Author Topic: Breaking: House Intelligence Committee Says "No Russian Collusion Found"  (Read 42 times)

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if you are receiving this transmission
you are the resistance
I'm telling you I'm started up and Alex
is about to be breaking down the latest
attack on us the latest lawsuit he's got
the inside information to be breaking
all that down in the next segment so I'm
gonna do a news blitz here because
everything is so crazy if I don't get it
out now I'm not sure if I ever will so
you got Tommy Robinson he gets attacked
by an auntie Fang then you've got Lauren
southern and Britney Pettibone who both
also were in in England and and they got
arrested for having conservative views
and put in jail alex is gonna talk to
Britney Pettibone tomorrow about that
you got a Georgia police officer got
kidnapped by gang members at a traffic
stop so how about hate crimes against
police officers the main the left media
mainstream news won't talk about that
Trump had a magical historic epic rally
in Pennsylvania he hit Chuck Todd hard
and then Chuck Todd became an unhinged
lunatic on air Wow
he got a CNN sux chant going and he
announced his new campaign rally Keep
America great again
we heard from Hillary Clinton he she
said Trump voters don't want black
people to have a job and women have a
job oh that's funny the Trump
administration has more women in it than
any other in American history and black
unemployment is at an all-time low
after we elected Trump so you know what
Hillary Clinton go shove it now I'll
have to just get into this Kamala Harris
nonsense on a later date perhaps when
she is back in the fold of a news cycle
because uh yeah that woman is uh you
know what
oh it just clicked you remember what
Alex Jones was talking about that Julian
Assange is indicating that the CIA we
already know they run the Democrat Party
but now they're just going full fledge
they're not even gonna put middlemen in
they're not even gonna get puppets in
they're just gonna put their own people
in that might make this Kamal a story
Kamala Harris story make more sense so
but we'll get into that later we were
gonna have she valued array on he's
gonna be with us tomorrow so we'll talk
about some of the congressional election
stuff with him tomorrow as well as rahm
he's gonna have a challenger in Chicago
you have another nor'easter another
nor'easter folks a third nor'easter so
the global warming skeptics have now
moved on to climate change that's what
we were saying and then now they say it
and act like it's their word no they
just stole that like they stole
everything else Trump is about to go to
California he'll be at a fundraiser
there but California is trying to get in
his way
now but listen to this the Los Angeles
Police Department have made an
announcement that they're prepared for
anything when Trump visits Southern
California do you understand what this
is saying Southern California has turned
into a third world nation run by
gangsters and that includes the people
at the top Jerry Brown Maxine Waters
Nancy Pelosi Adam chef Eric's wall well
you know Diane fine seen the list goes
on formerly Barbara Boxer I mean the
list goes on and on but but why would LA
why would the LAPD say they have to be
prepared for anything when Trump visits
Southern California oh they must be tell
about terrorist attacks right yes but
they're talking about radical leftists
that's what they're talking about
why would California have to be so
prepared for Trump to visit because you
have a bunch of radical leftists in a
third-world hellhole the 50th worst
state in the Union California run by
Democrats come like Kamala Harris huh
and so now because they have created a
bunch of radical left-wing terrorists a
third world communist hellhole of
California now the LAPD has to be on a
special alert when Trump goes to
California because they're so unhinged
they're so radical and they're so
violent I mean this let me tell you that
that pisses me off that the president
can't even go to California because the
Democrats have turned it into a
communist hellhole and you're gonna have
a bunch of violent radical leftist
protesters out there probably with masks
on like an teeth causing a bunch of
violence that makes me sick man that
makes me sick they are literally led by
the Democrats they're literally led by
Jake Tapper and all these people and
CNN telling them all these lies about
Trump and then they go out on the
streets they incite violence and they're
think they're on the right side of
history and they call us a Nazi this I
mean it's it's it's so infuriating
because all of them should be locked up
that's why it pisses me off that's why
it pisses me off
Democrats have gone full left-wing
radical terrorists man and that's why
the CIA is taking over do you get it now
now do you understand what's going on
here it all makes sense of course the
CIA is behind the Democrats of course
the Democrats are trying to get all of
their minions in the streets to cause
violence of course they are because
Donald Trump is trying to save this
country and they hate it
they've been trying to take this country
down for decades and now we're standing
up to it so they have to bring it down
with their violent brainwashed minions
in the street and there's CIA operatives
in the Democrat Party and on CNN excuse
and so now the breaking news oh my gosh
I just and then and then it's Infowars
just get sued left and right because we
break the real news who told you there
was no Russian collusion day one info
wars and now the reports about to come
out the official report from the house
intelligence community know collusion it
never existed it's all made up and and
and and what do you think Adam Schiff is
gonna do what do you think see see see
this is how they do it
so now Adam Schiff is gonna make up some
lies now Eric's wall well is gonna make
up some lies and then Trump is gonna go
visit California and they're gonna
create all of this fake news about Trump
make them think he's Hitler again
re-energize their radical left violent
base to create violence when Trump goes
to California congratulations that's
gonna happen good job Democrats you know
sometimes you might have to take a
lesson from Rodrigo Duterte Rodrigo
goes to war with the UN as he threatens
to throw the Wrights team to the
crocodiles hmm was he being facetious I
don't know but sometimes maybe you need
to take a note from you tear tail just
I'll just leave it at that you know and
just getting a little out of hand here
now you've got school district
in st. Louis all over the land they're
walking out they're walking out because
they want they want new gun legislation
so even though that will do nothing to
help solve the the violence that might
happen at a school for there's a school
shooting gun legislation that's what
they want anyway
no again that's what the Democrats want
this is this is all run by the Democrats
it's all run by the CIA I mean this is
insane I can't even believe that we're
dealing with this and of course that's
why they have to sue Infowars into
oblivion and now Fox News touts real
news in their latest marketing push well
Infowars was real news from the
beginning that's why we don't have to go
with the tagline real news and we
already had the real news with David
Knight but now they're taking that away
from us too but that's fine because in
force has been the real news the entire
time oh oh oh oh I should have told you
this after I was covering the third
nor'easter this winter you know just
record snowfall during all the man-made
global warming now Robert excuse me now
Arnold Schwarzenegger is gonna sue big
oil for first-degree murder he's going
to announce this at South by Southwest
meanwhile he's going to fly all over in
c130 private jets consuming all that you
know oil and gasoline and burning all
that carbon and then tell you you're not
allowed to do it that's just that's
that's just a good Hollywood a good
Hollywood actor right they're doing
their job eminem attacks the nra
saying they control the puppet eminem
maybe there's something you don't
understand the nra is made up of tens of
millions of people so that's actually
American citizens controlling the
president that's that's kind of what you
want Oh a restaurant in New Orleans is
going to be charging white customers
more oh that's loving so yes so now
white people have to pay more to
restaurant in New Orleans but yeah okay
tell me about that
Devin Nunez reports The Drudge Report
being censored by Twitter why is that
going on don't forget last week Brad
parce qu'elle said that we're watching
you tech giant's well here and they're
watching him censor conservatives
censored the Trump's it's all I'm saying
Alex Jones on the other side breaking
news with a lawsuit they're trying to
take us down folks you need to tune into
this share this link
if you are receiving this transmission
you are resistance I'm so excited the
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stimulate because it's beyond that quite
friendly I just went off what I saw
medical doctors prescribing to their
patients but it wasn't prescription but
they were charging people 100 200
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up with our own formula working with
some scientists and developers non-gmo
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pregnant own to it which is the
precursor to all the hormones that your
body has to have even make the hormones
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