Author Topic: CIA And James Clapper: A Legacy Of Corruption  (Read 37 times)

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CIA And James Clapper: A Legacy Of Corruption
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:45:12 PM »

and as we see all this happening we got
James clapper just remember at the end
of the last hour I was talking about
Christian saucier who was raked over the
coals as an example so they could look
like they're really doing something as
they let all of these big criminals go
like James clapper for example who is
not going to see any charges or any jail
time for lying to everybody we've played
that clip over and over again the
world's worst liar how do you become a
high-level spook when you can't lie you
found it it's the real news with your
host David Knight well you just heard
Christian saucier who was pardoned by
President Trump he said you're welcome
too spicey said did a great job serving
a navy now go live your life he gave him
his life back by taking away that felony
conviction but there's not gonna be a
felony conviction for James clapper he's
now going to avoid charges for lying
under oath you know because he's too big
to jail just like Hillary Clinton just
like James Comey it's a matter of fact
Hillary Clinton you just heard that
interview with Chris saucier talking
about how they ran him over the coals
persecuted him and let Hillary Clinton
go free even though she really did
violate national security in a way that
would damage this country though she was
allowed to go free but not only that she
is now going to be honored honored by
Harvard University for her
transformative impact on society she had
a transformative impact on society
didn't she and she just keeps giving
she's the gift the criminal that just
keeps giving this is the Radcliffe Medal
that they're going to award her from
this University here and from Harvard
University isn't that great Harvard
University what a stellar place why
would anybody send their kids there
anyway they went on to say this the Dean
who is Elizabeth Cohen Elizabeth not
Elizabeth but Elizabeth Cohen
she said weather in Arkansas Washington
DC New York state or traveling around
the globe as Secretary of State you know
kind of like she did when she was under
fire remember that those people shooting
at her and everything Secretary Clinton
has provided a model of what it takes to
transform society Wow Wow hasn't she but
not in the way that we would respect not
in the way that we'd respect at all as a
matter of fact when we look at the way
this is breaking down here we have a new
precedent in political history we have
an extraordinary number of ex CIA
operatives running for Congress as guess
what Democrats of course they're
Democrats of course they're Democrats
you got megyn kelly there saying oh I
think Putin has something on president
Trump oh she's hoping that she's gotten
another Putin interview because she's
struggling she's on the ropes as far as
her career goes but these people have
all been colluding with Hillary Clinton
and I find it interesting and we'll talk
a little bit more about this in the next
segment the Saturday Night Live which is
you know it's really the comedians that
have taken the lead because mainstream
legacy media has taken so many hits has
become so obviously fake so stiff so
unbelievable as a president Trump was
making his impersonation of a president
you wouldn't like me if I was
presidential and he he does this
boilerplate speech and he walks and
talks very stiffly well that's what
legacy media does they just give you
this dumbed down establishment narrative
and nobody pays the attention to them
anymore so everybody in younger
generations gets all their news from
comedians and outlets like Saturday
Night Live and so they came in with
their cold opening on Saturday night and
they told everybody basically they did a
parody of the bachelor finale where the
bachelor dumps this girl who thinks that
she's gonna be chosen and instead they
had Moeller come in and break the news
they they recreated that scene that was
very awkward very painful for that
young woman but they did it basically
telling their audience there isn't going
to be any collusion I'm sorry we've kind
of led you along this path and there's
nothing there I find it to be a very
interesting admission by the clowns of
media because they are the ones who are
in the catbird seat
you know it's Hillary Clinton's Idol
thing I know that she wrote her a term
paper on Saul Alinsky and his rules for
radical he said the most effective
weapon is ridicule and that's the most
effective weapon of the Democrats right
now stay with us we'll be right back
welcome back the New Democrat Party
maybe the CIA that's what it's shaping
up to be we have this story from the
Gateway pundit no precedent in US
political history they say an
extraordinary number of ex CIA
operatives are running for Congress as
Democrats now this comes from a report
by Patrick Martin of the world socialist
website and he's actually bragging about
it saying that one quarter of all the
Democrat challengers and competitive
house districts have military
intelligence State Department or NSC
backgrounds this is by far the largest
subcategory of Democrat candidates there
we go
national security operatives of the 102
primary elections to choose Democratic
nominees in these competitive districts
44 involve candidates with military
intelligence or State Department
background with 11 districts having two
such candidates one district having
three and a majority of contest the
military intelligence candidates seem
likely to win the Democrat nomination
and if the Democrats win in the general
election they would enter Congress as
new members and the House of
Representatives there you go
Kim comm talked about this he tweeted
out he said the deep state no longer
wants to rely on unreliable puppets they
want to do it themselves we see them
being hired as pundits by the major news
media organizations you know when megyn
kelly was here she's still pushing this
whole thing about out of there
collusion between Putin and Trump or
he's got something on Trump and so forth
she's still pushing that failed
narrative while her network hires ex
spooks to talk directly to the people
they don't want operation Mockingbird
anymore they want to sing directly to
you you get your propaganda straight
from the horse's mouth and when she was
here she had just had her first
interview when she went to interview
Alex Jones she was here she had her
first interview with Putin and when I
met her she goes did you see my
interview with that Putin I said I don't
care about Putin I'm concerned about
clapper and Brennan and Michael Hayden I
said these are the guys this
out-of-control intelligence state that
was over a year ago I think um anyway it
was maybe maybe it was about a year ago
I said those people are the ones who are
destroying our country they're much
bigger threat to us than anything that
Putin would do in terms of tampering
with our election and they still are but
she's still selling this and they're
still selling this WikiLeaks Julian
Assange says this is a new trend that is
unprecedented convergence of power
here's what he tweeted out about that
Julian Assange said the merger between
the CIA the Democrats the Iraq war
neo-cons NBC CNN and the Washington
Amazon post is a baleful predictor for
US democracy and as they point out in
gateway pundit intelligence operatives
failed to keep Trump out of the White
House now they will try to stop him by
electing lawmakers to serve inside the
house to ward his agenda so now they're
after they pulled everything that they
could in their official capacity as the
deep state the dark state to try to
subvert the election to try to run him
out of office now they're going on the
media now they're running for office all
these CIA operatives like Evan McMullen
and Utah they pulled him up to the last
minute hoping that they could rig the
electoral college against him if Trump
lost Utah and as we see all this
happening we've got James clapper just
remember at the end of the last hour I
was talking about Christian
saucier who was raked over the coals as
an example so they could look like
they're really doing something as they
let all of these big criminals go like
James clapper for example who is not
going to see any charges or any jail
time for lying to everybody we've played
that clip over and over again the
world's worst liar how do you become a
high-level spook when you can't lie this
guy when he was asked by Ron Wyden so
are you spying on the American public
all senator uh not not not intentionally
no no can't look him in the eye he's
looking down he's robbing who we got
that clip there he watch his face if
you're watching the broadcast here
absolutely amazing
now he admitted giving quote clearly
erroneous testimony it to anybody else
they'd say he lied but he said clearly
erroneous testimony about mass
surveillance and he did it unfortunately
for him just a couple of months before
edge Snowden there is right there
looking as he's rubbing his forehead the
world's worst spook the world's worst
poker player right there under oath
lying was exposed by Ed Snowden and
we've got a report coming up later from
congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky
warning us about the kinds of gun
control bills that are being run through
by both the establishment Republicans
and the Democrats not just the Democrats
but the establishment Republicans are
setting up some tricks they've been
working on this for quite some time
according to Rob Thomas Massie when I
played that report from him that he put
out but he had this to say about lying
clapper he said he admitted to lying to
Congress and he was unremorseful and
even flippant about it he said the
integrity of our federal government is
at stake because clappers behavior sets
the standard for the entire intelligence
community well I guess they're so such
expert liars
that they decide that run for office as
crap I mean that's the only thing to do
right that's the only thing left for
these people to do and again Hillary
Clinton as I pointed out the top of the
hour is gonna be given an award by
Harvard University for her
transformative impact on society all the
wonderful things that she did in
you know transforming it into a an
organized-crime outfit in Washington and
New York State or they said traveling
around the globe as Secretary of State
all the Benghazi things that she did so
they're gonna hand her an award well
done well done job but I think the key
thing is we're looking at this is the
fact that these people are starting to
realize especially the mouthpieces for
the Democrats it's not just the
establishment media but it's also it's
not just making Kelly who is pushing all
this stuff for her own benefit but also
for ratings you got Saturday Night Live
and true believers you know the you've
got the mockingbirds media of ABC CBS
NBC the old legacy media then you've got
the mocking media which does the
Mockingbird talking points but they do
it in a mocking way that's what the
comedians do so you got Stephen Colbert
you got Saturday Night Live all taking
the lead and propaganda for these lying
shells the part of the establishment
community but they broke it to their
audience with a sketch on Saturday Night
Live that there is no collusion they did
it as a parody of The Bachelor break up
the Sheung lady who had gone through the
season thought she had was going to be
marrying the bachelor or whatever and
and he broke up the engagement with her
it was very painful very awkward to
watch so they reproduced that whole
thing but instead of it being a bachelor
breaking up with a girl they brought in
a woman I don't know why they brought in
a woman to play more we should ask more
about that but anyway they brought in
somebody some woman dressed up like
Muller and broke the news to The
Bachelor girl and a parody of that scene
from The Bachelor I broke the news says
I don't think I can give you everything
you want right now you know
and I think you sense that so what you
don't have Trump on collusion oh I'm
just trying to be honest and tell you I
can't commit to collusion right now in
other words an audience you're not gonna
get what you want
this is a fantasy that we've been
selling you and it's not gonna happen
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