Author Topic: VIDEO: Ten ANTIFA Thugs Viciously Attack Woman, Then Run When She Fights Back  (Read 34 times)

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and they beat up his female reporter
Lucy Brown who's a middle-aged woman and
she fights back and they run and then he
knocks down five of them and then they
run this video that's on infowars.com
the raw video as well as just to cut
down through 12 minutes of it raw
there's so much cussing we can't play it
all here by the anti fuh is everything
you need to know it is the universe in
total we have a beachhead in DC on
January 20th 2017 we achieve that
beachhead beginning to reverse the
globalist takeover that began to have
serious success with a National Security
Act of 1947 when they got their foreign
covert operations coup d'etat over the
heart of the federal government and now
60 plus years later just as the Russians
after 80-plus years pulled out of
communism partially began the pull away
from globalism from the social
engineering from the satanic system
that's really what it is of the
eugenicist of the globalist we have
begun our pull away as well and every
other nation on earth is beginning its
pull away because there is a group
consciousness there is a racial cultural
awareness in every human that bleeds red
and breathe oxygen on the face of this
planetoid orbiting the Sun you can fill
the void in your heart my friends the
moment you began to realize this is a
spiritual battle and the moment you use
free will to begin to even understand
that's the case you will feel the void
emptying once you're conscious of that
and understand that that we only see a
very limited spectrum with our five
senses we only feel and taste and see a
tiny fraction but our spirit and our
mind and our gut you can even feel the
intergalactic space wind blowing through
our souls like ancient beautiful wind
chimes now it is that ancientness of us
that threatens the Fallen it is the fact
that we hold dominion over the planet
over the galaxy over the universe that
we have been given the birthright to the
stars by the God of the universe that
built us in His image and gave us free
will then it is that statement and that
truth that strikes fear into the hearts
of all those that have decided to join
the dark side for limited temporal power
only to kill steal and destroy
that's why evil goes out of its way to
do bad because it's evil that's why when
doing good would help them and empower
them physically and spiritually they
reject it because they are lovers of
death well I'm not a lover to death I
love life so much that
just wants you to be separated from us
and that's really what you don't want
isn't it
vampires but hell awaits this way
destruction enjoy yourselves
alright let me let me try to get into
the news here because I get all wound up
and I get all dialed into the news and
then I just kind of run down the rabbit
trail without getting into the big
issues that surround it but here's
what's coming up today
Tommy Robinson is a patriot and he
understands that all around him a
globalist communist Islamic enforced
tyranny an Iron Curtain is descending
over europe in the UK and he went to
no-go zones where female reporters get
beat up in rome and when the folks come
over to it tacking and say we're gonna
kill your family he knocks the guy out
and then an tyfa has a bounty out on him
in london so they see him at a
mcdonald's and ten of them show up
trained in the university is to attack
anybody this nationalist and they beat
up his female reporter Lucy brown who's
an middle aged woman
and she fights back and they run and
then he knocks down five of them and
then they run this video that's on
the raw video as well as just to cut
down through 12 minutes of it raw
there's so much cussing we can't play it
all here by the anti fuh is everything
you need to know it is the universe in
total it is the road it is the Rosetta
it is the skeleton key I talked about
where there are things events
Bunnings as they say a picture tells a
thousand words well what is 12 minutes
tell it tells everything everything to
understand the Islamic mayor Sadiq Khan
the dozens of police officers that knew
it was going on monitoring social media
and showed up like spectators to watch
it happen clearly planned by the police
with an ephah tracking him with all
their software and systems you don't
just think these you know 10 plus goons
just happened to in their masks descend
down on this so you've got the SJW
police in blue states this is all over
the world in globalist controlled areas
working in concert with the street thugs
just like Hitler had his essay you have
the essay that then work with the SS but
then later the SS get rid of the essay
these are the useful idiots and it's the
same everywhere they deploy them they
protect them and you've got that angle
and then you've got the stupid little
soy boys who are white who believe
because of their guilt they're supposed
to go out and beat up other white people
and you've got them attacking a woman
and a man and then they get driven off
because they can't believe it's not a
video game somebody actually fights back
while still filming it Wow and then the
media spins it in the Daily Mail that Oh
Tommy Robinson gotten to fight with
people it says oh it's not clear who
started it oh he's just backing up with
ten people marching in and masks and
then they go get her camera and start
viciously attacking a woman he then
fights back tries to retreat into the
store moat that more calm he knocks them
down and finally they flee so and I say
rosetta stone I could talk about this
for 20 hours and show each little ten
seconds and then give a whole university
level breakdown like a college course on
just the total deception the total
that mr. Robbins isn't against the
Christian Africans he's not against the
siege he's not against the Indians they
all love him he gets invited to all
there they recognize the Islamists as
they know the danger they know what
happens once the Islamists get the 10%
they never let you have your religion
they take over and kill everybody who
doesn't submit they understand how the
left is allied with it using it as a
takeover army they have on average six
children Europeans have 1.3 they
understand it's all anti white
anti-culture to overwrite that culture
and bring in a new balkanized slavery
where everything's like a prison
everybody in their own little little
districts so they call him a Nazi but
even if he was the Nazi which he isn't
he has a right to be in a hamburger
place and not have the police waiting
outside knowing it's him I've been doing
a live feed I've talked to it it's
coming on today but first they
dehumanize him just like they did when I
was on an airplane and a man walks by
videotaping me and he says haha look
you've lost your family and I'm there
with all four of my children flying back
from Colorado skiing and I get off the
plane I've got video and I go to baggage
claim and he's there and then he I'm
gonna put the video out we have a
discussion he says I deserve to go to
president of her to be taken off the
internet but he supports free speech but
I should be banned and then my son goes
with bags and I'm getting more and they
go over and say do you want to throw
down to him two gay guys and they said
we're a downtrodden group you're
oppressing us I'm like I don't care if
you're gay but it doesn't matter they
say I hate them so they get to then go
to grown men big guys try to fight my
son and then some listener came up and
said you want to fight fight me I mean
that is what this country's turned into
folks is just gangs of thugs they hate
us because of our spirit they hate us
because we love life we have will and
they hate us because we know they're
losers all right ladies and gentlemen
were broadcasting worldwide
Tommy Robinson is amazing he has been
just say this wanting to work with him
for Wars but he was in contracts with
other folks and I just told him that I
don't you don't want to get the middle
of that now that he's not I'll just tell
you right now I am trying to develop a
plan to work with him and to be able to
finance his operations in the UK they
are blocking people even getting into
the UK we have some of those folks
joining us tomorrow young women
well-known activist Lauren southern and
others they got detained for days saying
that you know they're basically inciting
things because they were gonna go to
speakers corner where for 500 years in
London people go to sit on a soapbox and
speak and so they label them Nazis which
they're not their free speech group and
so they went back to flew back to
Germany and there's powerful footage of
all that coming up it's at Tommy
Robinson dot online but mr. Robinson is
branching out doing a lot of great
reporting and so it he loves to work
with Paul Watson that's what he wants to
do again so now that he is on his own we
are going to be working with mr.
Robinson and trying to build a studio
trying to get him a larger team of
people and yes
it'll take money they do plan on killing
him you do know he's a leader or scared
of him he's got a lot of charisma a lot
of passion he's reaching out to all the
minority groups they love him and
they're really scared of him
and so he needs security and so that's
one reason we need to expand our capital
here because I'm not just gonna sit
there and throw that guy out there by
himself like he's been doing and I've
been warning him that the police are
gonna set their globalists they're run
by Sadiq Khan the Islamists they're
going to set him up like I've had
private conversations with him because I
know the last folks he worked with his
frustration was that they didn't want
him out on the street and I said you
need to do a balance of that and you
need security when you do it I said
because they're gonna kill you and I
think he gets that and I don't think
there's a martyr complex he's just he
sees them kidnapping kids that the other
grooming of young girls
the news thousands per town selling them
in the sex slavery then they get flown
out on planes the Middle East I mean it
is it is harvest time for the globalists
in Islam in the UK and so there now he's
not going out and doing public events
he's not going out looking for trouble
they're tracking him in live time he's
got to start using burner phones when he
leaves the house they're planning to
kill him
and I keep telling him that the advice
he probably got from rebel media he was
previously with was pretty good advice
so I told him I said mr. Robertson I
don't have the money to do this right I
want to publish your book about you know
Islam in Muhammad's own words I've read
it it's excellent I want to put it in
the US I said I want to finance this and
I said I want you to have studio and I
want you to work with Paul and Paul's
agreed to kind of honsho it I want to go
the whole news organization but I said
we've got to be very judicious I
understand you're not afraid to die
neither am i but you're gonna be a
general in the fight they're gonna be
shooting at your brother so I've run ads
trying to support him even when he was
that rebel so he could try to build a
studio and get some crew and get some
better equipment you see that now so
we've been quietly behind the scenes
trying to support mr. Robinson who is
now running his ads and things but now
I'm just gonna say this here on air we
have brought in less capital this year
than we brought in last year and that's
because people think oh well the
elections over we're winning no we're in
a sudden-death overtime ladies and
gentlemen with the Global's right now
this is maximum energy maximum focus or
they're going to win so we've got
specials that are so big fridge a was
showing me the numbers was talking to
him last night our had operations
he said yes we're selling way more
product boss but you said 80% off we're
losing money on stuff 80% off so he said
can we end the special today because
it's it's it's not making but about 5%
he goes yes way more money came in but
it's all cost so I give you deals so
good that we're making five percent
right now in prebiotic fibers our
brand-new products gonna sell
incredible its best source fiber 50% off
that's close to the cost I so enforce
for common force live.com because I
don't really get with math and come up
with calculations and things I just kind
of say do this do that sometimes I
overdo it but I need everybody to go to
enforce or calm and get the products and
these cells are ending today I'm gonna
have some new cells tomorrow we're gonna
launch a new product as well but I I
want to expand and that's why they are
the Communist Party suing us and CNN is
trying to take responses gonna shut off
YouTube as you all see and you know
they've got the Pepe the Frog guys said
use it use it you know to The Daily Dot
everybody else in we sell somebody's
third-party poster and then they sue us
it's totally frivolous we're gonna have
to assume with a young anti slapback
provisions a slap back provision I mean
it's a total open-and-shut but it'll
cost hundred grand
then I gotta sue him and he's got
Democratic Party funding him but I have
to beat him to set the precedent so I've
got to sue all these people I mean this
is like the Alamo I'm sending a letter
out I need reinforcements I'm gonna stay
here we're gonna fight we're gonna move
forward we're doing okay but you know
we're moving by our basic inertia but we
need your prayers we need your support
we've got the poster it was for 1995 or
I think 1776 we boosted its 2995 and
because you know this is the thing
they're trying to shut down if I get an
injunction ahead of the court case I'll
stop selling it but we buy it from a
known artist and it's just got about
five percent of the surface is Pepe the
Frog it's transformative it's it's you
know it's like saying you know Hitler
could say I have a copyright on my image
and in Nazi Germany he did stuff like
that and sue people that uses image and
authorize you're allowed to paint
something whether you love it or whether
you hate it or whether you have mixed
feelings about it and it's just got
diamonds and silk and Matt Drudge and
Paul Watson and you know people like
that Roger stone and then it's got Pepe
like oh here here's people we feel like
we're in the campaign well they're
saying well you can't use that well it's
totally protected but but that's the
crap I'm dealing with and look I expect
this I mean quite frankly they might
send a hit team down here next week to
get me cuz they knows none of this is
oh and by the way that's another big
thing I'm not being a drama queen about
this this is such a big deal that we can
all play chess here can't we
we can play third dimensional four
dimensional fit dimensional evil do you
know doesn't care it tries to play one
dimensional can't even do that it takes
is it wrecks everything it must be
powerful and have all the answers I'm
not stupid
and this type of demonization campaign
is almost always in the lead up to
someone being assassinated or in prison
and the left keeps coming up to me and
airports Adamic going you're going to
prison and they think like I'm like them
a coward then I go oh my gosh I better
roll over to a bunch of you that want to
put me in prison
you're so Thorat Aryan and you want to
shut me off and and I'll say I've got
some videos of this I'm like and you
want to shut me off YouTube yes I do I
want to shut you off and then we're
gonna put you in prison and I go bigger
for free speech because oh yes I'm for
free speech it's all doublethink
scrambled so we're gonna fight here but
we need you to really aggressively so we
can decide who we're gonna hire what
we're gonna do I've been in a holding
pattern to be flooded with capital
enforced or calm and forwards
live-dot-com or triple-a 2 5 3 3 1 3 9
you can also click on the support button
on the shopping cart it was a straight
up donation that is critical thank you
all for your support we are winning but
we are a lead ship under massive attack
you know someone very profoundly once
said many years ago that if fascism ever
comes to America to come in the name of
hatred I think we should classify them
as a game you know they come dressed in
in uniforms they have weapons it's
almost a militia I think we need to
think about that in terms of our law
enforcement approach we condemn in the
strongest possible terms this egregious
display of hatred bigotry and violence
on many sides on many sides this was a
white nationalist rally you have to call
that out by night many sides mr.
president mr. president this is
terrorism not your order at KFC prior to
the unrest police band sticks masks
today there any other potential weapons
there ever dozens of anti-fascist
protesters broke those rules it appears
they also a pepper spray the leader of
the conservative group one left-wing
demonstrator attacked a photographer and
others reportedly threatened people who
are trying to film the violence what
about the alt left they came charging at
the as you say the alt right do they
have any semblance of guilt what about
the fact that came charging that they
came charging with clubs in the hand
swinging clubs do they have any problem
I think they do and they are just
beating people ganging up men and women
ganging up on loan individuals and just
beating them in a wanton savage
brownshirt nazi operation they don't
want to mention an Tifa and how an tyfa
literally came trained militarized doing
warlike maneuvers and you know they
bring coolers and you think oh it's to
stay hydrated no it's filled with water
balloons filled with feces urine just
disgusting things that will pop and
explode on people and water bottles
filled with the same substance
he just got chocolate peppers right
every time one of these situations
happens you know you see the worst of
people sometimes I think we saw it out
of the left you just saw those videos of
them chasing and beating people people
in black clothing black masks over a
hundred of them broke through the lines
and attacked stragglers who are there
for the most part the event was shut
down they couldn't find enough
conservative so they started attacking
the police after a while but you saw
them beating the Conservatives even as
they come in carrying no hate signs and
the mayor said they made sure the themes
of love and compassion dominated over
hate speech vastly outnumbered by
counter protesters at Martin Luther King
jr. Civic Center Park and then we saw
that group with the masks on they had
their own you know shields that they
made for a black of a better term a huge
crowd there now and while we certainly
don't know certainly and we'll try to
find out some of those protesters and
one that just ones that showed up with
the masks and the shields may do this in
other locations they may be way you call
professional protesters who do this a
lot that's an American flag that they
have set on fire this Trump supporter
was the first casualty of the day with
blood streaming out of his face well
they wanted to hit me with blast
knuckles on the Blind Side we're here
for free speech a Bob chased him for a
block and a half took his flag Trump hat
and glasses and spat all over him you
know I'm okay with people making white
supremacists feel unwelcome I mean
excuse me like you're making me feel
unsafe in my own country because I'm a
Jew listen everyone is saying oh yeah
you can't can't listen to CNN no more
can't listen to the news anymore because
it's all fake bullcrap
it wasn't fake before so why is it fake
now the Russia story has kind of died
down in those sites like only because
we're on the racism thing now take no
mistake we've made some major games
against the globalist but they're
striking back all over the world now
more than ever is the time to get
prepared with the highest quality
emergency supplies across the board
medical supplies emergency supplies
communications tactical it's all there
and we're adding more and more every day
of the very best products out there so
go to fortified supply.com today to not
just see the great products we offer
there but links to some of the other
great sponsors that we have as well
that's at

InfoWarsStore.com or InfoWarsLife.com or FortifiedSupply.com or 888-253-3139







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