Author Topic: Trump's MAGA Revolution Full Speed Ahead  (Read 33 times)

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Trump's MAGA Revolution Full Speed Ahead
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:22:38 PM »

president Donald Trump was in
Pennsylvania at a rally to support
Republican Rick Ciccone for the March
13th 2018 18th congressional district
special election the president
surrounded by ecstatic steel and
aluminum back communities laid the
groundwork for the upcoming battle over
immigration in California Pennsylvania
is the state that gave us American
independence American freedom and what
else American steel the we used to be a
nation of tariffs when other countries
would come to the United States they had
to pay for the privilege of taking our
product of taking our jobs they had to
pay they wanted to come in and sell
their product they had to pay today in
China they sell a car to us they pay two
and a half percent we sell a car in
China which by the way is almost
impossible to do despite the tax it's 25
percent so why is that 25 and we're 2
and a half we want to build our ships we
want to build our planes we want to
build our military equipment with steel
with aluminum from our country and now
we're finally taking action to correct
this long overdue problem it's a
today I'm defending America's national
security by placing tariffs on foreign
imports of steel and aluminum we will
have a 25% tariff on foreign steel and a
10% tariff on foreign aluminum when the
product comes across our borders
I'm grew up in Texas work for Alcoa in
Texas and we thought we were running
fine and it just came and they said you
know we just
can't sustain anymore we're gonna be
shutting the doors I have to go home and
tell my wife that and pretty much you
just hopefully she don't know what the
next day is gonna bring you don't know
what you're gonna do have a family to
take care of no way of taking care of
that family this community was
devastated when the lines were shut down
so to have those lines come back up just
the opportunity to have that happen it's
gonna be great these tariffs being
signed it's gonna bring back I mean this
community was devastated when the lines
shut down so this gives us a lot of hope
and opportunity so as long as we're
proud of who we are and what we're
fighting for there is nothing beyond our
reach nothing we stand on the shoulders
of Patriots who poured out their sweat
and blood and tears and we're going to
do things that nobody's been able to do
you know it's very funny every time I go
out to speak we have these massive
crowds Maxine Waters a very low i q--
individual never seen you ever seen you
ever seen we will impeach him we will
impeach the press but he hasn't done
anything wrong
it doesn't matter we will impeach him
she's a low IQ individual you can't help
but he's about division and he's about
dog whistling is about dividing you know
the barriers in this country
administration believes our cities
should be safe havens for American
people not for American criminals okay
and now President Trump brings the Mogga
train to California a secessionist
out-of-control liberal nightmare that
will soon come face to face with the
will of the rest of the American people
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