Author Topic: Disease X: A Hidden Hybrid Pathogen Could Erase Humanity  (Read 36 times)

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Disease X: A Hidden Hybrid Pathogen Could Erase Humanity
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:17:26 PM »

top science has just met in Geneva
Switzerland with the United Nations and
said that they are worried about disease
X and say the conditions are the most
ripe in human history for a superbug
either viral or bacterial to be released
that could wipe out all of humanity now
the reason this is so important is they
mentioned humans and animals living in
closer proximity they mentioned the
seven and a half billion people on the
earth and things like that and
drug-resistant bacteria and viruses they
don't mention when you actually go to
the real report they do talk about it
human animal genetic engineering
zoological splicing that allows diseases
that have never been able to hurt humans
to jump across the species China is way
ahead of us in open-air genetic testing
we're way ahead of them in secret
testing but they admit human-animal
hybrids 20 years ago they admit for over
two decades for babies milk they have
whole herds of part human part cow
creatures that produce a human type milk
for babies they grow up human organs and
what they calls harvesting packages
humanoids inside cow uteruses because
they're bigger with the sometimes
multiple livers per package this is all
very very old technology I'm telling you
about open-source information here but
there's a paradox the media is saying
I'm a liar I'm insane there are no human
animal cross species island of dr.
Moreau while they come out in headlines
and admit it's happening but say it's no
big deal
go along with it but they never show you
these they've been bringing these to
term when I first read about this back
in the mid 90s it was in medical
literature and things how they were
creating human animal chimeras embryos
so they could be implanted in cows so
they could grow up larger so they could
have more to harvest more blood more
marrow more organs but now
they've been growing these creatures
part human part pig you name it up to a
larger size I mean China for at least 15
years you can buy human milk it's
produced in cal's otters for your baby
but human animal c'mere Azhar gestating
on us research farms a radical new
approach oh it's radical it's new I sell
they sell like it's cool we're only
having army gun confiscation fills in
your town you're very special that's a
tactic they is a radical new approach to
generate human organs is to grow inside
pigs or sheep and is it normal to take
the dead babies harvest their organs
while they're still alive implant them
in other animals to grow them up larger
genetically engineered cows that are
part human so that they don't reject the
babies I forgot that part or just
growing babies up in test tubes and
implanting them in cows and pigs and
dogs and sheep and rats and growing them
up the biggest threat is governments
corporations rogue groups you name it
creating a twelfth monkey scenario and
then when you study the globalist being
obsessed with depopulation and reducing
population and saying the earth will be
better once they've gotten rid of ninety
percent of the public you can see how
they're preparing and they've said
they're planning in the future to
release these bioweapons call the
population down to manageable numbers
but they say they'll only release these
weapons once they have the treatment or
the cure for themselves to mitigate it
but here's the big secret their argument
to release the bio weapon up front and
go ahead and wipe out 90% of people is
that the Earth's overpopulated and
humans are hurting the planet and the
global is selfishly obviously wanted for
themselves and all the technology that's
been developed there breakaway
civilization but an argument you could
say was right is if they wait till third
world countries develop this and other
dictators develop this and other people
that who will end up releasing it or
rogue terror groups or other
environmental groups that break in and
get the technology for themselves
there's a lot of folks are studying how
to beat these superbugs but in studying
them you produce them you see and so you
see that 12th monkey scenario from
fiction coming true this is what the
elite are obsessed with and they're
thinking about release
seeing it up front to preemptively
detonate and wipe out most of the
populations because they believed we
allowed to keep growing like this and
don't bring in a world government to
suppress everybody and as suppress
technology that the atlantean moment
will occur we will destroy ourselves
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