Author Topic: High Crime Area Targeted In Austin's Latest Bombing  (Read 43 times)

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High Crime Area Targeted In Austin's Latest Bombing
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:05:26 PM »

this was an incident that that all of
the neighbors and everybody here don't
think was purposely targeting that
individual they don't feel that the the
lady whose house it was it was actually
I believe it was her daughter that was
in the house that suffered the injuries
the old lady who who's lived there who's
lived there for a long time again
neighbors who've lived on the street are
like yeah I've known her my whole life
and they don't believe that she would
have been targeted by anyone she was
able to get out in her wheelchair
without sustaining too many injuries but
her daughter had to be taken out all
right I'm gonna be hosting the water run
for like 30 minutes to Loen gets back
and we got robbed you out there and Jake
Lloyd both I'm doing a great job at the
sight of the third bombing by the way
everyone that's been bombed in the last
week is black so it's a white
supremacist mental patient teenager or
it's some type of Mexican Mafia deal
because that all over the country
Mexican Mafia does not like black folks
and tries to drive them out
that's the well-known major friction
there or it's some type of weird South
by Southwest related deal or it's anti
fuck cuz they're prime suspects are
always saying they're gonna attack
everybody but not generally black people
so I have no idea what's going on here
Oh Troyer what do you think's going on
three bombings two of them today
obviously the first one was a test you
know it didn't hear average high school
student know or doesn't know how to make
a pipe bomb or a bomb that'll casually
kill somebody
so is this Theodore Kaczynski part two I
mean what are they gonna try to frame
right-wingers I mean we're just
speculating right now the medial say
Jones says he knows it's auntie fur Joan
says it's actors are all lies what do
you think one of the locals told you
what what's your takeaway there on the
scene of the third bombing well it's
obviously more questions than answers
right now considering the nature of the
event is what we know somebody just
dropped a package off and then left as
far as reporting
any individual from the scene of the
crime nobody really knows
there were FBI interviews where they
talked to neighbors they said that they
reported a suspicious individual but
that was yesterday which might actually
be important because the the two
bombings today both took place within
about five miles here in East Texas one
a little bit more north this one a
little bit more south with boson they
eat both on the east side of town of
course the fatal one earlier the fatal
one three weeks ago we're still yet to
hear the injuries of this as far as
what's behind it I mean I think that
that's kind of what's got everybody
scratching their heads right now there's
some other theories out there about you
know perhaps there's people trying to
get a bit of a change into the
neighborhood right now there's new
houses coming up old ones being torn
down but after talking to the neighbors
the one thing that I noticed that all
the neighbors said is that this is a
pretty tight-knit community everyone
here pretty much knows each other and
most of the people that have lived here
have lived here for a long time from
when they were kids even to this point
so it's very strange to them to be
thinking that somebody would be doing
this targeting individuals in the
neighborhood all of them felt like it
could have been any of their houses they
don't think that it was actually picked
out by choice to be that woman today or
that teenager before sure and they're
having a press conference right behind
that we're monitoring they're telling us
oh we think the bombings are related
yeah no you know what Sherlock but but I
do want to kind of hear what's in that
real quick so why don't you go over I
know you plugging it your mic up there
on the live deal but let's just look at
the background and some what's going on
and on there right over this so the Owen
Troyer is walking over into the press
conference see if we can hear any of
this from FBI San Antonio in Austin they
now have their Dallas team coming here
to assist us as well and the ATF is
bringing in their national response team
to Austin in addition to help support
that's one of the local feeds we've got
the acting police chief jointly Keith
Manley stay with Jake Lord's feet of the
press conference but let's have our one
walk away she doesn't disrupt it and
continue to give us his analysis okay so
like I said this was an incident that
that all of the neighbors and everybody
here don't think was purposely
targeting that individual they don't
feel that the the lady whose house it
was it was actually I believe it was her
daughter that was in the house that
suffered the injuries the old lady who
who's lived there who's lived there for
a long time again neighbors who've lived
on the street are like yeah I've known
her my whole life and they don't believe
that she would have been targeted by
anyone she was able to get out in her
wheelchair without sustaining too many
injuries but her daughter had to be
taken out you know Alex I think that you
know most of the people here they talk
about how you know there's a lot of
there's a lot of crime in this area
sometimes there's drug raids that cause
a lot of attention you might even get a
gun shot every once while stabbing so
something that would cause a crime scene
event but they think that perhaps this
area was targeted because of that reason
that a individual could come into this
area be suspicious walk around in the
hood and kind of get away with it
because activity like that maybe happens
here more often than sure they targeted
a high crime area thinking it would have
too many leads for the police to find
who did it right so the only I mean the
only leads again I was speaking to a lot
of the same neighbors that the FBI and
police were investigating and again
Infowars was actually the first crew on
scene here Alex we were here before we
just lost his feed we're gonna try to
get that back up I want Troy you're
doing a great job
I had no exaggeration over a hundred
articles I wanted to get in today and a
bunch of clubs the crew did a great job
getting and I just went down the rabbit
hole with the attack on free speech
Tommy Robinson the bombing here in
Austin so many other articles on news
Wars calm I didn't get to I'm gonna play
some of these clips for Ellen gets back
once the War Room kicks off so I think
it's those live feeds should probably be
you know in fours live cover or like in
fours on the scene of bombings in Austin
and I went back here to cover it but
I've got a bunch of clips I want to get
to one of these is on news wars.com
Faraj rips you over targeting of poland
hungary and blistering parliament speeds
yeah they're threatening to basically
invade them if they don't let muslims
come in on vetted and soros brags he's
running this i mean it's just the
criminality is unbelievable very
powerful speech i want to play some of
that next hour on the
when that kicks off David nice doing a
great job as well it was great having
him host the sunday show your stay I
watched that last night when I after I
got home and we've got I should have let
the whole show with this I mentioned it
some but Assange warned CIA flooding the
Democratic Party they're running over 50
national candidates who are CIA leftist
none of them are covert action people or
you know they're all pencil-pushing
vallabha listen take this country that's
what they are is a cancer to destroy the
country and it's all the web sites are
all built by the same people this is
illegal and and and I mean they're
intending to overthrow the country and
they're intended to steal the election
so an Assange has the documents that's
up on infowars.com that went viral this
weekend but it didn't get the attention
after that it needs to go viral I'm
gonna be covering that one way or the
other but this is really huge article
Assange warns CIA flooding into
democratic party for 2018 midterms
Assange is also a classical liberal
attacked the UK government for only
spending things like 18 million pounds
on human rights stuff and admitting that
they brought up working with radical
Islam for sex slavery you name it
Assange is just an awesome Patriot I can
tell you that right now so I met him far
from a Russian agent just absolutely
asinine now briefly before you in the
Alex Jones transmission and then go into
the war room it's gonna kick off 2
minutes after that live at info wars.com
for its last show or on stations around
the country we need your support I don't
have $20,000 in our budget to send a
money to tommy Robinson but it has to
happen because the work he's doing is
too critical to everybody I didn't have
$20,000 to send a project Veritas but
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we don't do this everybody falls I don't
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not thinking too straight like not
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a half let's mile from us so we're
bombings so enforced or calm in fours
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good guys today
then for store.com and you will check
mate Soros and the globalist oh we got
45 seconds till break tell us what else
is coming up and you get back in the
command base well Alex all types of news
obviously we'll be covering the CIA
trying to infiltrate the Democrat Party
to remove president truck from office
we've also got former attorney general
of California Kamala Harris accused a
man of a hate crime that he never did
even CNN is blowing that one out of the
water so Kamala Harris is being exposed
as a total fraud I don't think she's
gonna be able to run for pro I mean 99%
of these complaints that liberals files
fake this stuff filed on us is complete
horse pucky and I quite frankly the
gloves are off man they picked the wrong
one to go with that because it's pure BS
and so everybody get ready hope you
enjoy all of us defending our rights
oh it's Roy you're coming up I'm gonna
be hosting the war room though till he
gets here and Roger stone and more
arrives I'll tell us about Russia Gabe
stay with us
if you are proceeding this translation
you are the resistance
it's the claim that the the August
protest was some sort of left-wing plot
who he might ask would say something so
offensive an elected representative
who's serving right now in the US
Congress and look at the background
George Soros is one of those people that
actually helps me you know back these
individuals who is he my understanding
is is that you went out with this
protector of yours who swore that you
were his adopted God so yes yes when I
would in fact and helped in the
confiscation of property from the Jews
that site
was it difficult
not not at all do you think church
service funded the neo-nazis who marched
in John woods it'd be interesting to
find out these conspiracy theories were
first bred by radio talk-show host Alex
Jones is this lost on anyone George
Soros is a famous Nazi collaborator from
the front lines of the information war
it's Alex Jones
the globalist are losing but they're
doubling down their attacks there's one
thing they fear and it's people power
Infowars has defeated their censorship
so far only because of you
spreading the links spreading the
articles subscribing clicking the
notification buttons and getting the
articles and videos out but they are
intensifying their censorship so now
it's more important than ever to ensure
we keep the First Amendment alive and
well right here in America and free
speech worldwide so from Australia to
countries in Africa to Europe to Mexico
to right here in the USA
I salute you all for taking action and
defending free speech we will prevail

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