Author Topic: Kim Jong Un Agrees To Meet With President Trump - Full Show  (Read 38 times)

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Kim Jong Un Agrees To Meet With President Trump - Full Show
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:20:37 PM »

how many stories have you heard or
personally experienced of people being
ostracized and disowned by their own
friends and family members for their
political opinions listen to what this
young mother told me I had to get a
restraining order against my parents
when I became a conservative Christian
at the time I was pregnant and my
parents were threatening violence and to
take custody of my unborn child
Ashton Witte since coming out
conservative I've been exiled by my own
family watched my dreams of acting be
destroyed spent several nights homeless
and have found myself more anxious and
depressed than ever this ex-marine told
me my entire family including cousins
won't talk to me anymore
two of my sister's on their deathbed
would not let me come and make amends
with them before they died and the
family wouldn't let me attend their
funerals they took their anger to the
grave can do Donald told me
sister-in-law and her family have
refused to join Thanksgiving dinner for
two years now because we voted for Trump
now I'm not saying this is all one-way
there are liberals who live in
conservative areas who have been
excommunicated by their families and
that's equally as bad there was a Miami
Dolphins cheerleader who divorced her
husband because he didn't support Trump
that's absurd but aside from this since
brags it and Trump from anecdotal
evidence alone it seems like it's pretty
much a one-way street my brother has
disowned my whole family because we
didn't vote for Hillary he moved and no
one has spoken to him in two years I
have one brother I was disinvited from
his SJW daughter's wedding at her
request fired from public university
position losing my marriage shunned by
friends and so-called fellow-travellers
in various social circles and networks
and this was a woman who voted for Obama
twice before she voted for Trump this is
a grandma whose own daughter disowned
and blocked her for supporting Trump
presently although I am allowed to send
my grandchildren gifts and cards I'm not
allowed to talk to them or be a part of
their lives I am held at arm's length
and can only pray her views will mellow
or change breaks my heart a young mother
sent me this my family no longer wished
to speak to me as I Reese
my own news and not just listen to what
the MSM wants me to think I research the
facts for myself
due to this my whole family will no
longer speak to me the worst thing about
this is they will now no longer talk to
my daughter who is 3 she has no
knowledge or understanding of politics
so why they use my own views against her
is ridiculous I've encouraged them to
have contact with her to which they
refuse it's a sad sad story
you-know-who's mostly to blame for all
this yeah you guessed it the media the
same media that constantly smears
conservatives as hateful and divisive
while promulgating endless hate and
division Harper's Bazaar if you're
married to a trump supporter divorce
them Time magazine break up with that
Trump supporter GQ it's your civic duty
to ruin Thanksgiving by bringing a term
these people are so vulgar so perverse
so resentful they're quite prepared to
see families torn apart just so they can
exact some kind of petty revenge which
doesn't even matter anyway the last
year-plus has just been a media feeding
frenzy of character assassinations
frivolous lawsuits and censorship aimed
at conservatives all because they were
bought at losing a referendum losing an
election but not content with sabotaging
people's reputation and careers they're
now coming after people's families
Pamela Geller has a fatwa route on her
from Islamic terrorists they threatened
to behead her they've threatened to kill
her family then The Daily Beast exposes
Geller's daughters who aren't even
political painting a target on their
backs for jihadis simply because they
don't like galas views on Islam the
writer of this vile trash Taylor Lorenz
then celebrates what she did all over
Twitter I mean what kind of vicious
subhuman scum could do such a thing and
then think they had the moral high
ground in doing it you don't have the
moral high ground
you're literally exposing innocent young
women who aren't even engaged in
politics to the threat of being
assassinated by bloodthirsty Islamic
terrorists and for what because you
think he'll silence Pamela Geller you're
prepared to go to such disgusting
lengths for a scoop shay
on you shame on all of you who think
traumatizing and disowning your own
friends and family members because they
dare hold a different political opinion
is somehow worth it for the greater good
there is no greater good you're a
horrible person take a long look in the
frigging mirror newsflash
you know all that righteous indignation
you feel about everything yeah well we
feel that too difference is we don't
lash out and hurt people's relationships
and target their families you're slowly
ripping apart the fabric of society
you're making sons daughters mothers
fathers miserable sometimes suicidal
you're ruining lives for what just so
you convert you signal about it on
Facebook and Twitter this is the thing
that pisses me off about you every day
we have to put up with your relentless
phony moralizing about how tolerant you
are every day we have to hear about how
humane you are how caring you are when
you can't even be humane and tolerant to
your own closest family members and
friends and you're quite prepared to
make their lives a living hell just to
score political points it's shameful it
has to stop look you can change the
political environment by educating by
protesting by voting you can't change it
by disowning your own children I get
messages every day from kids who are in
school or college you're being bullied
by their classmates by their teachers
for their political opinions they're
telling me I'm their hero no you're my
hero you're my inspiration you're the
reason why I do this I've been an
outcast since the age of 12 I love why I
do all the hey all the ostracization all
the lies about me doesn't matter I don't
care I'm never gonna stop
I'm never gonna show but when they start
coming for people's children young women
who aren't even involved in politics you
know it's gone too far I want you to do
two things share in the comments below
your own experiences of how you've been
ostracized and disowned over your
political opinion and also comment on
what we can do to fix what has become an
intolerable strain on society and to the
listen everyone you know and love is
going to die we all return
to dust how in the hell does it benefit
anyone to cause such grief heartache and
acrimony over political opinions this
has to stop
we cannot go on like this welcome back
to the war room
I'm Michael Zimmerman joined by Ashton
Witte filling in for Owen Troyer today
on this Friday last week last day of the
week that Alex is out of town he'll be
back on Monday and Owen will return with
the war room joined by Ashton Witte
again who who joined us for our 34 hour
broadcast last week and also this this
past Monday from Berkeley California one
of the people mentioned in Paul Joseph
Watson's video that we just played as
someone who's been shunned by by your
family because of your political views
and so we'll be talking about some of
those political views today absolutely
so one thing you were telling me you
wanted to talk about is all these
attacks on on Young Conservatives from
vice and other outlets whether it's
saying that no one wants to date them
which we'll get into or the going after
the NRA for wanting women and black
people armed I'm actually interesting
because what's one of these articles
actually here's one from daily wire yeah
so Julie why I wrote an article about
how vice wrote on Twitter saying the NRA
wants that the NRA wants to nurses
schoolteachers and women to be armed and
they really emphasize women which I of
course as a woman should be offended by
it but I'm not because Vice is
completely stupid my thing is is that
why wouldn't you want your women to be
armed why wouldn't you why is it in so
many different Saudi Arabian countries
the men can be armed the women can't and
so my question is I understand that vice
doesn't want anyone to own guns but why
focus on women they are they're so
obsessed with saying how it's the white
males that are the ones shooting up the
place but the reality is is that guns
are the only organ to empower women it's
the great equalizer
absolutely why would vice an another
person or group they mentioned in that
tweet was preachers so even after we saw
this the shoot
here in southern lence brings in Texas
they don't want preachers to own guns
which I can maybe understand the
nightclub argument as someone who has my
license to carry a handgun I don't
really want people in bars I've seen how
people in a lot of bars act I don't
necessarily know if a bar is a good
place I think I wouldn't have an issue
with the bouncer or a bartender who's
not drinking having a gun but why would
you be against preachers having guns
what stopped the shooting or the person
fleeing the shooting in southern Springs
Texas was a good guy with the gun it was
an NRA instructor that stopped that
shooting so they don't want preachers
down guns they don't want women to have
guns so single mothers who you know are
at home alone by their children with
their children who's supposed to protect
them if someone's kicking in their door
an abusive you know ex-boyfriend
something like that how is this woman
going to protect herself and her
children because vice doesn't want her
tone against the NRA does the NRA wants
people of every race color and Creed to
own firearms but then these these
far-left groups don't want that here's
an article from The Advocate let's go a
former NRA instructor recalls chasing
down and stopping Texas church shooter
it was a good guy with the gun more
specifically a good guy with an ar-15
which all the media has of late tried to
demonize you know there's one type of
firearm of course and what there's a
report of a woman who was actually 18
years old she was a single mother and
someone was breaking into her home and
she stopped him with her gun she called
9-1-1 and said what should i do should I
shoot the man who was breaking into my
house and I wanted a person said that
she has to do whatever she could to
protect her baby now she were 21 or over
as people are advocating for right now
she can protect her child she would
probably murder as well as her infant
and you raised a good point there as far
as wanting to raise the age I'm very
against it I've got grew up shooting
guns I had my first gun probably when I
was 15 16 years old my dad had bought
for me when I was 18 I went out and
purchased my first rifle it was 21 I
bought my first handguns and now I have
a collection of guns but I don't think
you know we should have people that can
vote they can join the military you can
enlist in the military at 17 well on
touch base on is this Bumble of this
it's on a dating app because I see the
article really quick sure
so vice says women shouldn't own guns
and Bumble which is actually an app for
women started by women to make women
feel more safe is now saying pictures
and statements about guns should be
reported so they don't want women to
date men who can protect them they don't
own guns and they don't want women to
date men who own guns
so bumble to give people a little more
background on it is an app pretty
similar to the app tender where people
swipe right or left and then when you
match with someone the woman has to
message the man first and you know
initiate the conversation but other than
that it's just a dating app where people
are judging each other you know solely
on appearances but they notified their
entire user base earlier this week that
if you see someone with a gun like we
scroll down on this they actually have
the text that showed up so when people
open the app they said we're working to
ban gun photos we're asking for your
help and then they went on to say and
then next images that they want people
to actually file reports if they see
someone with a gun they need to report
them within the app so that their
account will be banned they said other
than police or law enforcement and
everyone with the photo of a gun on on
bumble is going to be banned my problem
with this is guns are not illegal gun
ownership is is lawful well my biggest
issue is these are the same people who
claim to be feminists right so they
don't want women to protect themselves
they don't want women to be protected
what does that say about the society did
they just don't want women to be treated
protect with protection I mean what do
they want to do be treated as leave they
are in Islamic countries where they're
raped and bugged on the streets on in a
broad daylight exactly and I'm sure
other companies are going to follow suit
we saw a number of companies join this
whole NRA boycott which I should have
printed this today but Delta Airlines
grant standard about how we were going
to get rid of our inner a discount we're
not going to provide a discount anymore
some members of the NRA right and then
the state of Georgia took away an
incentive that they had been giving
Delta they cost them millions of dollars
that cost their business millions of
dollars in tax credits well turns out
there are only less than 20
it's purchased through nras discount
program with Delta in the history of the
program so each one of those tickets
ended up costing Delta millions of
dollars because they wanted to do this
virtue signaling and say no we're not
gonna have any dealings with the NRA
there are millions of people who belong
to the National Rifle Association it is
the largest advocacy group for one
specific right in the country you know
their focus is not widespread you've got
lots of these left groups right-wing
groups that are more broadly focused but
the NRA is focused solely on the Second
Amendment and protecting the Second
Amendment so they made an enemy out of
tens of millions of Americans not one
hundreds millions of Americans and the
state of Georgia so Georgia Republicans
honor their threat to punish Delta for
cutting ties with the NRA they said well
if you're going to be political about
how you run your business we're not
gonna go out of our way to you know help
your business and then of course I think
it was the governor of New York he comes
out and says oh you're welcome to come
here well they're not gonna move their
business there Georgia has much better
taxes for businesses than in New York
State does but I think it's interesting
what we see going on here they're
they're trying to they're trying to make
people feel lonely they're trying to
make it feel you're not welcome on this
dating app you know there's there's a
handful of dating apps out there if
you're someone who shoots guns you're
not welcome on this app you know airline
you're welcome at the sports store that
originally sold guns for many many years
I Dick's Sporting Goods we won't sell to
people anymore
there's actually a lawsuit that has been
filed against Walmart and some other
sporting goods retailer but Walmart
being the bigger one for not selling him
a gun because they said we're gonna
change our policy you had 20 year old
sues Dick's and Walmart over new gun
policies according to federal law you
have to be 18 years of age to purchase a
firearm to purchase a long gun a rifle
and 21 years of age to purchase a
handgun now sure these companies can can
say we're not gonna sell a gun to
someone but they are FFL you know
federal firearm licensed dealers like
everyone who sells guns in this country
they perform background checks
so they're saying even though under the
law you're allowed to purchase this item
we're not going to sell it to you so
that the issue at this court case is
discrimination based on age they
targeted this this 20 year old they said
well we changed our policy we're not
going to sell guns to people under 21
fortunately there are plenty of other
stores so he walked into a field and
stream which is a subsidiary of Dick's
and Medford Oregon on February 24th
intending to buy a 22 caliber rifle he
was told no based on the retailer each
new policy his lawsuit says this the
suit says it takes action amounts to age
discrimination and I would agree with
that it seems like a very clear case of
discrimination by these companies by
these platforms because they're
targeting conservatives for things that
are not against the law it's not against
the law to have guns in your photos it's
not against the law to take photos of
your guns and certainly not illegal for
a woman to own a gun as it is in Islamic
countries exactly and it's you got to
ask do they do they want no-one armed
which I think the answer is yes they
don't want anyone to have guns and
they're starting with you know telling
women don't date men who have guns like
we saw in the Watson video bring it up
at family you know make it make a scene
about Trump so we'll be on the back on
the other side of this break
breaking down more articles Michael
Zimmerman joined by Ashton Witte you're
watching the war room welcome back to
the war room I'm Michael Zimmerman
joined by Ashton Witte and the last
segment we were talking about different
dating apps banning conservatives
different gun stores not selling guns to
people under 21 even though they're
lawfully allowed to to own them we've
seen kind of these attacks coming from
from all these different angles so what
did you want to get into next with all
this vice wrote an article about
conservative conservative men it says
conservatives not being able to get
dates which of course I look at it and
obviously they did not ask conservative
women so essentially this is what they
said conserves our whining because no
one wants to date them it must be tough
being or a public cam your party's
president does things like say call
African nations shift toll countries
make bizarre phone calls to school
shooting survivors in which David hog
hung up so I don't know why that was
bizarre it's the president our backup
accused domestic abusers and alleged
child molesters like Hillary Clinton for
example this is just it really takes the
cake because the only app and even says
in the article a handful of
conservatives in DC so a handful of
conservatives in DC which is extremely
liberal area I think there's only a hint
full of conservatives indicia they may
have talked to every single conservative
there's and obviously they only talk to
women they even say that in the article
or I'm starting to talk to men they
don't talk to any women in the article
and my whole thing is is as a woman I
don't have issues with getting dates or
guys wanting to date me maybe it is
different for men but my question device
is it's not like men just walk into bars
wearing Trump hats it's not like men are
walking around screaming you know it's
because of people like vice who are
making Trump out to be this misogynist
racist sexist that probably that has
that quota on them but no women no woman
in the world would be like oh you know
he voted for at least no sane woman was
think oh wow you know he voted for Trump
I mean he's got all these great
qualities I like so much you know he
could protect me you can change its
higher that's the big point you like so
people should know you got to be able to
change a tire in order to D action what
do you must be like one of your key
points is you have to be able to did you
know the majority of millennial men
can't change a tire really so the thing
is I there was there was this whole
article on young millennia and women
don't want to get married and I said
well the average Millennial man can't
change a tire so I don't blame them but
the thing is the men who have all of
these qualities can protect a woman says
yes ma'am no man you know the men who
act like men are conservatives and so
women will go his dates with these
perfect guys at least in my opinion
perfect guys not so a boys I'm and then
they'll be like oh no he's reaching up
reading a book written by a Mylo or he
right yeah they said they went on a date
with a person and they got back to his
apartment and they saw it that basically
he had a conservative books on his
bookshelf so even though the guy's told
her that he didn't vote for Trump and
considers her himself a moderate
conservative she ended things there
sounds like she's like I have to get out
of here I can't see you and left the
policies of these things that are
attached to the right weather
your supporter of Trump have been
presupposed on you and it's like a black
mark so that's that's what they're
trying to do here they're trying to put
a mark on all conservatives anyone who
doesn't totally go along with the whole
social justice echo-chamber it almost
like you're trying to scare men to not
be concerted right yeah no one's gonna
want to date you I hear conservatives in
DC there's like maybe what for
I don't think I've I've dated both men
who are a Democrat and Republican and
from the Republican men I have been
treated nicer they have more manners
they actually you know know what they're
doing as two comes to life the majority
of Democratic men are studying gender
studies you know what are the jobs out
there you can do with the gender studies
these women are actually leaving their
dates because the the guy supports our
president maybe they're not the right
woman I mean why would you I'd date
someone that clueless right but I think
it all it all ties back into I mean all
these things kind of tighten together
they're wanting people to feel alone
they're wanting it to have a chilling
effect on people so that you won't want
to be vocal about your support of the
president you want you won't want to go
out to rallies you won't want to wear
you know shirts for men for Wars or
anything like that because no one's
gonna date you that's the the narrative
they're trying to push well what's gonna
happen if this relationship goes further
like it gets to a point where you're
dating this person for years and then
you guys get married like what you gonna
do pretend me a Bernie Sanders supporter
your entire life I think if you're on
date with somebody especially if you're
a guy guys out there who are on dates of
women and I say bring up politics the
first date it's gotten to that point
where we have to do it because if I
don't want waste my time always find
time as somebody gets so triggered that
a woman like myself would vote for Trump
or support Trump that you know I wasted
good what six months to a year because
you know this guy can't handle the fact
that you know I support our country won
and people are still politically
polarized at this point that I don't
think you know two people if they're
they're both strongly political can date
each other like you know it's just
strong like a Hillary supporter is going
to you know lo the guy who voted for
well there's actually article about that
how you really can't end up in
relationship with someone who has
different morals than your different
political values in you and they've
actually done studies where Republicans
and conservatives have the better
relationships they have longer lasting
relationships whereas Democrats
there's something about Democrats where
statistically they don't value something
as much then again socialism they think
if they get everything for free
um but there was actually a study you
mean you have you can't see too you
won't see a person of trumps you can
never see a trump supporter you know or
a liberal dating it's just not happening
I mean they could be dating but it's not
gonna last long so our right-wing voters
happiness from the Daily Mail where
Republicans tend to be married and have
better relationships than those on the
left so and I think that that kind of
has to do I would think with traditional
values people who have traditional
values you know I mentioned on Monday
show that my mom stayed home with my
sister and I when we were growing up and
you know very close family but
traditional values and because of that
you know she was able to spend those
those crucial years with my sister and I
while my dad went to go work you know my
mom would cook dinner for us every night
and because of things like that you know
my sister and I ended up very well
rounded and you're smart successful and
not actually ties into it ties into this
though so Rose McGowan is tired of your
gender constructs so I'd also don't
think it'll end well if you have someone
who believes that gender is just a
social construct and someone who thinks
there are biological facts in this world
there are actual differences between men
and women Rose McGowan is tired of your
gender contracts I don't want to be a
man or a woman that's just the thing I'm
not you know I tweeted something last
night I think it was actually you sent
it to me i retweeted something last
night where I commented on it and it was
someone something says something along
the lines of the future is not female
the future is transsexual transgender
transgender queer queer I was so
different and I could I stuck that I
said wow this is what Darwin was talking
about the traditional values are in
place so mothers and fathers can raise
families together
and I also want to talk about this
really quick um when comes to gender
roles gender roles are in place for a
reason you know I'm not saying women
can't do certain things men can or men
can't do certain things women can but
gender roles are in place for a reason I
don't it's interesting to me that we are
in such a society that wants to
completely blend it out altogether
absolutely and you know these things
have worked very well for the human race
for many many years to try to go and
bend that and change that at this point
is is definitely questionable Ashlyn
widdy's joining me here in the war room
I'm Michael Zimmerman we'll be back on
the other side of this break with more
news and deconstruction welcome back to
the war room I'm Michael Zimmerman
joined again by Ashton Witte we've been
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things about traditional gender roles
not being a soy boy a variety of topics
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now to get back into some more of these
articles here this was news that just
broke during this this break here Martin
shkreli is someone that I think has
definitely been demonized a lot by the
media I've read a lot about his case and
I've listened to what he has to say for
and a lot of people went after him and
attacked him for the drug daraprim which
was an antiretroviral antiretroviral
drug that's a tongue twister
and he raised the price on the drug but
that's not what he was being charged for
he was being charged with federal fraud
charges related to headphones and a drug
company which he ran at one point so
there they were not taking down shkreli
for raising the price of a drug what he
did there was a lawful and also his
company turing pharmaceuticals deals in
rare diseases they buy up these drugs
that are not economically viable for
these companies and then he dragged the
prices up so that he could continue this
research into these other experimental
drugs which we need companies out there
like that developed any of these
you know state-of-the-art medications
for people and what Martin shkreli did
was was not wrong even though they were
demonized him but anyway he's been
sentenced to seven years in prison now
saying this is my fault which I did read
an article the other day that said
apparently he has grown a beard and
become buff in prison he's just been
working out constantly which also
doesn't really come as a surprise if
you've watched some videos of his you
kind of get an idea of who he is as a as
a person and you say you have a friend
of a friend who knows him is a very
interesting guy it's it's interesting
Samson's first for seven years because
this is someone that the media kind of
collectively came out and demonized I
said no Martin shkreli is bad they call
him farmer bro and all these things
really is just a smart guy also he's
supposedly having to give up the
exclusive wu-tang album what's in clay
an album that he possesses as part of
this the settlement so getting into a
little bit more news one of the biggest
stories of the past 24 hours is that
yesterday South Korean leaders were at
the White House and they gave a press
conference and they said you know we've
spoke to Kim jong-eun he is interested
in sitting down and speaking to
President Trump about total
denuclearization which over the entire
Obama administration this wasn't talked
about they would threaten the u.s.
there'd get aid Trump is taking a tough
strong stance and they even mentioned
that in their speech that you know Trump
has taken a strong stance on North Korea
and I think they're responding to that
you know he was calling Kim jong-un in a
little rocket man and now Kim jong-un is
saying he expressed his eagerness to
meet President Trump as soon as possible
they're saying that the meeting will
happen between them before May so that's
that's encouraging you know North Korea
has been an issue they're also stopping
they're ceasing their tests their rocket
tests in the meantime but of course the
media is trying to spend this as a bad
thing they're saying it's a it's
reckless Trump is you know going to talk
to the North Koreans this is something
the Obama administration was not able to
get accomplished in eight years
we always had North Korea threatening to
nuke the u.s. to kill the u.s. you know
Kim Jenna actually respects Trump in the
sense I think he respects the very thing
the left hates about him is that he is
radical I think it's because Trump is
radical it he's getting things done I
think so and also strangely enough
Dennis Rodman I think may have some
connections player and all of this
former Furman basketball player Kim
jong-un likes basketball and he's
friends with Dennis Rodman Dennis Rodman
is also friends with Donald Trump so
this is kind of like the the common
connection between this drama apparently
gave Kim Jong a copy of the art of the
deal that's right yeah on his last trip
to North Korea he gave him a copy of art
of the deal which if that's not some
sort of a power move or if you talked to
Trump about it before is a wonderful
peace offering I think I've ever heard
so only two people have met both Trump
and Kim jong-un one is Dennis Rodman so
it's a very strange combination here but
I think maybe this this former
basketball player has done more to
improve relations between the u.s. North
Korea because also if you've read our
the art of the deal you know how Trump
thinks you need to know how the Trump
negotiates he talks about things like
the big ask you know you ask something
that's that's way big and then you
negotiate down I think we've seen him do
that a lot low in office you know he
says oh we're gonna build the wall and
then says well maybe we'll go for you
know enhance border security through
different technologies you know
different sensors better you know upping
our Border Patrol I think things like
that so I you know if if Kim jong-un
read the book then he may have a better
idea of how Trump negotiates but either
way I think as far as keeping the world
out of nuclear war goes it's definitely
a positive thing that Kim jong-un has
agreed to to meet with Donald Trump you
know the Chicago Bulls could have such
an impact right so also another thing
that happened today that a Daria here at
the office sent me is Trump pardons
Christian Saucer former sailor jailed
for submarine pictures which this was a
at the time a 22 year old who took the
photos in 2009 inside of a nuclear
and so he actually he was pardoned by
Trump today he learned the news while
driving a garbage truck the only job he
could find with a felony conviction so
he served his time for taking these
photos so what he did is he took photos
inside of a submarine and they said oh
he's damaging national security well
during Trump's campaign he mentioned
these photos he brought up these photos
as a as a talking point and he said that
saucer was ruined for doing nothing
compared to it Hillary Clinton has done
and of course we've still not seen
Hillary Clinton charged with anything
but it is good that he's now been
pardoned a presidential pardon no less
so that this felony will hopefully drop
off of his record and he'll be able to
get work again because really this was
just demonizing a member of the military
something that happened ten years ago
cellphone photos from 2009 you remember
how his cell phone photos looked back
I can't imagine much could be learned
from that but we'll be back on the other
side of this break with more news and
information and also Roger stone will be
joining us in the segment after next
stick with us welcome back to the War
Room I'm Michael Zimmerman joined by
Ashton Witte the past couple segments
we've been talking about these
differences between the genders
differences between the sexes men and
women rose mcgowan being tired of gender
constructs because I'm not a man or a
woman but as we know and if you're a
sane person you realize there are men
and there are women since beginning of
time this is what science has proven for
many years obviously the very fact that
me and you are alive proves that they're
just women and men there's no such thing
as in-between and that's kind of like
what I want to talk to you guys about
today I think it's really important that
we do address the fact that men are
being turned a feminized feminized yeah
yeah and women are becoming masculine
and this is a serious danger to our
society I mean this is a obviously
attack on a family values as we need a
man and a woman to build a proper family
as I stated with the Vice article on
conservatives not wine are not getting
dates because they're too Meili enough
apparently I want to talk about the
difference between men and women
psychologically and I've you all know
that I was kicked out of a classroom for
talking about women being
biologically and psychologically meant
to be mothers and a huge huge argument
happy because that's an extreme view and
in 2018 right for example basketball
right there's a lot of girls who are
into sports a little they claim to be in
this sports and I'm a Warriors fan until
the day I die okay the only reason why
I'm a warrior Spanish because my
grandfather was into the Warriors right
hey you were have a girl raised by other
women who were not into sports
whatsoever she's not gonna wake up one
day and say wow I'm into basketball it
doesn't happen it's more of an nature
versus nurture type of situation where
you think it's that is something that is
social conditioning warm to be
interested in these they like to be
aggressive that's what they do I mean
that's disaster oh that's what makes
them that way
you know women aren't actually into
sports I mean they're into wearing a
jersey and getting hyped up about
something they don't actually have you
know when comes to things like ice
skating and cheerleading and gymnastics
that's one thing but I'm talking about
football basketball baseball they don't
have the citta stirone to push them
through he said all right naturally
beans these aspects because there is
some element of violence involved in all
of those things and in aggression and
like you were saying that the
testosterone that brings the the
aggression and intensity but we're
seeing men more than ever becoming
feminine and we're seeing women more
than ever becoming masculine right and
we read some articles earlier in the
week about male fertility rates hit you
know record lows or you know why is male
fertility decreasing the triumph of the
beta male this is being celebrated on
the cover of The Hollywood Reporter it's
cool too you know could you scroll down
a little bit let's show how they're
putting their hands in each other's
pockets does that that just takes the
cake here we celebrate these are my
roommates I promise you this is the
whole Bay Area that you're from it's
male infertility crisis in the u.s. has
experts baffled I don't know why they're
baffled we've read hundreds actually
it's a bigger impact psychologically
that's why I'm sure that's why I always
ring at the basketball situation because
women are meant to be mothers whether
you like it or you don't have to be a
mom for be a lawyer or a doctor that's
your choice you don't be a stay-at-home
mom I can't wait to be a stay-at-home
mom personally but women are meant to be
mothers it's why we're more emotion
it's why we have a uterus I don't know
why anyone else would have a uterus
personally we're meant to be moms and
you're meant to be a dad and the woman
and the crew were meant to be moms and
then the crew were meant to be doing
what was the planned parenthood tweet
the other day that the internet had a
lot of fun with it was some men have
uterus and it's like human chromosomes
and you know the actual DNA there's
there's men and women bad haircut but
the I think the idea that gender is just
a social construct is one that obviously
only exists within humans because we've
got to this point and we have it so good
that we find things like this to
complain animals are having babies right
these our pets are having babies why is
a dog and or why is it a dog is it this
female and male why is it the cat
there's people oh there's actually
article they're saying you can't here's
the tweet from Planned Parenthood that
some men have a uterus and they repeat
it 10-15 times over no they don't men
don't have a uterus my question is can I
give birth why is it people can be
buying it non-binary but like our pets
and it's don't there's already an
article saying that we shouldn't name
our pets like you don't want to gender
your pet because you don't know what
gender your pet identifies that despite
the fact evolution isn't like against
this entire idea for years this isn't
really about people like Bill Nye a
science guy which isn't even a really
nice guy not even a real scientist
trying to tell people there's more than
two genders now trying to tell people
that our purpose in life isn't to
repopulate the earth right hey well I
think that's that's part of the the
entire agenda to is this you know
depopulation is destroying the family
it's breaking people up it's making you
sad it's part of this whole agenda 21
and other just general plots to under
this country destroyed the nuclear
family right it really is my dog has a
better sense of the nuclear family than
most people do right well in that that
is something that's becoming more and
more common is you know just then not
having traditional families you know
divorce divorce divorce rates or divorce
rates are incredibly high it's over 50%
people a divorce sorry marriages end in
divorce it's not good what's what's
going on and like we've seen you know
the triumphs the beta male and the whole
Swilly phenomenon that Paul Watson and
others have done videos on this is a
threat to to society this is a threat to
culture and more women than ever don't
want to get married and again I said it
because most men don't want to change a
tire right and if you if you want to see
the death of culture in the death of
society this is what it looks like
so do you wanna get into some other
other articles here anything else you
want to talk talk about here on the word
room today I'm a little angry right now
there's no no there there are there are
certain facts and apparently facts are
offensive now there's a speech the other
week where people stormed out of a panel
that James - more and others were on
because they made a woman made the
comment that there are biological
differences between men and women it's a
bunch of people stormed out snatch the
sound system it's also psychology and we
are meant to repopulate the earth in
order to raise our children properly
there has to be someone who is in place
of motherhood and someone in place a
father one and women are certainly
better at the whole nutrient nurturing
roles you know taking care of children
taking holding the family together right
is it going to work and getting things
it's how it's always been hunting
hunting the animals yeah it's like you
know thousands of years ago hunting the
animals building the shelter in
chemistry is way different than mine
sure different than mine as people are
not trying to say that you should go out
me playing Barbies that your son should
be playing with Barbies right my
daughter that my daughter should nut
Mellie Weaver did a report on a a drag
show thing they had here in in Austin
the whole crush dressing thing and they
had children at this show they're having
young boys dress up in women's clothing
and I don't see how this yeah here it is
liberals drag kids and early sexual
ization that they are twerking they're
showing you know these are you know
padded bras and things like that for
children they want to sexualize children
they want to put young
boys and dresses it's not ok if you want
to kill a culture this is how you do it
this isn't about oh we're you know we're
trying to be open-minded no you are
literally making your child into a
swimsuit model oh my to a swimsuit model
this video is just it's disturbing it's
really disturbing what's going on here
and I I don't know what the the way back
from this is other than promoting
traditional values promoting
Christianity conservatives do push the
gender role narratives he's because of
things like this because people are
putting makeup on little boys and look
on the front look if you want to do it
it's whatever I've seen like little boys
pawn nail polish and joke about it this
isn't that this is little boys putting
on bras and makeup and prancing around
it's moving the the Overton Window also
on what society will accept as far as
what's normal so next it's going to be
saying pedophilia is is normal
especially we've had articles about that
there's a hole right salon.com there is
the the Todd Nickerson article about I'm
a pedophile not a monster a lot of these
Spacey left left-wing outlets are
pushing this this pro pedophile
narrative because that's the thing you
just have to keep moving the line if you
think the line is gonna stop somewhere
it's not going to they're gonna keep
pushing that line they're going to keep
sexualizing children they're going to
keep promoting pedophilia they're going
to keep breaking down the drugs people
like Kevin Spacey for example do you
remember what he wrote on Twitter he
says I'm gonna live my life now as a gay
no it doesn't matter I don't care for
y'all GBT you went too far you hit on a
thirteen-year-old boy yeah you're not
you're not a gay man you're a pedophile
you're trying to blame that they're
trying to use LGBT as an excuse for
pedophilia and that's not okay well we
could add an LGBT P hasn't the LGBT
community fighting against this for so
long isn't the whole point it was it
wasn't their whole narrative for the
longest time saying hey we're not
pedophiles we're normal people just like
you so if you start letting you know
people who want to groom children in and
do all these things to them within your
umbrella of inclusion it's going to make
you look bad - it's going to make people
less inclusive less accepting well thank
you for joining me here on the War Room
Ashton Jake will be coming up next after
the short break and you're watching the
worm on and force.com for its last show
this is what the High Commissioner on
human rights at the United Nations
thinks of nationalism and your defence
of your rights as a legal citizen of
your own country over two-thirds of the
national parliaments in European Union
countries now include political parties
with extreme positions against migrants
this discourse based on racism
xenophobia and incitement to hatred has
now expanded so significantly that in
several countries it is dominating the
political landscape I deplore the
continuing uncertainty about
beneficiaries of the daca program I'm
also concerned about proposals that
could drastically reduce social
protections particularly in the light of
the concerns expressed by the Special
Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human
rights following his visit to the u.s.
in December battling the dialect of
European globalism seeping into the
United States Attorney General Jeff
Sessions dropped a lawsuit bombshell on
California and spoke with California law
enforcement to make it abundantly clear
that their legislators and governors
crossed the line I'm becoming a
sanctuary state let no one contend that
we reject immigration and Walter wolof
America from all immigrants President
Trump and the American people know
what's happening we admit 1.1 million
immigrants lawfully to permanent
resident status in the United States
with a clear path to citizenship green
card status every year
no nation comes close to her
I understand that we have a wide variety
of political opinions out there on
immigration but the law is in the books
and its purposes are clear and just
there is no nullification there is no
see session a refusal to apprehend and
deport those especially the criminal
element effectively rejects all
immigration law it's a rejection of law
and it creates an open borders system
it's the only way it can be described an
open borders is a radical irrational
idea that cannot be accepted the
American people will not accept it now
harboring over roughly two and a half
million illegal aliens California
Governor Jerry Brown in typical liberal
lunatic fashion confirmed an earlier
statement he had made against the
enforcement of u.s. immigration laws
foolishly labeling the perceived
aggression an act of war an act of war
you said that I reincorporate know we
are a state of laws I observe the law
and now the Attorney General is
basically throwing the gauntlet down and
done it in a highly politicized way yeah
this is a very aggressive act on the
part of the Trump administration and
it's not right it won't stand meanwhile
President Trump spoke to the Latino
coalition representing true American
progress in unity reiterating the
founder sentiment united we stand
divided we fall
America first is about unity it's about
coming together as one family one big
beautiful American family
no matter our race color agreed to
protect our jobs our communities and our
country we want all Americans to thrive
and flourish together California has
imprisoned over 2,400 illegal immigrants
for homicide while the hill reported the
DOJ and the US Sentencing Commission
reported that as of 2014
illegal immigrants were convicted and
sentenced for over 13% of all crimes
committed in the United States meanwhile
a psychotic Kim jong-un is feverishly
building a nuclear missile capable of
reaching the California coastline a
deadly hepatitis A outbreak has reached
epidemic proportions and California's
teetering on the edge of the cliff of
bankruptcy welcome back to the War Room
I'm Michael Zimmerman joined by Jake
Lloyd and the second hour I thought
Roger stone would be joining us but he's
actually working on some different news
stories behind the scenes right now so
expect him back on Monday but we have
stacks of news to go over and you
actually went out today with a few of
the other people here at the office
Nathan and Ashton to cover what was
supposed to be a pretty big event at
South by Southwest or one would think in
this a liberal liberal mecca of Austin I
would I would have thought so because so
Bernie Sanders was in town talking to
Jake Tapper fake flop or fake flapper of
CNN yeah a fake seeing a fake new CNN
the communist news network so I would
have expected that there would have been
a lot of a lot of excitement a lot of
hype coming from the left wingers here
in Austin because there's so many of
them but in Ramin we went out there and
there weren't really that many like a
lot of people are either like oh no I
don't want to talk like I don't you know
I'm not like Bernie er who's a lot of
people from out of this out of the
country saying who's Bernie Sanders but
that is that is one thing you mentioned
I asked you when you got back how the
the event went and you mentioned that
there are a lot of people here at South
by Southwest oh that's a beautiful
beautiful graphic behind us for those
listening on radio says risky agent
comrade Sanders South by Southwest
commentators we got a Ashton got called
a Russian infiltrator okay
yeah yeah that was that we had we had
probably two people well one guy one guy
tried to like grab the microphone and he
ended up just knocking his own coke out
of his hand what that's fine it's kind
of fat he didn't really need it so right
oh he didn't read in really need it but
one one chick called Ashton a Russian
infiltrator and then one girl was
dressed in like a sailor herself I think
she thought that she was trying to make
anime real and she was she said that she
liked burning in Ashton said why and she
said I like his policy what's at what
policy eton college bro
she literally sold the rich eating the
rich yeah so remind me how many how many
houses is Bernie Sanders oh only three
three houses
only like a million dollars apiece man
I've got one apartment yeah one like 850
square foot apartment so I think Bernie
Sanders needs to check his privilege
yeah I heard that his ethics are what
makes him qualified but I'm fairly
certain his wife is he and his wife are
under investigation for yeah there was a
whole thing about you know what was the
ten million dollars under the university
it's good talk about that you know
that's gotta be fake news but that
that's interesting to hear that even in
Austin you know we've seen an Tifa
mm-hmm at different events of course
they probably didn't bring their masks
with them when going to attend the
Bernie Sanders yeah I'm sure they were
very excited and I'm sure there were
some of them out there I think the only
reason that we didn't get swarmed by an
Tifa was because they didn't have their
masks with them so they weren't prepared
to have their faces on camera so they
stayed away and normally what happens
because we a lot of people like scowling
at us and like taking pictures and then
like sending text messages look at that
info right about here send it to the
network like you know you see like they
says we're so proud of themselves too
it's kind of funny they're like get that
get the shock troops ready and like they
said they bring like their master that's
what happened to me at UT the other day
and I think that happened but the
traffic is so bad in Austin I think that
they were like got all their masks on
and tried to drive down and they just
hit stonewalled traffic so I was driving
home last night here in Austin and I
know this isn't really of national news
but they had every single lane the
weekend of South by Southwest this is
just how bad a local government isn't
these things so you know week leading
into South by Southwest more people in
Austin than any other time of year
traffic is insane like
man Jim they had 35 one of the most
major freeways in the country shut down
to one lane going south oh that's real
nice so and of course it's late it's
late at night so there's you know
hundreds of 18 wheelers backed up and it
took me a little over an hour to go
which should take me about three minutes
you know so I I don't really know what
our Liberal government here in Austin is
doing this happens every year this
happens every year and they can't put it
up to it the City of Austin can pass a
resolution saying that they will not
give any contracts to any contracting
company that works on Trump's wall right
I interviewed a guy the other day who is
didn't who who is trying to work on
Trump's wall he put it up put out a bid
and the city who passed the thing just
that day that was like yeah we're not
going to do any business the City of
Austin can do that but they can't manage
to plan for a traffic nightmare that
happens every single year like clockwork
they were doing bridge construction
which in this area they've been doing
for over a year now and that they of
course waited to do it this this week of
South by Southwest so I don't really get
what's what's going on you know with all
of this and it's interesting another
point is thinking of about the the
Bernie Sanders thing was that Southwest
Southwest is actually incredibly
expensive to attend mm-hmm the the bands
and passes for it can be over a thousand
Rob news in the studio fixing a camera
do you know how much that the passes for
South by Southwest are at least three
hundred and fifty dollars it's it's it's
quite expensive to to attend this event
so the people attending the event with
fake flapper and comrade Sanders had to
pay hundreds of dollars to attend it so
the average you know working class right
here some badges the Platinum and
interactive which is said those were the
only two able to attend if you want the
full passes it's one thousand two
hundred and fifty dollars or nine
hundred and twenty five dollars so oh
your average where I could not afford
this you know I don't have that much
discretionary you know spending money
that I could go out there and buy these
passes to attend this event so you have
people attending a communist event
talking about how much they love
socialism how much they want the
redistribution of this and it's only
available to those out there who are
wealthy enough to get into it sounds
like a bunch of class traders to me
oh yeah right so there's rubbish spread
up there's a basically slave labor going
on at South by Southwest they get people
to volunteer for this event they search
thousands of dollars to attend to
thousands of attendees I think a lot of
these people con their their employers
into paying for them to go or something
but because that is a lot of money to
spend you know going to a music festival
for a weekend you might spend 150 175
bucks or something oh yeah they're
pricey but this this South by Southwest
festival to get into the the good events
you know they've got the different tiers
they're different social classes yeah
classes you know the wealthiest the
elite social classes were able to go
comrade Sanders um speak here in Austin
but it's interesting to hear it was
essentially a flop I think it's pretty
fascinating it was it was really
interesting we had a lot of people who
were telling us about the virtues of
socialism how how beautiful the whole
system is and then one guy was here he's
and he works in advertising and so he
was like he's like I just you know I
think that Bernie's probably better I
think that his socialist system probably
works better and Ashtyn actually had a
good line of question I didn't know
exactly where she's going with us she
was interested about the advertising
world but she's like oh so what is what
does that entail what you know what kind
of work are you doing that hears like oh
we're just seeing you know what's up
what's up and coming what's happening
next year where the trends are going
where the market where the advertising
market is gonna be how everybody's gonna
be doing things and she's like oh so
you're like watching like how things
shift so you're like a capitalist and
she was like yeah basically she's like
where does where does that come from
he's like well I don't what do you mean
she goes like capitalism and it was
pretty funny because we have all these
people out there I mean we had we had
somebody from Costa Rica who was talking
about how good socialism is that's great
you know and and it's it was socialism
to put them on a plane it was a
socialist airline yeah they flew them to
to Austin it was a socialist hotel that
they're staying at yeah it was a
socialist ride-sharing service that they
used to get around town it was a
socialist restaurant they went to no it
wasn't all of those things were parts of
the capitalist system that enabled these
morons to move themselves up here to
Austin and you know walk around South by
Southwest with their $1,200
passes around their neck and have the
guts to to tell you this is because you
know how great a communist system is it
doesn't happen in Venezuela people are
eating dogs they're eating farm animals
eating giraffe they're not I didn't even
know they had giraffes in Venezuela Hey
I just cannot believe these people the
audacity of these people to lecture the
rest of us on you know the virtues of
socialism when everything they have to
be grateful for it the fact that you've
been able to afford and attend events
like South by Southwest is because of
capitalism yeah all of the good things
that they use they think that it's just
that those are like side things they
don't think that that's like a result of
capitalism they think that it's
something that we have in spite of the
evils of capitalism which is just I mean
one of the most asinine things ever
because like you said hotels and
ride-sharing and restaurants and all the
inn flights all these different things
are just byproducts of capitalism that
these socialist countries leech off of
because if you look at a country like
you know we're always told like every
developed nation in the world
Bernie Sanders is always talking about
Sweden in Denmark and in Norway in all
these countries that have these social
programs but in reality every every one
of them they they always go socialist
and then they are about to fail so they
go back into a hard-line capitalist
system they ride the wave of economic
prosperity they're great resources and
wealth and all exactly and then they use
it to fill up the coffers and they ride
socialism again until they're broke we
see it over and over again don't be a
socialist we'll be back on the other
side welcome back to the war room
Michael Zimmerman here joined with by
Jake Lloyd we have some breaking news
here our man takes hostages at Veterans
Home in California I don't think
veterans really need any worse treatment
after what the VA puts these people
through Roger stone has been covering
this week how the VA tortures dogs yeah
yeah the government doesn't have a good
track record with but people people want
to trust the government and take all the
guns away so only the government will
have guns because that's a brilliant
this is the information that's available
at this time
a shooter armed with what is believed to
be a high-powered rifle bet you it's
going to be an ar-15 so they can call to
ban those some 15 reportedly stormed the
veteran's home in California in uten
Ville at about 10:30 a.m. the assailant
then began shooting unloading 30 shots
and the housing complex of 850 residents
police scanner traffic indicated so
California Highway Patrol is working
with Napa County Sheriff's Office to
establish a perimeter and clear
buildings hmm so I know we've seen some
cases in the past where shootings have
actually been done by veterans which I
think can be directly attributed to how
poorly we take care of our veterans
right you know PTSD is a serious issue
mental health is a serious issue and I
don't think enough is being done to
address it so it unclear if it could be
that kind of situation we're seeing here
or if someone was specifically targeting
veterans but the fact it taken several
people hostage is is definitely
concerning and of course those people
are in our prayers
that all of this gets gets resolved in a
in a way that you know no one's no one's
hurt but we were just talking during the
break about how incredible this is the
Trump might fix the whole North Korea
thing yeah
the whole situation we've had with North
Korea for many years now since and
Korean War
yeah we're still at war with North Korea
the 60 year long conflict almost just -
yeah yeah six 67 year old conflict and
the fact that don't like I was saying in
the break it's hard for me to believe
something I'm all behind Trump he scares
me sometimes sometimes he makes me like
I get a little apprehensive because I
don't know what he's gonna do but
overall I'm behind Trump but I still
can't believe that Donald Trump is the
president and much less can I believe
that Donald Trump may fix the North
Korea problem and Dennis Rodman maybe
play a part in all of this operation
Dennis Rodman is a success well and and
I mentioned during the first hour with
with hash and witty on here how Dennis
Rodman actually brought a copy of art of
the deal to North Korea on his trip and
then here's an article from the
Washington Post only two people have met
both Trump and Kim jong-eun one is
Dennis Rodman that's a pretty incredible
act it's pretty and he hasn't just met
them he's pretty good friends with with
the both of them Dennis Rodman has made
multiple trips to North Korea where he
just he hangs out with yeah he's pretty
loose with Kim's even the Washington
Post is calling Dennis Rodman giving him
a copy of art of the deal a genius move
they're saying it could be a genius move
what if Kim what if Kim jong-un is like
secretly like a Trump fanboy and he's
just like super into The Apprentice and
American culture for radio listeners we
have a picture up on screen of Dennis
Rodman with Kim Jong in a very unlikely
combination a total horrible dictator
and a former basketball player with a
face covered and piercings
yeah it's incredibly strange but the two
have said that they will meet and we
actually have a clip from embassy MSNBC
saying that trying to discredit all of
this trying to take away credit from
Trump it's not a good thing that North
Korea says they'll get rid of their next
I as someone who doesn't want to all the
cost yeah I'm not looking forward to
nuclear holocaust I think this is a very
positive thing and whatever Trump can do
with this is more than the last
administration did we're already making
great progress you know under budget
ahead of schedule mm-hmm as Trump says
so MSNBC is trying to say that the
entire trip north Korea breakthrough is
fake news to distract from the porn star
allegations of course the stormy Daniels
allegations so let's go ahead and take a
look at that clip yeah so will is a
deflection of course it's a deflection
Willie stormy not from the nor'easter
this meeting face to face with the
leader of North Korea and the president
I'd say actually will come to pass or
whether it's some piece and a larger
negotiation with that country over its
nuclear weapons or again a distraction
to change the headlines from stormy
Daniels yes yeah to North Korea today
but why don't we start with major
develops let's get to the details of
them Trump's great distracting us using
now of a rogue nuclear power to distract
from porn star sex allegations whoa this
is great I like him to keep doing it
please so what warrant stars could you
please no morning Joe and his gang of
friends have to say about this you know
what he did not want the Washington Post
to have the word stormy Daniels on the
front page today guess what he succeeded
and he succeeded by lying about a letter
that didn't even exist and now he's he's
angry his press secretary for actually
confirming that there was some sort of
transaction telling the truth and then
fools rush in with the porn stars
confirmed and he doesn't want it on the
front page you know even if all the
Trump stormy Daniel stuff is true which
it could be you know I'm not I'm not
gonna pretend that that's that's not a
possibility but to pretend that Trump is
is doing all of this you know to to ease
tensions with North Korea and take away
their nukes which is a great thing in
order to distract us against Inc a
alleged relationship or a sexual
transaction he may have had with a porn
star ten years ago before ever running
for office before ever yeah getting in
this realm of politics even if he did
you know that is an issue for him and
Melania to address mm-hmm now if it ends
up being a Bill Clinton like situation
and he's asked about it which I don't
see how it would be it didn't happen
while he was in office and I don't even
think it disqualifies him from being
president is it a little morally
bankrupt yeah I think so I I don't
encourage it supposedly when all this
happened he was had just got married to
Melania and Barron was just born when
this whole storm eating those
allegations supposedly happen but I
don't think that changes anything in
this case and it's also it's like who
who voted for Trump because he was the
pinnacle of sexual virtue right nobody
but also if you have you I don't know if
you've seen the what some paper the
other day put out a piece about
the hush agreement the contract the NDA
and it's Trump's name is not in it it's
so it's like stormy Daniels and whatever
she has like multiple aliases I don't
remember her name is stage name it's
like Stephanie Clifford s'en is her
actual name and it is so it's got that
stormy Daniels and then her and then
another one of her names and then below
it's Daniel it's like Daniel Davidson or
something like that in the it's the what
they're saying is that that is what
Trump was called like they called Trump
Daniel Davidson in the in the contract
like a Carlos danger type yeah like a
Carlos danger tie of a name so we're I
don't know I don't know how can you
prove number one she says that it's not
binding because Daniel Davidson never
signed it sorry the contract like that
would have to be signed by both parties
Sperminator knows follow suit claims
India is invalid because Trump didn't
sign at the dotted line or in this case
they put xxx to be I guess make a pun of
it be funny yeah and I don't know she's
she doesn't seem she doesn't seem very
distraught over any of this I don't
think there were any allegations that
there was anything improper I think
she's just like someone probably paid
her some money to put this in the
spotlight again and and make an issue of
this so any final thoughts on this the
stormy Daniels not really I just think
that it I mean it's pretty you know I'm
not going to shy away from calling a
porn star what they what they are so
yeah exactly
stick with us you're watching the war
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we've got a number of other articles
here to cover what direction would you
like to head drink I don't know I you
know we can talk about this Mueller
thing in a minute you mentioned
something earlier about the VA hurting
dogs and I think it reminded me of this
Daily Caller article because I had
people talking to me about today about
the EPA and how Trump is making the EPA
suddenly unfriendly to the environment
but the EPA doesn't have a great record
of being friendly because a lot of these
people Animas River yeah a lot of the
people who are talking about like how we
should care for the environment they're
also like you know super into caring for
animals but this Daily Caller article
says that the EPA animal testing studies
force rats to inhale diesel exhaust and
smog and they went through 20,000
animals a year the EPA goes through
20,000 animals a year in their testing
processes so there's not a whole lot to
say on that but you know the EPA might
not have the best record in conservation
and caring on the same note of inhaling
diesel fumes and diesel exhaust when
Volkswagen was trying not to get slapped
with with massive lawsuits and recalls
which they ended up having to do on
their diesel vehicles mhm
they went to a third-party firm which by
the way they funded a research firm and
I actually saw this in it and I'm
drawing a blank on the name of it but it
was the series on Netflix
there was just each episode was you know
exposing something basically and this
first one was about the whole Volkswagen
emissions scandal their plan at
Volkswagen was to see humans in a booth
and have them inhale the diesel fumes to
show that it wasn't bad for people so
here's a here's an info which a calm
article from 2012 over the EPA being
sued for experimentation on human
subjects why I mean it's really twisted
stuff that you wouldn't think goes on
the plan that was the EPA
I'm sorry Volkswagen though is what I
was referring to this this is more
recent than 2012 Wow and they're
planning they're like yeah we'll just
have humans breathe in the diesel
exhaust from the vehicles and we'll show
that because they have the defeat device
installed you know that emissions are
not harmful
well they ended up just using monkeys
instead Oh our primates mm-hmm so either
way it's sick
and that just reminded me of it it's
like you do you think these big guy
and organizations are good you think all
these three-letter agencies are so good
the EPA is there to protect you the ATF
is to you know regulate alcohol and
Firearms you think the FBI is to
investigate things do you think the CIA
is for intelligence yeah they all have
sinister things going on and you know
how incompetent government is we were
just talking about how they shut down
one of the largest freeways on the one
of the busiest weeks in Austin Texas to
a single lane and it backs up you know
the traffic for miles here's New York
Times Volkswagen suspence top lobbyist
amid inquiry and a diesel test on
monkeys so they really got caught there
and I mean that costs their company a
lot of money and was a big embarrassment
for them yeah and I guess we could talk
you know because what somebody said to
me today this is just just a quick
little experiment for everybody out
there listening if you want to see how
then the narrative is twisted by the
mainstream media like the Washington
Post for example I you know we were
talking to people about Bernie Sanders
saying do you like him do you think any
better than Trump why and one person
said because he wouldn't be he wouldn't
pass a bill saying that companies can
dump waste into the rivers into the
rivers and lakes of the country and and
he pulled it up on his phony he showed
me a Washington Post article that says
Trump passes bill that companies can
dump toxic waste into rivers so I was
like well that's the Washington Post
I'll have to read into that you know
because I'm not gonna take it at face
value a little more to the story knowing
and I looked it up but he didn't pass a
bill saying that saying that he would do
that but we'll get back I can talk about
a little bit more later basically he
repealed an Obama era regulation that
strangled companies and it just happened
hold so why'd from his dream of killed a
real restriction coal companies from
dumping waste and streams I recall this
was like you couldn't even open a mine
within a hundred miles of a river state
it was extreme insanity
thanks for watching the war room we'll
be right back after this short break
welcome back to the War Room I'm Michael
Zimmerman joined again by Jake Lloyd
we're just talking about how the EPA was
poisoning a number of animals just
making them breathe in diesel exhaust
because people think the government's so
great they want to put the government in
charge of everything the government
never makes mistakes the government
never kills people yeah the government
is the government is the
that's your pinnacle the pinnacle of
friendly virtue morals don't exist
without government we don't have any
morals we have laws that we have to
follow because people would never be
moral without government how could it
however could we know it's it shows how
far this country has come because the
idea I don't know it would the the
country was founded on on Lockean theory
these other things like that people kind
of govern themselves with limited
government as long as they have you know
they can protect themselves and that
their their responsibilities to protect
themselves their own rights life liberty
property etc and now we have people who
don't even know health care's are right
now so it's well everything's right if
you if you yell out enough the whole
idea of Rights and what it is and what
moral behavior is is completely
completely turned upside down when it
ties into with a total decline of
individualism and and personal
responsibility in this country you know
people don't want to make things through
themselves they don't want to think for
they want things to be provided for them
so before we move on this is an article
I came across today there was there's
pretty disturbing this is from EF F the
Electronic Frontier Foundation and it's
the headline this Geek Squad
relationship with the FBI is cozier than
we thought it's basically if you took
your computer into a Best Buy store and
dropped it off at the Geek Squad they
would ship it off to their repair center
in Kentucky and so the e FF filed a FOIA
request Freedom of Information Act last
year to learn more about how the FBI
uses geeks rodham employees to flag
illegal material so they would be
digging through your system and then
reporting you to the FBI if you had
anything illegal on there so yes they
came across and busted some people for
things like child pornography but they
bring up a good point and that the
relationship potentially circumvents
computer owners Fourth Amendment rights
because they're basically you know
inviting the the government into to come
look through your systems and basically
acting as government whistleblowers yeah
that's pretty sketchy it's pretty
sketchy ground to be on as far as the
Fourth Amendment goes I definitely
wouldn't want the government looking
through my you know and I don't have
anything criminally what are you
weird one I think that's the argument a
lot of my people make do that's the
argument a lot of people make is I have
nothing to hide so what should I be
afraid of exactly it's like I just don't
want people looking at my stuff I don't
care it's like I don't even have
anything weird on there it's not even
like it's just not illegal though I have
like the most boring boring computer
possible but it's like I just don't want
people looking at it I just don't want
people especially the FBI digging
through your stuff I'm a company never
they never plant stuff on people no no
that guy's never planted drugs on people
they never charge people with crimes
they weren't guilty of that's never
happened the FBI has never sent Martin
Luther King him a letter saying that he
should kill himself and all of his
private information wouldn't come out
it's fine that that sounds like a
conspiracy Harry man our man takes
hostages we went over that North Korea
asked for direct nuclear talks and Trump
agrees again excellent information
pharma bro martin shkreli sentenced to
seven years behind bars we covered that
earlier sobbing in court and asking the
judge to show him mercy at a fraud trial
when even his own lawyer said he wanted
to punch him in the face he just has
that effect on people
I don't dislike the guy but yeah I think
maybe the punchable face angle yeah I
get that I don't really I don't really
know what the whole I haven't followed
the Martin shkreli thing too much I know
that it sounds kind of it sounds kind of
boy it was very front it was for for
fraud and it involved hedge funds and
when you start coming after important
people's money people with power yeah
that's when you're going to prison this
is another article about just government
intrusion as you remember after the San
Bernardino shooting the FBI was trying
to get into the phones that the shooters
and Apple said well we can't really do
that for you because to compromise the
security of one year would compromise
the security of all users and as much as
I don't really like them as a company I
do have to come in that because at least
they even if it was just pretending they
seemed to take the side of people's
rights over helping the government
without question but there's something
new on the market called gray key and
it's able to unlock the most recent
models of iPhones from a American
startup called gray shift which appears
to be rounded by longtime US
intelligence intelligence agency
contractors in annex Apple security
engineer so they've created a tool
that's fifteen thousand dollars called
grey key which permits three hundred
uses so you can unlock three hundred
phones and get into them that's for an
online mode while an offline version
costs thirty thousand dollars that comes
with unlimited uses so police
departments are supposedly already using
this or could quickly have this in their
arsenal for 15 grand the police could
pull you over plug your phone in and
pull all the content off of it which
also we've seen people's a laptops and
other electronic devices being searched
at borders which is a big concern to me
because even if you have nothing to hide
like we were saying I don't have
anything interesting on my phone of text
with people you know music photos you
know what and what everyone's got on
their phone you know I don't have child
porn or you know like drug websites or
anything like that I not nothing illegal
so why wouldn't I want the government
looking through my phone well what's my
right why do you need to look through my
phone why do you need to dig into my
life it doesn't matter and I don't have
to justify that's right that's the point
right is I don't have to justify it it's
just like guns I don't have to justify
why I can own a gun I can own a gun
because it's in the Second Amendment and
it's my right when I was on when I was
on air for the 34-hour broadcasts the
other day um Matt one of the crew
members told me something he was like he
was talking about an argument that that
they often bring up is do you really
think to your right to own a gun you
know Trump's everybody else's right to
life it's like no they're equal like you
have a right right they're not really
the wardens rights don't have an order
of importance so you just have a right
to all of them you don't have more or
less of a right to one or the other you
have the right to life you have the
right to defend yourself with arms you
have the right to be secure in your
property you have these rights and just
you don't and government doesn't give
you these rights either right their
god-given right we've been tricked into
like bartering for our rights like well
we'll trade this I'll trade you some of
my Fourth Amendment rights so I don't
have all of it if you just let me keep
my guns it's like we don't need to
barter we have all of them are inherit
within your being and the government
doesn't give them to you
exactly also while we're still on the
subject of tech news
SpaceX wants to bring the World Wide Web
to the whole wide world using a network
of thousands of satellites there they're
still prototyping this but they will
have ground stations that communicate to
this and we have already Internet
infrastructure basically every continent
and country is connected together
through undersea fiber-optic cables the
whole backbone of the u.s. is very well
connected city to city with fiber optic
cables you know very high-speed well
their idea is they've got the ability to
launch satellites let's make a global
satellite network so in the most remote
areas because satellite communications
are currently incredibly expensive
mm-hmm which you know just getting our
programming on on satellite is very
expensive to do but we're going to reach
a whole new audience we've got a lot of
TV stations wanting to come on board but
satellite internet has always been
something that's crazy expensive that's
why if you've ever been on the cruise or
something out in the middle of nowhere
well Wi-Fi on a cruise is incredibly
expensive it's like 30 40 dollars a day
and that's just very like a small time
slot because there's costs associated in
it but SpaceX always getting themselves
in there's there that's I think what
this company is is best at is generating
great news stories you know they could
have launched a big brick of concrete as
a math simulator when they did their
their most recent launch but they didn't
they launched a car into space
you know blasted it into deep space
because that got the entire country
talking about them for four weeks yeah
so here they are demoing satellites for
its high-speed Internet project if if
SpaceX you know if Elon Musk can do this
and you know it sounds good to me I
don't I don't know too much about other
stuff it sounds good yeah the guy is
he's making things happen as far as the
the boring company company and
everything if they can get this is it
gives it called Hyperloop is that what
it's going to be called if they can get
Hyperloop to work if they can start
putting people in space then he really
wants to he's a very intelligent guy and
he wants to have these entire paradigm
shifts in industries mm-hmm
you know that the cost that it takes
SpaceX to launch something into low
Earth orbit first would
I was spending with the shuttle program
yeah it's night and day you know
individuals you know their their
businesses often do things better than
government does which oh yeah you've
seen government spies on you government
you know does some good things but also
so manufacturing jobs up 31,000 in
February two hundred and sixty three
thousand since Trump took office
Trump is to thank for that but also
American industries to thank for that
the American business owners who are
hiring people who have faith in this
country you know and in want things to
grow yeah it ultimately comes down to
the backbone of the American worker
because Trump can have all that Trump
can create all this confidence in
business he can do all these things to
promote industry coming back to the
United States but if it's not for the
American spirit and those those of us
Americans working in these industries
able to prop it up we wouldn't have any
of it so looks like we're about to close
up the second hour right here my name is
Jake Lloyd I'll be leaving but Michael
Zimmerman will continue host by Mellie
Weaver welcome back to the third hour of
the war room I'm Michael Zimmerman
joined by Mellie Weaver awesome well
it's great to be back in studio Michael
now we've missed having a having you and
Gavin around what have y'all been up to
we've seen all your incredible special
reports from the road a lot of them very
interesting one of my favorites is the
gay frog compilation because it seems
like no matter where in this country you
go we can't avoid going out on the
street and people ask about the gay
frogs oh yeah definitely it's one of the
go two's for liberals so when you ask
them a real question or something that
could get them thinking or even if they
just happen to spot the Infowars moniker
they're immediately going to refer to
the gay frogs Alex Jones says gay frogs
and they'll get really good or that's
turning the frogs gay the government's
turning the frogs gay you know they have
no idea what they've been talking about
and so yeah I mean we traveled around
went up to Denver a bunch we actually
followed a march on Dhaka which was
interesting it was the March for a DREAM
Act in Colorado Springs where you had a
bunch of daca kids out there demanding
that they were going to
get this dream act without having to
have the Democrats compromised at all
whatsoever with the Republicans and so
many people commented saying that you
know these people came off very spoiled
saying he's like this is the clean bill
that they were talking about right they
wouldn't like a clean DREAM Act they
didn't have anything else added in there
because Trump won is something like
provisions for the wall or something
like Trump that had basically said I
want provisions for the wall a budget
for internal security because we know
that a lot of illegal immigration is
here because of visa overstays so we
have to have those measures we have to
have the wall to prevent more people
from coming in so that we don't have
this situation that we have now where we
have people who are raised in America
but they weren't necessarily born in
America but they don't want to make any
of those Corrections or changes they say
quote we are on the right side of
history so we shouldn't have to
compromise and thus no DREAM Act has
come to fruition it definitely seems
seem spoiled and we haven't really heard
much about the DREAM Act recently that's
not been the subject of the news this
past week or two do you think the media
has forgot about it well you know it
didn't get as much play as it would've
because of the fact that recently a
California judge and a New York judge
decided that they were going to put a
halt on president Trump's deadline for
daca which we know that Trump gave a
six-month time period for Democrats and
Republicans to come together to create a
DREAM Act well that deadline was March
5th March Fitz so just a couple days ago
that deadline came up we would have
started to see daca dreamers not have
their permits renewed well these judges
halted Trump's executive order and the
Trump administration has until June to
try to appeal that so as of now lower
court judges are acting on those higher
judges rulings and renewing the visa
stays for the work permits for daca kids
so the reason why this deadline didn't
have as much oomph is because the
Democrats essentially defamed it by use
of the courts by use of their judges
that's what they like to do we
this many to the ninth circuit judges
yeah they're constantly using that to to
overturn things a Trump's travel ban
which was not a Muslim ban they tried to
call that a Muslim ban and they had
these these various courts overturn it
because it was you know it's apparently
racist to say we don't want to have
people come into the country from other
countries where they don't even have
passports they have no systems of
record-keeping that's apparently racist
to want to have a safe country do not
want to have to walk down the street
worried that somebody's gonna run you
down in a bus or a truck or that you're
gonna have another bomb go off as we've
seen in many instance york city that's
right all over europe right so we've
seen that happening over and over again
so what would you like to talk about for
the for the next hour here on the war
room well right when we come back we
should touch on the fact that currently
right now in california they do have an
active shooter situation right in
california at a veteran's home so we're
gonna be giving you guys details on that
on the other side of this break stick
with us you're watching the wardroom
michael zimmerman joined by a millie
thanks for watching welcome back to the
war room i'm michael zimmerman joined by
millie weaver as we talked to you
earlier or told you earlier there's an
armed man who took hostages at a
veteran's home in california
Meli you've got some more information on
that that you wanted to share yes
so michael right now this is a napa
valley it's in Yountville California and
currently this Veterans Home houses
about a thousand retired veterans which
the police are saying that they have
removed all of the residents they have
evacuated the Veterans Home currently
right now there are three hostages who
are being held hostage and as of yet the
police have had a press conference and
they have said that they are not aware
of any injuries in this matter however
the fact that this shooter or person has
three people hostage you still have a
big standoff between the FBI SWAT and
family members of those people as well
as the residents who have all been
evacuated from this facility we haven't
heard too much on who
this person is they've given a brief
description saying the guy was about
five-six and height and that he did
exchanged gunfire with the police but
that's all we really know so far very
interesting interesting case to me like
I can kind of see you know someone at at
these schools snapping and these school
shootings whether someone who's a loner
bullied but going to this veteran's um
veteran's home out in the countryside it
looks like I mean its Napa Valley we
were just showing some some shots of it
in an article and it looks like this
beautiful place kind of out out in the
country to go and then take people
hostage it doesn't really fit the
profile with a lot of the mass shootings
that we've seen before you know someone
walks in and just opens fire on a on a
room full of people and instead taking
hostages they did say in this article
unloading up to thirty shots in the
housing complex so that's interesting
and I'm sure we'll have a lot on
Monday's show because more details will
emerge about about this event yes more
details will definitely come out but
notice how the liberal media a lot of
the liberal media has been jumping on
this so far saying it's another active
shooter situation which of course I
repeated thus their headlines when I
first told you guys about this however
it's very different from the typical
shooter situations or active shooter
situations that we've seen before
obviously this person holding people
hostage they're not trying necessarily
to go on a rampage and kill as many
people as possible which we typically
see with these shooter situations
however this person is holding people
hostage so it makes me kind of wonder
Michael do you think that this has to do
with mental illness do you think that
somebody might have snapped within the
facility because I know that you know a
lot of the veterans are you know they
have PTSD and I'm sure the media is
going to jump right all on them to
attack them to attack their second of
we know that the Liberals love the idea
of disarming our veterans and so they
would want to use the example of one or
two veterans who might have mental
health problems to try to disarm the
entire veteran populace which we all
know is ridiculous and it's a
exactly the same way I'm trying to
disarm us the civilian population and
the veterans are pretty large segment of
the US population too there are a lot of
veterans out there and you've done
reports in California before about just
the notoriously poor treatment of
veterans especially in California when
we were in LA last year covering the
rampant pedophilia going on in in
Hollywood you and Gavin pointed out this
area that you were saying they took away
from the veterans that's right we
actually did a huge documentary on the
Los Angeles Veterans Home which had a
large piece of property deeded to them
and this property was essentially
usurped by the Democrat politicians in
power and essentially barely any
veterans were actually being housed on
it in fact many of the buildings were
being rented out for a dollar a year for
four big studios and a lot of the
buildings were left to be dilapidated
they had lots that you know that the
neighboring Beverly Hills school could
could have for their baseball fields
they had I mean they've just completely
exploited this property and the amount
of veterans that were homeless on the
streets literally sleeping outside the
gates because they literally built gates
around the Veterans Home in Los Angeles
to keep the veterans that are homeless
from sleeping in the Veterans Park on
that land I mean it used to be this is
how the veteran's home was utilized in
California before you got a bunch of
Democrats remember California was
Republican the way it was utilized was
you actually had many of the buildings
being being their housing veterans you
had gardens where veterans grow food for
each other I mean it was a full-on
thriving community okay this Veterans
Home Democrats get in boom they put big
gates to lock the veterans out they're
all homeless on the streets they already
have a homeless crisis in California
we've seen that I mean I mean you and we
have course there's there's poop maps I
went on two weeks ago actually this week
because I in the past have tried to get
out of town for South by Southwest
because of just how much a nightmare
this this city turns into during this
last year went to Colorado for a week
the week before a year before I went to
California for a week and is staying in
the Bay Area and there are now human
feces maps because people will just pull
their pull their pants down and poop in
the streets this is what you get when
you have sanctuary cities this is what
you get when you elect liberals what
happens well we've seen it a million
times guys the Democrats they leave the
city after it's gone to rot that's like
the end of the cycle what happens the
Democrats are now coming to Austin
because Austin has a booming thriving
economy for businesses why because of
policies that Republicans put into place
there so then they're gonna bring all
their Democrats there get their
democrats into office change the rules
it becomes an an shi t l-- and where
you're seeing these poop maps like in
california and even in denver i mean
it's getting out of here
right now there was another video tit
did you and gavin shot while you were
out of town about the poop on the
streets in denver and you put fake poop
there and it's like don't step in that
because it it would not be surprising to
actually step in poop in some of these
city streets here's an article from the
Orange County Register thousands of
pounds of human waste and close to
fourteen thousand hypodermic needles
cleaned out from Santa Ana River
homeless encampments this has become
such a problem in LA and the surrounding
areas that like you said the veterans
are part of it but there's this much
bigger issue with homelessness and it's
because of the policies put in place by
these local governments and by the state
governments 14,000 hypodermic needles
well California as you know has this
this program where they'll give people
free clean needles well I wish the
people who are choosing to ruin their
lives by shooting up heroin would at
least dispose of their their needles
somewhere instead of just throwing them
on the streets not to mention when
there's a hepatitis outbreak right first
they're gonna ruin their own lives and
then they're gonna ruin other people's
I mean issues it comes down I think to
just the decline of society well I
really feel like if we want to wake up a
lot of liberals and Democrats out there
we really just need to point the finger
the camera at the destruction and the
dilapidation that's going on inside
their own democratic cities just like in
Denver I mean Denver has started to
become a blue state because you've had a
lot of liberals all moving there for the
legalization of marijuana which she know
has its pros and cons but sure enough
you get these Democrat mayors in that
then decide that they're gonna lessen
the Pelin penalty for public urination
and defecation to make life easier
for the homeless and immigrant
populations that are living on the
streets in Denver because why because
Denver declared itself a sanctuary city
and the fact that Denver doesn't even
offer public restrooms really in their
parks they don't everyone said there is
a public restroom shortage here and they
haven't even put one in place so we have
to ask ourselves why is it that the
Democrats solution is lower the penalty
for public urination defecation which is
a health and safety hazard their
solution is no instead let's not put in
a public restroom let's not do the
common sense of not creating it into a
big sanctuary city let's invite all the
homes encouraging idle immigrants on the
street and then tell them that they
won't even be punished for pooping and
pink well these are the same kind of
areas here's a quick last one in this
segment Barry a coffee shop won't serve
police for the safety of customers we
need the support of actual community to
keep this place safe not the police so
that's the same kind of s holes or add
atom shift holes and it literally is a
shift hole in this case I did I mean
it's just making this country fall apart
so stick with us we'll be right back
with the war room welcome back I am
Millie Weaver riding shotgun with
Michael Zimmerman and we're going to be
talking about liberalism and how it is a
mental disorder that's right and here's
the latest guys
we have Washington Post the Atlantic and
other liberal media sites claiming that
now the term globalist is actually an
anti-semitic slur
why because Trump jokingly called Gary
Cohen a globalist when mentioning how he
actually liked Gary despite the fact
that he's a globalist we'll see of
course the leftist then say oh well
globalist is an anti-semitic slur which
we all know that's completely not true
that's absurd we've always referred to
Hillary Clinton as a globalist who
Obama's a globalist - George started too
many people out there only one of those
you listed is actually actually Jewish
but he also helped round people up for
the Nazis and called it the best times
of his life so George Soros whatever his
credibility is there no it is ridiculous
and and when we're talking about
globalism we're talking about global
government we're talking about wanting
you know open borders we're talking
about you know basically wanting a
one-world government globalists are
people who okay globalism
is a group of ideal ideologies that
advocate the concept of globalization
it's a group of ideologies that advocate
the concept of globalization oh gee that
couldn't be what Alex Jones and all of
us are talking about when we talk about
the globalist you mean these these big
elitist that want to come together that
want to create this new world order who
are from you know all members of sex and
nationality and race religious scene
religious backgrounds etc however this
is an interesting one Wikipedia actually
created a new page just in February
called new anti-semitism now this is
interesting new anti-semitism what is
that well liberals are always creating
new terms well they say that right-wing
groups refer to Jewish people as
globalists as a way of demeaning them or
as a slur
they say that that essentially this is
racism so now all of these old videos of
Alex and us talking about the globalists
the undiscerning liberal who reads
Washington Post is going to think and
look at the
say wow look at them they're
anti-semites right well and we actually
had a conversation about this when you
and Gavin got back today because you
guys were out of town when the whole
fake news EEOC claim dropped and in
there is his claim that I was
anti-semitic but as you know you know
we've traveled to travel to California
you guys know I have always talked about
you know I'm actually a big supporter of
Israel to the point of getting called a
Zionist shill I'm sure I'll get called a
Zionist shill in the comments of this
video because I support Israel know if
I'm talking about globalization it's not
anti-semitism or whatever other
trumped-up thing people can come up with
it's it's really like arguments is you
make people you you shift the window so
so that everything is hate speech
everything is offensive to the point
where it's like people don't take you
seriously you cried wolf like too many
times here the Liberals are they are
redefining words and terms and creating
new turns so that essentially you have
leftists speaking one language and then
other people who are normal members of
society speaking a completely normal
language which we all know but then the
left to see they now interpret things as
racist when the person has no intention
of it having anything to do with race
and the term originally had nothing to
do with race now listen to this from the
Washington Post this is their quote
quote honest globalist is frequently
deployed in far-right and conspiracy
theory minded circles on the Internet as
a Jewish slur that's from Washington
Post guy this is this is what they're
putting in leftist minds the Atlantic
says it's an epithet that is
disproportionately directed at a
particular minority group just as thug
is used to stereotype african-americans
globalist is used to stereotype Jewish
people give me a break
when we've always talked about yes this
is a minority group that we talk about
when we say globalist however wrong
group we're talking about the the
the tiny little percentage of elitist
out there
the Obama's the Hillary Clinton's
the the sellouts that want to create
this new world order George Bush the
bushes okay those are the globalists has
nothing to do with somebody's national
origin race religion etc and all those
people who want to say Oh Trump is
anti-semitic because he said oh yeah
Gary Cohen is a globalist when he's just
calling a spade a spade
that is ridiculous Jewish daughter and
grandchildren okay they want to point
that same that same rhetoric those same
lies at Infowars and all of those who
work it in four wars there's no point of
trying to defend against it because we
know that the Liberals will just keep on
continuing to try to use oh you're a
oh you're a bigot oh you're you're
homophobic you're transphobic this is
their only argument that's all they have
Michael that's why they use it it isn't
like a saying I think I think you can
wear out these arguments I think these
these things can be said too many times
where people well hopefully the title
changing people will stop taking this
someone should open up you know the New
York Times or whatever and read
globalist is anti-semitic and then do a
little research for themselves and go no
they lied to me that was fake news there
was another fake news lie that they
loved trumping these things up and and
throwing them at people actually guys do
we have the clip of Gary Cohen being
called a globalist by Donald Trump we'll
take a quick look at that you see for
yourself if you think this is has
anti-semitism in it this is Gary Kahn's
last meeting in the cabinet and of the
cabinet and he's been terrific he may be
at globalist but I still like him he
compares and contrasts globalist to
nationalists you say globalist opposite
of nationalism is nationalist now used
as a term for for non Jewish people
because if you're comparing and
contrasting things these people don't
even get how language works and the
sentence Trump just said the the
opposite to globalist was nationalist
that's right if they're if they're
replacing words now and replacing
globalist with Jewish person
nationalists would be non Jewish person
would that fit the sentence the
temperature said of course not
but see Michael you're just using basic
commonsense that's something that Louis
liberals do not use and in fact I
believe that a lot of these leftist
outlets are obviously I mean it's so
obvious they must be just putting this
this faulty line of thinking the
fallacies of logic out there because
they want their supporters to not be
able to actually use logic themselves
because then they could actually see
through the lies well that's what they
teach in the Universities they don't
encourage individual thought or
individual ideas in the Universities
they're teaching people to go with the
group collective they want them to not
think for themselves they want them to
you know just believe yes this this is
racist conservatives are bad you know
they have this set of beliefs you have
to believe there's 50 60 different
genders and if you don't believe that
you're an outsider in the first hour we
were talking about how they're kicking
conservatives off of dating apps now
they want you to be alone they want you
to feel like your ideas don't have a
place and I think they've cried wolf too
many times and people the tides gonna
start to turn on this because the fake
news just can't end you can't continue
we'll be right back on the other side
with the war room welcome back to this
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so in our in our final segment of the
wardroom that's coming up we've had
callers call in yesterday Owen and Rob
do both asked and the war room show and
the Alex Jones Show for people who work
in the steel industry to call into the
show and to
say you know what their experience is
these are the people who know it best
not bureaucrats in Washington so they
reached out to people who are in the
steel industry and said you know or
aluminum call in and let us know you
know what it's like do you think you're
gonna be going back to work do you think
you're gonna be unemployed full-time
again so we're gonna be running that in
our in our final segment but I just
wanted to get through a couple more news
articles that will we'll get through in
the five minutes or so that we have
remaining in this well Michael I will
touch on this what I've seen following
this these tariffs for steel and
aluminum and Trump talking of them I've
noticed that many of my liberal family
members and people that I know all seem
to be actually approving of this I've
seen a high rate of approval for this
move that Trump's making across the
board between Republicans and liberals
some of the first times I've actually
seen some very adamant anti Trump people
that I've known my whole life all the
sudden switch and say hey I actually
like this I actually think this is going
to help America so that has been pretty
shocking here and I've also seen a lot
of approval surrounding his ability to
get kim jeong-hoon to want to come to
the table to talk which that's that's
incredible that's a point I made earlier
in the show is that in the entire eight
years of the Obama administration I
don't think we saw very many
improvements when it came to us and
North Korea relations it was tense the
entire time the first year of Trump's
presidency things were pretty tense we
saw all these tests missile launches
they were announcing we now have
missiles that can hit the United States
I mean there's some concerning stuff
that came out from North Korea but now
we see Trump remains strong you know and
his stance on North Korea it's been
about 20 years between the time period
of a u.s. president and a North Korean
dictator president whatever you want to
call it coming to the table to actually
talk and sit down and have discussions
so it has been a long time a lot of
times before that US presidents like
Obama and the Bush's they didn't want to
validate the North Korean rulers
presence by meeting with them but I
think Trump actually making this move to
try to get kim jeong-hoon
the table is a really really good deal
but you know talking more on the liberal
mental disorder that we were really kind
of talking about and how now we're
seeing more liberals kind of waking up
that hey maybe Trump is actually helping
things here's a little thing that you
can ask your family and friends about
and really try to wake up and red pill
your liberal friends that is basically
hey why is it that you have left is
pushing for gun control while at the
same time believing and claiming that
Trump is the next literal Hitler so if
you think if you actually can hold those
two thoughts
hey you're you're in your liberal
mindset and say hey I think that we
should disarm everyone and the public
turn them all and give up all of our
guns well hey isn't that what happened
before Hitler really you know did the
Holocaust you know the German people
they were disarmed so if you really
believed hit Trump was Hitler why would
you then advocate for gun control
another really good a contradiction that
liberals hold in their minds if they all
hate the police they don't trust the
police they say that the cops are pigs
they say that they don't trust them that
they target African Americans we've seen
that strongly with the black lives
matter movement so if they don't trust
the police they don't trust their
once again you're gonna want to disarm
the American people in the public and
only have the police having firearms so
liberals can hold these these
conflicting ideas in their head and push
for these policies and not even have
those to cross and say hey what
believing this so we actually have some
some breaking news here so the NRA
files and that's that's a very good
point Mellie you know these people are
totalitarians that's why they want this
so the NRA follows federal lawsuit over
Florida legislation that raises minimum
age to buy guns of course this will be
through the NRA ila Institute for
legislative action it's a it's another
division of the National Rifle
Association which focuses mainly on
engagement also
the NRA one of their biggest programs is
gun safety but it's good to see them
filing a lawsuit Florida just like
people are suing Walmart and dicks over
not selling guns to people under 21 if
you are 18 years of age you are legally
allowed to own a rifle in this country
and we can have the discussion of you
what can we better to to have some
warning signs about people with mental
health issues so you can be drafted and
have to go off to war and die unless
you're 21 no that's not going to hold
that dog don't hunt okay
and so they have every right to file
suit what part of shall not be infringed
do you liberals not get what part of it
it's a constant it's our Constitution it
is what limits our government it's not
necessarily our right it is the
restrictions on our government our
government does not have the right to
tell us you cannot have a firearm until
you're 21
it doesn't government didn't give you
those rights in the first place those
are those are god-given rights to life
liberty pursuit of happiness and you
know protecting yourself self-defense is
is your right now because government
gave it to you government doesn't give
things it takes things away you had
those rights because their innate rights
so on the other side of the this break
we're going to be playing ten minutes or
so in the final segment of these Steel
Workers people who are finally getting
back to work we've seen all these jobs
you know come back into this country
manufacturing jobs really great times
ahead for this country economically
thanks for joining us on the War Room
Michael Zimmerman joined by Mellie
we'll be back Monday morning with David
Knight at 8:00 a.m. and then Alex Jones
will be back on Monday also thank you
for watching in force.com Forge slash
show we will be calling back 500
employees this feels like the beginning
of a renaissance for us we're finally
doing the right thing for American
workers after decades decades of
unfairly treated steel in to the United
States so we're really happy and
delighted to share with everybody that
we're getting back on track after so
many years are you a steel worker are
you a steel worker in Ohio are you a
steel worker in Pennsylvania
have you worked in the steel plants
before have you seen the steel plants
get shut down now are you seeing them
come back so I want to hear specifically
from people in steel country from people
that manufacture steel and aluminum what
do you think about this are you seeing
the rejuvenation of American
manufacturing are you seeing the steel
industry coming back Scott calling in
from Indiana works at US Steel we heard
from the CEO of us deal crediting Trump
with delivering Scott what do you think
about President Trump and the tariffs
bringing steel manufacturing back to
America how you doing I appreciate what
you guys are doing you know you guys are
standing up for everybody and you're the
tip of the spear thank you guys the
whole crew for what you do yeah it I
think it's gonna be a good thing I think
it's been long overdue you know things
have been shutting down our sister plant
in Granite there you know Illinois I've
known people from that plant and it it
basically shut down that whole community
when that plant went down I can tell you
I'm from st. Louis Granite city's just
on the other side of the river
remember the crew here lived on the ill
side and we were actually talking about
that one of the breaks there used to be
all types of manufacturing lining the
Mississippi River in st. Louis in
Granite City in Belleville and it just
got all shut down and just disappeared
and you go down the Mississippi River
whether you're on the ill side of the
most side and there's just empty
manufacturing plants everywhere it's
terrible people don't understand the
Association of big steel in any
community were a mill is located you've
got people that sell fasteners you get
people that sell office supplies you've
got restaurants diners that that line
that area supermarkets it's all tied
together the steel mill supports so many
other businesses in any community
they're in and when that steel mill is
gone it has a huge impact on any area
economy any small businesses it's
terrible it's very terrible to see that
happen you don't have to listen to Scott
to know that he's telling the truth
all you have to do is go to the local
the biggest city by you go to the inner
city by you whether it's st. Louis or
Chicago or Baltimore you have massive
manufacturing plants shut down empty
warehouses empty buildings and then
that's what's guys talking about that
brings the poverty that brings the the
lack of job opportunity that brings the
lack of growth and then the homelessness
and then the rest of the degradation
that comes with it
well what happened us up here in the
Northwest Indiana we're kind of the
flagship of the US Steel Corporation so
when they started shutting down you know
it's like you start shutting down things
to keep the main body alive
we've been running pretty strong up here
in Northwest Indiana
we really haven't missed a beat but
again they were shutting down Granite
City they shut down our tubular plants
in a Lorain Ohio at Fairfield Alabama
they shut down a blast furnace in
Fairfield Alabama that one doesn't get
depressed Fairfield is all but gone you
had Texas the Lone Star tubular US still
owns that and since the gas prices are
doing what they're doing the tubular
business is in the toilet
so there's been a lot of other exterior
facilities that have been shut down but
we've been running pretty strong here in
Northwest Indiana but they're gonna
expect us to run even harder not know
when we hear in Northwest Indiana one
time our plant just this plant employed
27,000 people we are down to 4,000
people now do you expect that number to
go back up now yes they they're in the
process of hiring as we speak Wow so so
more jobs more job opportunities more
work and it looks like this is trump
delivering on bringing manufacturing
specifically in the steel industry back
to america thank you so much for the
call Scott we now go out to Ohio where
Matt calls in he also works at a steel
mill go ahead Matt I also want to hit a
quick plug I take DNA force I thank you
guys for that it's a great brought up
works very highly an I actually did work
in the OL industry and still country my
dad spent 16 years that over met
aluminium playin
I was the doormat with him and then went
to Wheeling Pittsburgh steel and a job
that I thought I'd have for life the
tariffs actually shut them down and now
since Trump's been in that mill has
opened back up they might do more hiring
they're open to open the whole thing up
now that the tariffs actually started to
go away they're actually hoping to
expand and a couple other industries up
the Ohio River starting to open up so it
sounds to me that the heads of these
industries were shutting down and kind
of rationing back because they didn't
have that confidence in the future
market they didn't think that that that
business opportunity would be there in
the future
now they have that confidence they see
signs of it returning so they're
reopening and they're actually getting
the jobs back yes the same way with
after the steel industry I went
underground in a coal mine and hope to
retire there but Obama of course shut
that down with the no but the war on
coal policy but now that that's out the
coal industry now around here because we
border West Virginia we're right across
the river the coal country and spill
country in the same place and they're
both now just getting just booming
because it shut the economy down it's
just the towns down the I lived in and
grew up in it's a completely different
place do you expect this trend of more
steel jobs more steel manufacturing to
continue here in America yes I do I
think it's gonna prosper great now I'm
thankful for Trump for that let's go to
mark who is from the steel industry out
in Atlanta go ahead mark I just wanted
to make the point that a domestically
produced bill is a spirit or any country
and it was the still industry here in
America that actually won World War two
and I think it's a possibility Trump may
be preparing this country for maybe a
war with China you know what this is
this is actually an excellent caller
right here now I had actually recalling
too not only did u.s. steel manufacture
during the war for the American army but
also for the Nazis I think for the
Italians and I think for like almost
when involved in the war US Steel was
using being used to manufacture their
weapon so yeah that's an interesting
bringing the steel back to America to
give more leverage to the United States
if the the terrible situation of a war
broke out right good point
anything else mark Japan was building
aircraft out of wood because of their
lack of all you know that resources to
make steel and it was you know then the
fact that Japan was an island and had
they had already had to import all their
raw materials for the spill and for
their stereo still industry but as we
cut those materials off that was one of
the things that helped us win world war
two so my point is domestic steel
production is an essential you know item
that you're looking at a war with you
know even a minor war if your enemy
wanted to cripple you and handicap you
in the time of war what they would do
they would shut down the steel
manufacturing right you know now let's
go to rob in Indiana he's been working
in the steel industry for almost three
decades go ahead Rob what I'm gonna get
at here is the media is not talking
about the fact that we've been assaulted
with what's called dumped steel the last
30 to 40 years and what that means is
that producers other countries they're
actually making the steel they're
selling it below the cost of what it
costs them to make the product and then
they are being reimbursed by their
country for the difference so they don't
lose anything but what they do is they
undercut our market so that's kind of
like China manipulating their currency
it's called the illegal dump field
they've been doing it we've been
fighting it forever and it's finally
amazing to see a Republican president
stand up and do something and actually
did what does what he says he's gonna do
we everyone else's all's been talk talk
and all the unions and all these bill
industries we all support them but they
never follow through and it's so
refreshing to have Trump actually do
what he's gonna say today what he's
gonna do and just do it it says here
you've been working in the steel
industry for almost three decades I mean
these are some of the toughest workers
in the Union here I mean what what have
you seen in the steel industry just
since Trump has been elected what I've
seen is just a huge push we're actually
almost running yeah we are we're two
years ago two years ago it was like you
could hardly even get work and we're
hiring now we've no we haven't we've had
a dry spell with hiring the last three
four years now we're hire we can't get
enough people so it's uh it's nice it's
good for our economy and these are
good-paying jobs but what people fail to
realize is everything out here tries to
kill us
and when you work in the steel industry
everything is trying to get you even the
air you breathe is toxic so I mean it's
not a fun place to work by handing me
but it's what we do and it's the back
part of the country I mean exactly
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