Author Topic: Is Kim Buying Time To Complete Weapons?  (Read 43 times)

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Is Kim Buying Time To Complete Weapons?
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:41:01 PM »

but these are formidable weapon systems
especially the hypersonic weapons which
cannot be taken down by our current ABM
systems or Aegis systems in our Navy and
these are maneuvering warheads you've
got the RS 28 sarmat missile with 15 new
warheads on it and the United States at
the same time has just dismantled the
three warheads on our remaining
Minuteman missiles and replaced them
with a single warhead and now Trump is
talking about revamping our nuclear
doctrine by producing a lot of small
nuclear weapons rather than larger
bunker penetrating weapons so this is
the wrong direction even though he's
climbing to the left is protesting
beefing up our nuclear say it's not
beefing up our nuclear system
you found it it's the real news with
your host David Knight joining us now is
Joel Skousen and of course why is like
to get Joel on to talk about what's
going on with North Korea or Russia and
when I saw the quick announcement of the
talks in North Korea said oh let's get
Joel Skousen on it'll be interesting to
get his take on this so he's talked
about the the problems that have been
pushed out before about the bloody nose
strategy and how dangerous an idea that
was being pushed by some in the Pentagon
and the administration but now we're
looking at something a bit different and
for those of you who don't know Joel
Skousen he's a frequent guest on our
shows of course he is somebody who takes
liberty and the Constitution very
seriously he's got a couple of books on
that one in the works right now
foundations of an ideal state but he's
also got another book essential
principles for the conservation of
Liberty and then we've got a lot of his
books in terms of security and
self-sufficiency how do you prepare your
home if the worst were to happen and not
just if it was a nuclear attack or not
even if it was just let's say a a
nuclear impulse that would take down the
grid he's got things like the secure
home architectural design construction
and remodeling of self-sufficient
residences and retreats or how to
implement a high-security shelter in
your home and finally strategic
relocation we're in North America excuse
me is the safest place to relocate to
have either your primary home or a
secondary place that you can go to if
the unthinkable happens so joining us
now is Joel Skousen you can find him at
world affairs brief com thank you for
joining us mr. Skousen we've had a
surprise announcement about this North
Korean talk you know we had Teddy
Roosevelt used to say walk softly and
carry a big stick I guess president
Trump has been boasting loudly and
carrying a big button
but maybe the bad cop good cop routine
has brought Kim jong-un to the table
what do you think well it's actually a
grand deception it's it's very dangerous
because essentially there's two aspects
here there's the
to talk with Kim directly which won't
take place till May that's another two
months delay
there's the talks that are scheduled to
start very soon between North Korea and
South Korea let me let me address those
first because remember the United States
is not invited to those talks that's
just between North and South Korea but
it effectively takes any military option
off the table while they're talking and
they can talk indefinitely because once
they're talking if you attack while
someone's in peace negotiation is going
to look like Barratt very bad form the
international community will crucify the
United States or Trump before attacking
so basically by not being at the table
the United States can't say hey these
talks are not going nowhere the you know
three is simply stalling for time and
back out of them they're not a party
that talks so they're held the military
options held hostage to the fact that
North and South Korea are simply taking
their time to talk it talks normally
take at least a year just to come to
some agreement and then it takes at
least six months after that if they
agree to international inspections to
have those inspectors declare that North
Korea is in default well let me ask you
a question here because from what I
understood from the announcement and the
thing that took Rex Tillerson by
surprise him and Rex Tillerson was
talking about how that would typically
be the process that it would take a very
long time but when they made the
announcement they said that they that
the US would be at these talks with in
by May that that was my understanding of
it but you're saying that's not the case
that's not the case and of course it can
change daily as as people negotiate I'm
sure the Trump if he meets with Kim
would have some process whereby they the
United States is in direct talks with
North Korea but as the North and South
Korean talks were applied the United
States was not an invited party to that
well yeah they've had some talks for a
while I was just under the understanding
that as South Korea made that
announcement and Trump mentioned that I
thought that what they had now was an
agreement that they were going to keep
the sanctions on that in return there
were not going to be any more missile
firings or any more under
nuclear tests or whatever in the interim
between now and May and that in May the
three parties would meet together to
talk about the nuclearization but well
the main talk is between Kim and Trump
directly and so but anyway you look at
it this is bad for me yeah as the CIA
director said you know we're talking
about a handful of months between before
North Korea has solved the last
technical problems to threaten the
United States with nuclear weapons and
those two technical problems are
miniaturization of the nuclear weapon
itself and developing a warhead with
sufficient metallurgical technology that
can survive the extreme heat of reentry
every North Korean missile test so far
the warhead has burned up in reentry so
they don't have in fact a missile
capable of penetrating the atmosphere as
a ballistic missile now the point is is
that you know Russia and China could
give North Korea the technology in a in
a very very short period to do that but
you're no longer like it was in the
1990s when they had these agreements
with North Korea and you could afford to
sit back and wait where a year or two to
see if he was going to follow through
with these because now he's within
months of directly threatening the
United States with one of these with
these missiles so what would you
recommend as the policy because you said
that you didn't think that a limited
strike a bloody nose policy that would
only exacerbate things so you would you
would prefer if they had not set up this
talk and if they had made a large strike
preemptively to take out the weapons
well what I would recommend is that you
set a deadline and you say all right you
claim that you're willing to discuss
denuclearization you've played the West
for so many years we cannot afford to
have you play any longer than a month
I'm going to give you a month to allow
United Nations inspectors in to begin
dismantling of your weapons systems
immediately you have 30 days to comply
or we will declare war and
back in other words you can you can
justify a declaration or because North
Korea has directly threatened the United
States and we're gonna nuke you yeah
that's all you need that's all you need
to go before Congress said that we have
received an existential threat from
North Korea and I want a declaration of
war it doesn't matter if we're going
doesn't tell us when we're gonna attack
but I would give an actual 30-day
deadline if you're serious about Deen
your position we want international
inspectors in there within 30 days or
you are vulnerable to us taking them out
by force that's how I yeah and of course
you know there is a ceasefire there was
never a emp'd a peace treaty that was
signed at the end of the Korean War so
man we were technically still at a state
of war if they wanted to put some kind
of a deadline with that but yeah we're
gonna have to wait and see what happens
with that we'll take a quick break I
guess and then we'll come back and see
what you have to think about the latest
developments in Russia because we've had
a couple of developments with both
weapons systems as well as a terror
attack that has happened in Russia so
I'm curious to see what you think about
both of those things
Joel when we come back but we look at
the situation in North Korea of course
whether or not he has arranged or not I
mean it's it's today with the technology
of an EMP electromagnetic pulse that is
a nuclear weapon that is exploded in the
atmosphere they don't have to be able to
accurately target something if they have
the range an EMP could take down massive
parts of the American infrastructure so
that's been one of my chief concerns
about this situation but we'll be right
back with Joel Skousen world affairs
brief calm stay with us we'll be right
back well if you've got nowhere to run
to nowhere to hide maybe you need a
secure home or a high-security shelter
in your home or strategic relocation
those are books that we have at info war
store calm actually I think they're on
sale like everything else at the store
they're authored by our guest
Joel Skousen you can also find him on
world affairs briefed comp just to
summarize what we're talking about in
the last segment and we're gonna talk
talk a little bit one more topic on
North Korea and that's EMP Joel said
he'd like
about but just to summarize what Joel
was saying in the last segment I would
say that he's more pessimistic about
these talks than I am I looked at it's
like okay two months I was somewhat
skeptical about the timeline in terms of
development of North Korea what the
state of their missile development and
weapons were so that two-month freeze on
the current status quo if they stop
shooting rockets which could be a
disaster if they hit some something or
it goes in the wrong direction but it
all depends on whether or not our
assessments and we don't really know for
sure we're getting information from the
government now Joel Skousen is looking
at this and saying we're they're very
close and they could use this to play
the United States in terms of buying
time to complete their weapons
development so Joel in light of that
talk about EMP and that particular
threat in terms of buying time for North
Koreans to improve their missiles to
improve other warheads well I have these
two comments one is on an EMP and I said
on with Alex several times the latest
government data shows that it takes six
high-altitude nuclear weapons to blanket
the grid and take it down not just one
and so it's very unlikely if not almost
impossible in North Korea to do an EMP
strike or Iran or any terrorist group it
just takes more than one and so it's
good idea
I'm discounting that threat in fact only
Russia and China have the capability to
really run an EMP strike and they're not
stupid enough to throw an EMP strike
without following it up with a physical
strike of nuclear weapons because the
military's relatively hardened against
EMP and they could still retaliate now
the other point that I want to make that
in justification of what I'm saying is
an immediate threat in a timeline to
North Korea is Trump needs to say to the
North Koreans look we've played this
game four times with you before in the
past 20 years and every time you've lied
every time you cheated you're out of
time North Korea we don't have time to
let you go through another round of
jaison's it's the time for immediate
action and while the White House is said
we want to see action from North Korea
before Chum goes through with a meeting
with Kim those actions turned out to be
well we'll stop missile testing and
we'll stop nuclear tests that's not the
you can still be developing the hardened
metallurgical warhead to penetrate
without testing you see the point is is
they're building and they're improving
on their military while they wait and so
the United States has to say North Korea
you are out of time we're past the point
of talking it's action or nothing and so
you have 30 days to allow international
inspectors to come in and begin
dismantling no talks begin dismantling
or we will take them out military that's
my point and we have to emphasize the
point that we're through talking you
cannot play us anymore by delaying
action by talk yeah very interesting
yeah your take is that that this is a
very dangerous delay that they could
finish weapon development and and that
they've done this type of thing in the
past as well yes I just might say that
for your listeners they can get a free
sample copy of my world has read this
week's which talks about this North
Korean situation by emailing me an
editor at world affairs brief calm oh
good yeah that'd be interesting for them
to see it then in more detail all right
let's talk a little bit about Russia
because we've had a couple of
developments both in terms of weapons
and in terms of intrigue and you know
this attack on a former Soviet spy who
became a paid informant for mi6 looks
like possibly a nerve gas attack but
also a state weaponized nerve gas attack
it looks like the UK government is going
to blame Russia for that today so your
comments on on what's going on with
Russia well it's awfully hard to tell
always who does these but you know these
sophisticated nerve acts nerve agents
are military only grade that Russia
China and the United States have so
you're not going to get any terrorists
or any non-state actor that
access to this whether it's North Korea
using in North Korea by the way has a
full range of chemical weapons I mean
huge stockpiles of chemical weapons and
that needs to be part of the disarmament
demands of the United States of course
something they're talking about they're
just talking about the nuclear aspect of
it I know they need to say you got it I
mean look you threatened to invade Syria
if they didn't give up their chemical
weapons and they did but you there's no
threat to invade North Korea over
chemical weapons and there should be so
that you're not having a double standard
Russian China of course we've allowed to
get too strong in all of these weapons
systems to be able to threaten that you
know we're gonna invade and take away
your weapons so we're dealing with you
know mad or mutual assured destruction
which is a lie the Russians and Chinese
are preparing to win and survive a
nuclear war the u.s. is preparing to
survive a nuclear war but leaving the
nation at risk without any civil defense
procedures like there are that was
really highlighted with what happened in
Hawaii I mean it was it was it when I
look at your book and how he focused you
are on people building structures to
protect themselves I mean look at that
false alarm in Hawaii
everybody was panicking they were
putting their kids and storm sewers I
mean is that really the way that we want
to live our lives or do we want to take
some of these matters into our own hands
because the government is not going to
build those civil defense structures for
Americans no and but they're do building
them for themselves you know whole
series of new bunker is being built deep
underground including under the vice
president's residence and the Naval
Observatory under the Naval Observatory
and the only reason we know that is
because there were so many underground
explosions going off the government had
to admit that they were doing another
bunker they did one under a skyscraper
in Washington DC that they told nobody
about so they know that this is coming
but they're not telling the American
people and if they're wise is I pointed
out in my books it doesn't take a lot of
money to prepare a basic fallout shelter
especially if you've got a basement but
you can build one inside the basement
without a building permit it only cost
about $3,000 in materials you can save
that you know in a year by really being
careful with your spending but it really
needs to be done now Russia of course
has come out and talked about these new
missile systems that they have and while
these are not in full serial production
yet that's why I think Russia and China
are bluffing about letting the North
Korean situation mushroom in deter world
war they're not ready yet
to take on the West until the starting
in the middle of to the middle of the
next decade but these are formidable
weapon systems especially the hypersonic
weapons which cannot be taken down by
our current ABM systems or Aegis systems
in there maybe and these are maneuvering
warheads you've got the RS 28 sarmat
missile with 15 new warheads on it and
the United States at the same time has
just dismantled the three warheads on
our remaining Minuteman missiles and
replaced them with a single warhead and
now Trump is time at revamping our
nuclear doctor by producing a lot of
small nuclear weapons rather than larger
bunker penetrating weapons so this is
the wrong direction even though he's
climbing to left is protesting beefing
up our nuclear say it's not beefing up
to a nuclear system you know we look at
this hypersonic missiles that Russia is
talking about China is talking about
them as well using them against American
naval forces when we look at what has
just recently happened with Yemen firing
a couple of ancient Scud based missiles
from Yemen into Saudi Arabia a couple of
different instances we've had people
who've looked at that and said that our
missile defense systems that we'd given
to Saudi Arabia we're totally
ineffective so I want to get your
comment on that when we come back from
the breakers we've got to go to break
right now what do you think about what
we saw in terms of the missiles fired
from Yemen into Saudi Arabia the
purported failure if you believe it was
a failure or what we're looking at
something with these hypersonic missiles
that are far more sophisticated than
these ancient Scud designs that were in
the possession of the people in Yemen
so we'll be right back with Joel Skousen
world affairs brief calm stay with us
welcome back I'm David I know we're
talking to Joel Skousen I wanted to get
Joel's comment on the subject that I
brought up is we're going to break what
if anything does he read into our
ability to defend ourselves from
missiles with what we've seen in Yemen
and Saudi Arabia with missiles fired
from Yemen into Saudi Arabia purportedly
very old design missiles in Yemen
basically Scud designed missiles and
also several sources saying they were
not able to intercept those missiles
that's part of the whole civil defense
mythology that we've got here a Joel
they you know that we don't have any
civil defense here we're told that we've
got a missile defense system but not
really looking like we have that you're
coming well not counting the Aegis ship
based anti-missile systems we've got
about 30 of the hyped-up interceptors in
Alaska and some in California
it's just not nearly enough to handle
thousands of warheads coming in
besides our missile systems are all
designed with a kinetic warhead meaning
that they have a big heavy lump of
depleted uranium that has to make
physical contact with an incoming
warhead even normal warheads come in at
hypersonic speeds anyway so the
hypersonic issue is not nearly as
difficult as the fact that they've got
maneuvering warheads that China and
Russia are developing which are going to
be nearly impossible we've got a 50%
success rate with our current crop of
ibms under test ideal test conditions I
just don't think there's a chance in the
world that they can intercept
maneuvering warheads coming in you know
that said looking at Russia's new weapon
systems let's take this nuclear-powered
cruise missile that could go anywhere in
the world because it has an almost
unlimited range obviously you can't put
one of these nuclear engines on a on a
manned aircraft or ship because
essentially you have a nuclear reaction
spreading nuclear material into the air
stream of a ramjet engine and it would
I didn't kill him so this is only for a
drone type thing the US had similar
project they developed this engine clear
back over ten years ago in the Pluto
project they claim that they disband
this ten years ago and I don't believe
they did I don't think the u.s. ever
disbands any of these projects they go
into the skunk works or somewhere in
area 51 where they continued development
but they aren't intending to and that's
why they've kept secret they aren't
intending to use these I think to defend
America but maybe to use them after a
war starts to kind of level the playing
field I think we still have Neutron
weapons even though the u.s. said they
did not deploy this I just don't believe
that just too much secret stuff going on
United States to depend on our
government saying that they would give
up very beneficial military technology
in that regard but let's take the
scenario about all of our naval forces
being at risk of these new hypersonic
sea-skimming missiles or cruise missiles
by the United State is none of those
tactically will be used against any of
those ships outside of a huge
pre-emptive third world war first strike
by Russia and China because if you went
and took down a ship with one of these
nuclear-powered cruise missiles I mean
the u.s. can always retaliate with the
massive bombardment of nuclear weapons
so none of these weapons will be used
individually or singularly against ships
and to be frank David our aircraft
carrier groups have always been
vulnerable to a nuclear ballistic
missile I mean China has satellites
Russia has islets they know where our
aircraft carrier groups you can put a
conventional nuclear missile warhead not
maneuvering you can just could straight
warhead in the middle of one of those
carrier groups and you'd wipe out the
carrier so it doesn't take a hypersonic
sea-skimming missile to do that sure you
just need to get close with a
high-powered nuclear weapon that's right
and so the point is all of this stuff
about NATO having troops on the border
of the Russia and threatening Russia
that's not how World War three is going
to start World War three is going to
start with a
strike on US military forces to
decapitate the u.s. ability to respond
and that's why I've talked so much about
on your show and others about the
dangers of PD d60 that presidential
decision order that takes away our
ability to launch on warning the I'm
convinced President Trump doesn't even
know about no one's told him about it I
mean this is these are the kinds of
things that indicate that our government
is going to allow a first strike to fall
and supposedly retaliate afterwards but
general butch Neil said retaliate with
what once you get your first strike yes
yes so it's important to look at this
stuff to look at the weapons to look at
the policies that have been put in place
or changed or taken away but it's
important to look at that because from
an individual standpoint it gives us an
idea as to you know our jeopardy in this
and going back again to why there was a
great deal of anger with people even
threatening somebody who was not
involved in this false alarm he had all
kinds of threats against him personally
because somebody found a picture of him
and that facility they thought that he
might have been the guy that had done
the first the false alarm so much anger
over a false alarm but there's no anger
over a false sense of security and as
you're pointing out earlier there are
things that we can do to try to protect
ourself to some degree I mean we can
argue for the correct policies and you
know we can try to bring these things up
in the public forum but ultimately there
are some things that we really have to
do for our own safety right yeah
you know David if people think the
government is gonna protect them I mean
if the government really wanted to
protect us it wouldn't be just building
bunkers for themselves they would be
encouraging other people to take some
action they're not even encouraging any
food storage I mean the government has
it on the website but they're not gonna
there's no politician up there saying we
ought to prepare for a coming war which
looks very very likely we have a very
false sense of security in the West that
we can simply rely that the United
States has never been attacked we can
rely on our government to protect us and
even conservatives fight day and night
supposedly for our limited but are doing
very little to prepare if we aren't
successful if Trump isn't successful in
taking down the deep state I mean the
chances of him doing that not really
knowing who's really deep State and
who's not are infinitesimally small and
so while I fight and you fight for our
liberty and you try to awaken people to
the secret combinations of power that
threaten our nation we still ought to be
preparing for the takedown we got it
preparing for temporary loss of Liberty
and life in a country which we hold dear
that's right and it's not just a nuclear
attack there's so many different things
that can happen that's why as you point
out just $3,000 what is that you're
talking about how to implement a high
security shelter in the home is that
we're talking about the three thousand
dollar upgrade and if you do it yourself
that's what the materials would cost and
you can get a twelve inch concrete block
ceiling over the head of a basement root
a small room with in your basement a
slightly lowered ceiling and you can put
in the facilities we talked about in the
book and you know you just you don't
have to hire a lot of this done and you
say well I'm not handy well you know
people can learn these things these are
not difficult skills to learn and the
worst thing you could do is hire a group
of people who are gonna go down to the
bar and talk about this bunker see I
know where we can go if things that hit
the fan I just worked on this house and
put all that stuff and yeah I get your
point exactly yeah it's very important
to do it yourself and to take
responsibility even to the to the
building of a shelter very important and
of course those books are on sale at
infowar store DICOM and we're talking
about food I mean right now is a good
time to get storable food with a sale
that we've got 40% off and free shipping
so it's always important as we look at
the big picture and as we try to get
active in government and we try to
change things it's always important to
make sure that we take care of ourselves
that's like arguing for the Second
Amendment but not having any firearms at
home isn't it yeah well you know I think
it's really important that people also
get a radiation meter if there is a
nuclear event even though it's not
likely to hit American cities it's only
going to target military forces because
the winds flow west to east in the
United States
everything in Seattle San Diego San
Francisco and said ever that it's hit
that fallout is going westward and
you've got to know even if you have a
shelter or some temporary protection how
to get out of harm's way and how to know
when it's safe to come out and you just
don't know that there won't be any
television or radio to tell you that
it's safe you need to have so have a
radiation meter you know even with a
nuclear power plant I mean we've got
aging nuclear power plant infrastructure
we've got a nuclear reactor in
California that's a lot of them close to
a fault line so I mean if they have a
problem as you point out you got
westerly winds gonna carry that across
the United States as we saw with
Chernobyl blowing the the problems
across Western Europe and so you're not
gonna be able to detect that and know it
for sure you're not gonna be able to
rely on the government to tell you the
truth about that if you don't have a
meter to verify it yourself and it's
important to know your staff just put up
a thing of geiger counters guider cows
aren't appropriate for nuclear radiation
they're too low of a reading you need
things that register up to 500 rims an
hour into both of my books to secure
home and the high secure and shelter
book you have it has sources of where
you could get radiation meters that are
suitable for civil defense well thank
you so much for joining us Joe it's a
great tips and again always work to
preserve liberty and the Constitution
but also prepare to protect yourself and
that's what Joel is really expert on
take a look at the books that he's got
they're very interesting point of view
you can find out more from Joel at world
affairs brief calm asset for our program
thank you for joining us
we've taken rainforests and made it
brain forest plus now a 20% more in the
bottle and even more hardcore formula
you owe it to yourself to get these
products they really have worked for
my family they have five-star reviews by
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