Author Topic: Twitter Censors Drudge / Infowars Tweets About Trump In Cyber Cycle Where No One Can See  (Read 44 times)

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drudge tweeted Keep America great so
Linda looked it up know how this is
great article let me tweet at real Alex
Jones what he wrote and enforce comm and
I noticed I tried to send it out twice
and it would go to drafts failed to sin
Trump just announced his new 20/20
campaign slogan and I said well it
didn't work late video Trump this
announces its 2020 campaign slogan and
the great part is it's true so see
here's how this works you blocked me on
Twitter but I still got it out on my own
streams my own video streams and our
hundreds of radio affiliates now over
100 TV affiliates but they're doing it
and it's everywhere let me illustrate
what's going on and I know most of you
know more than I what's going on but for
the new listeners there's a story on
infowars.com by Paul Joseph Watson
there's also one from Breitbart and it
deals with the fact that Twitter sends
her Drudge tweet of Trump 2020 slogan as
sensitive material so I'm sitting there
with my family in a restaurant at about
8 o'clock at night in Colorado on
Saturday night getting ready to fly back
to Austin the next day and Drudge
tweeted Keep America great and kick
daniels texted me and said hey I just
put this article out he just announced
this I was walking my dog and was
listening to local radio and you know
heard the announcement come over at a
speech he gave and I said well you know
great good job right in your blurb so
and I looked it up no this is great
article let me tweet at real Alex Jones
what he wrote and infowars.com
and I noticed I tried to send it out
twice and it would go to drafts and it
wasn't too long it was short and then I
sent out another tweet about something
else and it went through and I did it
and they weren't led
they say Trump announces new campaign
slogan but instead of just blocking it
like they did with Drudge they said this
is inappropriate material and blocked it
the screenshots of that they just
wouldn't let me tweet it and it was
basically word-for-word Keep America
great Trump announces his slogan same
thing Drudge said and like I said I did
it like 8 o'clock call Colorado time he
did it I think Eastern Time
but the point is there it is and I guess
that got too obvious so we can with some
other folks I know that we're trying to
wait till they said yeah ours went to
draft so this was too obvious Drudge did
it right when Trump announced it so they
just block that and said you're not
allowed to see that that this is racist
violent homophobic whatever excuse
they've got I mean because that's what
it says you know in their terms that
when they do this it's just something
horrible and all it was that here's our
president he announced his new campaign
slogan oh my gosh this is sensitive
material he can't see but two hours
later eight o'clock Mountain time
it just goes to drafts in fact I sent it
to Paul this morning to add the article
he says he's adding an ounce you can see
it he just responded to me I guess he
had missed it but screenshot please or
document him shot I'll show you here
because I saved the drafts here it is
failed to sin Trump just announced his
new 20/20 campaign slogan I said well
that didn't work lay video Trump this
announces its 2020 campaign slogan and
the great part is it's true
so see here's how this works you blocked
me on Twitter but I still got it out on
my own streams my own video streams and
our hundreds of radio affiliates now
over 100 TV affiliates but they're doing
it and it's everywhere our own president
and think about all the Republican
Congress people who have their campaign
ads on their own Twitter blocked for
they just ban them block their channels
who's the congresswoman from Tennessee
it was like this really here's my family
and my grandchildren I believe in
American values of free-market
capitalism now believe it
tax cuts the Second Amendment and they
just banned her saying inappropriate
because to an sjw a woman with kids and
grandkids I've noticed left us
everywhere March over and make mean
comments about my family I had it happen
three times in Colorado and of course we
got mobbed by listeners and Patriots of
every race color and Creed lot of
listeners lot especially young people
they had the tunnel was closed
the Eisenhower / LBJ Tunnel was closed
because it was a pileup when we're going
back to Denver to fly out and because of
a blizzard beautiful blizzard could
deceive 500 feet in front of you and I
finally it like an hour I said let's get
out of the car walk around
nobody wanted to get out well I got out
and I walked around looked over the side
big Vista down there frozen lake you
name it and all of a sudden everybody's
getting out of their cars and I my phone
was I'm a certain videotape this because
it just shows how we're winning and why
they're so scared out of all five or six
cars around me people got out and it was
all young men and women college-age
because there were killed trucks and
workers and other people and there were
lots of you know Subarus and the rest of
it in Colorado they have a funny name
for him they call him liberal limousines
left her they have another name for him
but the point is is that they're all we
can't believe you're here what are you
doing what are you doing walking around
in the in the snowstorm and I don't know
why I'm doing there it's just think
about that I don't talk about the
negative and then and then distort the
fact that 99% was positive but like a
it's either older white women or it's
gay men and I've got some video that in
the airport we're gonna put out today of
this as well and they walk my on the
plane and say haha you lost your family
and my son sit in the seat back does say
you got a problem because the guy was
like bowing up videotaping me oh you
lost your family I'm sitting there with
my children all four of my children and
and I'm like okay did you see them said
work Jones doesn't have his children
Jones believes there's Mars bases again
it's not about me it's understanding
their psychology so then we see the guy
at baggage claim
I talked to ignite she says I deserve to
be in prison I don't deserve to have
free speech and then I get a text
message and so it stops my recording and
then when that stop I'm getting the bags
my son starts going with his bag out of
the baggage area and the two gay guys
were pretty big guys my son's pretty big
he's already like six foot one he's
already about two inches taller than me
he looks like he's about 18 but he's 15
they come over and say want to throw
down and these were kind of like jockey
gay guys yeah they wasn't you know your
archetype old you know things the media
pushes with all their shows like as you
know sissy or whatever and then I'd
already been coming in and seen a guy
used to work out with a military guy and
when he did that that guy goes you want
to fight let's go to them and they
backed off it was just like an Tifa
where we have the footage so I'm full
of a female reporter middle aged and ten
ante fuck showing up police directed
clearly at a McDonald's for Tommy
Robinson is and start viciously beating
her and attacking him and he fights them
off and they run after like a five
minute fight and the police are all
watching and it's the same thing these
guys both wait about 200 pounds they
were all his boyfriend was about six-one
he was about 5 or 511 stocky like I was
and they had all their sports gear they
were about both of them about 30 and he
wasn't about to say throw it out with me
he went and said s your family and my
wife saw it she got upset by it he was s
your family see it they didn't like that
I had a family and those of us who
aren't dialed into this we don't
understand it and I'm not saying all gay
people are like that the point is and
before they left him and my phone stop
cuz my texted me he's like he's like
you're bullying down
Rawdon people that can't be anymore
bullied and then somebody texted me on
the phone quit billing and I was like
man dude you just flew back from
Colorado what you've been snowboarding
in the competition he's like well yeah
and I'm like yeah in an world
competition you're world competition
snowboard he's like Paul how do you know
that I wish I had it all on tape I'm
like dude I'm not sure enemy man the
stuff you hear is not true you learn
about all this stuff learn about what's
financing this whole cultural movement
stop thinking everybody's out to get you
I'm not out to get you he leaves my
wife's like man I wish you'd stop doing
that help me with the bags they're like
a five-minute conversation and then all
of a sudden I look over and they're past
the gate deal starting a fight with my
son and I talked about so whatever city
they just ran over him and said you want
to throw down because I guess he went
back over to his boyfriend and they were
mad that I was nice or something I mean
it's it's crazy I watched an tyfa attack
and start stomping on a gray-haired
woman Lucy Brown now let's roll that
slope there she is a great woman being
beaten by men but just like a court
ruled in Germany last week and Sweden's
done it that under Sharia law men can
beat their wives so aunty foot can beat
a grey haired woman and ten guys can
gang up on one person and then they run
the story is ten thugs attacked a female
reporter and are driven away when they
fight back I mean house in house slimy
or hell evil how pathetic
hell cowardly can you be when you're
beating up a grey haired woman ten thugs
and then she starts kicking their ass
grabbing their mask off and kicking him
back and they run from her and then
Tommy knocks down at least five of them
this is unbelievable imagine if you were
filth like that we'll be back with our
number two
for wars.com news wars.com free shipping
ends today biggest sales ever end today
we need your support please come into
the info war without you we will fail
you know someone very profoundly once
said many years ago that if fascism ever
comes to America it'll come in the name
of liberalism we confirm suspicions at
Veritas it's not a shock to you but to
get the employee at YouTube on tape
admitting that they do it I mean you
must be a threat if they call you out by
name it's also what happens when you
listen to the radio host Alex Jones
absent just a short time ago and I'm
talking about when this meeting started
on Twitter if you clicked on the hashtag
NYC terrorist attack which is quote
trending marked with a red button saying
quote live the top tweet links to an
info war story with the headline and mom
I warned of Azio about New York City of
Terror he was too busy bashing Trump I
don't know what happens in somebody's
mind or how dark their heart must be to
say things like that this is a real-time
example of when we talk about
this information being weaponized but
Trump doesn't challenge these lies he
actually went on jones's show and said
your reputation is amazing I will not
let you down you will be very very
impressed I hope he still calls Alex
Jones and talks to all my you know the
Infowars or worse conspiracy theory
recei theories how quickly can you act
and what's your responsibility to set
the record straight so that the people
who saw this know that it's fake news
and at least at some point time it can't
keep spreading like some sort of virus
through the legitimate world that's
something we're thinking about all the
time because it's it's a bad user
experience and we we don't want to be
known as a platform for that the
Russians ran an extensive information
war campaign against my campaign to
influence voters in the election they
did it through false news sites they did
it through these thousand agents they
did it through machine learning which
you know kept spewing out this stuff
over and over again and they began to
have some of their allies within the
internet world like Infowars
take out pieces and begin to say the
most outrageous outlandish absurd lies
you can imagine accused of hiding
negative stories about Hillary and your
campaign but changing its algorithm to
marry stories like the Clinton
body-count story that's according to
website Infowars you have arty you have
Sputnik you have roughly and then I
think you have them feeding other
entities Infowars comes to mind where
those are echo chambers it's been widely
reported that that company has been
backed by the Kremlin and they gave you
75,000 shares that you had to disclose
it to the Obama administration maybe
you're looking at widely reported
information from Infowars it is not
Politico this is the New York Times this
is the Wall Street Journal know if a
Google user types in Clinton body they
get car repair shop results instead of a
story that talks about a list of people
tied to the Clintons who have died under
mysterious circumstances over the last
three decades the latest story was the
death of DNC staff Forsyth Richie was
murdered last month in an apparent
robbery WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
has hinted that rich was his source but
as made no further comments about the
case that murder we should say remains
unsolved the Russians in my opinion and
based on the Intel and counter Intel
people I've talked to could not have
known how
best to weaponize that information
unless they had been guided all that
stuff exists you don't see it you don't
feel it if you're largely living in
reality and in a mainstream media world
but it's it's it's undermining our
democracy and I think that the companies
themselves they've taken some steps they
have a lot of responsibility how many
it's like Facebook like Facebook Google
etc right ah to do what they can to
essentially not enhance how quickly can
you act and what's your responsibility
to set the record straight the system
self correct it that's not that
shouldn't be the first tweet you see
anymore should be a USA article the last
time I checked
vollis you at USA Today at lunch I did
yeah and this and I also saw the system
system corrected that man's response
they didn't call it Fox News by name
they didn't call out anyone else bunny
and they said when it comes to Alex
Jones we need people to scroll and
manually find him and manually have to
find that video we're not we're not
gonna allow that video if it gets 10
million views to be on the front of the
so-called news carousel
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