Author Topic: Trump Celebrates The Collapse Of CNN  (Read 44 times)

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Trump Celebrates The Collapse Of CNN
« on: March 12, 2018, 06:13:36 PM »

never see the story where I'm it's 1999
I'm on Meet the Press a show now headed
by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd sleeping you
son of a bitch shall tell you you lazy
piece of crap all up Marv father heinous
this is fantastic this is amazing a
certain anchor on CNN fake as hell CNN
so fake fake news
and the ratings allows you by the way
and compared to fox their ratings
and let's go to one more little clip
here of the president at that rally
because it just gets better and better
doesn't it
that's the crowd chanting CNN sucks
then we've got him calling Chuck Todd a
sleeping son-of-a-bitch
here it is never see the story where I'm
it's 1999 I'm on Meet the Press a show
now headed by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd son
of a bitch I'll tell you lazy piece of
crap Olimar folly heinous they showed it
this morning 1999 and I'm talking about
North Korea you got to take them out now
and then they have Clinton saying we are
pleased to announce that we have made a
deal with North Korea well you know how
that deal turned out right we gave
billions and billions of dollars and
lots of other things and they developed
nuclear weapons with it but now Kim
jong-un has already agreed no more
missile tests and he has agreed to scrap
his nuclear program in exchange for
technical assistance with things like an
electrical power plants and trade and
the word is the agreement has already
been made because the West through China
has been propping it up since 1953 On
February and July through that year on
the 27th of July the deal was made with
the UN and Harry Truman to let the
Communist Chinese take control of the
north and carry out their horrible
activities and MacArthur was relieved of
command by a traitor Harry as trim in
the globalist and so the whole time just
like two years before our own government
our own CIA our own foundations they put
mouse a tongue into power in 1948 and
then a couple years later everybody
knows what ended up happening amazing
the CIA was set up in 47 as a foreign
globalist group to be over the United
States and to take control of
and the basically make us lose all the
future Wars and use our treasure and
power to build the globalists their
world empire well guess what America on
January 20th 2017 retook the beachhead
in DC and we have begun the process of
transferring the power back to the
Republic and back to the people and back
on the American mission since 1947
they've had their beachhead and they'd
almost extinguished the Republic and
their cultural poison and their
globalism is still venom in our veins
but we are getting stronger they are
getting weaker that's what's happened
that is the great quest and we're in the
middle of it I have had beyond an
epiphany taking off the last week
partially and it is shook me to my very
core that I've got to be even more
focused and more professional and more
serious and then the audience has a
commitment from me that I am going to
give it all I've got and I'm and I've
been giving it all I've got but there's
subconscious level I kind of feel sorry
for myself and you know sometimes don't
don't don't have that I the tiger focus
that I should but let me tell you I it
is it has been rekindled not not by
taking time off but by experiencing the
true evil growing in this country that
we cannot let win we have to have
drastic counter measures and I mean
covert action now not just overt it's
time for covert operations you know
someone very profoundly once said many
years ago that if fascism ever comes to
America it'll come in the name of
if you are receiving this transmission
you are the resistance you know I've
been hearing more and more about a thing
called fake news and they're talking
about people to go and say all sorts of
things but I will tell you some of the
media outlets that I deal with the fake
news more so than anybody I could name
them but I won't bother but you have few
sitting right in front of us
so they're very very dishonest people
but I think it's just something we're
gonna have to live with
I guess the advantage I have is that I
can speak back when it happens to
somebody that doesn't have this doesn't
have that kind of a megaphone they can't
speak back it's a very sad thing I've
seen people destroyed I've seen people
absolutely destroyed and I think it's
very unfair so all I can ask for his
honest reporters information that was
false and fake and never happened
got released to the public as far as
BuzzFeed which is a failing pile of
garbage writing it I think they're gonna
suffer the consequences they already are
sir quiet mr. president like question no
personal like can you give us a being us
can you give us a question and you're
not going to give you can you say can
you our fake news sir a little bit more
what do you think Peter should I have
let him have a sit down sit down again
just because the attack of fake news and
attacking our network I just want to ask
you sir I'm changing it from fake news
though doesn't that under very fake dish
you know but aren't you
flawless victory I want you all to know
that we are fighting the fake news it's
fake a few days ago I called the fake
news the enemy of the people and they
are they are the enemy of the people
because they have no sources they just
make them up when there were none
you know the dishonest media they'll say
he didn't get a standing ovation you
know why no you know why because
everybody stood and nobody sat so they
will say he never got a standing ovation
they are the words
Donald Trump did not get a standing of
it they leave out the part they never
sat down they leave that up the very
dishonest people in fact in covering my
the dishonest media did not explain that
I called the fake news the enemy of the
people the fakeness they dropped off the
word fake and all of a sudden the story
became the media is the enemy they take
the word fake out and now I'm saying oh
no this is no good but that's the way
they are so I'm not against the media
I'm not against the press
I don't mind bad stories if I deserve
them and I I love good stories but we
I don't get too many but I am only
against the fake news media or press
fake fake you have to leave that word
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