Author Topic: Tommy Robinson Talks About Vicious ANTIFA Attack And What The Cameras Missed  (Read 44 times)

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in the UK the far left because I'm
embarrassing this is these are the
people who claim to protect women they
claim to be defending minorities and
defending women and here they are
violently attacking a female journalist
we've had last week
a Pakistani preacher who is banned from
every mosque in Pakistan he's banned
from preaching in Pakistan he flies into
my country and he's touring the mosques
of our country giving radical sermons
incited murder upon people but don't
worry cuz our Border Agency have got
Lauren southern and that is that is the
true crime if a woman gets her hijab
pulled off it's on world news
our daughters again scolded on their bum
with the property of Mohammed they
gained their tongues now two tables
they've been raped for one into this
country to the other and we're supposed
to just tolerated part with it because
if not we're racists or extremists the
Home Office are labeling me an extremist
to incise religious and racial hatred
for simply talking about these crimes
all right joining us into the next hour
is not just the man of the hour the last
few years
Tommy Robinson has just been on fire
he's been exposing the recruiting of
little girls for sex slavery that's now
mainstream news the UK thousands per
town one small town at 4,000 grams some
of the murdered disappeared flown
overseas he's been imprisoned to put in
general population with Muslims they've
tried to kill him he he goes out of his
family to picnics and Islamist attack
him he kicks their butt and the police
throw him out of the town now he went to
Italy were famous Italian journalists
females go and get beat up the no-go
zones I've been in Rome and the police
say oh it's incredible you even go is
the parks run of the trees there's just
thousands of North Africans just sitting
around they attack you but the media
says there's no no such thing as no go
zones so he goes there some North
Africans try to attack him he knocks one
of them out they say we're gonna kill
your family star trying to punch him and
he smacks them then they are well he'll
tell you the whole story behind the
viral videos of 10 and Aoife thugs
attacking him and his female reporter
they fight back and anti-fur runs he
knocks down at least four of them I mean
these SOI boy methods could not take a
punch but it's incredible and how they
show up all of a sudden with the police
watching I believe the police were
coordinating this because in these
either he's under Sadiq Khan there so
mr. Robbins joins us here is some
excerpts of the video and you can follow
him at tea Robins new era on Twitter he
has his new video site he's left rebel
media and I gotta say it's been
explosive since he left he was rebel
didn't want to get killed which I
understand he's now on the streets
everywhere he goes he gets pat on the
back by christian africans and by sikhs
and indians love him because they know
they've been under Islamic attack but
the ante for communist with Sadiq Khan
and his police are out to shut him down
we've had reporters trying to get into
the UK Laura southern from Canada they
got arrested others got arrested that's
on infowars.com
but let's go to excerpts of what
happened in Italy and what just happened
in London here it is
but what's amazing is Tommy doesn't say
mean things to these people they come up
and try to attack him in Rome you name
it we're gonna find out what happened
behind this wheel he was show you the
beginning of the footage we'll roll that
in a few minutes that we've talked to
your Tommy and give it him opening
statements but I'm just setting this up
here he's in a McDonald's parking lot
and ten men come up he's backing away
they start attacking him he defends
himself so trying to hit him he goes at
him first smart when he of ten guys are
coming around you he can't get away the
media spun it like Tommy Robinson got in
a fight
no they a masked men attacked two
reporters and the two reporters fought
back and the cowards ran that's the real
headline what is the real headline here
Tommy Robinson incredible you are on
fire you are on fire my friend thanks
the real headline is no way all the way
through days I knew it put certain
points that we've Lucy and with George
as well who are the camera team with us
I knew we'd get attacked at certain
times but I never thought they'd go for
Lucy I guess I I guess I thought too
highly of them I thought they had morals
so I always say to them and as soon as
they turned up and I saw the mask
I basically gain out the car I looked
across I see seven men coming towards me
with me with masks and then I stood and
I tried to move away from Lucy I thought
that cool go for me so for that sound
I'll move away they'll all come for me
they didn't they sectioned off one went
to George and one went to Lucy and then
he as you can see starts attacking
Lucy's resting on the floor burr but to
be honest Lucy gave as good as she got
loose he get Lucy gave as good as she
got it he ended up she was kicking him
and hitting him and even at the end I
looked over and even see George you have
a camera lad as well scuffling with them
as well but they were masked up they
were ready to attack us and as you Roy
straight off this the police have turned
up they've done nothing even though I
found out I walked round the corner to
where these men were there was that
mosque because I was there was a mosque
at a communist alignment between the
Kurds and the Quran and anti-fur they
were joining up for this time I've
actually got leaflets and showed that
they were practicing fighting
technique by the way I was told by the
hostage rescue team in the FBI and this
started coming out later we were told
the day after Vegas that it was Kurdish
groups with an ephah with Saudis that
carried out the attack and now it's
coming out in the news that they have
merged with them so yes tell us tell us
why they knew where you were why they
attacked you in a McDonald's parking lot
why were they ready for you break that
down for us the only thing I could think
is we was in that McDonald's car park
would be nematodes we was in the car
park for 30 minutes so someone must have
spoils and the more I get people look at
me funny wherever I got well I think
it's because they realize Who I am
I remember a girl standing there with a
hood up and I can still see her face so
I think I think it must have been her
and then they've made the call and what
I realized was there was a hundred of
them round the corner there's a hundred
of them when I went back background
there there's a hundred of them in a
mosque and teef are all their leading
members and they're having a practice
day where they're practicing their Fight
Club and they're practicing training to
attack the fascists and lo and behold um
that's what happened but he actually
better get some more training and it
looks like you knocked down at least
four of them they look at my face Alex
see if seven men if seven men want to
come ma stop ready to do damage why am I
sitting here looking for it well the
number of people said was ten but I
guess you actually fought seven correct
one wait but they must have had it
planned as well because they broke off
straightaway one went for the camera go
went for the camera why can't they take
a punch I mean I mean I mean you're
smoking I'm pretty good but they are
just put like they think it's a video
game it's the same thing when the
bodyguards of Michael Moore hit me in
some video on my film a martial law and
I hit him back they like why did you do
that I'm like dude a sip thing happened
to Michelle Malcolm's bodyguard he
bumped into me I punched him right in
the stomach with my elbow and he started
crying it's like yeah dude it's a
two-way street sorry go ahead
there's a few robber so there's a few
other minutes that were missing from the
footage from where they grabbed the
cameras but the situation was that
because there's so many of them every
time one of them was coming at me and
I'd go to punch back we'll fight back
and one of them come from somewhere else
and I'm yeah but
I said they didn't do a very good job
and what currently is happening is in
the UK the far left because of an
embarrassing this is these are the
people who claim to protect women they
claim to be defending minorities and
defending women and here they are
violently attacking a female journalist
well on their own violently thrown on
the floor and here they are and I think
because of this situation I mean that
most of the left and even journalists
are coming out saying it's a staged
point he said and the fact the other
thing is I'm going to find these people
so we will have follow-up videos coming
out once I do find out who they are
I'm already think I'm on the process to
find out theatre so stay right there
stay right there you're my hero man you
already were but this is amazing here's
the deal for six months he's wanting to
work with us and I wanting to I've just
been trying to get the capital do it
right cuz this guy needs a big platform
but we're gonna be right back
I want him to just have the floor recap
where he was why it happened what's
coming next and what happened in that
missing space what happened in that
missing space we're going to talk about
that ladies and gentlemen I am so
excited because Tommy Robinson is on
fire and he's got a new website as well
that he's going to tell you about here
in just a moment but I'm gonna try to
shut up I get so excited he's gonna tell
you the missing tape while the camera
people had the cameras knocked out of
their hands while the woman's being
attacked about what I see is what people
count is 10 auntie fell but I guess 7
that attacked him and then some women
that were reportedly saw him and we're
part of it also reported because around
the block and he felt was training at a
mosque to do just this very thing and
that so imagine this
Tommy Robinson is just driving around he
pulls up in a car park by the McDonald's
they recognize him and by the time they
come back out there they're being
attacked he tries to draw them off so
you've got the floor break down where
you were what happened where it is in
London what the mosque is doing and then
we'll tie this into your trip to Europe
reporters not being allowed into the UK
I mean this is serious your Islamic
mayor Sadiq Khan please continue yes so
basically what's concerning is that
there's a Kurdish mosque and auntie fur
were holding a training day in the
mosque and they had guest speakers and
one of the conditions were
with all the stuff I found when the
conditions was they can't have any
alcohol cause I have to respect the
martyrs I was aware that the Kurdish
struggle was also a communist struggle
oh that's why I was also aware but
seeing the two aligned completely seeing
them come together using the same
facilities seeing them share speeches
and platforms about how they can attack
with fascism which basically means
anyone that's not a socialist or
communist yeah it's a waste of worrying
sign because that usually anti-fusion
tried to wine the Muslims up here they
are with what people would say is the
most liberal of Muslims join in and
align in on their on their left-wing
views where they far far far left
agendas now we was in the car park as
I've said I didn't think that attack
Lucy stupid me they did they attacked us
but even there was the police's response
there's not there's another video
there's a fifteen minute long video
where after this attack I walk to the
mosque and when I get to the mosque all
the police are there and they're saying
God they again they saying get back go
away I'm saying the gang of men that
just jumped me are in there
what are you gonna do about it and they
do nothing they actually say well
because you call or identify them
because they had masks on which if you
reverse the situation reverse the roles
for one minute you've got a Muslim woman
and you've got a Muslim man and then
seven or eight young white men come
non-muslim to come and attack them jump
them and beat the girl up and physically
assault them the police would shut that
entire venue down they would make sure
they get the video evidence of every
single fear clothing that every single
individual is wearing they would launch
a massive investigation they would go
and get the CCTV from every single
building within the vicinity they will
put it on the national news politics
he'll be white supremacist hate crimes
committed against the poor innocent
Muslim woman it means a number one story
in the world but because it wasn't they
shut it down well no one's even spoke
about poor Lucy Billy no one spoke about
I haven't seen one journalist no one's
contacted her no media have contacted
her she's violently attacked for being a
journalist they're journalists but yet
Oh every single report from the
mainstream media
pommie Robinson fight him with masked
men no that's not how it was
Tommy Robeson was getting a burger from
McDonald's and he was an and and his
camera go and his cameraman were
violently attacked by a gang of fucks
with the headline should be could give
us the headlines we're gonna name this
video that I mean you're absolutely
right a gang of masked thugs viciously
female reporter media covers it up I
mean that's really the headline that's
and police refuse to at least refused to
deal with it and the police actually
said I looked around and I said there's
a CCTV camera straight above my head I
want that footage cuz that was shot that
will show all of it I want all the food
but of course um they said unless you
can identify them and then when they're
talking about the crime they said oh
it's a public water it's not public
order it's a violent politically
motivated hate coin which is what you
keep going on about it's a hate crime
they don't they are purposely targeting
of us because of our beliefs
we've been finally attacked we've been
robbed they took they smashed the camera
they stole the microphone a 500-pound
microphone it's the street robbery as
well but none of these charges have been
bought or looked into or investigated
it's just that's it you've got be art
they're gone
the police are actually standing with
them well you know the answer you need
to you need to recruit a Sikh or an
Indian to go undercover and record the
mosque and blow their entire operation
it's time for covert action it should be
it should be in it to be honest
what I said is when they do this so in
these videos go viral they expose
themselves they expose themselves and
and we're always they eat what the media
do is they use it no matter what to try
and tarnish me or defame me or slander
me and bracket me as a Fargas of violent
hooligan so that if someone's gonna come
up to me same in Rome if someone's gonna
threaten your life if someone's gonna
buy the attack you you're going to fight
back and that's all I've done and
usually to be honest Alex I have to put
my hands be on my back in so many
situations there's been so many times
when I've been punched first well I
shouldn't have been punched first all
right look it's like this situation
there you're watching people who would
only be happy if I let him stab me so
fed up of being a punch bag if I'm
honest I'm fed up of continually having
to not act with my instinct and defend
myself because I'm constantly worried at
being prosecuted and put in prison
because I know that the system and and
the government must be clear they've got
you on probation even though they're
overthrowing your conviction all right
now they took your house everything
because you fought back when Muslims
attacked you you now go to the houses of
the people that are saying they're gonna
kill you I mean this is just insane the
climate there the climate in the last
I've watched and I am for the first time
in a long time I am very very worried
I'm very worried because I watched as
when down in Osborn who is a white man
who drove her van into Muslims outside a
mosque when the police opened on that
court case a big one the biggest
terrorist court cases in our country
especially with a media of course cuz it
was white when they had got that court
case they opened up with a blatant lie
they said that he had direct Twitter
messages we've Tommy Robinson yeah and
they also blamed him for words I should
add yes of course yeah of course but and
they didn't warn me and when they've
done that the media run with everywhere
now because of that and since then the
lead officer in counterterrorism a man
called mark Rowley he come out two weeks
ago and he gave a speech where he said
Tommy Robinson is this basically the
same as and young children and young
child who is the leader of a proscribed
terrorist organization sixty percent of
Muslims in British prisons for terrorism
directs members of his organization he
wants to throw gay people off rooftops
he wants to bury women the floor in the
fluid smash box of their head and all
they want to stop him and somehow that
puts us on the same level and also Watch
says they've Upton Upton Upton and even
now we've Britney pay bone whose own
who's a young American girl her and her
partner would flow into the UK four or
five days ago they were held at customs
they were arrested they were detained
and present it's a tension centre full
of Muslims for three days before they
were deported no the home of
this said the reason she was not allowed
in the reason she was detained and the
reason she was deported was because she
was coming to interview
Tommy Robinson she's coming to interview
me today so that's right okay today
they've just held Lauren's southern and
they've deported her and banned her from
our country again this is so oh boy
watch says everything
there are penny-ante and they're trying
to build build me up as a preacher of
hate with zero evidence that's right
stay there we got to go to break this is
critical a Brittany Pettibone held for
four days Lauren southern held as
terrorist this doesn't even have the
printouts they're not racist any of that
stuff they're part of a free speech crib
and we have the footage of in Europe
when they get kicked back out of England
coming back and Tommy and went there to
interview him he is a busy man let me
tell you something I admire him I mean
he made me feel so strong when I saw him
in that video this weekend fight it gave
me a lot of strength and it flips
something in my mind it just let me know
just how bad our enemies are and just
how dedicated they are to enslaving us
we'll be back as humanity awakens stay
with us well we've been working on a
plan to get Paul Watson and Tommy
Robinson together because Paul is
he probably reaches the many's people as
I do and I had to tell him six years ago
I said listen I'm cutting your pay in
half he's not good for money that's the
problem - he didn't he just does his
work and he's so humble that he didn't
want to be on air and I said Paul you're
super articulate his brother's got a PhD
in international affairs this is
smartest Paul he doesn't even want to be
seen or heard
he's just so humbled he wants him just
the smartest Paul and you know he just
wants to run his Folk Festival music
festivals he runs some pretty big
festivals he's successful in that right
he writes articles from fours but I told
Paul I said you're going on here and I
said here's your website here's your
Twitter account had no followers or
nobody on us it here it's called prison
planet he
want to be named after him he said oh
it's too much fancy if it's my name it's
aliens by machines just maybe prison
planet make one for me and I said okay
you're doing it so maybe we can get this
guy from London they're a little more
aggressive teamed up with Paul the
little northern Viking now so we hit the
Brittany you know with the Viking from
the north and we'll get something going
here because these two are they gonna be
the dynamic duo especially with his crew
it by the way
Lucy Brown you know I was watching the
footage in fast motion she has gray hair
I think maybe that's that style because
she's actually an attractive looking
woman now that I paused it I was saying
here's and Aoife attacking an old lady
but then I started watching tell us
about Lucy Brown tell us about all this
and then other tidbits of what happened
when the cameras were knocked out of
your hands I think he said for several
minutes what happened there and then
into the reporters that it were
kidnapped for four days for trying to
enter the country to talk to you I say
so I I met Lucy and I met Jordan which
is our team I met them I'm view actually
I met them on a discussion year ago and
then if people know videos we've done in
the last four weeks since I recorded use
exploring it's like a bowling ball was
taken off your leg or right way back
yeah we're back as we explode you when
we first start working together we
exploded as soon as we first come
together Red Bull but then Noah's own
there was whatever happens no so bad but
when I get it rebel doesn't want you to
get killed your ass you're a great
Patriot a star but you're a warrior so
you're staying out the streets I'm not I
mean I understand you know why you guys
had friction cuz you know they didn't
want to get you killed
I don't want to get you killed either
that's why I want to get enough capital
and to get you some security brother you
and Paul cuz you guys are gonna hit the
ground running yeah that's it the
stories the stories to me around the
street the stories around the street and
to be honest are yeah say even in last
four weeks people could probably even
sense off myself I'm happy doing this
I'm happy I'm happy I feel like I'm
doing what I wanted to be doing again
and yeah I'm happy and I'm not as yeah
I'm happy so I'm happy because I know
it's having an effect he's having a
I want you to know your spirit gives me
incredible energy and now that you're
turning it loose I'm not kidding I feel
stronger and I'm more aggressive and
have more hope because of you that's a
good fit well I get that we'll meet
members of the public and let's see how
much it means to them I'm gonna see to
reaction to Gallup then it get empowered
me empowers me and to know that to know
who's making a difference but that's
there when I'll come on you was on your
show last week I spoke about how we had
the upper hand in 2016 we had the media
we had the social media we took it we
used it and the authorities in the
system the globalist did not know what
to do with it but now they're taking it
back they read they regaining them
pulling back their power there whether
it be taking my blue tick off I was
suspended from Twitter last week for
seven days for simply stating a fact
I see a situation coming in the next 12
bumps where I'm completely removed from
social media completely and that's the
that's the and that's why we've now got
a whole team up to magnify everything
here because we've gotten so big they're
having trouble actually deleting us
absolutely so this was critical yeah
you've got you've got to the stage where
they can't they can't get rid of you but
what they're witnessing with me the
reason why they've just done this with
Lawrence Auburn well that what was
insane is they've welcomed all these
immigrants in they've welcomed Isis
fighters back I spoke yesterday said
they put him in a mug that they put them
in the best section 8 housing tell folks
he's a Moroccan living in Italy he tried
to fight Isis he was stopped he told the
Border Agency I want to become a
terrorist and then three months later
after all of his details were put on the
European database to be watched he just
rode straight into London moved to our
country now think about that he's tried
to join Isis he wants to be a terrorist
our border staff didn't stop him in
arrest him but they stopped Brittany
paver they stopped Lauren southern they
didn't stop him he went on to kill eight
people and a ninja for a we've had last
week a pakistani preacher who is banned
from every mosque in pakistan he's
banned from preaching in pakis
he flies into my country and he's
touring the mosques of our country
giving radical sermons incited murder
upon people but don't worry cuz our
Border Agency have got Lauren southern
so everything's all right so what
because because the globalist it's all
in the UN plan they admit they're gonna
bring in Islam as their enforcer they
get Christianity gone so that you have
no culture even if we don't believe in
God folks at the point it's an operating
system for them they get rid of that so
you have no culture then they bring in
the new culture and they make you submit
to it and it's all in the Peter
Sutherland you and globalist Younker the
unelected you know dictator that you you
the heir to the Nazi fortune that's what
I mean you cannot make this up you
cannot make up how evil they are now
going to play this clip from from where
you are in Europe set up this clip of
Pettibone Brittany Pettibone and her
boyfriend coming out you got the folks
there in German you know chanting about
free speech media's calling him rot
Nazis all they are as a free speech
coalition group and and and demonizing
folk speech so set this up we'll play
the clip again was this Austria or was
this Germany where they flew back into
port to Austria so Brittany was coming
to interview me she was arrested held
detained and they were deporting her so
I feel is important that we were waiting
for her in in Austria so as she come
through the airport and if I'm honest it
was a beautiful moment when they
returned and I looked and I saw probably
up fifty to a hundred people who were
greeting them at the airport who was
singing a song about free speech and
free fall and I realized what it meant
to these people what the values of
freedom of speech meant to them and then
I felt humiliated that my country has
just attained this couple that Marlene
Sona and Brittany pepper they've been
they've been imprisoned and now they've
been deported hema mine Sona who's
Brittany's partner he was coming to give
a speech at speakers corner speakers
corner for anyone who doesn't know in
London there's 300 years of history it's
where it's
this way you can go and say whatever you
want so now have you realized that your
own country let's play the clip is a
time you now realize your own country's
going pure authoritarian where actual
Brits and others have no speech or
Canadians coming in to speak you have no
speech but the foreign invaders do
backed up by your Islamic mayor and the
globalist let's go to that clip ok I'm
Britney look online oh yeah fine thank
you go quite reception waiting yeah
I'm just thankful for all the people
supported us everybody who tweeted
people met demonstrations in front of
embassies and especially the brave guys
who went to speech corners today they're
the backbone of our resistance can you
briefly tell us what happened yeah so it
was separate for us so he was denied
entry for a different reason I was
denied entry because I said I was gonna
interview you and so I have the
immigration statement I'll show it to
you and it says you're denied entry
because you want to interview far-right
activists far-right extremists tommy
robinson who incites racial hatred and
so martin actually mentioned he was like
why don't you let her through and she
can do her interviews and i won't go and
and then the event won't take place so
to be fine they're like her situations
worse because she's gonna tell me it's
about yeah we wanted to give a speech
about freedom of speech there but they
wouldn't even let us go to through a
speaker's corner and i think sometimes a
speech you don't give speaks more this
is beautiful a beautiful reception
welcome home
so let's talk about what happened Jeremy
lost 22 million people in World War two
getting swindled into that war by Hitler
in the globalists we're gonna break him
back with mr. Robinson's third fourth
hour here but now the left can't stop
they bring people and they do race-based
garbage and when people try to resist it
they say you have no right to exist and
the Green Party and all of them in
Germany say it's time to get rid of
white people they're inherently evil and
then when people young people come
together and say no that's not true then
they call them Nazis and say they have
no speech this is a globalist plan to
destroy all culture exploit the
third-world everybody it's an admitted
plan and they hate mr. Robinson because
he goes to speaks to the black African
Gribbs he goes and speaks to the Sikhs
and everybody else and is open for all
that as long as you're for everybody
else's freedom everybody else is
compatible but the Islamists and the
left they're allied with will be back
ladies and gentlemen we need to support
free shipping ends today
infowar store calm without you we cannot
defeat the globalist in force toward
calm all right Tommy Robinson's on fire
is with us at least another 30 minutes
then we're gonna have Rob do Owen
destroyer Jake Lloyd our reporters at
the scene of the third bombing two today
one a week ago in Austin Texas
it looks like an tyfa anti
gentrification attacks the reason I say
that is they've said they're gonna start
attacking and bombing and shooting
they've already attacked old people cat
cafes weird meth-head white people
leading usually mentally ill minorities
I'm not just saying that it's usually
like mentally ill minorities led by
white people communist so I'm not like
just try to virgin signal towards the
minorities that are the majority now in
most areas its communist white dirtbags
leading it okay and that's what it is
and then they're funded by big
foundations and drive around in Jaguars
and Mercedes when we looked up some of
these people when people traded some of
their meetings we put some pies on them
and they're all rich kids so I thought
they were just meth heads or something
in their mom's basement no these are
corporate people their parents make a
million dollars a year half a million a
year one of them heads up Time Warner
here in town and then they're out there
leading this this crap I mean these are
evil people so yeah we've been following
in your houses
sher threatened our borders and stuff
we've got at least 20 of the leadership
of Andy felt where you live what you're
doing we're not playing games okay
and Tommy Robinson playing games we make
it announcement coming up the next
segment this one short but Tommy other
key tidbits about the and Aoife
attacking you your female camera person
all of this stuff you talked about what
happened when the cameras were knocked
out of your hands what more on the
missing minutes the missing minutes and
the reality is we you know since since I
went independent so I went independent
and everyone who's been working me have
been working me voluntary because we
didn't have funding and we did have
support so George Kaelin Lucy and then
we've been making do with not good
equipment so we weren't ready and our
equipment weren't great we should have
body cams we should have cameras on the
cars we didn't have because we haven't
we're just starting to get organized now
and don't get into too much details but
but exactly you don't have money for
solid state body cams you guys have
already infiltrated we can't get into it
but then the system film we hope yeah
basically without saying too much we
want to help well we want to do 22 where
they're done to us we want to make sure
that everyone exactly what you said I'll
be honest with you we had someone to
their lead people we've had people sat
outside their houses with cameras
photographing them in their movements
and these people think they're invisible
they think they're know knows who they
are where they are and they think that
they can sit there and they can put
people's addresses out and they can make
frets to kill and murder and they can
incite violence against anyone who has a
difference opinion without their bina
without there being a repercussion and I
think about I'm not talking about
violent repercussions I'm talking about
expose days on who they are and what
they're up to
well if I told happy fur in Austin who
has me I've been watching them on their
own time they would crap their britches
I mean former intelligence heads of the
most elite military units you name it
just are just tired of it and I think
the other gonna false flag their own
people to blame us so we don't want any
violence against him we're just gonna
catch them in crimes to make sure they
go to prison yeah and and that's what to
be honest
I'd say I'd sit confidently you say that
those men that attacked us they would
have heard the end of
so they will and the thing is they wear
their masks they hide their identity and
they think they're invisible and at some
point those masters gonna get pulled
down and they're gonna have cameras in
their faces and then we're gonna see
what the men they are well you're too
strong you're too dedicated you're too
focused you're too manly you got to
worry about the government that's been
hijacked by the globalists and Siddiq on
the city you live in
they're so arrogant I think they're
gonna probably try to kill you they
don't and I'll turn you into a martyr
but they just don't get it go ahead
sorry yeah one of Donnie's so they let
Tara see if they know who these
terrorists are they watch them they do
nothing and let them blow things up
they're all on the watch list and then
they so then they use those crimes and
those terrorist attacks to bring in new
laws to take away more freedom and then
those laws and they bring in they use
against us they pull us hey poor Lauren
southern she's held under the Terrorism
Act today arrested on the terrace
legislation and the point from our
country meanwhile bearded jihadis just
roll bars right stay right there
imagine a whole gang of thugs training
with communist Islamist at a mosque
learn from one of their operatives that
Tommy Robinson is at a McDonald's with
his camera lady and then they come over
and attack the woman to get the camera
viciously start beating her she fights
back he fights back then they run is
cowardly scum and the police are all
there and do nothing
Tommy Robinson's our guest to the bottom
of the Anna that we have reporters on
the scene of the third bombing in Austin
you cannot make this up so we're gonna
talk to own Schroyer than Rob do and of
course Jake Lloyd and then this has been
in the works for six months I want to
publish his book Muhammad's career
that's already a best-seller in Europe
here in the US because I want you here
what Mohammed actually said and then I I
want to hire him but I'd said let me
finish up with all this stuff till under
the budget I just can't wait they keep
hitting us with other torpedoes we're
moving forward that's why I gave $20,000
of Project Veritas because they do
incredibly great work and the lawyers
told me they said the footage they have
of the New York Times and YouTube and
Google and Twitter and Facebook saying
you're public enemy number one Alex
Jones is the enemy plus anybody else
that spreads American flags they said
well we banned Alex Jones or anything
like him
or anything like American flags we hate
the America I mean it's on video
these are globalist and then a lot of
people that you see me Lister's they go
oh I'll be promoted by YouTube and make
money by attack I'll shown so they flip
and then people think oh look you're
being censored you're not winning no I
am winning I'm changing the world the
way people think about only themselves
it's like if you had neighbors upstream
it's a point Ted Nugent made last week
when out of his house and they're
crapping in the river and it's coming
down to your house they've never right
to do that okay and that's where we are
so we're changing the world we expect to
get attacked throw is like we're gonna
kill you we're gonna shut you up like we
get that okay we're here to stop you so
all these innocents don't get run over
it's an instinct it's a spirit it's not
like trying to be a hero you can't roll
over when you see him kidnap the little
girls like he did this town
he owned a tanning bed company was
making money middle-class and I had a
big nice house I know Robin story
everybody demonization about him ten
years ago and halfway believing at my
own self
they took this house they put him in
prison they tried to kill him now he's
stronger than ever so he's not doing
this for his own self he's doing it
because the town he was in it turned out
four thousand little girls were grim for
sex many of them kidnap many of them
killed many of them disappeared this is
a evil British pedophile government
allied with Islam because under its
tenets of radical Islam it follows
pedophilia everybody knows what the
Giants camels the pedophilia in England
the secret dungeons the torture the
murder of little kids Prime Minister's
foot little girls throats all that's
coming out the BBC is basically a giant
pedophile cult
so I mean London Telegraph pedophile
cult runs UK cannot be released will
destroy national security that's a
that's top police saying we're run by
pedophiles who are devil worshippers you
cannot make that up what our harems
their slave pits of women yeah Mohammed
had sex with a nine year old so Turkey's
legalizing sex with nine year olds right
now you cannot make this up so I'm gonna
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tomorrow so they can get the equipment
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the best web for side Tommy Tommy
Robinson Don line and Alex you will get
value for money cuz you know like since
kind independent we haven't got the
funds and he even even like his Sunday
because they stopped cuz they stopped
mine selling of speaking in London and
they deported him I've said they may
have stopped the speaker but they won't
stop the speech so I'm gonna go to
speakers corner
where's three hundred years of history
at speakers corner some of the most
controversial figures in our country's
history have spoke there from George
Orwell to Cole Marx and our government
think they can stop that they speakers
corner has been taken over by radical
Islamic jihadists that's the only people
that go there to promote their religion
well this Sunday at 3 o'clock the battle
for speakers corner begins now I know
I'm going there and but we don't have
the money or he didn't have like the
money to get proper
security you've just gave us the money
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UK I've seen it myself where Muslims are
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this has to be stood up against this is
absolutely devastating so again people
need to go to your website cuz you know
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yourself and the only way you know
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same thing here twenty thousand dollars
project Veritas is now giving us the
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Facebook and Twitter admitting they're
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have to sue the people that filed false
complaints we have to sue you know folks
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shipping ends today all right let's cut
right into the broadcast Alex Jones here
we're listening to a some radio stations
and TV stations you are getting past the
censors they're trying to block us
everywhere we have Tommy Robinson
joining us we have a Caitlyn his one of
his amazing camera crib also want to get
Lucy on the woman who gave as good as
she got when the Cowardly aunty for
thugs trying to climb on top of her but
during the break I was asking mr.
Robinson what's coming next
and he was just telling me amazing
things I mean he is just like Nigel
fries woke up people politically this is
the next nasal Faraz
the next level and if you knew his story
it is incredible how he's fighting
racism how he founded the English
Defence League and then they got it was
read about races so he left it exposed
it and he's just a great guy great
father a great painter he's gone through
so much he's got this great crew of
people that I want to link up with Paul
Joseph Watson who again is so humble
he's just a rock star politically you
know here in the US in the UK when I've
been in public with him in the UK it's
mob we have to use the popularity to
culturally win well they're gonna shut
us down in our houses and Paul finally
got that he said I know I gotta do more
videos I gotta get on the streets it's
true I don't gonna let him shut me down
so the fact they're trying to suppress
him he's a seed he's gonna grow but I
think when I team these guys up together
I mean I think the strength of them is
gonna be frightening and that's what I'm
looking for I'm looking like with Owens
Troyer and others people that will
surpass what I've done that's true
victory we're not in competition with
other media any of it we're in
competition with tyranny to defeat it so
Tommy Robinson and you tell me donations
are coming in I want to thank the
listeners that's great
and of course Cailin when your great
camera folks you guys have got the floor
the last seven minutes tell us what's
coming next what's coming next we want
to build we want to take over the media
that's what we want to do in Europe we
want to be the people we already are
every time there's a terrorist attacked
my name trends everyone searches for the
when they're searching for the truth
they're searching for your average video
gets 5 million views now that mean they
do CNN doesn't have that in ten hours
no that's and that's why that's why
they're trying to silence us that's why
they're hanging us but one thing I'd
like to say is also got the opportunity
would have them I won't be able to do it
with the people who support me and I
certainly won't be able to tell any of
you any of the videos without Kaylin
without George about Lucy because people
give me the credit cuz they see me on
the end of the camera but they risking
their lives every time they're walking
into mas for me they're walking into
hostile environments for me
they're coming under attack George's
coming under attack Lucy come under
attack so they're putting their their
lives on the line and they don't really
get any gratitude for it no no in fact
he gets like awkward people for it so
yeah yes that's mine so I'm gonna be
able to do about him guys so yeah we're
let me
question then before you talk about
what's coming next Kaelyn I'm familiar
with your work with the last few years
with Tommy where does this courage come
from because they target you guys with
the cameras first and what do you do
when a guys are trying to beat you up I
mean you don't come off as like a you
know hooligan or anything just a nice
artistic type fella but I mean I guess
you drunk and let them suppress your
speech is that it well I think when you
know that there's millions of people
behind the camera lens you kind of feel
a sense of courage anyway you know that
what they're doing is wrong and in
general what you're doing is right what
you're showing is right what you're
exposing is right what you're saying is
right and so that sort of gives you a
sense of yeah of courage of being able
to just follow through with what's gonna
happen you know yeah you might get
seriously injured and things like that
might happen but you still have so many
other people who are who are on side who
are watching what's going on and is the
right thing to do and production values
is our best weapon that's the thing that
we have that's blowing everyone outside
of the water that's terrifying the
mainstream media and that's the number
one thing that just drives me to do to
do all of this I used to work in in the
mainstream media before this now you
just basically take their tactics and
bring it here and it's terrifying
everyone and yeah that's where it all
come from because you know that
regardless of what happens regardless of
how bad it gets in the end what you're
doing is still the right thing and I
think we're still on the right side of
history and that's where it all comes
from and let's talk about real hard I
mean I heard you 10 years ago they
should oh this race is horrible guys
been put in prison he says that they're
grooming thousands of girls in his town
for sex slavery and then it came out
later a bunch of them got killed they
got shipped overseas they chop them up
and feed them to people out of kebab
stands I mean I used to think you were
crazy and then it because who believes
this about and that it's all true and
then now it's back in the news about
grooming today I mean folks Islamic
countries are hellholes unless it's
Jordan or something I mean and then
they're seen as heretics it's women
can't drive cars my god they're selling
women on slave blocks explain to people
what we're up against the grieving cases
just come out today and see itself it if
they've got a thousand victims ten foods
are smoked out
there's not many Muslims there there's a
thousand victims we found out that five
people five five people have been
murdered and it's all been covered up
it's all been covered up one of the
Timms they set fire to her her sister
and her mother they burned them to death
the Muslim men that were raping them
burn them to death
we're only just here to buy now this has
been by the way I had them I had them in
my stacks finally the BBC s report
inquiry call over Telford child sex
exploitation boom I mean this is
explaining how this happens the police
won't touch the Muslims so literally
50-year old men are grooming your 9 year
old daughters go ahead the baby see if I
need just report on that as you see one
hour ago they've been silent this has
been got other media have been talking
about this for 24 broke this you broke
this ten years ago yeah when I fir I
remember going on a show with Jeremy
Paxman Jeremy Paxman was the biggest
most hostile interviewer in the country
and I sat and said to him and if um
people can watch fat the video I said
our daughters not your daughters our
daughters you don't know what we're
talking about we do our daughters our
sisters are being pimped they're being
beat and they're being raped across this
country by gangs of Muslim men and he
looked at me like I was stupid he looked
at me like I and then years on and I
even remember after that when I when I
walked through Luton and I met another
man he said have all the things you
could have spoke about why did you speak
about danza Muslim men talk in young
English girls when and he looked at me
like that and I see him I see the same
man years later and he said I can't
believe it I've watched everything
everything you spoke about I said cuz
that uh I had a conversation this week
Alex with another farmer who I'm gonna
go meet at the end of the week whose
daughter was 12 years old they were gang
raping her they took her into a park
they poured petrol over pretending to
set her on fire to Tara fire the and
this is another case the bottom end of
calm that's to put them as a simulated
other with a gun or gasoline to put them
in the simulated Stockholm Syndrome
to put them into the to submit to them
you know that's it and this is not just
it is quite it's not just about raping
and raping the women for their sexual
it's about destroying them one girl they
took her tongue 12 years old they nailed
it to a table another young girl they
got high high iron rods with the layer
em and they burned in Headey and they
scolded on her but when she was 11 years
old because she was the property of
Hammet and if you stop the average man
in the British Street they won't even
know that they will not even know this
happens and that is that is the true
crime if a woman gets her hijab pulled
off its on world news
our daughters again scolded on their bum
with the property of Mohammed they
gained their tongues now two tables
they've been raped for one into this
country to the other and we're supposed
to just tolerated part with it because
if not we're racists or extremists the
Home Office are labeling me an extremist
to incise religious and racial hatred
for simply talking about these crimes
because he's Roman hostage and then let
me raise this then now it's finally
breaking another town thousand girls
five of them dead sex slavery branding
their asses excuse me I mean this makes
me want to go berserk why is it now
breaking just cuz they can't hide it
more people recognizes coming up since
2009 if you look at the arrest rate the
arrest rate is a steady a steady a
steady flow like this and in the English
Defence League forms and then it
explodes because no longer when the
world's media were coming into our
streets and then we'll march in and
scream in his shouting and holding up
signs saying our daughters are not
allowing me they could hide it no longer
they've done everything they could but
they could hide it no longer and now the
cats out of the bag but they're still
they they haven't even scratched it so
they're there Tommy Robinson folks one
of the greatest living Patriots with his
great crew and I get a final comment
from both of them about what's coming
next this is a man and then we've got
our reporters the scene of the third
bombing we got multiple that we got
we're in talked about it all here in
Austin probably communist bombings stay
with us and we now take you to the year
2018 when more than 10 million radical
Islamists have been brought into Europe
in just the last five years the UK is
desperately trying to pull out of the
unelected EU but the grandson of the
most powerful Nazi industrial family who
privately owns Luxembourg via german
paratroopers taking it has pledged to
break up the United States and defeat
Trump this isn't fiction this is March
12 2018 I'm Alex Jones we've had three
bombings in the last week to today
fatalities we've got people injured
we've got just a mile from our warehouse
another broad canvas ility warehouse a
bomb has gone off we've got our crew
there we're about to go to them I'm not
saying if I did it they're a violent
group it says they're gonna attack
people that are gentrified whether it be
black white or Hispanic if they're not
from the neighborhood
they're attacking cat sanctuaries
physically attacking be able mugging
people they are just the filth of the
yard just vicious people with Satan
tattoos and and hammers and sickle
tattoos and I must think tattoos are bad
I'm saying the tempters they have a very
evil just the scum of the earth and now
we've had an T force come at a radical
jihadi communist mosque of Kurds
discover that mr. Robinson was around
the street they came over and attacked
him he fought back just in closing what
else is coming up you're very very busy
you're on the ground if your associate
the camera ground was to pop back again
he's welcome but just tell us what's
coming next and any other key points I'm
gonna drive straight skyline no Drive
skylights sit down with Lauren southern
to hear about her ordeal being held by
customs today in the UK doing one of the
things they said to her Alex they said
to her what's your view on I know I
would you intend to run over Muslims
with a vehicle what would you think
about that now
could you imagine Muslims coming to the
UK and they sat them down last Indy sort
questions and that's what they've asked
her that they're painted over as a
Christian extremist they've a question
though a lot about why she's meeting me
and I'll tell you the true reason for
me and Lauren Southern were about to
partner up and hopefully still will
we're about to partner up and do some
videos together and I think it worried
him I think the support base would have
worried him and so they've done every
step they've made in the last week
everything they're doing even when it
comes to statements they're making in
the media it's all because they're
worried and they should be worried they
should be worried because right now
we're connecting and speaking to more
people than ever before
people are realizing they've been lied
to the trust in the media is gone the
trust in the police has got people
looking elsewhere now for people that
will lead them I want to lead them I
want to lead people won't educate them
on a help them or show them to show them
exactly what's happening on our streets
and so long as we can stay alive doing
it what's next
we're gonna expose so many problems in
this country we're going to and then the
thing is when they make their decisions
when they make their decisions like they
just made to burn burn prick really pay
bone and deport them they do our job
they kill so many people but this Sunday
are being speakers corner given a speech
I'll be reading out Martin Sellner
speech the speech that he was due to
give I'll be there this Sunday and it
will be the Battle of speakers corner
the police and the government for their
they would prevent this by stopping the
people coming into our country instead
they've just created a massive swell of
support thousands of people will be
coming to speaker's corner and hopefully
for the first time it won't be ruled by
Muslims this Sunday and by the way I
want to pick up your feed and come here
Sunday what time is that so I can line
it up so we have live coverage I'm on
four to six already but that would be
basically at 10:00 at night where you're
at so what time is it it'd be 3 3 p.m.
Sunday speakers corner and all I wanted
to do it when I met mine so on the last
night I said I couldn't care if you were
handing me the Communist Manifesto to
reach the point this is not about mine
it's not about Brittany it's about free
speech it's about the history of our
country it's about 300 years of history
of people being able to go there with
controversial IDs and put them out and
give their opinion oh this is so big
this is so big 9:00 a.m. Sunday I'm
coming in and we're gonna cover this
live so we have multiple feeds please
I'm gonna try to get Paul Watson to go
and be with you there because I'm
telling you just like I got him to go on
the air if I can just get him in the
street it's gonna be huge
because it's amazing I know is
girlfriend of the morning we get killed
but this this is the real fight here and
we've got to expose these people and and
just hear the horrible vileness but none
of the Muslims radical are good I
suspect feeling this Sunday for the
first time in Britain's history
someone will be prevented from talking a
British man will be stopped
from speaking at speakers corner no way
Karl Marx from Lenin to every all
controversial figures of spoke there but
right now the difference is right now in
this era we have a Muslim population
that is not allowed to be offended or
upset so our way to see the government's
the government's tactic
the police's tactic I expect or even be
held grabbed or in a car crash before
Sunday time will tell
all right that's Tommy Robertson I will
call you as soon as the broadcast is
over in 20 minutes and I get on the road
you've got so much coming up let's just
get this planning died cuz we've been
talking a lot the last six months you've
been like hey let's do it and now you're
out of rebel your contract we can do it
so I'm very excited and we just secured
them why are you twenty thousand today
where I get that done and what people
should donate there again at Tommy
Robinson dot online in post and support
acid enforced or calm now is the time
ladies and gentlemen people are taking
action they're not rolling over and
hiding in the suburbs and ignoring
what's going on this is on this is the
fight against the globalist the fight
for free speech this is the 21st century
you know people face Hitler they faced
Lenin they faced Mao
we are facing the global as the mega
corporations that are running this and
we're going to defeat them we're going
to expose them Tommy Robinson I salute
you and your team oh and please as soon
as we can get
Lucy Brown on she's amazing
she'll be happy to come on engine oh boy
do you know what I said I looked her and
then Lucy's from a completely different
background for me she's a quiet girl a
lovely girl she did not hold back and I
afterwards I just with Lucy come here
dolly I love y'all she absolutely she's
a good-looking lady about how old I get
she has the gray hair and I thought she
was older but then she looks young she's
27 and she comes often there's a there's
a little video clip of her going after
him and she pulls one out one of them
are saying you think you're a big man
but she she again she can go through
this review herself she can go through
this with yourself burn but yeah I am
yeah absolutely
respected her that money Jerry gets me
excited seeing a woman kicking a commies
ass when he jumped on her first that
little piece of crap once he grabs his
nose he's like oh you didn't know she
wrecked he did I already talked to you
soon my friend Tommy Robinson we salute
you this is just epic
ah man I tell you I was crazed when I
first saw this footage it's for Saturday
Tommy Robinson is a best-selling author
publisher Patriot and he also works with
rebel media we appreciate him joining us
Muhammad's Quran calm as Tommy Robinson
on Twitter so Tommy Robinson joins us
right now from the what's left of the
United Kingdom from London Stan
so Tommy the only questions why are you
standing in the way of cultural
enrichment and we now know these new
refugees that carried out the bombing
last week had been brought in by the
government the last two years when we're
house they were children it what 21
years of age so what do we do I mean
what do we do to stand against this this
is it is knowing that that is the
question we have no idea how it
generates growing up we think that this
is how like this we think the life
purpose is easier there's no war and
Britain and things that happen around
the world won't happen in Britain happen
right now if not scared we could pull
that curtain back or 12 people escape to
open their mouths and that's because
they've got most people only know
something the hill more get back to the
hill in a position where if you talk
work you lose the dock and then you
can't provide for your family which I'd
say it purposely p-funk been done as
well they've got Popular's they can be
controlled through fear and intimidation
find at the top as soon as your
expression or free speech they come
banging down on your feet you down
this is time and time again you see
people in every industry in the UK and
we lose the next off being pain like
I've been being being taken in and
simply telling the truth Bayes law in
our country to note no grip we they have
four million Muslims
I'll talk about the dream a lot I think
they would be but once we have evidence
in our country / kids and it's so
powerful we're not coming and it's so
dangerous in our country all of our
needs back and that's what we've seen
folk the West is in the process of
committing suicide I see this is the
problem this is where it gets so every
stone peaceful solution - there is no
way exploring this problem and without
answer paper now there's no bike but it
can't be soft very soft point now see
both people the government's upset then
so I feel without no I think you would
have liked the paint gets in or when
builders get signal sweet when one
political party gets in let's try to
enforce the law but not the laws are
already there I just cause more money in
that community we will see mask on mask
on and that'll spread across the whole
America if you're watching this please
learn from our mistakes please learn you
have to look us you have to fight one
thing on remote we someone comes my
country 20 years ago and I wish they
told me I would wish to our God look
what all our people were warned this is
what's gonna well you're a modern you're
a modern Paul Revere Thank You Tommy
I'm so excited the new product at
Infowars live.com in a glass bottle
two-month servings filled to the brim
filled to the absolute top the real red
bill this is a heart and brain pill a
nootropic that doesn't have any
stimulants in it but boy does it
stimulate because it's beyond that quite
frankly I just went off what I saw
medical doctors prescribing to their
patients but it wasn't prescription but
they were charging people 100 $200 for
the four knee leg and I came up with our
own formula working with some scientists
and developers non-gmo made right here
in America 120 capsules and ladies and
gentlemen you add the pregnant own to it
which is the precursor to all the
hormones that your body has to have to
even make the hormones in your glands it
is amazing red pill now available and
enforced or calm and your purchase funds
the operation

InfoWarsStore.com or InfoWarsLife.com or FortifiedSupply.com or 888-253-3139
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