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there been three explosions now in the
last three weeks now there was an
explosion three weeks of a suspicious
package it arrived at a doorstep of a
private revit of residence and basically
after an investigation was launched they
discovered that it was left there had to
be by hand someone just left it there
because the postal service and other
delivery services had no record of a
package delivery
so then earlier today another package
exploded inside a woman's home killing a
teenager and in injuring the elderly
woman and so as they're investigating
the details of that another explosion a
third in three weeks in the second today
from again a suspicious package that was
hand-delivered and they don't know by
who they don't know how it got there so
again Owens Royer for info wars.com I'm
approaching the scene I'm on Fargas Road
right now I'm basically having to hoof
it because the police have vargas and
Riverside blocked off from any traffic
Santos and Vargas you from around here
what what happened here I have no idea
you just saw the activity decided to
come down here yes well apparently there
was a third explosion of a package here
it was a second well so it was a second
today but there was another one three
weeks ago so they've been to today and
then there was one three weeks ago yeah
the FBI was already looking into the one
earlier I believe they were looking into
the first one too but they were all okay
did you hear anything
oh really it was loud oh yeah Wow you
don't mind I'm filming you live right
now do you okay Wow so you're saying you
were just working around across the
street and you heard it it was that loud
actually if I want to tape it that way
I hear ya let's hear the explosion no
nobody heard it the neighbors heard it
is that it looks like the FBI are
talking to the neighbors right now so
the FBI is here now talking to the
neighbors there's a lot of FBI on the
scene here I would say at least 10 FBI
agents I think that I've seen excuse me
guys can you tell me which house it was
we're not sure
oh you guys aren't even sure yet okay
all right see you hey do you guys did
you guys hear anything today the
explosion did you guys hear it
oh no kidding were you guys were you
guys in there when it happened how loud
was it really do you know which houses
you know which way it came from or which
house it was down the street do you
think it was you think it was that way
yeah you know for sure yeah all right
that's what's going on so I'm actually
approaching what I believe to be the
site of the explosion I'm on Fargas Road
just went north of Cruz on Vargas Oh
guys hey did you guys hear the explosion
you got you guys live around here
like from do you know which house it was
Oh where the explosion is like farther
down here what did it sound like to you
like would you say it sounded like a
firework or like louder than that a lot
louder could you feel it no okay do you
know do you know if anyone's been hurt
or anything like that I have no idea you
guys okay everybody in the area they
just got them out of their houses okay
corner of Galindo and Vargas and this is
the street they have shut down so
Galindo Street is the one that's shut
down here
yes sir all right I'm just filming here
over there okay no problem
all right so I'll just don't write over
here what's wrong right here you can go
over there okay I'm not being rude all
right all right all right all right hi
there sir
all right right here
I'm on private property now I think I
think you're taking this a little far if
you want me to just walk away I'll walk
yeah I'm looking around down here
reporting no I'm not sir worry about
okay all right yes he like chatting with
me did you did you hear the explosion
yeah I walked out and I immediately ran
down here because my neighbor she's very
elderly and I want to check on her no I
need that there was none of her family
members at the house so I immediately
ran to her house as well as my neighbors
to make sure that everybody was okay and
then that by that point everybody called
the fire department and the ambulance
everything started arriving I knew was
simple series down there do you know if
anyone was injured or not I do know you
just got here to see if these guys hear
anything hey are you guys from around
did you guys did you guys hear the
explosion what it what did it sound like
to you really you got like you felt it
all right now are you guys on Galindo
Street so you guys have been evacuated
correct Wow okay
have they have they said anything about
injuries or anything like that to you
guys so she's been removed from the
scene did she have any family that was
in the house either her mom and her
daughter okay okay
Wow but you guys have you guys are all
okay nothing came into your houses or
anything like that have they given you a
time that you guys may be able wha okay
they're gonna check each house one by
one they said really and you guys you
guys felt it though Wow
so so what do you think I mean did you
guys know this is apparently the third
suspicious package that's exploded in
Austin isn't that wild
yeah I mean it really makes you not want
to open a package you know and that's
sad that we would leave I know right
yeah seriously I bet you're praised
shaking up right now yeah yeah so but it
was definitely like a bomb or something
I think in that package yes she said she
heard it she was all the way down there
and she came out to make sure everyone
was okay yeah Wow so as soon as you
heard it you knew like something had
happened and what and did you guys
immediately come out of your houses was
everyone coming out of their houses Oh
like they're working on a car so you
came out to check on it
screaming and shouting oh my gosh so
were the mother and child able to make
it out to so the so the lady in the
wheelchair was able to make it out yeah
okay and the child - no no was there so
it was just two ladies in the house at
the time yeah okay so the daughter's the
one that opened it but the mom made it
out okay Wow
as you can see a fine fellow here making
sure that these people are taking care
of bringing them water this is what
happens in Texas you take care of your
neighbors Texas is famous for this so
you do now have some local journalists
and local media starting to show up at
the scene conduct interviews etc I do
believe though that Infowars
was the first on the scene here and got
you this exclusive footage alright so
again folks we are in East Austin Texas
Owens Royer here for info wars.com I was
just sitting at my desk getting ready
for the war room doing my news
aggregation when it popped up with a
siren red linked on Drudge second
explosion in Austin and then you do a
little more research you find out it's
actually the third explosion in three
weeks so three weeks ago suspicious
package explosion and then earlier this
morning there was one that killed a
young boy his mother was able to make it
out okay but the young boy that opened
it that was a fatal injury and then this
one the second today the woman that
opened it were not sure the extent of
her injuries but she was obviously
rushed out of here and then the
grandmother that lives with her her
mother who was in a wheelchair at the
time she was able to get out okay so
originally Galindo street was blocked
off then they extended the crime scene
investigation to the intersection of
Galindo and Vargas now it looks like
almost all of vargas has been shut down
in East Austin so they haven't pushed
back here now north of Porter Street
and I'm not really sure what's gonna
happen here because you've got more
people coming in coming out ATF on the
scene FBI on the scene obviously local
law enforcement Fire Department EMS so
you've pretty much got everything going
on as their their investigation grounds
are expanding and we talk to multiple
people in the area people pretty far
away four or five blocks away heard the
explosion the neighbors in on the actual
Street all of them obviously heard it
they said it shook their homes they came
out and just to see what was going on
and that's pretty much where we are now
so how you guys doing are you guys from
around here
did you happen to hear the explosion at
all you just heard something but you
didn't were sure what it was like a drug
raid or something common thing around
here but it looks a little different now
right are you guys scared at all that
this happen in your neighborhood do you
think it has something to do with your
neighborhood or that's just some weird
deal scary but you know like why does it
come over here you know shit in Westlake
I mean it wouldn't even fire boy I feel
like they're just coming to low-income
neighborhoods where it's you know it's
kind of casual for a person to be
walking around with the hood or looking
suspicious like you fit right in so so
you think whoever did this tried to
exploit this area and get away with it
because he could just wear a hood or
something or there's drug raids and he
could get away with it yeah that's a
common thing like I said if you go to
Wesley you go to North Austin you know
the people the residents there are gonna
be get suspicious today I want to call
the cops right here you're just gonna
fit in so casually like no one's gonna
suspect you know suspect a thing or
anything like that so do you think they
were I mean what would a motive like
this be though what I mean I can't even
figure a motive for just dropping and
makes explosive device on some woman's
there's no it's just I
just no intuition just going out and
doing it so to me that to me that's the
scary thing is just like is this someone
that just wanted to hurt anyone like
they don't even care so why would they
want to do so many things like that
there's kids there's so many kids
there's a lot of kids out here right now
like you said the public schools here
they're on spring break right now
that's probably lucky because they might
have to shut the school down yeah and
not just like all the shootings that are
going down and they're trying to right
now for the people that are due the
March and it's like it's not getting any
better like this world it's not getting
any better and why would they do
something like that yeah it's really
it's really sad and again I don't know
how you can even do an investigation if
somebody just walks by and just puts a
bomb you know it's like what do you do
we have to be looking over our shoulders
all the time and that shouldn't be even
happening even you even had you even had
Donald Trump jr. get white powder in his
mail so it's like now you got explosive
devices how do we even trust the mail
yeah I mean because we don't know if
it's coming from the US the United
States or the FedEx or any kind of mouth
you know we're just gonna be suspicious
all the time what do you think leads I
mean just for an overall thing like
you've got the the school shooting you
had a church shooting in Texas just a
few months back that we forget about and
now you've got these explosive devices I
mean what do you think is the larger
problem here it seems like maybe there's
a mental health issue I mean over the
past years I mean mass shootings didn't
get really big and so like the past like
15 years or so I know you had the
Columbine shooting that happened in the
early 2000s but it's just I think it's
how people are raised nowadays I mean
we've had guns in this country for over
200 years and we've never had a mass
shooting in the past thirty years and I
guess that's all how you you raise your
children or what they're exposed to and
stuff like that because I mean it's
obviously a problem now that people are
just getting blown up and
you can't even walk outside I mean I
know this is a low-income neighborhood
and you know we have shootings we have
stabbings here this and that but it's
kind of sad that people are scared to
walk out their house or you can't even
trust your local government because that
fear of just dying and now I mean like I
said I mean there's kids that are out
here still playing today it's a
beautiful day you know now if a package
shows up I'm sure you're gonna tell your
kid hey don't open that you know make
sure I open that package don't don't
open this package to make sure they stay
inside you know we're fearing for her
life basically you know and that's
that's sad you know because we love this
neighborhood we've been living here for
I've been living here for 25 years and
we shouldn't be doing that we shouldn't
be looking over our shoulder and fearing
for our lives what do you think about a
connection maybe to the to the mental
problems for these mass shootings and
like psychotropic drugs and
pharmaceutical drugs would you be
thinking maybe an investigation - that
would be fair ah I really haven't looked
into it I mean more than likely there
might be a link to the - both of them
but like I said I think it all depends
on how you get raised and how you get
brought up I mean because we grew up
here you know I play a lot of video
games and a lot of people you know I
heard chomp blame the video games as a
problem for people going on and start
shootings but I don't see myself out
here doing this kind of stuff what I
said all depends on what you're exposed
to and how you process it but you know
just that mental block that you might
just not really comprehend it on so I
don't know all right hey guys thank you
for your time god bless you guys are you
guys from around here
oh you guys are aren't where you were
you there when it happened no my nephew
uh was upstairs and I was downstairs in
the kitchen he just heard a loud
explosion and I know the lady I know her
son from a long time ago
so I didn't think I didn't know what was
going on he just told me that it was
sound like a gunshot
now we just see how everybody outside
and then this is well what it came out
soon so you knew the lady that did who
opened it as I was a kid I grew up on
this street right there so she lived
there for a while she's lived there over
50 years yeah with her mother - who's in
the house no it's she's the owner of the
house okay so I don't know if it was the
mother of the daughter but I there was
our the reporters there were two women
in the house one was in a wheelchair
she's okay is that the woman that you
knew yeah that's the lady on you okay so
it was her daughter then that opened the
package okay yeah I didn't know that I
was totally misunderstood from what I
heard it was the mother that had got
hurt well maybe you know we'll see what
happens when the full reports come out I
don't know exactly everything that's
just what I was told but but you were
not there at the time your nephew was
inside no my nephew was upstairs and he
heard we had the windows open he heard a
boom and everybody from the next Street
crews street Porter Street came over
there to where we live at in the way
what's going on we heard a explosion
they thought a house exploded and it
wasn't it was a package what did it look
like immediately afterwards so you heard
it and he went outside like when you
looked around and you knew what happened
or it was just people were outside
wondering what was going on well hey
what's going on like we don't see
nothing and then it just more cops too
started swarming in from north south
just boom boom just coming in so the
explosion probably happened inside the
house and that's why nobody knew when
they came out because they were looking
around but it happened inside she said
they said they opened the door and hid
the package the packages exploded right
there in front of them okay but you
didn't notice that you didn't see like
smoke or anything on the porch because I
live at the corner at the stop sign so
you got to go to the angle halfway in
the middle of the street to see down
that way there's a blind spot from my
house to that house so you had to walk
in the middle of the street literally to
see what's going on more down the street
so approximately how many houses would
you say you
were from the explosion for and you had
your windows open my windows open
we're just heard a boom could you feel
it no you just heard after the exploding
you just heard stuff like after like
like there's something like fragments or
something like yeah glass and stuff were
you guys there too yeah I was actually
there woke me up out of my sleep I
thought it was a shotgun or something
and I was just telling them about it and
then as soon as I told them about it
just like three cops came and then they
were all right there they're telling
everybody to get out the way
just moving trying to clear the area and
everything but no everybody so obviously
so and we've been told you know
sometimes there might be increased
police presence for other things that
might happen like a raid or stabbing or
something like that we thought it was a
raid somebody was getting raided or
something and it wasn't that it was a
bomb and I didn't know nothing about
these explosions going on the officer
said that there's been three this week
in Austin already three and three weeks
the second one today though yeah so I
wasn't aware of that you know what I
mean it wasn't ever brought to my
attention till today so just so you I
mean yeah you wouldn't even maybe think
twice about opening a package on your on
your doorstep especially if it was
disguised as like an Amazon or something
or maybe you ordered something I've been
up since about 8 o'clock this morning
and I know for a fact I see everyday if
I'm not at work UPS and FedEx don't come
to here till about a little bit after
10:00 they're not here early early in
the morning and there wasn't no delivery
packages trucks on the street this
no UPS FedEx oh yeah they actually
they've already reported now that it was
not an official delivery it was someone
put it there yeah there was I didn't see
no vehicles like that whatsoever come
down my street
they either even if they're in a van
Amazon didn't even come by nothing like
when did when did you know that this was
different when did you know that this
wasn't like a raid or something like
that right after it happened after it
happened this all work we heard an
explosion explosion we'll maybe it's a
gas line or something no it was a
package then I already knew it was
totally different I'm like throwing off
like what the hell I've been I've been
here 28 years and never seen nothing
like that in my life never have now is
this neighborhood pretty tight-knit
everybody know each other pretty well
everybody knows each other
like people who've been here in
generations before and all that but far
said yeah it's a high crime rate area
but far as there's never been no
explosions or anything like I'm saying
like as far as like suspicion of like
who did this like you wouldn't think it
was somebody local
it wouldn't be nobody local and it can
be I've never heard anybody and locally
Austin doing something like that did you
think of any reason why somebody would
want to place an explosive at that
lady's house I don't know it's just a
random act South by Southwest is here
there's millions of people here from all
over the world so anything can happen
right now that's just something small
just to open our eyes maybe you know
what I mean what what do you think I
don't know just could have easily been
one of our houses like you think just
they could just they just dropped it off
at random and it could have easily been
one of you guys opening the door into it
yeah so now I do you live with these
guys now so so now when you if you guys
ever have a package I'm assuming you're
gonna tell him not to open that y'all
not gonna open it either wow that's
crazy well hey thank you guys god bless
you guys thanks for the time
you guys live here did you uh did you
hear the explosion you heard it yes sir
what did it sound like it sounded like
two cars hit each other I know it wasn't
two costing silicon shook my house and
shook my mind so you felt it yeah I felt
it it was like something I never felt
before you know did you come out of the
house like immediately after you heard
Oh at first I didn't but as soon as I
started hearing sirens I ran down my
house and got on my roof you know I
think I saw you actually climbing on the
roof to try to check out the scene when
I first got here what did you see I've
seen I've seen a lot of cops a lot of
EMS trucks Fire Department Cohn you know
that APD ATF it was like some serious
that's how I knew so how long did it
take for FBI and the ATF to arrive
probably like five minutes yeah they
were here real quick get it of course
they had to be here real quick now
living in the neighborhood I mean what
what do you think about this I mean it
is do you are you scared that this was
just a random act of violence against
your neighborhood or what do you think
is going on here I wouldn't say I'm
terrified but now
you know yeah but same time I know I
know I wouldn't pick up a package if I'm
not expecting it you know yeah so you
know just for other people out there if
you didn't order something and there's a
package now you know you don't want to
pick it up yeah absolutely now are you
oh there's a couple schools here locally
nearby they're on spring break did
people in this neighborhood go to those
schools correct yeah yeah so I mean did
they feel like they were lucky they
weren't in school today maybe or maybe
they wish they were you can go both ways
yeah now because I know that you guys
were being questioned by law enforcement
correct what like what type of stuff
were they asking you basically the same
questions I asked but like more like
type of questions to get more
information like on the actual blast
like what did it sound like how long did
it last something like that and I
actually did it was yesterday like in
the afternoon that's what I told him who
I seen how and I described him you know
so you did see a suspicious individual I
feel like he was suspicious because I've
never seen him here like around my my
neighborhood before so I was like well
everyone here that I've talked to said
that everyone in the neighborhood it's
pretty tight-knit they know each other
yeah of course
my mom grew up around here you know
since she was little and we move I've
been I've been right at this house for
like five years and it's the first time
I ever heard something like this happen
yeah that's what everyone was saying
that they knew people that had been
going for a long time what's update okay
all right hey hey Thank You Man hey good
luck good luck thanks guys
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