Author Topic: Exclusive: Lawsuit Filed Against Infowars For Questioning Leftist PR Surrounding Charlottesville  (Read 44 times)

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ladies and gentlemen Alex Jones here
broadcasting live in the last 30 minutes
of the war room I've taken over from
Owen Shore so I can make a political
statement here again Alex Jones here
live taking over the last 30 minutes of
the war room from Owens Troyer so I can
make a very important announcement and
engage in some basic analysis of the
battle for the Republic 2018 as all of
you the viewers and listeners of this
broadcast know everybody from the
Communist Party USA to now five
different individuals that have worked
directly for Hillary Clinton have filed
completely baseless frivolous lawsuits
against him force we knew there'd be a
cost when I went up against Hillary
Clinton when we put aircraft in the air
across the nation saying Hillary for
president 2016 when I told listeners go
out to all their live events and say
Bill Clinton's you know a rapist if you
believe that's what he is cuz he settled
rape cases they were trying to make
Donald Trump the sexual abuser with made
up fake lawsuits with jane doe's that
didn't exist we took on the people that
nobody else takes on and I didn't do it
so that I could act macho were tough I
did it because my gut my spirit told me
I had to do it that's what I want to say
before I get to this breaking here's I'm
gonna go on to the end
to quote Churchill whatever the cost may
be and quite frankly I'm not a I'm not a
sadomasochists I don't enjoy pain I
don't enjoy conflict for conflicts sake
but that said I feel so strong and I
feel like every next level of this that
I'm a shame for other people that can't
feel this because I really growing up
had a problem with my conscience and I
just felt like I wasn't doing the right
thing it wasn't a guilt issue
just that I constantly felt like I
wasn't fulfilling my destiny and the
more I've gotten lined up with what I'm
supposed to do and then the discernment
and the understanding and all of it is
so incredible that I just want people to
know this is a blessing actually I mean
the more we get persecuted the more they
lie about me the more horrible things
they do I feel sorry for the people that
are doing it who are unconscious of what
they're involved in as followers and I
also get really concerned I want to work
harder because of the really dark forces
behind it that know what they're doing
so I've seen this term put out by
general Kelly and others before it Wendy
Hill his own son died in the Marine
Corps and and when and when others died
in the military or forest fires
you know forest firefighters died or you
know emergency swimmer teams that you
know go out in the Riptide and try to
save somebody and they die their
families always make the point that they
were where they wanted to be and so you
have to understand this public
crucifixion of Infowars and yours truly
is about intimidating you and it's about
putting out the idea that if you say the
things we say and do the things we do
you're gonna be destroyed so they can
intimidate you and set the precedent to
censor the internet and censor
telecommunications and free speech
upfront without juries without verdicts
just sue people undo oblivion even
others at lawsuits get thrown out we've
already gotten for thrown out the last
couple months they just pile more on oh
wow our first four lawsuits we filed
over six months got kicked out so let's
file eight more and then a couple of
those are about to be thrown out so oh
my god first it's one every two months
then it's one every month now it's one
every week he keeps getting him thrown
out because they're so frivolous they
try to take down his YouTube channels
everything with fake strikes and those
come back because it turns out I didn't
say what they said and there you go okay
a lawsuit every week it's like Pacific
Rim you know it's a good entertainment
movie they keep sending in the kaijus to
attack first it's every year then every
month and then it's like okay now we're
gonna have five attack a day I mean
that's that's basically what it's like
and it's just crazy to know it's all
these lawsuits are run
hillarie lawyers or people that work
directly for Hillary and the State
Department and the CIA and Julian
Assange is in the news from WikiLeaks
who's locked up for you know years up at
his Tower saying Assange warned CIA
officers flooding a Democratic Party for
2018 midterms to basically overthrow the
country and then it shows how how it's
all run by the leftist of the CIA and go
ahead and scroll through that article
and how they're doing it all and then
these folks think they own the country
in fact scroll down to the page here if
you give me a document cam shot right
here of these particular like goody
two-shoes here all posing how nice they
are and this is all the Ivy League oh
they're better than you and they know
best and their total globalist the
families being destroyed free markets
being destroyed and these are the
corporate henchmen always with an
American flag behind him and now if you
talk about about them oh they go sue you
because again they think they're siding
with the power structure it's like meat
john meat Beals meat pad and it's all
the same websites all run because there
were the CIA the let the CIA is removing
its removing the middleman they're not
gonna handle the local politico's
corrupt people they control the dirt and
there is their front person before
because you know the Democrats don't
know what planet they're on and candy
and think that islands are floating our
base on guam's floating will it capsized
sir cuz they're so whacked out
they're just removing those people and
now the actual Harvard Ivy League
skullenbones types are taking full
command they're not just gonna have
George Herbert Walker Bush of CIA
director you know in there they're going
or he'll Hillary and Bill who are CIA
leftist they're going to take at every
level mayor you name it with all these
you know fake Ivy Leaguers who think
they're better than you they need to run
your life they need to take over your
church they need to remove the crosses
they need to have the Pope say the
Communist shine is Christian and
everybody else is bad I mean these are
real statements they need this so we're
gonna go to break here this is a
different studio I'm not normally in
we're gonna go to break here I'm gonna
come back
and get into first look cuz Reuters and
others think they're gonna sit there and
send me excerpts of a lawsuit it's gonna
be filed tomorrow supposedly and that
then I'm just gonna play along with them
putting out their narrative since when
there's Thomson Reuters and others
report on a lawsuit before it breaks so
they can put their spin on it and the MS
Julie Hart the document cam shot please
she says well you say there were crisis
actors and that you know nobody died at
parkland and I'm like no I didn't do
that and you say this and that I have
all these fake quotes I didn't say
they've got all this stuff in here
headlines we didn't say or edited
headlines like we're done this is how
stupid this is how stupid these
individuals think everybody is and it's
just crazy because America's been asleep
at the wheel and so all these people
have come in that really know how stuff
works but they're not gonna be Alex
Jones and tell you how it works they're
gonna work against you because you don't
know what's going on like Jonathan
Gruber said thank god you're so dumb
thank God you don't pay attention thank
God you don't have an attention span
well I believe in you
and I'm sure as hell not evil and I'm
not gonna sit there and use the fact a
lot of you were asleep against you so
they are announcing a lawsuit for for us
questioning the Democrats seizing on
Charlotte's ville and blaming the
president for it and they misrepresent
and say that I say it was all actors and
it was all fake no I said they had
Democratic Party operatives which is
true they're to be the spokespersons
just like with Parkland High there's a
3,000 students but for become a
spokespeople and then if you talk about
that they say it's bullying so it's a
total misrepresentation and when we come
back I'm gonna go over it blow-by-blow
for you because it isn't about in force
it's about your speech being shut down
and it's about them creating this idea
like well if you listen Alex Challenger
you carry a show you get kicked off
farewell we've gained massive new TV
stations incredible new radio stations P
we'll get this they're actually
listening to the show they know what we
say so I'm sending Reuters a statement
here on air but also in an email later
when I get off here knowing you know
that we didn't say they were crisis
actors and then nobody died and you have
fake quotes here from video headlines we
never said we went and looked and we
didn't say the things you've said and if
somebody else's report that even says
this stuff but see they don't care they
want to have the event document can't go
back to the second email they want to
have it where they misrepresent what I
said to manipulate jury pools of the
public that's what they do that's how
these these scams work will be back stay
with us all right this is the final
segment of the war room I'm probably
going to shoot another live video after
this summer at a time we just got 10
minutes and 30 seconds left here on the
transmission but if you just joined us I
just covered Sean's Warren CI offices
flooding the Democratic Party for 2018
midterms and it goes over all this and
then another key piece of evidence from
January 10th 2018 and going back three
months ago documents two-tail plan for
civil unrest and martial law in
Baltimore and then they never denied
these documents no one covered it was
Friends of democracy headed up by
Alexander Soros the Nazi collaborator
son and it's now they're gonna create
martial law civil unrest how they're
working with blue state blue city police
to stand down so they can carry out
violence how they are actors who've been
trained and hired by them and this is a
contract of an individual who's paid now
this was given to us by an individual
whose brother came to a bad end we'll
just leave it at that you can go read
the article for yourself so when we
actually get in court and we're just
simply saying what Democrats have been
caught exacerbating things making things
worse hiring an tyfa busting them in
that's on record
not just in these documents they view
full-page ads in the New York Times paid
for by Soros he'll rise up throw Trump
out then we simply say why is it always
Democrats if some guy from the State
Department a classic CIA cutout I mean
most people in those combat zones it's a
double roll kind of more like Stu
to run CIA okay so the point is
questioning that and saying it you know
this guy's all over TV the guy that's
gonna sue me reportedly tomorrow it's
being filed we just simply question and
say it should be investigated with an
investigative journalist at least
Ranahan and then they misrepresent in
the Reuters emails what we even say
you're like you're saying it's crisis
actors there and it's crisis actors here
and I'm saying no we've got people being
hired to play the part of an tyfa a lot
of them are real just like it turned out
russia collusion was real it was hillary
and the russian bots did anti-trump
demonstrations that michael moore
attended now michael moore didn't know
he was at a russian funded baat deal
Soros got around campaign law it turned
out and others and paid to use leftist
Russians in Russia to then do the
attacks over here that all came out
let's type in Michael Moore attended
anti-trump demonstration organized by
Russian box and it turned out seventy
nine percent of all that company stuff
was Democrat funded it turned out that
there was some pro Trump groups funded
it cuz it's a big troll farm you hire
just like twelve farms all over the
world got hired for the election three
and a half billion dollars was spent
five hundred million by Trump three
billion by Hillary so again it's true
that was Russian collusion the Congress
has found that there was done by the
Republicans by Trump but there was by
the Democrats so how do you change the
subject you you say it's Trump so that
just happened about an hour ago so go
look at these documents we're not saying
that this individual who says he's suing
me tomorrow that remember orders has the
lawsuit we're not saying that this
public figure this individual who writes
articles for Politico and others did the
attacks we never said that we said he
worked for a Democrat congressman he got
Soros money through that congressman he
worked for Hillary Clinton at the State
Department he admits he's a leftist and
he's all over these shows right after it
happens when you've got thousands of
people there why is he the main guy
you're hearing he catches the video of
the car running over people we're saying
that there were political operatives who
obviously went to this not knowing what
was going to go
but that the police stood down under
orders we first reported that it's now
come out and made thee alright go
through thee auntie feh basically the
light Nazis going through the hardcore
communists and the whole thing blew up
and we said Soros should be arrested for
orchestrating chaos
they changed the headline in the Reuters
email to Soros should be arrested for
staging it that's not the damn headline
of the video and that's what's crazy as
I just spent two hours before I went
live here looking at this to make sure
my memory is like I didn't say that
didn't do that and I went and looked at
it and sure enough this guy's on PBS NPR
CNN days after saying I'm saying it's
all fake and nobody died and all this
stuff and all the rest of this stuff or
I made it up and then I'm and I'm you
know getting him harassed when I didn't
say any of that so he's gonna go on TV
tomorrow and all over the media and be
the victim and then call for the hurting
and the bullying my youtube channel will
be taken down which they've been trying
to do and then it'll just kind of build
the case and wave after a way that he's
got to be silenced so they can then all
misrepresent what I've said and what
I've done and the business insider CIA
George Soros you know that's not me
saying it to them counter protesters who
film Charlottesville crash says he's
victim of conspiracy theories he writes
articles for Politico Assange warns well
that's the other one here's the
political article August 21st 2017 I
witnessed a terrorist attack in
Charlottesville than the conspiracy
theories began so he's a public figure
from the State Department he's worked
for Hillary and says he loves her
writing all these articles attacking me
saying things in the article about
defamation and mixing me into white
supremacists saying things I never said
there's no quotes on these he just says
all these things I did and he says that
I said he was trying to start a race war
but there's no quotes no what I said was
is we have Soros documents where they
wanted to start a race war and where
they admit the Justice Department was
helping them do it and that all came out
in court here it is documents to tell
plan for civil
and martial law in Baltimore so this is
multifaceted then I'll tell you what we
should do to counter it they want to
just keep every week Alex Jones is sued
Alex Jones is being destroyed Alex Jones
is being stopped because they're scared
of what we say what we do to intimidate
everybody else into not listening to
what we do and just believe in a
narrative and to believe they shouldn't
speak up well this new political
correctness cuz they won't just call you
a Nazi they won't just call you a
Russian agent that's all being disproven
they will sue you and in a way it's true
when they set the precedent with
Infowars to ban me off the internet next
comes the criminal charges the
assassination they're not gonna leave me
around and then they think you're a
bunch of cowards they're betting you're
a bunch of cowards but here's the deal
I've never been more alive I've never
been more honored to be here and I've
never in my spirit felt such deep will
and consciousness and connection to my
ancestors I mean I feel sorry for them
targeting some of the crew and I feel
sorry for them talking to my family but
my kids will have a future anyways we
don't beat this and I'm not a guy I'm
not a glutton for punishment I don't
like pain but this isn't pain this is
affecting the world this is changing
things this is really being a good guy
and having the worst people in the world
the Clintons and Soros coming after us
and then it gives me great kinship with
Trump and all the things he's going
through in the persecution and the three
plus thousand lawsuits I mean if we've
only got ten or twelve lawsuits again
we've had most of them thrown out that's
why they're going oh my god he throws
them out people say well just fine every
damn week and I think it'll probably
ranch up to every day but then when I
get on air still enlist a hundred
lawsuits and show I'm betting you're not
cowards you know the guys I was told ten
years ago that the globalists by
high-level folks in DC they said the
globalists think you're scaring
everybody know you're telling the truth
they think they're doing their job and I
said I don't think people who are
cowards I said at least 3% are and
historically that's who wins revolutions
and so I said they're miscalculating and
and they are and see they're so
deceptive they think I just say this for
vibrato and hope they get off my back no
this is destiny this is
history I know they can't stop it's like
I can't stop they serve evil I try to
serve life and the life force so you've
got all these little establishment guys
that are sold out to corporate as the
Communist Chinese the globalist and they
think humanity's done they have a
predatory view they think they're gonna
break you and your family so what do we
do to counter this I'll shoot another
live video on the show answers their own
satellites and TV and radio
I gotta end in two minutes but what do
we do
we're not litigious people but if you've
been called a white supremacist in a
newspaper article or anything else and
millions of you have in local articles
you need to go ahead and get a lawyer
and file suit and conservatives are not
litigious people but we're in a war we
have to start suing the left we have to
start going after them we have to start
boycotting them we got to start doing
street demonstrations we've got to get
aggressive you can also support the
broadcast and you can also stand with
Trump and realize the type of attack
he's under but we knew they'd strike
back we knew they were coming for us I
expected this I mean I I know someday
they can kill me in a car crash or
poison me or make it look like a heart
I mean I get all I've already
experienced it but let me tell you it's
been heartening that they've offered
$50,000 to all my former and current
employees folks go take care of their
grandma you know they get the call or
you know Mike Adams gets the call
because just as he's done work here and
almost no one took the money and I just
so sorry for the ones that did and the
newspapers even admitted they were
giving them money you know it's like
it's really separating whom we are in
the great compendium of the universe and
life and consciousness so I'm very
blessed but you can checkmate them by
financially supporting us and enforce
tour.com and realize this is trying to
break your will this is a war of wills
and this is the animating contest of
Liberty and I'm not gonna be the guy
that hits the barbed wire I'm suing my
ancestors died or you name it founding
America found the u.s. founding Texas on
things they don't have to go down the
North Atlantic like family did fight the
Nazis or get you know you shot down or
you know crash-landed in Germany or all
that stuff
I've just got to stand up against a
bunch of scum and you know what I'm a
stronger man than they aren't I know
we're gonna win in the end no matter
what happens to me it's about taking the
ball across the line for my children
your children so thank you all I'm very
another Hillary individual suing me and
they even say it's a conspiracy they
took his name off the State Department
by the way but he admittedly worked
there we'll be right back I'm so excited
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