Author Topic: Leftist Harassment Of Gun Owners!  (Read 42 times)

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Leftist Harassment Of Gun Owners!
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:43:15 PM »

you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight alright let's
talk about what's going on in gun
control as we look at this big push we
had the Florida Legislature put through
a bill and the governor sign it quite
frankly it was a very bad bill the NRA
immediately sued the state of Florida as
they should have and we'll tell you
about that in a moment but a little bit
of background as we continue to see the
9-1-1 calls come out the one cop who is
back and forth as to whether or not he
was told to go in or whether or not he
knew that there was shooting inside the
building now we see the newly released
911 calls that contradict his account of
the shooting and showed that he did know
that the killer was inside and not
outside the building why is this
important I mean we're not trying to
destroy this guy's life but this is a
key factor that was in the florida bill
saying we do not want armed teachers the
teachers union said that though they
didn't want to have some of their
teachers who would voluntarily do this
many of them are already licensed that's
concealed carry they don't want them
vetted by the government they don't want
them trained and caring as unmarked non
uniformed personnel to defend people I
mean that's the most effective part of
it the fact that they don't have a
uniform and why would you trust I mean
what we're talking about here is
somebody who works for the sheriff's
department who has a uniform who did not
do anything to protect anybody versus
people who were going to be there and
have a gun and be vetted and trained and
they would use their gun to protect
themselves and protect the people that
they know but the teachers and the
Governor Rick Scott don't like that idea
because these teachers wouldn't have a
uniform that would make them a target
but they would also have more of a dog
and the fight but here's another example
of this we've got two heroic SWAT team
members suspended without pay why
because they disobeyed orders and went
to help people see whether it was a
by an individual police officer or four
of them not to go in I mean it looks
like this was orders not to go in these
individuals from another the Miramar
Police Department they jumped into
action reports daily mail without
following protocol so the two were
suspended from Miramar Police
Department's privileged program and were
ordered to surrender their SWAT issued
rifles so here you go you're not allowed
to go protect somebody unless they say
you can those like mother mae-eye
games that they're playing this is why
you don't necessarily want uniformed
police officers you've got this bulky
chain of command that as we can see here
at the very least that is to blame for
slowing people's response down and
punishing these guys who did the right
thing they heard that a shooting was
going on and unlike this other cop who
knew where it was and then lied about it
and then stood down and didn't go in
these two guys knew about it they rushed
in to try to save people and they get
punished suspended without pay without
pay I mean typically when a police
officer shoots and kills somebody
without justification they suspect that
it's a an issue they get suspended with
pay these guys tried to save somebody
and they get suspended without pay the
Broward County Sheriff office never
called for the team to respond surprise
surprise surprise surprise and here we
have a survivor of sexual assault saying
that she was fired for having a
concealed carry permit and we got a
couple of these actually this is a lady
a social worker went to Facebook and
Twitter shared the fact that she was
fired from her job at Roanoke Virginia
City social services she was escorted
from the building by three police
officers not because she came to work
with a gun but simply because they found
out that she had a concealed handgun
license this is the insanity of the
government the madness of the government
she doesn't have a gun but they found
out she had a concealed carry license in
other words she had gone through the
extra steps that quite frankly I don't
think she's required to do under the
Second Amendment Second Amendment is a
prohibition from the government to not
interfere with our god-given right to
protect ourselves and to keep in
bear arms that is a right of the people
and they should not infringe it and turn
it into a privilege but here's somebody
who says okay you got rules I'll try to
as much as as possible with me take the
Christian ethic as much as as positive
as it depends on me I will try to be at
peace with you I will go through extra
steps which I really should not have to
do I'll get a concealed handgun license
and she said she was fired for having
the concealed carry permit going through
all that and getting a permit they fired
her even though she and they
frog-marched out of the building with
police officers three of them because
they're so paranoid about the fact that
she owns a gun even though she doesn't
have it on her and another example that
I read yesterday from Reason magazine
this is a lady who is in public housing
the East st. Louis Housing Authority
this woman has also been attacked so
this lady that had a concealed carry
permit what'd she have well she was a
survivor of sexual assault and so here's
another lady who has a husband who was
convicted of murder and then the
government released him and he came back
and he got violent with her beat her so
severely that she was bleeding
internally and so they arrested him and
put him in prison again and now they're
released him again
so he's killed somebody he beat his wife
until she was bleeding internally and
now they have released him again and
he's threatening her again and they
found out at the East st. Louis Housing
Authority that she had a firearm that
she had registered and so they are
telling her that she's going to have to
move or she's gonna have to surrender
her weapons this is where we're headed
folks and so in this environment
you've got Governor Rick Scott the
carpetbagger from parts North to Florida
it's well used always calm in Florida
I'll live there $400,000,000 gun control
bill that includes firearm confiscation
for law-abiding women between the ages
of 18 and 21 who just might need a
themselves against violent men because
that does equalize things gonna take
that away and he's gonna listen to the
teachers and he's going to oppose any
teachers being allowed to carry arms for
self-defense now President Trump is
pushing the idea of armed teachers and
President Trump has pulled back on this
idea of taking away guns from people
between the ages of 18 and 21 we'll give
you the details on that when we come
back and we're also going to play stay
with us the second segment of the next
hour before Joel Skousen comes on will
play the congressman's warning both
parties are plotting to take your guns
as I was just pointing out in the last
segment in Florida the governor opposed
allowing teachers to carry arms even
after they were trained by law
enforcement opposed allowing them to
carry arms and it was being pushed by
the Florida Education Association they
told him we urge you to honor your
instincts and to act to keep additional
firearms from our schools unless they're
in the hands of trained law enforcement
personnel I mean what we're talking
about here is a uniform because it would
be the trained law enforcement personnel
who would be training the teachers and
vetting them so how is that different
than being a paid deputy that's why when
we started talking about this I said
this is a very important concept because
this shows the difference between a
standing army of paid professionals and
the posse or the militia which is the
way that the founders envisioned this
country being protected a militia of
sissie that is trained and can protect
this country instead of a professional
army boots on the ground that have
always eventually been used to oppress
the people versus a trained citizen
militia if you go back to the
Revolutionary War there's a very clear
distinction between Regular Army troops
and between the militia just go back and
look at last Mohicans for example watch
the movie and they make it very clear
the difference between the militia and
the trained professional army
but that was something that they always
had in vision or think about the western
movies where you have a sheriff and he's
got a couple of deputies but if
something really big happens they robbed
the bank what'd they do they get
together a posse what is a posse well
posse simply means power in Latin and
when they talked about Posse Comitatus
that was the power of the community so
there would be individuals who would
know how to use weapons the sheriff
would know who they were and he would
call those people up to help him and his
deputies and that's what we're talking
about in the schools so I said you know
call it the teachers posse or call it
posse academia or something whatever I
mean get that concept out there but for
some reason the governor can't get his
head around that he thinks there's
something special about wearing a
yeah it makes you a target in a school
situation a school shooting like that
so the NRA a school has sued Florida
over that gun bill the very same day
because are they violating the rights of
18 to 21 year olds to own guns and
they're not the only place that is doing
that right now
they have the Illinois House has passed
a bill to confiscate guns from all 18 to
20 year olds and as they point out on
the freethought project they prohibit
anyone from under 21 years old from
buying or possessing commonly owned
semi-automatic rifles and they would
have 90 days to turn their guns into the
government or become criminals see
that's the outrageous part of this but
we got a Democrat in Florida
representative Deutsch
saying the gun bill in Florida that was
just signed is merely the beginning of
the response to parkland this is just
the beginning he said this legislation
for the governor is just signed is a
good first step as we've prohibited some
people from owning guns but the NRA
shouldn't think the gun lobby shouldn't
think that this is the end of the
response to what happened in parkland
this is merely the beginning and they
always want to portray the NRA simply as
a lobby well they're a lobby for the
people why is the NRA that is lobbying
for the rights of millions of people who
paid dues why is that a dishonorable
but the big pharmaceutical companies can
lobby Congress for the behalf of a
couple of a handful of big
pharmaceutical companies that have
created an opioid epidemic why is that
never discussed by the media or by the
Democrats oh you know why it's the money
that's why they won't talk about the
lobbyists from big pharma but they want
to portray the NRA as being a detached
lobbying group they're a lobbying group
that represents the broadest base of any
lobbying group if you want to call them
that of any but it's much more than just
a lobbying group but it's absolutely
where we're going with this and it's
also insane that the Justice Department
is proposing banning bump stocks yeah
they're a gimmick and so is this band
but this band sets up a very dangerous
precedent more on that when we return
welcome back we've got one more segment
and then Joel Skousen is going to join
us to talk about international issues
what's happening in North Korea with
Russia and elsewhere I want to finish up
on gun control and I've got a very
important announcement from congressman
Kentucky congressman Thomas Massie
he says that he's warning us that both
parties are quietly plotting to take
your guns
so I played that message for you but
what has happened now we've had
President Trump back off of taking guns
from 18 to 21 year-olds he is now
focusing on hardening the schools and
training teachers which is the not what
Governor Rick Scott the RINO did in
Florida he doesn't want teachers have
guns and President Trump does so he's
going to work they say the
administration will provide assistance
to States to arm teachers encourage them
to pass laws to keep guns away from
dangerous individuals and call for
Congress to pass legislation legislation
strengthening the national background
check system and this is what Thomas
Massie is warning may be a Trojan horse
but at the same time we look at this
we've got the Justice Department now
following president Trump's suggestion
order whatever to ban bump stocks and
again bump stocks are simply a gimmick
they weren't a part of this shooting in
parkland nobody alleges that they
alleged that it was part of the shooting
in Las Vegas yet there's a lot of
questions about that we saw
bump stock on a gun that had a bipod on
it it wouldn't work with that we also
saw supposedly some ballistics
calculations on a desk and yet the bump
stock is used to spray and pray as they
say just firing into a massive crowd at
a very long distance away many people
have pointed out that if you want to
kill more people you could have done it
more effectively with a sniper rifle
than just shooting rapidly out into the
distance like that but a good
exaggerating here even though this this
thing is a gimmick they're pushing for a
new kind of control that even the B ATF
doesn't want so we've got the Trump
administration and Sessions Justice
Department pushing gun control that is
worse than the B ATF wants and it sets a
very dangerous precedent in terms of
what they're going to regulate and to
give you an example of how these things
can be tripwires we've got the ATF now
investigating a Democrat candidate who
was trying to show off sawing off the
barrel of her gun saying look I'm gonna
destroy an ar-15
well she sawed off the barrel of a gun
and guess what these Democrats have put
a lot of little trip wires all
throughout the the code so she's been
hoisted by her own petard or I guess you
could say blown up by her own booby trap
this is why we don't want to see these
kind of little gimmicky regulations put
on certainly not by the Department of
Justice but before you run out of time
let's go to what congressman Thomas
Massie warns us about gun control act I
want to let you know what's going on in
Congress as far as gun control goes
you've heard a lot of ideas being
floated in the news raising the legal
age to buy a long gun for instance or a
new assault weapons ban any number of
bad things have been mentioned but I
wanted to boil it down for you what's
actually going to happen the gun control
play they're going to run here in
Congress is the one that unfortunately
predicted back in December
remember back in December they put the
National concealed carry reciprocity on
the floor and I warned folks when they
put inside of it a bill called fix
Nick's that they were sneaking into a
gun control that was endorsed by senator
Feinstein and Senator Schumer well
unfortunately that warning has turned
out to be true I want to play you a
little bit of my prediction this is back
in December I did a podcast with Daniel
Horowitz a conservative review here we
are we're at the next crisis now our
leadership promised members here in
Congress that they would not bring the
fix Nick's bill the gun control bill to
the floor and if they didn't at least
bring the reciprocity bill with it the
same way they did it previously and 40
members of Congress thanked them for
their promise and then sent them a
letter that said we write to communicate
that we will oppose any attempt to bring
fix Nick's to the floor of the house for
a vote unless it includes language
substantially substantially similar to
or identical to that of HR 38h our 38
was the reciprocity bill C and Nick's is
the National instant criminal background
that the reciprocity bill was just a
Trojan horse and that this fixed NICs
bill would come back without reciprocity
attached to it now why is this so bad
what's wrong with the fix Nick's bill
well there's a problem at the VA right
now I've heard from people that work at
the VA and I've heard from veterans
who've encountered this problem if you
tell the VA that somebody else manages
your money they can take away your right
to own a gun they put you in the Nix
database but it also not only can you
not go to a store and buy a gun it's
illegal for you to possess a gun or even
to possess ammunition
and veterans are getting thrown into
this system every day they're having
their right to own a gun
stripped merely because they say they
don't manage their own finances this is
an Obama era policy that was put into
place and it is part of the stems from
the last time they tried to fix Nick's
in 2007-2008 they passed a bill called
the NICS Improvement Amendments Act
which metastasized into the Obama gun
control plan at the VA now my colleagues
in Congress they know the problem exists
at the VA they're totally ignoring it
now here's how I know they know because
a year ago a year ago almost to the week
in March we passed a bill called you
know it was 1181 the veterans Second
Amendment Protection Act it was going to
fix the problem at the VA where veterans
were being deprived of the second
Amendment rights without due process no
judicial review does that sound familiar
well it passed the House no disgrace
Republican voted for it some Democrats
voted for it and then it stalled in the
Senate now that's the problem that
exists that's the problem that every
member of Congress knows about because
they saw this debate last year and
that's the problem that's being ignored
and that's the problem it's going to get
worse if they pass fix Nick's what fix
Nick's does this has been introduced by
Cornyn in the Senate and it has
Feinstein in Schumer's full support in
fact our co-sponsors what fix Nick's
does is it throws money of the states to
put more names into the database and it
Penn Eliza's people workers at the VA if
they don't know rigorously turn in these
veterans names into the next database
now they're pretending this has
something to do with the shooting in
Florida it has nothing to do with the
shooting in Florida I just came from a
briefing given by the director or the
Deputy Director of the FBI where they
explained how the FBI got all these tips
and then ignored them they dropped the
ball folks those folks that are working
at the FBI then he can they need fire
they shouldn't have a job right now
and fix Nick's is absolutely right they
wouldn't even do anything to take away
their bonuses for their lack of
performance there so fix Nick's anybody
that's being honest about this will tell
you we do nothing to stop the school
shooting that happened in Florida
it's an unserious solution if you want a
serious one how about my safe students
act that I've introduced every term that
I've been in Congress it's HR 34 this
year would repeal the federal gun-free
school zone Act of 1990 that's a serious
solution until we start doing things
like that we're just advertising our
children as being vulnerable in these
schools in these gun-free zones because
as you let's hold it right there cuz
we're gonna run out of time and I wanted
to comment on this so you hear I'm
talking about thick's Nick's and again
Nick's is the National instant criminal
background check system so we gotta fix
that and you understand that you don't
need the federal government to protect
your children you don't need the federal
government to protect your schools if
anything the federal government is going
to get in the way of that with their
gun-free school zone act or with their
fix Nick's they're going to use some
kind of an excuse to incentivize taking
away guns from people who are not a
threat not giving them due process know
you can protect your schools you can
protect your children and we've had
sheriffs doing this even though they had
the federal gun-free school zone act you
had local sheriffs here in Texas and in
other states get together with teachers
they would screen them they would train
them and allow them to carry in schools
you don't need the federal government's
permission to protect yourself and they
can't stop you from doing that but they
can take away our rights in the name of
protecting us
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