Author Topic: Is Disease X A Warning Or A Eugenics Tell  (Read 49 times)

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Is Disease X A Warning Or A Eugenics Tell
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:16:12 PM »

the World Health Organization has
announced disease X in their words
disease X represents the knowledge that
a serious international epidemic could
be caused by a pathogen currently
unknown to cause human disease and so
the Rd blueprint explicitly seeks to
enable cross-cutting Rd preparedness
that is also relevant for an unknown
disease X as far as possible basically
we don't know when disease X could
strike so we're going to do our best to
create one much like swine flus
reemergence in the 1970s thanks to a
careless lab technician or the h5n1
avian flu being tampered with as the
Atlantic reported in recent years
scientists have found a way to make h5n1
jump between ferrets they say they need
to create a transmissible version in
order to better understand the disease
and to prepare potential vaccines
accidents involving lab-grown pathogens
aren't just the stuff of sci-fi movies a
Singaporean lab worker was inadvertently
infected with SARS in 2003 in 2004 a
Russian scientists died after
accidentally stinging herself with a
needle contaminated with Ebola at a
Siberian lab Pasteur Institute lost
2,000 vials containing the SARS virus
and the Galveston National Laboratory in
Texas lost the vial containing Juanito
virus which causes bleeding under the
skin in internal organs or from the body
orifices like the mouth eyes or ears
this boogieman disease that could wipe
out billions could be wishful thinking
by the globalist mired in eugenics
beaten down by the spread of populism
the media and scientists are saying oh
there's a threat because of human
pollution oh there's a threat because of
you know things are doing the
environment all of that's important but
it's a scapegoat and a diversion from
the fact that even Dick Cheney wrote
about you
the year 2000 and rebuilding America's
defenses he wrote about in the 4p knack
legitimizing the use of race Pacific bio
weapons and you have to know who the
United States and other countries have
had it for at least 50 years and that
stuff it'll kill over 90 percent of you
imagine what they've got today whether
it occurs by the clerk of nature at the
hand of a terrorist epidemiologists show
through their models that a respiratory
spread pathogen would kill more than 30
million people in less than a year and
there is a reasonable probability of
that taking place in the years ahead the
fact that a global pandemic has not
occurred in recent history shouldn't be
a mistake for evidence that it won't
occur the foot-and-mouth outbreak of
2000 in in england we said was probably
weaponized probably a government person
how do we know it popped up in 20-plus
locations in one day simultaneous same
level of infection killed a higher
number of the cows and sheep the
naturally occurring foot-and-mouth did I
want looked at the numbers it came out a
year later the government whitewash that
it was animal rights activists working
in the Ministry of Defense bioweapons
area that wanted to end the
domestication of animals who
simultaneously released it in 20-plus
places across England and Scotland
bul-bul it was a deliberate attack on
the farming communities and was a bio
attack it could also be a scare tactic
to push yet more vaccines on an awakened
global population but they'll have it
rolled out as I predicted with an Ebola
or a SARS or a super flu that kills tens
of thousands at first then hundreds of
thousands the next season then a medical
tyrannies put in place everyone accepts
the government's the boss they're in
control we've got to have total
quarantine total force inoculation or
you don't want to happen what happened
in 2015 do you the winner of 2015 you
know where it's spread all over the
world and killed millions I mean you
don't want that to happen again
you take your billable indicates shot
Alex Jones a sweeping pandemic would be
just what the elite order as the Georgia
Guidestones to
created by an anonymous and well-funded
group it lists their number-one priority
as the reduction of the population of
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