Author Topic: Is ANITFA Responsible For The Austin Bombings?  (Read 54 times)

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Is ANITFA Responsible For The Austin Bombings?
« on: March 12, 2018, 07:00:21 PM »

we are back live ladies and gentlemen if
you're watching us on television
oh and shroyer is behind the yellow tape
of a Montopolis drive in Southeast
Austin with a live feed of the third
bombing the third bombing since March
2nd the second bombing today there was a
bombing on March 2nd there were two
bombings today including fatalities
breaking on infowars.com
3rd explosion in Austin Texas from
suspicious package well it's it's a bomb
yes live video is on info wars.com live
video feed on the scene of the 3rd
bombing we're dispatching reporters to
the bombing that happened this morning
this just happened a few hours ago we
have a live coverage at infowars.com
live video coverage on the ground at the
bombing there's not other media there
by the way the crew came in here at the
start of the broadcast they came in here
during the last break they said Alex why
are you not covering the top story on
Drudge Report calm a second bombing in
Austin Texas of completely innocent
targets old ladies in Northeast Austin
and I just get so focused on globalism
and the big picture that IIIi just was
sad to hear this has happened I hadn't
really covered it some uncover it now oh
it sure is down there on the scene I
would just always goes that doesn't he
need to direct him I'm get ready for my
own show great let's since camera crews
with it missus this is big sins so we
got camera crews ten people now I guess
I could go off air for a few minutes so
now that they reminded me this is going
on I'm like yeah we need to we need to
go cover this we need to go live from
the scene and then you know talk to
folks and then in and get going on so
we're gonna do that breaking woman
injured in second explosion reported in
Austin today EMS says that's out of the
Statesmen emergency responders have been
dispatched and you know it has it was
South by Southwest folks so that
somebody gets attention for that to a
second reported explosion in Austin on
Monday Maddox percent of the 6700 block
of the Lindo Street near Montopolis and
East Riverside this is like right here
in the middle Austin in Southeast Austin
and there's an another one in North East
Austin I guess Maddox took a woman only
described as her 70s to del Seton
Medical Center it was serious
potentially life-threatening injuries
another woman there aids is being
treated for an unrelated medical issue
the incident marks the second report
explosion in the city on Monday and the
third in two weeks
explosions the first one was a test
weeks ago an explosion earlier in the
day the 1400 block of old Fort Hill
Drive and East Austin killed 17-year old
and injured a woman described in her 40s
hours after the incident interim police
chief brian manly said the explosion
appeared similar and likely righted
another explosion in Northeast Austin on
March 2nd the Ides of March authorities
on Monday also warned residents against
taking suspicious package
inside their homes the incidents are
being investigated by police and federal
authorities in homicide the chief said
that's two bombings today at one back on
March 2nd week ago and I don't know
who's behind it but I know that we're
going to Mike Adams my massive sensor
this is critical coming up as a moment
he's busy on a business trip and I twist
his arm to come on because this is
important we go with him in a minute
this is breaking the Huffington Post ran
stories last week as well as the local
paper saying that violence by anti
gentrification grips is good you guys
pull that coming in post article up
particularly I think it's like anti
gentrification groups now you know now
turning to violence and it says in the
article I texted it to the dari over the
weekend how good it is it's like they're
not gonna take White's moving into their
neighborhood kindly then it's weird
white liberal women communists leaving
the minorities and then here in Austin
the blue cat cafe had some little
trailers in an empty parking lot with
two liberal women that had a cat shelter
and they come out and protest them and
in and then put superglue in locks so
the cats couldn't be fed and knocked the
windows out and the Statesmen said it
was good and and the patch articles said
Oh Jones got involved but you know this
gentrification is a problem and now the
city's gonna pass a gentrification law
of a right to return where I guess if
you're white and you own a property you
lose the city now about who you can sell
it to and for what so they can have a
mafia over it and I mean East Austin was
about 80 percent black under Jim Crow
laws but just like East Texas family
I've got
it's a brain drainer but it goes to
college that they move away and then
crime and old folks are in the area and
section 8 housing so the so the left
gave itself all this money hundreds of
millions of dollars in Austin they move
in they build it all up they run it
Friends of the City Council mafia make
money and now they induce yuppies to
move in and now they're gonna have a
white tax and it says Portland in other
city is have this why
tax and you pay it it has nothing to do
with displace black people by the way it
was the illegal aliens that displaced
him anti gentrification protest turns
violent in East Austin yeah oh it turns
violent and and again those are some of
the articles but put the Huffington Post
one up their place so having the post
comes out and says it's good that
they're violent a new generation to
manage unification radicals are on the
margin Los Angeles and around the
country and then it goes into how
they're violent and how it's good it
says again Austin Texas California you
name it it listed all right there and
they're communist they have communist
flags they come out they're led by rich
white kids and then they hit you over
the head with clubs and the media says
it's good so is this an anti
gentrification bombing I don't know I'm
not saying that that's just the violence
being promoted what we're seeing I mean
the these leftist groups say if you see
a white person mug them and you know
that sounds crazy you can't go into
these hippie dippie yuppie areas now in
East Austin without somebody trying to
mug you and it's crazy anti fuzz all
over there communists just thugs roaming
around and then all these idiot left us
it's even been on the news they go I'm
gay why did the five black guys beat me
up I'm liberal those are clips on local
Fox News and it's like dude you've been
sent there to be the food in a social
experiment we're gonna go to Mike as we
come back from break
he had his YouTube channel with hundreds
of millions of views deleted the health
I know his YouTube channel was six seven
eight years old at least that I knew of
some of our videos are on there with
millions of views it's just gone he was
told by executives at YouTube it'll go
unnamed that no one's on why it was
they say you follow the community
standards he had a video about how there
are two genders you see professors
getting fired or getting censured and
all this stuff
it means you hate someone if you're
saying there is if you want to say
you're another gender that's fine I'm
gonna say Europe
dragon or you're a golden dragon or
you're a beautiful ornate building like
Google executives do if you want to say
you're the Loch Ness monster and the
Easter Bunny or flying purple people
here you can do that I don't hate you I
don't hate people that think you know
they're the Pope when they're not we
usually call that mentally ill folks but
there are two genders there are two
different rips of chromosomes in male
and female in every major species so I
understand they're trying to like make
being heterosexual a bad thing I mean I
the left comes up in Whole Foods I can't
even go there they'll say how dare you
have three four children or they'll say
f your family or look at your gross
family and so it's it's there the
radicals there the cult there the
weirdos and the people beneath them the
left is adopting whatever the new
radicalization is so they've gone from
left being anti-war and anti anti-free
speech globalist lock everybody up and
let's go attack cat sanctuaries and
let's hit people in the head with bike
locks and let's do all this so Mike
Adams is coming up is YouTube band
ladies and gentlemen yeah you can pull
up a local news reports about the cat
sanctuary vandalized that's the that's
the article and but what's more
important is you've got Huffington Post
and the Austin american-statesman saying
it's good to go out and attack people
they just they tell the middle class and
white people and others gentrified move
in and help these folks build it up he
sauces like a wasteland every second
house had nobody in it I mean it was
like you drive down the roads I'd see
killings and stuff over there cuz access
TV was based over there I would see
people on stretchers with him with
blankets over there at least once a
month there were deaths every day was a
hellhole they've made it actually really
nice and they've got all this affordable
housing but that's not what it was about
it was about then once you do that you
use the real liberals that mean well try
to bring wealth areas
you didn't call it gentrification and
then you make everybody clash then the
other whites through the area go under
Stockholm Syndrome and join the anti fun
and the communist group to literally
wear armbands and say I hate white
people I'm in the club and the
minorities are like we're not into this
matter the media covers it like that's
what it's supposed to be totally sick
we're gonna go to break come back Mike
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ultimate sleep aid ladies and gentlemen
Owen Troyer host of the War Room is live
off of Montopolis very close to our
offices warehouse our broadcast studios
are in a different area in Central
Austin but our warehouse is in South
Austin near to the bombing and and this
is the third bombing a second today
third since March 2nd and again Owen is
live streaming right now on infowars.com
and news wars.com he is at the scene
there was just shots of FBI agents you
name it we'll be talking to him next our
mr. Robinson attacked by aunt Eva
viciously incredible footage that's
coming up to give us the rest of story
next hour but Mike Adams is on the road
he's a technology expert the health
Rangers so much more a top programmer
he's meeting right now he's left Austin
he's in another location about to launch
his own big video platform because he
was banned after hundreds of millions of
years and many years on YouTube for
saying there are two genders and having
clips of professors and scientists
saying that in mammals there are two
genders it doesn't hurt anybody that
there are two genders like does it hurt
anybody that water boils at a certain
temperature or thing a thing or two plus
two equals four he was banned all part
of this Persian thousands of channels
have not been brought back you put it up
attention on him force that our Channel
and others came back doctor of course he
came back but not Mike Adams of natural
news.com so he's here to talk about this
and what his YouTube sources told
because there are some Patriots in
YouTube and we've talked to them as well
now BuzzFeed says it's not true YouTube
doesn't talk to us and I guess the
president doesn't talk to us either
because you just said so cuz you're
BuzzFeed but the point is he got this I
think I won't tell us your source oh
they can be fired everybody knows our
sources because our news turns out to be
99% of the time instead of 99% of the
time not being true from CNN so people
know our sources we don't give them to
you so Mike Adams because we're
protecting them it's what you do in
journalism Mike Adams of natural
news.com tell us what happened this is
incredible I mean I had looked at your
site in a few days when this happened I
didn't have hundreds of millions of
views hadn't you been on YouTube for
like seven eight years give us the
history of this huge compendium of
research and knowledge that was pop
linked all over the web I mean you run
one of the biggest health sites in the
world I think only behind maybe Mercola
I mean you're in the top three and
they're just dynamiting you and you're
you're really a nonpartisan guy I mean
you didn't like George Bush more than
10,000 whomps are more than 1,700 videos
10 years of videos over I think 350
thousand subscribers and yeah we covered
how to prevent cancer how to grill your
own food how to raise backyard chickens
and plus I'm a pro Liberty voice and
what I'm being told now is from from a
person who I can't verify who they are
but they claim to be a YouTube insider
who said that my channel was taken down
because I said there were two genders it
just it was outrageous I thought at
first I was banned because I was pro
Liberty I wasn't sure they tell you you
violate Community Guidelines but they
don't tell you which video violated or
which phrase violated you know they
claim if you disagree with the leftist
you're a bully so if you say there are
two genders now you're a bully just for
not believing there are an infinite
number of genders and flying dragon kin
human rainbow unicorns it's insane
Alex it's a war against logic and let me
be clear if you were clear then before
about the source and I guess you don't
get to my in trouble but we have YouTube
sources we have Facebook and Twitter
we've recorded them because some of them
said they don't mind if we tell
sources that like us some of them we
have several recordings at a high level
person at Twitter and Facebook where
they call us and they said if you say
the T word again you will lose your
Twitter we haven't recorded we go excuse
us the the word training was created by
transsexuals and now in 2017 Twitter
said it decided the executive it was
offensive so now that words ban you must
use the word transsexual I mean they're
not the FCC plus I'm not even attacking
anybody they're saying what words I can
use so we have them recorded telling us
that if you say the word you will be
banned and you have the professors and
people getting fired or being censored
if they say there are two genders so
this is setting the precedent with all
the transhumanism coming out the
Chipping all this that if you even talk
bad about any of it you will be silenced
this is the new global system I always
heard the church when I was a little kid
didn't believe it that there'll be a one
world government one world religion if
you don't accept whatever that religion
is you'll be banned from commerce well
here we are with the internet ID and
this whole future Mike Adams and the
Chinese model of this global you know
social score like something out of you
know a black mirror episode and you're
sitting there and they're doing it and
then once they get you or you can't say
you know certain things well then they
can ban everything they have total
control Mike well absolutely and by the
way my channel was called the health
Ranger for people who you know who want
to try to find it now I mean it's still
gone but maybe maybe we can pummel
YouTube on this but look they're saying
that you can't quote biological reality
you can't say that men produce sperm you
can't say that women have ovaries I mean
just now citing biological science has
become a thought crime in America if you
say there are two genders if you quote
if you cite the science textbooks that
are in schools but are probably being
rewritten now you are banned you are
basically criminalized for believing in
reality and Alex this comes from a
position YouTube is actually weak
they're bullying us because their
positions are weak they can't survive a
debate they can't survive any kind of
actual conversation about reality
they can't win in the idea of reasons so
they have to censor their opponents
that's what this is it's a they're
they're admitting that they have lost
they're admitting that they're weak and
they have to destroy their opponents
rather than engaging them in intelligent
conversation the Church of Scotland came
out last Friday there's a story on
infowars.com with the headline Church of
Scotland says some women have small
penises some men have vaginas and the
folks this is being taught to children
by the church in official literature for
the sunday school you name it they can
put out his doctrine so I know this
sounds very profane on air but this is
documentary we are documenting it some
women have little penises that's exact
quote says goddess Church at the
National Church Church of Scotland
church member feels again that some men
have vaginas and some women have small
penises claims the Church of Scotland
and a 30 page booklet so this is total
mental illness just like the nurse got
in trouble earlier this year at the
National Health Service because a man
with a beard with large muscles and
tattoos came in and said I want a pap
smear of my cervix and she she went
ahead with it and pulled his pants off
and said sir you have male genitals and
last time I heard she may be fired for
not the link oh yes
yes sir yes ma'am let me check your your
cervix here let me do a pap smear for
any type of diseases on a man I mean
what where is this going Mike well this
is all about you have to play pretend
now in the ever-expanding insanity of
the left and you can never keep up
that's the thing even if you agree to go
along with their political correctness
today and speak their weird distorted
language and use all the weird distorted
pronouns they change next week and now
if you don't keep up with the change all
of a sudden you're a bigot even though
you were okay last week now you're a
bigot because you didn't say he or she
you're in the correct way it is
absolutely insane Alex they're not just
destroying the culture they're
destroying language they are destroying
logic and reason and the universities
today are not teaching kids how to think
they're teaching them how to
form and be obedient and be terrorist
frankly their universities have become
terrorist recruiting hubs for leftists
and by the way you're not just saying
that when when google makes you get an
ample theater with their executives and
executive goes I'm a beautiful female
dragon I am a beautiful ornate building
and I know you are a beautiful
dragonette you are an ornate building
that is Jim Jones CooCoo level on
purpose this is classic cult programming
it is that's why I've called it a left
cult this is this is dangerous they
demand obedience they're censoring free
speech they want to take away your first
amendment your second amendment your
fourth amendment hey people if there was
ever a time to stand up and resist this
insanity and defend your nation it is
right now the war is on Alex everything
that's happening this censorship is
being done as a prelude to something
much bigger maybe an all-out attempted
communist takeover like a Stalin as they
are definitely hyping their people up
for militaristic action they are all
you're going to prison you're gonna die
when I see them in public I mean they
they are they are spoiling they are
because again once they accept to do
whatever the media says to be
politically correct they can the next
day say we'll just start killing people
and they will because they believe they
have the moral right to do it this is
scientifically crafted they will
absolutely this has been done before in
history and they know that if there's
enough anger pushed out there by the
late-night so-called comedy or left-wing
news if there's enough anger it bypasses
rationality bypasses logic and it turns
young leftist into literally a lunatic
liberal mob of wannabe killers and
that's why they're attacking people but
you know what we're gonna fight back
because we have the right to
self-defense and we have the right to
defense right are you ready to announce
the new video sighs I'm a bunch of these
are launching some are getting millions
of subscribers day one I know yours well
you're gonna carry our content tell can
you tell us yet the new name of the site
the teaser it's up there now real video
you can ask for an invitation it's
coming real that video is the site you
had done well lord Vader loved it do
what must be done lord Adams
we're gonna go to break and come right
back we got Owens Troy you're on the
ground at the second bombing that's not
bombing in Austin for South by Southwest
is an Tifa behind it I smell a little
auntie for boobies we are back live
ladies and gentlemen if you're watching
us on television
oh and Troyer is behind the yellow tape
of a Montopolis drive in Southeast
Austin with a live feed of the third
bombing the third bombing since March
2nd the second bombing today there was a
bombing on March 2nd there were two
bombings today including fatalities
breaking on infowars.com 3rd explosion
in Austin Texas from suspicious package
well it's it's a bomb yes
live video is on info wars.com live
video feed on the scene of the third
bombing we're dispatching reporters to
the bombing that happened this morning
this just happened a few hours ago we
have live coverage at infowars.com live
video coverage on the ground at the
bombing there's not other media there
that the police are being very very rude
to Owen telling me even get back from
the yellow tape the FBI was not like
that they are searching the houses
house-to-house they've cordoned the
neighborhood back to blocks this is
unprecedented so a lot of breaking news
there we'll cover it some of the next
segments with live feed and then go to
Tommy Robinson who's just flown back
into the UK even going to Islamic no-go
zones the police obviously coordinated
anti fuck to attack him and his female
reporter who then defeated the 10 thugs
who ran in fear you cannot make up the
magnitude of this Mike Adams of natural
news.com you're normally an austenite
your operations are based here but you
are off now setting up a major new video
streaming service what do you make of
this let me just make this statement is
an tyfa behind the third bombing here's
the question is an tyfa behind that now
third bombing in austin texas they're
violent they call for violence they call
for attacking gentrification any old
white people moving in to East Austin
and you have three bombings that have
happened they also say old Hispanics are
old blacks if you're not from the
neighborhood you're not wanted I'm just
saying I think that they should be
investigated because they are a terror
group they're listed as a terror group
they call for violence they've attacked
the blue cat cafe a cat sanctuary I
believe their prime suspects and that is
not a conspiracy theory to say a known
violent group that's been calling for
violence against gentrification and you
got three bombings I think they're prime
suspects I'm not saying they did it but
I think that's a normal extrapolation
what do you think Mike Adams until we
know more details yeah that that's a
reasonable speculation obviously that
can change when more facts are known but
look remember when CNN docks that
elderly woman who had posted something
about pro-trump
she is the kind of person I believe who
would be typically targeted by anti fuh
style domestic terrorists because CNN
demonizes those people D CNN goes out
and essentially stalks people turns them
into targets for a group an tyfa which
has said it wants to use violence there
they're very overt about it there
they're not you know covert they they
want to kill conservatives now whether
this bombing is that or maybe just some
personal vendetta against a couple of
individuals is yet to be known but it
fits the pattern Alex of what
antipholuses to do to conservatives and
political targets across America well I
know you're busy but if you'll write an
article about your site being taken down
and the fact that other sites are sold
out I'd like to point out this has
happened to thousands of prominent sites
that did not come back and the only
person that seems to care is Matt Drudge
and Infowars because we understand if
you hang will hang separately my friends
we need to hang together so again please
under you're busy guy but if you write
an article for Angela news calm we will
post it at Infowars news Wars and I will
try to send it out to everybody I can
we're trying to have other people that
have still been banned on because you
know we understand it it's it's it's you
today it's us tomorrow
and finally Breitbart and Daily Caller
realize that and have finally come to
our aid as well because you know if they
get banned I'll stand up for them as
well so Mike thank you so much thank you
Alex great great to join you today and
just reminder all Patriots do not build
your content on centrally controlled
tech systems anymore always look for
alternatives and that's the right Matt
Drudge again
came here two years ago to say
decentralize get out of the electronic
ghettos the center ships coming the
Supreme Court justice told him and it's
all here now even though Trump got
elected they're still trying to deploy
it we need to bust up these trusts we
need to get aggressive and we are filing
lawsuits very very soon thank you Mike
Adams we'll be back as the fight for the
restoration of humanity's destiny
continues you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America kind of
liberalism I think we should ossify them
as a game you know they come dressed in
uniforms they have weapons it's almost a
militia I think we need to think about
that in terms of our law enforcement
approach we condemn in the strongest
possible terms this egregious display of
hatred bigotry and violence on many
sides on many sides on many sides this
was a white nationalist rally you have
to call that out by night many sides
mr. president mr. president this is
terrorism not your order at KFC prior to
the unrest police band sticks masks
today any other potential weapons though
ever dozens of anti-fascist protesters
broke those rules it appears they also a
pepper spray the leader of the
conservative group one left-wing
demonstrator attacked a photographer and
others reportedly threatened people who
are trying to film the violence what
about the alt left they came charging at
the as you say the alt right do they
have any semblance of guilt
let's give this what about the fact that
came charging that they came charging
with clubs in the hand swinging clubs do
they have any problem I think they do
and they are just beating people ganging
up men and women ganging up on loan
individuals and just beating them in a
wanton savage brownshirt nazi operation
they don't want to mention an Tifa and
how anti fell it early came trained
militarized doing warlike maneuvers and
you know they bring coolers and you
think oh it's to stay hydrated
no it's filled with water balloons
filled with feces urine just discussing
things that will pop and explode on
people and water bottles filled with the
same substance
he just got struck with pepper spray
every time one of these situations
happens you know you see the worst of
people sometimes I think we saw it out
of the left you just saw those videos of
them chasing and beating people people
in black clothing black masks over 100
of them broke through the lines and
attacked stragglers who are there for
the most part the event was shut down
they couldn't find enough conservative
so they started attacking the police
after a while but you saw them beating
the Conservatives even as they come in
carrying no hate signs and the mayor
said they made sure the themes of love
and compassion dominated over hate
speech vastly outnumbered by counter
protesters at Martin Luther King jr.
Civic Center Park and then we saw that
group with the masks on they had their
own you know shields that they made for
lack of a better term a huge crowd there
now and what we certainly don't know
certainly and we'll try to find out some
of those protesters and one that's ones
that showed up with the masks and the
shields may do this in other locations
they may be where you call professional
protesters who do this a lot that's an
American flag that they have set on fire
this Trump supporter was the first
casualty of the day with blood streaming
out of his face well they wanted hit me
with blast knuckles on the Blind Side
we're here for free speech a bob chased
him for a block and a half took his flag
Trump hat and glasses and spat all over
him you know I'm okay with people making
white supremacists feel unwelcome I mean
excuse me like you're making me feel
unsafe in my own country because I'm a
Jew listen everyone said oh yeah you
can't can't listen to CNN no more can't
listen to the news anymore because it's
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