fade it up
I'm gonna get this right this time
what's the best web for site Tommy Tommy
Robertson Don line and Alex you will get
value for money cuz you know like since
going independent we haven't got the
funds and he even even like his Sunday
because they stopped cuz they stopped
mine selling of speaking in London and
they deported him I've said they may
have stopped the speaker but they won't
stop the speech so I'm gonna go to
speakers corner
where's 300 years of history at speakers
corner some of the most controversial
figures in our country's history have
spoke there from George Orwell to Cole
Marx and our government think they can
stop that they speakers corners been
taken over by radical Islamic jihadists
that's the only people to go there to
promote their religion well this Sunday
at 3 o'clock the battle for speakers
call it begins now I know I'm going
there and but we don't have the money or
he didn't haven't had the money to get
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money to get proper security so thank
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people are responding they're getting
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leadership your marches through no-go
zones the fact that only Muslims are
allowed to have free speech now in the
UK I've seen it myself where Muslims are
allowed to speak but nobody else is this
this has to be stood up against this is
absolutely devastating so again people
need to go to your website because you
know it wasn't for organizations and
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funded it same thing here twenty
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make them back off we have to sue the
people that filed false complaints we
have to sue you know folks that sue is
saying and we you know we can have a
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they're coming after our free speech so
enforced or calm in fors live.com and
also go to mr. Robbins website because
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there like Tommy Robinson need your
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today all right let's cut right into the
broadcast Alex Jones here we're
listening to a some radio stations and
TV stations you are getting past the
censors they're trying to block us
everywhere we have Tommy Robinson
joining us we have a Caitlyn his one of
his amazing camera crib also want to get
Lucy on the woman who gave as good as
she got when the cowardly auntie for
thugs tried to climb on top of her but
during the break I was asking mr.
Robinson what's coming next and he was
just telling me amazing things I mean he
is just like Nigel fries woke up people
politically this is the next nasal Faraj
for the next level and if you knew his
story it is incredible how he's fighting
racism how he founded the English
Defence League and then they got it was
read about races so he left it exposed
it and he's just a great guy great
father a great painter he's gone through
so much he's got this great crew of
people that I want to link up with Paul
Joseph Watson who again is so humble
he's just a rock star politically you
know here in the US in the UK when I've
been in public with him in the UK gets
we have to use the popularity to
culturally win well they're gonna shut
us down in our houses and Paul finally
got that he said I know I've got anymore
videos I gotta go on the streets it's
true I don't gonna let him shut me down
so the fact they're trying to suppress
him he's a seed he's gonna grow but I
think when I team these guys up together
I mean I think the strength of them is
gonna be frightening and that's what I'm
looking for I'm looking like with Owens
Troyer and others people that will
surpass what I've done that's true
victory we're not in competition with
other media and we're in competition
with tyranny to defeat it so Tommy
Robinson and you tell me donations are
coming in I want to thank the listeners
that's great
and of course Cailin when your great
camera folks you guys have got the floor
the last seven minutes tell us what's
coming next what's coming next we want
to build we want to take over the media
that's what we want to do in Europe we
want to be the people we all
every time there's a terrorist attacked
my name trends everyone searches for the
truth when they're searching for the
truth they're searching from your
average video gets 5 million views now
that means CNN doesn't have that 10
no that's and that's why that's why
they're trying to silence us that's why
they're hanging us but one thing I'd
like to say is I've also got the
opportunity and platform I won't be able
to do it but the people who support me
and I certainly won't be able to have
done any of it I need the videos without
Kalin without George about Lucy because
people give me the credit because they
see me on the end of the camera but
they're risking their life so every time
they're walking into mosques for me
they're walking into hostile
environments for me they're coming under
George's come under attack Lucy come
under attack so they're putting their
their lives on the line and they don't
really get any gratitude for it no in
fact he gets like awkward people for it
so yeah yes that's mine so I won't be
able to ban him guys so yeah we're let
me ask you a question then before you
talk about what's coming next
Kaelyn I'm familiar with your work with
the last years with Tommy where does
this courage come from because they
target you guys with the cameras first I
mean what do you do when a guys are
trying to beat you up I mean you don't
come off as like a you know hooligan or
anything just a nice artistic type fella
but I mean I guess your uncle M suppress
your speech is that it well I think the
camera lens you kind of feel a sense of
courage anyway you know that what
they're doing is wrong
and in general what you're doing is
right what you're showing is right what
you're exposing is right what you're
saying is right and so that sort of
gives you a sense of yeah of courage of
being able to just follow through with
what's gonna happen you know yeah you
might get seriously injured and things
like that might happen but you still
have so many other people who are who
are on side who are watching what's
going on and is the right thing to do
and production values is our best weapon
that's the thing that we have that's
blowing everyone else out of the water
that's terrifying the mainstream media
and that's the number one thing that
just drives me to do to do all of this I
used to work in in the mainstream media
before this now you just basically take
their tactics and bring it here and it's
terrifying everyone and yeah that's
where it all come from because you know
that regardless of what happens
regardless of how bad it gets in the end
what you're doing is still the right
thing and I think we're still on the
right side of history and that's where
it all comes from and let's talk about
real hard I mean I heard you ten years
ago they should oh this race is horrible
in prison he says that they're grooming
thousands of girls in his town for sex
slavery and then it came out later a
bunch of them got killed they got
shipped overseas they chop them up and
feed them to people out of kebab stands
I mean I used to think you were crazy
and then it because who believes this
about and then it's all true and then
now it's back in the news about grooming
today I mean folks Islamic countries are
hellholes unless it's Jordan or
something I mean and then they're seen
as heretics it's women can't drive cars
my god they're selling women on slave
blocks explain to people what we're up
the grooming cases just come out today
and see at Offutt if they've got a
thousand victims toph it's a small town
there's not many Muslims there there's a
thousand victims we found out that five
people five five people have been
murdered and it's all been covered up
it's all been covered up one of the
victims they set fire to her her sister
and her mother they burn them to death
the Muslim men that were raping them
burn them to death
we're only just hearing about it now
this has been gone by the way I had them
I had them in my stacks finally the BBC
s report inquiry call over Telford child
sex exploitation boom I mean this is
explain how this happens the police
won't touch the Muslims so literally
fifty year old men are grooming your
nine-year-old daughters go ahead the
baby save only just report on that as
you see one hour ago they've been silent
this has been got other media have been
talking about this for 24 broke this you
broke this ten years ago yeah when I
thought I remember going on a show with
Jeremy Paxman Jeremy Paxman was the
biggest most hostile interviewer in the
country and I sat and said to him and if
um people can watch fat the video I said
our daughters not your daughters our
daughters you don't know what we're
talking about we do our daughters our
sisters are being pimped at being beat
and they're being raped across this
country by gangs of Muslim men and he
looked at me like I was stupid he looked
at me like I and then years on and I
even remember after that when I walked
through Luton and I met another man he's
out of all the things you could have
spoke about why did you speak about
gangs and Muslim men talk in young
English girls when and he looked at me
like that and I see him I see the same
man years later and he said I can't
believe it I've watched everything
everything you spoke about I said cuz
that I had a calm
sation this week Alex we have another
farmer who I'm gonna go meet at the end
of the week whose daughter was 12 years
old they were gang raping her they took
her into a park they poured petrol over
pretending to set her on fire to terrify
her the and this is another case the
bottom end of Stockholm that's to put
them to simulated of it with a gun or
gasoline to put them in the simulated
Stockholm Syndrome to put them into the
to submit to them that's it and this is
not just it's quite it's not just about
raping and raping the women for their
sexual gratification
it's about destroying one girl they took
her tongue 12 years old they nailed it
to a table another young girl they got
hi-hi-hi and rods with the layer em and
they burned in Headey and they scolded
on that bum when she was 11 years old
because she was the property of Mohammed
and if you stop the average man in the
briefs pit British Street they won't
even know that they will not even know
this has happens and that is they's the
true crime if a woman gets her hijab
pulled off it's on world news
our daughters again scolded on their bun
with the property of Mohammed they
gained their tongues now two tables
they've been raped for one into this
country to the other and we're supposed
to just tolerated part with it because
if not we're racists or extremists the
Home Office are labeling me an extremist
to incise religious and racial hatred
for simply talking about these crimes
because it's Roman it has to and then
let me raise this then now it's finally
breaking another town thousand girls
five of them dead sex slavery branding
their asses excuse me I mean this makes
me want to go berserk why is it now
breaking just cuz they can't hide it
more people recognizes it's coming out
since 2009 if you look at the arrest
rate the arrest rate is a steady a
steady a steady flow like this and in
the English Defence League fault and
then he explodes because no longer when
the world's media were coming into our
streets and then were marching and
scream in his shouting and holding up
signs saying our daughters are not
allowing me they could hide it no longer
they've done everything they could but
they could hide it no longer and now the
cats out of the bag but they're still
they they haven't even scratched the top
over there Tommy Robertson Fox one of
greatest living Patriots with his great
career when I get a final comment from
both of them
about what's coming next this is a man
then we've got our reporters the scene
of the third bombing we got multiple
that we got deaths well we're in talked
about it all here in Austin probably
communist bombings stay with us and we
now take you to the year 2018 when more
than 10 million radical Islamists have
been brought into Europe in just the
last five years the UK is desperately
trying to pull out of the unelected EU
but the grandson of the most powerful
Nazi industrial family who privately
owned Luxembourg via german paratroopers
taking it has pledged to break up the
United States and defeat Trump this
isn't fiction this is March 12 2018 I'm
Alex Jones we've had three bombings in
the last week to today fatalities
we've got people injured we've got just
a mile from our warehouse another
broadcast ility at warehouse a bomb has
gone off we've got our crew there we're
about to go to them I'm not saying it if
I did it they're a violent group it says
they're gonna attack people that are
gentrified whether it be black white or
Hispanic if they're not from the
they're attacking cat sanctuaries
physically attacking be able mugging
people they are just the filth of the
earth it's vicious people with Satan
tattoos and and hammers and sickle
tattoos and I must think tattoos are bad
I'm saying the tempters they have a very
evil just the scum of the earth and now
we've had an T force come at a radical
jihadi communist mosque of Kurds
discover that mr. Robinson was around
the street they came over and attacked
him he fought back just in closing what
else is coming up you're very very busy
you're on the ground if you're associate
the camera ground was to pop back again
he's welcome but just tell us what's
coming next and any other key points I'm
gonna drive straight skyline no Drive
skylights sit down with Lauren southern
to hear about her ordeal being held by
customs today in the UK doing one of the
things they said to her Alex they said
to her what's your view on I know I
would you intend to run over Muslims
with a vehicle what would you think
about that now could you imagine Muslims
coming to the UK and they sat them down
last Indy sort questions and
avasta they're painted Oh as a Christian
extremists they've a question though a
lot about why she's meeting me and I'll
tell you the true reason for this
me and Lauren Southern were about to
partner up and hopefully still will
we're about to partner up and do some
videos together and I think it worried
him I think the support base would have
worried him and so they've done every
step they've made in the last week
everything they're doing even when it
comes to statements they're making in
the media it's all because they're
worried and they should be worried they
should be worried because right now
we're connecting and speaking to more
people than ever before
people are realizing they've been lied
to the trust in the media is gone the
trust in the police has got people
looking elsewhere now for people that
will lead them I want to lead them I
want to lead people won't educate them
on a help them or show them to show them
exactly what's happening on our streets
and so long as we can stay alive doing
it what's next is we're gonna expose so
many problems in this country we're
going to and then the thing is when they
make their decisions when they make
their decisions like they just made to
burn burn brick really pay bone and
deport them they do our job they made
kill so many people but this Sunday are
being speakers corner given a speech
I'll be reading out Martin sellin his
speech the speech that he was due to
give I'll be there this Sunday and it
will be the Battle of speaker's corner
the police and the government for there
they would prevent this by stopping the
people coming into our country instead
they've just created a massive swell of
support thousands of people will be
coming to speaker's corner and hopefully
for the first time it won't be ruled by
Muslims this Sunday and by the way I
want to pick up your feed and come here
Sunday what time is that so I can line
it up so we have live coverage I'm on
four to six already but that would be
basically at 10:00 at night where you're
at so what time is it it'd be 3 3 p.m.
Sunday speakers corner and all I want to
do is that when I met mine so on the
last night I said I couldn't care if you
were handing me the Communist Manifesto
to reach the point this is not about
mine Sona
it's not about Britney it's about free
speech it's about the history of our
country it's about 300 years of history
and people being able to go there with
controversial ideas and put them out and
give their opinion
so big this is so big 9:00 a.m. Sunday
I'm coming in and we're gonna cover this
live so we have multiple feeds please
I'm gonna try to get Paul Watson to go
and be with you there because I'm
telling you it just like I got him to go
on the air if I can just get him in the
street it's gonna be huge because it's
I know it's girlfriend of mine we get
killed but this this is the real fight
here and we've got to expose these
people and and just hear the horrible
vileness but none of the Muslims reticle
are good I suspect feeling this Sunday
for the first time in Britain's history
someone will be prevented from talking a
British man will be stopped from
speaking at speakers corner but wait Col
marks from Lennon to every controversial
figures who spoke there but right now
the difference is right now in this era
we have a Muslim population that is not
allowed to be offended or upset so I'll
wait to see the government's the
government's tactic or the police's
I expect to either be held grabbed or in
a car crash before Sunday time will tell
alright that's Tommy Robertson I will
call you as soon as the broadcast is
over in 20 minutes and I gotta get on
the road you've got so much coming up
and let's just get this planning die
because we've been talking a lot the
last six months even like hey let's do
it and now you're out of rebel your
contract we can do it so I'm very
excited and we just spear them why are
you twenty thousand today where I get
that done and what people should donate
their again at Tommy Robinson dot online
info stand support I said in for Stuart
calm now is the time ladies and
gentlemen people are taking action
they're not rolling over and hiding in
the suburbs and ignoring what's going on
this is on this is the fight against the
globulus the fight for free speech this
is the 21st century tyranny you know
people face Hitler they faced Lenin they
faced Mao we are facing the global as
the mega corporations that are running
this and we're going to defeat them
we're going to expose them Tommy
Robinson I salute you and your team oh
and please as soon as we can get
Lucy Brown on she's amazing she'll be
happy to come on engine oh boy do you
know what I said I looked her and Lucy's
from a completely different background
for me she's a quiet girl a lovely girl
she did
no hold back and I afterwards I just
with Lucy come here dolly I love y'all
she absolutely she's a good-looking lady
by old I guess she has the gray hairs I
thought she was older but then she looks
young she's 27 and she comes often
there's a there's a little video clip of
her going after him as he pulls one out
one of them are saying you think you're
a big man but she she okay she can go
through this review ourself she can go
through this with yourself burn but yeah
I am yeah absolutely respected a gets me
excited seeing a woman kicking a commies
ass when he jumped on her first that
little piece of crap he grabs his nose
he's like she did I already talked to
you soon my friend Tommy Robinson we
salute you this is just epic
man I tell you I was crazed when I first
saw this footage Saturday let's go to
owen Troyer at the site of the third
bombing in a week two in Austin with a
fatality he's off Montopolis in
Southeast Austin oh and thank you for
out there with your live streams
reaching hundreds of thousands while
we've been live I tell us what you
discovered well Alex when I first got
here I arrived from the South Point it's
actually Riverside and I came up Fargas
and I was coming up on the street that
it actually happened that which is right
behind us here and the name of it is
Galan Dino and this is the second
explosion today third explosion in
Austin in three weeks and when I first
got here Alex we were we were literally
the first media on the scene and we got
exclusive phone footage actually on our
live Facebook feed because we were able
to walk around and interview some of the
people on the street before the police
investigation came in and shut the road
down but basically you had the explosion
happen which was only about five miles
from here earlier this morning that
killed a 17 year old boy and then I'm
significantly wounded the woman that was
in the house as well and then you had
this explosion happened just a few hours
after the extent of the injuries of the
woman that either opened the package or
found the package I'm not sure whether
she opened it or she just discovered it
detonated her injuries I've not been
made aware of but we do know they were
there was a second woman in the house
who we believe was the owner of the
house an older woman in a wheelchair she
was able to make it out okay that's what
the neighbors reported to me they saw
her coming out she got out okay while
the other one had to be table that's
great news what about how far they
pushed the cordon back some of the
things that are happening there I know
you're nice the police that's fine but
some of an actual a little bit thuggish
I heard well there was there was an
individual and there was a moment that
was a bit strange and yes I didn't want
to push my luck given the circumstances
but right now the scene basically you
can see here that this entire street
Vargas at least I know
north of Galle Gulino Street is totally
blocked and totally being looked at as
searching people's houses correct not
just the one that was bombed yes they
did do a sweep of other houses I'd stay
there let's come back and talk about
this live exclusive coverage from the
site of what's probably commie bombings
all right I'm gonna be hosting the war
around for like 30 minutes to Loen gets
back we got robbed you out there and
Jake Lloyd both I'm doing a great job at
the site of the 3rd bombing by the way
everyone that's been bombed in the last
week is black so it's a white
supremacist mental patient teenager or
it's some type of Mexican Mafia deal cuz
that all over the country Mexican Mafia
does not like black folks and tries to
drive them out that's a well-known major
friction there or it's some type of
weird South by Southwest related deal or
it's an T fuck cuz they're prime
suspects are always saying they're gonna
attack everybody but not generally black
people so I have no idea what's going on
here o Troyer what do you think's going
on three bombings two of them today
obviously the first one was a test you
know it didn't hear average high school
student know or doesn't know how to make
a pipe bomb or a bomb that'll actually
kill somebody
so is this Theodore Kaczynski part two I
mean what are they gonna try to frame
we're just speculating right now the
medial say Jones says he knows it's
auntie fer Jones says it's actor they're
all lies what do you think what are the
locals told you what what's your
takeaway there on the scene of the third
bombing well Alex obviously more
questions than answers right now
considering the nature of the event is
what we know somebody just dropped a
package off and then left as far as
reporting any individual from the scene
of the crime nobody really knows
there were FBI interviews where they
talked to neighbors they said that they
reported a suspicious individual but
that was yesterday which might actually
be important because the two bombings
today both took place within about five
miles here in East Texas one a little
bit more north this one a little bit
more South with Bose on the eat both on
the east side of town of course the
fatal one earlier the fatal one three
weeks ago we're still yet to hear the
injuries of this as far as what's behind
it I mean I think that that's kind of
what's got everybody scratching their
heads right now there's some other
theories out there about you know
perhaps there's people are trying to get
a bit of a change into the neighborhood
right now there's new houses coming up
old ones being torn down
but after talking to the neighbors the
one thing that I noticed that all the
neighbors said is that this is a pretty
tight-knit community everyone here
pretty much knows each other and most of
the people that have lived here have
lived here for a long time from when
they were kids even to this point so
it's very strange to them to be thinking
that somebody would be doing this
targeting individuals in the
neighborhood all of them felt like it
could have been any of their houses they
don't think that it was actually picked
out by choice to be that woman today or
that teenager before sure and they're
having a press conference right behind
that we're monitoring they're telling us
oh we think the bombings are related
yeah no you know what Sherlock but but I
do want to kind of hear what's in that
real quick so why don't you go over I
know you plugging it your mic up there
on the live deal but let's just look at
the background and some what's going on
and I'm there right over this so the
owner is walking over into the press
conference see if we can hear any of
this from FBI San Antonio in Austin they
now have their Dallas team coming here
to assist us as well and the ATF is
bringing in their national response team
to Austin in in addition to health
support that's one of
local feeds we've got the acting police
chief task force that will work jointly
chief manly this investigation and we
arrived that's enough let's go back to
Owen responsible yeah yeah let's stay
with Jake Lord's feet of the press
conference but let's say I would walk
away she doesn't disrupt it continue to
give us his analysis okay Alex so so
like I said this was an incident that
that all of the neighbors and everybody
here don't think was purposely targeting
that individual they don't feel that the
the lady whose house it was it was
actually I believe it was her daughter
that was in the house that suffered the
injuries the old lady who who's lived
there who's lived there for a long time
again neighbors who've lived on the
street are like yeah I've known her my
whole life and they don't believe that
she would have been targeted by anyone
she was able to get out in her
wheelchair without sustaining too many
injuries but her daughter had to be
taken out you know Alex I think that you
know most of the people here they talk
about how you know there's a lot of
there's a lot of crime in this area
sometimes there's drug raids that cause
a lot of attention you might even get a
gun shot every once while stabbing so
something that would cause a crime scene
event but they think that perhaps this
area was targeted because of that reason
that a individual could come into this
area be suspicious walk around in a hood
and kind of get away with it because
activity like that maybe happens here
more often than sure they targeted a
high crime area thinking it would get it
would have too many leads for the police
to find who did it right so the only I
mean the only leads again I was speaking
to a lot of the same neighbors at the
FBI and police were investigating and
again Infowars was actually the first
crew on scene here Alex we were here
before okay we just lost his feed we're
gonna try to get that back up I want
Troy you're doing a great job
I had no exaggeration over 100 articles
I wanted to get in today and a bunch of
clubs the crew did a great job getting
and I just went down the rabbit hole
with the attack on free speech Tommy
Robinson the bombing here in Austin so
many other articles on news Wars calm I
didn't get to I'm gonna play some of
these clips for Ellen gets back
once the War Room kicks off so I guess
those live feeds should probably be you
know Infowars live cut or like in force
on the scene of
bombings in Austin and then went back to
her to cover it but I've got a bunch of
clips I want to get to one of these is
on news wars.com Faraj rips you over
targeting of poland hungary and
blistering parliament speech yeah
they're threatening to basically invade
them if they don't let muslims come in
and soros brags he's running this i mean
it's just the criminality is
unbelievable very powerful speech i'm
gonna play some of that next hour on the
war room when that kicks off david nice
doing a great job as well it was great
having him host a sunday show here today
i'd watch that last night when i answer
I got home and we've got I should have
let the whole show with this I mentioned
it some but Assange warned CIA flooding
the Democratic Party they're running
over 50 national candidates who are CIA
leftist none of them are covert action
people or you know they're all
pencil-pushing global is to take this
country that's what they are is a cancer
to destroy the country and it's all the
web sites are all built by the same
people this is illegal and and and I
mean they're intending to overthrow the
country and they're to steal the
election so an Assange has the documents
that's upon infowars.com that went viral
this weekend but it didn't get any
attention after that it needs to go
viral all I'm gonna be covering that one
way or the other but this is really huge
article Assange warns CIA flooding into
democratic party for 2018 midterms
Assange is also a classical liberal
attacked the UK government for only
spending things like 18 million pounds
on human rights stuff and admitting that
they brought up working with radical
Islam for sex slavery you name it Asajj
is just an awesome Patriot I can tell
you that right now
so I met had far from a Russian agent
just absolutely asinine now briefly
before we in the Alex Jones transmission
and then go into the war room it's gonna
kick off two minutes after that live it
info wars.com for its last show or on
stations around the country we need your
support I don't have $20,000 in our
budget to send a money to tommy Robinson
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I didn't have $20,000 to send a project
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speech and if we don't do this everybody
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money if we make to run things because I
you know sometimes I just they do
whatever I say around here and I tell
the crew challenge me sometimes because
sometimes I'm you know not thinking too
straight like not covering the bombing
the first hour and a half let's mile
from us so we're bombings so enforced or
calm in fours live calm the free
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we need your prayers spread all the
articles the video support the local
stations and buy the product shop with a
good guys today then for store.com and
you will check mate Soros and the
globalist oh we got 45 seconds till
break tell us what else is coming up
when you get back in the command base
well Alex all types of news obviously
we'll be covering the CIA trying to
infiltrate the Democratic Party to
remove president truck from office we've
also got former attorney general of
California Kamala Harris accused a man
of a hate crime that he never did even
CNN is blowing that one out of the water
so Kamala Harris is being exposed as a
total fraud I don't think she's gonna be
able to run for probably 99% of these
complaints that liberals files fake this
stuff filed on us is complete horse
pucky and I quite frankly the gloves are
off man they picked the wrong one to go
with that because it's pure BS
since to everybody get ready hope you
enjoy all of us defending our rights
oh and Troy you're coming up I'm gonna
be hosting the war room though till he
gets here and Roger stone and more
arisal tell us about Russia Gabe stay
with us
political outrage turns bloody in
Berkeley our KPIX five crews were right
in the middle of the chaos as well Trump
supporters an anti-trump activists come
to blows
protesters followed Trump supporters to
their cars as they left the Convention
Center around the corner and away from
police protection on San Carlos Street a
mob mentality took over what do you say
to the people who are who dragged a poor
white guy out of a car and beat him oh
my goodness before white people please
all my stuff these were pure attacks
supporters last night and walk right
into danger
this Trump supporter was the first
casualty of the day with blood streaming
out of his face Pro Trump and anti-trump
protesters got into it
knocked in the back of the head and just
got one face
we're saying if you're out there and
you're trying to represent your First
Amendment right to free speech if
somebody comes in a tax dude it's your
right to defend yourself it got ugly
violence erupting at the event it's
fight broke out
v flying between Trump supporters and
anti Trump supporters
it gets pretty ugly yeah I want to join
the folks watching at home you're about
this is a very violent footage
organizers say today's rallies were
meant as a show of unity against what
they call a seditious friend allegedly
trying to sabotage the president
delivery driver jumping in to try to put
an end to the protest to strike the
numbers I'll give it to a lift you want
to come at your every 100 to against one
of me because that's what's gonna take
this is the heart
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