Author Topic: VICE Reports On 11 Times Donald Trump Quoted Alex Jones  (Read 35 times)

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VICE Reports On 11 Times Donald Trump Quoted Alex Jones
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:59:21 PM »

Obama is a frontman a figurehead his
real name is berry Satara his name was
Barry sitar oh and that was his name and
he changed his name to Barack Hussein
the newest Obama birth certificate
that's been released by the White House
has been altered in literally dozens of
ways a lot of people do not think it was
an authentic certificate but many people
do not think it was authentic he also
again wears a ring that has Islamic
Arabic script on it he's wearing a
Muslim rather than Trump this is amazing
a certain anchor on CNN fake as hell CNN
so fake fake news
and the ratings allows you by the way
and compared to fox their ratings
never see the story where I'm it's 1999
I'm on Meet the Press a show now headed
by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd he's a
sleeping son of a bitch shall tell you
and they showed it this morning 1999 and
I'm talking about North Korea you got to
take them out now
and then they have Clinton saying we are
pleased to announce that we have made a
deal with North Korea well you know how
that deal turned out right tentaclear
weapons and billions of dollars and lots
of other things but now North Korea has
already agreed to no more missile tests
conditionally for the meeting and to
abandon their nuclear weapons program
and they agreed to a lot more behind the
scenes and notice I told you that last
week the day after it was announced and
then now it's in the news that North
Korea has already tacitly agreed trunk
doesn't go to that meeting without the
agreement and so we can't be embarrassed
the South Koreans have written
memorandums that can be released if Kim
jong-un or an egg's and this won't be
the UN run inspectors my friends because
the globalist through mouth Satan staged
that whole war to SAP our military and
to test that very sophisticated full
spectrum dominance of staged Wars
o our troops died and the Chinese died
over two million and a half of them
that's pretty good numbers you know we
lose a hundred thousand and something
they lose a couple million but see we
weren't allowed to stop them because we
were never meant to stop them because of
again our little friend the globalist
little corrupt piece of garbage little
mobster Harry as Truman and the military
wanted to have a coup against him and
have MacArthur be an interim president
have elections but MacArthur said that
we would just dig in and battle them
that way long term the American people
would never accept a communist plan for
the u.s.
sometimes I wish MacArthur would have
just defeated the globalist here knocked
out the Communist Chinese at the CIA I
just put in power too
years before they invaded maybe five
years before the Armistice in July of 53
and if you understand North Korea you
understand everything now I'm gonna play
this vice report that's basically
nothing but clips of my show and the
last time I did it they put a strike on
our channel until I threatened to sue
them so you play clips of me constantly
I'm gonna play clips to you okay if I
see love the attention
HBO this is a redo of what the Southern
Poverty Law Center in the ATL and Media
Matters and the Nazi collaborators or
it's for us to put out where they show
days before I say something and then
Trump says it days later now that's
because Trump's seeing the same thing
I'm seeing and seeing what the
grassroots is seeing and just going with
the common knowledge of the group
research in a few cases I did have
conversations with even pointed things
out and then he went looked it up I
already knew about it in the case of
election theft and immigration and you
know things like that but he has a lot
of the same people he's talking to aka
you know all the news about CIA officers
flooding a Democratic Party to steal the
midterm elections so that's coming up
but here's Vice let me come back from
break is that own thing I have time now
11 times Donald Trump sounded a lot like
Alex Jones and they just regurgitate
this thing over and over again as if
that's something discrediting him but
see the psychology here is they know
that it's actually powerful info that
defeats them so they play this appeal to
Authority scam where they go
we are the arbiters of truth and we say
this is very discrediting there are no
illegals voting anywhere and there's no
plan of Democrats to in 14 different
states and Counting I think it's more
now to legalize illegals getting
driver's license and being able to vote
and then I can go show you hundreds of
clips and newspapers in Illinois and in
Vermont and in California and in Oregon
and just where they said is type it in
California legalize
giving illegal driver's license letting
them vote and then they say we're
organizing and illegal should be able to
vote and they've passed laws in Illinois
in California it's gotten to the
governor's desk and they haven't been
bold enough to sign them
legalizing illegals voting but anybody
can type that in California opens
driver's license applications illegal
immigrants those on to say they will
allow them to vote again they just say
Oh Trump made it up you know there
weren't three million people that voted
legally and it's not really mainly
illegals cuz what they found is the
illegals don't want to go vote they
don't feel like they're supposed to and
they know it's wrong so they mainly get
homeless people some Emery illegals and
they are mentally ill people and they go
and they get them to vote on average ten
times Project Veritas caught it all on
tape to come out in federal court it's
incredible the Democrats Lobby this type
in state bill legalizes migrants voting
is the headline same thing in Europe and
they've got all these cities where it's
going on so once they tell the illegals
hey it's okay it's the law then they do
it let's look at the mayor and the
governor and Oakland and California
saying to illegals why if ice comes you
don't have to open the door or follow
their warrant sir and so then you see
this viral video we should pull it up
over the weekend headline was mother you
know crying children you know a migrant
grabbed and kidnapped by ice and it says
in the arrest document and in the
warrant that she's a known smuggler from
this place to this house and they've
raided a houseful all these people and
that she ships him in that's all in the
actual document that ap mentioned but
nowhere and then it says over children
were left here in the United States it's
just now why is the woman fighting
because the governor told her did and
the mayor told her to yeah we're about
to go to break let's back it up where
she's crying and so this is the theater
now do you know who's killed the most
Mexicans per capita in the last twenty
years of anybody it's a
I've had professors on it's documented
you know who kills the most Mexicans and
others it's called the Coyotes it's
called the smugglers all the time again
you hear about 20 30 40 people in an
18-wheeler a bunch of them children dead
because somebody didn't pay the extra
money this smugglers chained it up in
the middle of the summer he usually San
Antonio's the dumping point somebody
doesn't pay the local Mexican Mafia the
City Council members that's they catch
City Health members brothers you name it
with people in cages in their houses all
the time to get slip from the rug it's a
big racket somebody doesn't pay so they
put a padlock on there in 100-degree
heat and then they open it up and
they're not even human is immediate sack
all right another 18-wheeler every few
weeks year about other 18-wheeler in
Texas with a bunch of dead Central and
South Americans and Mexicans in it and
there's all these graves thousands and
thousands of bodies they're finding
every few much to the other numbers are
in the hundreds of thousands total and
it's all devil worshipping oh just like
we have here with our leaders it's all
devil worshipping cartels who literally
worship the devil who are murdering
their own fellow people because somebody
didn't pay more oh sorry another cartel
demanded some money so the price is
double to get your cousin up here from
Guatemala where is he give us all your
money lady and you won't be seeing him
oh sorry you went too long he was found
dead in an 18-wheeler and if you go to
the police
we're gonna murder you and your children
oh but don't worry Robert Rodriguez will
make movies about white people killing
you don't worry
while you try to get into this country
this is so bad ladies and gentlemen
we're back live broadcasting worldwide
I'm your host Alex Jones news wars.com
prison planet calm our backup sites that
are excellent a lot of original content
and information there
we do have Tommy Robinson joining us yet
I also want to get Lucy brown on soon I
forgot to request that can we get Lucy
brown on the gray haired great
videographer that works with Tommy
Robinson I want to hire her and Tommy
Robinson he's been wanting to do that
for a while we're trying to raise the
capital be able to do it properly
she got physically attacked by auntie
fun it's clear the police called them on
him they were all waiting more than a
dozen police waiting at the McDonald's
tracking the phone of Tommy Robinson and
any he knows they've done it to him
before and so then the at least 10 anti
foot show up mask thugs and began
attacking her and attacking Robinson she
fights them off he knocks down four or
five of them and then they run I mean
this is incredible and then UK papers
are like oh that hooligan Tommy Robinson
got in the fight again nobody knows who
started it he like back off back off is
he's backing up there there in the
parking lot trying to attack him he
tries to go back in they chasing he
knocks out a couple more of them knocks
down a few more just like he tries to go
to no-go zones and Germany and Italy and
you know the illegals come and attack
him there and then then like I'm gonna
kill your family then they try to attack
him and he fights back the media says oh
he was wrong you should have let that
North African just kill him I me my god
so imagine being followed your car by a
bunch of people are gonna attack you you
beat them that you you run a man and
woman fight off at least ten thugs at
least ten it looks like more come around
once they go around inside the building
there's 12 minutes of this and Tommy's
not big in stature
some of these guys all here about 220
pounds others little thugs and they
attack women and the left loves it and I
just love watching the very heard woman
kick their ass you know the woman gets
past her inhibitions they can fight I'd
like to see her get on top of that guy
I'd like to I'll tell you what I do man
I'm not gonna say this anybody attacks
me I'm gonna jump on top of you and I'm
gonna jump on top of your real hard and
I'm gonna defend myself I'm not gonna
play games with any of you guys any ant
if I ever touches me I'm gonna jump on
top of you with my knees my
up up on you with my knees I'm gonna
grab your head and push it back and 250
pounds gonna be on top of you when you
go into the ground so just get ready cuz
people don't ever get up after you do
that and you guys are asking for it
that's all I'm saying
let's go ahead and go to this report I
keep talking about where they again said
that Trump is copying everything I say
no he's seeing the same thing happening
but yes some of the information I have
challenged him and sent him messages and
he's watched he's called about it before
and they make a big deal about like it's
discrediting the president again like
they control reality so they go oh this
is all discredited it's all come true
it's all been proven the illegals voting
all of it so again that's what we're
winning that's how they're losing here
is 11 times Donald Trump's sound a lot
like Alex Jones from vice it is surreal
to talk about issues here on air and
then word for word here Trump say it
two days later Obama is a frontman a
figurehead his real name's Barry Satara
his name was Barry sitar oh and that was
his fame and he changed his name to
Barack Hussein Obama the newest Obama
birth certificate that's been released
by the White House has been altered in
literally dozens of ways a lot of people
did not think it was an authentic
certificate but many people do not think
it was authentic he also again wears a
ring that has Islamic Arabic script on
it he's wearing a Muslim ring this is
incredible one of our investigative
journalists a few weeks ago broke it was
Cruz's father linked to JFK
assassination cuban hired by Lee Harvey
Oswald bears striking resemblance to
Cruz what is this right prior to his
being shot as we would say three years
Hillary is
founder of Isis along with Obama
President Obama he is the founder of
Isis he's the founder of Isis and I
would say the co-founder would be
crooked Hillary Clinton
I said he's gonna use executive orders
to go after our guns now sure enough
they're getting ready to do that back in
a per second Obama said he was looking
an executive order to confiscate guns
the reason we're both saying it is
because it's in the news so I'd love to
take credit for this and some of it is
my research information but it turns out
it wasn't three plus million people that
voted the names of dead folks it was
five plus million according to Harvard's
own study that came out last year again
but they just think cuz they make fun of
it then it must not be true and then the
loons that watch this they believe it
continue is a goddamn demon in
California where they have farms up here
and they don't get water but that's true
said oh that's too bad is that the
drought no we have plenty of water so
what's wrong well we shove it out to sea
that's a fine I said why and nobody even
knows why and the environmentalists
don't know why now they're trying to
protect a certain kind of three-inch
fish I think she's gonna show up and on
drugs though I'm ready to debate I think
we should take a drug test prior to the
debate plus again back it up she's
obviously bombed out of her brain on the
anti-seizure drugs again but because
we're right that turns into were wrong
continue to be I think we should take a
drug test prior to the debate I do
that looks Jones here with an extremely
important message that Donald Trump
crooked Hillary Clinton has openly
stolen the nomination of Bernie Sanders
thank you fact making the issue of
Hillary's election fraud in the
primaries one of the central issues if
he stole the primary she's going to try
to steal the general election put Bernie
first of all is rigged
and I'm afraid the elections gonna be
rigged I have to be honest it is
uncontroverted fact that three million
illegals voted and that tens of millions
of people were on the voter rolls who
were dead any tweeted that's four
million of them voted as well I just
want to finish by saying your reputation
is amazing I will not let you down you
will be very very impressed I hope and
by the way I won't tell the president
I'm not gonna let him down and then the
fact is that I told the press as long as
you try to execute the Constitution as
best as you can I know you're not a
dictator I'm gonna support you and he
said keep it up press the attack we're
gonna win and just know this that this
is the fight to restore our republic and
you can feel the spirit rising can't you
Ellis and remember I talked about those
quotes he never really talked about that
but now he talks about the spirit rising
and disappeared of America coming back
well that's what he does behind scenes
and for Trump it's very spiritual by
that not through some preacher but the
energy force of America of free market
of Christianity of strength he likes
that he doesn't like little weaseling
devil worshippers Trump's not a devil
worshiper he loves life he loves his
kids he loves he's got gusto and you
know he's not perfect but he loves life
and that's that's enough hitting it he
marches with pro-life he's not a devil
worshiper Trump not a devil worshiper
not out to get you that's the secret we
don't worship death you know someone
very profoundly once said many years ago
that if fascism ever comes to America
it'll come in the name of liberalism
if you are receiving this transmission
you are the resistance we are
transferring power from Washington DC
and giving it back to you through the
Americanism not globalism will be our
I have thought an awful lot about
blowing up
huge nationwide protests erupted once
again on president Donald Trump's second
when you open your heart to patriotism
there is no room for prejudice when
America is united America
and most importantly we will be
protected by God from the pub lines of
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