Author Topic: Globalism Defined: Planetary Satanism Carried Out By Technocracy  (Read 38 times)

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there it is senior advisor at HUD spread
conspiracy theory that Clinton campaign
chairman was Satanist and they go it's
been completely debunked that John
Podesta ever was involved anything yes
he hung out with bravada this she's an
artist people and that's of blood and
goat heads and she told reddit ask me
anything to know that these are real
rituals yeah lady
we know the globalists are coming for us
but we're waiting for them we're not
coming for them we're waiting trying to
raise our families trying to teal the
fields trying to keep our eye on God
trying to be good in this world of
unbelievable wickedness born into a war
an interdimensional interplanetary
psychic spiritual war and the greatest
trick of the enemy is that the average
person doesn't know it the minute you
realize that's what's going on then
everything makes sense and the enemy is
constantly ridiculing it constantly
saying it's not going on there is no god
but in their private circles in fact I
forgot I did a report on it this weekend
we gots prepped me to CNN article about
the Satanism controversy in the Hillary
campaign where they're trying to paper
over that and they're saying rivana
Vichy and Hillary and Podesta why
they're not a cultist it's art the woman
is the High Priestess of Aleister
Crowley Church the most prominent one in
the world
sexual ritual magic watch CNN reports on
controversial Satanism inside the
Clinton campaign there it is there's a
CNN article that tries to paper over it
I mean you can look at Hillary and see
that she is completely turned over there
it is senior advisor at HUD
spread conspiracy theory that Clinton
campaign chairman was Satanist and they
go it's been completely debunked that
John Podesta ever was involved anything
yes he hung out with Bravada this she's
an artist
people in vats of blood and go to EDS
and she told reddit ask me anything they
know that these are real rituals yeah
lady we know we know all about it I know
all about it sweetheart
every stinking bit all of it I've been
down the rat hole lady I've seen it
further down than any of you have been
in spirit not in a flesh and they're
trying to claw as many of us down with
them because they already know they are
spiritually dead ooh that smell what's
that smell the sound of death the smell
of death the feel of death it surrounds
you ooh that smell can't you smell that
smell it's unbelievable
let me just do this to be a good boy let
me just read people some headlines here
I think that's probably what we should
do I've got so many clips and so much
news let's just start with this one
Trump's having the time of his life and
he's reinstallation for 2020 he's
announced his slogan Keep America great
who can say we haven't begun to turn the
corner that's why they're fighting so
hard cuz now people know it was are all
artificial suppressing us and they don't
know what
to do because they told us he didn't
really want to run he didn't really want
to win all those lies and everybody
knows it's a lie they know it's fake
news and so is Trump goes into here
number two they are in full chicken with
the head cut off mode and they are
apoplectic at this point and so they've
segwayed away from get the guns for now
to stormy Daniels never anything about
Oprah and the child prostitution and all
the rest of it nothing about her and
Weinstein bringing women to him nothing
about all the rapes and the backs of
vehicles and Hillary representing child
molesters and making jokes about it and
then I mean you know seven guys gang
raping an 11 year old girl they grabbed
off the bike till her insides came out
didn't know you could do that I did some
medical research and found out Isis
raped a little girl aged six to death
over 100 men same deal and of course
hillary helped them take over it's like
a spirit you're like how does she do it
how does it it always is it is and
little girls and their guts coming out
on the pavement and guys eating hearts
and screaming allahuakbar it just always
ends the same that's who she represents
whether it's rich hillbillies ripen some
girl almost to death or jihadi
hillbillies raping little girls to death
it's just that Hillary produces raped
little girls with their insides coming
out on the ground because that's what
the demon that runs her likes little
girls getting tortured to death that's
Hillary folks torture little girls to
death that's a lot of spirit little
girls a lot of soul and that's what that
vampire likes that's what that vampire
gets these little girls begging for
their mommies over two three days with a
line of a hundred slobs raping them till
their guts come out and that's why they
don't like me cuz I know who they are I
see you which hell is waiting for you
and prepared and I will never falter or
your face I will continue on no matter
what you do we will break your will and
your God Satan is already broken and
already defeated and Jesus Christ has
the keys to hell you are bound you are
defeated and you know it our commitment
has never been stronger our will has
never been stronger our spirit has never
been stronger
because we contend not against flesh and
blood but principalities and high places
the power of the air that's what it is
ladies and gentlemen you're like oh I
don't like the churches they're corrupt
of course the enemy takes that over
first then you look at these people
that's why they make jokes about it
while Obama made jokes because they are
devil worshippers let me explain it
again they are devil worshipers and as
soon as you get that through your head
there's the headline how Hillary Clinton
met Satan New York Times yeah oh member
Chelsea just where's upside down crosses
necklaces and an upside down crosses
stuff just to be cool it's just cool
it's cool it's fine it's about them
selfishness it's all about how powerful
they are when they come in that room and
that door opens and that little kids
chained up begging for money that makes
them feel real big that makes them feel
real powerful because they've already
chosen destruction they want to Klaus
down into that hell with them and they
know hell's real they have some weird
twisted idea that with computers and
machines that they're gonna block death
they're gonna return to this new
beautiful thing they're gonna come from
being a little vampire stinking rotten
meat slugs and are gonna metamorphosize
into a beautiful powder fly and flap off
into the beautiful void of the deep blue
space but first if you like Bernie
you gotta dominate things to touch
because you get rid of all those things
out there that are smart not working
then you can be a real boy someday so
close to getting these questions right
where we want them you think we pulled
it in Russia or I honeymoons all these
American questions we're gonna string
them up cuz it I'm gonna be big hail
Satan I'm Bernie Sanders and Satan
approached my little demonic message
you'll all drown in lakes of your own
destructive creation well be back as we
break their will
stay with us you know someone very
profoundly once said many years ago that
if fascism ever comes to America tokala
langa live liberalism
if you are proceeding this transmission
you are the resistance
you're a little doll
come ashore where I am
not nice
you've always thought you're loose on
nails because of all the active things
you do three color in seven plushies you
our impulses are being redirected we are
living in an artificially induced state
of consciousness that resembles sleep
there is a war on for your mind our
signal has reached more than two billion
people but the enemy is now aware of the
fact that we've broken through and are
moving to block us on every front the
only way you're going to be able to see
our videos and articles is to visit
infowars.com itself and hand share the
videos and articles to everyone you know
the signal is getting through and is
exposing and defeating the globalist
when we're able to get it through but
there admittedly expand their operations
suppress us so only you can boost the
signal only you can defeat the globalist
we're in this together I salute you for
your work and I ask all of you to warn
you folks the television is a giant LED
weapon system it's so advanced shows it
to a cup right that go one way and come
back to the other
his home town northwest of Belgrade
tonight their family his family is
watching in the living room at home and
one of the great new technologies that
we have here at ESPN is that we can look
at you in your house through your TV you
know it got a little courage stand up
for yourself
waging war on corruption it's alex jones
coming to you live from the frontlines
of the info war survival shield x2
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