Author Topic: The Battle For Speakers' Corner Begins Now  (Read 41 times)

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The Battle For Speakers' Corner Begins Now
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:02:21 PM »

so I'm gonna go to speakers corner we're
300 years of history at speakers corner
some of the most controversial figures
in our country's history have spoke
there from George Orwell to Cole Marx
and our government think they can stop
that they speaker's corner has been
taken over by radical Islamic jihadists
that's the only people to go there to
promote their religion well this Sunday
at 3 o'clock the battle for speakers
caller begins
imagine a whole gang of thugs training
with communist Islamist at a mosque
learn from one of their operatives that
Tommy Robinson is at a McDonald's with
his camera lady and then they come over
and attack the woman to get the camera
viciously start beating her she fights
back he fights back then they run is
cowardly scum and the police are all
there and do nothing
Tommy Robinson's our guest to the bottom
of the answer that we have reporters on
the scene of the third bombing in Austin
you cannot make this up so we're gonna
talk to own Schroyer than Rob do and of
course Jake Lloyd and then this has been
in the works for six months I want to
publish his book Muhammad's Korea it's
already a best-seller in Europe here in
the US because I want you hear what
Muhammad actually said and then I I want
to hire him but I said let me finish up
with all this stuff till under the
budget I just can't wait they keep
hitting us with other torpedoes we're
moving forward that's why I gave twenty
thousand dollars of project Veritas
because they do incredibly great work
and the lawyers told me they said the
footage they have of the New York Times
and YouTube and Google and Twitter and
Facebook saying you're public enemy
number one Alex Jones is the enemy plus
anybody else that spreads American flags
they said well we banned Alex Jones or
anything like or anything like American
flags we hate the America I mean it's on
video these are globalists and then a
lot of people that you see me listeners
they go oh I'll be promoted by YouTube
and make money by attack out shown so
they flip and then people think oh look
you're being censored you're not winning
no I am winning I'm changing the world
the way people think about only
themselves it's like if you had
neighbors upstream there's a point
made last week less of his house and
their crapping in the river and it's
coming down to your house they'll have a
right to do that okay and that's where
we are so we're changing the world we
expect to get attacked throws like we're
gonna kill you we're gonna shut you up
like we get that okay we're here to stop
you so all these innocents don't get run
it's an instinct it's a spirit it's not
like trying to be a hero you can't roll
over when you see him kidnap the little
girls like he did this town
he owned a tanning bed company was
making money middle-class and I had a
big nice house I know Robins store
everybody Immunization about him ten
years ago and halfway believing at my
own self
they took this house they put him in
prison they tried to kill him now he's
stronger than ever
so he's not doing this for his own self
he's doing it because the town he was
editor about 4-thousand little girls
were grim for sex many of them kidnap
many of them killed mininum disappeared
this is a evil British pedophile
government ally with Islam because under
its tenants of radical Islam it follows
pedophilia everybody knows about the
giant scandals the pedophilia in England
the secret dungeons the torture the
murder of little kids Prime Minister's
little girls throats all that's coming
out the BBC is basically a giant
pedophile cult
so I mean London Telegraph pedophile
cult runs UK cannot be released will
destroy national security that's a
headline that's top police saying we're
run by pedophiles who are devil
worshippers you cannot make that up what
our harems their slave pits of women
yeah Mohammed had sex with a nine year
old so Turkey's legalizing sex with nine
year olds right now you cannot make this
up so I'm gonna donate twenty thousand
dollars we don't have because we did
last year we brought it even more
capital than we did the election year we
thought that was crazy but because we
sold stuff at such low prices we brought
in less money aggregate but this year
it's accelerating because I just cut
prices too much last day of the sale
free shipping and it's 30 to 80% off all
these bestsellers the average sum up its
gotta end because we're selling out of
stuff and tempers he explained he said
yeah this is the most money we ever
brought in but it's only 5% money we
keep Alex you got a stop we got some
other great sells tomorrow but take
advantage of these go click the support
us donate button but I'm giving $20,000
cuz I've learned they got a bunch of
crappy cameras they don't have body
and they need it they could get even
better Intel so I've given the directive
right now to wire
- Tommy Robinson $20,000 by tomorrow so
they can get the equipment they need
they've got him trying to break in their
houses surveilling them trying to
infiltrate them I mean it's it's been
amazing what's been milling on to these
guys but it's like a James Bond movie
but this is the real world or the real
James Bond's have 200 cameras that are
broken so I'm sitting 20 thousand
dollars sounds like a lot it's not takes
a lot to do all this but I need you to
go to his website let's put it on screen
because he's got a new website it's
Tommy Robinson now there's the website
what is the best places you've got a lot
of these is it Tommy Robinson dot online
at that awesome site what's the best web
for side Tommy Tommy Roberts and online
and Alex you will get value for money
cuz you know like since going
independent we haven't got the funds and
he even even like his Sunday because
they stopped cuz they stopped mine
selling of speaking in London and they
deported him I've said they may have
stopped the speaker but they won't stop
the speech so I'm gonna go to speakers
where's 300 years of history at speakers
corner some of the most controversial
figures in our country's history have
spoke there from George Orwell to Cole
Marx and our government think they can
stop that they speaker's corner has been
taken over by radical Islamic jihadists
that's the only people that go there to
promote their religion well this Sunday
at 3 o'clock the battle for speakers
call it begins now I know I'm going
there and but we don't have the money or
he didn't have led the money to get
proper security
you've just gave us the money to get
proper security so thank you very much
we can also get the proper equipment and
I guarantee you people see value for
money with the money you've give us
because we're gonna get straight back
out there well let's be clear we haven't
even struck an operational plan we've
come out for six months to try to get
you the proper studio and you know do
the right things I don't want to step on
rebels toes so now you can work with us
but expanding on that Tommy it is
critical that everybody else donate
because that is just a drop in the
bucket so let me give people the website
again it's Tommy Robinson dot online
whether it's five dollars twenty five
dollars or fifty
pounds its impounded nominations there
on PayPal get in there folks donate
today because this is front-line
patriots completely outnumbered in a
last-ditch effort but people are
responding they're getting involved what
they're scared of is your leadership
your marches through no-go zones that
the fact that only muslims are allowed
to have free speech now in the UK I've
seen it myself
where Muslims are allowed to speak but
nobody else is this this has to be stood
up against this is absolutely
devastating so again people need to go
to your website you know it wasn't
organizations and channels like yourself
if it wasn't for people like yourself
and the only way you know you're getting
out you're coming under attack from
everywhere every legal suit they can do
so if they can sue you to try and bring
you down financially destroy you that's
what they're doing they're doing it's
actly same to all the people and the
only way they'll survive is with the
public support so ever that be on my
website or join on Infowars and all the
things that you're doing or on your shop
is what helps you do it but not just
what were helping you do it you give
people like myself and people across
Europe and people across the world who
don't have a platform if it wasn't for
organizations alternative media first
giving me interviews and give me
platforms no guard there so while people
whilst you're asking people to support
you've just give us 20,000 pounds you've
gots the opportunity side rather people
were supporting Infowars and helping
them grow and grow and get bigger and I
just said change the world and you know
something we need to do is when these
donations come in we need to give people
credit when they want it cut like Ron
Paul you said we don't have the
infrastructure I love we can team up
whoever is building your websites we
want to launch some new ones that are
really slick and nice like you've got um
forces kind of informational news Wars
looks really good but I like you know
your the look of your new site the team
you've got and so when we get off here
today we're going to talk about it
because I've waited too long I'm trying
to hire some other people I'm just
trying to budget it so the listeners
will just go to em for store.com buy the
products click on the support donate to
us no I mean I gave $100,000 to help
round up pedophiles and document that
that is a set to be come out on
television I don't have any stake in
that I'm not trying to make money off
that production I just knew that they
were blocking what was happening so I
funded it
same thing here twenty thousand dollars
project Veritas is now giving us the key
to win these lawsuits with Google
Facebook and Twitter admitting they're
doing it because of our political views
not for what they claim we now can win
these lawsuits we don't want to launch
them we have to to make them back off we
have to sue the people that filed false
complaints we have to sue you know folks
that sue is saying and we know we can
have a painting a pepper the Frog you
know they're coming after our free
speech so enforced or calm in fors
live.com and also go to mr. Robbins
website because it's critical for
everybody to understand this is a war
and people that are willing to risk them
their lives out there like Tommy
Robinson need your financial support
today and I'm not gonna sit here while
he does a great job in the field but
fumbles around trying to get money for
year after year after year after year
when they're trying to put his ass in
prison we need to give him the equipment
he needs for the information war so go
there and donate today and also buy
products that you need that are great
and enforce tour.com free shipping ends
there is a war it's happening now
it will decide the fate of humanity the
time to choose sides has come we are the
resistance we are the info war the
globalist are losing but they're
doubling down their attacks there's one
thing they fear and its people power
Infowars has defeated their censorship
so far only because of you spreading the
legs spreading the articles subscribing
clicking the notification buttons and
getting the articles and videos out but
they are intensifying their censorship
so now it's more important than ever to
ensure we keep the First Amendment alive
and well right here in America and free
speech worldwide so from Australia to
countries in Africa to Europe to Mexico
to right here in the USA I salute you
all for taking action and defending free
speech we will prevail
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