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you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight well it's gonna
be interesting tomorrow because
President Trump is going to go to
Southern California and looking for tops
of the wall the LA Police Department
says they're prepared for anything well
they better be prepared for a lot of
Anti Fog activity a lot of angry people
screaming about daca because as we're
seeing with the Democrat Party now they
just continued to go further and further
left I've got a couple of articles we're
gonna talk about today for 2020 the
abolishing ice looks like it's going to
be a campaign issue for Democrats they
want to not just abolish the borders but
they want to abolish all enforcement of
border laws get rid of ice I mean that's
what Obama did throughout his entire
term that was what daca was it was his
homeland security secretary saying we're
not going to enforce a law deferred
action deferred action yeah not gonna do
it and now they just want to say well
let's just get rid of ice all together
we're not gonna bring it back they
pretend these lower court federal judges
of course there has been a lower court
federal judge in California as well as
one in New York saying no daca is the
law you can't do anything about it no
daca is saying that you're not going to
enforce the law that you're not going to
enforce the borders and now we've had a
judge in Maryland say just the opposite
said it's perfectly reasonable for Trump
to start to enforce the border laws
again to start to enforceable the
borders themselves but of course the
Democrats now want to make abolishing
ice part of their campaign platform as
well as banning all so-called assault
weapons so ban the guns ban the borders
keep the identity politics let's go it's
gonna be a good 2020 election I think as
a matter of fact I think 2018 is
starting to shape up pretty well as well
we have Rachel Maddow a clip I played
today but you've got to hear this again
again the mouthpiece of the radical left
they're all coalescing around her ideas
and she was saying well you might think
this whole thing with North Korea if
you've got president after president but
haven't done this maybe there's a reason
they haven't done this well Jimmy Carter
came out today and said well I think
it's good that we're gonna be talking to
him now Jimmy Carter didn't do it we
haven't had a president for seventy
years that has gone there to do this but
of course we haven't had a president
have to respond to North Korea becoming
increasingly belligerent launching
missiles over Japan doing ever
increasingly larger nuclear tests it's
about time somebody do something about
this and if we can have a meeting where
there is nothing on the table except the
possibility that nothing changes I mean
that's the worst downside for the
American government that we could go
there and it could be a selfie event so
that he gets to a stand on the stage or
president Trump and then nothing happens
and then he still has all the sanctions
in place they're not going to be taken
away until after the meeting all the
sanctions would still be in place you'd
still have the world's largest arsenal
pointed at his country in case he messes
up one of these missiles actually hits
Japan or better better not shoot one in
Guam at the military base there we're
also going to play a little bit of the
interview I had yesterday with Christian
saucier he was the sailor who was on the
submarine and he talks about how it was
he was singled out in an act of
political persecution it was years after
this had happened it was not something
that was done by the military it was
done by Comey and the FBI as an example
I mean you look at that hypocrisy saying
that he's gonna let to Hillary Clinton
go but don't you try this at home and
then they made an example out of
Christian saucier now who is pardoned on
Saturday by President Trump and we're
gonna play a little bit of the excerpt a
congressman from Kentucky
learning about gun control bills that
will be coming up perhaps this week and
we're gonna take a look at how that is
shaping up and changing that legislation
we'll be right back I'm David Knight
jobs jobs jobs said Trump as he went to
a Pennsylvania he's gonna be going to
California tomorrow to take a look at
prototypes for the wall and let's hope
that he does build a wall I want to play
for you a clip from the Pennsylvania
rally because the crowd there made it
very clear that they haven't changed
their mind even though we still don't
have a wall and even though I understand
a lot of people believe that it has to
be approved by Congress I don't think it
does why is it that something that is
essential to our security protecting our
border can't be funded out of the
Pentagon's budget everything is funded
out the Pentagon's budget they put all
kinds of stuff in the NDAA the National
Defense Authorization Act they even put
indefinite detention by the military
without trial for American citizens in
the NDAA if you can put that in there
can't we put a wall in there can we fund
a wall we had 40 million dollars that
was given by the Pentagon to the
Department of State to say that they
were going to use it for an information
war it's nothing but propaganda and they
did it to the State Department just to
to appease people being concerned that
was going to be used against American
citizens that's gonna be used against
American citizens it doesn't matter that
they're giving it to the State
they created the Foreign Intelligence
Surveillance Act to make it clear that
the NSA the CIA were not to surveil
American citizens but they did it anyway
and they use the FISA Court as a means
of getting broad searches on mr. and
mrs. Verizon as Rand Paul put it so they
expanded this I got rid of the Fourth
Amendment using the FISA Court they put
everything in the defense budget but not
something to protect the wall no troops
at the border while the wall is being
built no wall being funded out of the
defense budget I think it ought to be
put there we ought to start something in
and ask President Trump but why doesn't
he just do it he's in charge of military
we got a lot of federal judges saying he
enforce the border law and the border
saying that this memo from Obama's
Homeland Security Secretary Janet
Napolitano is now somehow one of our
core governing principles it's like it's
replaced everything else in the
Constitution for her to say I'm gonna
defer action I'm not going to enforce
the border but as I was saying at the
top of the hour that is now becoming a
core issue for the Democrats are talking
about abolishing Isis they're not
content with abolishing the enforcement
of the border they're not content with
abolishing the border they want to
abolish every aspect or they don't even
want the don't even want ice to be there
and it's getting pretty insane for the
Democrats but let's go first to this
rally for president Trump Waze we got a
couple of interesting quotes from this
rally over the weekend of course there's
a congressional race that is happening
in Pennsylvania everybody is doubling
down on that on both sides everybody
wants bragging rights as to who's gonna
win there but I think that regardless of
what happens with this special election
I think the Democrats continue to run
farther and farther and farther to the
left they want abolish ice they want to
abolish guns they want an assault
weapons ban
they are so increasingly out of touch
with the American public they've
completely abandoned all pocketbook
issues remember when when Clinton and
his team said it's the economy stupid in
other words let's stay focused on this
core thing pocketbook issues kitchen
table issues as they call well of course
now you've got the Democrats who say
we're gonna fight you for the crumbs on
your kitchen table we're not gonna let
you have that and they don't really
realize that they have lost the
blue-collar workers and other things are
gonna get back anytime soon they're
certainly not gonna get them back in
2020 if they focus on abolishing ice and
abolishing the Second Amendment and keep
their identity politics and that's
that's the direction that they're
running but let's take a look at what
the crowd did how they responded to
President Trump first he talks about
daca oh we're gonna do something for
you don't need to do something for Daka
you need to get rid of Daka you need to
enforce the law at the border not just
build a wall but say we're going to
enforce immigration laws so first he
talks about daca as basically crickets
from the crowd and then he starts to
talk about the wall and listen to the
difference between these two responses
from the crowd they wanna stop daca duck
is their issue but I'm willing to go
along get it done we got to get it done
right get it done all right so you hear
that daca that's their issue we got to
get it done well he's right it is their
issue it's a losing issue for them and
it's not the issue that he campaigned in
one on and it's not the issue that his
supporters want to see why do we have to
get it done let's end it that's the way
you get it done but President Trump of
course there's a lot of support for the
wall he is going to be going to Southern
California the LA Police Department says
they've got to be prepared for anything
it's probably gonna be a lot of protests
there marches and so forth gonna have
antiphon people it should be quite a
quite a circus provided by the left he's
gonna be going to Southern California to
look at prototypes for the wall he will
spend tomorrow and a bit of Wednesday in
Southern California looking at the
prototypes and he has vowed to build and
they are located in San Diego he'll also
be attending a fundraiser and again when
we look at daca I just sort of remind
you of the story that I had last week
we've had a couple of judges one in
California one in New York saying that
President Trump has no authority to
enforce borders and to enforce border
laws and that's absolutely not true
we've had a third judge now judge Roger
Titus a Bush appointee last week he
ruled that President Trump
acted within his authority to rescind an
executive order it's not even an
order it's a memo from Janet Napolitano
at Homeland Security so it's not even an
executive order but if it were an
executive order why can't Trump rescind
the executive order that Barack Obama
had I mean that's just common sense so
he said that given the reasonable belief
that daca was unlawful this is what the
judge said given the reasonable belief
that daca was unlawful course it was
unlawful it was to say we're not going
to enforce the law or the border so it
was unlawful and that's what this judge
judge Titus ruled he said given the
reasonable belief that daca was unlawful
the decision to wind down daca in an
orderly manner was rational and he says
even though you may not like his
disheartening or inappropriate
statements that he occasionally makes
they are not relevant to the larger
issues governing the daca rescission
daca rescission memo is clear as to its
purpose and reasoning and its decision
is rational and supported by the
administrative record so it'll be
interesting to see what happens I think
President Trump as I've said before nice
to channel Andrew Jackson and say these
lower court federal judges have made
their ruling
let's see them enforce it as a matter of
fact let's see the Supreme Court enforce
it why would Jeff Sessions even appeal
why would his Department of Justice even
appeal daca to the Supreme Court it is
not an issue of law but the Democrats
continued to move to the left as their
hedge points out left-wing pundits and
activists are increasingly pressuring
Democrat politicians to embrace the
fringe position of abolishing ice just
as they want to abolish our borders and
immigration laws once an idea limited to
the far left fringes abolishing the
nation's immigration enforcement agency
now looks likely to become a campaign
issue and the Democrats 2020
presidential campaign let's hope so
former Hillary Clinton campaign
spokesman Brian Fallon came out for
abolishing the agency in January he said
ice operates as an account
deportation force dims running in 2020
should campaign on ending the agency in
its current form that's right
and the borders take the guns and then
Trump and the Republican Party can run
on the economy and tell them how stupid
they were for missing it but that's not
all they're gonna go after guns as well
this is another core part of their 2020
campaign they said all these senators
who look like likely candidates have now
come out very strongly for an assault
weapon ban and they are boxing
themselves into a corner stay with us
we'll be right back all right we're
gonna talk about gun control we're
talking about what happened in Florida
what is likely to happen on in
Washington in terms of gun control we've
had president Trump now back off from
the idea that he's gonna take guns
rifles from 18 to 21 year olds but we're
gonna talk about the insanity of gun
control and we got a great message from
a Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie
warning about the the way the
establishment Republicans are perhaps
going to play everybody on this they've
been holding this reciprocity bill this
National reciprocity bill for quite some
time and he's very concerned based on
what he's heard inside Washington he put
out a public message on this he's very
concerned that they're going to use that
as bait to get some very restrictive
dangerous gun control legislation
through so we're gonna play his message
we've also got part of the interview
that I had with Christian saucier
yesterday he was is the sailor who was
on submarine he took some pictures that
were born classified as confidential the
lowest level and as he pointed out in
the interview yesterday anything that is
classified as confidential confidential
means something that does not jeopardize
national security by definition you have
three basic levels of classification
confidential secret and top secret well
of course Hillary Clinton's
conversations that she was so careless
about exposing they were born not
classified not confidential they were
above top-secret these were all things
that could affect national security and
yet they tried to prevaricate around
this and say wow look there's only a
couple of these things that have
markings on them well that's enough
you only need one but she everything she
was head on her server pretty much was
above top-secret nothing happened to her
and he spoke yesterday about the
hypocrisy of this and how he's not gonna
let that slide so I want you to hear
part of that interview we had him on for
a couple of segments it's probably about
20 minutes it's on the Alex Jones
Channel but I want to I've got an
excerpt that I want to play for those of
you on the radio and listening to the
live broadcast but let's go back to what
is about to take place of course we've
got the Democrats saying that they're
going to call for banning ice this is
the new platform for the Democrats
they're gonna ban immigration control
enforcement that's the next step keep
being daca you know we got to keep daca
no we don't we don't need to keep daca
as you heard the beginning of the
broadcast and President Crump said that
we're gonna gonna make that work gonna
keep that it's like dead silence
crickets but when he talked about the
wall the crowd went crazy we have to
have control of our borders the
Democrats don't want that and so they're
gonna make this election about the same
issue that they lost on and let's hope
that President Trump doesn't throw this
issue away let's hope he doesn't throw
away gun the gun issue either because
those are two issues that they want to
run on we've got a Democrat strategist
saying that of all these candidates
coming up these Democrat senators they
said nobody wants to be lightweight when
it comes to guns and the Democrat Party
particularly an assault weapons ban they
all want to be seen as the ones who
really rushed to the forefront and push
this issue when it really mattered and
this guy says these weapons assault
weapons and and let's understand that
they've never given us a definition of
assault weapons he said these weapons
are not for hunting well if you read the
Second Amendment it's not about hunting
news flash
they says they're for killing human
beings we understand they're also for
defending human beings it's a tool it
can be used by killers or by defenders
and we saw that in the Sutherland
Springs Texas Church shooting both the
guy that stopped the killer and the
killer had the same gun so they want to
take it away from the guy that stopped
the killer
the guy who by the way was also an NRA
instructor at one point time that's the
rationale of the left but it's not just
the left we've got the people on the
right the wall street crowd like Peggy
Noonan who was criticizing President
Trump on Meet the Press yesterday and
she said I did not call Trump a
Neanderthal that would be unfair to
Neanderthals Peggy Noonan writes for The
Wall Street Journal and even though she
used to write speeches for President
Reagan decades ago decades ago she's one
of the best spokespersons for the
establishment Republican party the wall
street people who are freaking out over
the idea that we would protect our
manufacturing base can you imagine such
a ridiculous idea says The Wall Street
bankers The Wall Street brokers the
people like Peggy Noonan they think that
there is such a thing as free trade and
as I've said before there is no free
trade there's no such thing as free
trade there's no such thing as a free
lunch a lot of these people who would
push for the concept the abstract
concept of free trade would also tell
you when you're talking about a free
market versus socialism versus
government control of the economy they
would tell you there's no such thing as
a free lunch
you can't promise people a welfare state
and say you're gonna get all this stuff
for free like Bernie Sanders no there is
no such things as pretty much and
there's no such thing as free trade
either take a look at what Elon Musk's
said when he tweeted to a President
Trump about China and I'm not a big Elan
musk fan but the facts are the facts
he said I'm against import duties in
general but the current rules make
things very difficult said Elon Musk
it's like competing in an Olympic race
wearing LED shoes yeah like I said last
it's like Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison
Bergeron and he was writing that about a
society that was so insane about
egalitarian ISM that they wanted to make
anybody that had any ability they wanted
basically handicapped bin so they didn't
have that ability so he had ballet
dancers who had to try to dance if they
were any good they would put LED weights
on him so that they didn't dance any
better than somebody else everybody gets
a participation trophy
nobody gets embarrassed nobody is better
than anyone else
that's the leveling the egalitarianism
the founders called it leveling the
Levellers we call them socialists
communists Democrats as well we call him
and so Ellen Musk who was the king of
crony capitalism says when we look at
these current trade rules he says it's
like trying to compete an Olympic race
wearing LED shoes again it is Harrison
Bergeron trade rules that's what this
really is and he gives an example
he said a an American car going to China
pays 25% import duty but a Chinese car
coming to the US pays only 2.5 percent
understand that 25 percent versus two
and a half percent in other words 10
times the difference so if a car is
being sold by the Chinese and they're
there they bought up a Volvo they bought
up a lot of very expensive luxury car
companies now they're becoming a major
force and the automotive world and if
they sell their cars into our market
they only get a two-and-a-half percent
tax on it but if we try to sell an
American car into China we get 25
percent ten times and as I was talking
last week in the EU as nearly as bad
it's a four time differential a 10% tax
on American cars going into the EU while
they come in with the two and a half
percent tax everybody takes advantage of
us and yet you've got China and you've
got jean-claude Uecker or the EU
threatening the u.s. saying don't start
a trade war they have been at war with
us for quite some time
the EU and China and The Wall Street
bankers that peggy noonan loves so much
these people have been bombing our
manufacturing infrastructure and when we
come back we've got a great reply from
President Trump mocking the idea that he
should be presidential this is for
pegging in and we're gonna back stay
with us
all right so peggy noonan so she didn't
call Trump a Neanderthal if she said
that would not be fair to Neanderthals
President Trump made that comment at the
rally in Pennsylvania she said as she
was talking to Todd on NBC's Meet the
she said yeah that was a column and
where I tried to wrap my head around how
many folks and businesses and folks on
the ground in American politics moderate
centrist look at this White House and
say you know in terms of this this and
this this is kind of working but then I
look at this this and this and his
actions and I think he's kind of crazy
and as I said before her problem working
at The Wall Street Journal the same
problem that the these Wall Street
people and bankers have as she's talking
to Chuck Todd there but their problem is
that they don't like the the trade deals
that he's doing and they're throwing a
trade tirade but here's what's crazy
just to say that Trump is crazy you know
you've got kind of like we had Ross
Perot get into politics you know these
billionaires who've been very successful
to get into politics they know that's
kind of crazy they know that people are
couldn't be throwing bricks enough I
mean all their life they have been able
to just go out and take action here
they've got to try to build consensus
with a lot of bickering politicians
everybody is throwing bricks at them and
criticizing them and attacking them at a
personal level and they look at this
like a you know this is kind of crazy to
be in politics that it is it is but
we're glad that he's doing it and
getting things done but what is really
crazy is when we allow China to charge
our cars attacks that is ten times what
we charge their car
coming into our country or the European
Union allowed them to charge a tax that
is four times on our cars what we charge
on their cars coming into that kind our
country that's really what's crazy and
that's really what needs to end but you
know what she wants to criticize him for
being presidential president Trump had a
lot of fun with us yesterday he or I
guess maybe it was Saturday that he went
but anyway he was mocking the idea that
he needed to act presidential take a
listen to what President Trump said his
Trump a good speaker she's talking about
he uses a language that you know you
know how easy remember I used to say how
easy it is to be presidential but you
don't be out of here right now but you'd
be so bored because I could stand up
he's walking on a real step a very
ladies and gentlemen thank you for being
here tonight
Rick Ciccone will be a great great
congressman he will help me very much
he's a fine man and young is a wonderful
wife I just like you on behalf of the
United States needs more eyes we
appreciate your service appreciate your
and to all of the military out there we
respect you very much thank you thank
you and then you go resent truck mocking
god bless you a stock god bless speaker
would be the United States of America
thank you very much
and then it walks off very stiffly
that's easy
that's much easier than doing what I
have to do because but this is much more
effective don't forget this kind of
selected if I came like a sieve you guys
wouldn't be here tonight and that was
his reply to Peggy Noonan's column so
then she goes on with Chuck Todd and she
says well it was it was very it was
spoofy and there was I think he was
making fun of this false formality meant
to give an air of seriousness to many of
our politicians you know what I think
like I said I when he started talking
like that he sounded to me like Barack
Obama because Barack Obama has always
sounded to me like Eddie Murphy doing an
impersonation of a white man you know
when Eddie Murphy would say I'm gonna
infiltrate white people do what they do
when no black people around and so he
put on makeup and he'd be really stiff
and you would talk very square like that
and that's basically the way Obama
talked and that was the way President
Trump was talking except as I said he
needed to have a lot more eyes and Me's
and eyes and eyes and eyes as Obama
always did but she went on to say he was
making fun of the false formality meant
to give an air of seriousness to many of
our politicians and she said I would
like to note merely he seems to think
that in this column I called him a
Neanderthal I did not a wood night I've
been studying Neanderthals they had
great cave paintings those paintings
spoke a certain sensibility a certain
artistic complexity their tribes were
organized I would not call him in the
end with all because that would not be
fair say Peggy Noonan epitomizes the
arrogance of the establishment elite in
that so yes we would not call him wasn't
let's not call President Trump a
Republican or let's not call a
Republicans part of the the movement
anymore because that wouldn't be fair to
the movement yeah
not a serious politician absolutely
amazing but of course really the crazy
stuff is NAFTA and the other things that
these politicians have given us so as
president Trump did the rally on
Saturday he was saying
one point jobs jobs jobs because it had
a great jobs report that came out on
Friday and as witters is pointing out
today the world stock markets are
basking in the US jobs data glow that
said world stocks surged to a two-week
high on Monday after strong US jobs data
at the end of last week helped to take
the edge off investors concerns about
potential outbreak of trade war between
the United States and other major
I said markets have been cheering
Friday's US non-farm payrolls data the
showed a hefty three hundred thirteen
thousand rise in jobs it also revealed
and this is important so have big
increase in jobs but they're looking at
the annual growth and average hourly
earnings that slowed to two point six
percent after spiking in January this
suggested that the world's largest
economy is experiencing what they call a
Goldilocks trend this is what the
economists said so this is why the stock
markets around the world are so happy
because what they're seeing now is what
one strategist who called it the
Goldilocks report he said it's not too
hot it's not too cold it's just right so
it's about as perfect a set of figures
as you can get from a policymakers point
of view the increase in jobs was nothing
short of amazing but then there wasn't a
lot of inflation so you're seeing a
combination of high growth and low
inflation think back to what tanked
America caused the malaise under Jimmy
Carter what was that it was just the
opposite it was called stagflation so
Goldilocks it's just the opposite of
stagflation stagflation meant that we
had a stagnant economy with no growth
and yet we had very high inflation now
we have growth without inflation so the
stock markets are very happy you should
be happy but they're not happy they
should be happy but they're not happy
they're happy for a day or so but
they're still complaining about the fact
that we're going to try to level the
playing field on trade so they don't
play at a four-to-one disadvantage with
your report
ten to one disadvantage with China we're
not allowed to do that and yet President
Trump is putting out a series of videos
with American workers who said our
factories were left to rot I disagree
with that they were not left to rot
it wasn't neglect it was a deliberate
policy by all these people who are
complaining about the trade situation
right now that President Trump is trying
to take steps to change all these people
who are preaching to us about free trade
I'm sorry we've seen decades of your
so-called free trade it was a deliberate
takedown of our economy and as I was
pointing out yesterday in this city in
Granite City Illinois or this steel
they've started hiring people back as
they pointed out they had when they shut
down this plant in 2015 under Obama
they said lunch deliveries stopped at
the restaurant a place that was selling
retail shoes their sales plummeted in
other words if you don't have
manufacturing you're not going to have a
service economy this is something we
have to do for the life of the country
stay with us we'll be right back I want
to play for you an interview that had
yesterday with Christian so say he's the
sailor who was persecuted by the Obama
Justice Department by FBI director James
Comey in a civilian trial this is
something that is a common infraction he
took a couple of pictures of where he
was working because he's gonna be
leaving the sub service that is not
authorized it's typically handled as he
pointed out by being demoted to a lower
pay grade or rank within the military
but instead the Obama administration at
the same time that we saw James Comey
come on it was in July that he said he
was going to give Hillary Clinton a pass
said yes you violated all these security
laws create a lot of these felonies but
it's not to are in our interests to
prosecute her
but don't you try this at home and the
next month they got a long jail sentence
on Christiane saucier and we've been a
lot of people including me on this radio
broadcast I've been calling
for his pardon and President Trump did
that on the weekend and so we're able to
get Kristian on I want to play a little
bit of the press announcement from Sarah
Sanders and a little excerpt from the
interview that we had with him yesterday
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really do appreciate your support all
right let's play the announcement from
Sarah Sanders White House press
secretary as she announced the fact that
President Trump was going to pardon
Christiane saucier this great
travesty this injustice that was done
this is not really a prosecution it was
a persecution by the Obama Justice
Department to make an example out of him
and this is what Sarah Sanders said at
the press conference in other news today
the president has pardoned Christians
saucier a navy Submariner Mr saucier was
22 years old at the time of his offenses
and has served out his 12-month sentence
he has been recognized by his fellow
service members for his dedication skill
and patriotic spirit while serving he
regularly mentored younger sailors and
served as an instructor for new recruits
the sentencing judge found that mr.
Sasuke's offense stands in contrast to
his commendable military service and
again this is something that's typically
happened with it handled within the
military for doing something like this
is not that uncommon somebody takes a
picture as a souvenir it would just be a
handled as a demotion but instead they
made this into a felony so Christian
couldn't get a job anywhere he was
having to work as a trash collector even
though he's highly skilled as an ex-navy
technician and now the the pardon from
President Trump will really make a big
difference in his life but he's not
content to just leave it there and say
thanks now I'm gonna go back quietly no
Christian wants to talk about this
double standard I had a long interview
with him yesterday and I want to play
for you now an excerpt from that
interview and Christian as we had seen
back in January the second we had a
president Trump tweeting out at that
point in time saying crooked Hillary's
top aide Huma Abedin has been accused of
disregarding basic security protocol she
put classified passwords and hands of
foreign agents no problem for any of
that right he said remember the sailors
picture on a submarine jail the deep
State Justice Department must finally
act also on Comey and others so I I
can't imagine how you felt because when
I saw James Comey do that it made my
blood boil to say that she'd commit all
these felonies but she was gonna be let
loose but don't you try this at home and
then sending you to jail and your that
was about a month before your jail term
began wasn't it
I'd already pled guilty accepting
responsibility and I was basically just
waiting to go to prison at that point
and and I just was utterly disgusted I
watched it live on television while I
was wearing an ankle monitor you know
out on $100,000 bail and I just i sat
there with my wife and I I didn't know I
was speechless you know because I was
speechless watching it with my wife and
I wasn't in a threat of a jail term for
a very very minor charge compared to
what Hilary did yeah I mean and I
couldn't believe it you know it'd be one
thing if this happened years apart from
my case and they's you know maybe forgot
about it or something like that but it
was happening at the exact same time
these are the same federal prosecutors
the same FBI the same people that went
after me with the greatest of fervor
destroyed my life destroyed my family's
life bankrupted us and and you know
they're given this person Hillary
Clinton the benefit of the doubt
somebody who's not you know one of the
most corrupt politicians in Washington
oh yeah globally and somebody like me
who's proudly served their country for
11 years and has a stellar military
record just demolished by these people
and I I couldn't believe it I said this
is people who've got to be upset about
this and I you know it's upsetting that
the the left wants to protect her so
much and without even look taking a look
at the facts you know I mean you know
her and Obama weaponized the Department
of Justice against me they used me as a
scapegoat to say look we're hard on
people that must handle classified
information unless you're of course you
know politically connected elite this
you know the current president at that
time says is the most you know the best
person to be the next president um so
it's very upsetting yeah that was the
thing that made me so angry it was as
basically she's too big to jail but
don't you try this at home and then
using you as the poster child for that
that was just amazing I mean you could
go on and on about the tarmac meeting
and everything like that all these
things that should have pointed to a
corrupt Department of Justice and you
know just everybody just says well you
know it's business as usual in DC and
you know thank goodness we have Trump
there now because I mean President Trump
he's like a one-man wrecking
destroying the establishment of
corruption that's been deceived for so
long and they hate it I just I love
watching him do it you know it's just
and I love watching him squirm on CNN
and all these other fake news networks
and say well but but but he's done
nearly everything that he promised he
was gonna do in such a short order I
mean mine is just one of the minor
things you know my pardon and and and
restoring my good name is just one of
the many things that he's done right so
far he promised he was gonna do and they
don't know how to respond to it and you
know it's it's sad frankly because he
doesn't get the credit he deserves he's
an amazing man and after speaking to him
on the phone I just reinforced
everything I'd already believed about
him from watching him well you know the
further they go down this path the more
they're just destroying themselves
because the American people can see this
they see what the difference between
what CNN and others are telling us in
the reality of what's going on but let's
talk a little bit about your life now
what are your plans going ahead you
point out they essentially bankrupted
you they made it so that you couldn't
get a job now you'll be able to get a
job with a pardon but tell us a little
bit about your your life ahead of you
now well I'm gonna keep fighting for
what I believe is right I I think that
this double standard justice needs to
get exposed and as long as you guys will
let me come on your show and and talk
about it and I think we need to raise
awareness because we shouldn't let this
happen you know disappear into the best
like so many other you know liberal
conspiracies or whatever that have just
kind of said well you know it's no big
deal I think we should keep pushing the
issue and I intend to do that
don't you agree Christian that what
should happen is you served a year in
jail I think that was excessive but I
think what should happen is Hillary
should go to prison and then when she
gets out he can partner so she can get
an honest job somewhere what that word
is anymore I think yeah absolutely I
think that Hillary Clinton human Abidine
Cheryl Mills James Comey yeah all the
other people that were involved in this
conspiracy Loretta Lynch and probably
Obama as well yeah should be
but on trial and they should be tried
and run through the same legal system
that I was you know obviously they'll
have a lot more funds to throw it he's
absolutely right
and you can find out how you can help
him he went through a lot of difficulty
with this they basically bankrupted him
stay with us when we come back Saturday
Night Live breaks the sad news to his
audience well you just heard Christian
saucier who was pardoned by President
Trump he said you're welcome too spicey
said did a great job serving a navy now
go live your life he gave him his life
back by taking away that felony
conviction but there's not gonna be a
felony conviction for James clapper he's
now going to avoid charges for lying
under oath you know because he's too big
to jail just like Hillary Clinton just
like James Comey it's a matter of fact
Hillary Clinton you just heard that
interview with Chris saucier talking
about how they ran him over the coals
persecuted him let Hillary Clinton go
free even though she really did violate
national security in a way that would
damage this country now she was allowed
to go free but not only that she is now
going to be honored honored by Harvard
University for her transformative impact
on society she had a transformative
impact on society didn't she and she
just keeps giving she's the gift the
criminal that just keeps giving this is
the Radcliffe Medal that they're going
to award her from this University here
and from Harvard University isn't that
great Harvard University what a stellar
place why would anybody send their kids
there anyway they went on to say this
Dean who is Elizabeth Cohen Elizabeth
not Elizabeth but Elizabeth Cohen
she said whether in Arkansas Washington
DC New York State or traveling around
the globe as Secretary of State you know
kind of like she did when she was under
fire remember that those people shooting
at her and everything Secretary Clinton
has provided a model of what it takes to
transform society well Wow hasn't she
but not in the way that we would respect
not in the way that we'd respect at all
as a matter of fact when we look at the
way this is breaking down here we have a
new precedent in political history we
have an extraordinary number of ex CIA
operatives running for Congress as guess
what Democrats of course they're
Democrats of course they're Democrats
you got megyn kelly there saying oh I
think Putin has something on president
Trump oh she's hoping that she's gotten
another Putin interview because she's
struggling she's on the ropes as far as
her career goes but these people have
all been colluding with Hillary Clinton
and I find it interesting and we'll talk
a little bit more about this in the next
segment the Saturday Night Live which is
you know it's really the comedian's that
have taken the lead because mainstream
legacy media has taken so many hits has
become so obviously fake so stiff so
unbelievable as a president Trump was
making his impersonation of a president
you would like me if I was presidential
and he he does this boilerplate speech
and he walks and talks very stiffly well
that's what legacy media does they just
give you this dumbed down establishment
narrative and nobody pays the attention
to them anymore so everybody in younger
generations gets all their news from
comedians and outlets like Saturday
Night Live and so they came in with
their cold opening on Saturday night and
they told everybody basically they did a
parody of the bachelor finale where the
bachelor dumps this girl who thinks that
she's gonna be chosen and instead they
had Moeller come in and break the news
they they recreated that scene that was
very awkward very painful for that young
woman but they did it basically telling
their audience there isn't going to be
any collusion I'm sorry and we've kind
of led you along this path and there's
nothing there I find it to be a very
interesting admission by the clowns of
media if
because they are the ones who are in the
catbird seat
you know it's Hillary Clinton's Idol you
know that she wrote her term paper on
Saul Alinsky and his rules for radical
he said the most effective weapon is
ridicule and that's the most effective
weapon of the Democrats right now stay
with us we'll be right back welcome back
the new democrat party maybe the CIA
that's what it's shaping up to be we
have this story from the gateway pundit
no precedent in US political history
they say an extraordinary number of ex
CIA operatives are running for Congress
as Democrats now this comes from a
report by Patrick Martin of the world
socialist website and he's actually
bragging about it saying that one
quarter of all the Democrat challengers
and competitive house districts have
military intelligence State Department
or NSC backgrounds this is by far the
largest subcategory of Democrat
candidates there we go national security
operatives of the 102 primary elections
to choose Democratic nominees in these
competitive districts 44 involve
candidates with military intelligence or
State Department background with 11
districts having two such candidates one
district having three and a majority of
contest the military intelligence
candidates seem likely to win the
Democrat nomination and if the Democrats
win in the general election they would
enter Congress as new members and the
House of Representatives there you go
Kim comm talked about this he tweeted
out he said the deep state no longer
wants to rely on unreliable puppets they
want to do it themselves we see them
being hired as pundits by the major news
media organizations you know when megyn
kelly was here she's still pushing this
whole thing about there's collusion
between Putin and Trump or he's got
something on Trump and so forth she's
still pushing that failed narrative
while her network hires ex
spooks to talk directly to the people
they don't want operation Mockingbird
anymore they want to sing directly to
get your propaganda straight from the
horse's mouth and when she was here she
had just had her first interview when
she went to interview Alex Jones she was
here she had her first interview with
Putin and when I met her she goes did
you see my interview with a Putin I said
I don't care about Putin I'm concerned
about clapper and Brennan and Michael
Hayden I said these are the guys this
out-of-control intelligence state and
that was over a year ago I think and
anyway it was maybe maybe was about a
year ago I said those people are the
ones who are destroying our country
they're much bigger threat to us than
anything that Putin would do in terms of
tampering with our election and they
still are but she's still selling this
and they're still selling this WikiLeaks
Julian Assange says this is a new trend
that is unprecedented convergence of
power here's what he tweeted out about
that Julian Assange said the merger
between the CIA the Democrats the Iraq
war neo-cons
NBC CNN and the Washington Amazon Post
is a baleful predictor for US democracy
and as they point out in gateway pundit
intelligence operatives failed to keep
Trump out of the White House now they
will try to stop him by electing
lawmakers to serve inside the house to
ward his agenda so now they're after
they pulled everything that they could
in their official capacity as the the
deep state the dark state to try to
subvert the election to try to run him
out of office now they're going on the
media now they're running for office all
these CIA operatives like Evan McMullen
in Utah they pulled him up at the last
minute hoping that they could rig the
electoral college against him if Trump
lost Utah and as we see all this
happening we've got James clapper just
remember at the end of the last hour I
was talking about Christian saucier who
was raked over the coals as an example
so they could look like they're really
doing something as they let all of these
big criminals go like James clapper for
example who is not going to see any
charges or any jail time for
everybody we've played that clip over
and over again the world's worst liar
how do you become a high-level spook
when you can't lie this guy when he was
asked by ron wyden so are you spying on
the American public all senator uh not
not not intentionally no no it can't
look him in the eye he's looking down
he's rubbing we got that clip there he
watch his face if you're watching the
broadcast here absolutely amazing now he
admitted giving quote clearly erroneous
testimony to anybody else they'd say he
lied but he said clearly erroneous
testimony about mass surveillance and he
did it unfortunately for him just a
couple of months before edge Snowden
there is right there looking as he's
rubbing his forehead
the world's worst spook the world's
worst poker player right there under
oath lying was exposed by Ed Snowden and
we've got a report coming up later from
congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky
warning us about the kinds of gun
control bills that are being run through
by both the establishment Republicans
and the Democrats not just the Democrats
but the establishment Republicans are
setting up some tricks they've been
working on this for quite some time
according to Rob Thomas Massie we
replayed that report from him that he
put out but he had this to say about
lying clapper he said he admitted to
lying to Congress and he was
unremorseful and even flippant about it
he said the integrity of our federal
government is at stake because clappers
behavior sets the standard for the
entire intelligence community well I
guess they're so such expert liars that
they decide that run for office as a
Democrat I mean that's the only thing to
do right that's the only thing left for
these people to do and again Hillary
Clinton as I point out at the top of the
hour is going to be given an award by
Harvard University for her
transformative impact on society all the
wonderful things that she did in
you know transforming it into a
an organized-crime outfit in Washington
and New York State or they said
traveling around the globe as Secretary
of State
all the Benghazi things that she did so
they're gonna hand her an award well
done well done job but I think the key
thing is we're looking at this is the
fact that these people are starting to
realize especially the mouthpieces for
the Democrats it's not just the
establishment media but it's also it's
not just making Kelly who is pushing all
this stuff for her own benefit but also
for ratings you got Saturday Night Live
and true believers
you know the you've got the mockingbirds
media of ABC CBS NBC the old legacy
media then you've got the mocking media
which does the Mockingbird talking
points but they do it in a mocking way
that's what the comedians do so you've
got Stephen Colbert you got Saturday
Night Live all taking the lead and
propaganda for these lying shells the
part of the establishment community but
they broke it to their audience with a
sketch on Saturday Night Live that there
is no collusion they did it as a parody
of The Bachelor break up the Sheung lady
who had gone through the season thought
she had was going to be marrying the
bachelor or whatever and and he broke up
the engagement with her it was very
painful very awkward to watch so they
reproduced that whole thing but instead
of it being a bachelor breaking up with
a girl they brought in a woman I don't
know why they brought in a woman to play
more we should ask more about that but
anyway they brought in somebody some
woman dressed up like Muller and broke
the news to The Bachelor girl and a
parody of that scene from The Bachelor I
broke the news says I don't think I can
give you everything you want right now
you know and I think you sense that so
what you don't have Trump on collusion
oh I'm just trying to be honest and tell
you I can't commit to collusion right
now in other words the audience you're
not gonna get what you want this is a
fantasy that we've been selling you and
it's not gonna happen absolutely not
gonna happen
and as Trump is gonna be going to
California tomorrow and he's gonna be
looking at different prototypes for the
wall and the LA police are gearing up
for the crazy backlash from people in
California here's an example we've been
talking throughout the program of the
right way to do things talking about the
fact that Trump is gonna level the
playing field try to bring back jobs and
steel aluminum industry and how we've
got a ten to one disadvantage on cars in
terms of tariffs between US and China a
four to one disadvantage when we sell
our goods into a Europe versus when they
sell their goods into America as far as
cars go I'm gonna tell you when we come
back how not to do it California again
leading the way showing America how not
to make America great again but how to
make us poor like a Democrat backwater
alright so California and the Democrats
you know this is a place where Dianne
Feinstein is seen as too conservative
she couldn't win the endorsement of the
Democrat Party in California so
President Trump is going to go there
tomorrow and he's going to be reviewing
prototypes for the wall but as we look
at the great news that we're seeing the
revitalization people being brought back
to work like this one steel plant and
Granite City Illinois they said that
they had lost 1500 employees under Obama
not quite two years ago now they are
starting back up that plant that they
had shut they're bringing back 500 jobs
they said that some were expected to
return to work as soon as this week and
to give you an idea you know of what
happens to people there as I reported
earlier who got the restaurant is
basically going out of business
you got a shoe store said yeah we don't
have anybody here that can afford to buy
shoes anymore see that's the basis of
our economy a vibrant economy is a
manufacturing basis all these liars who
have been pushing the myth of free trade
when we have a situation where the trade
tariffs between US and China there's a
ten-to-one advantage for them because it
taxes 25% tax on cars going into China
from us but only two and a half percent
for them coming the other way and your
similar thing a four to one disadvantage
so one of these individuals said well
I'm excited this is what I've been
waiting for 46 year old guy lost his job
which is approximately a $60,000 a year
job in December 2015
under Obama policies and and of course
it's not just Obama this is a long term
policy it is an establishment bipartisan
policy you got the Koch brothers out
there pushing very hard against bringing
back our trade industry say we can't
have that we got a trade war gonna well
I would say if we got a four to one or a
ten to one disadvantage on trade tariffs
it's already a war they've already
started a war on us we've just been not
paying attention or being sold a pack of
lies but this is what he said after he
got laid off
what he's been doing he said he had to
borrow money from relatives he had to
take food giving away his charity he had
to disappoint his family with a tight
Christmas budget this is the economic
program of the Democrats and we've had
enough of it and if they think they're
gonna win by campaigning on abolishing
immigration control enforcement they
want to abolish ice they want to abolish
the Second Amendment they want to take
away our guns they want to take away our
economy if they think they're gonna win
on that and on identity politics go
ahead run on that please do please do
because here's another example of what
California is doing they want to have
public transportation of course because
the government should own and control
everything including your transportation
so they've got this high speed rail
project that is going between San
Francisco and LA and the promise is that
it's going to go at 220 miles per hour
that is if they can ever finish it the
spending and the failures of the
Democrats in California are driving that
state deep into bankruptcy and so now
you've got the cost going up by 20% and
it's gonna cost seventy seven billion
dollars here's an idea California why
don't you just build some additional
roads to alleviate the traffic and let
people own private cars oh because that
violates your paradigm does
I mean I've seen these little petty
socialists and meetings when I live back
in Raleigh I remember it was right after
the Soviet Union had collapsed and the
wall had come down and one of these
little socialist Democrats went to
Russia and she came back and she was at
the city council meeting and she was
just gushing over the fact that she
could drive anywhere Moscow go anywhere
Moscow on the public transportation for
a nickel and I said it costs you
everything and you don't even understand
that it costs those people everything it
costs them their freedom their
independence and who knows how much
they're paying for that well we know how
much they're paying for it in California
it is a boondoggle 20% increase and four
years later than originally projected
they said one of the current hurdles is
how to contend with traveling through
California's mountainous regions which
designers are still trying to figure out
you would have thought they would have
thought about that did you guys notice
that there's some mounds and the way I
just saw that we put this project
together I didn't notice it we had to go
through some mountains I hadn't budgeted
for the mountains that's an unexpected
obstacle we have to navigate around so
the designers are still trying to figure
that out no wonder this is the way the
Democrats run a state but then let's
take a look at their renewable energy
projects California has too much green
energy reports Daily Caller they said
California has frozen development on
anymore renewable energy sources as it
wrestles with what to do with all the
extra electricity that it's currently
producing now it's not so much that they
have extra electricity it's just that it
comes at inconvenient times see when you
have solar and wind they kind of vary
based on the time of day and the weather
don't they so you never really know what
your power levels are going to be you
got to have massive massive batteries
now solar and when can work for you as
an individual and it can get you off the
grid which is a really good thing I'm
not anti solar not at all I think it's a
great thing to get off the grid and you
can afford to have a battery for your
home to run that but if you want to keep
the grid which these people want to do
then renewable energy doesn't make any
sense whatsoever because the grid is so
large that you can't get the batteries
to be there to to say to handle the
fluctuations that are natural in say
California has trouble predicting how
much renewable energy will be needed at
certain times and controlling the power
supplied on several occasions California
has had to pay Arizona utilities and
others to take excess solar energy to
avoid overloading its own grid according
to the LA Times so they're having to pay
people to take their electricity off
their hands because they can't handle it
on their grid and they don't have any
power to store it I said you know and
it's tough looked at this problem with a
group that I was in before in Ireland
they were looking at wind power and they
thought well we'll put it off the coast
because it's such an annoying thing it
drives everybody crazy for anywhere
around the the turbines the noise and
everything and kills a lot of wildlife
and so forth so they put it out in the
ocean which a lot of people on the coast
could still hear it they could still see
it still a nuisance but they thought
well ok we got these rampant
fluctuations I got an idea let's do it
over a much larger area and so they did
it over really really large area all up
and down the coast and then what they
found was that the peaks and the troughs
became even more pronounced it didn't
level things out it just gave them
bigger peaks and bigger troughs that's
the insanity of these green people
driving themselves into bankruptcy
subsidizing this stuff and then winding
up with times when you don't have enough
power and other times when you got too
much and you got to sell it off you know
that cause you should have a third-world
type of power grid a power grid is
supposed to be exactly constant and
uniform you have a small fraction of a
percent variance and you can shut down
an entire factory with a brownout like
maybe that's appropriate because
Governor Brown out is right it's for
California right now but take a look at
what's happening in the white house
while we're talking about energy here
James darling Pole a bright part points
out that
Scott Pruett the administrator the EPA
one of the best pics that president
Trump has put in his cabinet Scott
Pruett has done great things at the EPA
and he had a great idea he said let's
have a debate let's debate climate
change let's do it publicly and I'm
gonna tell you when we come back what
General Kelly did to shut that down and
why that is a very important debate the
value of that and we're also talking
about Tillerson yeah he got sick over
the weekend maybe he got sick of his job
let's hope so because this advice is not
wanted or needed we'll be right back I'm
gonna give you an example of how the
powers keep online and the people keep
on dying this one is coming out of
Africa where Rex Tillerson was on a
safari I didn't realize when I was
laughing about him being out of the loop
last week on this North Korean talk
thing that he was in Kenya because I'd
covered back in January Tillerson State
Department spending half a million
dollars actually $600,000 little bit
more than half a million dollars to
spread the gospel of gender confusion to
Kenyan boys that's what Rex Tillerson is
known for that's what he did the Boy
Scouts of America spreading gender
confusion homosexual Scouts and
homosexual Scout leaders then
transgender individuals in the Boy
Scouts or we can't call them Boy Scouts
anymore I guess this the other Scouts
got Boy Scouts Girl Scouts and maybe
other Scouts check that other box there
with Rex Tillerson before we get to Rex
Tillerson though I want to go back to
General Kelly shutting down this debate
over climate change it was a brilliant
idea by Scott Pruett at the EPA the New
York Times talks about it they said Jeff
Kelly the White House chief of staff has
killed an effort by the head of the EPA
to stage public debates challenging
climate change science according to
three people familiar with deliberations
the idea of publicly critiquing climate
change on the national stage has been a
notable theme for Scott Pruett the
administrator of the EPA but that's not
the way these guys roll remember
whenever you have try to have a
discussion or
debate with these people they're there
of course they're postmodern there is no
such thing as true so there's no reason
for them to debate what the truth is
with you they just shut you up they
censor you they're not gonna have it
abate they're just gonna tell you
we're in authority we have college
degrees you need to shut up you don't
know anything there's no need for you to
ask any questions just listen to us and
do what we say and James dulling poll
what Breitbart says and yes that really
is the bad news he says if history is
one the biggest mistakes so far of
trumps otherwise winning presidency he
said the idea behind these debates was
to clarify the science underpinning the
great climate change scare for the first
time skeptical scientists would have
debated openly in public with realist
scientists over the current evidence
telling us what is it telling us about
global warming and he points this out he
says regardless of whether or not they
reach a consensus and of course you're
never gonna reach a consensus in a
debate you have all these debates about
different propositions you never reach a
consensus but what people would have
seen is that there is no consensus they
would have seen that you've got
scientists on both sides of the debate
it is not a settled matter that is the
genius of the plan but of course it's
now been shut down by Michael Kelly who
shuts down president Trump's access to a
lot of information and now he's shutting
down your access the information about
the climate debate and his darling poll
points out he said don't be impressed by
the fact these men responsible for this
decision or from the military he says he
likes the military he says if I ever
wanted to retake Fallujah for the
umpteenth time these are the few men
that I'd be happy to lead the mission
people like John Kelly and Jim mattis
but he goes here we're not talking about
combat we're talking about group think
and this is a vice to which the US
military has proven itself every bit as
fallible as every other profession and
the US military fell to the enviro
weenies a long time ago a long time ago
so now let's talk about sick wrecks sick
Rex Tillerson
and as you pointed out on Friday and
we're talking about this this is the
quick announcement by the South Korean
Minister defense I forgot what is a
title wise with South Korean government
but they met for quite some time
president Trump in the White House and
they came out on the driveway and held a
quick press conference and they said
we've now scheduled a meeting talks to
be held between President Trump and Kim
jong-un and the South Koreans are kind
of brokering that pushing that together
of course President Trump was paying
playing bad cop to their good cop
putting pressure on Kim jong-un to make
that happen but Rex Tillerson was
completely out of the loop as the AP
pointed out just hours before the summit
announcement on Thursday Tolson had said
that Washington was quote a long way
from talking directly in North Korea as
he was touring Africa he was a long way
from a decision-making processes and
then the next day he canceled all of his
appointments saying he was sick that was
at the top of the Drudge Report and when
I saw that I said well I hope he's sick
of being Secretary of State because
clearly his advice is not wanted nor
needed by President Trump this is a guy
who has pushed the Paris climate treaty
I pushed it for a very long time and
eventually president Trump pushed back
and said no we're not gonna do that and
this is a guy who was clearly out of the
loop on this maybe he should follow Gary
Cohen who lost the argument on
protectionism on protecting our steel
industry and so Gary Cohen left and
Tillerson should do the same thing and
it won't be any too soon either because
that's pointing out you know the thing
that is dear to his heart is gender
confusion and as I sell that in Kenya
think about the fact that they only have
to sell you know they're spending six
hundred thousand dollars of your
taxpayer money to push gender confusion
and tell the Kenyan kids and the Kenyan
government that the problem with
terrorism is toxic masculinity not Islam
toxic masculinity
so let's feminized the kids let's not do
something about Al Qaeda let's not do
something about Islamic Jihad which goes
from he was just in Nigeria which is on
the west side of Africa the west coast
he goes to Kenya on the east coast it is
across Africa
I mean Boko Haram was in Nigeria where
he just was and Bo
Haram is actually the nickname for the
people committed to the prophets
teachings for propagation and jihad but
he's gonna tell them that it's not it's
not Islam the Boko Haram stuff that's
that's not Islam
it's your toxic masculinity you need to
feminize the kids in Africa like they're
doing in the Boy Scouts of America as I
pointed out yesterday Boko Haram which
really means the Western education is
Haram is forbidden and so they go in and
they attack schools where they're
teaching girls they've just had another
example where they went in and kidnapped
that had 200 girls four years ago
kidnapped from a school now they have
just recently abducted another hundred
and ten girls from a school in the
region they don't want Western education
and they certainly don't want women
educated but it's because of the toxic
masculinity that they don't want girls
educate writers and anything to do with
Islam according to Rex Tillerson and if
they can feed that lie to the people
there they're also selling them half a
billion dollars in weapons as they set
the area ablaze see it's a it's a good
return on investment for the
military-industrial complex you only
spent half a million to spread this
gender confusion and disinformation so
they don't solve the problem and then
you sell them weapons and a half a
billion thousand times more money for
the State Department
yeah that's why Rick Stoller son needs
to go alright so let's talk then about
this North Korean thing look at some of
the reactions we had Rachel Maddow
coming out let's play what Rachel Maddow
had to say it's it's difficult to watch
but it's worth it - I see what you had
to say now you might imagine another
president in this circumstance Kim
jong-un makes her makes a request you
want to meet my you might think like
another president in this circumstance
you could imagine that president
struggling real hard I'll try to
criticize this why has no other American
president ever agreed to do this why has
no sitting American president ever met
with a leader from North Korea why has
because they haven't been doing their
jobs existed as a nation hasn't any
other president ever done should I take
that to mean that this might be a
particularly risky or even an unwise
move risky I think that's how most
presidents would approach the idea of a
personal presidential meeting with the
North Korean dictator
it means gonna lose some of that esteem
that you hold him so highly not the
kinds of questions that this president
asked himself before agreeing to this
meeting but this is the president we
have and he said yes to North Korea
the New York Times tonight headlining
this breaking news as what a pathetic
act let's cut it right there because I
can't take any more Rachel Maddow what a
pathetic act she is yeah on the South
Koreans that want to see the region
erupt into war and so they brokered this
deal President Trump put a lot of
pressure on them to drive them to the
bargaining table and you won't know
about previous presidents we had Jimmy
Carter come out and say I think it's
really good that we're talking to them
he said we could avoid a nuclear
confrontation with North Korea that
would be a wonderful achievement even
some people at CNN said that but not
partisan Rachel Maddow she's got to
pretend that there is no upside to this
if all we have to do is give Kim Jung on
a photo-op
on the world stage it's worth it I don't
want to get into an update as to what is
happening in gun control not only in
Florida but at the federal level and
several states are now making moves to
take away people's guns and we have
congressman from Kentucky Thomas Massie
as warning Americans that both parties
are quietly plotting to take your gun so
we're gonna have that clip that he put
out on social media that's a very
important observation that he had to
make but I want to lay the groundwork
for what is happening right now and the
in the Second Amendment across the
country before we get to that clip and
then joining us in the next hour is Joel
and I'm sure joel is gonna want to chime
in on recent weapons developments and
with Russia as well as perhaps what
happened in the UK with what they
believe is nerve gas weaponized State
sophistication of nerve gas on a former
Russian spy that was paid I think
hundred thousand dollars by mi6 to to
turn on the Russians he and his daughter
were poisoned with nerve gas and even
the first responder cop is seriously ill
they're only critical condition they
have that entire area cordoned off very
very concentrated very very dangerous
substance but also I'm sure he's gonna
want to talk about other geopolitical
issues so Joel's cows will be joining us
in the next hour before we get to the
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80% off storewide all right let's talk
about what's go
and gun control as we look at this big
push we had the Florida Legislature put
through a bill and the governor sign it
quite frankly it was a very bad bill
the NRA immediately sued the state of
Florida as they should have and we'll
tell you about that in a moment but a
little bit of background as we continue
to see the 911 calls come out the one
cop who is back and forth as to whether
or not he was told to go in or whether
or not he knew that there was shooting
inside the building now we see the newly
released 911 calls that contradict his
account of the shooting and showed that
he did know that the killer was inside
and not outside the building
why is this important we're not trying
to destroy this guy's life but this is a
key factor that was in the florida bill
saying we do not want armed teachers the
teachers union said that that they
didn't want to have some of their
teachers who would voluntarily do this
many of them are already licensed that's
concealed carry
they don't want them vetted by the
government they don't want them trained
and caring as unmarked non uniformed
personnel to defend people I mean that's
the most effective part of it the fact
that they don't have a uniform and why
would you trust I mean what we're
talking about here is somebody who works
for the Sheriff's Department who has a
uniform who did not do anything to
protect anybody versus people who were
going to be there and have a gun and be
vetted and trained and they would use
their gun to protect themselves and
protect the people that they know but
the teachers and the Governor Rick Scott
don't like that idea because these
teachers wouldn't have a uniform that
would make them a target but they would
also have more of a dog and the fight
but here's another example of this we've
got two heroic SWAT team members
suspended without pay why because they
disobeyed orders and went to help people
see whether it was a decision by an
individual police officer or four of
them not to go in I mean it looks like
this was orders not to go in these
individuals from another the
our Police Department they jumped into
action reports daily mail without
following protocol so the two were
suspended from Miramar Police
Department's privileged program and were
ordered to surrender their SWAT issued
rifles so here you go you're not allowed
to go protect somebody unless they say
you can those like mother mae-eye
games that they're playing this is why
you don't necessarily want uniformed
police officers you've got this bulky
chain of command that as we can see here
at the very least that is to blame for
slowing people's response down and
punishing these guys who did the right
thing they heard that a shooting was
going on and unlike this other cop who
knew where it was then lied about it and
then stood down and didn't go in these
two guys knew about it they rushed in to
try to save people and they get punished
suspended without pay without pay I mean
typically when a police officer shoots
and kills somebody without justification
they suspect that it's a an issue they
get suspended with pay these guys tried
to save somebody and they get suspended
without pay the Broward County Sheriff
office never called for the team to
respond surprise surprise surprise
surprise and here we have a survivor of
sexual assault saying that she was fired
for having a concealed carry permit and
we got a couple of days actually this is
a lady a social worker went to Facebook
and Twitter shared the fact that she was
fired from her job at Roanoke Virginia
City social services she was escorted
from the building by three police
officers not because she came to work
with a gun but simply because they found
out that she had a concealed handgun
license this is the insanity of the
government the madness of the government
she doesn't have a gun but they found
out she had a concealed carry license in
other words she had gone through the
extra steps that quite frankly I don't
think she's required to do under the
Second Amendment Second Amendment is a
prohibition from the government to it to
not interfere with our god-given right
to protect ourselves and to keep and
bear arms that is a right of the people
and they should not infringe it and turn
it into a privilege but here's somebody
who says okay you got rules I'll try
- as much as as possible with me take
the Christian ethic as much as as pasta
as it depends on me I will try to be at
peace with you I will go through extra
steps which I really should not have to
do I'll get a concealed handgun license
and she said she was fired for having
the concealed carry permit going through
all that and getting a permit they fired
her even though she and they
frog-marched out of the building with
police officers three of them because
they're so paranoid about the fact that
she owns a gun even though she doesn't
have it on her and another example that
I read yesterday from Reason magazine
this is a lady who is in public housing
the East st. Louis Housing Authority
this woman has also been attacked so
this lady that had a concealed carry
permit what you have will choose a
survivor of sexual assault and so here's
another lady who has a husband who was
convicted of murder and then the
government released him and he came back
and he got violent with her beat her so
severely that she was bleeding
and so they arrested him and put him in
prison again and now they're released
him again so he's killed somebody
he beat his wife until she was bleeding
internally and now they have released
him again and he's threatening her again
and they found out at the East st. Louis
Housing Authority that she had a firearm
that she had registered and so they are
telling her that she's going to have to
move or she's gonna have to surrender
her weapons this is where we're headed
folks and so in this environment
you've got Governor Rick Scott the
carpetbagger from parts North to Florida
- I used to always call him in Florida I
lived there for hundred-million-dollar
gun control bill that includes firearm
confiscation for law-abiding women
between the ages of 18 and 21 who just
might need a firearm to protect
themselves against violent men because
that does equalize things gonna take
that away and he's gonna listen to the
teachers and he's going to PO
any teachers being allowed to carry arms
for self-defence now President Trump is
pushing the idea of armed teachers and
President Trump has pulled back on this
idea of taking away guns from people
between the ages of 18 and 21 we'll give
you the details on that when we come
back and we're also going to play stay
with us the second segment of the next
hour before Joel Skousen comes on will
play the congressman's warning both
parties are plotting to take your guns
as I was just pointing out in the last
segment in Florida the governor opposed
allowing teachers to carry arms even
after they were trained by law
enforcement opposed allowing them to
carry arms and it was being pushed by
the Florida Education Association they
told him we urge you to honor your
instincts and to act to keep additional
firearms from our schools unless they're
in the hands of trained law enforcement
personnel I mean what we're talking
about here is a uniform because it would
be the trained law enforcement personnel
who would be training the teachers and
vetting them so how is that different
than being a paid deputy that's why when
we started talking about this I said
this is a very important concept because
this shows the difference between a
standing army of paid professionals and
the posse or the militia which is the
way that the founders envisioned this
country being protected a militia of
armed scizor ii that is trained and can
protect this country instead of a
professional army boots on the ground
that have always eventually been used to
oppress the people versus a trained
citizen militia if you go back to the
Revolutionary War there's a very clear
distinction between regular army troops
and between the militia just go back and
look at last Mohicans
for example watch the movie and they
make it very clear the difference
between the militia and the trained
professional army but that was something
that they always had envision or think
about the western movies where you have
a sheriff and he's got a couple of
deputies but if something really big
happens there
the bank what they do they get together
a posse what is a posse
well posse simply means power in Latin
and when they talked about Posse
Comitatus that was the power of the
community so there would be individuals
who would know how to use weapons the
sheriff would know who they were and he
would call those people up to help him
and his deputies and that's what we're
talking about in the schools so I said
you know call it the teachers posse or
call it posse academia or something
whatever I mean get that concept out
there but for some reason the governor
can't get his head around that he thinks
there's something special about wearing
a uniform yeah it makes you a target in
a school situation a school shooting
like that
so the NRA a school has sued Florida
over that gun bill the very same day
because are they violating the rights of
18 to 21 year olds to own guns and
they're not the only place that is doing
that right now they have the Illinois
House has passed a bill to confiscate
guns from all 18 to 20 year olds and as
they point out on the freethought
project they prohibit anyone from under
21 years old from buying or possessing
commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and
they would have 90 days to turn their
guns into the government or become
see that's the outrageous part of this
but we got a Democrat in Florida
representative Deutsch saying the gun
bill in Florida that was just signed is
merely the beginning of the response to
parkland this is just the beginning he
said this legislation for the governor's
just signed is a good first step because
we've prohibited some people from owning
guns but the NRA shouldn't think the gun
lobby shouldn't think that this is the
end of the response to what happened in
parkland this is merely the beginning
and they always want to portray the NRA
simply as a lobby well they're a lobby
for the people why is the NRA that is
lobbying for the rights of millions of
people who paid dues why is that a
dishonorable thing but the big
pharmaceutical companies can lobby
Congress for the behalf of a couple of
of a handful of big pharmaceutical
companies that have created an opioid
epidemic why is that never discussed by
the media or by the Democrats so you
know why it's the money that's why they
won't talk about the lobbyists from big
pharma but they want to portray the NRA
as being a detached lobbying group
they're a lobbying group that represents
the broadest base of any lobbying group
if you want to call them that but it's
much more than just a lobbying group but
it's absolutely insane where we're going
with this and it's also insane that the
Justice Department is proposing banning
bump stocks yeah they're a gimmick and
so is this band but this band sets up a
very dangerous precedent more on that
when we return welcome back we've got
one more segment and then Joel Skousen
is going to join us to talk about
international issues what's happening in
North Korea with Russia and elsewhere I
want to finish up on gun control and
I've got a very important announcement
from congressman Kentucky congressman
Thomas Massie he says that he's warning
us that both parties are quietly
plotting to take your guns played that
message for you but what has happened
now we've had President Trump back off
of taking guns from 18 to 21 year-olds
he is now focusing on hardening the
schools and training teachers which is
the not what Governor Rick Scott the
RINO did in Florida he doesn't want
teachers have guns and President Trump
does so he's going to work they say the
administration will provide assistance
to states to arm teachers encourage them
to pass laws to keep guns away from
dangerous individuals and call for
Congress to pass legislation legislation
strengthening the national background
check system and this is what Thomas
Massie his warning may be a Trojan horse
but at the same time we look at this
we've got the Justice Department now
following president Trump's suggestion
order whatever to ban bump stocks and
again bump stocks are simply a gimmick
they weren't a part of this shooting in
parkland nobody alleges that they
alleged that it was part of the shooting
in Las Vegas yet there's a lot of
questions about that we saw a bump stock
on a gun that had a bipod on it it
wouldn't work with that we also saw
supposedly some
ballistics calculations on a desk and
yet the bump stock is used to spray and
pray as I say just firing into a massive
crowd at a very long distance away many
people have pointed out that if you
wanted to kill more people you could
have done it more effectively with a
sniper rifle than just shooting rapidly
out into the distance like that but a
good exhibit this is a dangerous
precedent that they're sitting here even
though this this thing is a gimmick
they're pushing for a new kind of
control that even the B ATF doesn't want
so we've got the Trump administration
and Sessions Justice Department pushing
gun control that is worse than the B ATF
wants and it sets a very dangerous
precedent in terms of what they're going
to regulate and they give you an example
of how these things can be tripwires
we've got the ATF now investigating a
Democratic candidate who was trying to
show off sawing off the barrel of her
gun saying look I'm gonna destroy an
well she sawed off the barrel of a gun
and guess what these Democrats have put
a lot of little trip wires all
throughout the the code so she's been
hoisted by her own petard or I guess you
could say blown up by her own booby trap
this is why we don't want to see these
kind of little gimmicky regulations put
on certainly not by the Department of
Justice but before you run out of time
let's go to what congressman Thomas
Massie warns us about gun control act I
want to let you know what's going on in
Congress as far as gun control goes
you've heard a lot of ideas being
floated in the news raising the legal
age to buy a long gun for instance or
new assault weapons ban any number of
bad things have been mentioned but I
wanted to boil it down for you what's
actually going to happen the gun control
play they're going to run here in
Congress is the one that unfortunately
predicted back in December
remember back in December they put the
National concealed carry reciprocity on
the floor
and I warned folks when they put inside
of it a bill called fix Nick's that they
were sneaking into a gun control that
was endorsed by senator Feinstein and
Senator Schumer
unfortunately that warning has turned
out to be true I want to play you a
little bit of my prediction this is back
in December I did a podcast with Daniel
Horowitz a conservative review so here
we are we're at the next crisis now our
leadership promised members here in
Congress that they would not bring the
fixed Knicks bill the gun control bill
to the floor and if they didn't at least
bring the reciprocity bill with it the
same way they did it previously and 40
members of Congress thanked them for
their promise and then sent them a
letter that said we right to communicate
that we will oppose any attempt to bring
fix Knicks to the floor of the house for
a vote unless it includes language
substantially substantially similar to
or identical to that of HR 38h our 38
was the reciprocity bill C and Nix is
the National instant criminal background
that the reciprocity bill was just a
Trojan horse and that this fixed NICs
bill would come back without reciprocity
attached to it now
why is this so bad what's wrong with the
fixed Knicks bill well there's a problem
at the VA right now I've heard from
people that work at the VA and I've
heard from veterans who've encountered
this problem if you tell the VA that
somebody else manages your money they
can take away your right to own a gun
they put you in the Knicks database but
it also not only can you not go to a
store and buy a gun it's illegal for you
to possess a gun or even to possess
ammunition and veterans are getting
thrown into this system every day
they're having their right to own a gun
stripped merely because they say they
don't manage their own finances this is
an Obama era policy that was put into
place and it is part of the stems from
the last time they tried to fix Nick's
in 2007-2008 they passed a bill called
Nick's Improvement Amendments Act which
metastasized into the Obama gun control
plan at the VA now my colleagues in
Congress they know the problem exists at
the VA they're totally ignoring it now
here's how I know they know because a
year ago a year ago almost to the week
in March we passed a bill called you
know it was 1181 the veteran's Second
Amendment Protection Act it was going to
fix the problem at the VA where veterans
were being deprived of the second
Amendment rights without due process no
judicial review does that sound familiar
well it passed the House no due process
Republican voted for it some Democrats
voted for it and then it stalled in the
Senate now that's the problem that
exists that's the problem that every
member of Congress knows about because
they saw this debate last year and
that's the problem that's being ignored
and that's the problem it's going to get
worse if they pass fix Nick's what fix
Nick's does this has been introduced by
Cornyn in the Senate and it has
Feinstein in Schumer's full support in
fact our co-sponsors what fix Nick's
does is it throws money of the states to
put more names into the database and it
penalize a--'s people workers at the VA
if they don't know rigorously turn in
these veterans names into the next
database now they're pretending this has
something to do with the shooting in
Florida it has nothing to do with the
shooting in Florida
I just came from a briefing given by the
director of the Deputy Director of the
FBI where they explained how the FBI got
all these tips and then ignore them they
drop the ball folks those folks that are
working at the FBI then he can they need
fire they shouldn't have a job right now
and fix Nick's is absolutely right it
wouldn't even do anything to take away
their bonuses for their lack of
performance their so fix Nick's anybody
that's being honest about this will tell
you we do nothing to stop the school
shooting that happened in Florida
it's a none serious solution if you want
a serious one how about my safe students
I've introduced every term that I've
been in Congress it's HR 34 this year
would repeal the federal gun-free school
zone Act of 1990 that's a serious
solution until we start doing things
like that
we're just advertising our children as
being vulnerable in these schools in
these gun-free zones because as you
let's hold it right there cuz we're
gonna run out of time and I wanted to
comment on this so you hear I'm talking
about thick's Nicks and again Nick's
is the National instant criminal
background check system so we gotta fix
that and you understand that you don't
need the federal government to protect
your children you don't need the federal
government to protect your schools if
anything the federal government is going
to get in the way of that with their
gun-free school zone act or with their
fix Nick's they're going to use some
kind of an excuse to incentivize taking
away guns from people who are not a
threat not giving them due process no
you can protect your schools you can
protect your children and we've had
sheriffs doing this even though they had
the federal gun-free school zone act you
had local sheriffs here in Texas and in
other states get together with teachers
they would screen them they would train
them and allow them to carry in schools
you don't need the federal government's
permission to protect yourself and they
can't stop you from doing that but they
can take away our rights in the name of
protecting us joining us now is Joel
Skousen and of course some wise like to
get Joel on to talk about what's going
on with North Korea or Russia and when I
saw the quick announcement of the talks
in North Korea a said oh let's get
Joel's council on it'll be interesting
to get his take on this so he's talked
about the problems that had been pushed
out before about the bloody nose
strategy and how dangerous an idea that
was being pushed by some in the Pentagon
and the administration but now we're
looking at something a bit different and
for those of you who don't know Joel
Skousen he's a frequent guest on our
shows of course he is somebody who takes
liberty and the Constitution very
seriously he's got a couple of books on
that one in the works right now
foundations of an ideal state but he's
also got another book essential
principles for the conservation of
Liberty and then we've got a lot of his
books in terms of
security and self-sufficiency how do you
prepare your home if the worst were to
happen and not just if it was a nuclear
attack or not even if it was just let's
say a a nuclear impulse that would take
down the grid he's got things like the
secure home architectural design
construction and remodeling of
self-sufficient residences and retreats
or how to implement a high-security
shelter in your home and finally
strategic relocation where in North
America excuse me
is the safest place to relocate to have
either your primary home or a secondary
place that you can go to if the
unthinkable happens so joining us now is
Joel scows and you can find him at world
affairs brief comm thank you for joining
us mr. Skelton we've had a surprise
announcement about this North Korean
talk you know we had Teddy Roosevelt
used to say walk softly and carry a big
stick I guess president Trump has been
boasting loudly and carrying a big
button but maybe the bad cop good cop
routine has brought Kim jong-un to the
table what do you think well it's
actually a grand deception it's it's
very dangerous because essentially
there's two aspects here there's the
invitation to talk with Kim directly
which won't take place till May that's
another two months delay there's the
talks that are scheduled to start very
soon between North Korea and South Korea
let me let me address those first
because remember the United States is
not invited to those talks that's just
between North and South Korea but it
effectively takes any military option
off the table
while they're talking and they can talk
indefinitely because once they're
talking if you attack while someone's in
peace negotiation is going to look like
Barratt very bad form the international
community will crucify the United States
or Trump before attacking so basically
by not being at the table the United
States can't say hey these talks are
going nowhere the you know North Korea
is simply stalling for time and back out
of them they're not a party to the talks
so they're held the military options
held hostage to the back
at North and South Korea are simply
taking their time to talk it talks
normally take at least a year just come
to some agreement and then it takes at
least six months after that if they
agree to international inspections to
have those inspectors declare that North
Korea is in default well let me ask you
a question here because from what I
understood from the announcement and the
thing that took Rex Tillerson by
surprise him and Rex Tillerson was
talking about how that would typically
be the process that it would take a very
long time but when they made the
announcement they said that they that
the US would be at these talks within by
May that was my understanding of it but
you're saying that's not the case that's
not the case and of course it can change
daily as as people negotiate I'm sure
the Trump if he meets with Kim would
have some process whereby they the
United States is in direct talks with
North Korea but as the North and South
Korean talks were applied the United
States was not an invited party to that
well yeah they've had some talks for a
while I was just under the understanding
that as South Korea made that
announcement and Trump mentioned that I
thought that what they had now was an
agreement that they were going to keep
the sanctions on that in return there
were not going to be any more missile
firings or any more underground nuclear
tests or whatever in the interim between
now and May and that in May the three
parties would meet together to talk
about the nuclearization but the main
talk is between Kim and Trump directly
and so but anyway you look at it this is
bad for me yeah as the CIA director said
you know we're talking about a handful
of months between before North Korea has
solved the last technical problems to
threaten the United States with nuclear
weapons and those two technical problems
are miniaturization of the nuclear
weapon itself and developing a warhead
with sufficient metallurgical technology
that can survive the extreme heat of
reentry every North Korean missile test
so far the warhead has burned up in
reentry so they don't have in fact a
missile capable of penetrating the
a ballistic missile now the point is is
that you know Russia and China could
give North Korea the technology in a in
a very very short period to do that but
you're no longer like it was in the
1990s when they had these agreements
with North Korea and you could afford to
sit back and wait we're a year or two to
see if he was going to follow through
with these because now he's within
months of directly threatening the
United States with one of these with
these missiles so what would you
recommend as a possibly because you said
that you didn't think that a limited
strike a bloody nose policy that would
only exacerbate things so you would you
would prefer if they had not set up this
talk and if they had made a large strike
preemptively to take out the weapons
well what I would recommend is that you
set a deadline and you say all right you
claim that you're willing to discuss
denuclearization you've played the West
for so many years we cannot afford to
have you play any longer than a month
I'm going to give you a month to allow
United Nations inspectors in to begin
dismantling of your weapons systems
immediately you have 30 days to comply
or we will declare war and attack in
other words you can you can justify a
declaration or because North Korea has
directly threatened the United States
and we're going to nuke you yeah that's
all you need that's all you need to go
before Congress said that we have
received an existential threat from
North Korea and I want a declaration of
war it doesn't matter if we're going
doesn't tell us when we're gonna attack
but I would give an actual 30-day
deadline if you're serious about Deen
organization we want international
inspectors in there within 30 days or
you are vulnerable to us taking them out
by force that's how I and of course you
know there is a ceasefire there was
never a emp'd a peace treaty that was
signed at the end of the Korean War so
man we were technically still at a state
of war if they wanted to put some kind
of a deadline with that but yeah we're
gonna have to wait and see what happens
with that we'll take a quick break I
guess and then we'll come back and
see what you have to think about the
latest developments in Russia because
we've had a couple of developments with
both weapons systems as well as a terror
attack that has happened in Russia so
I'm curious to see what you think about
both of those things Joel when we come
back but when we look at the situation
in North Korea of course whether or not
he has arranged or not I mean it's it's
today with the technology of an EMP
electromagnetic pulse that is a nuclear
weapon that is exploded in the
atmosphere they don't have to be able to
accurately target something if they have
the range an EMP could take down massive
parts of the American infrastructure so
that's been one of my chief concerns
about this situation but we'll be right
back with Joel Skousen world affairs
brief comm stay with us we'll be right
back well if you've got nowhere to run
to nowhere to hide maybe you need a
secure home or a high-security shelter
in your home or strategic relocation
those are books that we have at infowar
store comm actually I think they're on
sale like everything else at the store
they're authored by our guest
Joel Skousen you can also find him on
world affairs brief comp just to
summarize what we're talking about in
the last segment and we're going to talk
a little bit one more topic on North
Korea and that's EMP Joel said he'd like
to talk about but just to summarize what
Joel was saying in the last segment I
would say that he's more pessimistic
about these talks than I am I looked at
it's like okay two months I was somewhat
skeptical about the timeline in terms of
development of North Korea what the
state of their missile development and
weapons were so that two-month freeze on
the current status quo if they stop
shooting rockets which could be a
disaster if they hit some something or
it goes in the wrong direction
but it all depends on whether or not our
assessments and we don't really know for
sure we're getting information from the
government now Joel Skousen is looking
at this and saying we're they're very
close and they could use this to play
the United States in terms of buying
time to complete their weapons
development so Joel in light of that
talk about EMP and that particular
threat in terms of buying
time for North Koreans to improve their
missiles to improve other warheads well
I have these two comments one is on EMP
and I said on with Alex several times
the latest government data shows that it
takes six high-altitude nuclear weapons
to blanket the grid and take it down not
just one and so it's very unlikely if
not almost impossible in North Korea to
do an EMP strike or Iran or any
terrorist group it just takes more than
one and so it's good idea
I'm discounting that threat in fact only
Russia and China have the capability to
really run an EMP strike and they're not
stupid enough to throw an EMP strike
without following it up with a physical
strike of nuclear weapons because the
military's relatively hardened against
EMP and they could still retaliate now
the other point that I want to make that
in justification of what I'm saying is
an immediate threat and a timeline to
North Korea is Trump needs to stated in
the North Koreans look we played this
game four times with you before in the
past twenty years and every time you've
lied every time you cheated you're out
of time North Korea we don't have time
to let you go through another round of
negotiations it's the time for immediate
action and while the White House has
said we want to see action from North
Korea before Trump goes through with a
meeting with Kim those actions turned
out to be will will stop missile testing
and will stop nuclear tests that's not
the point
you can still be developing the hardened
metallurgical warhead to penetrate
without testing you see the point is is
they're building and they're improving
on their military while they wait and so
the United States has to say North Korea
you are out of time we're past the point
of talking it's action or nothing and so
you have 30 days to allow international
inspectors to come in and begin
dismantling no talks begin dismantling
or we will take them out military that's
my point and we have to emphasize the
point that we're through talking you
cannot play us anymore by delaying
action by talk
yeah very interesting yeah your take is
that that this is a very dangerous delay
that they could finish weapon
development and and that they've done
this type of thing in the past as well
I just might say that for your listeners
they can get a free sample copy of my
world has read this week's which talks
about this North Korean situation by
emailing me an editor at world affairs
brief calm oh good yeah that'd be
interesting for them to see it in more
detail all right let's talk a little bit
about Russia because we've had a couple
of developments both in terms of weapons
and in terms of intrigue and you know
this attack on a former Soviet spy who
became a paid informant for mi6 looks
like possibly a nerve gas attack but
also a state weaponized nerve gas attack
it looks like the UK government is going
to blame Russia for that today so your
comments on on what's going on with
Russia well it's awfully hard to tell
always who does these but you know these
sophisticated nerve acts nerve agents
are military only grade that Russia
China and the United States have so
you're not going to get any terrorists
for me non-state actor that has access
to this whether it's North Korea using
in North Korea by the way has a full
range of chemical weapons I mean huge
stockpiles of chemical weapons and that
needs to be part of the disarmament
demands of the United States of course
I'm not something they're talking about
they're just talking about the nuclear
aspect there with them I know they need
to say you got it I mean look you
threatened to invade Syria if they
didn't give up their chemical weapons
and they did but you there's no threat
to invade North Korea over chemical
weapons and there should be so that
you're not having a double standard
Russian China of course we've allowed to
get too strong in all of these weapons
systems to be able to threaten that you
know we're gonna invade and take away
your weapons so we're dealing with you
know mad or mutual assured destruction
which is a lie the Russians and Chinese
are preparing to win and survive a
nuclear war the u.s. is preparing to
survive a nuclear
or but leaving the nation at risk
without any civil defense procedures
like there are that was really
highlighted with what happened in Hawaii
I mean it was it was it when I look at
your book and how you focused you are on
people building structures to protect
themselves I mean look at that false
alarm in Hawaii
everybody was panicking they were
putting their kids and storm sewers I
mean is that really the way that we want
to live our lives or do we want to take
some of these matters into our own hands
because the government is not going to
build those civil defense structures for
Americans no and but they're building
them for themselves a whole series of
new bunker is being built deep
underground including under the vice
president's residence and the Naval
Observatory under the Naval Observatory
and the only reason we know that is
because there were so many underground
explosions going off the government had
to admit that they were doing another
bunker they did one under a skyscraper
in Washington DC that they told nobody
about so they know that this is coming
but they're not telling the American
people and if they're wise is I pointed
out in my books it doesn't take a lot of
money to prepare a basic fallout shelter
especially if you've got a basement you
can build one inside the basement
without a building permit it only cost
about $3,000 in materials you can save
enough of that you know in a year by
really being careful with your spending
but it really needs to be done now
Russia of course has come out and talked
about these new missile systems that
they have and while these are not in
full serial production yet that's why I
think Russia and China are bluffing
about letting the North Korean situation
mushroom into third world war they're
not ready yet to take on the West until
the starting in the middle to the middle
of the next decade but these are
formidable weapon systems especially the
hypersonic weapons which cannot be taken
down by our current ABM systems or Aegis
systems and there may be and these are
maneuvering warheads you've got the RS
28 sarmat missile with 15 new warheads
on it and the United States at the same
time has just dismantled the three
warheads on our remaining Minuteman
missiles and replaced them with a single
warhead and
now Trump is time--every vamping on
nuclear doctrine by producing a lot of
small nuclear weapons rather than larger
bunker penetrating weapons so this is
the wrong direction even though he's
climbing to the left is protesting
beefing up our nuclear say it's not
beefing up our nuclear system you know
we look at this hypersonic missiles that
Russia is talking about China is talking
about them as well using them against
American naval forces when we look at
what has just recently happened with
Yemen firing a couple of ancient Scud
based missiles from Yemen into Saudi
Arabia and couple of different instances
we've had people who've looked at that
and said that our missile defense
systems that we'd given to Saudi Arabia
we're totally ineffective so I want to
get your comment on that when we come
back from the breakers we've got to go
to break right now what do you think
about what we saw in terms of the
missiles fired from Yemen into Saudi
Arabia the purported failure if you
believe it was a failure
or what enly we're looking at something
with these hypersonic missiles that are
far more sophisticated than these
ancient Scud designs that were in the
possession of the people in Yemen so
we'll be right back with Joel Skousen
world affairs brief calm stay with us
welcome back I'm David Knight and we're
talking to Joel Skousen I wanted to get
Joel's comment on the subject that I
brought up is we're going to break what
if anything does he read into our
ability to defend ourselves from
missiles with what we've seen in Yemen
and Saudi Arabia with missiles fired
from Yemen and Saudi Arabia purportedly
very old design missiles in Yemen
basically Scud designed missiles and
also several sources saying they were
not able to intercept those missiles
that's part of the whole civil defense
mythology that we've got here Joel they
you know that we don't have any civil
defense here we're told that we've got a
missile defense system but not really
looking like we have that your comment
well not counting the Aegis ship based
anti-missile systems we've got about 30
the hyped-up interceptors in Alaska and
some in California it's just not nearly
enough to handle thousands of warheads
coming in besides our missile systems
are all designed with a kinetic warhead
meaning that they have a big heavy lump
of depleted uranium that has to make
physical contact with an incoming
warhead even normal warheads come in at
hypersonic speeds anyway so the
hypersonic issue is not nearly as
difficult as the fact that they've got
maneuvering warheads that china and
russia are developing which are going to
be nearly impossible we've got a 50%
success rate with our current crop of
ABMS under test ideal test conditions I
just don't think there's a chance in the
world that they can intercept
maneuvering warheads coming in you know
that said looking at Russia's new weapon
systems let's take this nuclear-powered
cruise missile that could go anywhere in
the world because it has an almost
unlimited range obviously you can't put
one of these nuclear engines on a on a
manned aircraft or ship because
essentially you have a nuclear reaction
spreading nuclear material into the air
stream of a ramjet engine and it would
have radiate the pilot and kill him
so this is only for a drone type thing
the US had similar project they
developed this engine here back over ten
years ago in the Pluto project they
claim that they disband this ten years
ago and I don't believe they did I don't
think the u.s. ever disbands any of
these projects they go into the skunk
works or somewhere in area 51 where they
continued development but they aren't
intending to and that's why they've kept
secret they aren't intended to use these
I think to defend America but maybe to
use them after a war starts to kind of
level the playing field I think we still
have Neutron weapons even though the
u.s. said they did not deploy this I
just don't believe that just too much
secret stuff going on in United States
to depend on our government saying that
they would give up very beneficial
military technology in that regard but
let's take the scenario about all of our
naval forces being at risk
these new hypersonic sea-skimming
missiles or cruise missiles by the
United State is none of those tactically
will be used against any of the ships
outside of a huge pre-emptive third
world war first strike by Russia and
China because if you went and took down
a ship with one of these nuclear-powered
cruise missiles I mean the u.s. can
always retaliate with the massive
bombardment of nuclear weapons so none
of these weapons will be used
individually or singularly against ships
and to be frank David our aircraft
carrier groups have always been
vulnerable to a nuclear ballistic
missile I mean China has satellites
Russia has Islands they know where our
aircraft carrier groups you can put a
conventional nuclear missile warhead not
maneuvering even just could straight
warhead in the middle of one of those
carrier groups and you'd wipe out the
carrier so it doesn't take a hypersonic
sea-skimming missile to do that sure you
just need to get close with a
high-powered nuclear weapon that's right
and so the point is all of this stuff
about NATO having troops on the border
of the Russia and threatening Russia
that's not how World War three is going
to start World War three is going to
start with a preemptive strike on US
military forces to decapitate the u.s.
ability to respond and that's why I've
talked so much about on your show and
others about the dangers of PDD 60 that
presidential decision order that takes
away our ability to launch on warning
the I'm convinced president Trump
doesn't even know about no one's told
him about it I mean this is these are
the kinds of things that indicate that
our government is going to allow a first
strike to fall and supposedly retaliate
afterwards but general butch Neil said
retaliate with what once you get your
first strike yes yes so it's important
to look at this stuff to look at the
weapons to look at the policies that
have been put in place or changed or
taken away but it's important to look at
that because from an individual
standpoint it gives us an idea as to you
know our jeopardy in this and going back
again to why
was a great deal of anger with people
even threatening somebody who was not
involved in this false alarm
he had all kinds of threats against him
personally because somebody found a
picture of him and that facility they
thought that he might have been the guy
that had done the first the false alarm
so much anger over a false alarm but
there's no anger over a false sense of
security and as you're pointing out
earlier there are things that we can do
to try to protect ourself to some degree
I mean we can argue for the correct
policies and you know we can try to
bring these things up in the public
forum but ultimately there are some
things that we really have to do for our
own safety right yeah absolutely
you know David if people think the
government is gonna protect them I mean
if the government really wanted to
protect us it wouldn't be just building
bunkers for themselves they would be
encouraging other people to take some
they're not even encouraging any food
storage I mean the government has it on
the website but they're not you there's
no politician up there saying we ought
to prepare for a coming war which looks
very very likely we have a very false
sense of security in the West that we
can simply rely that the United States
has never been attacked we can rely on a
government to protect us and even
conservatives fight day and night
supposedly for a limited but are doing
very little to prepare if we aren't
successful if Trump isn't successful in
taking down the deep state I mean the
chances of him doing that not really
knowing who's really deep State and
who's not our infant s ibly small and so
while I fight and you fight for our
liberty and to try to awaken people to
the secret combinations of power that
threaten our nation we still ought to be
preparing for the takedown we got it
preparing for temporary loss of Liberty
and life in a country which we hold dear
that's right and it's not just a nuclear
attack there's so many different things
that can happen that's why as you point
out just $3,000 what is that you're
talking about how to implement a high
security shelter in the home is that we
learn about the $3,000 upgrade and if
you do it yourself that's what the
materials would cost and you can get a
12 inch concrete block ceiling over the
head of a basement room a small room
with in your basement a slightly lowered
ceiling and you
can put in the facilities we talked
about in the book and you know you just
you don't have to hire a lot of this
done and you say well I'm not handy well
you know people can learn these things
these are not difficult skills to learn
and the worst thing you could do is hire
a group of people who are gonna go down
to the bar and talk about this bunker
see I know where we can go if things I
hit the fan I just worked on this house
and put all that stuff and yeah I get
your point exactly yeah it's very
important to do it yourself and to take
responsibility even to the to the
building of a shelter is very important
and of course those books are on sale at
infowar store DICOM and we're talking
about food I mean right now is a good
time to get storable food with a sale
that we've got 40% off and free shipping
so it's always important as we look at
the big picture and as we try to get
active in government and we try to
change things it's always important to
make sure that we take care of ourselves
that's like arguing for the Second
Amendment but not having any firearms at
home isn't it yeah well you know I think
it's really important that people also
get a radiation meter if there is a
nuclear event even though it's not
likely to hit American cities it's only
going to target military forces because
the winds flow west to east in the
United States everything in Seattle San
Diego San Francisco cetera that it's hit
that fallout is going westward and
you've got to know even if you have a
shelter or some temporary protection how
to get out of harm's way and how to know
when it's safe to come out and you just
don't know that there won't be any
television or radio to tell you that
it's safe you need to have a you should
have a radiation meter you know even
with a nuclear power plant I mean we've
got aging nuclear power plant
infrastructure we've got a nuclear
reactor in California that's a lot of
them close to a fault line so I mean if
they have a problem as you point out you
got westerly winds gonna carry that
across the United States as we saw with
Chernobyl blowing the the problems
across Western Europe and so you're not
gonna be able to detect that and know
what for sure you're not gonna be able
to rely on the government to tell you
the truth about that if you don't have a
meter to verify it yourself and it's
important to know your staff just put up
a thing of guard Geiger comes guys
aren't appropriate for nuclear radiation
at too low of a reading you need things
that register up to 500 rims an hour in
both of my books to secure home and the
high secure and sheltered book you have
it has sources of where you could get
radiation meters that are suitable for
civil defense well thank you so much for
joining us Joe it's a great tips and
again always work to preserve liberty
and the Constitution but also prepare to
protect yourself and that's what Joel is
really expert on take a look at the
books that he's got they're very
interesting point of view you can find
out more from Joel at world affairs
brief calm as it for our program thank
you for joining us
we've taken rainforests and made it
brain forest plus now a 20% more in the
bottle and even more hardcore formula
you owe it to yourself to get these
products they really have worked for
myself my family they have five-star
reviews by the thousands at

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