Author Topic: Here's Why The Media's Obsessed with Stormy Daniels  (Read 42 times)

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Here's Why The Media's Obsessed with Stormy Daniels
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:50:03 PM »

alright get Daniels here with Infowars
calm now CNN has this weird obsession
with stormy Daniels it's all over their
front page it's not really news yet they
act like it is and this is a microcosm
of the whole insanity of the mainstream
media you know they're promoting the
story that really has no meaning
whatsoever as far as to your politics
yet they're throwing it in your face you
notice how CNN doesn't really cover
anything that average Americans would
really care about it's always some weird
political agenda they have to push this
time it's a political agenda against
President Trump now the reason I want to
shoot this video is the fact that it's
like the media particularly CNN always
wants to tell you that you're stupid
that you're crazy if you question things
you're crazy if you think for yourself
that you're crazy if you want normal
things in your life like if you want to
start a family for example or just have
good relationships with your family or
just have good relationships with your
neighbor to be able to talk to your
neighbor even about politics without it
turning into a fight the point is is
that you should be able to have normal
relationships with people but the media
doesn't want to sell you that idea they
want to create division they want to
create chaos they want you to just take
what they the narrative that they're
pushing and now don't question it so the
whole thing about stormy Daniels it's
like you know rumor back the whole
WikiLeaks thing a couple a while back
where they were seen it was like the
public you know the public cannot read
these emails but it's different from the
media it's illegal to possess these
stolen documents it's different for the
media so everything you learn about this
you're learning from us that's their
entire ideology in one sentence it's all
about them being the gatekeepers of
humanity then being the gatekeepers of
truth it's like you can't even they
won't even allow you to question
anything because oh Snopes says that
that's false
well how about you think for yourself
you know how about you BA have I mean it
sucks I even have to make this video
because now in this place in time that's
a radical idea to think for yourself to
have your own thoughts to have your own
opinion stick to believe in yourself too
you know
reach for the stars in your own life but
that's the way it is now is that the
media is trying to create people that
feel empty inside that feel a void that
feel crazy but see it's not the audience
that's crazy
it's the mainstream media that's crazy
you know with the whole stormy Daniels
thinks that media actually thinks this
will hurt Trump but here's the thing
President Trump wasn't elected into
power because he's a celebrity it helped
him give him reg name recognition you
know but he gained popularity because he
actually listened to the grievances of
the working-class American people you
know these people that you know they
worked in factories for 4050 years
they're on you know painkillers now eggs
all the physical stress not to mention
the mental stress they're trying to pay
their bills because they got Obamacare
coming in and it's making it almost
impossible for them to raise a family
and yet President Trump was the only one
to ignore it all the political speak and
actually gay promises to Americans that
he fulfilled
that's why they voted him into power
that's why Trump was successful because
he wasn't a politician he wasn't a
puppet for like to say the trial
commission like President Obama was he
was there for the people so yeah this
whole stormy Daniels saying CNN's
obsessed over it because they want you
to not think for yourself they want you
to think for they want to do the
thinking for you but you know just like
the stormy Daniel saying it's the media
that's crazy it's the media that success
it's the media that is that is
completely irrelevant now reminds me
like I met with a leasing agent here in
Austin the wall back and he was kind of
a liberal guy from California
and one of the things he was asked we
were talking about politics I was kind
of even kind of vague about because I
really won't talk politics to a stranger
but one things he pointed out was like
you know Who am I supposed to listen to
in the media now I don't know who's a
trust you know it's I listen to NPR a
lot I don't know who to trust
why but my answer to him is why do you
feel like you have to trust someone to
tell you the truth
why can't you feel empowered and believe
in yourself in your own opinions and
forming your own abilities I mean the
human mind is the most complex yet
fascinating and powerful thing that we
know of in this universe in all of our
abilities to think in to create form
opinions to think you know to see the
facts of ourselves and to think for
ourselves but see the media doesn't want
you to do that they want they want to do
to thinking for you they want Snopes
there to tell you what's the truth and
what's not the truth but when you think
for yourself that's when you're gonna
achieve real potential in your life so
yeah I guess the bottom line is look at
the stormy Daniels thing as a reminder
for yourself to understand just how
stupid the media is and how stupid they
think you are but you're not that stupid
you're not that stupid at all you got to
look at the your own potential and to
see that you can think for yourself so
once again is this kid Daniels with
Infowars calm and check back at the Alex
Jones channel on YouTube
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