Author Topic: Ex-Spook Clapper Celebrates 5 Years Since Lying To Congress, As Statute Of Limitations Expires  (Read 37 times)

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x-book clapper clap on clap off the
clapper celebrates five years since
lying to Congress as statute of
limitations expires they said we spy on
no one in the US there is no NSA spying
it's like saying there is no Sun in the
morning that rises and there are no
birds that live in trees and there is no
ocean and there is no and there is no
planet and there's just a ninja's oh my
meanwhile he was spying illegally all of
Brennan on Trump and me we got that from
the DEA waging war on corruption
crashing through the lies and
disinformation under host Alex Jones you
know I should have opened the show up
with this on the live stream since it's
one of the headlines we put out this
morning Julian Assange warns that
leftist funded CIA agents are planning
on throwing the 2018 election and he has
that from all the secret Intel he's
being given by Patriots and that's why
I'm saying it's time for covert action
legally and lawfully by the president
because these groups are working for
foreign foundations they're getting
foreign outside campaign money and for
some reason the Republicans always roll
over and let the Democrats prosecute
everybody with fake stuff and you know
put filmmakers in jail because they got
five friends to give donations to
somebody running for Hillary Senate seat
dinesh d'souza and then she can get
billions of dollars from foreign
governments and dictators and use it for
her campaign at that foundation I mean
she can get hundreds of millions of
dollars from the Russians imagine if
Trump did something like that so I'm
gonna talk about that the next segment X
spook clapper clap on clap off the
clapper celebrates five years since
lying to Congress as statute of
limitations expires they said we found
no one in the u.s. there is no NSA
spying such thing there is no Sun
in the morning that rises and there are
no birds that live in trees and there is
no ocean and there is no and there is no
planet and there's just Angeles oh my
meanwhile he was spying illegally on
with Brennan on Trump and me we got that
from the DEA and from our good friends
in the American County Sheriff's
Department who were given access to the
database yeah and you know how I knew it
was real the minute I saw it it had
phone numbers that I didn't even have
the nerve to call I was given to Trump's
private apartment at Mar Lago and my
private office line that I never used
that a sub office we had in Central
Austin well I was given that database we
only put out our numbers as everyone
knows and block them in the last four
digits notice no media coverage of that
how big a deal was that two months after
Trump's in office they're saying it's
all lies nobody got spied on and the
Maricopa County Sheriff's Department and
courts have access to the DEA interface
with the National Security Agency and we
get sent over a hundred thousand US
citizens being spied on and they use the
rubric of drugs for parallel
construction every phone number I don't
know is everything it was over 50 phone
numbers of the president every place he
stayed everywhere he went his children
his wife his ex-wives everybody and
agencies after agencies after eight 18
agencies not 17 all Nexus did as he
pathetic always kind of hints at this
when he gets there he goes
geospatial alanine NASA was another
cover not just the CIA
but then NASA was another breakaway
group set up as a counterbalance to the
CIA and it's actually the biggest agency
and that's why saying I don't wear any
backup on you to me cuz I'm gonna
there's world groups and they're doing
this they're gonna be stopped today
you notice then they came out the big
press release the next day Bloomberg oh
it was rogue groups inside YouTube did
it all the country's in a civil war
folks when you're geospatial that space
command that's NASA that's the other
breakaway civilization oh yeah this is a
big war we'll be back I'm Alex Jones
tomorrow's news today you know someone
very profoundly once said many years ago
that if fascism ever comes to America to
count on the ingre of liberalism
comes tomorrow
Alex Joe Alex Joe Alex Jones but there's
a lot of controversy around this network
about Alex Jones being accused of hiding
negative stories about Hillary and her
campaign like huge eglise algorithm the
Barry stories like the Clinton
body-count story that's according to
website Infowars this proffer just
confirmed what the Martin Luther King
has been shot to death in Memphis
and the Friday before motive is to our
plan Interpol you get judge apparently
it took the baby Thank You members
I think this is a national
we have clear things that we do not
understand how they work
operating in areas that we can't control
UFOs is this global governance at last
is it one world a central bank is in
charge Israel claims the attack was
accidental but some former US naval
officers say it was on purpose they
describe the day's action as part of a
continuing coverage Russian intelligence
compiled a dossier on mr. Trump during
visits to Moscow rusty stop denies
everything he called it all fake news
if they kill Trump as the name
a massive several
Phish concert quizzes at FEMA high level
are you aware that mr. stone also stated
publicly that he was in direct
communication with Julian Assange and
WikiLeaks the White House the president
of citing Infowars they could shut us
down you're next if you are receiving
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