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Breaking: Hillary Clinton Falls AGAIN
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:08:41 PM »

 Shroyer here for infowars.com
Monday March 12 2018 it has truly been
an epic day folks multiple explosions in
Texas the Republicans in the House
Intelligence Committee end the russian
collusion investigation no collusion
found you know that's not going to stop
the democrats so just get ready for that
craziness Infowars it's multiple
frivolous frivolous lawsuits now filed
against us to try to shut us down and
why do they want to shut down folks well
I'm about to explain why red linked on
Drudge Report this is breaking right now
hillary clinton slips down the stairs in
india just by two men holding her up
another video of hillary clinton falling
now Infowars reported first about
hillary clinton's failing health okay we
knew we had the sources that she had
been failing with her health and it
dates back to health issues that she's
had over time with seizures and falling
that's why she has to wear the special
glasses that's why she's coughing she's
a very very sick woman and we reported
on this and we were called fake news but
now another video of her falling down so
let's just recall again hillary clinton
coughing all during the campaign
literally coughing up green goblets into
a cup you've never seen anything like
that in your life except maybe in an
alien movie then she falls on September
11 so let's actually recap some of the
other events now this is Hillary Clinton
falling when she was boarding a plane
just a few years ago there she goes and
oh oh down she goes down goes Hillary
oh she's struggling that's because she's
sick folks this is a very very sick sick
woman now here she is falling on
September 11th 2016 and they tried to
tell you this didn't happen they tried
to tell you this was fake news again
people holding her up she's
incapacitated she's ill she can't walk
on her own power she's basically a
a wet noodle and there she gets carried
and tossed into the van falls over and
then of course security there covering
or making sure that nobody can see
what's going on with Hillary and now the
most recent this is the newest video
folks Hillary Clinton in India again
she's clearly having health issues just
like she always does she's having
whatever spells that she has and so she
has her little team helping her walk
down the steps except it doesn't work so
there she goes she's got her man lifting
her down the stairs and she's walking oh
and she falls and she needs to get a
little help and look at her she's
clearly struggling oh there she goes
again second fall
no now she loses her shoes now the shoes
have to come off so what's up with that
now it's oh it's the shoes yeah yeah
yeah it was the shoes and they were
making her slip you know nothing to see
nothing to see here Hillary Clinton is
in perfect health folks Hillary Clinton
is in perfect health just like she was
during the campaign when she couldn't
stop coughing and couldn't campaign in
some some swing states just like she was
when she's in great health just like she
watched when she fell boarding the
airplane yeah this is just Hillary
Clinton she's just in great helpless
let's watch it one more time again this
is the newest video of Hillary Clinton
falling there she goes she's got her
helper there because she's not well oh
there she goes okay so she's too sick
she can't walk under her own power
sometimes this is supposed to be the
President of the United States can't
even walk on her own power there she
falls again so just remember we told you
that Hillary Clinton was ill we told you
this woman was unhealthy and we were
called fake news we told you that then
she gets caught wearing seizure glasses
she falls over she's missing campaign
dates she can't come out for for
speeches she can't come out for rallies
she makes the crowd wait because she's
still sick she has to cancel events
she's got weird events going on where
people can't even go into like a closed
room that are supposed to be big rallies
and so we told you look Hillary Clinton
SiC she's unhealthy and they told us we
were fake news how dare we report on
that oh but then they try to tell you
that Trump is unfit for office because
he's mentally unhealthy even though he's
a stable genius so here's an unstable
unstable idiot criminal Hillary Clinton
and we told you she was unhealthy and
now here she's again she can't even walk
under her own power and you wanted this
woman to be President folks know she's
clearly unhealthy and her and Bill are
both unhealthy and probably on their
last legs right now so I'm not
celebrating that I'm just telling you we
reported on at first and they called us
fake news is that Huma Abedin know well
I don't know who that is it definitely
resembles Huma wouldn't be surprised so
again here's Hillary Clinton falling
another video so she falls on September
11th 2016 she falls trying to get on an
airplane we told you first that Hillary
Clinton was ill and sick then she gets
caught with seizure glasses CNN said we
were fake news sorry CNN you're proven
to be fake news in fact fake as hell you
were first you were fake news they were
very fake news now you're fake as hell
so there's Hillary Clinton clearly
unhealthy still can't walk under her own
power needs help need seizure glasses
and Infowars reported at first they
called his fake news now it's red linked
on Drudge Report Hillary Clinton falls
again we had the sources we told you how
sick she was just remember folks
Infowars is next year's news today

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